Eve Ensler: Archetypal Eve and the Apple of Remembering

Holy Hormones Journal: Somehow this week – I stumbled on the Bioneers web site – (have you ever listened to the syndicated radio broadcasts, Revolution from the Heart of Nature?

Founded in 1990 in Santa Fe, New Mexico by social entrepreneurs Kenny Ausubel and Nina Simons, Bioneers advances the great transformation underway in human civilization by serving as a seed head for game-changing social and scientific vision, knowledge and practices that honor the genius of nature and human ingenuity.

I was delighted to see that the great feminist, Eve Ensler, creator of The Vagina Monologues and the brilliant mind behind One Billion Rising,and author of one of my favorite books, In The Body Of The World as a presenter at the Bioneers conference this past October.

Many of you have heard me or read on this blog about the quote that I consider to be one of the most brilliant statements from the book:

Hysteria is a word used to make women feel insane for knowing what they know.

Ensler’s topic for the conference – which she admits changed at the last moment as she was inspired to redirect her presentation to speak about Eve – and the archetypal feminist role eve-ensler-this woman – who represents “fallen women” as well as fallen people.

I was so mesmerized by what she was saying I felt compelled to transcribe some of the statements she made during the half hour presentation. I know that many people do not have time to listen to audio/video recordings – so I thought that I would post the You Tube here – along with some of her statements. And I really mean just some of her statement. I listened to the presentation again – and there is such depth to her words… I could not capture them all.

Ensler spoke of Eve as the “first woman,” the apple, serpent, God and the garden whose story of falling from grace has affected all of use for millennia…. the first “fallen” woman… or people who “have lost their inherent value, credibility when it was erased at birth.”

She goes on to say that “…any form of social disobedience has for years led to exclusion and damnation. That our “cursed curiosity” has forbidden us to know what we know – and caused us to “manifest a pathological distrust and disdain for our instincts – delegitimizing our intuitions or a belittling of anything that might lead to a deeper more embodied intelligence.”

According to Ensler, “the myth of Eve is sacred and eternal – causing cellular shame and distrust.”

She expounds on the “New Mythos” and the archetypal influence of the eating of the apple – for those of you not familiar with the Biblical version – Eve offered the apple to Adam and they were both expelled from the garden.

This is where Ensler took my breath away – she stated that the apple (nature) was Eve’s way of trying to “remember the other story before the brain washing and massacre. The story before they shoved things into our sacred holes, cut the tips of our clitoris where divinity lives.

“Before they shaved our furry nests and choked the throat of our song.” Before they called us hysterical and intense and emotional…stoned us for uttering the words of our mothers; Fall of Everobbed us of our moist and fertile secrets. Before Eve was made to believe that she was taken from a rib – forced to be obedient.

“Before she stopped dancing and undulating under the stars and moon. Before she stopped dancing.

Before she buried her powers to heal with touch and see the future and blend with the land.. before she knew how to pleasure herself over and over and over and forever. And men knew they were there to pleasure her over and over and forever because when she was pleasured – they and the world were pleasured over and over and over and forever.

“Before childbirth became punishment and love and service to a man became mandatory…. before she swallowed her rage and choked on her voice.

Before men established God the Father as the top – before there was a top.”

Powerful statements – and they all took my breathe away. I still have four more pages of notes… that I will always treasure…. but the next statements are the ones I want to share with you.

“Eve ate the apple because the trajectory of her hunger was our way back and the apple was the fruit of memory, the method of recall; the aphrodisiac of the ‘original connection’.Adam-Eve-Naked Cover

Eve ate the apple to regain her powers to know what she knew before she got held hostage in the wrong garden.”

Ensler states that the serpent in the myth represents “the symbol of Eve’s deep being – eat the fruit and you will not die.

This is the moment when Eve’s “eyes opened and she was connected to the divinity of the earth.

“And she generously offered the apple as a form of “transformation to Adam – because that is what women do.”

It was then Ensler states that Adam and Eve were “immediately punished with guilt and shame – and oppression descended upon them – and they were expelled from the Garden of Eden.

One last point, gentle reader – Ensler goes on to say “It is in our bodies where the memory lives. And the only way to forget was to force us out of our bodies – to rape them and beat and torture – bully and threaten them.”

The same heinous acts, Ensler said have been committed on Mother Earth in the name of “Holy Destruction.”

“Not only were we forced to flee from our own bodies but the also the violated and stigmatized body of our mother – in her place we were forced to turn to sustenance from our perpetrators.

Ensler states: “May I remind us that Eve did not ask God or Adam for permission. Eve was the first whistle blower – knowing that she was in the wrong garden…. the contaminated corporate garden.”

Ensler concludes with a call to action to “eat the apple – and share it.” She encourages us to “dance, drum, rise – that those who do the work be honored and paid the most.”

“The apple is a symbol of our hunger for truth.”  Ensler states. “Eve was a revolutionary – and the mother of our new freedom to eat the apple.

“This is our time.”

Now you know why I use my blog to educate and warn women about what is being done to their body’s.

Germain Greer’s quote from her book The Whole Woman – makes even more sense now:

A woman’s body is the battlefield where she fights for liberation. It is through her body that oppression works, reifying her, sexualizing her, victimizing her, disabling her.

So I will add my voice to Ensler’s when she told her audience and to all women “Eat the fucking apple.”

Blessed be ~Leslie


Author: Leslie Carol Botha

Author, publisher, radio talk show host and internationally recognized expert on women's hormone cycles. Social/political activist on Gardasil the HPV vaccine for adolescent girls. Co-author of "Understanding Your Mood, Mind and Hormone Cycle." Honorary advisory board member for the Foundation for the Study of Cycles and member of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research.