Hawaiian Teen Beauty Queen Suffers Rare Fatal Stroke

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By Catherine Donaldson-Evans Apr 22nd 2010 2:13PM

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An 18-year-old Hawaiian beauty queen died after a massive stroke that came without warning.

About 20 minutes after Sheryl Wolfe’s father dropped the Mililani, Hawaii, teen off at school one morning, she suffered the stroke and collapsed.

“All of a sudden, everybody was in shock,” Mililani High School principal John Brummel told NBC.

Wolfe stayed alive for days after suffering the stroke but had a blinding headache, her father said.

“Her head was hurting a lot but she was still being humorous when she was awake,” he said. “That was just Sheryl.”

Wolfe, who won two beauty pageants and was about to compete in a third Miss Hawaii Teen World, spent her last night surrounded by former beauty queen competitors.

“At the end of a queen’s reign, she [does] her farewell walk,” friend and former competitor Ashlyn Piercell told the “Today” show.

Pageant sister Florence Villanueva will represent Wolfe in the Miss Hawaii Teen World pageant and wear the same dress Wolfe planned to wear.

“I’ll miss her a lot,” Piercell continued. “No regrets; just live your life, because that’s what Sheryl did.”

After she died, Wolfe’s last wish was granted: She became an organ donor.

“I would trade my life in a heartbeat,” her father, Allen Wolfe, told Hawaii News Now. “I should be the one there. She shouldn’t be. My daughter, she’d light up everybody. People were down, she had the right thing to say to them as far as how to bring their spirits up.”

Wolfe’s death was all the more alarming because strokes are highly unusual in teenagers.


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