One More Girl Adversely Injured Campaign – Part I

21,282 Adverse Injuries & 93 Deaths Reported to VAERS
Images Are More Powerful than Numbers

“A mother knows better than anyone the real legacy of Gardasil
& Cervarix, the betrayal of public trust, extending from the highest sectors of Government & the Vaccine Industry to the thousands of clinics & hospitals most families depend on, that has cut into the very heart of the community and
devastated the lives of countless young women
before reaching the prime of their lives.

Joel Lord –
VRM: Gardasil/Cervarix – A Legacy Of Shame


February 23, 2011. In an effort to bring awareness of the potential harm that the HPV vaccines are causing to innocent young women globally, SANE VAX is initiating a ONE MORE GIRL Adversely Injured Campaign to raise public awareness about Gardasil and Cervarix, and to drive support for the production of the ONE MORE GIRL documentary at:

SANE Vax Inc., Vice President of Research; Janny Stokvis and Vice-President of Victim Support; Rosemary Mathis, have analyzed the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) data on HPV vaccines injuries and deaths in comparison to all other vaccines currently recommended by the CDC. Their data will be shared in a series of press releases and articles in the One More Girl Adversely Injured Campaign.

Reports of Adverse Injuries and Deaths from
HPV 4 Gardasil & HPV 2 Cervarix
1 to 10% of the population reporting – 6/1/2006 to 12/31/2010

Comparison of Life Threatening Incidents Reported from HPV 4 Gardasil & HPV 2 Cervarix
1 to 10% of the population reporting

The top portion of the graph reflects all reports to the US VAERS DATABASE from June of 2006 (Gardasil released on the market) until December 31, 2010.   Stokvis and Mathis compared the percentage of adverse reactions from the HPV Vaccines to the 73 other vaccines reported to VAERS during the same time period.

In the top portion, HPV Vaccines events comprise 24% of all LIFE THREATENING reports filed.

The top and bottom graphs clearly indicate the HPV Vaccines make up 50% of LIFE THREATENING reports for females age 9 to 12 compared to the 9 vaccines recommended by the CDC for this age group. The data also reflects that  83% of VAERS reports are from the HPV vaccines in girls ages 12 to 17, and 42% in the 17 to 44 year old group. The HPV vaccines have only been approved for adolescent girls and women (and now boys) ages 9 to 26.

SANE Vax, Inc. is asking why should previously healthy adolescent girls receive a vaccine with the potential for a high-risk life threatening adverse reaction?  When will the pharmaceutical companies, the FDA and the CDC realize that the risks of the vaccine outweigh the benefits?

SANE Vax, realizes it…and we are sharing this information so that medical consumers will realize it too.

‘One Less Girl to Get Cervical Cancer’ award-winning marketing campaign has turned into  ONE MORE GIRL with a life-threatening illness.  Do not let this happen to your daughter – or your son.

Please take the time to donate to the ONE MORE GIRL Documentary.

The girls who have been adversely injured want to tell their stories to the world.  They want the world to know how the HPV vaccines changed their lives forever.

ONE MORE GIRL Adversely Injured

“My daughter, 14 at the time of the one and only shot is still vomiting every day and has been in and out of hospitals for the last 6 months now. She was sick within 20 minutes of the vaccine and her little life has changed from cheer leader, track runner, soccer player, honor roll student and just plain vibrant, smart teenager to being fatigued, sick all the time and grades that are barely passing! She is now one less, thanks to Merck. And the devastation this has caused our single mom home has been completely shocking. Only our faith in God and His Grace has gotten us this far. We recently moved back to Texas in hopes of finding a doctor at the Children’s Hospital that will look outside of the box. So many deal with the typical “If I can’t find it, then you must be faking” narcissistic doctors. Just keep us in your prayers. I don’t know how much longer we can go on like this. I have met other moms with daughters that have the same exact symptoms. Comforting to not be alone, but scary because one has been vomiting every day for over a year now! I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard a mother say, “If I had only researched first!!” I could have afforded to stay in our home in Tennessee. Shame on you Merck. And shame on you FDA!” Laurie Dean-Smith

My daughter was also one that was injured by this vaccine. Prior to receiving Gardasil, she was running six to ten miles daily, competing in state level meets and being recruited by colleges. However, within days of getting the shot she couldn’t breathe and had chest pains. Then nine days after this vaccine, she was admitted to ICU with inflammation and swelling around her heart. The doctor who admitted her said it was an allergic reaction to Gardasil! Holly then went on to have dizziness, fatigue, muscle weakness, numbness and even temporary loss of vision, just to name a few. She became so ill she had to withdraw from school, so while her friends were going to football games and graduating, she was spending her days going back and forth to doctors, trying to find help. Before this she wanted to compete in the Olympics, now she wants to be able to finish high school.” Marian Green

“My 18 yr old daughter’s life has been on hold since Feb 09. She received her 1st Gardasil shot in Aug ‘08, she complained of joint/muscle pain, I thought cheer-leading was working her too hard. Second shot in Nov 08, she was very fatigued, constantly complained of joint/muscle pain. She received her 3rd shot on Jan 2, 09. That shot pushed her body over the edge. On Feb 2, she took her first trip in an ambulance to the ER with seizure like activity, struggling to breathe. Our lives were completely changed that day. We now have had FOUR ambulance rides, FIVE ER visits, FOUR hospital stays, a trip to Mayo Clinic, still no help. Drs deny the fact that Gardasil has these kinds of side effects. TEN months later, we are still trying to get our daughter fixed from the damage that Gardasil has done to her. IF Merck had listed joint/muscle pain as a side effect, I would not have taken her back for shots 2 & 3. The only side effect listed at that time was redness/soreness at shot sight.  We have spent thousands of dollars trying to get her body back to where it was prior to Gardasil. Shame on me for NOT researching before vaccinating. But I trusted her DR, I trusted the FDA. Prior to Gardasil, my daughter was a very active A student, cheerleader, dancer and was very healthy.

A nurse at the Dystonia place asked me if she had the shot after I described her symptoms. Obviously they had made the connection with other girls. All testing has been very expensive and NORMAL. Yet, there is nothing normal about her health. Ten months later, she still has twitching, random jerking of her limbs, hair loss, very fatigued, extreme pain behind her eyes, very sensitive to light and noises, non epileptic seizures she has lost the ability to concentrate, difficult to test. I could go on and on. She should be enjoying her senior year, instead, she worries everyday about having a seizure at school. She is stressed over the fact that she cannot concentrate long enough to take the ACT/SAT tests. She is a very positive girl, refuses to let Gardasil win, she struggles every day to try to make her life normal. All this because I wanted to help her by getting her the vaccine. Pretty much sucks to think you are doing the right thing and it turns out like this. Share this information with every mom you know -save other girls from suffering like mine has.” Robrich

Comments from: The Gardasil Vaccine Series – An Interview with Merck & Co., Inc. , by Marsha G. Yerman, December 6, 2009;


Author: Leslie Carol Botha

Author, publisher, radio talk show host and internationally recognized expert on women's hormone cycles. Social/political activist on Gardasil the HPV vaccine for adolescent girls. Co-author of "Understanding Your Mood, Mind and Hormone Cycle." Honorary advisory board member for the Foundation for the Study of Cycles and member of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research.