HPV Vaccine Injury Spreads like a Virus across the World

Holy Hormones Journal:    Mika Matsufuji is a mother. Now she is a mother of a vaccine injured daughter.  Now Mika represents a parents’ association of HPV vaccination victims. The organization was successful in getting the Japanese government to withdraw their recommendation for HPV vaccine. The organization is demanding that more studies be conducted on the vaccine’s safety and efficacy based on the number of girl’s  with injuries and who are now absent from school for extended periods of time.

Mika MIn a recent email I received, Mika told me that the Korean government is also becoming concerned about the number of  HPV vaccine injuries in their country.

My daughter is 14 years old now. She shot the Cervarix at the age of 12. Pain and numbness out in two shots immediately after, left arm became CRPS.  Allodynia appears on both feet,  she no longer able to walk 10 days after vaccination.

Dissociation seizures occurred frequently, daughter will fall down at any time. At that time, involuntary movements will appear in the left hand and foot. There is also a calculation failure. Even memory loss. My daughter is a whole body hurts.

Write a blog damage of HPV vaccine little by little has been increasing in Japan. (Mika now gets over 20,000 visitors to her blog a day.) The same is true in Korea.

Ask to the Minister, we are asked to a survey of children who are long-term absent from school because of the HPV vaccine. I do not yet know the results.

It is taking steps with the report of damage to legislators, each with a victim is, as put over the seriousness of the damage to a number of parliamentarians. That you have to understand the importance. And I burn the mind of legislators the severity of the damage.
Each one please do outreach in the United States.
I am with you.”
Mika Matsufuji

Mika is concerned that the HPV vaccine policy will be renewed in the fall.  By that time Big Pharma will have brought in their guns or their money bags and will steamroll the Japan government.  Mika is imploring that the world mobilize on this issue – and that we voice our concerns in solidarity.


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Author: Leslie Carol Botha

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