Vinegar not Vaccines for Cervical Cancer? Squeezing Boobs to Prevent Breast Cancer?

Holy Hormones Journal:  Either the world has gone mad – or we are finally coming to our senses. 

by Leslie Carol Botha
June 4, 2013

leslie-carol-botha-womens-health-researcher1It sure has been a wild couple of weeks in the women’s world of health.  First Angelina Jolie made headline news about her having a double mastectomy to prevent breast cancer. And then to add – that she will be eventually having her ovaries removed to prevent the BRAC1 gene from spreading. Although this is a real concern for millions of women – many health advocates who look at the big picture – who read the science and research instead of believing medic/pharma and medical indoctrinations – are raising our eyebrows.

Let’s look at the big picture for a moment:  We are lobotomizing women with synthetic hormone steroids – side effects include but are not limited to – increased risk of heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, blood clots, memory loss, depression, anxiety fatigue, early dementia – and infertility.  Side effects to offspring and their offspring include the same:  ‘%%%precocious puberty%%%’ – and all of the above – only increase in all symptoms since the effects will be compounded generationally.

Then we are taking out their uterus – because after so many years of being bombarded by steroids that deplete vital nutrients in the body – and with so many weeks, months, and years of living without regard to circadian/endocrine rhythm – it just gives out.  Or women just listen to the medical establishments message of – take it out – you do not need it anyway.

Now – women are being faced with mass hysteria over mastectomy’s to prevent breast cancer.

And then as the final straw – the doctors will take the ovaries just to make sure.

I ask you – what is left of a woman – except a cosmetic face?

What is left of women’s power?  Esteem? Pride?

Native American Proverb –  ‘A nation is not defeated until the heart’s of its women are on the ground’.

While, we are still reeling from the implications of Jolie’s admission – think about it – the world’s most beautiful AND powerful woman… helluva coup for the pharma/medical establishment… Michael Douglas enters from stage left – stating that cunnilingus – not smoking or drinking  led to his HPV related cancer. Well, this could not come at a better time for Merck & Co. manufacturers of the HPV vaccine Gardasil.  Just when their sales were flat lining – even tanking – the fear of cervical cancer AND the shame of being a woman carrying the GASP – UGH – GROSS – human papillomavirus is touted by yet another celebrity.

According to Douglas: “Without wanting to get too specific,” the actor said, “this particular cancer is caused by HPV, which actually comes about from cunnilingus.”

Well, you better get pretty damn specific. Of course, his wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones – who is in treatment for bipolar disorder- was quick to tell the world she does not have HPV.   Well, lets follow the train and find out who does!  Pretty hard to do since HPV leaves most women’s bodies in less than 2 years.  And by the way the National Cancer Institute has not directly linked HPV to cervical cancer.  If you are going to accept Douglas’ statement about not getting too specific than you can find your own damn research on my statement about the NCI’s research on HPV.

Meanwhile – Reuters published a story on Sunday citing a large study in India that used vinegar (say what?) in a solution to test for cervical cancer. Not only that but the “simple screening program for cervical cancer using vinegar and visual exams helped reduce deaths caused by the cancer by 31 percent in a group of 150,000 poor women.”  In addition, they are training 10th grade education students (women) to conduct the trainings.

This must have come as a shock to PATH, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Merck (all involved in a Supreme Court hearing over the unethical HPV vaccines trials that took place in certain states in India) as the study only points to the futility of a vaccination program in a country like India. Vinegar does not cost money.  Vaccines do. And who pays – the government – (well it is really, we the people but whatev). Vinegar does not have side effects. Vaccines do. Vinegar has immediate results for cervical cancer detection and prevention.  The HPV vaccines do not. In fact, it might be 20 years before anyone will know if the HPV vaccine campaign will be effective.  20 years.  By then most of the players in the HPV scheme will be rich but dead… and then who cares about the mess they left behind. Who will care about the millions potentially affected – except for the families of the dead and injured?

Now, lets go back to breast cancer.  An article that came out last December cited another study saying that “Squeezing Breasts can stop breast cancer.’

A little squeeze may be all that it takes to prevent malignant breast cells triggering cancer, research has shown.

Laboratory experiments showed that applying physical pressure to the cells guided them back to a normal growth pattern.

Scientists do not envisage fighting breast cancer with a new range of compression bras, but they believe the research provides clues that could lead to new treatments.

Did you hear that Brad?

Moral of the story – yes, some medical consumers inevitably need these types of medical interventions to prevent the spread of cancer (except for the HPV vaccine of course – which really means Help Pay for Viox.)

Let us not under any circumstance be led to believe that medical technology must and should be applied to everyone.  Let us educate women about their bodies so that we do not fall prey to fear and misinformation.

Let us remember that we do not have to be lobotomized and sterilized to survive in this world (well, on second thought it might make the going easier) but that we have a right to our bodies – and our health.

I mean really – who are women without their brains, boobs, uteri and ovaries?

I shudder to think.


Author: Leslie Carol Botha

Author, publisher, radio talk show host and internationally recognized expert on women's hormone cycles. Social/political activist on Gardasil the HPV vaccine for adolescent girls. Co-author of "Understanding Your Mood, Mind and Hormone Cycle." Honorary advisory board member for the Foundation for the Study of Cycles and member of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research.