Govt to ‘probe’ death of girl after cervical cancer vaccination

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The Sun Daily
Meena L. Ramadas

KUALA LUMPUR (Sept 29, 2009) : The Health Ministry will conduct an “assessment probe” into the reported death of a teenage British girl who died after receiving cervical cancer vaccination.

However, Health Minister Datuk Liow Tiong Lai said it was unlikely the girl died as a result of the vaccination.

“Our ministry’s clinical trial of cervical cancer vaccinations on different brands yielded a 98% effectiveness rate against cervical cancer,” he added.

He said the vaccination was a more viable option for cervical cancer patients as the cost for treating the disease was expensive compared with vaccine.
The ministry is working towards providing such vaccination to all 13-year-old girls next year.

According to a Reuters report today, the 14-year-old girl received the GlaxoSmithKline Cervarix vaccination on Monday against the sexually transmitted human papillomavirus (HPV).

She received the treatment in her school in Coventry, central England, as part of a national immunisation programme.

She reportedly fell ill after receiving the vaccine and later died in a hospital. However, a link between the death and the vaccine had yet to be determined.

According to a BBC report today, the batch of vaccine used has been quarantined while an urgent and full investigation into the events up to the death of the girl was in progress.



Author: Leslie Carol Botha

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