Truth About Gardasil Accomplishes Much in Short Time

Truth About Gardasil

Free Press Release

Cherry Hill, New Jersey,

December 6, 2010 —
It was one year ago today that Truth About (TAG) was launched. The site started with very little fanfare, but quickly took off. TAG seemed to fill a void for the many suffering ill-effects from an HPV Vaccine. At this time, there was no other place on the internet that had done what TAG was attempting to accomplish – providing a voice to people who had been affected by one of these inoculations, whether it be someone that had been injured or a family member of one who passed way. As word of the site spread, people from all over the world began contacting them, looking for help.

So many people, in fact, that there have been seventy four thousand hits, as well as visits from close to one hundred countries. People looking for help with their new medical conditions such as seizures, blood clots, paralysis, heart and stomach ailments, severe fatigue, weakness, strange rashes, swelling, as well as joint and muscle pain, just to name a few. Issues that appeared after getting one of these vaccines. Health problems for which, there is currently no cure. According to the latest VAERS statistics, there have been at least 89 deaths and 20575 reports of injuries associated with both gardasil and cervarix.

TAG quickly became well known as not only a place that offered support and comfort for the injured and families of those that have died, but also a driving force in the campaign to get these vaccines off the market. It should be noted, that while one of TAG’s main purposes is to support the people who have been personally affected, that is not their only goal. These brave women also spend their time researching and looking for a cure, and have taken this to a political level, educating and informing physicians, elected officials, as well as the general public of the dangers associated with the HPV Vaccines. Theirs is a big job!

These women have contacted various governmental agencies and Representatives, and in fact, had the dubious honor of being granted a meeting with the Food and Drug Administration in March 2009. This group, as well as countless others, are still waiting on the FDA to admit there is a problem with the fast tracked gardasil, but feel that day is coming. TAG has also held meetings with several different members of congress and senate, and have written numerous others. Group members have not stopped there, but have reached out to many on a global scale, and as a result some members have been invited to participate in international conferences along side people from the FDA, Centers for Disease Control (CDC), world re known scientists, as well as representatives from Merck and GlaxoSmithKline, the companies that produce Gardasil and Cervarix, respectively.

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Author: Leslie Carol Botha

Author, publisher, radio talk show host and internationally recognized expert on women's hormone cycles. Social/political activist on Gardasil the HPV vaccine for adolescent girls. Co-author of "Understanding Your Mood, Mind and Hormone Cycle." Honorary advisory board member for the Foundation for the Study of Cycles and member of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research.