Gardasil Dad Keeps Asking Questions & Demanding Answers

Stephen Tunley
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15th September 2009

Dr B McNamee
CEO and Managing Director
45 Polar Road
Victoria 3052

Dear Dr McNamee

I am writing to you directly to express my considerable concerns over Gardasil and the level of extreme adverse reactions being experienced in this country and elsewhere following the administration of the vaccine, one being my own daughter Chescia.

Chescia had her 2nd shot in May 2009 and almost immediately had a severe response – I wont bore you with details, but she is now in St Vincent’s Hospital under the care of Professor Ron Penny – the immunologist, who has privately advised us that he believes Gardasil triggered her issues (as did her Neurologist Dr Garrick) but cannot prove it. A detailed history of her medical issues can be read here To date we have spent several tens of thousands of dollars and more to come trying to determine and resolve the issues post vaccination. To date we have a severely damaged 19 year old, with no menstrual cycle, breathing difficulties, continual tremors and seizures!

I am aware of the considerable support for Gardasil when first discussed as a health initiative by the Howard Government and I fully understand why. However, what if the information on which support was initially based was proven to be questionable? What if the method of testing actually disguised the incidence of adverse reactions, or the method in which post vaccination reaction is gathered is so ad-hoc to be laughable and that serious academics are alarmed that the incidence of adverse reactions is greater than being reported and if correct makes the continued promotion use of Gardasil no longer warranted? What if at the very least there is a significant proportion of the population that have a greater risk to adverse reactions from Gardasil and simple tests prior to vaccination could eliminate this risk, would you change your policy as to promotion, general use and at the very least the warnings provided prior to its administration?

I have never met you, but I am confident that as a Doctor and guided by your Hippocratic oath you are someone who if they believed a previous view was challenged would want to investigate and ensure that significant damage to the young woman of Australia is not being promoted and financially supported by Government, its agencies and of course CSL.

There are 6 issues that I believe you may care to consider in relation to Gardasil:

  1. It is well reported that the Gardasil test trials showed side effects of placebo vs. vaccine.  However, this is not really a true determination of side effects since the placebo in Merck’s study used aluminium as the adjuvant (rather than saline).  Given this one would not see significant differences between the two groups because both aluminium hydroxide and aluminium phosphate have, in the past, shown a causal relationship to multiple neurological issues.  Perhaps, the side effects of BOTH groups should have been added together rather than shown as separate entities and if so perhaps the levels of adverse reactions might be a lot higher than Merck/VAERS report. Can you explain to me why Merck did this and what possible impacts could this decision had on the overall test results?
  2. VAERS data from USA suggests that both lots U and X of Gardasil are severely problematic, yet these lots numbers have yet to be recalled by Merck.  There is speculation that something is perhaps amiss eg extra yeast? Did these lots make it to Australia and is there a link between those that have had severe adverse reactions? Do you believe that CSL needs to address this? As well, why do the batch numbers used in Australia, not correspond to those used at source in USA – an outcome of which is to make cross-border data gathering nigh impossible?
  3. There is growing evidence that Gardasil may trigger existing Auto Immune Disease issues or worse latent ones such as a genetic predisposition to an AID, Lupus, and Rheumatoid Arthritis etc. As these fall outside the way VAERS captures data – as they are not being recorded they are not being considered by CDC. As Gardasil was made available in Australia, well ahead of the conclusion of clinical trials is this not a cause for concern that CSL need to seriously consider?
  4. I have read your product disclosure for Gardasil and note that it should not be administered to those that have an allergy to the ingredients. May I ask the incidence of GP’s or physician testing there patients for allergies to Aluminium hydroxyphosphate, Polysorbate 80 and Sodium Borate – and would you knowingly inject any of these into your body to test if you did have such an allergy? I appreciate that this was probably written by lawyers but I believe the Trade Practices Act section 58 adequately covers organisations – seeking to use this type of disclaimer to contract away from liability.
  5. Perhaps CSL needs to consider advising all GP’s that have or may administer Gardasil to test for the allergy prior to administering the vaccine. As well, perhaps a general warning re Gardasil and any AID also needs to be discussed whether diagnosed or within the family history.
  6. Are you aware that similar health issues are being increasingly reported with GSK’s Cervarix and the common ingredient is… aluminium! The comments below are from a website called and are worth considering
    1. The Gardasil studies are similar to Merck’s Vioxx work – Merck funded all of them, the authors include patent holders, Merck employees – 41 percent – and those that receive money from Merck – 80 percent. Studies involved only low-risk women who were followed for a very short time – two years – maximizing apparent efficacy. The placebo limb of the studies mostly got aluminium, a toxic component likely responsible for many of the side effects, also minimizing concerns of complications. Even though Merck failed to disclose serious side effects, like in Vioxx, they are starting to surface – seizures, syncope, muscle weakness, paralysis, some life-threatening.

There are links to the reporting of these issues and more at a website I started the site is designed to provide a resource for those wanting to understand more, or those experiencing post vaccination issues.

In the words of Abraham Lincoln in his inaugural address, I appeal to the ..”better angels of (your) nature”, to consider the above to investigate it fully and to be concerned about the health of young women everywhere, who are apparently being impacted post Gardasil administration.

I look forward to your reply.

Kind regards

Stephen Tunley


Author: Leslie Carol Botha

Author, publisher, radio talk show host and internationally recognized expert on women's hormone cycles. Social/political activist on Gardasil the HPV vaccine for adolescent girls. Co-author of "Understanding Your Mood, Mind and Hormone Cycle." Honorary advisory board member for the Foundation for the Study of Cycles and member of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research.