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Detoxification, cleansing, toxins, these words seem to be creeping into the mainstream conversation more and more lately, but with little insight on what really works.

But I Don’t Feel Toxic?

Sure you do. You just don’t realize it. You’ve probably even noticed the symptoms, but you’ve either chosen to ignore them or just chalked them up to being normal with age. Do any of these six signs sound familiar to you?

1. Do you often feel sluggish or tired?
2. Do you have trouble sleeping through the night?
3. Do you tend to catch cold easily or have frequent headaches?
4. Are you bloated?
5. Lethargic?
6. Stressed?


We are now beginning to understand that the cumulative effects of pollutants, toxins, heavy metals and other carcinogens can have a devastating effect on our bodies, and our state of mind.

What we do not understand is how to lessen the body burden of toxicity. Diet and lifestyle modification may help reduce some of the overall risk, but it is abundantly clear that these changes are no longer enough.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC), now reports that over 200 environmental chemicals have been found in human blood including mercury, lead, cadmium and plastic byproducts. And over 200 environmental chemicals have been found in the umbilical cords of the developing fetus. Newborn babies have had their umbilical cords blood tested, and they too are showing at least 200 industrial chemicals which is incredibly frightening.  100 years ago, this wasn’t a problem.  Fast forward to the present day, and it’s easy to say we really have a silent toxic epidemic on our hands.

Our toxic environment has now overridden the state-of-health of our immune system. Environmental factors surround us at every turn. Plastics, chemicals in household cleaners, toxic ingredients in our daily skincare products, food, and water and air sources contaminate our environment. At some point, the cumulative, summative and additive levels of these contaminants will increase our risk of chronic diseases including cancer.

“Almost any disease in the textbook of medicine is potentially an environmental illness. Most people who seek an environmental doctor have already failed conventional medicine. This includes people with conditions like chronic fatigue, chemical sensitivity and various “psychosomatic” conditions, but also includes more common diagnoses, like high blood pressure, vasculitis and other cardiovascular conditions, allergy, asthma and immune conditions, endocrine disorders including diabetes, thyroid, adrenal and other hormonal disorders, neurological and behavioral problems including autism, and a wide range of gastrointestinal conditions, including chronic hepatitis and inflammatory bowel disease.

Not all of these conditions can be cured, but many of them can be made better through finding causative factors (toxins, heavy metals, etc) and treating them physiologically and biochemically.” (Bernhoft Center for Advanced Medicine)


What can be done about all these toxins?

Scientific Breakthrough

pure-body-extra-strengthWhat if a mineral existed with physical properties that trap, inactivate and eliminate from your body toxins, heavy metals, and pollutants such as nitrosamines and nitrites? Who would benefit from such a mineral? You – and everyone you know.

Fortunately, Mother Nature provides protection against many of the toxic elements we encounter every day in the form of an amazing, natural mineral, called zeolite. The zeolite Clinoptilolite —a negatively-charged mineral—works just like a magnet, attracting positively-charged toxins, safely and gently carrying them out of the body within hours.* It will be excreted through your sweat and urine.

Signs of chronic low-dose toxic exposure include feeling tired or lethargic, poor sleep quality, struggling with weight gain, frequent headaches (and much worse). Rather than treating the symptoms of toxic overload, why not just work on removing the source? With Touchstone Essentials proprietary processed zeolite, it IS possible.*

With over 300 studies listed on PubMed.org on the beneficial properties of the zeolite Clinoptilolite, this mineral has gained increasing renown for its natural ability to trap toxins, heavy metals and environmental pollutants.

Clinoptilolite White Paper

The White Paper explores the history of zeolite and its innate qualities and properties that facilitate the removal of heavy metals and other toxins from the body, with cited scientific and study references provided throughout.

The White Paper also spells out the dangers associated with chronic environmental exposure to heavy metals and pollutants, and reviews what factors should be considered when selecting a Clinoptilolite supplement.

What toxins can zeolite remove?

The zeolite Clinoptilolite helps remove heavy metals and positively-charged toxins and Volatile Organic Compounds including:
• Aluminum
• Lead
• Mercury
• Cadmium
• Arsenic
• Radioactive Metals
• Nitrosamines
• Bisphenol-A (BPA)
• Toulene
• Benzene
• Pesticides
• Herbicides

How does it work?

Pure_body graph

A liquid suspension of clinoptilolite zeolite and water, Pure Body is a detoxifier carefully formulated to bind to positively-charged heavy metals, radioactive particles, and volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). Numerous studies attest to the selective nature of clinoptilolite to remove only toxins (and not good nutrients).*

The Touchstone Essential zeolite is formulated with proprietary processing in a custom-built lab under certified GMP (good manufacturing practices) so that every 20 mL bottle of Pure Body provides 3 grams of bioavailable zeolite in a concentrated liquid suspension.

Ingredients: Clinoptilolite zeolite, pure water
Serving: Adults – Simply add 4 drops to a small amount of water, three times a day (30-day supply) Children 1-3 drops x daily.

Pure Body proprietary processing delivers:

• Particle size of 0.3 microns (average) optimally sized for absorption*
• A gentle, daily systemic detox of heavy metals, safe for long-term use*
• Trillions of tiny zeolites in every bottle for fast removal of toxins*
• Support of a healthy immune system*
• Support in balancing pH levels in the body*
• Third-party tested for purity and efficacy*
• 100% natural and non-toxic mineral*

Not every Clinoptilolite supplement is what it seems. That’s why Pure Body is backed by comprehensive third-party testing, and a 30-day “good inside” guarantee.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Touchstone Essentials products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



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Author: Leslie Carol Botha

Author, publisher, radio talk show host and internationally recognized expert on women's hormone cycles. Social/political activist on Gardasil the HPV vaccine for adolescent girls. Co-author of "Understanding Your Mood, Mind and Hormone Cycle." Honorary advisory board member for the Foundation for the Study of Cycles and member of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research.

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