Hormonal Imbalance Anxiety a Precursor to Other Health Issues

Leslie Carol Botha: I originally posted this article in 2009.  Thought it was well-written then and still think so.  However, in the past two weeks readers of my blog have dug back into the HHH archives and have commented on their own ‘hormonal anxiety’ so I decided to repost it in June 2012. Now 288 posts later – it appears that hormone imbalance has become a silent epidemic affecting women of all ages.

Hormone imbalance -in the form of estrogen dominance which can cause hormone-related anxiety, insomnia, weight gain, emotional rage, phobias, and diabetes is due to the plastics in our environment…. throw out all of your plastic water bottles – they contain high amounts of estrogen mimickers, AND DO NOT MICROWAVE IN PLASTIC. Estrogen mimickers are found in food, household chemicals and our water supply – from the high amounts of synthetic estrogen being excreted into the water streams from synthetic birth control and HRT.  I kid you not.  There have been plenty of articles about fishing changing their sex because of excreted hormones.

Lastly – we are now 3 to 4 generations into synthetic hormone suppression, i.e., birth control (pills, IUD’s implants, injections, rings, and patches).  All of the estrogen is being built up in the body and passed in-utero to the fetus.  So you will note many young women who have posted comments about hormone imbalance too. This is sad. We are upsetting the hormone – chemical balance in the body. Women are suffering. And if we do not correct the imbalance – it will only get worse.  Such is the nature of not taking care of our health.

I believe that most women experience ‘hormonal anxiety’ in one form or another.  Unfortunately, the medical and psychiatric professions are quick to diagnosis and label with syndromes and then proceed to treat with drugs.

Now we know that source of this misdiagnosis is, in most cases  hormone imbalance it can be corrected through  nutritional supplementation, and hormone balancing.  Most women are estrogen dependent.  I have been recommending Progessence Plus– that contains a wild yam extract infused with essential oils that repair the DNA and clear off the receptor sites on our cells so that the natural progesterone can be absorbed into the cell – and not remain in fatty tissue of the body.

What Is Hormonal Imbalance Anxiety?

By Shelly Mcrae, eHow Editor


Everyone experiences anxiety at one point or another, such as before an important test in school, an important presentation at work, during the holidays or when experiencing a crisis of any kind. Anxiety in these instances help you stay alert, focus on tasks at hand or make quick decisions.

But when anxiety turns into an ongoing sense of apprehension, or begins to manifest as debilitating fear, it may be due to personality disorder or a hormonal imbalance. It’s important to determine the cause of your anxiety and determine how to treat it.


Symptoms of anxiety include upset stomach, hot flashes and/or chills, sweating, heart palpitations, shortness of breath and severe headaches. These physical symptoms are also indicative of hormonal imbalances due to menopause, thyroid disorders or early ovarian failure. Along with these symptoms, however, comes a sense of fear or dread with no apparent cause. The mind fills with unwanted thoughts, thoughts of terrible things that will befall you or your loved ones, thoughts that something terrible is about to happen, or thoughts that you are being ridiculed behind your back.


When these fears and paranoid thoughts manifest themselves and then fade within 30 minutes or so, it is referred to as a panic attack. You may be so overwhelmed by the mental and physical symptoms that you feel unable to go on and instead try to escape, literally going home or someplace you feel safe. In such cases, you may have a personality disorder.

In cases in which hormonal imbalances are the root cause, as opposed to a personality disorder, the anxiety may not be so severe as to be labeled a panic attack. Rather, it more closely resembles mood swings or depression. But rather than feeling sad or irritable, you feel apprehension and uneasiness.


Anxiety induced by hormonal imbalances, such as estrogen dominance in which the level of the hormone progesterone is very low, differs from those panic attacks associated with personality disorders such as bipolar or obsessive-compulsive disorders. But there are also similarities. Determining the root cause of the anxiety can determine which treatment is appropriate.


The inability to control the onslaught of negative thoughts is symptomatic in both panic attacks and anxiety. Anxiety, though, may be more consistent and you may display fewer physical symptoms. You may feel that “it is all in your head.”

The sense of anxiety may not be as exaggerated as for those suffering from personality disorders. Instead, you may feel uneasy in social situations, be reluctant to make decisions or continually worry over problems that are relatively minor.

But your anxiety may not be limited to the more subtle form. In cases of severe hormonal imbalance, you may suffer full-blown panic attacks in which fear, though irrational, overwhelms your reasoning. You may be unable to explain why you are reacting to a simple incident as if it were a life crisis.


One of the characteristics of both panic attack and anxiety due to hormonal imbalances is the levels of cortisol in the system. Cortisol is the chemical released by the adrenals that activates the “fight or flight” response.The hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis is the hormonal system that controls your mood. If you suffer from a hormonal imbalance, this system may go into overdrive. The result is that your body and mind will believe a threatening situation exists, which in turn results in feelings of apprehension, fear and dread.


Treatments for hormonal imbalance range from basic lifestyle changes to replacement hormone therapy. Bioidentical hormones, which are naturally occurring hormones found in plants and synthesized for human consumption, are a common treatment when anxiety is one of the symptoms of hormonal imbalance.

In the case of severe panic attacks, such medications as benzodiazepines and antidepressants may be necessary to control the attacks. These are common treatments for personality disorders. (I DO NOT AGREE WITH THIS STATEMENT. LB.)

Left untreated, mild anxiety can worsen, resulting in debilitating behavior patterns due to unwarranted fear. Whether the underlying cause is personality disorder or hormonal imbalance, effective treatment is available.

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Diseases Caused by Hormone Imbalance


Author: Leslie Carol Botha

Author, publisher, radio talk show host and internationally recognized expert on women's hormone cycles. Social/political activist on Gardasil the HPV vaccine for adolescent girls. Co-author of "Understanding Your Mood, Mind and Hormone Cycle." Honorary advisory board member for the Foundation for the Study of Cycles and member of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research.


  1. I am only 22 years old,I have been going through absolute hell for the past 3 months…first I stopped getting my period, then i was hungry and thirsty constantly with uneasy feelings. I thought I was pregnant, but I wasn’t. Then I started having anxiety throughout the entire day along with flashbacks, and racing thoughts. I could not sleep not matter what I did. I had mood swings so severe I thought I was going to die. I went to the family doctor and they did blood work which came back fine. I got prescribed to celexa and xanax. She told me to followup with my gyno which I did. I got an ultrasound done that found fluid, they also checked my hormones. Turns out my estrogen and progesterone were that low, it was considered menopausal state. My DHEA level is very high. and all they gave me was birth control. It brought back my period. I am still going through hell…I can’t sleep, racing thoughts, nausea, stomach problems,mood swings etc. I have to laugh though because my family doctor told me to go to psychiatric ward. I probably should , but they will just say I’m bipolar and prescribe me 10 other meds. I’m on paxil and xanax, and prilosec, and ovocon(birth control). I have night sweats, no energy dizzy, nausea, hearing sensitivity, and sometimes I feel so anxious that I get hyper to the point i think im going to die. dilated eyes i guess from paxil, vivid dreams every time i sleep almost hallucinations. SOMEBODY HELP ME!

  2. Ashley – Thank you for taking the time to post and sharing what is happening to you….First let’s rule out all of the psych nonsense and you are right they would probably put you on more meds and would further muddy the waters of your healing. I will look into this and email you privately. I am going to email you a complimentary copy of my book along with charts so that you can begin charting your symptoms to the days of your menstrual cycle. This will be very helpful in understanding the cyclical nature of your symptoms and they will be repetitive. Hormone imbalance is a huge issue for women….birth control pills only exacerbates the problem.

    I will stay in touch.


  3. Melissa Keith says:

    I’m 28 years old and have been having all the same symptoms exactly and for years I took antidepressants that never really helped much. I could never come up with reasons as to why I had the anxiety or depression. 1 year ago I got pregnant. I was sooo happy because I always assumed I was not fertile. Once I got pregnant I started to feel great! Anxiety diasappeared as if I neve even had it. Then I misscarried. I was upset yes but I finally felt like “Melissa” again. It lasted a whole year.. I thought I was cured. Then 3 months ago it all came back as if it never went away. I’ve fought tooth and nail with every type of Dr my state funded insurance would allow only to be told I have to take antidepressants again. Then I read “Hormones, Health and Happiness” by Dr. Hotze. Everything in that book was me!! And you also girls. It was near impossible but I managed to find a compund pharmacy in my area.. Talked to the pharmacist and he said “Melissa your not crazy.. You need progesterone” that’s why you finally felt normal when you were pregnant. I started bioidentical progesterone capsules 2 weeks ago and I am better! I’m only on 50mg now but I will most likely be bumped up more in 2 weeks. I still have icky moments BUT I’m already better. Please email me if any of you want to chat. lyssa3212000@yahoo.com

    That book I mentioned above really kinda saved me from going down the terrible road of antidepressants again. I cried when I returned it to the library lol!

  4. Thank you so much for you great comment and story. And yes, reading through your email I also knew that you needed progesterone. Wonderful and great news I am glad that you are back to feeling like yourself.

  5. Hi its me again, well my gyno sent me to an endocrinologist…he did blood work, and found out I have MTHFR, which is a mutation that causes blood to clot easily, he said that the worst thing they could have done for me was put me on a high estrogen bcp…because I was at a very high risk for a stroke, heart attack, DVT, etc. I can never take estrogen again..unless i want to die…so he took me off the bcp..he put me on dexamethasone for my high dhea level…for about 2 weeks i was slightly better after raising my paxil dose to 20mg…now im back to the racing thought, night sweats, vivid dreams, feeling out of it,etc. I have to go see him tomorrow, he also put me on folgard for the MTHFR. i feel horrible…i dont think my body can take much more.

  6. I believe my anxiety is hormone related. It’s an awful feeling. My first panick attack was immediately after having a cesarean and delivering my son. It was awful and it all went downhill from there. I am convinced it has something to do with my birthcontrol as well. I quit taking it and plan to have my hormones tested once the birthcontrol is out of my system. I am wanting to get pregnant again, but I need to figure out what is happening with me first.

  7. Amber – I am so glad you are looking for information about your postpartum hormone imbalance and your search brought you to my blog. I just did a radio interview with Cheryl Jazzar on postpartum depression and hormone imbalance. The link is here. . Please listen to this interview and then contact Cheryl. What has happened to you – and you are probably right your birth control is also probably the culprit – is that your pregnancy drained you of valuable vitamins and minerals that need to be replaced. When they are not being replaced hormone imbalance, fatigue, depression, anxiety can set in.

    Chances are you are nutritionally depleted….. and that is manageable and treatable. There is nothing wrong with you. Also listen to my radio show on June 14 with Anthony Stephens of TrueHope. He developed a line of supplements that is quite effective for bipolar disorder, anxiety, and other mental imbalances. This is called the care and feeding of the brain. When the brain is getting the nutrients it needs the other systems in our body fall into balance again. Most of us are nutritionally depleted because of the lack of nutrients in our food source – in combination with our genetics, level of toxic exposure and over all health of our body.

    I hope this information helps.
    Thank you for posting.

    Please stay in touch and let me know how you are doing.
    Just remember – you are not alone…and there are people who care about you… and there are treatment methods that are not drug related.
    And you will feel better than ever before.



  8. I stopped taking birth control about a month ago and it’s been absolutely horrible!!!! I’m already prone to depression but was on a very low dosage of lexapro to manage it. When I stopped the birth control I started having horrible anxiety and depression and just felt like crying every second of the day. I went to my general doctor a week and a half ago and she raised the dosage of my lexapro but it’s still not helping. I know i’m feeling this way from coming off the birth control but now one seems to know what to do to help me. Please please help, I can’t go on like this anymore!!!!

  9. Amanda – you need nutritional support to balance your hormones. The birth control pill depletes all sorts of vitamins and minerals.

    Lexapro is not the answer. I am so glad you are reaching out for help.

    Please visit this site – http://truehope.com. These are the supplements that I use. Also please contact Cheryl Jazzar with Postpartum Consulting. Even though you have not had a baby…. your body is nutritionally depleted. It is known that depression and anxiety are due to hormone imbalance and a lack of adequate nutrients. We are biochemical and we need to heal our bodies with nutrients not drugs.

    You can listen to Chery’s interview on my radio show here:

    Also Tony Stephens with Truehope will be on my radio show next Monday. He developed this line of supplements after his wife suffered from bipolar depression for 9 years.
    These supplements are now used by thousands of medical consumers and medical professionals in lieu of drugs.

    Also please read this important guide on “coming off the pill,” written by my colleague Laura Wershler.

    May I share your post for help with Cheryl Jazzar so that she can contact you?

    Please stay in touch.
    We can help you through this transition phase – so that you start enjoying your life again.


  10. Leslie,

    I feel so frustrated, I just called my gyno and the nurse totally dismissed that what i’m feeling has anything to do with coming off the birth control.

    You can share my post with Cheryl, I’ll take any help I can get.

    Thank you so much.

  11. Amanda – Your nurse needs to be educated. You are the one who knows your body best – and know when something is wrong.
    I have shared your information with Cheryl.
    Help – in the form of nutritional support is on the way.

  12. Hello

    6 years ago I started the birth control pill at the same time as I started Effexor 75mg taken for my anxiety. I’ve been feeling good since then and felt stable. Last January I stopped the birth control pill but continued with the Effexor and one month later, all my anxiety and depression came back. It was worse right before getting my period. The doctor highered my Effexod dosage but I do not feel better. Could it be my hormones are unbalanced that is causing me to feel all these horrobles feelings? I had to leave work this Morning because I could not stop crying. And I’m due to get my period as well. I have an appointment with my gyno on Monday but I wanted your opinion as well. Thanks

  13. Hello, Diana – I am so glad you reached out to get some information. Yes, your intuition is correct – you are hormonally imbalanced and you are premenstrual. Hormone levels drop, the immune system becomes more compromised right before our periods – and we feel more fatigued. The good news is that you will feel better three of four days after your period starts – when your hormone levels start rising.

    The pill evened out your hormones and therefore you did not experience significant hormone shifts. However, what they did not tell you is that the pill depletes vitamins – especially vitamin B12 which is necessary to control emotions.

    My suggestion is to get on a good Micro-nutrient like the Truehope product. I just did a radio interview with Anthony Stephan the co-founder of Truehope this past Monday night. The is still listed on the front page on my site underneath the hormone imbalance article. You can get to the Truehope page from my page as well. The product will help you immediately and by the next time you are premenstrual your hormones will have had the nutrients they need so you do not crash.

    I know you are seeing your gyno on Monday – but do not let him put you back on the pill or put you on another med for your hormone swings. Your body needs nutrition – not more drugs – unless you feel you need them until you build up the nutrition in your body again.

    I also just did a radio interview with Cheryl Jazzar Postpartum Wellness Consultant and we also talked about hormone imbalance not just post-pregnancy but at different times in a woman’s life.

    What is going on with you is manageable and treatable. All you need is good nutrition. Cheryl Jazzar also uses the Truehope supplements in her practice. Cheryl is another great woman to reach out to for support.

    Let me know how you progress.



  14. I am wonder about hormone imbalance. I never had issues like I do until I had my son at age of 39. Severve anxiety, panic attacks and depression started in my 8mo of pregnancy. I started on crowds at that time. My son is two now and everytime I get my period, a few days before and during I experience major anxiety. I have started on progesterone cream but I am wondering about my estrogen. I also stopped anti depressants four months ago as I felt it did nothing. Thanks for having this site, good to read. Any tips would be great. I will definitely check into the nutrtion end of it.

  15. Most women are hormonally imbalanced at age 39 – without even adding in a pregnancy. Your premenstrual anxiety is hormone imbalance. Check into the Truehope EMPowerplus supplement.

    Post Partum Wellness Expert Cheryl Jazzar was on my radio show on May 14. She offered a lot of information about post-pregnancy hormone imbalance. The older a woman is when having a baby – the more depleted she is in essential vitamins and minerals. Age alone does this. Add a pregnancy and no wonder you experienced anxiety and depression in your 8th month.
    The link to my interview with Cheryl is here -http://holyhormones.com/womens-health/reproductive-system/pregnancy-reproductive-health/postpartum-depression/post-partum-wellness-expert-cheryl-jazzar-on-holy-hormones-honey-may-14/

    Also Anthony Stephan co-founder of Truehope was on my show last week. Very informative interview about what the right combination of vitamins and minerals can do for people’s mental health.
    That interview is here: http://holyhormones.com/womens-health/psychology/bipolar-disorder/anthony-stephans-quest-to-save-his-children-from-bipolar-disorder-on-holy-hormones-honey-june-14/

    I would suggest consulting with Cheryl Jazzar. She is a wealth of information. http://www.wellpostpartum.com/about

    Thank you for reading my blog. It is a work in progress.

    Please let me know if I can provide more information.


  16. I am a 29 years old and have been dealing with horrible mood swings about a week before my period. I don’t know what to do anymore because I know this isn’t your normal pms at least not for me. I have a 7 year old daughter and the most wonderful fianc√©. I seem to take all of my badood swings out on the two people that love me most. I have no idea why I even get in my bad mood but it seems to last for days and I know nobody did anything to upset. I can’t take that I don’t know what’s bothering me. It’s so frustrating for my fianc√©. He is always asking what he did wring because I just completely shut everything out. Im just wondering what brings me to such a low slump place that I can’t seem to get out of even if I know there is nothing wrong. I should be the happiest girl ever but sometime I just turn off!! I honestly think I have some sort of hormone imbalance but I don’t know where to go from here.

  17. Hello, Kaylyn – I am so glad that you reached out and posted this comment on my blog. What you are experiencing a week before your period is hormone imbalance. A week before your period your hormone levels drop, your immune system becomes more compromised and you just feel more fatigued. When women try and keep the same pace during this time as they have for the past 3 weeks, our emotions become easily frayed and many lash out at the ones they love the most. This is a biochemical reaction in your body that you do not have control of. However, it can be easily rectified with nutritional supplements. Please listen to my radio interview with Postpartum Consultant Cheryl Jazzar. The radio interview focuses on hormone imbalance not just after pregnancy – (but maybe this shift started for you post-pregnancy) but throughout a woman’s life. You can contact Cheryl directly – or if you give me permission, I can forward your post to her and Cheryl will contact you.

    I did another very important interview with Anthony Stephan, co-founder of Truehope and the EMPowerplus supplement he developed after his wife and two of his children suffered from bipolar disorder. His supplement has healed thousands of people suffering from what again is ‘hormone imbalance.’ Hormones are the great communicators in our body. When they are not balanced, they can cause mental/emotional and physical problems.

    You can click on the Truehope picture on my site and that will take you to the Truehope site.

    Pregnancies take a lot out of women – and we are not educated about that. We think life goes back to normal. The reality is our bodies give so many essential nutrients and minerals to the fetus during those 9 months and if we do not replace those nutrients during or after the pregnancy we become even more imbalanced.

    Please let your fiance and your daughter know you are experiencing a biochemical hormone imbalance – and that there are nutrients that can help with issue. On the other hand, since you are aware that this happens on a regular basis you can be preventive. Take time for yourself the week before your period. Slow down, live with your endocrine system..it is slowing down. Take hot baths, go out for dinner, and kindly and lovingly say ‘no’ to other people’s demands on your time.

    I always let me sons know when my period was coming and I was not going to be able to meet all of their demands. They understood and now as grown men are very sensitive to women’s hormonal changes.

    Please stay in touch and let me know how I can support you through this process.


  18. Teresa Kolpak says:

    Hi Katlyn:

    Leslie gives excellent suggestions here. Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) along with other hormonal imbalances can generally be resolved by adding in Vitamins/Minerals/Amino Acids along with some Essential Fatty Acids. For eg. irritability, rage, anxiety and depression are symptoms of low Serotonin levels….signalling depletion of the neurotransmitter Serotonin. A diet that is high in sugar and starches also leads to PMS and sabotage your mood and health in other ways. Your blood sugar drops to low levels and you may become hypoglycemic and get grouchy, headaches, or weepy.
    I’ve worked with many women in the past 10 years who suffered from PMS. Generally after 2 weeks to a month of beginning a good supplementation program their PMS symptoms gradually disappeared.
    It’s also important to nurture yourself and rest as much as you can. Your loved ones will understand.


  19. Hi Katlyn,
    I’m so glad you commented about your situation here. It’s true that hormones can lead us around by the nose! All women know that, right? I hope you are realizing that the horrible symptoms with hormone imbalance can be reversed with a change in how we care for ourselves.

    I have one client who is using psych meds and is in pretty poor health-she’s only 23! She really wants to quit using them, but she’s scared. She went in to see her psychiatrist the week before her period started and, guess what? He prescribed MORE psych meds, saying she “seems really anxious”. She tells me he didn’t ask the first question about her cycle. Surely, being a man constricts his view and his ability to care for her.

    I see a great deal of wisdom here from the women participating in this conversation. It is very unfair that humans have come to rely on chemical “solutions” to the point that we don’t really get to explore the knowledge of our Mothers and Grandmothers as much as we used to. This blog is a beautiful resource because it bridges the gap that sometimes exists in our lives. My Mom has used psych meds for years, even though I’ve told her that what is wrong with her can be corrected. I have to go to mentors and others for information and guidance, too.

    Keep looking and finding your answers. You deserve that. And, women who fight for their hard-won knowledge are succinctly heroic! Clearly, this is YOU. You are seeking answers, and you know your past is NOT your future. I admire that very much, as it is a beautiful sign of hope.

    I will be thrilled to work with you. Just fill out the Emotional Wellness Quiz at http://www.wellpostpartum.com/quiz (ignore any questions that don’t relate to you.)


  20. I had the mirena in for 5 years and got put on birthcontrol called cryselle I recently stopped taking it about 4 Weeks ago after I stopped taking it I had an anxiety attack 4 days later went to the Dr the next day and they told me I had vertigo so the put me on anti dizzy medicine I took it for 4 days and stopped then I went to the er a couple days later they told me I had a viral infection my heart rate was like 152 they did an EKG and told me everything was fine and then sent me home. I couldn’t go to sleep one morning and I couldn’t catch my breathe my mom told me to the er again and they told me it was anxiety and sent me home with xanax. But ive had fuzzy thinking lost 30 pounds anxiety my head doNT feel right my memory feel gone I’m
    Feel like im living in a dream sometimes could this be a hormone imbalance if so how can I fix it im only 21 years old

  21. Ashley – Yes you may be experiencing extreme hormone imbalance. I will share this with those who can offer assistance and guide you to wellness so you start feeling like a vibrant 21 year old girl. Do not lose hope. I am glad you reached out.

  22. Well none of the doctors will check my hormones they say its just anxiety but I know better than that how can I fixx it and how long will it take for my hormones to balance back out

  23. You will feel better almost immediately with the right supplements. Click on the Truehope icon on my site and it will take you to their site. Their product was designed for bipolar disorder, anxiety and other biochemical imbalances. When the brain does not get the nutrients it needs – it will affect hormone balance. Please listen to my interview with Anthony Stephan the co-founder of Truehope. Over 80,000 people in 100 countries are on this product – and they are bi-polar and anxiety and on no drugs. Here is the link: http://holyhormones.com/womens-health/psychology/bipolar-disorder/anthony-stephans-quest-to-save-his-children-from-bipolar-disorder-on-holy-hormones-honey-june-14/.

    Also listen to Cheryl Jazzar’s interview on hormone imbalance: http://holyhormones.com/womens-health/reproductive-system/pregnancy-reproductive-health/postpartum-depression/post-partum-wellness-expert-cheryl-jazzar-on-holy-hormones-honey-may-14/

    I am hoping that Cheryl or Teresa with Truehope will respond to your post. I have made them both aware of it.

    Also track your anxiety to where you are in your menstrual cycle – that is the best tool for you to understand what is going on. Once you see that the anxiety is cyclical and predictable it can then be managed. I will email you a chart right now.


  24. What is causing that dream like feeling im going threw

  25. A dream-like feeling can be a red flag. Please consider filling out the Emotional Wellness Quiz at http://www.wellpostpartum.com/quiz to learn more.

  26. What do u mean by a red flag

  27. I don’t want to cause any alarm, but there are certain things that need to be ruled out during a talk or interview with a qualified therapist. Although I am NOT a licenced therapist, I offer a review of symtpoms to help rule possible diagnoses that may be a concern. Checking with a licensed psychotherapist specializing in perinatal mood and anxiety issues might be warranted. I can offer a resource list to help find an experienced person.
    There are symptoms that can be referred to as “depersonalization” that should be monitored. Depersonalization can be an “out-of-body” feeling, like you are sometimes watching yourself from outside yourself, or feeling like you are in a dream. I will be able to help you further if you fill out the Emotional Wellness Quiz and get a free appointment. http://www.wellpostpartum.com/quiz.
    This feeling can also be from severe anxiety, which is sometimes reversed quickly when a few supplements or natural hormones are introduced.

  28. Ashley – I think you may also want to check with your prescribing doctor about the medications you are on. Sometimes ‘dream-like’ states may be caused by the very medication that has been prescribed. Perhaps the dosage may not be working correctly for you. At the very least your doctor should be made aware of how you are feeling.

    Glad that you continue to post here.
    I know you are getting good support from Cheryl Jazzar and Teresa Kolpak.


  29. Teresa Kolpak says:

    Ashley: There are many side effects to medications. A good resource where you can look up the side effects of any medication is: http://www.rxlist.com. I hope this helps. Teresa

  30. I was on birthcontrol for 8 years. I am currently 25 and have been bc free for a little over a year. Two months after I stopped bc my life came crashing down. I had what I know believe is a panic attack. After many specialist visits, er trips, scans and blood work the only thing that has come up is low levels of dhea-progesterone- pregnenolone. I am at the end of the rope here. My mind is in a different world and my anxiety and panic are at an all time high. I just began day one of the pregnenolone and will be starting progesterone once my cycle is finished. I am tired of living in constant fear of my health. My world is crashing down and this is my last hope. I pray that my answer is hormones. I have also changed my diet and began various supplements but do not know if I am on the right path. Could birth control be the cause of such torment? I have had every symptom known to man and have refused to go on anti-depressants. Xanax just made things much much worse. Please advise me on what I should do from here. Thank you.

  31. Nicole – yes, I believe the answer is hormone imbalance. Thank you for reaching out here. Your ‘last hope’ is actually the first answer to your prayer.

    I will make sure Cheryl Jazzar and Teresa Kolpak see this post and respond. Yes, birth control pills can be the root cause of this imbalance…however, your own biochemical makeup due to
    genetics, the environment and nutrition, may have also contributed to this hormone imbalance. Also what most women are not aware of is that BCP’s can deplete vital B vitamins which help with
    your mental/emotional health.

    There is no reason to live in fear of your health. Soon you will be your happy vibrant self.


  32. Griselda says:


    I went off birth control in February after being on it for 7 years. A month after being off of it I experienced my first panic attack. After the panic attack I have experienced horrible anxiety. A numb face, ears ringing, dizzy, fear of my life, my friends and families life etc. I went to the doctor who dismissed my birth control theory and sent me home with Xanax. Since march I’ve taken two xanax, and they have helped for the day. I want to treat the problem not cover it up. I started going to acupuncture which seemed to have helped, I started feeling much better in the sence that I felt I could control and manage my anxiety. I felt that everytime the anxiety came back I could take control of it. Unfortunately it has come back. I’m shakey and can barely concentrate at work. I believe it is a hormone inbalance. I have an appointment in two weeks with an obgyn, I’m hoping they will do some sort of hormone testing. Is there something you would reccomned? I am ready to try anything that will solve the problem instead of cover it up! I want to feel like myself again.

  33. Teresa Kolpak says:

    Hi Nicole:
    It sounds like a hormonal imbalance and I am glad you are seeking help. Birth control pills can wreak havoc with our hormones. Certain prescription drugs can inhibit the thyroid. Estrogen and Lithium are the most well-known thyroid inhibiting drugs. It sounds as though your adrenal glands have been affected as well. Panic/phobias/anxiety are symptoms of depleted neurotransmitter serotonin. Xanax ends up depleting the neurotransmitter GABA – the brains natural tranqulizer. Amino acids help to rebuild neurotransmitters….they are the building blocks. Broadspectrum vitamins and minerals are the co-factors which instruct the amino acids on what to do. You may need to take additional higher levels of L-tryptopan and GABA to replenish affected neurotransmitters. I hope this helps. Blessings, Teresa

  34. Hello, Griselda – Thank you for visiting my blog and posting your concerns about your health. Unless you target the root cause of the problem – you will always be hormonally imbalanced.
    The Xanax is just masking the symptoms. I have shared your post with Teresa Kolpak with Truehope – a nutritional supplement with micronutrients that will boost your body health and to Cheryl Jazzar who also consults about hormones. You will be getting responses from both of these professionals. Please remember doctors are not trained in nutrition so they do understand how crucial micronutrients are to boosting and balancing the body’s functions.

    Let us know what you ob/gyn says.
    Obviously you are not alone with all of the posts on this page.
    But also know you are in the right place to receive information and education to help you where others have failed.

  35. Teresa Kolpak says:

    Hi Griselda:
    Please see my response to Nicole yesterday. I would also like to add: Please have your thyroid checked. Prescription Estrogen such as in birth control pills can wreak havoc with the thyroid.
    Also check out the link to Truehope on the home page here. They have an amazing micronutrient formula of vitamins and minerals called EMPowerplus that is a powerhouse. They have amazing results with anxiety and panic disorders. By rebuilding your nutritional foundation you are giving your body the tools it requires to heal itself. Blessings, Teresa

  36. One of the best ways to balance out the excess estrogen is to add a natural progesterone supplement. Low progesterone can cause extreme anxiety with a desire to run away, snap at those we love or feel overwhelmed. Adding a progesterone supplement can help you regain balance and a peaceful state of mind. The product I use is simple- just use 11 drops twice per day and rub it onto your skin. Most women notice a difference after 3 or 4 days. https://www.youngliving.org/rs_ord_item_detail_popup.asp?ITEM_CODE=4640&IS_GUEST_SHOPPING_MODE=1&CC=US. A doctor might prescribe a synthetic progesterone product but the side effects of using those prescriptions are sometimes daunting.

  37. Lalena christopherson says:

    Hi just found this site and I have to say Amen, so glad I am not alone yet so sad others are experiencing similar issues. I have been diagnoses at 42 as post menopausal, no estrogen, not progesterone…nada is working. I have been with the same doctor for the last year and have been on estrogen as low as .5 mg up to 5mg, with 50mg preglenolone and 1 mg testosterone added in, i have tried to cycle in progesterone but end up really out of whack…the result was not good…I have had severe anxiety and crazy thoughts….i have been on a rapid path for the last tow months to reduce my estrogen and testosterone and I am fully convinced the preglenolone is the culprit of my anxiety, I am beginning to think I have adrenal fatigue as my number one issue and that the hormone issue is secondary, I live a faced paced life with lots going on I love it, but think I have to slow down a bit to honor my body, has anyone else had any issues with Preglenolone? I asked them to compound my latest prescription with the preglenolone on the side….and yesterday was the first time I did not take it at all…..guess what no anxiety…I have been tapering down from 50 to 25 mg which was not fun, then to 15 mg….now I think I am done with that steroid/hormone precursor….It does not agree with me. I am seeking another doctors opinion, and have really taken a step back to be sure of what I put in my body….also when my estrogen prescription was up to 5 mg, my nose would swell shut…..no fun…went to and ENT who told me after full allergy testing it was the estrogen…

  38. Good Goddess – Lalena you are hardly alone. In fact, I fear that hormone imbalance is becoming a major health issue for women. Wondering what type of birth control history you have? What you have been prescribed are synthetic hormones – and if you took synthetic hormone contraceptives for many years your body will have stopped producing its own hormones. I have contacted the other professionals who have been posting on this page – and you will be getting responses from all of them over the next few days. With proper nutrition and other support you will recover from the hormone imbalance and all of the complications you have experienced from that.

    I am so glad you found my site. You came to a healing safe place.
    You will get the support you need.

    Please listen to my radio interview with natural cycles researcher David Katzmire on the importance of the menstrual cycle.

    Blessings and stay in touch. We would like to walk with you on your journey until you are hormonally balanced.

  39. Teresa Kolpak says:

    Hi Lalena:

    It sounds as though you’ve taken matters into your own hands and have done some research with your self. It’s great to take ownership of your own health and who knows our own body the best….”our self”. Please find a link below to an excellent quiz that will help you to assess the level of adrenal fatigue you may have:
    It’s very important to rebuild your nutritional foundation with the appropriate micro nutrients as well. Amino Acids along with vitamins and minerals are key in hormonal balance. They also play a huge role in optimal adrenal function.

    Blessings, Teresa

  40. So here is my story.. I have been dealing with very bad anxiety for probably 5 years now .. My therapist says I deal with anxiety without meds best as she seen … I’ve been diagnosed with GAD… But I refuse medicine cuz I feel there has to be another way to solve this… I have been on birth control since 16 because I stopped getting my period because I had a hormonal imbalance.. I’m 29 now and the only time I went off of it was when I was pregnant.,, and by the way than I had zero anxiety… And now I’ve been living with anxiety which sucks but I have start to notice that my anxiety is linked to the pills I think… But for me it happens when I start my first week of pills in a new pack… Could this be possible? I have mild anxiety throughout but the symptoms get worse during this week after it they calm down… I have also gained weight again
    Like I had when I was diagnosed with a hormonal Imbalance at 16… So I was wondering how I can fix this!!! I can’t take It no more I dread taking my first week of pills because I hate feeling like this… Any thoughts would be appreciated…

  41. Hello Dawn – Glad that you reached out for help.
    It is very possible that your anxiety is linked to the birth control pills.
    At least it appears that way from your explanation in your post.
    Yes – there are things you can do without medication – and bravo for you for not taking that route.
    First of all there is the Truehope micronutrient supplement that will provide your brain with the nutrients it needs for proper functioning.
    Two things about the brain – it can heal itself – and it never ages. Once the brain is functioning than the endocrine, immune, and all other systems in the body start functioning normally.
    Anxiety, in many cases in women is due to hormone imbalance – which you said you were diagnosed with at an early age.
    The pill is just masking the symptoms of hormone imbalance – but in your case is affecting another side effect – anxiety. Not unusual.
    And most women these days are hormonally imbalanced – from a combination of estrogen dominance in our environment, including foods, and the water; genetics (mother’s use of birth control and exposure to estrogen mimickers), and lifestyle (household cleaning products contain estrogen mimickers.) The worst culprit is BPA in plastics. Please stope drinking water out of plastic bottles – and whatever you do STOP microwaving plastics – that emits a chemical firestorm that people are unaware of.

    Have you thought about another form of non-synthetic contraception? Are you in a stable relationship where you can track your fertility or use condoms and spermicide?
    I will share your post with Cheryl Jazzar who is a postpartum wellness consultant and Teresa Kolpak with Truehope. Cheryl and Truehope both have assessments they use to help determine if hormone imbalance is the issue.

    I am sure they will respond to your questions and offer support and guidance.

    Help is on the way.



  42. Blessing says:

    Hi, thank you for this website and all the help you providem I am currently 5 weeks postpartum, I had a panic attack at. 4 days postpartum ( I have never had that before) ever sonce then, I have had anxiety. I had a 2nd panic attack at 6 days postpartum. I met with a counselor who informed the dr that I did not have postpartum depression, and I just needed rest. I feel anxious most of the time, palpitations, mood swings, and sometimes feel depressed. However, my anxiety is only physical ( symptoms) ; it is not related to my baby, I know she is well, healthy etc. However, this feeling still persists. My ob/gyn prescribed zoloft which i refused to take I have irregular periods and was not ovulating regularly so I had to be on. Clomid and progesterone before I got pregnant/ to help me get pregnant. My dr only checked my tyroid function. I need help. I need to feel like myself again. What exactly could be wrong with me? Hormonal imbalance? How to I find out, and how can I take care of this? My obgyn has not been of much help. Please help me. Thank you..

  43. Hello, Blessing – Glad you found your way to my blog. Hormone imbalance yes. Please listen to the radio interview I did with Cheryl Jazzar, Postpartum Consultant.

    According to Cheryl, a pregnancy depletes our bodies of essential nutrients and minerals. If those are not replaced, then it is very probable that hormone imbalance will follow. According to your comment you were hormonally imbalanced prior to your pregnancy- (unable to ovulate) – and the pregnancy tipped the scale for you. Happens to many women.
    You do not need drugs. I am glad you know that. You need nutritional support.

    Once you listen to the interview – feel free to email Cheryl. Also click on the Truehope EMPowerplus icon on my website and read through their website. Their micronutrient supplement has been specifically designed to provide the brain with the nutrients it needs to function optimally. Truehope’s trained consultants will screen your over the phone to determine your needs. Once the brain is healthy (no brain fog, depression, anxiety) then the endocrine, (including thyroid) immune and other systems in the body become balanced. You will feel a positive difference within a month – or even less.

    Cheryl’s web site is: http://www.wellpostpartum.com/about
    Truehope’s site is: http://www.truehope.com/

    Start feeling better today.
    Your body is missing essential nutrients.
    You will be feeling like yourself and even better in no time.
    I am so glad you reached out.


  44. There could also be a link to heavy metal toxicity or candida, both prevent proper nutrient uptake. I hope we can visit by phone. To start an appointment, just take the test at http://www.WellPostpartum.com/quiz and I’ll get the results and call you. All the best, Cheryl

  45. hello to all!
    I’m glad i’m not alone. Im 33,no child I started having those S….. feeling two years ago and it got worst last year. I thought i was going insane cause of the symptoms im going through. im always irritable, head and body ache, sesitive,too emotional,anxiety,hot flashes,memory loss,breast tenderness and milk leaking and so on so i went to the doctor. they’ve done alot of test and it came out that its hormonal imbalance. . they put me on clomid but it seems its not working so they told me to switched to parlodel. I took parlodel but no effect. After 2 months my gp told me to increase my dose but i disoblige cause of the side effect. i went to obgyne and she prescribe dostinex. taking dostinex made me feel better . the mood swing still there but its lesser. i can control it now with the help of prayer,yoga and jogging

  46. Hello, Jevy – Thank you for posting. Glad you worked yourself off the drugs and into therapies that are proven to work. Jog with your hormonal cycle. If you need to know more go to Female Mystique and go to workshops. Living with the natural ebb and flow of your hormones is integral to your health and well being. Living against that natural cycle – leads to hormone imbalance.

    Appreciate your positive post.
    There are also supplements and essential oils that can and will support your endocrine system functioning. Just keep it in mind. And they will help with your mood swings – all hormone related.

    Keep reaching out if you need to know more.


  47. Andrea Romano says:

    Hi I had a baby 10 months ago. At about 3 weeks postpartum I started my period which was extremely heavy. At the same time my anxiety was out of control I thought I was having a nervous brake down. Since then I have suffered from dizziness which lasts a long time. Hot flashes, trouble sleeping, heart palpitations and depression. I have seen numerous doctors except my gyno. I really think I have a hormone imbalance which is starting to make me feel very sick.

  48. Andrea – Thank you for reaching out to for help and support. It is very possible that you are experiencing hormone imbalance….and you are right the longer the imbalance goes on – the more sick it can make you feel. Cheryl Jazzar described this brilliantly in her radio interview on PPD. Each pregnancy a woman goes through takes vital nutrients and minerals from her body. If those vitamins and nutrients are not replaced hormone imbalance – leading to all of other symptoms you are now experiencing will occur. Truehope supplements are made up of micronutrients that support brain functioning. The health of the brain is integral to the overall health of the body. Once the brain is getting the nutrients it needs, anxiety, depression, insomnia, dizziness and hot flashes (classic sign of hormone imbalance) will subside.

    Also go to your health food store and purchase a whole food Vitamin C with ascorbic acid and bioflavnoids. The bioflavnoids support the uterine capillaries and will strengthen them.
    It is very possible that your first heavy period may have been complicated by weakened blood vessels in your uterus due to the pregnancy and labor. You should see a significant decrease in your menstrual blood flow within a month.

    Please listen to this informative and enlightening radio interview on post-pregnancy hormone imbalance with Cheryl Jazzar.

    May I ask what birth control methods you were using prior to your pregnancy and what methods you are using now?

    Please keep reading the information here… and check back with us so we know how to we can support you.


  49. Thank you so much for writing about this topic.
    I was experiencing nausea, vomiting and lethargy this past winter and decided to go to my doctor to check it out. Got a ton of tests done (including a few ultrasounds and a CAT scan of my abdomen) and only two came back out of the ordinary: my FSH level was 146 and I had an elevated lipase, around 260.
    I am 38 years old and was diagnosed with Premature Ovarian Failure. I am lucky to have two lovely boys ages 9 and 5, so I though the diagnosis wouldn’t bother me. But it does. I wonder if I might have been experiencing POF well before my diagnosis…my period never returned after i gave birth to my second son.
    I have insomnia, anxiety, depression and much stress and can’t help but wonder if they are hormone related. I feel like I am forgetful, like I constantly have too much on my plate, overwhelmed.
    I have irrational, embarassing thoughts like when I get more tests done I secretly hope I am terminally ill, or I think about walking in front of a bus or poisoning myself. Writing it out , I completely realize how weird it must sound…I love my family and the idea of leaving them without a wife, mother, daughter, sister is atrocious, then feel more stress…why would I consider such horrible things? I would never do it, so why does my brain keep taking me to such dark places?
    I feel these thoughts must be brought on by anxiety. I have a hard time talking honestly about my feelings or asking for help. I am secretive, fear rejection and have a hard time making decisions.
    I told my husband that I feel broken. He has taken my POF diagnosis hard, even though I didn’t plan to have anymore children, he wanted another. Now that its impossible, I feel strangely useless and less desirable. Tonight, he came to me and suggested I seek help. That maybe my hormones are causing this change in my personality and well being. Now Google brings me to your blog.
    Thanks for reading and for letting me put my thoughts out there to the universe. Hopefully its a step in the right direction.

  50. Inky Mama – Welcome to the step in the right direction. The universe has answered and brought you here.
    Thyroid imbalance can lead to irrational and even suicidal thoughts.

    You are not terminally ill, my friend – you are nutritionally depleted and you are at the age where most women are ‘endocrinally whacked.’

    Nothing is impossible. The body wants to heal itself and can do so with the right nutrients.

    You need a combination of amino acid supplements and micronutrient supplements – and you will be feeling better immediately.

    What women do not realize is that the body will shut down endocrine system functioning if the body itself is threatened. And yours is. Each pregnancy you had depleted your body from essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other micronutrients. Truehope founder Anthony Stephan has spent his life developing a micronutrient supplement that heals the damage done to the brain – from trauma, nutrient depletion, toxins etc. The EMPowerplus is what you need to replace those nutrients.

    Is this the article that brought you to my site?
    Hormone Imbalance – The Silent Epidemic?

    Please listen to this radio interview with Anthony Stephan with Truehope

    And Cheryl Jazzar on postpartum depression and hormone imbalance post pregnancy.

    My dear sister….. nothing is wrong with you. You do not have to be so hard on yourself. Life and pregnancy and the stress you have experienced as wife, mother and woman have depleted vital micronutrients. It is not rocket science. It is part of woman’s wisdom and what our grandmother’s would have told us.

    Please call Truehope today and they will do an in-depth screening. Become vitalized so you can enjoy this phase of your life.

    Thank you for having the courage to speak out and write how you are feeling. I know you have expressed the inner thoughts of so many other women. It is time for all of us to walk away from the darkness of the medical ‘labels’ and drugs that stigmatize us and walk into the light of health and well being.

  51. Inky Mama – you may also want to have a hormone analysis done. You may also be estrogen dominant – most women are.
    I would do some research on natural progesterone – which you can purchase at a health food store.
    PCOS is indicative of too much estrogen and not enough natural progesterone.

    I am watching this video/webinar on Mastering Female Hormones that may be of interest to you too.

  52. I started feeling really bad 3 weeks after I started using Yasmin. I quit immediately but this is getting worse. My GP is not willing to test my progesterone level as he thinks I look OK and he already tested me for polycystic ovarys and I don;t have that.
    I wanted to take progesterone without knowing for sure this is causing my depession but I’m scared of messing my hormones even more….
    Do you think it’s OK to take the cream without checking progesterone/ estrogene levels?

  53. Where do I begin. It all started march 26th 2011. I had my very first panic attack and I thought I was dying and losing my mind. I have lived through hell ever since and I’ve had every test under the sun. It all came back ok. I started keeping a journal and two weeks before my period I was a mess and a lot of times
    Couldn’t leave the house. I found something called PMDD but it says anxiety disappears totally for 2 weeks following your period. Mine doesn’t, it just gets a 100 times better. I recently had a miscarriage 2 weeks ago at 9 months pregnant and now I feel like I’m absolutely dying, I can’t even walk into a store without getting shift of breath and weird head feelings…I’m
    Convinced this is a hormone balance of some sort. I’m 30 years old and never experienced anxiety until a year ago….please help

  54. Hello Andrea – To answer your question. Yes, it is safe to take natural progesterone w/o having your hormone levels checked.
    Women (and men) are exposed to estrogen mimickers in so many different forms most of us are hormonally whacked.

    Depression is definitely hormone imbalance. A combination of the natural progesterone and the Truehope EMPowerplus micronutrients will do wonders for your depression/hormone imbalance. Most of us are not getting the nutrients we need to sustain our overall health and well being. When we become nutritionally depleted – our hormones and out state of mind is affected right away.

    Please stay off the synthetic hormone birth control methods…they are causing a lot of damage in women’s bodies – and the estrogen builds up in the tissue and is passed on genetically.

    Cheryl Jazzar recommends a natural progesterone product – I will make sure she responds to your post.

    Thanks for visiting the blog – and keep coming back.

  55. HORMONE IMBALANCE…. My dear sister…. I am sorry for your loss of a 9-month pregnancy. How hard. And yes, your body needs a lot of nutritional support. There has to be a reason why you could not carry this baby to term. Miscarriages are often due to low progesterone levels. Every pregnancy women go through robs our body of essential vitamins and nutrients (Synthetic prenatal vitamins are ineffective.) And if your body did not have the nutrients to begin with or balanced hormones…. you are going to experience a very hard hormonal shift due to the miscarriage….especially at such a late date.

    Please call the Truehope EMPowerplus folks today at 888-878-3467. You desperately need this type of nutritional support.
    Please read through the published studies on the EMPowerplus – and you will understand that you do not have to live with anxiety or depression or weird head feelings. This are all signs that your body is not getting the nutrients it needs.

    I am glad you tracked your moods to your period. Another sign of hormone imbalance is a sever mood shift right before menstruation. Nutrients and natural progesterone are again key to strengthening the endocrine system. Once this is done, you should be able to carry a baby to full term.

    Cheryl Jazzar recommends a natural progesterone…. I will make sure she posts here.

    Aimee – seriously, this is all you need – at least to start – to be able to wake up and embrace the day.



  56. Andrea – Cheryl Jazzar wanted me to post this information on natural progesterone for her.

    Cheryl Jazzar: Progessence Plus by Young Living is formulated with frankincense and peppermint essential oils, which help drive the progesterone into the cells. https://www.youngliving.org/rs_ord_item_detail_popup.asp?ITEM_CODE=4640&IS_GUEST_SHOPPING_MODE=0&CC=

  57. Help! I found this website through many searches, trying to find some answers. I am 46 years old. A short break down of my situation….I was diagnosed with breast cancer in May, 2009. Invasive, Agressive and estrogen receptor positive. Had mastectomy and 6 months of chemotherapy. I’ve been on tamoxifen ever since. I’ve also had many uterine type problems over the years and with my history and being on tamoxifen, it was felt that a good option for me was to have a complete hysterectomy. I had the surgery on 7/2/12. I thought all was good up until about 3 weeks ago when I started having severe anxiety. I have had mild situational anxiety in the past, so I was a little familiar with some of the symptoms, but was not at all prepared for what was about to happen. I knew that this had to be related to the lack of hormones in my system and that there had to be an imbalance in there somewhere so I started researching. I found this article about Hormonal Imbalance Anxiety and once I started reading, I knew I was in the right place. With every word, it related to how I have been feeling. My symptoms thus far have been…..chest pressure, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, trouble concentrating, depression, sadness, crying…ALOT, overwhelming feeling of dread, fear, horrible and unwanted thoughts, constant worrying and an occasional thought of hurting myself. I relate the last one to the frustration that I feel dealing with all other symptoms. There are times when I feel like I’m losing my mind and I’m dying. I now know why I’m feeling this way and I know that Hormonal Imbalance Anxiety is what I’m experiencing. I can’t do the normal hormonal replacement therapy, but there has to be something that I can take to help put everything back into balance. I’ve talked to 2 doctors so far and they both mention antidepressents and anti anxiety medication and one even suggested contacting or going to the local mental health center. I’m not crazy and that suggestion just made me angry. I have an antidepressent and an anti anxiety medication sitting in my medicine cabinet that I do not take because I don’t want to just mask the problem, I want to fix it. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

  58. Angela…. Welcome home. You indeed are suffering from hormone imbalance. In addition you are nutritionally depleted. Do not add any more meds to your regime. No anti-depressants and no mental health center. You are so right that you can fix the problem without taking drugs that mask the symptoms. Did you know that breast cancer can also be due to hormone imbalance? That and heavy metal toxicity.

    I did a quick search on tamoxifen side effects and this is what I found:

    Risk of blood clots, especially in the lungs and legs (12)
    Stroke (15)
    Cataracts (16)
    Endometrial and uterine cancers (15, 17)
    Bone loss in premenopausal women
    Mood swings, depression, and loss of libido
    In men: headaches, nausea, vomiting, skin rash, impotence, and decreased sexual interest

    So now that we have established a reasonable cause to suspect hormone imbalance and the drug Tamoxifen also increases mood swings and depression lets look at treatment in terms of nutritional support. Please call Truehope about their EMPowerplus micronutrient designed specifically for mental health issues. What most people do not realize is that the brain is does get the nutritional support it needs and when it becomes depleted all other systems in the body become affected. Please read through the published studies on the use of micronutrients and mental health on the Truehope site. http://www.truehope.com/research/empowerplus_1.aspx

    When you call them – they will do a screening for you and may recommend amino acid support too. I am using both the EMPowerplus and amino acids and have seen a significant difference in my emotional and mental health…. including my productivity. Plus you need to have some strong nutritional support to offset the other Tamoxifen side effects.

    You are not alone Angela. Most people (men and women) are nutritionally depleted and have been exposed to heavy metal toxicity. I am going to be doing a radio show on getting rid of heavy metals this coming Monday night – August 20. My guest on Monday believes that most people have come to feel that being ‘sick’ is normal. It is not normal. The body can do amazing things to heal itself if given the right nutrients today.

    Please call the Truehope folks. That is why I have the EMPowerplus on my site. They are not paying me to advertise their product and I do not have any invest me in the company – other than the fact, I have read the literature and studies- interviewed Anthony Stephan the co-founder and have tried their product and I know it works.

    I know you will start feeling better in a matter of days. Please stay in touch and let me know how you are doing.


  59. Teresa Kolpak says:

    Hi Ang:
    Leslie makes some excellent suggestions and I would get started right away in getting on some micronutrients to help balance you. I would add that it is very important for you to find a hormone specialist in your area that knows and works with bio-identical hormones. There is a great protocol called the Wiley Protocol and if you search the name on the internet you will find the site. There is a section on their website where you can find a practitioner in your area. please keep us posted Angela.
    Blessings, Teresa

  60. The link to the Wiley Protocol web site is: http://www.thewileyprotocol.com/
    There is a lot of very interesting information on this site.

    I heartily agree with Teresa that along with the nutritional support Angela you will also benefit from natural hormone therapy. What make the Wiley protocol so unique is that Wiley does not believe in one dose of hormones throughout the menstrual cycle. She alters her natural hormone doses to the day of the cycle that a woman is in. That is truly a bio-identical hormone program since women’s natural hormones change throughout the month.



  61. connie Yarbrough says:

    I am 59 and I feel like I’m losing my mind. I am experiencing anxiety, night sweats, depression, insomnia, and irrational fears. Food tastes like cardboard and I’m thristy all the time. I’ve been under a great deal of stress lately . My doctor put me on Welbutrin and Celexa, this only made things worse. He took me off the Welbutrin but told me to continue to take the Celexa. He also put me on Traza-Done to help me sleep and Lorazepam for anxiety. Neither of these meds really work. I have lost weight, my eyes are bloodshot all the time. I am having a difficult time working, I really do feel like I’m losing my mind and I look like I’m losing my mind!

  62. Hello, Connie – It is interesting to note that we have fought against being told that what ails is ‘all in our mind’ and take this drug and go home and it will be all right.

    Turns out they are right – it is all in our mind. – Your brain needs nutrition and support – in fact, everything you are experiencing is a symptoms of hormone imbalance and a lack of vital micronutrients. At 59 this is crucial. I do not know your health or child-bearing/birth control history – but at your age (BTW I am the same age too) – it is easy to assume that you have experienced enough of life’s ups and downs to have depleted vital nutrients that need to be replaced.

    I have been saying for years that by the time women hit peri-menopause they are ‘endocrinally whacked out’ because their hormone cycle has been so disrupted for so long.

    In addition, Natural News posted a fabulous article yesterday on how common medications deplete the body of vital nutrients.

    Prescription drugs cause nutrient depletion
    Thursday, August 16, 2012 by: Melissa A. Bartoszewski, DC

    Anti-inflammatory drugs deplete: Calcium, potassium, zinc, iron, Vitamins B6, C, D, K, folic acid, chromium, glutathione, Vitamins B6, C, D, and K

    NSAIDs: Folic acid, melatonin

    Aspirin/Salicylates: Vitamins C, K, B5, folic acid, calcium, iron and sodium

    Corticosteroids: Vitamins A, C, D, B6, B12, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, potassium, selenium and zinc

    Cochicine (used for gout): Vitamin B12, calcium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, Beta-carotene

    Statins (Lipitor, Zocor, Crestor,etc.): Coenzyme Q10

    ACE Inhibitors for hypertension (Lisinopril, etc.): Zinc

    Birth control pills – and other hormone suppressing supplements also suppress vital Vitamin B nutrients which affect our mood and emotions.

    So the question is – how have you tried to replace these nutrients? If your response is through food and synthetic vitamins – it is not good enough. We are not getting these amino acid micronutrients in our food sources…and the body does not synthesize synthetic – ‘One-a-Day’ vitamins.

    Please pick up the phone and call Truehope EMPowerplus today. Get some micronutrients and you will start feeling better within a month. They have 17 published studies. This is unheard of.

    The new medicine is called the ‘Care and Feeding of the Brain’. When the brain has the nutrients it needs our mental state changes immediately.

    We both know that the drugs you have been prescribed are only masking the symptoms.

    Thanks for posting and stay in touch.


  63. Mary Ann Maycen says:

    Here is my story. I am 58 years old and was diagnosed post-menopausal at the age of 50. I started at age 35 with menopausal symptoms but physicians said I was too young. Finally, at age 50 did hormonal lab work to confirm I was indeed post- menopausal. I was put on Estratest HS and Prometrium. I was also taking Lexapro and Clonazapan.
    February 2012 I saw my GYN because I was feeling very fatigue and asked for a Thyroid profile and to check my hormone levels. Thyroid was negative but my Estrogen, Progesterone and Testosterone levels were all under the normal values. He then commenced to take me off HRT Cold Turkey after 19 years. I had terrible withdrawal symptoms. Severe anxiety, nausea, vomiting, crying and soft frequent stools, loss of appetite.
    I had heard about hormone pellet implants and made an appointment with a GYN that administers them. She did blood work and could not understand why my GYN took me off of HRT. My first injection was May 15 and then 2-3 weeks after repeat lab work you receive a balancer injection. She also prescribed Progesterone 50 mgm one capsule. q.hs. My testosterone level elevated to 281 and caused all the above symptoms once again. I had 2 E.R. visits for dehydration and I have lost 15 pounds.
    Her advice was to decrease the Progesterone to 25mgm which did not help and then she suggested taking Ambien which I refused.
    I went back to see my former GYN and he started me on Premarin which we have had to adjust the dosage afew times but I never noticed a change in symptoms. I recently had repeat lab work done and Testosterone level is still high at 145 and my Estrogen is down to 31. I am now on Estradiol 1mgm one tablet per day.
    I have done extensive reading on high levels of Testosterone stating that a high level in females can cause all these symptoms plus depression.
    I would appreciate any suggestions you may have.

  64. connie Yarbrough says:

    Thank you for responding to my post. I will contact Truehope.
    Do you think at my age I should also have my hormone levels checked or try using natural hormones? What would be the correct amount to use? I am determined to find a way to correct this problem.
    I have 3 children, did take birth control and had a difficult time going through menopause. I also seem to struggle more as I get older during times of high stress. It seems that the stress just sends me into a tail spin. It could be the hormone inbalance that triggers my response to the stress. I have experienced mild anxiety in the past but nothing like what I’m going through now.
    I also wanted to know if Holy Hormones has a site I could use to find a doctor in my area.

  65. Connie – So glad to hear from you. You are well on your way to correcting this problem.
    Yes, I would get your hormone levels checked. Dr. Shira Miller in CA is putting out her newsletter on bioidentical hormones. YOU might want to sign up and start getting educated on the issue.

    Dr. Miller follows the Wiley Protocol – a very fascinating program. T.S. Wiley, who wrote Sex, Lies and Menopause she a BHRT that alternates levels of hormones given throughout the cycle. Other bioidentical programs use one dose everyday.

    Wiley has a provider list on her website.

    If you do not want to go the BHRT route – many women just go to their health food store and purchase natural progesterone (Wild Yam cream). Most women are progesterone deficient because we have been exposed to so much estrogen in our lives. Progesterone also helps with stress and anxiety.

    I think between the Truehope nutrients and hormone balancing you will be feeling like a new and refreshed ‘you’ in no time.

    Another important piece that is just coming to light is living with the circadian rhythms in your life. Friday was the New Moon – and energy has been very low for the better part of the week. That also contributes to anxiety and depression – instead of understanding the natural phases of the moon and how it effects the energy on the planet. (You can think of it like the moon was PMSing – LOL.) Now the energy is rising as the moon becomes more prominent in the sky. Many people believe that we should be going back to lunar calendars – when we started each month with the new moon. There is a lot to that.

    Your birth control and birth history – have added to this nutrient depletion and hormone imbalance. Not a surprise that you struggled going into menopause. But you are going to be fine from here on out. These nutrients are going to boost your energy levels, and balance out the mood swings….

    Thank you for reaching out. I hope you stay in touch and keep us apprised of your progress.

  66. I am 49 years old. I am on an anti-depressant for about the last 8 years prescribed for tension headaches that I get from about 16 years of age. I did not really make any difference. I tried several times to get of the anti-depressant, but then tend to wake up with night sweats and palpitations. For the past 6 months I suffered from severe sleeplessness which progressed to a point where I just could not sleep for a complete night. Nothing was worrying me, I just could not sleep. I started to get severe hot flushes, but due to breast cancer in the family cannot take HRT’s. I was prescribed Dixarit (clonidine) which helped, but then suddenly within about 3 months I got anxiety attacks. These are not as bad as full blown panic attacks, but I have this constant feeling of doom and struggle to concentrate on work. These are accompanied by upset stomach, hot flashes, chills, sweating, headache with neck and upper back pain. I am/was? a very levelheaded person, who was always very efficient, but really struggle with this irrasional fear that I cannot explain at all. Feel really weak and crazy. My prolactin levels are high and I also have high hyperparathyroid and calcium levels. 3 hyperparathyroid glands removed, but levels went up slowly again after being normal. Any suggestions?

  67. Teresa Kolpak says:

    Hi connie:

    You can also email me at teresa@mmhforum.org and I will try to locate a health professional in your area that is “Wholelistic” and understands micronutrients and bio-identical hormones.

    Blessings, Teresa

  68. Hello Ella – It sounds like you have hormone imbalance. I do not know if you are a pharma whiz or not – but you need to make a decision about using drugs or nutrition to support your body. I would be your tension headaches came once a month when you were pre-menstrual and because doctor’s do not (did not) recognize the impact hormone fluctuations have on women’s health – they prescribe drugs that often mask the underlying cause.

    Please call Truehope and get some micronutrients immediately. Most women’s bodies are depleted nutritionally by the time we hit 50. And men’s bodies too. It is impossible to get the essential nutrients we need from our food sources.

    You may also consider bioidentical hormones (natural hormones) I posted information about The Wiley Protocol on Connie’s question which came in about the same time as your questions.
    Truehope may also recommend amino acids that support brain functioning where most of the imbalances you are talking about originate from.

    You do not have to suffer like – you need nutritional support and hormone balancing. Then you may consider changing your email to nutritionwhiz.

    Stay in touch.


  69. Hello, Mary Ann – so what kind of nutritional support are you giving your body?
    All I see here is the use of chemicals (synthetic drugs) to fix an ‘organic’ natural problem in the body that most women experience by the time they hit their late 50’s.
    Please read through all of the questions women have posted here as well as the responses.

    Hormone imbalance begins in the brain. By the time women hit menopause we are ‘endocrinally whacked’ from living outside the natural rhythm of the menstrual cycle. And most of the drugs we have been on – including birth control deplete essential vitamins and nutrients in the body.

    If you are going to use progesterone – please consider natural progesterone. Research that.
    Premarin is not going to help you. Do you really want to get breast cancer on top of all your other problems? And an underlying factor in breast cancer is hormone imbalance.

    I suggest you read the information on posted on the Wiley Protocol and call them (read Connie’s post) and also get amino acid and micronutrient support through Truehope EMPowerplus if you really want to support your body nutritionally and naturally.

    Thanks for posting and stay in touch.


  70. hello leslie,

    for the past yr I have been to numerous drs all saying my symptoms s
    are in my head. So I have constant lightheadedness, I get hives in the shower even after changing all of my products to hypo allergenic, I have anxiety some depression, I get hypoglycemic symptoms if i don’t eat for a few hours, my cortisol levels are very high my thyroid was at one point 0.051 and dr said that its nothing to worry about but i researched and many websites say it’s seriously low. I have an appointment with my third endo in september. My hair is also falling out i have no energy i have acne all over my body painful periods and extremely irregular periods ill go from 28days to 20days to 40 days between periods. I just recently had thyroid checked again its higher but still low for being normal. Any suggestions would be fantastic I am only 23 with a three year old that i feel is being deprived because i cant do as much as i used to)=

  71. Hello, Breanna – I am so glad to hear from you. HORMONE IMBALANCE. You have all of the classic symptoms. It is amazing to me that doctors do not recognize what is becoming a silent epidemic amongst women of all ages. Yes, 23 is way too young to be so imbalanced…..and I am sure you are just miserable. Losing your hair is hormone imbalance too.

    This is from the Mayo Clinic web site:

    Most people normally shed 50 to 100 hairs a day. But with about 100,000 hairs in the scalp, this amount of hair loss shouldn’t cause noticeable thinning of the scalp hair. As people age, hair tends to gradually thin. Other causes of hair loss include hormonal factors, medical conditions and medications.

    Hormonal factors
    The most common cause of hair loss is a hereditary condition called male-pattern baldness or female-pattern baldness. In genetically susceptible people, certain sex hormones trigger a particular pattern of permanent hair loss. Most common in men, this type of hair thinning can begin as early as puberty.

    Hormonal changes and imbalances can also cause temporary hair loss. This could be due to pregnancy, childbirth, discontinuation of birth control pills or the onset of menopause.

    Medical conditions
    A variety of medical conditions can cause hair loss, including:

    Thyroid problems. The thyroid gland helps regulate hormone levels in your body. If the gland isn’t working properly, hair loss may result.

    What you need is a very good supplement like the Truehope EMPowerPlus that is on my web site. This is not an advertisement – I am not getting paid for their icon on my page. I believe in their product and the nutritional support it provides. When you call them they will do a phone screening and advise you on what type of nutritional support you need.

    Doctors are going ‘to treat’ you with medications that will only deplete more nutrients in your body. Read this article on Natural News –
    Prescription drugs cause nutrient depletion

    Nutrition – will provide the support you will really need to balance your hormones.

    Truehope may also recommend amino acid support. These amino acids are targeted to the brain where hormone production begins. Once the brain is getting the nutrients it needs then all the other systems in the body fall into balance. NeuroScience Inc. has called this the NEI Super System – Neuro-Endocrine-Immune system.

    More and more people are becoming nutritionally depleted…..our foods have become empty calories and the toxins and medications are depleting nutrients and messing with our hormones.

    I can promise you that you will experience a significant change within days.

    You may also want to listen to my radio interview with Trudy Scott, author of the Anti-Anxiety Food Solution. We discuss quite a bit of this in the show.

    Please let me know how I can continue to support you on your healing journey.

  72. Louise Smith says:

    I am so gad i’ve found this post. I have been through hell with extreme anxiety since the birth of my son 17 months ago. I had to call out a mental health crisis team on a number of occasions due to the severity of my problems – I literally felt like I’d gone insane. Depersonalisation, the lot.

    Now things have improved markedly but I still on more days than not have that constant fear of something bad happening and feeling ‘strange’.

    As I only ad my first ever panic attack after my son’s birth – on around day three – I am certain it’s all been hormones. Not only that but once it calmed down overall it still became intolerable around periods.

    I have been now focused on diet and exercise in a bid to balance my hormones. The problem is however I’ve found out I’m expecting again. We are thrilled but I’m petrified the pregnancy will once again send my hormones wild, crashing after the birth and ruining my experience of the first year of my second baby’s life too.

    Is there anything I can do whilst pregnant to avoid it happening again? I’d really, really appreciate any advice.

    Note – i’m now five weeks pregnant. In the first weeks my anxiety cleared but now I’ve noticed it’s ‘there’ again.

  73. Hello, Louise – Congratulations on your pregnancy. I hope you have read through the comments. Please listen to my radio interview with Cheryl Jazzar on Postpartum Depression.

    And then listen to my radio show with Trudy Scott, author of The Anti-anxiety Food Solution: How the Foods You Eat Can Help You Calm Your Anxious Mind, Improve Your Mood & End Cravings. Trudy lists the food that will cause anxiety and feelings of doom and gloom.

    OK – quick primer for you. Pregnancies deplete essential nutrients and minerals from the body. All of those essential vitamins goes to your babies health while in-utero. If you do not replace them – you will experience postpartum depression. You have taken the right steps with diet and exercise. Now you need to increase your supplement intake during this pregnancy. Have you ever noticed that women who have more than one pregnancy often have more problems with the health of their last child… well that is because their own bodies are nutritionally depleted after each pregnancy.

    Eat foods that are rich with nutrients during your pregnancy and supplement your diet with whole food amino acid and micronutrients like the Truehope EMPowerplus product on my site (for example). Consult with Trudy Scott or Cheryl Jazzar – and then relax and enjoy your second pregnancy knowing that you are providing you and your baby with the essential nutrients you both need to be healthy and happy.

    Stay in touch and let us know how you progress.
    You will be amazed at how easy this is – and how nutrition can make a big difference in your outlook on life.
    And by the way – your hubby can benefit from all of this too.



  74. Teresa Kolpak says:

    Hi Louise:

    While you are providing extra nutrients for your self your baby will benefit as well. If a Mom is severely depleted in micronutrients the baby doesn’t get the nutrients that he/she require to build a healthy and vibrant body. Taking care of and nurturing yourself during pregnancy and after will be a blessing for you and your family…AND….you can enjoy your life and family and they can enjoy YOU!

    Teresa 1-866-397-2209

  75. I had a mild concussion June 8th and was diagnosed with post concussion syndrome .. It escalated with anxiety and chronic fatigue and was given xanax 0.25 mg .. I was then referred to psychiatrist since it was difficult for me even to get out of bed and had struggled to get through the day, I was diagnosed as having depression with GAD .. Wellbutrin was a horrible drug and after 3 days of insomnia I said I had enough .. I had my DHEA-S tested (86) within normal limits and other tests were ok, but have overlooked that all this time it could be a hormonal imbalance .. I have contacted my GYN to have these tests updated since 2008!
    Feel stupid that I never thought about that .. still unable to fall asleep on my own ,, taking lots of B supplements

  76. Do not be hard on yourself that you did not realized that hormone imbalance could be the culprit. This is a relatively new revelation for so many women. Wellbutrin is horrible… and am glad you are aware of that. Your brain needs to heal – and because it has been damaged your endocrine system and the ensuing imbalance may also be affected. Plus add in environmental toxins etc. I am glad you are going to have these tests updated…. however, repairing your brain damage from the concussion is crucial here. Once that is done then the other systems in your body will fall into place. I have seen this first hand time and again..and it is amazing. You need to look into getting amino acid supplements that will assist in healing the damage done to the brain. Please check out Genesa Amino Solution. They are affordable and will repair brain damage. I have worked with addicts and when they start taking these aminos – they are sleeping naturally within days…. after years of not sleeping.

    Also look into Truehope EMPowerplus – a micronutrient I have mentioned in many of these posts – and you will be on the road to recovery in no time.

    So glad you found this post and let us know what you are going through.
    Stay in touch and let us know how you are doing.


  77. Mary Ann – First of all I apologize that your post got by me -I just saw it for the first time tonight… September 1. Oh, boy you have been suffering for a long time. Drugs do not work. Nutritional supplements is what you need to balance your hormones. Well, what they actually do is provide the micronutrients your body needs to correct the imbalances itself. The body does have the capability of healing itself if given the right nutrients. Everything else you are on just masks the symptoms. Honestly – I think you need to find a good holistic or naturopath practitioner to get back on the right track.

    Depression is a sign of hormone imbalance. That is the root cause here. I am so sorry that you have gone through all of this pain. Micronutrients and not drugs are the answer. Honestly, doesn’t it make sense that if your body is getting the vitamins, minerals and amino acids it needs it can heal itself? That is what nature intended. No injections… no Premarin – there are so many women filing lawsuits because the HRT caused breast cancer…. hormone imbalance. I feel like a broken record here… but Truehope EMPowerplus and Genesea Total Amino Solution will get you back on top in no time.

    Get off the drugs. They deplete even more nutrients. I do not know what your pregnancy history is…but each pregnancy depletes vital nutrients…. and here is the deal. Even in you never were pregnant – if your mother was nutritionally deficient – she passed that deficiency on to you. Especially is she was on synthetic hormones and drugs.

    What we are seeing here is really the tip of the iceberg of a silent epidemic amongst women.

    Sometimes you have to find your way by looking outside of the box.
    Please stay in touch and let us know how you are doing.


  78. Louise Smiles says:

    Hi there – thanks for getting back to me so quickly! I was just wondering – are the supplements safe to take in pregnancy? Also I’m in the UK – do you know if you can get your hands on them here? Or am I best looking for another high grade pregnancy supplement (rather than the supermarket ones I bought last time!).

    Could I balance my hormones using healthy diet alone? Or it that not possible?

    Thanks in advance.

  79. thanks Leslie for your information, I contacted my GYN and he said that there are NO blood tests for hormonal imbalances..how does one determine if you have low levels? Hormonal imbalance may be the underlying causes of fatigue, night sweats, chills, dry eyes, insomnia, thinning hair and no sexual drive (all the above I have) My neurologist did authorize a cortisol test so I need to wait to hear from GYN .. Fortunately, I was able to fall asleep for the first time in a LONG time without medication .. It is a daily struggle to function with fatigtue .. dont want HRT since my sister had breast cancer ..my husband says I spend too much time researching here online, but you have to be your own advocate

  80. Joan – that is it? Your doctor said there are NO blood tests for hormone imbalances? End of story? No other options? He does not sound like your health advocate. I know that blood tests have not been used for years…. Read this article… For quite some years now, salivary hormone analysis has been used to measure the levels of our hormones. Find out why it is preferred over blood samples.

    You are not spending too much time online researching this. You have to be your own advocate and you are doing the right thing.

    Cortisol tests will determine the following: Blood cortisol is also used to help diagnose “adrenal insufficiency and Addison disease, conditions in which the adrenal glands do not function properly.”

    Adrenal insufficiency is hormone imbalance
    Addison’s disease is hormone imbalance.

    What type of nutritional supplements are you taking?
    Your condition can be reversed immediately with nutrition.
    Glad you are aware of HRT dangers.
    Be very cautious about taking anymore drugs that will further compromise your health.
    I will contact Teresa Kolpak with Truehope who is touch with a holistic practitioner Carol Banyan who works with hormone imbalance issues using nutrition.
    We will get you connected with her – at least for a consultation.

    Stay in touch.


  81. Hello, Louise – the supplements are safe during pregnancy and are essential to your health and the health of your baby.
    I know that EMPowerplus is in over 100 countries. Will be in touch with Teresa Kolpak to confirm and let her advise us on this.
    Unfortunately, none of us can get the nutrients we need from our food sources.
    And synthetic vitamins are not absorbed by the body. Most of us have thrown good money down the drain on these ‘supplements.’
    Just remember that each pregnancy you go through takes vital minerals and vitamins from your body to give them to your baby.
    If those vitamins and minerals are not replaced, your health will suffer – and the health of your baby if you have subsequent pregnancies.


  82. Teresa Kolpak says:

    Hi Joan;
    Fatigue is a common symptom of concussion. When clients come to me with a concussion I have them start EMPowerplus and a broad-spectrum amino acid supplement. I will be interested to know what your adrenal tests reveal. Are you having headaches?
    Blessings, Teresa

  83. Hi Teresa! no headaches from the concussion .. only headache occurred taking that horrible drug wellbutrin and as you know stopped that! This overall chronic fatigue is more than a smack on the head since I didnt have insomnia as I do now .. Not knowing the “full picture” of my fatigue is causing anxiety! Thanks for in the info on the saliva testing as well .. I will email my neurologist about that .. In the meantime I am taking vitamin E 1000 IU, B12 1000mcg, co-enzymeQ10 400mg,, folic acid 250mcg and according to Dr. Oz he suggests 600 mg calcium plus D and magesium 150mg at bedtime .. My thyroid FSH-T4 was only off a tenth and PCP didnt think I required medication. (Sigh) this is exhausting and trust me I look it!

  84. 7 years of torment in my brain..since menopause..I have a history of dpression/anxiety/ocd but treatable with meds since teen years..I have been on every anti-dep..I even tried Bio Identical cream..too no relief.. OB did blood work 2010 and estrogen was at a 9with very low testosterone and progesterone..FSH was high..Sottopelle pellets inserted and got relief for about 2 months but that also has ended..I stil receive the pellets just hoping for a little relief.. I cry all day and the anxiety is beyond out of control as is ocd..Life is not good.. I have a lovely 16 year old and wonderful husband but they have watched me deteriorate all these years..Life hurts..I dread each new day because I know what it will be like..I feel almost like a recluse at this point. Have no interest in life. I hurt all day and feel emotionally distraught all day..My psychiatrist has me on Lithium 600 mg h.s., Imipramine 25 mg h.s. and Xanax 1mg XR..Imipramine seems to be the only med that does not worsen my emotions..All SSRI’s have failed..I know life is not this painful but it is for me..Is there anything I can do? Or is this the way I have to live? i don’t want to live like this..I had such hope in the pellets but soon that good feeling went away. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I felt the best I had ever felt in my adult life..Soon the depression returned and was back on meds..But that does not compare with what I feel now and have felt these 7 years..Everyday torment and torture/distraught…All I do is pray for healing and a miracle..Can anyone help me?

  85. Teresa Kolpak says:

    Hello Laura:
    My goodness you’ve been going thru much. It seems that throughout the years you have been getting more and more nutritionally depleted so you are suffering from a variety of symptoms that have been labelled by your doctors. The medications you are on are not working and you are probably experiencing many of the side effects. (Anxiety is one of them so you have a double whammy going on). If you would like to give me a call we can go thru a quick intake and I can assist you in getting the help necessary so that you can be in experience of your birthright of optimal well-being. There are micronutrient formulas (vitamins/minerals/amino acids/essential fatty acids) that will replenish your nutritional foundation and health professionals that will assist in medication reductions and more. My direct cell is 403-894-4089 or email me at teresa@mmhforum.org. Let’s get you started in being the vibrant healthy woman living a life in joy and ease.
    Blessings, Teresa

  86. Teresa Kolpak says:

    Hi Joan;
    did the chronic fatigue start before the concussion or after? The few supplements that you are on are good but not enough to correct a deficiency, imbalance, etc. It can be very confusing and cause anxiety when you don’t know what the root cause is. Please feel free to email me @ teresa@mmhforum.org.

  87. Hi Teresa
    My chronic fatigue was after the concussion (mild) walked into my own sliding glass window, fell backwards and hit my head on the base of this computer chair! required 5 stitches .. fatigue symptoms occurred about 2 weeks after with whiplash .. my gyn sent me email stating most current bloodwork (aug 20th) was within normal limits .. stated he was going to ask endocrinologist about further testing of hormones .. another way to blow me off? 3 nights without taking xanax as sleep aid but awake with still non refreshing sleep .. glad its Labor Day and dont have to work ,, im at the point Im begging for testing

  88. Thank you Teresa so very much.. I am willing to do anything for help and relief..I am completely exausted and want so desperately to feel well again..I forgot to mention that I had breast cancer a few weeks after my daughter was born and went through surgery, chemo and radiation, all in 1996…I was just 36 years old..I am grateful to be cancer free now 16 years but often wonder if the chemo destroyed a part of me that would have benefited me through menopause..I just want to be free from all of this angusih..Thank you again and I will contact you…

  89. Teresa Kolpak says:

    Hi Joan: Thank you….the fatigue is related to the concussion and with micronutrients you will support brain recovery and hormone recovery. Please feel free to email me or call me for more info. teresa@mmhforum.org or 403-894-4089. There is an easy way to come off of Xanax. Cold turkey can lead to severe withdrawal symptoms. Best, Teresa

  90. Teresa Kolpak says:

    Hi Laura: Yes thank you for letting me know re chemo. Wow ….it totally depletetd your body. We can correct this! It may take a couple of months for the body to repair itself…and that’s okay….it took years for you to get to this point. Once the body has the essential nutrients (tools) it knows what to do with them and heals itself. Medications are foreign to the body…chemicals that alter natural brain chemistry…..and you become further and further depleted. I look forward to your contacting me. Teresa

  91. Hello, Laura – I am glad you and Teresa have connected. I feel so bad for the pain you have been in. There is no doubt that the chemo has affected your hormones and your endocrine system functioning. That in addition to the milieu of prescription drugs you are currently taking. I shared your email with my co-author, H. Sandra Chevalier Batik who is looking for a specific study she found on thyroid function and depression. She is as concerned for your health as are Teresa and I. Sandi’s suggestion is that you call your obgyn and ask for a referral to the best endocrinologist in your area and get a full endocrine blood panel. I did a quick search on the Internet and there is a direct link between undiagnosed thyroid problems and depression – plus a myriad of other problems. I have heard of this before too…. through the National Institute of Whole Health curriculum that I took.

    Top 10 Signs That You May Have a Thyroid Problem
    Millions of People Have Undiagnosed Thyroid Conditions

    It’s estimated that 59 million Americans have a thyroid problem, but the majority don’t know it yet. The thyroid, a butterfly-shaped gland located in the neck, is the master gland of metabolism. When your thyroid doesn’t function, it can affect every aspect of your health, and in particular, weight, depression and energy levels

    Metabolic Mysteries: Undiagnosed Thyroid Disease and Women
    It’s a common story. After having a baby, you find it unusually difficult to lose the baby weight, despite serious diet or exercise. Or you think you’re getting enough sleep, but find yourself waking after eight or more hours of sleep exhausted and then drag around during the day feeling like a nap is the only thing on your mind. Or, conversely, you may find yourself anxious for no apparent reason, losing weight, up all night with insomnia and heart palpitations, and noticing that you’re losing hair.

    For many of you, the doctor will suggest that these symptoms point to depression, not enough sleep, a need for exercise, premenstrual syndrome, or simply the effects of stress.

    Sandi – also referred to another paper she read on depression and exercise…. that just a simple walk and being outside can help with depression. I know it is hard to motivate when you are depressed. But maybe your husband or daughter might walk with you.

    Micronutrients are crucial to start healing the residual damage from the chemo and the drugs you are on.
    I think Sandi’s idea about getting a full endocrine blood panel is excellent to understand if you might have thyroid imbalance.

    Please stay in touch on this issue and keep us informed as to how you are doing.
    You have 3 women very concerned about you and very supportive. We are also confident we can guide you back to health and wellness and we have professional resources and research to assist with that.

    You have lived down the rabbit hole for far too long. It is time to reclaim your life – and we are here to assist you with that.


  92. Teresa .. thanks for your response! what is the easy way to stop xanax ? 0.25 was such a small dose anyway .. I stopped wellbutrin and had no withdrawal symptoms! So how does one differentiate between chronic fatigue post concussion or hormonal imbalance .. maybe it is a combination of both ..Neurologist said 3-6 months for recovery.. are there folks here that can testify that these micronutrients have helped their chronic fatigue /and or concussion?

  93. i need help , i dont speak to anyone in my family other than my grandmother but shes 70 and we lost my grandad her husband 7months ago so its hard for her and i feel guilty for putting this pressure on her . i have had anxiety for 4years and its now at the point where i cant be around my own child who is 6 as it triggers my anxiety , it breaks my heart i cant do things with her or even take her to school beause im that scared . i dont leave the house unless its a doc appointment and then sometimes i run and leave because i cant stand to be out of my house . it all started when i had the implanon birth control in my arm a few months after i had my 1st panic attack and i passed out , i never told anyone because i was scared . it got worse from then on , i had it taken out because it was giving me none stop periods and making me feel sick but the anxiety which is constant still hasnt gone , ive been on alsorts of drugs from the doctors and im now on 30mg citalopram and i take diazipam to , but this isnt working nothing seems to work im at my witts end i dont no where to turn , ive told the doc i think its my hormones im sure it is as it gets worse before my period is due but she says im depressed and to keep with the pills . my daughter is staying with my grandmother as if she is here i pani when she plays out , i panic when she is in bed , i panic at the thought of takin her to school , i cant go shoppin or even to the park, family parties anything , i order everything online , i want my life back im failing myself , my daughter and my grandmother at a time they need me so much , i fear it will effect my daughter , i wanna be a proper mother , i want the life i had back where i could do anything and everything , please help im so lost

  94. Hi Im 20 years old and ive been having panic attacks for 6 months now. Its driving insane!! Ive had choking feeling/heart racing/shortness of breath/ CRYING all the time/feeling that im going to die. And many trips to docters and late night emergencey room visits. I woke up one night and had a lump in my throat no reason why i had no stress! tried taking celexa and it made me feel drunk… It was awful! So im wondering hormone inbalance docter said no but i dont see how? i have my period every two weeks!! And that to me should have something to do with it. i dont know im just desperate to know why im having panic attacks. Any one had this problem with period?

  95. Hello, Brooke. I cannot keep up with the number of posts coming in from women on hormone imbalance. You are too young. Irregular periods also indicative of hormone imbalance…. but it may also be indicative of depleted nutrients. If you are bleeding mid-cycle – you might be experiencing break through bleeding at the time of ovulation. That can be remedied with Vitamin C with ascorbic acid and bioflavnoids. The bioflavnoids strengthen uterine capillaries. Women generally see a difference within a month’s time.

    Panic is understood to be the result of a combination of biological vulnerabilities, ways of thinking, and social stressors (biopsychosocial model). According to one theory of panic disorder, the body’s normal “alarm system,” the set of mental and physical mechanisms that allows a person to respond to a threat, tends to be triggered unnecessarily, when there is no danger.”

    So if we look at this as a biological imbalance – not unlike hormone imbalance since hormones are the body’s great communicators – then it is time to strengthen the biological vulnerabilities…. and that is through nutrition. Truehope’s EMPowerplus is a great micronutrient for anxiety and panic attacks. Please call them tomorrow. I am including a link from their web site anxiety and depression. Here is the link to published research on their product.

    You are living in a dark hole of panic… and it does not have to be that way. Getting the brain the nutrients it needs to function is not rocket science. We have just labeled and categorized, diagnosed and developed drugs to deal with ‘phobias’…. when the root cause is damage to the brain from trauma, nutrient depletion, heavy metals, medications.
    Your body/mind needs help. And the only thing that will heal you is a product packed with micronutrients targeting the brain.

    Please Brooke. Call tomorrow – you will be feeling better within a week. And get the Vitamin C with bioflavnoids and see if your bleeding gets under control. If not, you may have to see your gynecologist…but my guess is that all of these things are interrelated. You may also want to see your gynecologist about a hormone analysis…. but once again… 30 days of nutrients is going to alter most of what your are experiencing. And it sounds like you have seen your share of doctors who have not been able to help you at all.

  96. Teresa Kolpak says:

    Hi Joan:

    For more info please contact me.
    Best, Teresa

  97. Hello, Natasha – you have come to the right place – and we will help you on your journey back to life. I worked with addicts for a long time and realized that they lived in a deep dark hole in their brain and they are unable to find a way out. And when they do find a way out…they often end up back in the hole..because they relapsed. Why, the brain was not healed and that along with heavy metal exposure to mercury causes them to relapse even though they swore they would not every drink/drug again. We can get you out of the hole and into the whole. Teresa is an expert in this area -and she is on the phone speaking with a holistic practitioner who works with hormone imbalance and who uses the Truehope EMPowerplus supplements in her practice. Teresa will be posting here shortly.

    Here is my take on your situation. Trauma, grief, stress, and vital nutrient depletion and hormone imbalance from your pregnancy. Of course, I do not know the health of your body before pregnancy – but it is possible you were hormonally imbalanced and nutritionally depleted even prior to your pregnancy. (Most women are.) It is not rocket science… our bodies are like plants they need to be watered and nurtured. When they do not get the nutrients they need to start to shrivel up -and bend over…. and suffer. If you have any plants that look like this – water them immediately!

    Please listen to this informative radio interview I did with postpartum consultant, Cheryl Jazzar. She clearly speaks about how a pregnancy depletes nutrients. She was in trouble (extreme herself after her pregnancy – and found her way back to health through nutrition.

    Trauma, grief, stress – all put stress on the brain. And if the brain does not have the nutrients it needs to function – it will stop functioning…. Bipolar, schizophrenia, agrophobia (fear of leaving the house) are all ‘labels’ – the root cause is brain damage. How they different disorders are played out is based on our biochemical nature and our genetics, environmental exposures, and our body strengths and weaknesses.

    Truehope’s EMPowerplus is a great micronutrient for anxiety and panic attacks. Please call them tomorrow. I am including a link from their web site on anxiety and depression. Here is the link to published research on their product.

    Now lets address Implanon – a synthetic hormone dripping chemicals into your over traumatized mind, weakened endocrine system, and nutritionally depleted body – and no one is concerned whether you are healthy enough to further cause more stress and imbalance to your body.

    Can you see the big picture now? Doesn’t this make sense? It is common sense… and if women were in charge of the medical system… this information and knowledge would be the basis for healing people instead of drugging them.

    At least by reading these other posts – you know you are not alone. Everyone’s symptoms play out differently. But in the end the root cause is the lack of the care and feeding of the brain. You will feel better in days and then keep feeling better and better.

    This is how we healed the addicts. And they had their addictions as well as these mental balances. By the time they got out of the program they looked and acted healthier than most people on the street.

    We will help you.


  98. Hey, It’s me Laura…Thanks to all of you for your kind words of support and encouragement.. I did have all of the Thyroid testing January of ’11..I went to an Internal Medicine specialist and Endocrinologist per the request of my OBGYN..I seemed to be in the normal range of everything…That’s what is so puzzling for all of us.. They too, are scratching their heads..I firmly believe my estrogen and testosterone levels always being low are the culprit for this torment…I think the SottoPelle pellets have run ther course as well.. I did feel grand for a while as my testosterone went to 230…I do well when the estrogen is in the 150 range but OBGYN refuses to dose higher than 25mg pellet but last visit in June he put 100mg testosterone pellet as the bloodwork proved a 31 (and that was just from March pellets..) My body will not hold on to hormones I am suffering..I’ll never forget the day in Feb. ’06 when I woke up a mess and have been ever since..I am a Pharmacy Tech and suffered each day while working..My store closed or otherwise I would have had to resign my position..The only way to describe what I feel each day is this: I feel as if I have to bury my child..The distraught/overwhelming/dread/depression/anxiety/ocd I feel is almost unbearable..I know it’s not normal..Thanks to each of you for your interest in my case.. This gal fom Mobile, AL is sincerely grateful to y’all..I believe God has lead me to you..Even through the hills and valleys, he has given me a detour.. (Joel Osteen) Thanks again.. ; )

  99. Teresa Kolpak says:

    Hi Natasha:
    Let’s get you some help. Micronutrients will help balance out your hormone cycle and help with the agoraphopia. Leslie gave you excellent information. There are answers. Instead of treating symptoms let’s get to the root cause….let’s find you a health professional that is micronutrient friendly. You may also want to look into finding a good therapist that will help as well. Please feel free to email me at teresa@mmhforum.org
    Blessings to you, Teresa

  100. Laura – what a sweet kind message. Thank you. Ok – everything the doctor’s are saying is within normal range….but you do not feel ‘normal’. So what is missing? NUTRITION. MICRONUTRIENTS. No side effects, not guessing. We all need them and we all present our lack of nutrients in different ways. Some pathological, some mental. Please call Teresa…. this is not normal and you do need to get on these supplements. I am glad you have been led here… blessed be. Because these are the answers you need. Believe, you will be seeing great changes in the medical field that will include nutrition in the years to come. Most everything else is failing (drug treatments). And I know God approves the message. Had to get a play in on the political messages on TV these days. 🙂

  101. chyannechyanne says:

    iim 16 and these past 2 months have been hell, im always lightheaded, crying a lot, cant sleep, chest pains, weird thoughts racing al the time, i always think im dying, very emotional, moodswings, ahhh help me please! !!

  102. Hello, Chyanne – You are not dying. It is hormone imbalance. Do you feel this way right before your periods – or all of the time. We can help you. I will email you my phone number so we can talk privately. I am so glad you reached out and posted your concerns. You are in good hands now. We will take care of you.


  103. chyannechyanne says:

    Thanks! Im glad to hear im not dying or going crazy because i was normal 2 months ago and im only 16

  104. I know. Manageable. Now…. Read the other posts from women who are older on this thread. If it goes on it just gets worse. You are good. And you are going to get better. Am looking forward to hearing from you.

  105. chyannechyanne says:

    Thank you so much and im sure you will hear from me, i greatly appreciate ir

  106. Ok I’m back… I posted like a month ago.. Anxiety is the same… some days I’m a completely fine and that lasts a few days and then I have a few days of severe anxiety… I haven’t taken medication yet but my therapist keeps pushing for it… I don’t really want to do this… But I don’t want to live with this Anxiety anymore.. Like I said in an early post I was diagnosed with a hormonal imbalance when I was around 15 because I stopped getting my period… however when I lost weight a few years later I went off the pill at 26 and got a period and was pregnant in two months.. I feel sometimes the hormonal balance with me has to do with being overweight.. So anyways I’m 30 now only time I was off the pill was when I was pregnant three years ago and the entire time pregnant I was not anxious at all!! This got worse after my pregnancy.. Much worse::. I also was told I have a vitamin d deficiency … So anyways I’m decided I’m definitely getting off the pill because my 28 year old cousin just has a stroke and blood clots from the pill and I don’t want to be on this anymore.. I feel like its poison sometimes.. So my question is what side effects can I expect going off the pill ? My therapist seems to think my anxiety may get worse ? Is this true? Also in ur opinion do u think the iud without hormones is a safe alternative ? Thanks for all ur help? Any suggestions to lessen anxiety when going off the pill will also be appreciated..: I’m so tired of feeling this way…. And I don’t want to anymore…!!!

  107. im not a addict and i dont drink , ive never touched drugs and i havent had a drop of alcohol for over 4 years because of my anxiety ! how do i get the doc to cheak my hormones she seems to be having none of it when i ask ? is there anything i can take to balance them out

  108. Get a new doctor. Why should you be arguing with any practitioner about what you want. Yes, amino acids and nutrients and natural progesterone cream will help immediately with these symptoms of imbalance. Natasha – please take the time to read through the posts… All of this information is here. All of it is researched and proven. You do not have to have a test to determine if you are hormonally imbalanced. If you anxiety comes and goes and you note it in relationship to where you are in your menstrual cycle…it is hormone related.

    Keep posting and keep asking questions – you are on the road to health.


  109. glad you are back Dawn – the pill depletes Vitamin B – B12 & B6 – the vitamins that have to do with mood/depression/anxiety. Time to get off the pill especially when you were hormone imbalanced to begin with. The pill blocks your natural hormones from functioning. Your hormones (the body’s messengers/communicators) were already in a weakened state and then add in synthetic estrogen and progesterone… what a mix.

    Yes, your therapist is correct. Getting off the pill (just like any other drug) may increase your anxiety – IF YOU DO NOT PREPARE YOURSELF for the withdrawal. Please read information from this my Society for Menstrual Cycle Research colleague Laura Werschler Depo Provera Withdrawal ‚Äì A Woman‚Äôs Worst Nightmare She has published a book about ‘Coming off the Pill’ and other synthetic hormones. And while you are on that page – read the comments of the women who are struggling with coming off Depo. Am sure you will be able to relate.

    As for your pregnancy – not surprised that you were feeling better. Your body is at its optimum nourishing your child. Your hormones are elevated – especially progesterone which builds the uterine lining to protect the fetus…. Progesterone also makes a big difference in mood. And you can get progesterone over the counter at health food stores. I can get you more information on this too. Also your pregnancy is giving vital vitamins and minerals to the pregnancy – where do they come from? Your body. What happens when the pregnancy is over? You are depleted nutritionally and hormonally and if you do not replace the nutrients you will slip down the rabbit hole.

    Read this article on the birth control pill and nutrient depletion These are all vital nutrients the body needs to function on a daily basis – and your body is being robbed of them. No wonder you have anxiety.

    Get on some strong micronutrients to strengthen your body for withdrawal. You want to know how I know this works? I worked with addicts. I checked them into the program, sickeningly drunk – higher than a kite – out of their minds with hallucinations. We immediately put them on amino/micronutrients and when they started coming down from the drug stupor – they did not crash and go into withdrawal….. because their bodies were stronger.

    Teresa will be able to support this statement as well. Doesn’t make sense to strengthen your body before you go off the pill.
    And yes, an IUD with no hormones is a safe alternative. Are you in a stable relationship? Remember IUD’s do not protect from STD’s and your body is in a weakened state and more prone to viruses.

  110. What an interesting site….you ladies are so helpful!
    I am needing insight on hormones and weight loss. There is a product being advertised that is supposed to bring your hormones back in balance and help you lose weight. Is there something to this?
    I cannot seem to lose a pound…no matter how hard I diet or exercise. I had breast cancer but it was estrogen negative. None the less, the doctors are reluctant to put me on anything that might impact hormones. I also have taken Celexa for anxiety for about five years and thought that might impact weight loss ability. But I cannot seem to wean myself from it now–even though my life has MUCH less stress than when I went on the Celexa. I also take hormone replacement as I had thyroid cancer and it was removed. The doc says the thyroid tests show I am in the right range so the Synthroid must be at the right dose. I’m 54 and in menopause–according to the hot flashes and the test the gyn did. So do you think there is any hope and help for an overweight woman trying to diet with the factors of early menopause + no thyroid + breast cancer survivor + Celexa user? Thanks for your time with me and ALL those you are helping.
    I am thinking that

  111. In my recent post, I meant to say: ” I also take thyroid replacement (synthroid) as I had thyroid cancer and it was removed.”

  112. Hello, Anne – there is no doubt that you are experiencing hormone disruption. I interviewed Jonathan Bailor, author of the book, The Smarter Silence of Slim. It is a great book and I highly recommend you go to his site and order it. Very simple steps for weight loss. Here is the link to the recorded interview posted on my web site: http://holyhormones.com/womens-health/hormones/jonathan-bailor-author-of-the-smarter-science-of-slim-on-holy-hormones-honey-june-4/

    Jonathan states that it is not the food we eat – or how little or how much we exercise – it is how well our hormones communicate – or not.

    Do I think there is hope for you yes! Early menopause, no thyroid, breast cancer survivor – all screams hormone imbalance and nutrient depletion.
    This is manageable and you will be feeling better in no time… and losing weight. I have just shared your post with Jonathan and asked him to join in on the conversation.
    I know that Teresa from Truehope will chime about EMPpowerplus…. once your hormones are nourished and become balanced – you will lose weight.

    Actually, Jonathan makes a great point in our radio interview about how weight gain becomes a survival mechanism for the body when it is hormonally imbalanced.
    I will have to go back and listen to the interview myself… or maybe Jonathan will explain that when he joins in the conversation.

    Please read this blog post Jonathan made earlier this year РHow Hormones Help Store or Burn Body Fat – Guest Post by Jonathan Bailor

    You will also want to limit the number of estrogen-like mimickers in your environment. STOP using plastic. DO NOT Microwave anything in plastic. DO NOT drink water in plastic bottles. Buy hormone-free meat. STOP eating processed foods and start eating organically. Eliminate grains and breads and switch to live fruits and vegetables.
    My radio co-host for the show and I did this right after our interview with Jonathan and we both dropped weight – and she had been running herself to death trying to lose excess pregnancy weight.

    BTW -Jonathan will be back on my radio show on October 1. More information coming on my site.

    I know all of this information will help and get you started on the path to hormone recovery.

    So glad you found my site and so glad you posted your concerns.

    Hope that you stay with us and let us know your progress.


  113. I have horrible anxiety the second I come off my period. The Docs, has know Idea whay this happen. They say it’s suppose to get better. I have had every test known to man. My doctor put me on Rx strength progesterone cream, and it truly works, but the problem with this is I have to stop taking it the week of my period and I’m not suppose to continue it until I reach my 12th day in my cycle. I can actually feel my hormone levels shifting. I am 37 years old. I take a pharmaceudical grade vitamin. I eat healthy and really have to eat healty around this time. I gave up sweets, and get most of my sugars through fruits, preferablly bananas. This is hard, because sometimes it just debilitates me. I know how to deal with the anxiety, but absolutely hate the symptoms. I need this to go away!

  114. Hello Dee- And welcome to what has become the Hormone Haven for women with anxiety! Ok – the missing link is…… nutrition. Understand that you have to stop the cream. And your are right you can absolutely feel the hormones shift while on the cream.

    However, we need to prevent the hormone free fall once you come off the cream. Heads up on the pharma grade vitamin. If it is not made of whole foods – it is synthetic… it is not doing you any good. The body cannot absorb synthetic anything. Example – synthetic estrogen found in food, waters, household cleaning supplies and plastic are stored in body fat around the abdomen and thighs…. body cannot break them down.

    Also you need to be aware that if you are not eating organic you are ingesting more chemicals that increase your body toxin burden – further upsetting your hormones. It is hard for any of us to get the nutrition we need from the foods we ingest. You really need a whole food supplement like Truehope’s EMPowerplus to get the micronutrients you need.
    Please call them today and they will do a screen and let you know about their product. This is a link to their page on anxiety – http://www.truehope.com/depression_disorders/anxiety.aspx

    Also listen to my radio interview with Trudy Scott on her book The Anti-Anxiety Solution: How the Foods You Eat Can Help You Calm Your Anxious Mind, Improve Your Mood & End Cravings ( June 2011). She is another great resource and shared some good information on foods to avoid

  115. Hello – Dee had this email response from Jonathan Bailor:

    Hi Leslie – Looks like quite the conversation is taking place! J I’m in the middle of preparing for a large presentation so I will sadly not be able to digest and contribute intelligently to what looks like an amazing conversation, please however, pass my invitation along to anyone who is looking for health/fitness help to receive free council at: http://thesmarterscienceofslim.com/community.

    Hope this is helpful.


  116. Hi there I had the nexplanon implant fitted in my arm 8 weeks ago and since I have had really bad anxiety and panic attacks! The dr gave me citlopram but I refused to take it as I know I’m not depressed so dr gave me diazepam to calm me which seem to be helping! However I have never experienced anxiety, panic attacks, hot and cold flashes, feeling dizzy, feeling sick I bled for 6 weeks and probs many more symptoms since having the implant put in so could this be causing my anxiety? I’m due to have it removed 24th this month and hopefully have my life back as I’m only 26 and I have 2 children.

  117. Hello, Becky – Obviously the Nexplanon tipped the scales on your hormone imbalance. some women’s bodies just cannot cope with the additional surge of synthetic (chemical) hormones. I would start taking whole food vitamin supplements with amino acids to get your hormones back in balance. Read through the posts here I you will know what I recommend… why? Because I have read the science and research and am on the product myself. Amazing that the birth control out there has such a strong unnatural effect on our health. It is sad really.

    I agree – you are way too young to be experiencing these symptoms. But then again, the two pregnancies you went through at a young age – depleted a lot of nutrients from your body – so it is not surprising that the Nexplanon tipped your scales. Build up your nutritional reserved before you try synthetic hormones again.


  118. I have been on birth control pills for the last decade due to being diagnosed with poly cystic ovarian syndrome. Unfortunately, without the birth control pills balancing things out I almost constantly bleed which lead to anaemia and the start of my anxiety disorder. I have had ups and downs during the last decade but I have found my resilience fading and things that used to be joyful are a constant battle. I have had periods of agoraphobia ( and am still limited in where I go) . I am currently on an anti depressent (taken when things got real bad to boost me back into action) however I don’t feel that after the kick start, that it does much. It is really frustrating and I really don’t want to spend another decade feeling the way I do. I am also morbidly obese with weight incredibly hard to shift. Your thoughts would be very appreciated.

  119. Hello, Trish thanks for finding the article and posting your concerns. HORMONE IMBALANCE IS SCREAMING THROUGH MY VEINS HERE. So let’s go step by step. PCOs – poly cystic ovarian syndrome is hormone imbalance. Please read my article – Hormone Imbalance-The Silent Epidemic and you will see PCOS is listed there.

    So you were hormonally imbalanced to begin with. That could be due to your mother’s synthetic hormone use, environmental toxins, your exposure to BPA – and estrogen mimickers in plastics…. throw away your plastics – DO NOT MICROWAVE plastics – DO NOT MICROWAVE… it changes the DNA in foods. Household cleaning supplies contain estrogen mimickers… food, water, air… your name it.

    Now that that is settled. You had a pre-existing hormone imbalance – and then you are on birth control pills which stops your natural hormone production and you are now basically in ‘chemical menopause.’ In fact every woman who is on the pill or any other synthetic hormone and you think you are having a ‘lighter’ period – you are WRONG. You are having a ‘chemical bleed’ – false menstruation.

    In the meantime, the pill is depleting nutrients in your body – making it malnourished – and since you are unaware you are not taking whole food supplements (not SYNTHETIC) and now your body is under a lot of stress.

    Please read this article on the nutrients that are being depleted by the pill.

    Now – we have two issues – hormone imbalance and nutrient depletion. And you were probably nutrient deficient before you went on the pill (most of us are) and now your body is struggling.

    Another sign of nutrient depletion is the constant bleeding… the pill is just masking those symptoms with a false bleed. Chances are very good that you are deficient in bioflavnoids. Bioflavonoids strengthen uterine capillaries – as well as blood vessels and capillaries in general. I know many women who have bled out and they go on Vitamin C with bioflavnoids and they hemorrhaging – and that is what it is clears up in 30 days. If that is not the case with you, then we have eliminated an easy part. At least get some – very affordable at the health food store.

    So now you are hormonally imbalanced – severely nutrient depleted and now your are experiencing mental imbalance. This is how imbalance progresses – some women experience biploar – or other phobias. You are the second to post about agoraphobia. \The deal is the imbalance and the nutrient depletion is increasing – especially with age.

    No joy, struggle to do things, get out of bed, go anywhere.. and the mind will continue to turn in and in…. and the hell hole gets deeper right? Isn’t that what it seems like?

    Now you are hormonally imbalanced, nutrient starving and obese. Obesity is HORMONE IMBALANCE. Please listen to this radio interview I did with Jonathan Bailor, author of the Smarter Silence of Slim.

    According to Bailor, it is not how much or how little food we eat, or how much or how little we exercise – IT IS HOW WELL OUR HORMONES COMMUNICATE. BTW synthetic estrogen is stored in the abdomen and the thighs. Can’t be used by the body (it is synthetic) can’t be excreted in some cases and well you are holding on to it. Actually Jonathan explains why obesity becomes the body’s survival mechanism when the hormones become so imbalance.

    And of course your appearance adds to your low self-esteem which feed your agoraphobia and your vicious cycle goes on and on. So now you are depressed HORMONE IMBALANCE and on anti-depressants WHICH FURTHER DEPLETES NUTRIENTS. Read this article by Mike Adams of Natural News on what drugs deplete what nutrients.

    Enough of the bad news… but now I that have explained it maybe it will make sense and you can see the interrelatedness of everything going on with your health and your body.

    GOOD NEWS! Manageable, treatable.. over time. First thing is nutrition and getting those hormones balanced. Nutrition first foremost so you can handle the BCP withdrawal. Bioflavonoids to strengthen your arteries. Then off the pill, still taking nutrients -and perhaps some amino acid supplements and wow you are no storing estrogen, your body is become nourished and guess what – you start losing weight…. and then you still keep taking nutrients and your mental state improves (that is what the Truehope EMPowerplus product does) and the you are off your antidepressants and eventually you will be walking through that front door and back out into the world.

    Trish – I am serious you have a long road ahead…but you will start feeling better immediately. Right now you are on a road to nowhere and you know that. Pick up the phone and call Truehope. Their professionals will screen you – decide what supplements you need and you will start feeling better immediately…enough to keep you going on.

    Please stay with us and let us know how you are doing.
    We are sisters here all battling the same battle – HORMONE IMBALANCE.
    You are in good hands here.
    You are on your road to recovery.



  120. Michelle Ms says:

    Hello, I am 37, about to be 38 years old. I have had hormonal issues my entire life. Beginning when I first got my period at age 13, almost 14. When I began my period, I began to have an onslaught of erratic emotions, depression, anxiety, desires to not be alive – although I never contemplated suicide or attempted it. My well-meaning parents took me to see a psychiatrist who said I had issues with chemical imbalance and put me on birth control. I felt ok after that and did not have the awful mood swings and irrational, erratic ways of thinking. The pill also evened out my awful periods. My periods were extremely heavy and I would cramp so much. At the time, the bcp really helped with all of these issues. After I got married, I had some marital issues and my hormones again became uncontrollable. I tried a different type of bcp and ended up being on a series of antidepressants – Paxil, Lexapro….and they “sort of” helped me. Enough to where I could at least function and get through life. Thankfully, the bcp kept my periods level and kept them regular. We then decided to try and get pregnant. I got off the bcp after being on them 11 years. About 2 months later, I got pregnant with my precious daughter at the age of 28. I had a good pregnancy right up until the 8th month. I developed issues with my blood pressure and ended up having an emergency c-section. Thankfully, we both survived. She is doing ok now without any problems. I nursed her for nearly a year after delivery and it about killed me. During those months I lost 120 lbs. I was overweight by about 100lbs. I bled constantly. My moods were all over the map. I was sad. I had no energy. I was tired constantly. I would cry one minute and be angry the next. I tried Lexapro but it did not help with my mood swings. I was erratic and just could not function. And this was not good bc I had a new baby to care for. My doctor put me on some strong type of birth control which stopped my horrible bleeding. And for about a year and a half it stopped my hormones from going so wacko. However, at the end of that year and a half, all of the hormonal misery began again. I ended up having a hysterectomy shortly thereafter and for once in my life, I had clarity, no awful periods and my hormones were in check. I had a full hysterectomy because the hormones my ovaries produced were what was determined to be causing all of the misery I just described. I am on estrogen (Estradiol) now and it is helping me with hot flashes and such. I was also put on Wellbutrin for chemical imbalance and it did wonders for me. I had my hysterectomy about 6 years ago. I am now 37. I have gained back all that weight I lost during my nursing months. I can only imagine the misery, no hell, I experienced during those nursing months was post partum something or other and bc my body had to use tons of hormones to produce milk? I don’t know but that year after having my daughter was the worst year of my life concerning my emotions and chemical imbalances. So that is my history thus far. As I stated, I am 37 years old and about to be 38 in January. I have had, for the last 2 months, an awful time again with my hormones. I feel like i am in hell. I don’t know who I am anymore. I don’t know why I do the things I do. I feel sad and cry easily. I am depressed. I am homeschooling our daughter bc she has Asperger’s so I am trying to be level for her sake as well as for my wonderful husband. I feel like I have erratic mood swings and nothing in my inner mind or being seems to “fit”. I don’t feel like myself. I don’t feel good. I don’t sleep well. Of course, I went to see my doctor and she upped my Wellbutrin and also started me on Seroquel for my mood swings. The Wellbutrin increase seemed to make me all the MORE irritable and the Seroquel isn’t really doing anything to help. I do not want to spend more money on antidepresssants. In the past, they have been a Godsend and have helped me be “even” and seem more balanced. I just want to feel like myself again. I don’t want to be erratic and imbalanced. I don’t want to feel like I am in an emotional pit of hell that i can’t climb out of. i feel like I have no control over my emotional mood swings. I am overweight and can’t seem to lose weight no matter how many diets I try and how much exercise i do. I just feel awful. I am going to see my doctor today and I am not sure if anything she can give me will help? I have always been incredibly skeptical – up til now – of anything herbal or vitamin oriented. One hears about so many scams and so many people saying this or that. So much of what is out there seems to be conflicting and there is no consistent theme that any nutritionist or herbalist can offer. But the antidepressants don’t seem to be helping me at all. The HRT is helping me – at least I do not have the horrible hot flashes i had before they put me on it. I have read the comments on this blog and have related to sooooooo many of what the women are saying. May I say to all of the women suffering that I feel sooooooooooooo bad for you and empathize with what you are feeling. I just thought I would try and post on here and see if anything was recommended for my situation. I thank you for your time and for reading / listening to all I have to say.

  121. Dear Michelle – I too am honestly overwhelmed by the responses to this post and to what must be thousands and thousands of women who are suffering because of mis-diagnosed hormone imbalance. Many of us who have been in this fight have said that birth control is the largest uncontrolled medical experiment in this history of medicine.

    You are so young for all of this to be happening to you.
    Mood/emotions and weight are hormone imbalances. See my most recent response to Trish. You have also read through the other posts and so you have seen my reference to others to listen to Cheryl Jazzar’s interview on my radio show about postpartum depression. Listen to Trudy Scott’s interview on using food to combat anxiety. Listen to Jonathan Bailor on the Smarter Science of Slim. All of these links are in the posts on this page.

    You know women post here – and I share information encourage them to get on supplements to boost their nutritional health and then I never hear from them again. I am so glad you had the courage to say ‘ up til now ‚Äì of anything herbal or vitamin oriented. One hears about so many scams and so many people saying this or that. So much of what is out there seems to be conflicting and there is no consistent theme that any nutritionist or herbalist can offer.’

    Conflicting information about vitamins? How about the conflicting information about birth control pills and HRT? As well as anti-depressants? So many suicides and mass killing have been tied to psychotic drugs.

    All of these drugs rob your body of essential nutrients. I have included two links on this in these posts – one on how birth control pills deplete nutrients and another from Natural News on how common medications we are on deplete nutrients.

    How well do you eat? Are you eating organic? Are you eating out of your refrigerator or your pantry? Are you preparing your foods or putting them in the microwave. Do you ear ‘live’ foods or dead (processed) foods. None of us are getting the nutrients we need from our diets. All of us are nutrient deficient.

    Please believe me when I say I have studied wholistic and hormone health, I have been to neuroscience conferences and workshops in my word as a marketing director for holistic addiction recovery program, I have come to understand the integral link between brain health and the health of the rest of our body. Dr. Candace Pert wrote a wonderful book on this called ‘The Molecules of Emotion’. Go and rent the movies ‘What the Bleep Do we Know?’ and you will see that what we are discussing here has been researched and documented.

    Medications are the experiment – whole food vitamins are the essence of true health.
    Listen to your instincts – your doctors are not trained in nutrition. Take back your life.

    Teresa Kolpak and I are here to do that. I have invited Trudy Scott to post on this page too.

    I know when one is so depressed – and the mind is so foggy and the body is so overweight it cannot function how hard it is to make a decision and move forward.

    Please listen to this YouTube interview from Autumn Stringham, the daughter of Anthony Stephan who started Truehope – the micronutrient that I keep recommending here. She is also the author of a book called ‘Promise of Hope.’ She too was the mother of young children – suffering from another form of hormone imbalance – bipolar disorder. She speaks very clearly about how the EMPowerplus saved her life.

    Please keep reading, stay here with us… we can help you. Truehope as now helped tens of thousands of people around the world.
    I promise you someday people will wake up everywhere and say nutrition is the key to good health…. drugs masks the underlying symptoms – hormone imbalance.


  122. Teresa Kolpak says:

    Hi Michelle:
    My goodness you have been on a roller coaster. Leslie has posted great information for you here for your review. Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and essential fatty acids are key nutrients-tools for the body to rebuild itself….including hormones. Please email me at teresa@mmhforum.org and once I do a quick intake with you we can formulate a plan for you to experience your natural birthright of vibrant well-being. There is so much hope and support for you here on this website and with the team of health professionals I work with. Blessings, Teresa

  123. Hi, Im a mum of 2 year old and since giving birth I’ve had medical problems which were fine in the end. But until around my son trurned 1 I then all of a sudden started having panic attacks and really bad anxiety. I to have wondered what what is wrong with me and am I going crazy etc… I am really looking for something to sort this out. Its not fun at all and makes me feel so angry its as if you know your fine but your body is telling you otherwise. Just recently I have been keeping a 2 month record of syptoms that I get and all are generally before or after my period which makes me think. My syptoms include; feeling dizzy, tight all over especially my throat, racing thoughts, puplpitations at times, tingling all over and feeling sick, Sometimes its like an out of body experience. At this moment its not what happens to me that scars and angers me but when its going to happen and how will I handle it. I want to talk to my doctor but unsure of how to approach the matter so that they don’t just put me on anti-deppressents. Cause im not deppressed! So any information would be great to know how to approach this and get the best direction and advice.


  124. Hello, Emma – I am so glad you found this page.
    First of all – do you have a doctor who will listen to you and understand you?
    If not, then perhaps you may want to consult with a more holistic type of doc who will listen and suggestive alternative healing therapies and not drugs that mask the symptoms of what could be hormone imbalance. And if you are charting these symptoms and if you see a pattern and if these episodes are happening around the time of menstruation then chances are this is hormone imbalance.

    How sad that we have to ‘fear’ going to our doctor because they will label, diagnose and put us on drugs that change who we are – make us calm down even when we can still feel the inner stirrings of something is not right in our body. And then those drugs further complicate the imbalance going on and deplete even more nutrients from the body.

    Please listen to this stirring interview with Cheryl Jazzar – postpartum consultant about how pregnancy depletes nutrients in the body. Essential vitamins, minerals and supplements that our bodies need to function.

    Do not be angry at your body – it is speaking to you…saying I am malnourished – I need help. That is what these symptoms may be saying – unless of course, there is another underlying disorder. Have a hormone analysis done. See if your doctor will go along with that.

    Before we get our periods, women’s hormone levels drop, our immune system becomes more compromised and we feel more fatigued. Every system in the body is affected by this shift in hormone levels. If the body is not nutritionally strong enough to handle this shift, then it will tell us through the expression of symptoms.

    If you have not replaced the essential vitamins and nutrients since your pregnancy – and you have been up nights – caring for an infant – perhaps breastfeeding which takes more nutrients out of the body – plus the stress of our daily lives trying to survive and the lack of vital nutrients in our diets… you need to change this first.
    Strengthen the body so it can keep up with the demands on it. That is common sense.

    Please read the information on anxiety and nutrient depletion here . Call Truehope -their supplements are available worldwide. Tens of thousands of people are using the product with great success.

    Or go to your health food store and see what they recommend. Make sure you get whole food vitamins – not synthetic chemical vitamins. Their is a big difference. A lack of Vitamin B alone will cause anxiety and racing thoughts.

    I hope this helps. If you move forward with this – you will feel significantly better in days…like you can trust yourself again. That is huge. All women need to be getting nutritional support right before they get their periods to help support their body through this shift. Our body takes care of us – right? Well, we need to take care of it too.


  125. i have been diagnosed with a chronic pain syndrome with no underlining cause, but i have also the symptoms all that you are describing on top of it i CAN not handle B/c anymore get migraines while on it. so haven’t been on it for years. i was fine mood wise while preggo with my daughter got off all anti depressants before and while and for 7 years didn’t need the Psyche help now i have fallen bad again not sure if part is hormonal or form chronic pain my anxiety pain and problems are so bad i have a service dog. going soon to get hormones checked again. i don’t know whats going on but it is scary. i also am on Xanax anti-inflammatory and morphine based pill for pain. i am at a loss what to do and what it could be my last period was not normal at all and migraine came again something is very wrong it is good to know i’m not alone . but i am still scared and lucky to have my service dog thru it and my daughter is healthy and smart as a whip. half tempted to get preggo to get the relief again but with other health issues and medicine sensitivity i have a feeling it wouldn’t go as well ty for reading and please any input is welcome ty.

  126. Hello Ashley – there is always an underlying cause – it is just not known by doctors. You are either nutritionally depleted or you may have heavy metal toxicity. Please listen to Richard Diaz radio interview on ‘Illness Defined.’ Richard feels that if you have a diagnosis with no underlying cause or cure then it may be heavy metal toxicity.

    You are also very nutrient depleted from you pregnancy. Cheryl Jazzar speaks about this in her radio interview on postpartum depression. Cheryl is very clear about how a pregnancy robs us of essential vitamins and nutrients (Makes sense right? We give the best to our babies.) and if those nutrients are not replaced – we go into a tali spin post-pregnancy when our hormones come down. And then add in the birth control and you have become hormonally whacked. I know you have read through all of the information on hormones and anxiety here.

    Let me tell you why you do not want to get preggo again. You are nutritionally depleted… your body gave everything you had to your daughter who is smart and health as a whip – and if you do not get nutritional support before your next pregnancy – your next baby will probably be not as healthy or smart as a whip – and the hormone imbalance, pain and anxiety you experience post pregnancy will be that more severe.

    Read this information on Truehope EMPowerplus and anxiety… Call them today.
    You need nutrition not drugs. Truehope works with women with postpartum anxiety and depression all of the time.
    The drugs you are on only deplete your system even more.

    Call Truehope them and get some information and answers. They will do a free screening for you. Get some professional advice that is not about drug therapy and the doom and gloom scenario.

    Thanks for reaching out and posting.
    Stay with us and let us know how you are doing.


  127. NewAuntieAshley says:

    Hi Everyone, my name is Ashley and I am 19, well 20 on the 26th and I believe I am also suffering from anxiety. Back in January, it was one night and I was trying to go to sleep. All of a sudden I started feeling like I could not breathe. I had then got up and my heart was racing really fast and I was really scared, I thought I was going to die. I woke my mom up and she took me to the ER, and everything came back normal. I do stress alot mainly from school and my relationship. I do believe that I am suffering from anxiety but I am not sure. Anyway, me and my fiance have been trying to conceive but so far there has been no success. Earlier this year, I did not have a period for 4 months which is completely not normal. Then at the end of june, I had light spotting for at least 3 days and brown discharge, but I was not pregnant. I had then came on my period on July 21st and also August 21st and now I am waiting to see if I have a period on the 21st this month. We did however, had intercourse when my period ended on the 26th so now I have to see if we have success this time. Sorry for the extra information but I am really concerned. I am making an appointment with my dr to see if I have anxiety because all of the symptoms I have of anxiety are there. Thank You for reading and once again, I am sorry for the extra information. If you have any questions, feel free to ask 🙂

  128. Hi Ladies,

    Starting in the beginning of July I had what can be called “intrusive thoughts”. This happened right after I stopped taking metformin for my PCOS. I’m not sure if it was around my period or not because my period is irregular (on metformin comes every 28 days, without metformin it comes every month and a half-ish). The metformin had started to give me really bad anxiety (about the stupidest things, like seeing my mom – who I see every day!) but the anxiety hasn’t gone away after stopping the met – it’s gotten worse. Now I have ruminating thoughts all the time and they give me really bad anxiety. I’ve started to feel anxiety when I’m away from my boyfriend – for NO REASON! Right before my period was about to start we were away on a trip, I had an intrusive thought about him that otherwise I would have dismissed and BAM! Hit me like a ton of bricks. I swear I had a panic attack in the hotel room that night – my first one. All because I had a dumb thought about him! And what do you know – a day later I got my period! Now it’s been a week and a half and I’m still feeling a ton of anxiety over the way I felt in that room. During the day whenever I think about my boyfriend (which is all the time now), I get anxiety (stomach drops, I feel sick, a little bit light headed), and when we’re together at night, I’m thinking about the anxiety I felt about him during the day!!! It’s making me not able to relax around him because I feel like a fraud! The past 2 ½ months have been absolute hell and I feel like my mind and body are turning against me. Now I have anxiety over my best friend Рmy amazing, wonderful, loving boyfriend of 2 ½ years – for absolutely no reason! I feel like it’s going to ruin our relationship and ruin my life. I used to be happy – happy with my life, relationship, family, friends. Now I feel like I’m just an anxiety riddled weirdo! My mom saw on the The Doctor’s last night that anxiety can be caused by hormonal imbalance. And god knows my hormones are out of wack due to my PCOS but it’s never felt like this before! And I’m not and have never been on birth control. Someone help me please! I can’t go on like this. And same with me – I’m not depressed. Not in the way you would normally describe depression. I’m just full of anxiety over the STUPIDEST things! So what would antidepressants do for me anyways???

  129. Hi, i am 23years old. i am a virgin and my period is regular. I am suffering from anxiety and negative feelings are coming in my mind like i am going to die soon or what if i die and this kind of things. I realized this anxiety occurs2 or 3 days after my period ends. I become depressed and feel anxious all the moments. This last for 5 to 7 days then i gradually become normal. But it comes again. Please can you tell me what can i do?

  130. Dear Nova – Have you seen any medical professional for this?
    Then again, I understand that it is hard for women to speak up about their feelings of anxiety.
    It does appear that you are experiencing hormone imbalance. I am going to email you a chart so you can track where you are in your menstrual cycle to your anxiety peaks.
    This will be helpful to take to your doctor.

    Even though your bouts of anxiety come after menstruation – your hormones are low enough that feelings of anxiety would be understandable.
    Your estrogen is rising at that time and if you are estrogen dominant and most women are – your levels of progesterone are low – causing the anxiety. That is one answer.
    You might want to consider looking into natural progesterone use. Please check out Virginia Hopkin’s site – she has wonderful information on using natural progesterone.

    Although your period is regular now, it will continue to become more irregular if your hormones levels are low and not in balance. I am going to suggest the Truehope EMPowerplus. Everyone needs it. This micronutrient nourishes the brain -and when the neurotransmitters (communication system that leads to hormone production) are getting the nutrients they need then the endocrine (hormone system) and the immune system come into balance.

    Bottom line is Nova you do not have to live on this roller coaster. It not normal. Truehope has helped tens of thousands of people with bipolar disorder get the nutrients they need to that the can live happier and normal lives. Bipolar disorder is hormone imbalance. It is just a more severe form. Just like PMDD – premenstrual dysphoric disorder… is a more severe form of PMS. Both PDD and bipolar are classified as mental illnesses – two labels for the same issue – HORMONE IMBALANCE.

    BTW what type of birth control are you on?
    Birth control pills – and synthetic hormones deplete nutrients too.
    I have that posted on my blog too. Link is here: http://holyhormones.com/birth-control/birth-control-pillsbcps/birth-control-pills-deplete-vital-nutrients/

    Also because of so many comments here and the obvious and sad lack of relevant information about women’s health and bodies – I have decided to offer Hormone Harmony consulting at an affordable rate.

    In order to make good decisions about our hormone health – we need to be educated about it.


  131. Hi I’m…. back … I’ve gotten so much more worse than I have ever been…. I had to leave school because I was at an emotional breaking point … I don’t feel like myself at all and I….I feel like crying all the time .. bad anxiety when I’m in a room full of people… These weird thoughts that freak me out… Idk what to do anymore … I just want my old self back

  132. Yup- you got a good case of the hormone blues. PCOS is hormone imbalance to begin with and now your delicate endocrine system has been further imbalanced by a synthetic drug that has masked the symptoms.

    This ain’t normal… and it is the hormone imbalance that prevents so many women from having happy, healthy relationships.
    You need micronutrients.
    Anti-depressants will just mask the symptoms of hormone imbalance anxiety and sometimes they make you feel better and sometimes they do not. It is a biochemical crap shoot.

    Your choices are continuing on the drugs that are depleting you nutritionally combined with the lack of nutrients in our foods – which will also continue to worsen the hormone imbalance or support your body nutritionally so it can heal itself.

    If you want to know more I can help you. Because of so many comments here and the obvious and sad lack of relevant information about women’s health and bodies – I have decided to offer Hormone Harmony consulting at an affordable rate.

    It angers me that women have not had the information about their body health that we need – like hormone health or menstrual health to understand what is happening to our bodies.
    When we are educated we can make more informed choices.


  133. But how can it affect a 1 6 year old so severely?

  134. Who have you spoken with about this. Someone needs to know especially since you are so young. Did you have your period when you had this emotional breaking point?
    Someone must have noticed that you have left school? What type of birth control are you on?

    Check out this article I just posted on adrenal fatigue and anxiety.

    Who can help you in your family or at school or at a church?

  135. Your mother could have been depleted nutritionally when she gave birth to you.
    Your own diet.
    Your mother’s history of birth control – and your birth control if you are on any.
    Plus your endocrine system is just starting to develop its own rhythm and you be be experiencing more severe hormone shifts.
    Try an over-the counter vitamin supplement for starters and see if that makes a difference.


  136. Well I don’t start my period for two more weeks but I told my family about it and I’m not on any medications and I’ve been going through this for 2. Months now but it has gotten worse

  137. How long ago did you leave school? Were you on your period then? I am so glad your family knows.
    It may keep getting worse. Can you get some good vitamins at a health food store?
    That is your best bet to get nutrients in your body.

  138. No I wasn’t on my period and I have oranges

  139. Oh my Lord, I am SO HAPPY that I found this website!!! I am a 37 year old woman who has been dealing with this for the past nine years!!! In 2002, I lost my first husband in a motorcycle accident. A year later, I was having heart attack-like symptoms. I visited a cardiologist who apparently got annoyed with my visits and prescribed me Paxil at 25mg. I took one pill and hallucinated!!! Whats worse is at the time, I was driving my then 6 year old daughter to dance class!! I thought I was going crazy and that feeling just snowballed until I got in to see a psychiatrist. He assured me that I wasn’t crazy, that the cardiologist was a moron for putting me on a high doseage of Paxil without weaning me onto it slowly, and he ended up giving me Lexapro. I hated how I was feeling and did TONS of research on anxiety and panic because I knew this WASN’T who I was!! With exercise, I found that the symptoms would go away but then I realized that when I DID feel them, it was typically before my period. In early 2009, I went to my GYN and told him what was going on. He put me on Seasonique and for over three years I was absolutely right as rain. But then I screwed myself. In April of this year, I begged my general practitioner for a prescription diet pill (phentermine) and she very reluctantly gave in. After four pills, I had another episode and it was bad. 🙁 Ever since then the anxiety was poking at me on and off. So I decided maybe it was the hormones in the birth control. Three weeks ago, I stopped taking it. My anxiety has returned. I saw a new psychiatrist who upped me from my 5mg of Lexapro to 10mg and it hasn’t helped. I DON’T want to take psychotropic meds to feel like myself. I know who I am and I know what I’m about and this nonsense IS NOT ME!!! I’ve had my thyroid checked and it’s in perfect condition. I have no other underlying medical issues. I started back on my daily exercise regiment and I know it will eventually help, but in the meantime I don’t like the way I feel. I am getting a tubal ligation and will be on depoprovera for three months. I’m praying that the depo takes the anxiety away but this time I want it gone FOREVER!!! I am so excited that I found you ladies because dealing with this makes you feel so alone but I see that I am DEFINITELY not alone!!! Can you help me also? I am also going to see a psychologist for other treatment because I do not want to be put on any other meds!

  140. Oranges provide Vitamin C. Vitamin B6 and B12 help with your emotional health.


  141. Giselle – Wow that is a story.
    Don’t you think that with all you have been through mentally and emotionally – and I am sorry to hear about the loss of your husband – that must have been traumatizing – that you
    might have depleted a lot of nutrients in your body?

    I am at a loss that this issue is not even being taken into consideration and that we just jump from one drug to the next to the next – further disrupting the delicate hormone imbalance in your body.

    I am so happy you found this site too.
    You need to read what these women have said about their experience on Depo Provera before you jump into that rabbit hole.
    Besides if you are nutritionally depleted how do you think you will tolerate that synthetic drug – which by the way is used as a castration drug for male sex offenders in prison.
    Peachy right?

    In addition you are getting a tubal which will further interrupt your hormone imbalance.
    My suggestion is to get on the Truehope EMPowerplus for one month – and experience the immediate difference you will feel.

    Read the research – there are no risks from this type of micronutrient supplementation.
    The road you are going down promises pot holes and disastrous twists and turns.

    Please take this information seriously.

    Call Truehope today.

    Stay in touch and let us know how you are doing.


  142. Hi everyone,
    I have been experiencing headaches for at least three months. It all started around two months after I got off the pill. Nothing over the counter seems to work. I’ve been to a lot of doctors – Primary, GYON, ENT, Neourologist, Chiropractor, & Therapist. This situation has gotten me super anxious. In fact I started taking Xanax (very low dosage of .25) at night so I could sleep because the pain is so intense. Two visits to the ER and two MRI’s later nothing seems to be wrong with me. However, my primary physician determined I was on menaupause after she did some blood work ( I am 46). I’m going back to the Gynecologist to see if she can give me something. Tomorrow I have an appointment with the Psychiatrist to see if she can help with the anxiety, although I am not happy about that necessarily. I took an antidepressant that was prescribed by the Neurologist to help with the headaches and it got me even worse.
    Thanks for sharing your experiences. And, I hope this headache goes away soon.

  143. Hello, Waleska – welcome to hormone hell.
    How many years have you been on the pill?

    I would say if you have been to all of these doctors and they do not have a clue – the chances are your are nutritionally depleted – yes the pill causes nutrient depletion

    Oral contraceptives may create certain nutrient deficiencies and excesses as well as increase the nutritional needs of the user. Most of the B vitamins, particularly pyridoxine (B6) and folic acid, are needed in higher amounts when birth control pills are taken. The copper level usually rises, and zinc levels often fall. Thus, more zinc is needed as well. An increased need for vitamins C, E, and K may also result from the use of birth control pills.

    You are 46 years old and in menopause – when do you think it will be time to stop and think about all of the nutrients that have been depleted from your body in the past 20 years?
    It is impossible to get what we need from foods and synthetic vitamins are not absorbed by the body.

    It is time to start thinking outside of the medical box and start using our intuition and common sense again.
    Your headache is related to hormone imbalance. Your body is trying to adjust to how many years of being on the pill? And in this blogger’s opinion… being on the pill in your 40’s is not wise medicine. I strongly suggest you look into finding a holistic practitioner or naturopath who uses nutritional therapies.

    Or just call Truehope about their EMPowerplus nutrient product and its use for hormone balancing and anxiety.

    Hope this helps… and welcome back to the world of hormone shifts 🙂


  144. Leslie, It’s so obvious when a body screams depletion! Everything shuts down. I’ve been using the micronutrient supplements that you are recommending for 16 years and not only did they calm my moods swings and get me off of a five drug cocktail for psych meds, but the clarity of thought and the calm that I enjoy when using them has allowed me to observe other factors about my health. After the antidepressants and benzodiazepines were out of my system, it became so obvious that my birth control was also swinging my moods. After my son was born, and I was diagnosed bipolar, I was told I would never be able to have more children because of the drugs it took to keep me stable. Micronutrients and no drugs gave me options. I dumped the birth control, cleaned up my body and had three more healthy daughters! Understanding the REASONS for my moods gave me options to choose a different path. Healthy and informed beats medicated and blind any day! Oh, and thanks for posting my news video on this thread!

  145. Autumn ‚Äì thank you for your post. So everyone knows Autumn Stringam is the author of ‘A Promise of Hope‘ where she poignantly describes her severe bipolar disorder and how micronutrients helped stabilize her severe mood shifts. Autumn will be on my radio show on October 22.

  146. Hello there! After reading all of your stories i thought i would ask about mine. I am currently pregnant with my third child. Feeling great, blood pressure is awesome! After the birth of my first child i was fine until about 12-15 months after. I started feeling hot flashes, insomnia, bloating, and most of all nausea. All of my doctors said it was my gerd and gave me medicine for it but it never helped. Shortly after i got pregnant with my second child and i was back to feeling great! Then 15-18 months after the birth of her all of those symptoms came back. I then proceeded to have an endoscopy done (mild esophagitis diagnosis) got meds. I had my blood tested and everything came back fine. I was not convinced by the dr’s so i started to do a diary and come to find out that all of my symptoms started 10 days before i ovulated. My tummy was in pain and i was very nauseated. I even started spotting in between and would go for 31 days without a period. Normally it was every 28 days on the dot. So i went to my gyno and he did a progesterone test on day 23 and it came back fine. I am at a loss at this point. His best advice was too get pregnant. It took me 8 months but here i am feeling great again! Now i am scared to go through all of this again. I was to the point that i thought i was dying. And yes i also got other symptoms of anxiety, heart palps, hot flashes, headaches, but the worst was the digestive/nausea. Any advice?

  147. Hello, Lindsy – Let me ask you a simple question: Where do you think the nutrients – vitamins, minerals, amino acids are coming from to form each precious baby that you bring into this life? Your body. Where does your body get the nutrients – vitamins, minerals, amino acids necessary to support yourself while you are pregnant? Well, only you know the answer to that question. But research is showing that it is impossible to get all of the nutrients we need from the foods we eat. And if you are not eating organic whole foods – with a lot of fruits and vegetables your chances of getting nutrated are even less.

    Research is also showing that synthetic ‘prenatal vitamins’ do not provide the nutrition they claim because they body does not break down synthetics.
    Sooner or later your body is going to wear out.
    Or if you do not get enough nutrients – and keep having babies – the health of your baby might be at risk. Just observe how many women who have had multiple births with medical problems in their youngest children. This is not rocket science – this is common sense…. things your grandmother might have told you. And believe me, she never would have told you to get pregnant again. That is foolishness on your gyno’s part. And believe me you will crash even harder after this pregnancy is over.

    Doctors are not trained in nutrition.
    They are trained to diagnose and treat with drugs.

    If you do not get some nutrients in your body to support your pregnancy and your own body – you will take a slide down the rabbit hole after you give birth. And I know you do not want that to happen. You want to be a wonderful loving Mom to your baby and your other children.

    Please listen to the radio interview I did with postpartum consultant Cheryl Jazzar on how to avoid PPD and how to enjoy ‘majestic motherhood.’

    You do not need to feel like you are dying. Or that you have to keep getting pregnant so you can feel good. That makes no sense at all.
    You either need to get some really good nutrients into your body – or you will be a prime candidate for drug therapy or a hysterectomy and synthetic hormones after this pregnancy.
    Those are your choices.

    And get some micronutrients today. You need to bolster up your reserves now. Not only for your sake – but for the sake of your baby.

    Seems like nutrition is the easiest, most cost-effective and least invasive choice.
    Nutrition. Can’t live without it.

    Please stay in touch and let us know how you are doing.
    And keep reading about the benefits of nutrition therapy – and take back your body so you can start enjoying your life.


  148. This is such an important conversation and I’m SO happy this site is available. How beautiful to see Autumn Stringham here. (Hi Autumn, I loved your book!) Leslie, you are a treasure and I admire your heart so much.
    I wanted to chime in with some sound advice for pregnant women. I think these are the best prenatals on the market. http://www.soundformulas.com/cgi-soundformulas/sb/ref.cgi?storeid=*2808b2a9ae7c77512fba9eb644a27d061850c0f790be&name=wellpostpartum Please don’t waste your time with other brands, whether they are from a health food store, drugstore or a prescription brand. They are a waste of time.
    Here are some articles from my blog on the subject: http://momswellness.wordpress.com/?s=prenatals
    I know some women have had great results from using Empower Plus during pregnancy, too. They are great, as well.

  149. Thank you Cheryl for jumping on on the conversation. And yes, appreciate the resources so very much.
    There is a lot of education that needs to be done about drug therapy vs. nutritional therapy.
    Once women understand this – their lives will begin to turn around…. from feeling out of control to being able to love and trust yourself.
    This is priceless.

    You shared such great information in our radio interview. It is common sense that each pregnancy takes vital nutrients from our bodies.
    We need to get back to women’s common intuitive sense and cast doubt on the medical practice that is more concerned about telling women to have another baby or go home and take two Valium, honey – instead of getting to the root cause of the problem. Nutritional depletion and hormone imbalance.

    Micronutrients are essential in this day and age. That is the bottom line.


  150. Please read this article that came out yesterday on estrogen in the environment causing cancer in women – by throwing our the delicate hormone imbalance. So the question is – do we take more ‘drugs’ to stabilize the body – or do we give our bodies the nutrients it needs to build the immune system and start balancing the imbalance.

    Is Estrogen in the Environment Causing Cancer in Women?


  151. Hi Ladies!
    Interesting conversation! After my three daughters were born very close together, my body was wrecked! I had taken plenty of EMP+ throughout the pregnancies, but complications with an emergency surgery and massive blood loss left me depleted and exhausted. My gyno recommended hormone replacement to ‘help things heal up’ but I turned to supplementing and eating incredibly well instead. It was a long journey back, but so worth it. I’m years past the predicted time to “come in for your hysterectomy”. I know nutrition works. When a body has the right ingredients, it knows how to take charge and heal the right way.
    Good luck to all of you who are working on withdrawal. It is a really tough road, but you can do this!

  152. Thank you for this great testimony Autumn. What we are caught up in is the ‘quick fix’ (medications) vs. healing. What we have to remember is that it took years for our bodies to become imbalanced. Nutritional support will help the body into the ease of healing…but it takes time. The good thing is most women start feeling better in about the same amount of time it takes for medications to kick in. But without the side effects.


  153. Hello ladies, I’m 23 tear old & experiencing the same symptoms, headaches, dizziness, mood swings, loss of appetite, crying spells, upset stomach, nausea, feeling like I’m going to faint, just haven’t felt like myself since March! I was only on the pill for a month so I’m wanna know how long will this last & what should I do??? I too have been tested & scanned for everything, normal results. Refuse to take any meds.cause I know there has to be another way…PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

  154. Thank you Leslie for your prompt response! I have thought about nutrition, but not like you just made me think about it. It makes so much sense!! I honestly do try to eat the best i can. I hate medications and steer clear from them as much as possible. I am getting my placenta dehydrated and capsulated this pregnancy. I have many friends who have tried it and say they only notice it with their milk supply, but i think it would do so much for my body. I will start doing more asap and switch my prenatals. Thanks so much again. 🙂 i will stay in touch.

  155. Also, do you know of any great resources to help me build my body back up. What i need to focus on the most nutritionally. Thanks so much!

  156. Okay… I don’t know if you guys can help me, but I have been researching for months now -includning medical journals (nutty, i know, but it’s what i do)–and ended up with the right combination on google to bring me here.
    Here is my story–> I have never had a problem with depression a day in my life, but recently went on birth control after not being on it for years. With break thru bleeding every few weeks my doctor said we wouldn’t end up pregnant anyway. He’s a great doctor and we’ve explored everything including surgery which helped for about a year. I finally decided to get back on birth control to try and regulate my monthly flow.
    After a little over over a onto on it (around 1 1/2 months) I started getting depressed (I’m talking suicidal thoughts- not dwelling in them, just popping into my head) . It got so bad at times i would take benadryl just to make myself so tired i couldnt think. My husband and I share everything and he realized what was going on and made me stop the birth control remember the last time I was on the pill that a similar thing happened (I don’t remember so I guess that tells you how blah I was).
    After contacting my gyno and they suggested I remain on the pill for an entire three months to give my body time to acclimate. I disagreed as I was not comfortable being by myself any longer and quit.
    The depression has eased, but in it’s place is this wretched anxiety. I can still be happy, don’t get me wrong, but my stomach is constantly upset- the kind of feeling you get when you top a hill too fast, or a bad storm is rolling in. Like it’s prepared for something awful to happen and has given me diarrhea and nausea. I am dizzy off and on and they have given me meclizone for that. I start to have panic attacks, but have learned how to deal with them. When I feel the shortness of breath and the heat/cold feeling coming over my head I start to breathe slowly and deeply and can stave it off. I’ve taken to taking Benadryl almost every night to help me get to sleep. Lately though, I’ve been taking warm milk and honey before bed with melatonin to try and reset my rhythms. Been working out as well.
    My research has shown that 5-htp and SAM-e helps depression, but I don’t feel depressed. Just anxious all the time, like I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. I do not believe it to be a psychological thing as I can point to the birth control as the start of everything. I would just like to get my head back and not feel as thoughnim going

  157. Fumble fingered it- sorry.

    I would like to get my head back and not feel as if I’m going insane. My general doc is input of office until November because she was blessed with a baby. I just don’t know what else to do. I found you guys by researching “is there some way to help stomach upset caused by anxiety” and it started taking about hormonal imbalance. Could you help?
    Hope you have a great evening.

  158. Hello, Laila – How interesting – all the tests come back normal – and yet – you instinctively know something is wrong. Nutrition is the way. Micronutrients is one answer. Here is the deal: Micronutrients target the brain – where the endocrine system and hormones start functioning. I also think that natural progesterone will be beneficial (available at a health food store) but more oft than not – natural progesterone is not replacing the nutrient deficiency that most of us have.

    Our hormone balance is at stake. Hormones are the body’s great communicators. Genetics – mother’s use of birth control – exposure to environmental toxins and plastics, our environmental exposure to estrogen mimickers in the environments and use of birth control – combined with a lack of nutrition is doing us in.

    Please read this article I posted yesterday: Is Estrogen in the Environment Causing Cancer in Women?

    So if your tests are coming in ‘normal’ and you are still feeling lousy – why aren’t you seeking out other obvious solutions like nutritional supplements? Doesn’t it really make sense that there is an unknown factor going on here?

    How long will you feel this way? Well, one thing is for sure. If you do not take care of this now – it will only get worse as you age.
    Anxiety –
    Depression –

    30 days on a micronutrient supplement like EMPowerplus and you will be feeling better.
    That is a promise based on research.

    Try it Laila – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    Blessings to you,


  159. Lindsy – Thank you so much for your post and response.
    I am glad you are open to the nutrition route.
    It is what women have known for forever…. and what has always been the source of healing.
    Medicine does not even come close to nutrition and only masks and makes the symptoms work.
    I would try the Truehope EMPowerplus – it is a well-researched micronutrient that supports the body, mentally, physically and emotionally.

    Start supporting your body today – At least call Truehope and let their trained professionals explain the benefits of their product – and then decide. 1-888-878-3467.
    You need nutritional support now – for your baby and to prevent the slippery slope you are facing when your pregnancy is over.

    Here is the deal – progesterone is elevated during pregnancy. Progesterone is also a feel-good hormone to some extent. Women have a great deal of anxiety and depression when they lack progesterone. You do not want to increase progesterone now…. because it will affect your pregnancy. What you want to do is get targeted nutrition to the brain where the hormone cycle begins. Balance that and you will not slide down the rabbit hole after your pregnancy.

    And do keep coming back and let us know how you are doing.


  160. Hello Ember – welcome to hormone hell.
    Our hormone system is a delicate balance that needs to be supported nutritionally.
    Unfortunately – for many reasons – the birth control pill is easily upsetting that balance.
    You do not have to feel like this – please get nutritional support today.
    I understand about waiting for the other shoe to drop. Horrible to live that way.
    Especially when we can create the life of joy, abundance, health and wealth that we want.
    Have not gotten there yet – but am working on it 🙂

    And nutrition helps.
    Change the messages in your brain with supplements that will ease the anxiety.

    Nutrition is the way.

    Simple, cost-effective.

    Nutrition is the missing link – and believe me that link is going to be more and more important as life goes on.
    You need to stop this downward spiral now.



  161. You are not going insane – you are nutritionally depleted.
    Read Autumn Stringam’s posts here.
    She healed her severe bipolar disorder with the EMPowerplus.

    Autumn will be speaking on my radio show on October 22.
    More on that later.

    Keep coming back.
    Call Truehope today and let one of their professionals screen you and tell how and why the EMPowerplus product will help you. The phone call does not cost a dime – and the information will be priceless. Get out of your hole and back into your life. 1-888-878-3467.

  162. Hello,
    I feel a bit reassured already upon finding this site. Nearly 2 years ago I went on the Nexplanon implant; I had had some issues with hormonal contraception before (mood swings, headaches, minor depression) but my doctor persuaded me by telling me it was very low dose. I bled for 3 months continuously but then it seemed to settle down. However, a year into the implant I started getting panic attacks out of the blue, and was very depressed. I was previously an independent and confident person who travelled all over the place with no problems, and now had a panic attack every time I set foot on a train or bus. Eventually I persuaded my GP to take out the implant (end of May) and noticed immediate improvement in my mood and anxiety, but then after I got my period things went downhill; the panic attacks were gone but I became very down, felt overwhelmed by everything and had very distressing intrusive thoughts about death (the fear of it). My GP, who didn’t really believe me in the first place, now wanted to put me on antidepressants but I have stuck it out so far, and now I do have the sense that my symptoms are getting better in the first half of my cycle but they intensify again in the week before my period. I always got bad PMS but never to this extent, and I’m worried because it’s been a few months since the implant came out and I still don’t feel like myself. Is it possible that I could still have a hormone imbalance from the implant? And is it possible for hormones to cause the very weird symptoms like the horrible thoughts and fear about death? I would really appreciate any tips you have (I am taking Evening Primrose oil, a supplement with very high Vit B and Magnesium, and Agnus Castus), and also reassurance that I am not going crazy and I will get back to normal eventually…

  163. So glad you found your way here. Nexplanon just like any synthetic hormone will affect each woman differently – depending on her biochemcial, genetic and environmental exposures to toxins and other synthetics in the environment. It is very possible that hormones can cause those feelings of anxiety and fear of death. I would certainly have my thyroid checked. An imbalanced thyroid can also manifest in negative thoughts and has been linked to thoughts of suicide. Isn’t that amazing? That is how delicate the endocrine system is. Synthetic hormones have messed with that imbalance – and what you women are experiencing is the tip of the iceberg if we do not nutrate our bodies and balance our hormones. Weight gain, depression, fears and phobias, hair falling out, autoimmune disease, anxiety all a part of hormone imbalance – especially is you notice a difference on one phase of your cycle to the next.

    Low progesterone can also cause negative feelings in the second half of the cycle. With so much estrogen in the environment many of us lower progesterone levels in comparison to estrogen levels.

    Nutrition is crucial – hormone balancing is crucial. You need more micronutrients than what you are taking.

    Read this article on the nutrients that birth control pills deplete…same can be said for all other synthetic hormone contraceptives.

    Glad you are here…. healing is just a step away.


  164. yolanda ortega says:

    Hi I’ve been feeling the same as every one ….I started the pill for eregular periods. But I didn’t take it the right way it was ortho try cylen low sp? The pharmasist told me white pills were the sugar pills placibos so
    I started the colored ones but as I wread the instruction on the white was a hormone pill where I should have started the dile pack so technicaly the first day I took 2pills .. I finished the pack ,, but felt sick nervous anxious to the point of crying and not wanting to do.everyday simple things .. I stoped taking the pill and its been 3 months and the same feelings dont go away I feel anxious and nerouse at times o fell fatigued and week I’ve gone to the hospital feeling like somethings wrong with me likeim going to have a heart attack and they say its anxiety .. please help I’m also the primary care giverof my 2young children and I feel this isn’t normal ,, a week ago I had panick attack along with severe fatigue and the next day I got my period I dont now of theres any corelation with that

  165. I’m 26 years old, am a mother to 2, and am currently nursing. About a week ago, I suffered the symptoms of a panic attack. I’ve never experienced anything quite like it. For the past week, I’ve been unable to eat or sleep (can hardly sleep 3 hours in a 24-hr. period), my heart races like crazy, I have muscle spasms, I feel sick to my stomach, and I have totally irrational fears and anxiety. I went to a natural health alternative center and was told I had a hormonal imbalance as well as a potassium deficiency. The lady encouraged me to make some diet changes, and to see if my hormones would come into balance on their own. I’m getting so discouraged and depressed because I can hardly sleep a wink. My body is in overdrive. I’ve only been like this for about a week, but I don’t think I can handle much more; I can hardly function. How long do you think it might take to get my hormones balanced again?

  166. I am a 22 year old , with a one year old daughter. Right after my daughter was born, my obgyn put me on celexa, which worked for maybe a month. Diagnosed with postpartum depression…I felt like I was going crazy…and i took myself off this. then in April of this year, I got a phone call that my husband was injured at work… A groundman with a power line company. He was hit with 14,400volts of power and was in a hospital 3 hours away from home for 3 weeks…anyway…while I was making the 3 hour trip to check on him, I had my first panic attack…I had to pull off the road. Since then, I have had no sex drive at all, panic attacks 4out of 7 days, irritable insomnia, nausea weight gain, hair loss, baddddd headaches/migraines… I am lethargic, I don’t feel like doing anything at all…not fearful, but more so just want to sit on the couch in my pjs. My mom is my best friend, who believes it is just depression… But I’m not so sure that it’s just depression. I am a “husky” young lady and have always been chubby/obese…I have been on diets my whole life and even got a gastric surgery done in 2009 (Lapband). But, my dr. Has never tested my thyroids. Anyway, I have been trying to do research on whether I had a hormonal imbalance…also, 6months after my daughter was born, I got pregnant a second time, and miscarried. This may seem very unorganized…but my thoughts are crazy!!

  167. Hello, Yolanda – it is obvious you need support other than a doctor who says you have anxiety and sends you home.
    First of all the pill tipped your hormone balance scales – it does not take much to do that anymore.

    I want you to listen to Trudy Scott’s interview on my radio show. Trudy is a a Food Mood Expert and Nutritionist, speaker and author of The Anti-anxiety Food Solution: How the Foods You Eat Can Help You Calm Your Anxious Mind, Improve Your Mood & End Cravings

    I think you were nutritionally depleted from you two pregnancies – just as we all are…. and then the pill put you over the edge.
    I would love to recommend the Truehope EMPowerplus supplement, but I am not sure your budget will allow it.

    Go and buy some B12 & B6 vitamins from the health food store. Not synthetic vitamins – whole food vitamins.
    You might have to make some dietary changes.
    Coffee, alcohol, sugar, processed foods – Trudy’s interview will go through the foods that cause anxiety.

    Also look into natural progesterone. Most women are estrogen dominant and that feeling increases anxiety – in the absence of progesterone.

    Is is possible to get more exercise? Walking is good.

    If you would like a chart to track your bouts of anxiety – I will be happy to email you one.
    If you charted when you are anxious, and there is a pattern – and there will be – then we can work on prevention.

    Please keep posting here and let us help you.


  168. Hello, Robin – your body was nutritionally depleted after your pregnancy – obviously and the Celexa just masked the symptoms but did not help with the root cause of the problem – lack of nutrition and hormone balancing. The stress of your husband’s accident – and I am so sorry about that – put you over the edge – and into a state of uncontrolled anxiety and panic. I would say this is a normal response. However, know the response and the chronic anxiety has gone on too long and your body is not coping. Lack of libido, hair loss, migraines, nausea, weight gain – are all signs that your hormones are out of whack. Jonathan Bailor – author of the Smarter Science of Slim, says that weight gain is not about what we eat or not eat, or how much we exercise or do not exercise – it is all about how well our hormones are communicating.
    And yours are not.

    Sorry to hear about your miscarriage… could be low progesterone – hormone imbalance – or that your body was too nutritionally depleted to handle another pregnancy.
    Get your doctor to do a thyroid test ASAP – or find a practitioner who does hormone testing and balancing. They may suggest using natural progesterone – which I would also support.

    Look into the Truehope EMPowerplus nutritional supplement right away. Your body has been maxed out and you are stressed. You need these micronutrients before you even think about getting pregnant again.

    Bottom line is – you do not have to feel this way. You are severely hormone imbalanced and nutritionally depleted. Get your body the nutritional support it needs and it will be able to heal itself. Your husband and your child need you to be healthy and whole. In fact, the EMPowerplus will help with his healing too.

    Keep posting… I would like to know how you are doing.


  169. Hello Tabitha – it is hard to say how long it will take before your hormones are balanced…. but I agree this is what you got. Not only that but your pregnancy depleted your body of vital nutrients so if you are not getting nutritional support – it will take even longer to get your hormones balanced. Healing and getting the body back into balance takes time. Have you looked into using natural progesterone? How about B12 & B6 vitamins?

    I want you to listen to Trudy Scott’s interview on my radio show. Trudy is a a Food Mood Expert and Nutritionist, speaker and author of The Anti-anxiety Food Solution: How the Foods You Eat Can Help You Calm Your Anxious Mind, Improve Your Mood & End Cravings

    You can also look into the Truehope EMPowerplus supplement – Their micronutrient product helps with mood disorders.

    Your hormones will fall into balance quicker if you getting the right nutrients into your body. Have you spoken with your doctor about this? You may want to have your thyroid checked out too.

    26, mother of two – nursing… you are young – you have depleted nutrients with two pregnancies and nursing – doesn’t nutritional supplementation make sense to you?
    The more nutrients the faster the hormone balance.

    Stay in touch and keep posting.


  170. Tabitha – I just spoke with my colleague, Dr. Ken Stoller – who said – nursing is like giving a blood transfusion. Your body is going to instinctively give the best of the nutrients to your baby. So the question is: How are you replacing those nutrients? What are you doing for yourself? This is why women in the past died at such an early age… they gave birth numerous times – nursed all their babes – but did not have a way to re-nourish themselves. And they often worked their bones off at the same time. Science and common sense have now shown that nutrition is the key to health. Take care of yourself – so your babies will be healthy.

  171. Hi, I’m 29 years old, married for 4 years and have had anxiety/panic attacks since I was 18. I also have hypothyroidism, rheumatoid arthritis, GAD, depression and in February 2011 I was diagnosed with poly cystic ovarian syndrome.
    I was put on metformin for insulin resistance, I had a vitamin D deficiency and low potassium. I was advised to eat a low carb diet and exercise as well. Everything was going well for awhile.
    On July 30 2012 I had the most horrible panic attack ever I had to call 911 because I didn’t know what was happening since my attacks were never this bad. Leading up to this attack I was severely anxious, stressed, emotionally unstable and had heart palpitations.
    I had a second attack the next day and was taken to the ER again where they did EKG and blood tests all came out normal except for a small potassium deficiency which I was told to eat 2 bananas daily to get my level back up.
    I saw my psychiatrist the next day he prescribed remeron for anxiety and depression and zyprexa for attacks only. It was hard to get used to the remeron which made me very tired but I stuck it out.
    I continued to have heart palpitations the whole month of July off and on, At the beginning of August I was feeling a bit better but then 2 weeks later I was back having heart palpitations, crying and stressed to the max. This was my ovulation week.
    The next week I was feeling a bit better and had a bit more energy also I believe the remeron was finally kicking in.
    But then the next week it started again heart palpitations, crying and stress. My period was currently due this weekend but was a week and a half late.
    I woke up the morning my period started and the heart palpitations stopped and I felt really good, I was so happy to feel like myself again! This lasted about 2 weeks then yesterday the heart palpitations and crying came back this is my ovulation week.
    I saw my doctor and they are sending me in for a halter monitor, my gyno told me to up my vitamin D and calcium, my therapist thinks this is hormonally related and I’m not sure what to do.
    I feel like I’m on some sort of hormonal roller coaster, I hate these palpitations and wish they would stop but none of my doctors have an answer for me yet.
    I would also like to mention that my periods are horrible they are painful, heavy, clotty, I get very moody and exhausted from them. I have a uterine fibroid and my right ovary is 3x larger than the left ovary which was found by ultrasound.
    I have never taken birth control due to blood pressure issues while I was on it and never had a child. I don’t drink alcohol, smoke or consume Caffine or aspartame.
    I feel like my hormones are not right but I can’t be sure about that. My doctors are trying to help me but so far little is helping.
    I wish there was someone who could help me understand what’s going on with my body so I could fix it and get on with my life.

  172. Im 66 & hd previous Panic attacks but it went away & now Im going to a Chiropractor & the attacks came bck full force & I called up my reg. dr. & she said to take my Lexapro & see what happens & if it dont help they w/ increase my dosage. I told the Chiropractor & they stopped one of the machines that gv me the attack. I want to feel better, Im even getting depressed from all this. I went to get better for my bck & this happened.

  173. Hello, Mary-Ellen – I am not sure what you mean about the chiropractor stopping a machine that caused your anxiety attack? You understand, of course that the Lexapro is only masking your symptoms? Have you looked at the side effects from Lexapro? How long have you been on this drug?

    You are aware that medicines deplete vital nutrients. Even though you are well into menopause, your body still needs vital nutrients to keep your hormones balanced. Very possible you are estrogen dominant too – depending on birth control history, environment and the foods you eat. Bottom line is that you really should be on a very good micro-nutrient to help your body with the aging process. Anxiety may be the first sign of an imbalance that will only progress if not treated – and not with drugs.

    Please check into the Truehope EMPowerplus. And give them a call. They can help with the anxiety – while your remain on the Lexapro.

    Stay in touch and let us know how you are doing.


  174. Hello, Sarah – well you have come to the right place…
    Hormone Imbalance: anxiety/panic attacks, poly cystic ovarian syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis (compromised immune system too), depression, anxious, stressed, emotionally unstable heart palpitations,crying episodes,painful periods and uterine fibroids.

    You have obviously been nutritionally depleted for a long time…. your mother might have been nutritionally depleted when she gave birth to you – and also not knowing her birth control history – her intake of synthetic hormones might have also been passed on to you….since estrogen builds up in the body and is passed in-utero.

    So here is the deal: Research natural progesterone on the Internet and go to the health food store and buy some. Follow the directions on taking it and you should start feeling better within a short time.

    The other thing is that you are too young to be having so many problems. You can go the drug route and that is ok – IF you supplement, build up and strengthen your body with whole food vitamins – not synthetic vitamins. And you may also have to make some major changes in your diet.

    Please listen to this radio interview with Trudy Scott a Food Mood Expert and Nutritionist, speaker and author of The Anti-anxiety Food Solution: How the Foods You Eat Can Help You Calm Your Anxious Mind, Improve Your Mood & End Cravings ( June 2011). Trudy has a nutrition practice in Northern California, with a focus on Food, Mood and Women’s Health. Trudy educates women about the amazing healing powers of food and nutrients and helps them find natural solutions for anxiety and other mood problems.

    Also contact Cheryl Jazzar – who is a postpartum consultant. She works with hormone balancing and also uses a very good natural progesterone for anxiety and depression. You can listen to my radio interview with her here.

    If you do not start building up your nutritional reserves you will be facing a hysterectomy and other problems. The body can and will heal itself if given the right nutrients. It may take some time – but I can tell you – you will be feeling a whole lot better with the progesterone and the supplements within a month.

    Hope you continue to read and post – and let us know how you are doing.
    I am so glad you found this site -and this community of women.


  175. Teresa Kolpak says:

    Hello everyone. I am very happy that everyone is getting such great support here! Nutritional deficiencies are prevalent in today’s society with the fast food, and vitamin and mineral depleted foods. These deficiencies manifest in a variety of symptoms all the way from heart disease, diabetes, depression, anxiety and hormonal imbalance. The more severe the nutrient depletion, the more severe the symptoms. Add in birth control pills, pharmaceutical medications, and synthetic hormones one can get into a quagmire very quickly. Our psychiatrists, and family medical doctors only receive about 2 hours of nutritional training while getting their doctorates. SO sad!
    While nutrition and vitamin/mineral and amino acid supplementation is very supportive and works more quickly with certain symptoms than other I strongly suggest that in severe cases of hormonal imbalance you find a health practitioner to work with that is familiar with bio-identical hormones and open to the idea of natural health products, instead of pharmaceuticals. (There are cases where I have worked with people who’ve had to be on hormone therapy as well as nutrients.) One such particular doctor lives the the San Franscico Bay area and treat the whole person/being. I have found her to be amazing and have received many thank emails from clients I have sent to her. If you are in the Bay area you can call me @ 403-894-4089 and perhaps we can get you in to see her. We are living in a time of great change so everyone please nurture yourselves and get the support you need!
    Love and Blessings to all,

  176. Thank you for posting this great information Teresa. Glad to have your support in educating and helping to guide these wonderful women back to hormone harmony.


  177. My daughter who is now 19 years old has severe anxiety which started 2 years ago. At the time she was under alot of stress with exams and she also went on the birth control pill for either 1 month or 2 (I cant recall) so that she wouldn’t get her period on a camping trip. I am convinced that it was the pill that sent her over the edge. She had a continual sense of dread and irrational fears and developed OCD. She has been to a therapist and is now on 20 mg of citalopram which took the edge off. Her anxiety is still easily triggered though. Recently she went on another type of birth control pill and after 4 days she just “zombied out” which was quite scary. We decided she should stop the pill and look into other birth control options. After seeing your website I am wondering if her anxiety could be due to a hormonal imbalance. Her diet is not great (not much fruit and veggies). I live in New Zealand and am not sure if there are any professionals here dealing with this issue.

  178. Hello, Cindy – Glad you found my site. Yes, hormone imbalance is becoming quite the silent epidemic. I think that Truehope has contacts in New Zealand. They conducted studies on the effect of the EMPowerplus supplement on a sampling of people after the Christchurch earthquake and demonstrated that the supplement helped with people’s anxiety levels.

    If your daughter is not eating a healthy diet and she is on birth control – which is also depleting nutrients – then she should be on some form of supplementation. What mothers do not realize is that the state of our health during pregnancy affects our children’s health. Nobody has bothered to educate us about this. And really, when you think about it – if no one is using micronutrient supplements as a part of their daily regime, the body is going to be unable to keep up with the daily stresses in her life.

    You many also want to consider having a thyroid or endocrine panel done on your daughter to test and see if the birth control triggered a thyroid imbalance.
    However, in the long run nutritional support is what is going to heal your daughter.

    I will have Teresa Kolpak with Truehope address your question as well. She may very well know of a health provider in New Zealand who can offer support and understanding.

    It is amazing how many women are suffering from the same experience.
    Our lives are filled with enough anxiety – without adding hormonal imbalance anxiety to them.

    Hope you continue to come back and visit the site.

    BTW – your daughter will have to use condoms and spermicide anyway for STD’s. So why is she on the pill?


  179. I am so grateful for these conversations. It is hearbreaking to see how pervasive these problems are. The wisdom here is very powerful and I hope this audience spreads it far and wide.

  180. Hi All..

    Wow, while hormonal imbalances are a horrible thing to go to it seems I am definitely not alone & have blessfully been led to a hopeful site. I live in Australia and am only 25 years of age. My world came crashing down whilst on an overseas trip. I stopped my birth control after 9 years (was on Levlen ED for 8 and Yasmin for the last year). After about 10 days after stopping I was nauseus, having hot flashes, having anxiety attacks, experiencing insomnia and feeling really irritable. It has been 4 months since and I am still experiencing symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, hair loss, skin pigmentation, fatigue, lack of concentration and a non existant sex drive. I have seen 3 different doctors (2 of whom tried to put me back on BC) and a naturopath. I am also now seeking advice from a holistic life coach. My naturopath has said I have a very weak endocrine system and believes I could be suffering extreme adrenal fatigue. I am getting hormone results today from saliva test performed. I feel as though my issues are hormone related as I have insomnia and anxiety around ovulation and also around my period. I am also going to start seeing a chiropractor as I have heard that adjustments can help with the natural healing process of hormone imbalance. Any further advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Best of health to everyone 🙂

  181. Carly – So glad you found us and so glad you have found your way through the maze of hormone imbalance induced in part by lifestyle, diet/nutrition – but most importantly, synthetic hormone suppressants. Not sure if I mentioned this here…but many menstrual cycle advocates – myself included have been saying for years that birth control is the largest uncontrolled experiment in the history of medicine. And we are…how many generations later and with high amounts of estrogen – and depleted nutrition levels since the pill robs essential vitamins from our bodies.

    I am glad you are seeking ‘alternative’ health care solutions to your adrenal stress. Wouldn’t it make sense that after 9 years on the pill -and a ‘false day-after-day’ cycle instead of a natural ebb and flow endocrine rhythm that women are endowed with – that your adrenals would be stressed and your endocrine system weakened from being ‘forced’ to live outside of their natural rhythm – a rhythm that has defined women and our power for years?

    Please visit often and let us know what your tests say and your naturopath and chiro are saying. I am sure one of them will be suggesting a nutritional supplement to support your endocrine system.



  182. Thank you Cheryl. I appreciate your reading through the comments and offering support to all of us.

  183. Hello, Carly – and everyone else who posted here regarding hormone imbalance and anxiety.

    My colleague Teresa Kolpak with Truehope has been urging to post information on my blog about Candida – yeast infection.
    Low and behold an article came in today from my colleague Ginger Leilani Chapin on Candida – yeast overgrowth in the body.

    According to Ginger: “Every major disease you can think of…. from Allergies, Chronic Fatigue, Learning Disabilities, ADD/ADHD, Weight Gain… to Diabetes and Cancer…. the proximate cause that all of these dis-eases spawn from is Candida.”

    One of the culprits? Birth control pills. Other culprits – antibiotics, pharma drugs, even hair color – Yikes!
    The good news according to Ginger is that this imbalance can be healed naturally and EMPowerplus can help with giving your body the micronutrients to strengthen the immune system.

    Lots more great information here:
    Candida: Invisible Vampire

    Ginger also directs you to another page Candida site with even more information.

    You may want to share this information with your practitioners. Carly and others seeing naturopaths will be more open in understanding this issue and treating with natural methods of supplementation and dietary lifestyle changes.



  184. Hello
    I am a student nurse and am 31 years old I had the implanon for 6 years 3 months ago I started taking ceretteze I am not sure if this has anything to do with how I am, but I am at my wits end I have been having hots sweats about 2 in a day one after another every about 2 weeks or so along with these hot sweats I get sweaty palms and body and feel really dizzy my skin feels like its burning and then within about 2 minutes its gone and ill go outside and be freezing cold I actually cried after a lecture today because I feel helpless, 5 months ago my doctor took a blood test and said my tests were fine I had a scan last year and have cysts on my ovaries again I have no idea if this is any relavance but I’m now desperate for help and I don’t want to go to the doctors as I feel a burden this has been going on for 2 years now!!

  185. Hello, Faye – 31 years old… have had your hormones manipulated for most of your life – under a lot of stress and not getting enough nutrition to carry your body through the day. Sounds like you are entering peri-menopause – at age 30! Do you know how many women this happens to? The numbers are increasing annually.

    The pill in combination with your high-stress lifestyle and who knows what else your are dealing with has robbed you of vital vitamins and nutrients and minerals.
    Cysts on your ovaries are because of the estrogen build-up in your body and now the ensuing balance of progesterone is not enough to offset the high levels of synthetic estrogen.

    Have you had children? Pregnancies also deplete nutrients – you have seen all of those references here as well.
    If your blood tests are coming back fine – then nutrition or candida yeast overgrowth in combination with hormone balancing may certainly be a clue as to what is going on with you.

    Two years is way too long. And it does not get better if left untreated. It gets worse. Once the body is out of balance it needs support to get back into balance.

    You can start with calling Truehope about their EMPowerplus product. Their professionals will screen you and help you understand why and where you are nutritionally deficient. Truehope has over 17 published studies. Since you are a student nurse, I know this will be of great interest to you.

    I would also look into natural progesterone for immediate relief as well. Go to your health food store and they will be able to assist you in a good product. I do know that Cheryl Jazzar – who is a postpartum consultant (HORMONE IMBALANCE) uses a great product with success with her clients. Cheryl has posted here many times and you can reach her through this post and through my web site.

    Time to get you healed… and your are quite right – the doctors just do not get the vital role of nutrients in healing – or in balancing hormones. It is women like you who are going to help the next generation of doctors to understand our dilemma. Unfortunately, their ‘science and medicine’ has taken a great toll on our bodies and our health.

    Please look into these suggestions.
    Keep posting and keep letting us know how you are doing.


  186. Hi I am 26 years old and suffer extreme anxiety. I have an auto immune disease which affects the melonin produced in my skin. Because of these unsightly white depigmented patches all over my body my anxiety gets worse from poor body image. To help with this u was put on citalaphram anti depressant. I have been on birth control for 10+ years having the injection,then implants.followed by contraceptive pill. I came off the pill a few months ago as I wanted it out of my system. Two month running I had short/light periods which wasn’t normal for me. Thought nothing of it until now. I then found out i was pregnant roughly end of June. I stopped taking my anti depressants. Everything seemed.fine apart from my anxiety and daily stressing. My baby had a strong heartbeat at 6 weeks, but sadly the heart stopped beating at 7 weeks. I found out my poor baby had died at a 13 week scan. I desperately want a baby and feel like I am going mad with anxiety again-mood swings,nausea,headaches,heart palpitations etc is this normal? I want my life back and dony know which way to turn. Do I go back on antidepressants or would these effect a future pregnancy? Please help 🙁

  187. Sam, your story is just heartbreaking to read. I can imagine that the lived experience is worse than you could ever convey. I am so sorry to hear that you lost your precious baby. My heart aches for you.
    There are alternatives to psychiatric medication; and many of these will help your anxiety fade and help to balance your hormones, as well.
    My Ultimate Pregnancy Program might be a perfect fit for you (www.wellpostpartum.com/services). It can help with all these issues and more. It is my goal to help women every step of the way from preparing the body for pregnancy all the way through to the postpartum period- naturally.

    I wish you perfect healing and I hope to connect soon at WellPostpartum.com!

  188. Hello, Sam – I asked Cheryl Jazzar to post here – because you need immediate support and help. I would like to suggest that you are both nutritionally depleted as well has hormonally imbalanced. We need to all wake up and really consider about our health before we bring children into the world. Our immune systems are getting weaker and weaker while the toxins in our environment are getting more and more prevalent. All of this points to an increase in nutritional support and NOW. Nutritional support is the only way you will be able to strengthen your immune system to fend off the toxins we have been exposed to.

    All of this becomes 10x’s more important when women plan on having a baby. Is your immune system strong enough and are you getting enough nutrients for you and your baby? Those are crucial questions. Your baby is going to take the best of what you have…. that is Mother Nature…. and if you were hormonally imbalanced before your pregnancy or nutritionally deficient – you can guarantee that you will be worse off post-pregnancy. The only reason that women feel well during pregnancy is due to elevated hormone levels – specifically progesterone – which over-rides estrogen caused anxiety, and depression. But when those hormone levels drop post-pregnancy it is a slippery ride into a deep, dark hole.

    All of these synthetic hormone birth control drugs are hurting women…. and you still have to use spermicides and condoms anyway to protect yourself from STD’s. Remember birth control is the largest uncontrolled medical experiment in history. And we have all been part of that experiment.

    Women need to take back control of our bodies – and we need to do that now. Enough of the ‘It’s all in your head – take two Valium and go home, honey syndrome.’ One way we take control is look to nutrition instead of drugs. You will be surprised at how fast your world will turn around. And then you can start healing others around you.

    Remember women were the first healers and midwives. And we did not dole out drugs. We used nutrition and herbs.

    Blessings to all who have posted here…. there is a better way.


  189. im a mom of 3 girls i had my 1st when i was 17 in 1995 had my 2nd 2010 last in 2011 im on cymbalta xanax for depression axanx for aniety i have no energy all i wanna do is sleeeeeeeeeepppppp i have anger issues ive never been this way ive lost all intrest in my favorite things im gaining weight i think of bad things are gonna happen i snap irratable moody i dont know wht too do

  190. Hello Susan – Well two babies in two years – will do any woman in anymore. You are hormonally whacked… and nutritionally depleted. Well, at least I am telling you the truth instead of telling you to take this drug and go home and everything will be fine. It will not. Every pregnancy we go through takes vital nutrients, (vitamins, minerals and amino acids) from our bodies and gives it to our babies. How do you think our babies grow? From the stores of nutritional reserves in our body….and where do we get those reserves. Well, no longer from the foods we eat. Most of our foods come out of boxes and cans. The rest is microwaved, right? And we do not take nutritional supplements and if we do they are also synthetic and not absorbed by the body. Prenatal vitamins are not what they are cracked up to be.


    You have given so much to your babies and your families – when will it be time to take care of yourself? Too busy you say? Then take the nutritional supplements you need to support your physical and mental/emotional health. Call Truehope today.

    I believe you are suffering from postpartum depression….and it will only continue until you take steps to heal your body – not mask the symptoms with drugs.
    Listen to this radio interview I did with Cheryl Jazzar Postpartum Wellness Consultant and you will begin to understand exactly what is going on with you.

    You may also benefit from natural progesterone therapy. Cheryl can provide information on that for you too.
    Please reach out to her as well.

    A combination of nutritional support and natural progesterone will help you be the wonderful mother you want to be.

    Please keep posting your comments and let us know how you are doing.
    We here here to support you.



  191. I am 35 years old and I was put on birth control when I was 17 because I had heavy periods. I quit taking them when I was 24 and used another form of birth control. Over two years ago I noticed about a week before my period would start I would be become very agitated, my “normal” sleep pattern would change, and I would eat more than usual. Situations that normally I would tolerate would infuriate me. A friend suggested that I may have anxiety because I had cancer surgery (for the second time) 2 years ago. Could I have a hormonal imbalance or be premenopausal due to my age? My menstrual cycle never has been “normal”; typically it only lasts two days and is very heavy but once it is over I feel like my old self. Recently, I have had family related stress and didn’t get my period at all but I did have PMS symptoms (being worried about bad things happening, racing thoughts, changes in my activity). Am I going crazy or is it my hormones? Can you suggest what I need to do? Unfortunately, I hate doctors.

  192. Hello, I don’t know where to start.
    I had 3 babies by the age of 21. A year after my 3rd baby was born I had my left thyroid removed. I was put on Synthroid. At 25 I was going thru a divorce and was put on Effexor XR. A year later I meet my current husband after we got married I went to the Dr to get off it. I found out that I was pregnant and the Dr told me that it would be a bad ideal to get off of it, so I stayed on it. I had a hysterectomy at 30 but still have my ovaries. Within 2 years I had put on weight and was feeling more depressed. My Dr decided to put me on Zoloft and Wellbutrin. I started feeling a lot better after about 2 months. I started loosing weight and had energy. After about a year my Dr wanted to check my TSH and said it was too high so they decreased my Synthroid. Over a few years I started gaining weight back and feeling more depressed. Went to the Dr and he said thyroid was fine. About 6 months later I had to change Dr’s because of insurance
    I am 38 now and I feel depressed, don’t wanna do anything and cry all the time. The new Dr checked my thyroid which was low so she increased my dosage. A month later I still feel the same, went back to her the other day and she upped my Zoloft dose. I also have more headaches (just about everyday), low libido , no energy, fatigue, weight gain, night sweats and anxiety. Today I had a hot flash. I’m tired of feeling like this. Can you give me some advice on what to do please?

  193. Hi Leslie, my name is Lauren I’m 23 and I have been dealing with a whole bunch of stuff I just want to give up. Anyway I have horrible nausea at least once a day sometimes more, the Gi dr says I have irritable bowel. I just found out I have a thyroid condition and was put on Synthroid 75mcg I am Hypothyroid. I have been having irregular periods for close to 6 months now. I was put on Zofran for my nausea before and during my period. I get horrible headaches before and after my period. I also have Anxiety and Depression and I am taking Zoloft and have been taking 50 mg of that a day since I was 15 and I was on Abilify but I went off of it and I seem fine. I have horrible back pain and any dr that presses in my stomach real low it hurts and is very tender to the point where I flinch if someone touches me there. I just want to know what’s going on if anyone can help me I would really appreciate it??? Oh and I left one thing out what’s up with horrible hot flashes at 23 I thought you only get that during menopause? It’s everyday.

  194. Hello Shannon.

    Am I going crazy or is it my hormones? This is a classic question – and I have to respond to it.
    You know most of us hate when doctors or friends say it is ‘all in your head, honey.’

    But this does not mean we are crazy – what it means is that the brain is not getting the nutrition it needs.
    NeuroScience Inc. explains the NEI Super System well.

    Neuroendoimmunology is an emerging field of medical science that seeks to understand the interconnectedness of the nervous, endocrine, and immune systems. Progressive research in this field suggests each of these three systems function as a larger whole, termed the “NEI Supersystem.” Within this super system, the nervous system plays the integral role of modulating the function of the immune and endocrine systems via the hypothalamic-pituitary axes and innervation of endocrine and immunological organs. However, due to the interconnected nature of this larger system, the nervous system is also reciprocally influenced by the effects of the endocrine and immune systems. Disruptions in the function of one system will ultimately have an impact on the function of all three systems.

    So the imbalance begins in the brain – and that is where the initial sex hormones (LH & FSH) are produced. When nutrients are depleted in the body – the first function to go is the brain. Think about the last time you got sick. Before the runny noise and flu-like symptoms (for example) what is the first thing to change? The brain. Things appear harder to do, we want to give up, we become negative, irritable lash out. Once the body gets the nutrients it needs then it the brain can heal the flu goes away and life is better again.

    I read this description of PMS this morning in a book called ‘Dead Doctor’s Don’t Lie‘ by Dr. Joel Wallach and Dr. Ma Lan in 2004.

    Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS, hysteria) has a long history in ‘orthodox’ medicine. Historically, the treatment for PMS was hysterectomy (derived from hysteria) since removal of the ovaries and uterus ‘cured’ all of the cyclical emotional symptoms leaving a precipitous menopause, which would be palliated with estrogen. It is now known that deficiencies of calcium and essential fatty acids in concert with the cyclical hormone patters of the women produce the classical PMS picture of fragile emotions, irrational behavior, mania, depression, and debilitating pelvic ‘cramps.’

    Appendix B – 387

    It is now known…? Serious? Did you know this? Heck no, no one on this page does… and if our doctor’s did know why wouldn’t they tell us? Add in the nutrients that are depleted by synthetic birth control (what kind of method are you on anyway?), lack of nutrition in processed foods, throw in a couple of pregnancies… and no wonder we are whacked out.

    There are three or four women who have posted here who are actually working with Teresa Kolpak at Truehope. They are taking the EMPowerplus supplement. Once they have been on the micronutrient for awhile, we are hoping they will post here to let you know of their progress in reducing their anxiety.

    Now to address your cancer surgery – did you have chemo? Chemo can lead to infertility. Breast cancer is hormone imbalance….. you need to be under the supervision of a naturopathic doctor who will help you get back into balance. This is not a condition that will take care of itself. It will only worsen. Strengthening the body through nutrition is the only answer…. Call Truehope tomorrow and find out if there is a practitioner in your area who uses the product. Then you will know that that practitioner is interested in healing and not masking the symptoms.

  195. Hello, Lauren – thanks for posting here.

    Hormone imbalance is what you may be experiencing. Nutrition is the only answer Lauren… and you may want to look at natural progesterone.
    I will have more information on at this week. 23 is way too young for this to be going on with you.
    The thyroid is a vital part of the endocrine system which stimulates hormone production.

    Please read the lengthy response I posted to Shannon.
    You should seek out a practitioner in your area who is versed in nutrition… meaning a chiropractor, or a naturopath.
    You can reverse the thyroid imbalance but not with medications.

    And you can start feeling better immediately if your body is nutrated.
    Please keep posting here.

    Keep reaching out for help – and always always ask questions.


  196. Hello, Joan – Wow – you have been through the hoops – had a hysterectomy on a myriad of drugs. Is it really hard to understand you are hormonally imbalanced and nutritionally depleted.

    This is what I posted to Shannon:

    Dead Doctor’s Don’t Lie

    Dr. Joel Wallach
    Dr. Ma Lan
    Appendix B – 387
    Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS, hysteria) has a long history in ‘orthodox’ medicine. Historically, the treatment for PMS was hysterectomy (derived from hysteria) since removal of the ovaries and uterus ‘cured’ all of the cyclical emotional symptoms leaving a precipitous menopause, which would be palliated with estrogen. It is now know that deficiencies of calcium and essential fatty acids in concert with the cyclical hormone patters of the women produce the classical PMS picture of fragile emotions, irrational behavior, mania, depression, and debilitating pelvic ‘cramps.’

    I suggest you as well as everyone else on this page listen to my radio show tomorrow night with Jonathan Bailor, author of the Smarter Science of Slim. We will be discussing hormones and weight gain. According to Bailor it is not the food or he exercise – we will gain or lose weight dependent on how well our HORMONES COMMUNICATE. This also pertains to everything you are experiencing: low libido , no energy, fatigue, weight gain, night sweats and anxiety. HORMONE IMBALANCE.

    Call Truehope tomorrow and find out if there is a doctor in your area who is using nutritional therapy. Drugs are short-term answers to a long-term problem. Nutrition is the only long-term answer and then the problems become short-term. Wow – you gotta admit that last sentence was good. It is also the truth.

    Find a practitioner who will work with you on nutrition and hormone balancing.

    I can also help you and am offering consultations.
    Please keep posting and reading more of the posts from other women – and you will see that 1. You are not alone 2. No one is having success with drug therapy 3. You are all different but you are all experiencing hormone imbalance. Soon there will be women posting here who are trying the EMPowerplus. They have just started the product. We are hoping that they will encourage the rest of you to look into micronutrient therapy.


  197. No I was very fortunate that I had the surgery to remove the soft tissue cancer mass and no cancer spread; there was no need for chemo. I have never had a child (and have no plans to do so, ever) and a few days before my period starts occasionally I will have a hot flash and cold sweats at the same time. I have experienced extreme fatigue as well. I noticed the fatigue and extreme emotions shortly after stopping the birth control pills, but only within the past year those symptoms have worsened. I don’t use birth control pills, especially because I am 35 and because of the possible side affects associated with BC pills and sadly I smoke. Tisk, Tisk. Could I be premenopausal due to my age? Could hormonal imbalances be genetic? My mom also had a difficult time with her period up until the time she had kids. Are herbs and better nutrition what I need to focus on? Other suggestions?

  198. Hello, Shannon – It is not that hormone imbalance is genetic….although I imagine that since estrogen is passed down from mother to child – it could be. However… it is not like a ‘genetic disease’ – it is an imbalance that can be corrected. Honestly, between smoking (no judgement here) and birth control pills – and being age 35 you are probably nutrient deficient based on the simple facts that the body does not get the nutrition it needs from food sources any longer to survive. Herbs, better nutrition in the form of whole food vitamins not synthetic vitamins like ‘One-A-Day’ or ‘Centrum’. They will not do anything for you since your body cannot absorb them.

    So glad you did not have to go the chemo route. Just up your nutrition – especially the B vitamins… I think that smoking decreases those vitamins as well as the pill and see what happens there. Bottom line is that if you do do not take care of hormone imbalance it will worsen… become more imbalanced. So start taking steps now and you will have an easier ride into menopause.

    Hard to say if you are peri-menopausal…this is a stage that can last for 15 years in women – especially if your periods become irregular. But either way = get nutrated now so these signs of imbalances do not get worse.



  199. Hello girls,
    I accidentally got on this site looking for the name of the hormone that causes racing thoughts. Much of what everyone is going through, I’ve gone through my self. I want to give you hope – Truehope that is. Truehope.com is a vitamin originally developed over 20 years ago to help with brain dis-orders as they have found a way to nano-size what looks like (on the label) an ordinary multi-vitamin. Nano-size, meaning it has been broken down to such a small size that it can penetrate the blood-brain barrier. Most all vitamins/supplements at health food stores or on the net, do not reach the brain because of particle size – hence our brains do not get the nutrition needed if we don’t eat organic produce, and much of the store bought food have so been depleted with chemicals and have been scientifically altered to withstand diseases, pest, etc. that they don’t give us what we need. Actually give us things we don’t need – chemicals – that can make the brain not function properly. The brain makes all decisions of hormone needs and if not healthy, can cause much of what is described here.

    I have a relative who is an MD of high stature and had a child with severe OCD to the point of dropping out of high school his sophomore year. They traveled the world looking for a cure to no avail. They happened on Truehope vitamins (being a last resort for a doctor who believed in the medical tradition). Within 3 months he was normal. Within a year he got his GED and is now applying for college. This is when I thought of trying these vitamins because I felt like I was going insane. I can’t tell you how amazing these vitamins are and they are not very expensive, as the founder who developed them was trying to find a cure for his wife and kids bi-polar disorder with success and wants to help others. When you purchase the vitamins, you are automatically put into their systems for consultation for free where they call you once a month to see how you are doing and will recommend other products (they don’t sell) from your local health food store that you may need to take to aid with whatever is ailing you – maybe because they only have developed about 6 products. They obviously have a database of amazing information to help people because they are all so well informed on every situation. The products I take are EMPower (felt a difference on day one), Omega fish oil, Phosphatidylserine (PS for short) – this one helps with racing thoughts and helps sleep.

    The other thing I have done and believe all people need to do because we are all exposed to heavy metal toxicity is do a heavy metal detox. Heavy metals can really mess with your brain function. The best I have found that doesn’t cause a re-distribution or stirring up of the metals (which can be dangerous) is “Zeolite” in powdered form (make sure it is high quality) and/or a more natural but takes longer, Cilantro (in tincture form) along with another product I can’t remember it’s name but was suggested from a compound pharmacist in my area that is a chelation (products that cause heavy metals to leave the body) specialist.

    Just thought I would throw my testimony out there if anyone is interested.

  200. Lily – You are a Goddess-send. Thank you for posting. Yes, I have mentioned Truehope EMPowerplus so many times… and for you to come in and back me up is a gift. I know that nutritional therapy is a new concept for so many women – and men. We have all bought into the drugs-that-treat-symptoms-paradigm – without even looking at the events in our life that lead to nutrient depletion.

    As far as the Zeolite – I am using the Touchstone Essential Pure Body Zeolite – both products are on my site. I have not even broached heavy metal toxicity to this group of women – because that is another new arena to try and grapple with. I am a big believer in this. And there are testimonials and witnesses to people having incredible healing experiences with the use of this product.

    The information you offered on Truehope is amazing – and you are so correct – hormone production begins in the brain – and when the brain does not have the nutrients it needs to function properly – the endocrine and immune systems – fail to function properly – and therein lies the downward spiral of chronic disease.

    Please feel free to keep posting here Lily – there is so much information that needs to be shared. It is very hard to see so many women suffering. Also men and children suffer too – hormone imbalance. The Truehope EMPowerplus is essential to bringing hormone harmony to the family.



  201. Still gratefully reading through your comment. I am not familiar with Phosphatidylserine – and I think the other product you may be referring to for chelation is Chlorella.
    I have just found out about Cilantro too. It is amazing how pure unadulterated foods contain the nutrients the body needs to heal it self.

    I want everyone to think about this: The sudden onslaught of chronic disease and hormone imbalance – has escalated in the last 50 years because of the introduction of ‘processed’ foods into our diets – as well as the introduction of synthetic hormones. Our bodies have not learned how to adapt to these artificial substances in such a small evolutionary span of time. Our bodies developed over millions of years from water, proteins and plants. Wheat and other grains have become adulterated and no healthy for consumption. Sugar is a huge killer.

    Hormones are the body’s messengers. When the communication pattern is skewed due to chemicals that the body has never been exposed to everything falls out of balance.
    Think of it like trying to have a conversation with someone who is drunk or on drugs. Impossible. This is what is happening to our bodies.

    The only way out of this vicious cycle is to support the body with nutrition and detox products like the Zeolite.

    I found this information on Phosphatidylserine

    Another wonderful support for the brain.
    I use amino acid supplements as well.

    Thanks again Lily!

    Hormonally yours,


  202. Megan Medley says:

    Hi. I went of the birth control pill 3 months ago and I’ve been dealing with severe anxiety. Reading the comments above, I see this is a common problem. I already suspected I had a hormone imbalance, possibly low progesterone, so I went to my doctor today and she told me to just go back on the pill or go on anxiety medication. Both of these are not options for me. I want to deal with my problem not mask the symptoms. I read on one of the comments that you can supplement with a natural progesterone. Do I need a prescription for this or can I purchase it somewhere? My doctor was very condescending and rejected all my suggestions that it was a hormonal imbalance. She even told me to eat “chocolate.” I was so insulted. If I do need a prescription for this do you suggest that I look for a different doctor?

  203. hi
    you do not imagine the relief i have found by simply reading this information! am currently experincing what i did not understand before,but now am a bit calmer! 🙂

  204. Hello, Aqua I am glad you found these posts… A lot of great information has been shared here. But, I think most importantly, it has become a safe place for women to express how they are feeling without judgement blame, or non-belief. And of course, no one here is suggesting they do any therapy – just providing information on natural, science-based safe practices.
    Sometimes just expressing ourselves and understanding we are not alone in what we are going through is very empowering and can be healing in and of itself. Thanks for stopping by.

    Hormonally yours,


  205. Hello Megan, you came to the right place. And yes, your observations are correct. Many women are struggling coming off the pill as well as other synthetic hormone menstrual suppressants. I just had a conference call with Wellness Postpartum Consultant Cheryl Jazzar. Cheryl uses a natural progesterone product called Progessence Plus Serum made by Young Living.
    I have just signed up to distribute this product on my web site as well.

    Young Living has a wonderful reputation and I am beginning to understand the important healing aspects of essential oils. This progesterone cream is combined with essential oils for better absorption. And the beauty is you can just place a few drops on your skin everyday – without having to wonder where you are in your menstrual cycle.

    You can email Cheryl Jazzar at cjazzar@wellpostpartum.com and she will be able to provide more information.

    I am glad you realized that what you are experiencing may be hormone imbalance. Certainly the synthetic birth control we are on contributes to that – also out mother’s our of birth control. However estrogen dominance is rampant is the following areas:

    • The excess pollution in the air we breathe contains xeno-oestrogens
    that create a hormonal imbalance.
    • The food we eat contains more chemicals and artificial hormones also
    creating a hormonal imbalance.
    • Plastics contain xeno-oestrogens РPLEASE WHATEVER YOU DO РDO NOT MICROWAVE YOUR FOODS IN PLASTICS. Dump the plastic water bottles and start replacing plastic containers with glass containers. We are so surrounded by plastics that it is impossible not to be exposed to xeno-oestrogens.
    • Household cleaners contain plastics. Try using vinegar and water instead.

    Megan – I know that Cheryl will be reading through these posts and will be contacting you as well.

    It is important for you and everyone else to know you do not have to live everyday being miserable. In fact, by balancing your hormones you will be extending healthy years to your life and looking younger in the process.

    Hormone Balancing is the Holy Grail.

    Hormonally Yours,


  206. Helloo I have been having really bad pannic attacks, and I believe it is linked to being on birth conroll. They first started when I had the implnon placed the first 6 months was fine then all off a sudden these pannic attacks apeard out of no where and that was when I was 15 I had it removed after the three years and wasn’t on any birth conroll after that and I found they stopped and I had to go on the pill to conroll my peroids as I had very heavy and unregular ones. I am now having the injection as my pannic attacks started again I had very loose of appitite and found I lost soo much wait very quickly. So my doctor advised me to have the injection, my symptoms are still very bad my pannic attacks are nearly ever day I find it hard to eat much food, I feel sick all the time, and am very tired, I have night sweats and heat flushes constantly. And my doctors just aren’t helping me all they keep doing is putting me on anti depresants and they arnt helping. Please help me I am 18 and this is really difficult for me and stops me doing many things

  207. Hello, Zoe – You are too young to be experiencing hormone – induced anxiety. Your panic attacks may be linked to birth control – but the underlying reason is pre-existing hormone imbalance. The birth control tipped your very fragile scale. I am sorry your doctors are continuing to put you on more birth control – and then anti-depressants on top of that.
    It is a vicious cycle. I suggest your find an alternative practitioner who will suggest non-drug therapies to support your system while you are on the synthetic hormones.

    Synthetic birth control depletes essential nutrients and it is hard to replace these vitamins and minerals through foods. Please view this post on anxiety and the Truehope EMPowerplus product.

    You can call this company today – and ask questions and they will help you understand what is going on with your anxiety and your mind. Getting the brain the nutrients it needs to function in a healthy state is crucial in this day and age. Nutrition truly is the missing link in our health care model.

    I would also suggest taking Vitamin C with ascorbic acid and bioflavnoids (whole food vitamins from a health food store and not synthetic vitamins). The bioflavnoids strengthen the uterine capillaries – as well as the other arteries and capillaries in the body. When we have heavy bleeding it is because the capillaries are week (hormone imbalance and nutrient depletion). Women generally see a big difference within one menstrual cycle.

    Keep posting here Zoe – let us know how you are doing so that we can help you move forward.
    You do need support and help.

    Hormonally yours,


  208. I am 32 years old and had my first panic attack less than a month ago. I went to the ER but felt that I was getting the cold shoulder from triage. They ended up giving me something to calm my stomach and after waiting for 2 more hours I finally just went home. I felt pretty off for the next couple of weeks and ended up going to the ER again on the 1st of October. I had lost 12 pounds between the 11th of September and October 1st. Other than being dehydrated they said that my blood and urine tests came back good. They didn’t really have any answers for me. The doctor stated that she “didn’t think it was anxiety disorder because that didn’t just come out of nowhere.” I felt pretty good after leaving the hospital and even felt decent for the next couple of days. Last night, however, I couldn’t sleep and eventually it turned into yet another full blown panic attack at 3am. I was finally able to calm down and catch some broken sleep from about 7:30 until 11am. When I woke I noticed that I had started my period. Thinking back to the first panic attack I realized that I was also on my period during that episode. That in itself seems to be a huge factor, so I decided to look up hormonal imbalances and came upon this site.

    I have never had any real anxiety issues before now. I have been under some stress, but it doesn’t seem to be any more than I’m used to dealing with. It’s heart-breaking that I’ve gotten to a point where my life seems like it’s having to be put on hold. My mother said that she started menopause in her early 30’s as well…could that be the answer? If it IS early menopause what can I do to get myself back on track?

  209. Linda Bower says:

    I am 31 years old and have been on birth control for many years. A month ago I decided to stop the pill because it was making me very nauseous with bad anxiety. Since then, I have had even more problems starting with nausea, dizziness, blurred vision, migraines, panic attacks, and sharp abdominal pain which I went to the ER for. All tests and scans came back negative for any serious problem. Since then, I have been feeling terrible anxiety with shakes, night sweats, insomnia, and depression. All of these things are completely out of character for me. everything in my life right now is really wonderful. The regular doctor prescribed my Xanax and a low dose Zoloft which I refused to take. I have been out of work for two weeks now and trying to research supplements that might help. My gyn did not want to see me since this has happened. The nurse told me it was not gyn related and that I needed to go elsewhere for help. I am desperate to understand what is wrong with me and learn how to get back to my old self. Thanks,

  210. Hi Megan (and everyone),

    There seems to be no end to the stupidity of ‘suggestions’ that can be given to women who are struggling. When all you have is a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail, right? Sorry, but the docs are offering MORE drugs, more of the same- and that’s all they are offering in many cases. They are stressed, rushed, and heavily influenced by drug companies, and they DON’T KNOW what the underlying issues are! (I didn’t even know all of the sources of xeno-estrogens that Leslie mentioned above- thanks, Wise Woman).
    What I do know is this: it’s insanity to go on antidepressants and/or birth control pills to address a progesterone deficiency. Let’s not forget our Mother’s generation who were told that hormone replacement therapy was going to save the world by curing uterine cancer and heart disease. What we learned was: this was a lie! It actually CAUSED these issues and women suffered intensely- women’s stories then sounded just like all the stories here. A legacy of frustration, illness, fighting with spouses, guilt and sometimes divorce. What heartache!
    We know a definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Why are we so inclined to continue going to a doctor for help with hormonal issues when all they have to suggest is more drugs? Doctors are just human beings; they are not God. They are also limited by the powerful forces that are largely responsible for their education and continued training- Big Pharma.
    I agree wholeheartedly that chocolate is pretty good-tasting when we’re hormonal and it does have magnesium in it, but for crying out loud- it doesn’t reverse progesterone deficiency!
    For 14 years I’ve witnessed what low progesterone does to postpartum moms. They are anxious, fearful, over stressed, full of self-doubt and scared that it will always be this way. They lay awake at night wondering exactly how they would handle a home intrusion. “Let’s see, I’d grab that heavy lamp to hit they guy; then escape through that door…” They are subject to all sorts of difficulties that are hormonally and nutritionally based.
    I’m SO pleased that all of you now have information on a validated alternative. If I were feeling this way, I’d use Progessence Plus brand natural progesterone daily (www.youngliving.com. Use number 1371763 to purchase at retail or wholesale); and I’d include a calcium/mineral/vitamin D supplement like Synerpro from (http://www.mynsp.com/esuite/home/wellpostpartum) or Empower Plus from Truehope. These choices will stop the horrible symptoms of progesterone deficiency in most cases. Then, when that “fire is put out” and symptoms are resolved, women can go deeper to discover what conditions of the body are allowing poor hormone balance. I am more than happy to work with these women individually to gain more understanding and become healthy and full of vitality. Hint: this topic includes built up toxins in the body and the lack of healthy fats in the diet. The no-fat/low-fat craze is another lie from the pharmaceutical industry.
    I wish I could respond to all these comments individually, but I’m looking forward to reading about progress you all are making as Leslie continues to offer help for hormone balance. All my best wishes!

  211. Hello, Linda – I am so glad you found yourself to this post. As you can see you are – unfortunately – in good company. Over 200 women have posted here – most since June. My first question is – why is everything in your life really wonderful – do you mean that everything else in your life is good – except for the symptoms you are experiencing? I am sorry you have lost the support of your gyn.

    Here is the deal – people become doctors to ‘do no harm’. We have gone to them because we trust their education and expertise in treating illness. This is far different than being trained in a wellness paradigm.

    Understanding hormone imbalance – now in epidemic proportions – is relatively new. We have taken all of the ‘symptoms’ of the imbalance and classified them as separate diseases when in essence the root cause is hormone imbalance.

    This is a new and frightening area for doctor’s too. It is a horrible thing to be confronted with fact that what you thought and was told would be the best option for your patient is what indeed has harmed them.

    The thing is – our environment is so toxic and the accumulation of xeno-estrogens is prevalent and estrogen is now building up in our bodies from generations of birth control us – we have reached a tipping point. This is new territory for doctor’s and patients alike.

    Education about nutritional therapies and hormone balancing is crucial. But any therapy – whether medicinal or nutritional has to be done with a commitment. You can’t just pop a few vitamins and think you are taking care of the problem. There are protocols and conscious decisions that need to be made. Nutrient therapy is not drug therapy where you take a pill and feel better. Drugs mask the symptoms. Nutrients take awhile to be absorbed by the body – and they take longer to impact (although many people do see immediate relief) because nutrients heal – they do not mask.

    Cheryl Jazzar wrote a great post this morning – and I hope you all read it carefully.
    Truehope EMPowerplus – has 17 published studied – unheard of for an micronutrient or any other nutrient therapy – for anxiety and other mood disorders.

    Linda – and all of you other wonderful women – the type of therapies we are discussing require a change in how you view yourself and whether you want to ‘treat’ the problem or ‘heal’ the problem.

    One choice will keep you in the rabbit hole – the other will bring you into a life of health, well being and empowerment.

    Hormonally yours,


  212. Hello, Stacy – I just sent you a HorMoon Personal Cycle Chart for you to start tracking your anxiety to your menstrual cycle.
    I came up with the name HorMoon last week – when I was creating it. The lunar cycle affects more strongly when women transition into menopause.
    I am happy to email anyone else on this list a chart as well.

    Starting menopause in your 30’s is not normal – but who know little girls are growing breasts and pubic hair at age 6. This is a sign of serious environmental-induced hormone imbalance including generations of birth control use where the synthetic hormones are not just being passed down from grandmother, mother to daughter – but are also being excreted into the water – affecting sex changes in fish – and yes, they are in our drinking water. This is a new issue and I do not think water filtration systems have been designed to take estrogen out of the drinking water supply.

    So that being said what you are experiencing and what your mother – bless her heart – experienced is hormone imbalance from the chemical menopause that the pills cause while you are on them. And this little tidbit of a bomb that everyone needs to know – is that when you have your period on the pill – it is not a ‘period’ it is a chemically induced bleed.

    And I hope you are all using condoms and spermicide for STD protection – so I mean why the pill?

    Be that as it may. Please read through the information here – and the post by Cheryl Jazzar. Natural progesterone and nutrient therapy – as well as heavy metal detoxes are the new medicine. The good news is that they bring control back to our lives. We often lost control when we go on long-term drug therapy.

    What should you do? You need to replace nutrients that your body so badly needs – and you need to balance your hormones. Please use the chart I emailed you.
    Keep posting and let us know how you are doing.

    You are way too young to be going through any of the symptoms you are experiencing.

    Hormonally yours,


  213. JACKIE STOUT says:


  214. Hello, Jackie – Well, I think if you read through all of the posts here- you will see you are not alone in having problems with Depo. However, your problem with Depo is probably combined with the your pregnancy. Pregnancies deplete vital nutrients from our body – all of out nutrient reserves – which are becoming less and less since we are getting less nutritional value out of our foods – goes to the babies we bear so they will be healthy.

    That being said here is your deal: You were on Depo for three years. Depo as well as all other synthetic hormone birth control depletes nutrients from the body. And they cause hormone imbalance. You went off Depo to have your baby and probably did not get enough nutrients during the pregnancy. The pregnancy depletes more nutrients. And then you went back on Depo three weeks after your pregnancy before you body had a chance to recuperate and balance out from the pregnancy. Many women become hormonally imbalance post-pregnancy. So what does Depo do to women going on it who are nutritionally depleted and hormonally imbalanced? Hormone imbalance anxiety. That will only worsen over time if you do not get the proper nutrition. Anxiety is in the brain/mind…..when the brain does not get the nutrition it needs it tells us by manifesting mind disorders.

    Truehope EMPowerplus was specially created for these types of mental imbalances.

    You are right about the Lexapro – however, I would let your doctor know that you took yourself off the drug. Sometimes people have to be weaned off theses things. Drugs provide a short-term fix to the problem (actually masks the real issue – hormone imbalance.) Nutrition heals the imbalance. Once the brain gets the nutrition it needs (and hormone imbalance and hormone production begins in the brain) then the endocrine and immune systems become balanced.

    Read this information on the NeuroScience Inc. page:

    “Neuroendoimmunology is an emerging field of medical science that seeks to understand the interconnectedness of the nervous, endocrine, and immune systems. Progressive research in this field suggests each of these three systems function as a larger whole, termed the ‘NEI Supersystem’.”

    This is another great company and I have used their products as well. I have seen women’s anxiety and hormone imbalance issues disappear. However, one needs to have a doc who is certified by their company order the product.

    Lay people can order the Truehope EMPowerplus. When you call you will be professionally screamed by trained experts and given professional advice.

    You do not have to live this way.
    I found this wonderful blog post today and am going to re-post it to my site:

    How’s that cycle? And I’m not talking bikes.

    “We can tell a lot from our hormonal health by looking at things like how long our cycles are (meaning how often we are getting out period), how heavy or light they may be‚Äì all those ooey gooey details that tampons (did you read this?) help us to ignore. The monthly period is like a cleanse for the vag- the easiest cleanse you‚Äôll ever do. Just let nature run its course. It‚Äôs like a sweet little self-cleaning oven. If we aren‚Äôt putting our best period forward, perhaps we should think about addressing this from the root cause, rather than popping a pill and waiting for the next problem down the line to rear its ugly head. It always does.”

    BTW – when you stop this natural cycle with synthetic hormones problems will occur. And women do not have periods on synthetic hormones. They are called ‘chemical bleeds.’

    Naturopaths and alternative health practitioners understand the importance of hormone health.
    Please come back and let us know what choices you have made for your hormone health.
    Always here to support you.

    Hormonally yours,


  215. Thanks to this web site I found the remedy to all of what was wrong with me. I was I figures that a well educated doctor would have done a better job but all I got was no answers and xanax. I found vitamin injections called beyodectas a vitamin b complex that with only one I can say I got my life back I went to an al natural store in Chicago that recomended these to me they come in a package of 5 injections they hurt a little but my anxiety level has decreesed sevierly , I feel like a normal pearson , before i would even cry for no reason have anxiety attacks to the point of not wanting to leave the house , i also got an al natural tea from amazon.com I have 2kids and economicaly tight the tea is called malabar sinsstress or stress free I boil a liter of water and put 2in and drink it a little all day and it does wonders if i would have known of this soner I would have not been so stressed out to the point that o was thinking that something was wrong with me and I was going to die sounds ridiculous but that’s anxiety..my email is ymortega23@yahoo.com if any one has a question..

  216. Yolanda – I am so happy the resources on this site and the information and heart-felt comments from other women made an impact on you. You have made my day.
    The only thing wrong with you is hormone imbalance… and that is the issue of the day.
    What a relief to know that you are ok with some nutritional support. And thank you for sharing some simple cost-effective remedies that have helped you on your journey.
    Feeling like you are doing to ‘die’ is not ridiculous… it is sad and many others feel the same way..

    I hope others will email you – it is time we all use our women’s intuition to heal what ails us.
    Our grandmothers knew this all along.

    Please keep posting and let us know how your are doing.
    I will be putting together a webinar and will be inviting all of you to join myself and other natural practitioners to share badly needed information on hormone health.

    Hormonally yours,


  217. Thnk you Leslie before I felt alone and no one understood what I was going through and yes grandmother and moms know best didn’t listen to mine which I should have in the first place and yes it was all in nurition thnk you for your time and help!!!!!!!!

  218. You are welcome Yolanda. It all comes back to an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Good wisdom in that one. Of course, these days we have to scrub the toxins off the apple skin – or go organic! Blessings to you.

  219. Mythraie.D says:

    Hi! My name is Mythraie. I usually get my menstural cycle only once in 3-4 montha and sometimes six months. Of late, I am so stressful, scolding and abusive to my dear ones. I am not the same throughout. Either I sooo happpy or Im in deep shit. I live in two extremes now which is not at all me! Im stressed out is true but everyday fighting with my dear ones is reallly sad. I am not getting proper sleep. I always keep thinking 24 hours except when I am watching tv. Otherwise, my brain does not stop thinking even when I am asleep. I really don’t now to whom shuld I share all this. Dreaming all the time. I am soo addicted to this and now and then I am talking,laughing and imagining situations and talking all alone(with my realisation). I am tooo short tempered and love my parents and fiance but When I get angry, I start abusing physically or verbally. Please please advise.

  220. Hello, Mythraie – You have a bad case of the hormone blues. And it sounds like you are nutritionally depleted. I do not want to sound like a broken record… but here it is again. all of our body functioning begins in the brain. When the brain does not get the nutrients it needs – all systems in the body begin to break down. But the first to go is the mind, mood and emotions. There is a lot of science behind the research on nutrition and the brain and endocrine and immune system. You are safe here in being honest about what you are going through.

    Help is only one phone call away. Call the Truehope EMPowerplus people and explain what is going on with your emotions to them. They developed their micronized nutritional supplement for people with bipolar disorder. It helps to calm the brain and prevent the manic episodes from occurring. Your brain is crying out for help and so are you. Call their 800 number today and let their professionals speak with you about what is happening to you.

    Once you get the information/education you need – then you will understand that this imbalance is manageable and treatable.
    Two things you need to know about the brain: The brain never ages – and the brain can heal itself if given the right nutrients.

    Check out this website too:


    The Neuro-Endo-Immune (NEI) Supersystem – The Brain-Body Connection
    The Neuro-Endo-Immune (NEI) Supersystem incorporates three vital disciplines: Neurology, Endocrinology, and Immunology. Evaluation of the NEI Supersystem – through the measurement of neurotransmitters, hormones, and cytokines – represents nervous, endocrine, and immune function, respectively. Assessment of these essential biochemical mediators provides important insight into the root causes contributing to clinical conditions.

    Neuroendoimmunology is an emerging field of medical science that seeks to understand the interconnectedness of the nervous, endocrine, and immune systems. Progressive research in this field suggests each of these three systems function as a larger whole, termed the “NEI Supersystem.” Within this supersystem, the nervous system plays the integral role of modulating the function of the immune and endocrine systems via the hypothalamic-pituitary axes and innervation of endocrine and immunological organs. However, due to the interconnected nature of this larger system, the nervous system is also reciprocally influenced by the effects of the endocrine and immune systems. Disruptions in the function of one system will ultimately have an impact on the function of all three systems.

    Stay in touch and let us know what you are doing.
    We all need to support each other on this page.

    Hormonally yours,


  221. Hi there
    I was diagnosed with panic disorder 18 years ago. I got it under control through diet, positive thinking and some behavioral counseling . I have some low grade anxiety episodes since, but nothing debilitating . I had a hysterectomy 15 years ago…but was left with ovaries. I’m 48 and the panic has returned. For the first time, I am struggling to get it under control and I am wondering if it could me hormonal ? Since I don’t get a period I haven’t paid much attention to when the episodes occur, but they do seem to occur monthly. I’m frustrated beyond belief. I want to approach my Dr with some semblance of a plan …but I have no idea what sort of hormonal problem this is. Any suggestions or help…I will take. I don’t like taking medication at all, so if there is a holistic or natural solution, I would be happier.

  222. Ok Jane. You did great – diet, positive thinking and counseling…. what you are experiencing is the decline in hormones production leading into menopause.
    I am going to send you a Personal Cycle Chart where you can start tracking your anxiety to the days of the month. You need to be supporting your body with nutritional supplements – whole food from a health food store – not synthetic… watch your diet and perhaps you might want to look into a natural progesterone cream. I am recommending Progessence Plus Serum from Young Living . The essential oils in this natural progesterone help clear out the receptor sites of built up toxins so that the progesterone – which reduces anxiety – can be absorbed at a cellular level.

    I will have more information about this on my site next week.

    You are sliding down a hormone roller coaster into menopause. If you support your body nutritionally with supplements and natural progesterone you will coast right in. If you do not support your body chances are you will take a dive.

    I am emailing the chart now.
    Let me know if you have questions or comments.

    Hormonally yours,


  223. I am 39. I suffer fro very bad anxiety for years. The past year I felt as though something hot moving thru my body and i was going to pass out. The drs keep saying its anxiety. Now i just found out i am pregnant. Last week i almsot admitted my self to a psych hospital cause i felt as if i was losing my mind. I feel like i get hormone surgs and losing my mind. Im happy to have found this thread puts me at ease alittle at least! Do you have any suggestions? Like ive been feeling maybe i cant handle being pregnant? wow its scary to write that.

  224. Hello Tara – You need to listen to my interview with Autumn Stringham next Monday night on October 22. Autums suffered from bipolar disorder and checked herself into a psych hospital many times to protect her husband and children from her manic episodes. Not saying your situation is the same – but Autumn turned her life around with the use of the Truehope EMPowerplus. Autumn also realized that her bipolar was triggered by hormone surges. Hormone imbalance is the root cause of anxiety, and other issues.

    Am sure you feel like you cannot handle being pregnant. Your body is right. What it is really saying is “HELP ME! I DO NOT HAVE THE NUTRITIONAL SUPPORT TO KEEP YOU HEALTHY – AND NOW WE ARE PREGNANT AND I DO NOT KNOW WHERE I AM GOING TO GET THE NUTRIENTS TO FEED THIS BABY.”

    Be that as it may, your body will take every single last nutrient you have in you to feed that baby. And when your pregnancy is over your will really be hormonally whacked and nutritionally depleted.

    Call Truehope today. Let their professionals help you. The Truehope icon is on my home page. You need whole food nutritional supplements. Do not fall for the synthetic prenatal vitamins your doctor will prescribe. Synthetics will not be absorbed by the body.

    You need to get well and healthy for your baby. The only way to do that is through nutritional support. And if you go through the next 9 months without nutritional support you will crash and burn post-pregnancy. And that is the time you want to enjoy with your partner and your newborn. Please listen to my radio interview with Pospartum Wellness Consultant, Cheryl Jazzar and you will have a better understanding of how crucial your health is – and how each pregnancy we go through takes essential vitamins and nutrients out of the body.

    Keep visiting and posting and let us know how you are doing.

    Hormonally yours,


  225. Leslie,
    I am about to turn 25 and a year ago when i got married I stopped my birthcontrol because I wanted to strart a family. Thats when my life got flipped upside down. I have been on BC since I was 12 and only stopped to switch types. Had horrible periods as a girl. NOW since stopping a year ago I have the worst anxiety and mood swings ever. I feel so out of control and angry sometimes cause I snap at my husband. I feel so down all the time and like I said the mood swings are unbelievableIm getting ready to go back on birthcontrol because its the only time i feel somewhat okay but im devastated because we havent been able to get pregnant and now I feel like giving up my body hates me.



  226. Hello, Megan- Honey you have the hormone blues. Birth control since the age of 12 is not only unhealthy – it is unwise – unless you were sexually active and irresponsible. But I have a feeling you were put on birth control because of your horrible periods. Birth control only masks the symptoms of anxiety and depression – while you are becoming more and more hormonally imbalanced.

    Ok – you need to talk to Cheryl Jazzar. She is a Postpartum Wellness Consultant – but she knows a lot about natural progesterone and nutrition – the two things you need right now to take care of your anxiety and to get you to start producing your own natural hormones.

    See- your hormones are imbalanced because of the birth control you have been on. Your natural hormones have been shut down for 13 years. They are not going to kick into gear over night – or in a few months even. And the only way to support natural hormone production is with nutrition and some natural hormones. Cheryl can help with that.

    If you go back on birth control now – it will only take longer to get pregnant next time and your body will even be more hormonally imbalanced and nutritionally depleted. And your anxiety will be worse – and will only get worse. I will make sure Cheryl is aware of your email. I will be speaking with her at noon today. I am sure she will respond.

    Megan -you need some gentle nurturing right now so that you can start healing and start producing your own hormones so that you and your husband can have a happy, healthy baby – and be happy, healthy parents. We can help you with that.

  227. Ashley Evans says:

    I have struggled with Migraines since I was 12, I am now 29. I had my first baby in May this year. I had been on Amitriptlyn 100mg for years prior to conceiving. I had to quit taking that medicine and I started to have migraines daily so I had to be put on a beta blocker after the 1st trimester. I remained on it until I delievered then stopped and went back on the amitriptlyn 50mg. I was put on birth control but a different kind than I took before. I was put on Sprintec. (used to use tri sprintec) in August. Mid August I had an episode where I had numbness on the right side of my body and felt weakness while I was driving. I felt really weird like I have never felt. I went to the er and they dismissed it as a migraine. My dr upped my dosage to 100mg of Amitriptlyn. Well in September I had another episode this time a little worse, numbness on my right side, felt extremely weak things in slow motion. THEN I had another one a few weeks later. This one I had numbness again on my right side and things seemed to be in slow motion extremely weak my dr put me on Topamax 50mg at nights. He said if that didn’t work then it’s just anxiety. I really wasn’t too happy with that response because I used to struggle with anxiety and I know what it is.. Yes I am having anxiety, but only because I am having horrible symptoms that noone can figure out.. Then the following week I had numbness on right side, things going in slow motion, and this time I couldn’t talk, and had a headache. I went to the ER they did a cat scan and a blood count and everything was clear. The nurse was saying something about birth control. I called my OBGYN and have an apt tomorrow. Any insight on this matter?? Could it be a side effect of this birth control? Hormones?? Never had this issue prior to my pregnancy..Can’t live like this this should be the happiest times in my life and spend with my son not be sick:(

  228. Hi Megan, How awful to read about your anxiety- and how heartbreaking that you feel you are struggling in such a deep way that would prevent you from having a baby. I’m so sorry to read it.
    The truth is you CAN have a baby and be a great mom. And, you can do so the way nature designed; with peace and hormone BALANCE! Sorry, but synthetic drugs controlling things like pregnancy and ovulation are not what nature designed. Going against nature might seem like the easy way, but it has it’s price.
    Contact me any time at cjazzar at wellpostpartum dot com. We can talk together with Leslie and develop a simple plan for you. You can get past this.

  229. Hello, Ashley – Migraines at 12 indicates hormone imbalance at an early age. You need to be seeing a good holistic doctor/OBGYN for your issues. They are complex and a combination to nutritional deficiency, hormonal imbalance….and maybe side effects with meds as well. The number one thing you can do is find a practitioner who can help you detox and then build up your immune system. I am sure the outcome of your meeting with your OBGYN is that you are now on more synthetic birth control that is depleting your body of essential nutrients – just like all your other meds. Your pregnancy took out essential nutrients as well.

    I would suggest you call Truehope for information on EMPowerplus – but I think you need more support than that. Can you let me know where you live and I will help you find someone who is able to support your needs?

    Hormonally yours,


  230. Thank you for this post-I read almost all of the responses. I am 34 and have been on and off the pill since I was 18. I have never been on it longer than 3 years-I guess because it never felt quite right to me. I just recently got off the pill again-it has been about 4 months. I have had slight reactions going off and on the pill, but this time has been the worst I have ever experienced. I actually didn’t know what was happening to me at first- I thought I was losing my mind. Then I realized the only thing that had changed was going off the pill. I have extreme anxiety, racing heart, heart palpitations, irritability and it just feels like I am a different person. My general worries that might have been at a 1 or 2 on a scale of 1 to 10 are now at a 10+. I am having major negative thoughts towards my husband and it makes me have doubts about our relationship-I have never had these intrusive thoughts before! I can’t seem to let them go…it is like I developed OCD overnight. I also cant focus at work. This past month was the worst and I have been trying to keep track of how I am feeling…the one thing I did notice is that the day before my period was my best day, I felt like myself, but that has been it. I am so fearful of what is happening and I dont want to mess up my relationship. I have been taking a multi-vitamin, fish oil, primrose, b-complex. And I scheduled myself to see a therapist. I was wondering if you have any suggestions of someone I could see about regulating hormones (naturopath?) in San Francisco.

  231. Hello CK – I am glad you read through the post… 233 women have posted here. And 233 women all have the same story. Hormone imbalance and nutrient depletion. This is a serious issue for women and men – and is affecting relationships – on many levels. Please visit the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians web site – and put in your zip code and you find a practitioner in your area.

    I highly recommend a naturopath before a therapist. You do not need to talk about your issues – nor mask your issues with prescription drugs – what you need is to heal the hormone imbalance and nutrient depletion and you will be on the road to hormone recovery.

    You may also want to try some natural progesterone.
    Am including a link here – so that you read about Progessence Plus. Here is another link with more information – http://www.bobjan.com/files/Testimonials_Prgessence_Plus_Serum_B.pdf

    Progesterone influences our mind, moods and hormone cycles. With all of the birth control you have been on – you are probably estrogen dominant. Most women are.
    Email me at leslie@holyhormones.com if you would like more information.

    You came to the right place for help and support.

    Hormonally yours,


  232. Jay Smith says:

    Hi, I started taking the pill about a year ago. I am 22 years old. I met my boyfriend a year and 3 months ago then after having to take the morning after pill, which caused me to cry constantly for no apparent reason and feel low and anxious, i started to take the birth control pill, so i would never have to take that again. I went to the doctor and said about my emotions and she explained to me it was the result of taking a pill full of hormones which were alien to my body as i had never taken any form of birth control before. Since taking the pill i feel very emotional a few days before i am due my period. I also have a bit of anxiety and the paranoid unwanted negative thoughts. I always thought this was a result of taking the pill but after reading this i feel a sense of relief that i believe i have hormonal imbalance rather than wondering if i had perhaps gone loopy. Also since taking the pill i feel like i am always overly tired and lethargic. I am so happy i have come across this article. Many Thanks, Jay.

  233. Jay Smith says:

    Hi, I started taking the pill about a year ago. I am 22 years old. I met my boyfriend a year and 3 months ago then after having to take the morning after pill, which caused me to cry constantly for no apparent reason and feel low and anxious, i started to take the birth control pill, so i would never have to take that again. I went to the doctor and said about my emotions and she explained to me it was the result of taking a pill full of hormones which were alien to my body as i had never taken any form of birth control before. Since taking the pill i feel very emotional a few days before i am due my period. I also have a bit of anxiety and the paranoid unwanted negative thoughts. I always thought this was a result of taking the pill but after reading this i feel a sense of relief that i believe i have hormonal imbalance rather than wondering if i had perhaps gone loopy. Also since taking the pill i feel like i am always overly tired and lethargic. I am so happy i have come across this article. Can you give me any nutritional advice? Many Thanks, Jay.

  234. Ashley Evans says:

    I live in Springfield, Ohio. I am desperate to try anything. I started the migraines with auras at 12 as well. I always got the flashes of light with the zig zags and they were always so predictible. Now I have no idea if I am having a migraine or what especially with all these stroke like symptoms. I did go back to my doctor and he gave me a birth control pill with the lowest form of estrogen. I am supposed to start tomorrow, but I don’t know if I should wait or what.

  235. Ashley Evans says:

    * I was responding to the question about where I live so you could connect me with someone that can help…

  236. I am 45 years old and started having some bleeding in between my periods about 1 1/2 years ago off and on. I was on microgestin birth control at the time. About a year ago I had my first panic attack after severe anxiety from a Heath issue. I was told it was hormonal and tried many different antidepressants but couldn’t tolerate due to side effects. My gyno kept me on same birth control but on a little higher dosage. He also told me to take a multivitamin but have trouble with that because anxiety causes stomach issues. Just recently he switched me to seasonable birth control and was told this would help the fluctuating hormones and I also take xanax twice a day which helps a little. I have been on birth control for the last 15 years. All. Bloodwork done is normal but I always feel horrible. Anxiety everyday, very irritable and depression that seams to be worse around my period. I also have burning mouth which not really sure if that is from hormonal, anxiety, or gerd. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

  237. Hello Ashley – am so glad you got back to me. Go to the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians web site and put your zip code in the find a naturopathic doctor finder. I just found out about this site. As far as the birth control pill goes…. are you actively having sex? Do you have a backup method? You may want to start and then consult with a naturopathic physician.

    What do you mean by ‘stroke-like symptoms’ – that is severe – does your doctor know this – and he still put you on BCP’s? I am having problem with this – but I am not in a position to advise – just provide information. Please see a naturopathic physician immediately.

    Keep us advised here as to the state of your health and your progress.


  238. Hello, Jay – Imagine how many women are wandering around feeling ‘loopy’ and they are not aware of hormone imbalance? So glad your path took you here. Hope you are reassured by what you are reading. I have been researching products for many months – and the Truehope EMPowerplus is top of my list for hormone imbalance anxiety. The product was designed for Bipolar Disorder – which we now know is another form of hormone imbalance. EMPowerplus has empowered men and women all over the world – by helping them get off their bipolar medications – for a happier and healthier life.

    BTW – I really like the explanation your doctor gave you. The pill depletes nutrients too….. and causes hormone imbalance – if you nutrate yourself you will be able to handle the pill and feel less anxious and depressed. Hormone imbalance will cause paranoid and unwanted negative thoughts. Hormone production starts in the brain – and if the brain does not get the nutrition it needs – all of these negative feelings come about. And they only get worse as time goes on.

    Please go to the Truehope site and find out more information. Then pick up the phone and call them. Their trained medical professionals will answer all of your questions.

    Hormonally yours,


  239. Ashley – ask your physician about natural progesterone too…. you could have too much estrogen.

  240. Do you know you are at a higher risk for so many health problems if you are on the pill after the age of 40?
    You are nutritionally depleted and hormonally imbalanced. Anti-depressants and BCP’s are only going to mask the symptoms.
    Time to get off of birth control. PERIOD. You are depleted…. and BTW – since you have been on BCP’s for the past 15 years – you have not had a period but you have a ‘chemical bleed.’ Bid difference. Anxiety hormone imbalance – burning mouth I am not sure….but I will tell you this… hormone imbalance and nutrient depletion are the cause of all other health problems. How they manifest is different in each individual. Not sure about the burning mouth.

    What I do know is that you do not have to feel this way. PERIOD. Strengthen your body instead of letting it wear itself out. You have many more healthy years ahead of you. Make the most of them with nutrition.

    Check out Truehope EMPowerplus.

    Call them tomorrow and let the trained medical professionals answer your questions.

    Hormonally yours,


  241. Ashley Evans says:

    It’s me again… I was having numbness on my right side of my face and hands, things were going in slow motion, and my last episode I couldn’t talk, I tried and it wouldn’t come out. I went to the er they did a blood count and a CT scan and they said it was clear. Since then the right side of my head has felt light headed like. Since the incident I stopped taking bc. I was at my ob on wednesday and I was taking Sprintec which I had not taken before I was on Tri-Sprintec. He said that Sprintec had a higher level of estrogen. He put me on the lowest form of estrogen bc pill. I am married and have a 5 month old son. I never had problems besides regular migraines with auras (the flashes of light) prior to my pregnancy. During pregnancy I had to be taken off my migraine meds then they put me on blood pressure medicines to try to block the migraines it helped a little but I had to stop after delivery because my bp went too low. Then they put me back on my medicine prior to my pregnancy. Then about 3 months after my birth is when I started having the stroke like symptoms. My neurologist said it was my migraines and if the new meds (he prescribed me topamax 50mg too) didn’t help then I was just having anxiety. I don’t believe they are anxiety.. yes I am having anxiety because of the symptoms I am having. I am not happy with my neurologist that is why I am looking else where.

  242. Hi Leslie,
    I had sent an email before, but didn’t receive a response. I’m pretty desperate to get your opinion as to what you think may be wrong with me.

    Approx. 1 year ago I had a prolactinoma tumour removed from my pituitary. My female hormones were horribly depressed for many many years. I am now producing these hormones, however, I feel truly awful. According to my endo., all my hormone markers are fine this includes: estrog., progest., thyroid, cortisol, and prolactin. However, my growth hormone is quite low. I also have terribly painful menstrual cramps – and they are awful.

    I do not feel like myself – I have terrible insomnia, high-chronic anxiety 24 hours a day, depression, crying, feel detached, no passion or enjoyment – even my personality feels different to me. I just feel flat. I obsess all the time – and my brain just won’t turn off.

    I’m on antidepressant, a very low dose ativan and a sleeping pill – which make feel feel worse I think. I don’t even know anymore what normal feels like. I scard of ativan – and the withdrawal affects, but I don’t think I can get off of the med. right now when I’m feeling this way.

    Do other women feel like this – that there is just something wrong, they don’t feel themselves, sad, not happy and just off? Unfortunately, for the past year I have been unable to work and my job is now becoming in jeopardy.

    Please let me know your thoughts Leslie.

    Thank you,


  243. Autumn Stringam Promises Hope for Bipolar Disorder on Holy Hormones Honey! October 22

    A Promise Of Hope

    A Mother’s Suicide.
    A Daughter’s Destiny.
    A Father’s Miracle.

    In “A Promise of Hope” Autumn Stringam unravels her true story of living with a severely bipolar mother and growing to become depressed and then wildly ill herself. When Dad saves her with an off the wall miracle of discovery, life becomes a roller coaster ride of rebellion, recovery, government raids and triumph in court. 15 years later, this unlikely discovery challenges everything you thought you knew about mental illness.

    Tomorrow night on my radio show – please take the time to listen. You will all become empowered with knowledge about nutrition and your hormone-related anxiety.

  244. Linda S – first of all my most deep and sincere apologies for not seeing your post.

    Do other women feel like this Рthat there is just something wrong, they don’t feel themselves, sad, not happy and just off?
    Yes. There are now 246 comments to this blog post all from women suffering like you.

    You do not have to feel this way.
    Everything you have described here – SCREAMS of hormone imbalance.

    Please call Truehope EMPowerplus and get some immediate nutritional support to balance your hormones. That is one step – and a beginning…but it is possible your will feel better in days. Miracles have taken place with nutrition alone… then we may look at natural progesterone… which will also help with anxiety and depression.

    I do not know how old you are – but you are too young to be unable to work. Let’s get you on the road to health and recovery.

    You can also consult with Cheryl Jazzar with Postpartum Wellness Consulting about hormone imbalance….especially if you have had kids. Even if you have not Cheryl will be able to help you with the Progessence Plus.

    You are in good hands here – if you take this advice you will stop being restlesslinda and become vibrantlinda.

    Hormonally yours,


  245. Ok – so now I know you have had a pregnancy on top of this. Hormone imbalance and nutrition depletion for starters.
    I have asked Cheryl Jazzar and Dr. Catherine Rott to respond to your post.

    You need some good natural medicinal methods to overcome this.
    Call Truehope – see a naturopath – Do something. You need to be looking out of the box – at least to compare what can work… you are in a vicious cycle synthetic hormones, nutrient depletion, hormone imbalance an anti-depressants. Time to heal. You have been masking the symptoms too long.

    I hope you stay here and keep posting and let me know how your are doing – what your new health practitioners are saying and your progress.
    Health is on the way!

    Hormonally yours,


  246. Dear CK:
    There is a great bio identical Dr. in Danville, CA (The Bay area) that you might want to contact. Her name is Dr. Carol Banyas http://www.carolbanyasmd.com She can also help with the anxiety/panic/ocd.
    Best regards,

  247. Thank you Teresa…. Your comments and resources are always welcome here…


  248. Ashley Evans says:

    I sent a message to a Center of Naturopathy to see about making an appointment. I really hope this will help. I will be monitoring this page to see if the others respond to my comments. Thank you so much for your help!

  249. Ashley Evans says:

    Sorry to keep bombarding your posts…but I was supposed to start the other birth control pill my obgyn gave me called lo loestrin fe tonight, but when I was reading the pamplet it says Who should not take this pill: Ever had certain kinds of severe migraine headaches with aura, numbness, weakness, or changes in vision. That is exactly what I have been having… I am scared to take this. Like I said I just had a baby in May I am married so it’s not like I HAVE to take the pill I can wait and make my husband wait or just take extra precaution. I don’t know if I should take it…or any birth control for that matter…

  250. Hi Ashley:
    The warning “Who should not take this pill” is just that….an indicator that you could have severe side effects. It’s about empowering yourself Ashley and taking ownership of your health to make the right choices for you. You know your body best. Inform your doctor of your choice and show him the side effect listed and warning. Dr.’s take the oath of “Do no Harm” and I am sure he/she will do their best to support you in your decisions. I gave you the name of an excellent Dr. in the Bay area who deals with hormonal issues accompanied with anxiety/panic/ocd/depression and other. I am not sure you saw my post so here is the information again. http://www.carolbanyasmd.com if you would like her office number please email me at teresa@mmhforum.org. Dr. Banyas also provides vitamins/minerals/amino acids to help rebuild hormonal health.

  251. Ashley – I am so glad Teresa responded to your post last night. You are right about the side effects on the pill insert. At this point, you may not be a good candidate for oral contraceptives. Since you are married – you are in a safer position than being single – however any woman can get pregnant. Have your husband use a condom and spermicide for now… I know he may not like it – but you need to get on your feet and get healthy before you accidentally get pregnant again. A pregnancy wipes you out nutritionally. You need to get those nutrients replaced and get your health issues resolved. I am going to email you a chart so you can start tracking your symptoms.

    Why don’t you go to Google Play and download an app to track ovulation? There are many goods ones there. I was checking them out the other day. Teresa gave you some great information. Glad you called on the Naturopathy folks for help…..

    Between reading the insert and making that phone call – don’t you feel a little more empowered? And this is just the beginning. Once you naturally heal yourself you will be soaring. Education is very empowering. Making healthy choices is empowering too.

    Hormonally yours,


  252. Ashley Evans says:

    Is this person available online? I live in Ohio. I will be talking on the phone with a place called Happy Hormone Cottage (www.happyhormonecottage.com) it is one of the places in my area that does those types of things as well… I am going to see what they offer as well. I did not take the pill last night. I still feel so tired and still feeling light headed that I don’t feel comfortable driving long distances so I am hoping with all this new information I can finally nip this and maybe not have to take the migraine medicine that I take since I still get them anyways! Again that you so much for all of your help and I will definitely be keeping in touch!

  253. Hello Ashley – I was not aware of these folks… thanks for sending the information.
    Please make sure that their compounding pharmacy for bioidentical hormone therapy is using natural hormones and not synthetic.
    But even if they do – I would consider this. I think you do need immediate attention. I am so glad you are reaching out and exploring this.
    Please let us know how you experience was and how they can support you.

    I am so relieved you are doing this.
    Will look forward to hearing from you again.

    Hormonally yours,


  254. Hi Ashley,

    I admire what you are going through to find answers. It’s not always easy to navigate all the side effects and fears; or even the great suggestions and ideas you might come across. All the suggestions above are great!

    Please keep in mind that if you decide to use Progessence Plus by visiting http://www.youngliving.com you will use number 1371763, which is Leslie’s company, Neurocycle Research Institute. You will be supported by the naturopathic physician Dr. Catherine Rott, Leslie and myself. We also have networks of people who can provide hands on care in Ohio if you are desiring that, but most of what you need can be achieved long distance using our many networks of support.
    Progessence Plus is a liquid progesterone supplement that is enhanced with essential oils to aid in uptake of the natural hormone, progesterone. We see many great results, especially with new moms. Here are some testimonials you might want to check out: http://www.oil-testimonials.com/aromatherapy.php?t=1&q=progessence plus.
    By the way, it contains peppermint essential oil, which is great for headaches. You can use 7-9 drops, twice per day. Putting it right on your temples might help with your headaches, since peppermint is anti-inflammatory and analgesic, too. You can use it anyplace you’d like on the body- some women put it on the ovaries or just their arms if they are in public. Women usually feel a lot better 3-4 days after starting Progessence Plus.

    You’re doing a great job seeking answers. Keep it up and you will get where you want to be.

  255. Hi Ashley:
    Oops I didn’t realize you were in Ohio. My mistake. I thought you were in San Fransisco. You wouldn’t be able to do this online. From you last post it sounds like you are on track. 🙂 Teresa

  256. Autumn Stringam Promises Hope for Bipolar Disorder on Holy Hormones Honey! October 22

    To all the women who have shared their stories of hormone-related anxiety and depression on this page – please take the time to listen to Autumn Stringam’s interview on my radio show last night. We discuss her bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression, hospitalization – and the miracle nutrient cure that got her off her meds in two months. That miracle cure is Truehope’s EMPowerplus. Autumn also discusses how natural progesterone cream changed her anxiety levels in 20 minutes.

    Autumn and I shared simple yet beneficial ways for women and men suffering from anxiety issues to start feeling better immediately.

    Hormonally yours,


  257. Cassandra says:

    Have any of you asked your doctors to check your thyroid? Thyroid also emits hormones and if you have hyperthyroid, you will feel all of these symptoms.

    I too am going through a recurrence of panic/anxiety having suffered my whole life from this. I’d become leveled out by medication, reduced meds fine, have great doctors. Now, at 43, I have had a huge blow as a result of either perimenopause or hyperthyroid. Whatever the case, it’s physical–it starts IN my body–the fear symptoms and then goes to my head. Right now, I can’t be alone as I am too afraid, but I am feeling a bit better each day with the increase of paxil while I wait for my blood tests.

    People Xanax, Paxil–these drugs are to HELP you during these difficult times. Why suffer? There are vitamins and many other things to add to your regime, but don’t discredit antidepressants unless you have a problem in general with the medications.

    Having a doctor that listens is your best choice. If your doctor dismisses your feelings, try to find one who will LISTEN.

  258. Cassandra – thanks for posting. I think the women here have been on round after round of medications and they are looking for a safe place to tell their stories and to learn from each other. I am glad you found drug therapy that has worked for you. But remember – drug therapy is for short term use – not long term. Healing takes place with balancing hormones and getting nutrated. New concepts I know. And a lot of education has to happen before women (and men) get this. Why don’t you listen to Autumn Stringam’s radio interview on using nutritional therapy for her bipolar disorder…. and yes, we discuss the thyroid in relation to bipolar, anxiety and depression.

    Thanks for visiting and keep on posting.

    Hormonally yours,


  259. WOW!!! I am sooooo happy to have found this forum. I’m 44 years old, and was on Mirena for about 6 years that was removed 3 years ago. Since then, I have felt a bit out of whack. My face is pretty much covered in melasma, and even though I’ve had it lasered off 3 times, it returns, which made me realize (duh) it is a hormonal issue as I had melasma BAD during pregnancy. I sleep until I wake up as I don’t believe in alarms, yet I wake up sleepy and not rested. I cannot lose weight and have tried EVERYTHING. Right now, I am paying close attention to my caloric intake compared to my exercise and if 3500 calories deficit is how I lose a pound, I should have lost this weight years ago. Again, my input of food is less than my exercise and what my body burns naturally. I don’t trust regular MD’s, but don’t have the funds currently to go to a naturopath. I eat mostly raw organic veggies (no fruits) with fish (no meat as I am a pescatarian), freshly ground chia and flax daily, along with diatomaceous earth. Again, I should NOT be 170lbs, grumpy, and not me. I am sick of this!!! Please help me. A friend mentioned hashimoto’s? I’d like to know what I can do, eat, and supplement naturally to cure this and move on. I am in sales, and confidence is a huge part of my career. I went from weighing 130lbs to upwards of 170lbs. I need to get back into my size 2-4 and be me again without this constant struggle with fatigue and being unjustifiably fat. My body doesn’t reflect my diet at all.

  260. I also want to mention I don’t eat any sugar, drink alkaline water only, and if I do eat packaged foods for some reason, I won’t eat anything with more than 3-4 ingredients on the label. Not even sure why I wrote all that (I guess I am showing that I’m doing all the right things so that diet and lifestyle may be ruled out), but obviously this is a hormonal issue. I get my period regularly within a day or two every month. I also get sun (sunscreen on the melasma) for vitamin D as I bike 45 min each day and hike a few times a week (I live in AZ). I try to keep my blood PH levels slightly alkaline at 7.365. I’ve got kids, and being health conscious is a top priority so I may raise them to be the best they can be and in control of their health. This is a frustrating situation for me since I’m aware of diet, exercise, etc. If my boys indulge, they know to toss some baking soda in alkaline water to try to reverse the damage. Anyway, any info you can give me, books to read, I mean ANYTHING would be appreciated 🙂

  261. It’s great to read these posts and know I’m not alone. I have been using the oral contraceptive pill (ethinyl estradol and levonogestrel) for period pain for over 7 years. The last year or so I have had headaches every day, my period pain has been getting worse, I’ve had sharp pain where my ovary is, joint pain, increased tiredness. There has not been much increased stress in my life, in fact, things have been going well for me. I had been feeling anxious and emotional a day after taking my first non-active tablet (right before my period). The last three months of using the pill I skipped the non-active tablets so I wouldn’t get my period. I took my first non-active pill for the first time in the last months. The day after taking the first non-active pill I got extremely emotional (for no particular reason) and had a panic attack. The next day was the same. I got my period and I was fine the next three or so days – I felt very energetic and excited about life. The next day I started having panic attacks which wouldn’t stop. Went to Emergency twice! Test results came back normal. I should also mention that I coughed up fresh blood (after a light cough) one week before all of this. The heart palpitations and nausea, and feelings of anxiousness and doom did not stop for about a month. The doctor prescribed me Lexapro and a benzo to make me relaxed. The lexapro made me feel worse for a few weeks and then seemed to work but then stopped. I had a gut feeling that my anxiousness had something to do with the pill. I stopped taking the pill just over 3 weeks ago. I am taking B vitamins, zinc, magnesium and folate. I am feeling better but still not ready to be back at work. My GP wants me to continue with the Lexapro for 12 months however I don’t want to be taking it – she’s extremely sceptical that the oral contraceptive pill is related to my hormones.

    I heard it takes about 2 to 3 months for the body to produce it’s own hormones and function regularly. I hope I will be back to my old self (or even better) soon! I am normally very confident and upset that all of this has happened to me.

  262. I should also mention that since being off the pill my anxiety got worse and I found myself feeling quite depressed. I would be having a nice time and the depression would come on (I am not prone to depression…this is a newish feeling to me). The symptoms have been reducing day by day, but sometimes I seem to have not-so-good days when I’ll have chest pains and heart palpitations.

    I also take fish oil, Vitamin D, Calcium and Vitex.

  263. Hello, Krissy – you need to listen to my radio interviews with Jonathan Bailor, author of The Smarter Science of Slim.he also wrote a gust post titled: How Hormones Help Store or Burn Body Fat ‚Äì Guest Post by Jonathan Bailor. Bailor’s premise is that it is not necessarily the foods we ear – or the quantity, nor it is all about the exercise – or lack of – it is about how well our hormones communicate. It may be that you are nutritionally depleted and hormonally imbalanced. The link to Bailor’s site is here: http://thesmarterscienceofslim.com/. His blog is here (you can post comments and questions): http://thesmarterscienceofslim.com/the-blog/

    The Smarter Science of Slim is… “A proven lifestyle for long-term health. Evidence that eating less and exercising more is harmful. Endorsed by the world-wide scientific community. Approved curriculum for RDs by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.” Eat smarter. Exercise smarter. Live better.

    Keep posting and let us know how you are doing.

    Hormonally yours,


  264. Just reading this post… are you taking whole food vitamins or are you taking synthetic vitamins. Synthetics are not absorbed by the body. You may also be experiencing digestion and absorption issues. Your gut may need to be cleaned out before you can absorb nutrients. I know that when I started the Truehope EMPowerplus and another course of Amino Acid supplements – I was able to drop pounds effortlessly. Truehope has been specifically designed to aid in digestive issues. So many people believe that taking vitamins will do the trick. It is whether or not the vitamins are being absorbed or stored in the fatty tissue that is the key.

    You may also be estrogen dominant – from your environment – although it does not sound like that is the issue or from the Mirena coupled with your mother’s birth control use. You may want to also consider Progessence Plus serum from Young Living. This natural progesterone is applied on a daily basis and it is combined with essential oils that repair the DNA – and also helps to clear out the buildup around the receptor sights of cells so that nutrients and the natural progesterone can be absorbed. Excess estrogen is stored in the fatty cells in our thighs and abdomen mostly. Natural progesterone will offset that imbalance. More information here: http://www.youngliving.us/pdfs/PIP_ProgessencePlus.pdf.

    Let me know if you want to try this valuable balancing product – and I will guide you through the process.

    Hormonally yours,


  265. Hello, Amina – No, you are hardly alone. And after so many years on birth control – it is very possible you are nutrient depleted and hormonally imbalanced. Please listen to my radio interview with Autumn Stringham who cleared up her bipolar disorder using natural supplements targeted to the brain. She has been off meds for 17 years now. But Autumn felt herself slipping back into anxiety filled moments at age 35 and realized they were do to hormonal shifts. She bought some natural progesterone and according to Autumn her anxiety disappeared in 20 minutes. Between the nutrient therapy and the natural progesterone she was back to her healthy self.

    You may be estrogen dominant – from your environment and from your birth control use. You may want to also consider Progessence Plus Serum from Young Living. This natural progesterone is applied on a daily basis and it is combined with essential oils that repair the DNA – and also helps to clear out the buildup around the receptor sights of cells so that nutrients and the natural progesterone can be absorbed. Excess estrogen is stored in the fatty cells in our thighs and abdomen mostly. Natural progesterone will offset that imbalance. More information here: http://www.youngliving.us/pdfs/PIP_ProgessencePlus.pdf.

    Let me know if you are interested and I will guide you on how to order a month’s supply to see how it affects you.

    You are wise to understand that long-term use of anti-depressants only mask the symptoms. Healing starts with nutrition and balancing the hormones.

    Keep posting an let us know how you are doing.

    Hormonally yours,


  266. Hi Krissy (and everyone else fighting the good fight!),

    You sound amazing- and frustrated. You are doing so many things right and still being thwarted at every turn. I understand how that can be.
    I had an excellent herbalist for 13 years and learned a lot, but it wasn’t until I started using Young Living essential oils and a Weston A. Price diet that my health turned around drastically. There are many underlying issues that a naturopath can test for, but a great ND can teach you why a traditional food diet is so important. It’s important enough that all our ancestors used it and thrived in great health, aside from other types of learning curves. But, they weren’t ingesting toxic chemicals by the hundreds of pounds per year and then wondering why they didnt’ feel good, either. They were using fermented foods, bone broth, raw dairy; etc.
    Leslie is absolutely right about the oils’ ability to clean receptor sites and also oxygenate the blood. Those two aspect will aid in nutrient intake at the cellular level. When there is a drug or toxin in the way, the minerals, hormones and vitamins can’t go into the cell. Because they are in Young Living’s Progessence Plus they amp up the power of natural progesterone. It’s amazing what some progesterone can do, but really remarkable what Progessence Plus can do!
    Continuing to talk here is a great idea. I hope we can keep up the dialog.

    ~~Cheryl Jazzar, MHR
    WellPostpartum Consulting

  267. Cassandra says:

    I don’t mean to promote medication and I am delighted that there are natural methods to ease/control hormonal issues.

    I was more saying that people shouldn’t suffer and the root cause can/most likely is medical. From there, it’s up to each person in how they treat their problems.

    I’ve been on medication for many years and medication, supervised by a doctor and making sure dosage is kept the same, is not a bad thing–if it works for you. I could not use natural methods due to other issues with my system. I just don’t want people to suffer the way I have. It’s the most horrible thing ever.

    I wish all of you the best luck in relieving whatever ails you.

  268. Ashley Evans says:

    Just an update. I met with the Happy Hormone Cottage today..I am definitely a candidate, but I can’t do the testing (blood and saliva) until I am 8 months post partum and 6 weeks off birth control pills so they can get an accurate reading of my hormone levels. (I am currently 6 months post partum) so hoping to start the new year off with a new me! I also am filling out paperwork to see a functional medicine doctor to help me as well.. Thanks for all of your help and I will keep you updated!

  269. Jade Brown says:

    Hi, i am 48 yrs old and i am going thru menopause … i have been since march this year and went to the doctors …i am on medication and for the past few months on and off i have been having negative thoughts.. i want to my doctor who said this is from menopause and put my HRT 2 x da y instead of one.. i am so scared as i fear all the time inside of me as something bad is gouing to happen and i dont know what… i hardly sleep with worry and i am always upset and i try to do thing to forget the fear and negative thoughts , but they pop back in there… i feel i am going crazy… please help … is this normal?


  270. hi, i m 22 year old. my doctor have told me that i have imbalance hormones and PCOS. that is why i have irregular periods. doc perscribed me Metformin, and i took medicine several months and i leave because i start having anxiety. i don’t know if the medicine really was giving me anxiety.
    Now i am not taking metformin from 4 to 5 months and i am having severe mood swings, stress, anxiety,Weak, lack of sleep, feel heavy head, some times little headaches without any reason.
    i notice that this wierd feeling usually comes when i eat too much carbohydrates like (Rice, pasta,bread,corn, coke, sweet).
    i did my blood work, my doctor have told me that i have very low B12. and Calcium D is low to. i am not taking any supplements now. please any one in same situation can guide me. i would be thankful.

  271. i also want to include that i watch my diet very carefully. but still, now i am feeling my mind is not in my control such like, racing thoughts, mood swings, depression, panic attacks comes usually every other day.
    i take evening primrose oil for mood swings. but doesn’t help alot..

    please any body can guide me. thankyou.

  272. Jade you are 48 years old, going through menopause – and your endocrine system is worn down. That is what is causing the fear and anxiety. I do not know the your hx of birth control – or how many pregnancies you have – but chances are you are nutritionally depleted and hormonally imbalanced. It is essential you start taking a strong supplement like the Truehope EMPowerplus to nutrate your body.

    Now you are on HRT – and this is further upsetting your hormone balance. HRT is estrogen. Since you are hormonally imbalanced and estrogen dominant – natural progesterone will immediately off set the feeling a anxiety and depression… as well as the negative feelings and the fear. Progesterone – is essential for stabilizing feelings of anxiety. Please listen to the radio interview with Autumn Stringham that I did last Monday night. Autumn used nutrient therapy to cure her bipolar disorder. However, when she was in her mid-30’s she noticed a return to her feelings of anxiety and she was quite concerned about this. Autumn talks about getting natural progesterone cream and within 20 minutes her feelings of anxiety diminished.

    I am offering a Young Living Natural Progesterone called Progessence Plus Serum The natural progesterone is in essential oils that repair the DNA – but most importantly clear the receptor sites (from synthetic hormones) on our cells so that the progesterone can be absorbed by the body.

    Nutrition and hormone balancing will make you feel like yourself – vibrant, happy and healthy. Please contact me at leslie@holyhormones.com for more information.
    You do not have to feel this way. You ask if these feelings are ‘normal’. They are becoming normal for hormonally imbalanced women. But no, they are not normal. You are transitioning into menopause and your body needs some support. It is as simple as that.

    If you do not take care of this now – your symptoms will worsen over time. Please reach out and get some help. You can call Truehope on Monday and they will explain so much more.

    Please keep posting and let us know how you are doing. I am also available for a consultation if you feel you need some educational support about what if going on with your body.

    Hormonally yours,


  273. Hello Amy – welcome to the world of hormone imbalance – easily managed and treated. You are so very young to be experiencing these symptoms… but your PCOS is indicative of estrogen dominance – (hormone imbalance).

    First of all ditch the coke and the sweets – and eliminate the carbs – until our body can handle them again.
    Estrogen mimickers are in plastics, (do not microwave in plastic), plastic water bottles, meats, water and household cleaners. That pretty much sums it up except for synthetic hormones in birth control. You may also be hormonally imbalanced at a young age because of your mother’s use of synthetic birth control. That synthetic estrogen builds up in her body and was passed in utero to you. Also if your mother was not nutritionally healthy when she was carrying you in her uterus – you did not get enough nutrients for yourself.

    We need to get you nutrated and balanced before you start having babies. Otherwise the cycle will continue.

    I would like to suggest you look into a natural progesterone РProgessence Plus Serum. I am offering a Young Living Natural Progesterone called Progessence Plus Serum The natural progesterone is in essential oils that repair the DNA – but most importantly clear the receptor sites (from synthetic hormones) on our cells so that the progesterone can be absorbed by the body.

    I will be posting this product on my site today. The natural progesterone will offset the estrogen dominance in your body immediately.

    Please listen to the radio interview with Autumn Stringham that I did last Monday night. Autumn used nutrient therapy to cure her bipolar disorder. However, when she was in her mid-30′s she noticed a return to her feelings of anxiety and she was quite concerned about this. Autumn talks about getting natural progesterone cream and within 20 minutes her feelings of anxiety diminished.

    Go to your health food store and get some whole food vitamins. Synthetic vitamins like Centrum, or One-A-Day are not absorbed by the body. I would like to recommend the Truehope EMPowerplus that Autumn mentions in her interview – but your budget may not be able to handle that. Whole food vitamins and the Progessence Plus (which is affordable) will make a significant immediate difference. You can contact me at leslie@holyhormones.com and I will be glad to get you more information.

    If you just want to try out a natural progesterone at your health food store to see if it does make a difference. Do that. Ask someone at the store to help guide you. You will have to follow the directions on when and how much to apply to your body. The Progessence Plus is different you apply the same amount everyday.

    Anything you will do at your young age will help. If the conditions continue they will become more complex and will take a longer time to heal.

    Please keep posting here and let us know how you are doing.

    Hormonally yours,


  274. I just realized that the Progessence Plus Serum – natural progesterone infused with essential oils – link that I am providing here does not work – Please use this link for more information. http://www.youngliving.com/anti-aging-creams/Progessence-Plus Although this does not provide as much information as the PDF – I was hoping to provide – you can also research the benefits of natural progesterone on the Internet.

    Progessence Plus is USP-grade, super-micronized progesterone from wild yam blended with essential oils and vitamin E to help women find balance the way nature intended. Specifically formulated by D. Gary Young, ND, and Dan Purser, MD, Progessence Plus maximizes the effects of progesterone by utilizing an innovative delivery system. The first-ever progesterone serum on the market, this essential oil-infused product enhances substance penetration through the skin and contains pure frankincense, bergamot, and peppermint essential oils.

    Progessence Plus is portable, has a pleasant smell, and does not require the cycling of application sites like other progesterone supplements. The product’s clear bottle showcases the purity of this unique serum formulation.

    Primary Benefits
    • Naturally encourages the body’s optimal balance*
    • Is portable, better smelling, and absorbs more quickly than other progesterone supplements
    • Does not require cycling of the application site.

    Who Should Take Progessence Plus?
    • Menstruating females over the age of 12
    • Pre- and postmenopausal women
    • Women seeking natural balance
    • Women looking for a calming sleep aid

    Suggested Use
    • Apply 2–4 drops 2 times daily on neck or other soft-tissue area. For added effect, apply 1–2 drops along forearms 2 times daily. It does not need to be rotated on different areas of the body or cycled throughout the month.
    • Individual needs may vary. Dosage and duration vary from person to person based on age, current progesterone levels, and menstruation (premenopausal, postmenopausal).
    • Progessence Plus may be used after a warm bath or shower.

  275. Well Happy Hormones! Ashley – I am not sure we knew you were 6 months postpartum… knew you had a baby – but if I missed that one I apologize. Get some good (whole food) nutrients from your health food store to get through the next two months… you need those nutrients. Do not get synthetics. Also natural progesterone will help balance your moods and anxiety until you can get into the Happy Hormone Cottage.

    I am so glad you found help and support here to guide you on your healing journey.

    Please stay in touch. I am here to support you until you can get into Happy Hormone Cottage.



  276. Thank you for your post Cassandra…. I so agree with you. Glad you have had good luck with medications – but even medication deplete nutrients.
    No one wants anyone to suffer and each has to choose their own path.

    Glad you are doing well.

    Hormonally yours,


  277. DrCatherine Rott ND, DNM says:

    Dear Jade,

    Leslie & I do consultations regarding essential oils, nutrition, etc., all of which factor into symptoms you are describing. First and foremost, as Leslie indicated, Progessence Plus Serum from Young Living is an excellent beginning. Additionally, I am posting here some information about another product that may be useful for you as well. Peace, DrCatherine

    EndoFlex Essential Oil is an incredible blend of oils that is minty and uplifting. It was designed specifically for to bring balance to the endocrine system. It supports the pineal and pituitary glands as well as the adrenal, thymus and parathyroid glands.

    Use EndoFlex along with oils such as myrrh or myrtle as natural remedies for thyroid problems including hyperthyroid and hypothyroid.

    It also helps to bring hormonal balance to the body and may help to alleviate hot flashes, ease cramps and provide relief for PMS. Because it improves metabolic function, it may help to stimulate weight loss as well.

    Balancing hormones depends on so many factors. So you may have to experiment with several oil blends to see what works best for you. As a rule of thumb, Dragon Time has been most successful for women up to 30 years old. For women between 30-45, Mister has worked best and for women over 45, EndoFlex essential oil is a good choice.

    For men, EndoFlex, Dragon Time and Mister Essential Oils are all natural prostate remedies. They all help decongest and balance the hormones. But since everyone’s body chemistry is different, one may work better than the other; or a combination of several may help.

    EndoFlex Essential Oil‚Ñ¢
    What is in EndoFlex Essential Oil Blend? There are six different therapeutic grade essential oils in EndoFlex. They are listed below along with a brief description of each oil.
    • Geranium Essential Oil (Pelargonium graveolens) has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-depressant, and sedative properties. Its aroma lifts the spirit and releases toxins in the liver.

    • Spearmint Essential Oil (Mentha spicata) has antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, insecticidal hormone like and stimulant properties. It helps to burn fats and toxins in the body.

    • Sage Essential Oil (Salvia officinalis) has anti-bacterial, anti-spasmodic and decongestant properties. It may help estrogen and progesterone-testosterone balance.

    • Myrtle Essential Oil (Myrtus communis) has antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-infectious properties. It is a decongestant and excellent for the respiratory and the immune system.

    • Nutmeg Essential Oil (Myristica fragrans) has anti-inflammatory and adrenal-like properties. It is used to support the adrenal glands.

    • German Chamomile (Matricaria recutita) has anti-inflammatory and hormone like properties. It opens the liver and helps to increase liver function. It also supports the pancreas.
    Carrier Oil: Sesame Seed Oil

    What are the Documented Uses for EndoFlex Essential Oil?
    Addison’s Disease, adrenal glands, back, bladder, Candida, cellulite, cortisone like, Cystic Fibrosis, depression, diabetes, diuretic, edema, endocrine system, Epstein-Barr, eyes, naturally improve vision, fibroids, Graves Disease, Hashimoto’s Disease, balance hormonal system, hot flashes, kidneys, kidney muscles, Lupus, menopause, painful menstruation (dysmenorrheal), menstrual cramps and PMS, night sweats, pancreas support, parathyroid, prostate and BPH, respiratory system, Schmidt’s Syndrome, supports thyroid, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, urinary tract infection and weight loss.

    What Body Systems are Affected? Hormonal System.

    What is the Aromatic Affect on the Mind? Emotionally calming and balancing.

    What is the Spiritual Influence? EndoFlex promotes the emotions of relaxed and balanced and self worth. It helps us release emotions of sick and tired, control and stuck. This oil will help you balance work and play, see your life in new ways and let go of the past so you can move forward.

    How do I use it?
    Use NEAT (undiluted) then,

    • Apply several drops (2-4) to lower back, thyroid, kidneys, liver, and glandular areas;

    • Apply to vita flex points;

    • Directly inhale;

    • Diffuse; or

    • Dietary supplement.

    What are the Safety Precautions?
    EndoFlex essential oil should not be used on children less than 18 months of age. Additionally, it should be used with caution by those who are susceptible to epilepsy. Could possible result in skin irritation. Therefore dilution may be required.

    Children under 6 years old should not use EndoFlex as a dietary supplement.

    Tips and Testimonials from an Essential Oil User
    Diffuse up to 30 minutes for three times a day to help balance hormones and the endocrine system.

  278. Hi ladies,

    Thank you for your response. So after what I have read from other posts, I am deducing I need Mister essential oils (from Young’s? I hesitate because this is a mlm/direct marketing company and I get suspicious because I question motivation)? What about foods? I haven’t taken synthetic vitamins for years now, and only ingest, raw, whole food ones typically for women. I also think I am going to go to my gynecologist to have her do some blood work to assess where exactly my hormones are, my thyroid, etc. I feel I should be able to do this with diet. What triggered this was I did a 34 day fast. I’ve been doing them for about 6 years, but the one that set this whole nightmare into motion was a fast that I didn’t do properly and was lazy with. I didn’t do my normal fresh vegetable juicing, etc, and the last 10 or so days of the fast I drank only water. My stomach folded in on itself, and I could barely walk at the end. NOT GOOD and I thought I knew what I was doing, but??????? Again, I’ve fasted many times over the years, typically for 21-30 days with liquid nutrition including juicing and green drinks, but this particular one I did differently. I think it blew out my thyroid and created the problems I am experiencing today. I’ve done many colonics in the past and recently, and also have regular bm’s due to the diatomaceous earth (my whole family poops more since we started on it a few mos ago), although I had been doing fresh ground flax daily for years. I stopped doing flax to limit my carbs a bit more, but the DE is doing just fine for bm’s. Once I lose weight, I will go back to the flax as it has protein, omegas, and many goodies for my body I like.

    I also understand oxygenation of the blood, ph, etc, and try to work within that and keeping my ph levels slightly alkaline at 7.365 by sticking mostly to vegan, raw foods (minimal fish), no breads, pastas, processed foods. I only drink water for a beverage and drink a lot of it, which is also alkaline, btw.

    Obviously, I don’t want to throw a bunch of unneccessay money at this, but at the same time want a solution.

    What course of action do you recommend? I exercise daily, eat mostly raw veggies with some fish and get good fats as well.

    Even today, I woke up and my glands were swollen and had a certain ‘feeling’ when I swollow that I’ve come to relize is my thyroid issue 🙁

    Thank you,


  279. DrCatherine Rott ND, DNM says:

    Hi, Krissy,
    I understand your hesitancy. I don’t know how to answer your question except to say that I have met Dr. Gary Young personally, as well as his wife, Mary. The motivation here began personally after Gary suffered a serious logging accident and became paralyzed. That is a long story I can share more in detail, but, fast forward to the day when he met Mary, in her fifties, and they wanted children to pass on their legacy to…Gary formulated many of the hormone balancing products we offer to balance Mary’s hormones and BRING HER OUT OF MENOPAUSE! Yes, you read that right…Mary Young had already gone into full blown menopause and was brought out to conceive children naturally, two, and gave birth naturally to them both. She was 54 & 56 when she had their boys.
    My approach to wellness is not only health of mind, body & spirit, but financially as well, and there is that potential with these products if you so choose. You do not have to do that in order to purchase these products and achieve wellness in addition to your dietary and lifestyle changes.
    Essential oils ARE foods!! EO’s are plants distilled and due to the nature of the limbic system, begin to heal upon just smelling…when used topically, they enter the cell directly and cleanse, repair & reprogram the damaged DNA….I teach a home-type chemistry of essential oils that conveys this idea. The ideal thing is that since EO’s go directly into the cell, they bypass what is often a damaged and recovering gut. I am not anti-food, of course, but, I am all about nourishing the body at the cellular level without any undue stress on the digestive tract…which is usually, when I am working with folks, in the course to recovery. Therefore, raw foods going into a damaged gut, often create problems rather than solving them. EO’s oxygenate the blood…I have a link I will post to a live-blood cell analysis that shows after just one application of a particular oil, how the blood changes, IMMEDIATELY, to a more healthy, oxygenated state.


    I hope this will begin to address some of your post.
    In Health,

  280. Hi Krissy,

    I wanted to chime in and say I completely understand hesitancy about a relationship-marketed business. If I weren’t SO sick and off balance when I started learning about essential oils, I would have raised a stink like I had with other MLM companies in the past. Many of us have felt what you are feeling.
    I found that because there was a compensation plan built in for my naturopath (Dr. Catherine Rott) I was able to take advantage of her extensive knowledge and have much more access to healthcare than I ever have in the past. She has consistently made sure I have the various types of information and guidance I need. I love that model because it is so effective.

    There are many chemical companies masquerading as ‘helpful, natural or green’ companies whose products I do not use. But I get it that oils infused in progesterone help to drive the hormone deeper into the cells. Also, a very important feature that may be especially beneficial to you is that they clean the receptor sites on cell walls and address DNA damage. That could certianly be a missing link in your case. I feel your frustration- honestly. I have watched countless people do a great job with lifestyle only to succomb to cancer, diabetes, hormone imbalance or any other number of illnesses. The action of plant oils addresses our “blind side” when trying to consider what we are missing- the chemistry is remarkable.

    I have used natural progesterone cream for nearly 14 years in my work with moms at WellPostpartum.com. Now that I have Progessence Plus in my arsenal it is opening the door for deeper healing for my clients. I’m so grateful.

    The chemical constituents of oils are well researched and available in the data- Pubmed is one good source. But this video is a great start for a deeper understanding. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=15GZ0db1Nr8.

    And, yes- I’m glad I am motivated to take the time to help women who are suffering as I once was. I am certianly not motivated by money alone, but instead I am really blessed when I hear the same story over and over, which is, “I feel better today!”.

    All the best,

  281. i have been having really bad anxiety attacks for the past two weeks non stop it was hard for me to concentrate or even spend time with my son or even go outside i ended up at the hospital to find out that i had sinusitis but when i wake up in the morning i am sweating heart is racing and feel like i am dying my doctor took some blood work and found nothing wrong its to the point right now where i wanna curl up in a ball in the corner in a dark room for the rest of my life i also have high blood pressure and depression which i am on medicine for

  282. Sarah – how long since your pregnancy? I sounds like you may be suffering from hormone imbalance in the form of postpartum depression. Have you had your hormones levels tested? There is a great product on my site for anxiety – Progessence Plus – as well as Truehope EMPowerplus so you can begin to replenish the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that you gave to your precious baby during your pregnancy. Please contact Cheryl Jazzar with Postpartum Wellness Consulting . Cheryl will have some great advice so you can enjoy your ‘majestic motherhood’ and gain regain your vitality and peace of mind.

    Please keep posting and let us know how you are doing.

    Hormonally yours,


  283. Hi my name is Michelle and I have been having hormone and mood issues since I was 14. I had a lot of emotional issues such as anxiety about appearance and weight so I began running a lot and lost my period. The doctors told me to eat more and put me on a birth control pill to regulate my cycle, shortly after starting the pill I became extremely depressed and an insomniac as well as having severe pms on top of it all as well as gaining about thirty pounds. I did stay on the pill. When I was nineteen due to all of my issues my doctor put me on the pill Yasmin as well as an anti depressant to take two weeks before my period. I did start to feel more mentally calm but the antidepressants left me feeling like a zombie. I discontinued using the anti depressant when I was 24 and have never felt such anxiety trying to get off of these pills. I now still suffer from anxiety and depression worse in the winter as I live in Minnesota and get seasonal depression I still also have severe PMS and was diagnosed as ADD due to my difficulty concentrating. When I turned 26 I developed Celiac Disease and have been trying to find natural cures to things and the whole nutrition health link as well as a gluten and lactose free diet. I am now 27 and feel like I am becoming extremely anxious and my doctor as of recently has placed me on sleeping pills to assist since I had a stint where I had not slept in over three days. As of recently I noticed that my blood sugar levels are really wacky but when tested in the past years have always come up normal. I am starting to read the blogs and I want to get off of the birth control pills, ADD pills,sleeping pills, and need a cure for my anxiety/depression I do not want to take more drugs to mask all of my issues. I also really want to get the non hormonal birth control, but I do not believe my insurance covers it as I have a high deductible and it would cost over $2000. Is it okay to take progesterone cream when you are on the pill? Are there naturopathic doctors that would charge less to get the non hormonal implant? What are my options I really do not want to spend $2000 but can not afford to get pregnant either.

  284. Hello, Michelle – I do not think there is such a thing as a non-hormonal implant. – How would an implant in your arm (am assuming) or anywhere be effective w/o hormones? If I have missed something let me know.

    What you have is a severe case of hormone imbalance (began at age 14) – and everything you have been through in the past 13 years has masked it – yet at the same time has caused more imbalance.

    You need a combination of nutrition – Truehope EMPowerplus – which will provide nutritional support for healing anxiety and depression. Birth control pills and meds all deplete nutrients. We cannot possible get enough nutrients from our food sources…. so we are depleted from the get-go.

    All of these things are inter-related and if they are not caught with the anxiety, depression, negative thoughts, the hormone imbalance and lack of nutrition will manifest in areas of the body that are the weakest….

    Next recommendation is Progessence Plus Serum from Young Living. That product will take care of your hormone-related anxiety in days. And you need this now before the days get any shorter.

    Progessence Plus is wild yam (natural progesterone) diffused in essential oils – that repair DNA and also clear off the cell receptor sites from the synthetic hormone build up so it can be absorbed into the body. You are too estrogen dominant from all of the hormone birth control you are on. And as I said hormone imbalance causes everything you have mentioned.
    My customer number is 1371763. Get that ordered today. Every woman needs this product. Every woman is estrogen dominant. When you look up all of the foods, and household supplies and plastics that contain estrogen mimickers you will be shocked. After you get over the shock throw them all out.

    Back to birth control. Are you sexually active? Are you in a long term relationship? If the answer is ‘no’ to either of these questions then why are you on synthetic birth control? You have to use condoms and spermicide to prevent STD’s anyway. There are other non-hormonal forms of birth control…. I will help you explore them.

    If you are going off your birth control get on the progesterone – yes you can take this while on BCP’s – and get some nutrients in your body so you do not crash from the ‘hormonal high’ they cause in your body.

    Please keep reading and posting.
    There really is a lot of great information here.

    Your comment is now #286 – and I have answered all of you. Those few women who followed our advice and have used the Truehope and the Progessence Plus are doing so much better.
    What have you got to lose Michelle? You have your mental and physical health to gain.

    Hormonally yours,


  285. Just want you all to know that a woman, Tania-Thiago Lopes who visited this site and who took Cheryl Jazaar’s advice on using the Progessence Plus Serum for her anxiety and her menstrual cramping wrote this testimonial on Facebook today:

    Multiple Testimonials on Young living:

    First lets start off with the Progessence Plus oil: Every month during my period I have always (and when I say always, I mean EVERY month on the first day of my period) had really bad cramping with heavy flow. This month has been amazing! I recently started my period -Thank God that I had to use the bathroom because I didn’t even know that I had my period because Guess what!? – No sign of cramps! UNBELIEVEABLE! If you are one to suffer from cramps every month try this! It worked for me. I didn’t see a difference in the flow but I’ll take it!

    Also I had been getting very anxious every month around two weeks before my period and this month I used the Progessence and the anxiety on a scale of 1-10 is a 0! Thank you Cheryl Jazaar for helping me in finding this product that works for so many things. 🙂

    Lavender oil: Put it on my pillows at night and slept like a baby! Not sure if the progessence helped with this as well but something did! 🙂

    Thieves oil: Used it on someone that had itch between the toes due to athletes foot and immediately the itch was gone and hasn’t return in a week.

    Love Young Living and Thank you all on here for the support and great info!
    God Bless! 🙂

    I suggested that Tania get Vitamin C with ascorbic acid AND bioflavnoids. The bioflavnoids strengthen uterine capillaries that have been damaged by cramping and other uterine stress.
    What you are women waiting for?

    You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by getting this product.

    Contact me at leslie@holyhormones.com so I can help you order.

  286. I am 47 years old and was put on progeterone only bc pills for a year at my request because I smoked. I quit smoking and my gyno put me on Junel FE. After being on this pill for 15 weeks, I woke up one morning at 6am with a severe panic attack, hot flashes, heart beating fast tingling in my arms and legs and severe depression like I had not reason so live and an upset stomach along with no appetite. I went to a gastro doctor thinking I had some terrible stomach issue and he did a full body scan and told me he thinks this is hormonal. I went back to my gyno and she siad no way this is hormonal and she switched my bc pill again to Generess FE and gave me Zoloft and told me if I was not better in 3 weeks to go see a psych. I was so upset she made me think I was going crazy. I went to my primary and he did lots of blood work , thyroid and everything and he said I am healthier than I have ever been even my cholesterol was 185. He gave me Zanax and took me off the Zoloft and gave me Wellbutrin. I went off the pill on my own 7 weeks ago and I had hormonal testing and all the levels are showing normal. I know that after I went off the pill that 3 days later I got a period and felt much better but I am still not back to my normal happy self. I have a wonderful life and kids and church and faith in God and I am just wondering how long the effects of this can continue because I have been off the pill for 7 weeks. My primary said that it would be about 3 months for my chemicals to right themselves and I should be off the anti depressants in about 6 months. I feel so terrible for others who are going through this. If it were not for my faith it God I may not be here today that is just how bad the anxiety and sadness was. I still have a problem getting really happy about anything which really upsets me because I was always so happy before. Any advice?

  287. Congratulations Denise! You advocated for your health and stood up for yourself.
    Now all you need is some nutritional support – since every pregnancy you go through depletes vital nutrients, minerals and amino acids. Check out the Truehope EMPowerplus.
    And you need a natural progesterone infused in essential oils to offset all of the synthetic estrogen and synthetic progesterone in your body. Chances are you are still estrogen dominant even though you were on progesterone only bc for a year. Check out the Progessence Plus Serum from Young Living on this page…. and you will be good to go. We understand about how bad the anxiety can be…. like a hell hole in your head and you are not sure how to get out.

    Well, you did the hard part – now just some nutritional support and natural progesterone will do the rest.
    Then you can relax and pray and thank God.

    Hormonally yours,


  288. Okay Dr. Catherine and Cheryl,

    I am sorry I can be such a skeptic. What you both wrote does make sense and I am going to further research the oils. What do you recommend initially regarding them? It is odd I didn’t correlate other things happening in my life until I read even more of this blog yesterday. Within the last week I have had 2 horrible dreams where I have had to defend myself in violent ways (if you knew me you would see where I would be shocked by this as I don’t kill bugs or anything), and on other occasions waking up as if I was falling off a mountain (that heart-racing anxiety feeling. I didn’t realize this is all part of my ‘problem’ as well. All this does make you think you are going a bit nutty.

    I also read where another lady took Zeolite for heavy metal detox, and I used to as well until I started with diatomaceous earth, which does the same thing essentially but for far less money. Cilantro works for that as well, which I am growing in my new, organic vegetable garden. SOOOOO EXCITED about my garden 🙂

    I just ordered EmPowerplus along with their amino formula, which is for hormones. The person who took my order at TrueHope asked me lots of questions and also recommended I consume 4 Tablespoons a day of organic coconut oil for candida and fungus. I am also going to put my kids (boys 11&13) on the multi. I hope this puts me on the road back to health. As I type this I feel like I am hot flashing, although I have my period…lol. I get a headache that is debilitating right before and during menstruation and cramps as well so I feel cruddy right now. Hopefully this is the last time for this!!!

    I appreciate this blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you to all the Goddesses who contribute. We all need to stick together to heal ourselves so we can heal this planet. They don’t call is MOTHER earth for nothing. Women hold the power 🙂

  289. Michelle Olson says:

    Thanks for you feed back Leslie I truly appreciate you taking the time to explain all of this. I just wanted to let you know that yes I am sexually active as well as am in a long term relationship with my boyfriend. I would be interested in any information you have on non hormonal birth control options. Also, the insert I was talking about is the Copper IUD it is supposed to be non hormonal but work in a different way to prevent pregnancy is this a safe alternative. I would be interested in any suggestions or advice you might have on what I should do for a safe and effective birth control option. Also after following the blogs I feel like I may suffer from thyroid issues I am constantly cold and have a lower blood temperature than normal. Is there something else I should take besides the yam progesterone and vitamins you recommended.

  290. I am the 47 year old that was on progesterone only bc pill for a year and then switched to Junel FE and then 15 weeks later woke up at 6am with my heart beating fast, hot flashes, no appitite, severe feeling of doom, shakiness and a feeling of total depression and dispair. I took myself off the pill 7 weeks ago and and felt better after 3 days and started a period. I have had testing done of my thyroid, hormonal testing a month ago total blood work up and even a body scan of all my organs and nothing can be found to be wrong with me. I have been put on Xanax .5 twice a day and Wellbutrin 300 once a day and I still feel depressed and have anxiety after 2 months on these medications. The strangest thing I can say is that about 9:30 every single night I feel completely normal…I feel like myself and I don’t want to go to sleep I sometimes stay up until 4 am. I work a full time job so this is difficult for me. I cry about almost everything I am so emotional and said all day and I just look forward to every night at 9:30 because that is the only peace I have. I read my bible daily and I have a wonderful life. My primary doctor said that this is all hormonal and within 3-6 months I should be normal again as my hormones will adjust themselves. He believes the change in my bc pill through me into perimenopause (which he said would not show up on the hormonal testing) and that my body would correct itself. I dont understand how every night I feel so wonderful and normal and every day I feel such despair. I do drink 6 bottles of Zephyrhills water a day and now I am concerned about that since you said throw away the water bottles…Please help me!! I am desperate for an answer. I have all the symptoms of Estrogen Dominance but my hormonal testing is normal. I don’t know what to do….I beg you to help me!!!

  291. Krissy – you have made my day – yes, women hold the power – and what we are doing through this blog is putting the power of healing back into women’s hands. We were the first healers – and you know why? Because of the relationship between the menstrual cycle and the lunar cycle. This is documented in Rosalind Miles – wonderful book – ‘The Women’s History of the World.’ Because of understanding the cyclical nature of the hormone cycle, women were not only the first healers but agriculturalists and mathematicians. In fact, women were tracking their menstrual cycles on antler bones as far back as 250,000 BC. I have pictures of these bones in my book, ‘Understanding Your Mood, Mind, and Hormone Cycle which will be on Amazon soon. Very powerful. Synthetic hormone birth control – have in essence robbed us of our power. Leonard Shlain wrote about this in his book, Sex Time and Power.

    I am so glad you are detoxing and that you have an organic garden. It is so time to get back to the basics… and that is honoring Mother Earth and her cycles. Our menstrual cycle is an integral part of this… and it is time to reclaim our health and power so we can heal ourselves and our families…..

    This are such simple yet valuable tools. Thank you Krissy for being here.
    Have let Cheryl and Dr. C know about your post. I know they will respond about the essential oils.
    I think they are going to suggest the Progessence Plus infused with essential oils…. how great to know you are empowering your body instead of medicating it.

    You are now a Hormone Goddess! LOL

    Hormonally yours,


  292. Ok Denise what is missing from the equation is nutrient supplementation – right? Your sleep cycle is off – you need 7 hours of sleep a night. This is hormone imbalance. Lack of sleep is a precursor to disease. There are many studies out about this. Your hormones will only re-adjust themselves if you are providing nutritional support – otherwise you are going to keep spinning down the rabbit hole.

    I know that Cheryl and Dr. Catherine will also respond.

    I just looked up Junel FE and immediately found a list of side effects – http://www.rxlist.com/junel-fe-side-effects-drug-center.htm

    Even though your hormone levels are ‘normal’ I do think you should look into natural progesterone infused with essential oils. You are on such a mix of potent drugs and birth control and at 47 you are definitely perimenopausal – which means you are not producing enough hormones.

    I guess the burning question for me is ‘define normal hormone levels.’ By whose standards… and do those standards still hold since we are exposed to so many estrogen mimickers in our lives. If your levels are normal – are they balanced with the amount of estrogen in your body? That is a question these tests do not answer. Not only that you switched from a synthetic progesterone to a synthetic estrogen… what does that do? There is no literature or studies on this.

    We are going to help you – and you will get better.

    My suggestion is that you start strengthening and healing your body. The medications and the birth control have robbed you of vital nutrients, minerals and amino acids.

    EMPowerplus – http://www.truehope.com/restoring-hormone-balance.aspx
    Progessence Plus – http://www.youngliving.com/anti-aging-creams/Progessence-Plus

    Just looked at the Zephyrhills – you do not need that…. look into BPA, plastics and estrogen mimickers. This is part of the imbalance. Get a filter for your water. Cheaper and cleaner.

    Keep posting.
    Have made Dr. Catherine and Cheryl aware of your post. More help is on the way.

    Hormonally yours,


  293. Hello, Michelle – glad to be here to help.

    Regarding the IUD:

    The copper IUD is a good non hormonal choice… was not sure that was still available since synthetic hormone devices are replacing everything. But this is how the IUD works. It sets up a mild infection in your uterus so that the zygote (fertilized egg and sperm) cannot lodge in the uterine lining.

    So what does that mean? If you are nutrient depleted you are going to have a compromised immune system that may not react well to this added stress caused by the low-grade infection.

    Thyroid issues are hormone imbalance. You want to strengthen the endocrine system with nutrients instead of medicating it. I do think the Progessence Plus and the EMPowerplus are going to help you immensely.

    Have you had any thyroid tests done?

    Supplementation vs. medication that is the question of the day.
    And we are at the crossroads.

    Email me at leslie@holyhormones.com and I will hep you order the Progessence Plus. You will feel better immediately – and I do mean within the same day.

    Hormonally yours,


  294. Just an update. I got my period yesterday and I feel slightly better. I’m not sure if it’s because my estrogen has dropped or if it’s due to something else. I still have a lot of anxiety and chest pains, but much less than before my period.

  295. Hello all. Wow, this is incredible. So many women like me. I have had hormone issues for almost 21 years and probably before that. I had all of the above. I had post partum depression BADLY after delivering my daughter c section 21 years ago and it has all been hard from there. There is soooo much to go into but I don’t have the energy tonight. I have gone through menopause, finishing my periods around 4 years ago, and was plummeted into the abyss again. I am on HRT bio-identicals, and have stabelized for some time but wanted a better quality of life so I went to a sepcialist. She is supposed to be the best in the country. I have increased my estrogen and progesterone and am supposed to cycle it. I started with increasing my estrogen because I am a poor absorber. My estradiol was 19.2 and my progesterone was .3 after HRT. So the specialist increased everything starting with the estrogen. I felt great for 2 weeks but once I added the progesterone I have anxiety like crazy. 3 days into the progesterone, I have started my period. Any idea why? Could I have been that low that the addition of some caused a period? I thought progesterone was supposed to stop periods. Any input would be helpful and if I can help someone else, please, do not hesitate to ask.

  296. PS sorry for the typos. I had to take a valium to deal with the anxiety.

  297. You know, I have to clear the air on a post I found disturbing due to its ignorance. It has been bothering me since I read it and I need to speak my peace about it. Cassandra wrote about using pharmacueticals. I cannot stress enough how misguided and erroneous this MISinformation is. I don’t believe it was her intention, but regardless, it is still potentially damaging for others reading this blog looking for assistance. The pharmaceutical companies don’t make money unless we are sick so they produce products to ‘mask’ symptoms just enough so that they get return customers to feed their greed. Profits are not experienced from wellness. Society is capitalistic and big pharma is ‘successful’ in this venture. What they are NOT successful at is helping people get well and live whole, happy lives as again, as that is not in their best interests. Our medicine paradigm needs to shift and treat the source as opposed to the symptoms. I am not looking for a bandaid, but for an actual solution. Drugs only make things worse by depleting us even more, which exacerbates our original issues. And, quite frankly, they are the lazy way out. If you want to continue eating your boxed mac n’ cheese, drinking sugary sodas, eating meat, etc, than by all means, go for the easy drug respite. If you are serious about health and you want to be proactive in your health, then change your diet and lifestyle. You may choose not to be a victim by my your choices OR be victimized by the pharmaceutical companies preying on your weaknesses and the fact that you will choose your food addictions over making smarter dietary choices. They prey on stupidity, and stupid is as stupid does.

  298. Thank you for posting Amina.. many women feel a sense of relief once their period begins…. this is all a sign of hormone imbalance… PMS. What are you doing proactively? Glad to hear from you again.

    Hormonally yours,


  299. Hello, Cheryl – Yes all of the comments are amazing.. makes me wonder the actual numbers of women suffering from hormone imbalance. I do know that progesterone can alter your period – but no – it does not stop periods. I am assuming you are on synthetic estrogen and progesterone which is why your body is not absorbing them.
    I do know that Cheryl Jazzar and Dr. Catherine will have more to say on this – so I am going to defer to them.

    All I can say is that synthetic anything hormones, vitamins do not increase the quality of anything. The body cannot and will not adapt to them… Maybe someday down the road when the body has time to adapt… but that will not be in our life time… and you want relief now. You are very hormonally imbalanced. Will let Cheryl and Dr. C pick it up from here.

    Hormonally yours,


    PS – you are also nutritionally depleted which does not help at all. Pregnancies take vital nutrients, minerals and amino acids from our body and if not replaced (NO SYNTHETICS) the endocrine and immune system will not function well. Nutritional supplementation and natural hormones will make a big difference.

    Will get the rest of the brigade in on this one.

    You came to the right place for help.

  300. Hi Leslie and all,

    Thank you for the answer. I actually read the literature provided for me by the doc and it appears that taking the progesterone starts the cycle. It has been about 4 years since I have had a cycle so this is new. Here is the dilemma…I when I have a period it throughs me into a depression. I actually get anxious and depressed in the same manner as I did after my daughter was born. This happened to me after I had my last period at age 45. I am on bio-identicals right now, not synthetic. I just don’t absorb them well so I have to be on a high dose. The 100 mg of oral progesterone, bio-identical, causes me to get depressed. I hate it and it scares me. I feel like I have fought to keep from getting depressed for so long and now I am forcing myself to cycle and causing the depression. The doc feels that it does get better it is just the first few times you cycle. I am cutting my progesterone tonight as I don’t think I can take another night like last night. I will take 50 mg instead. I find that I actually like being estrogen dominant as I have clear thought and feel strong. It is the progesterone that seems to cause the period and then the problem. Anyway, as I said before…this is a 20 plus year adventure for me but a painful one. I had a great doc after my post partum depression that figured out that I needed estrogen and gave it to me. I felt like I popped out of a fog. I was taking Prozac and Klonopin at the time and frankly it didn’t do the job. At least I wasn’t in the toilet but I wasn’t well, you know? Then, with the addition of the estrogen I felt great so I knew it was hormonal. I just can’t do it again! The doc said to increase the estrogen if you feel the effects of the progesterone so I have done that. I feel better but not well. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

  301. I just happened to find this site while surfing. I just want to say that sometimes the antidepressant meds CAUSE the anxiey and panic. My sister had terrible anxiety and sleeplessness with Prozac, so they prescribed her welbitrin along with it. When she switched to Zoloft all her symptoms disappeared. I am just saying it might be worth trying a different med if you are not seeing improvement with one.

  302. Hi Leslie,

    I’ve been taking the nutrients I had mentioned in my earlier post + probiotics and have a healthier diet (nuts, fish, yoghurt, wholegrains), herbal teas (esp peppermint and green tea) and dried fruits when I have a sugar craving. I try to exercise throughout the day – about 1 hour of gentle exercise including a stroll and low impact muscle strengthening.

    I’m towards the tail-end of my period now, and am feeling less anxiety than usual – I hope this is a sign that I will be completely better soon. I did have fairly bad chest pains on the 2nd day of my period (but still less depression and didn’t feel as anxious). I have just started saliva hormone testing for progesterone, oestrogen and testosterone, which my nutritionist recommended.

  303. Please i gave birth to a boy on 5th April 2012,it was a still birth, i cried and cry because of the loss.
    my gyno told me that i can start tying by the end of the 6th month, up till now my menstruation is yet to return.another doc said it may be hormonal in balance that i should go for hormonal axis test.The problem i’m having now is that the doc that did the c-section said by the end of the eight month if the menstruation does not return he will give me some drugs for the pills control.please should i take the drugs or i should go for the test.please advise.

  304. Thank you Scully – pretty active here. Appreciate your posting your thoughts here. Switching drugs is a quick fix… and it further messes up the body metabolism and depletes the body of more nutrients. We are at a crossroads of ‘quick fixes’ or healing with nutrition. Not a road that everyone wants to take, of course… but women need to know there are options. Appreciate your taking the time to share your thoughts.

    Hormonally yours,


  305. Dear Esther – My heart goes out to you – a still birth is a horrible experience and one I wish no mother should ever experience. I do not know your birth control history… but it appears your body is gravely hormonally imbalanced. And since you just went through a pregnancy, albeit a sad one…. your body needs to be nutrated to replace the vitamins, minerals and amino acids that your body gave to that infant. You need to build up your nutritional reserves. That is first and foremost for a successful pregnancy. And these need to be whole food vitamins like the EMPowerplus – not synthetic vitamins like the pregnancy vitamins recommended by doctors.

    Now, I do not know what kind of birth control you have been on or how estrogen dominant you are – but it sounds like you need to increase your progesterone levels to that you can start ovulating again. Progesterone is crucial for a healthy pregnancy. If women do not have enough progesterone, they will not ovulate and they have more chances of having a miscarriage.

    If you go on the birth control pill – you will not ovulate…. and when you go off you will be more nutritionally depleted and hormonally imbalanced. Your body needs nutritional help and support and hormone balancing. Please research this and get back to me. The Progessence Plus Serum is natural progesterone infused with essential oils – that helps your body absorbs the progesterone. This is crucial Esther. I know this is different than what your doctors are saying…. but you found this blog and this information for a reason. Start going with your intuition on what you need.

    Please email me at leslie@holyhormones.com if you want more information.

    You can have a healthy pregnancy with adequate nutrition and hormone balancing.

    Hormonally yours,


  306. Thank you Scully for the input. I have contacted my doc and will keep all posted. I see Dr. Prudence Hall. I expect to hear from her today. I am hoping to figure this out and use the hormones only. I have not been on meds like sedatives and the like since the birth of my child 21 years ago! I would so much like to go off of them all together and just use bio identicals and nutrition. Will let you know. All I know is that it is totally ties to my hormones as I have had no problems before my birth and menopause.

  307. Scully, what women need is information and assistance on how to become healthy and whole, not an easy fix in a pill, which isn’t really a fix at all coming from the pharmaceutical companies. Health isn’t profitable so drugs don’t help anybody EVER, and keep us sick by masking the symptoms. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be a lifelong customer of big pharma. Instead, I want to assist my body in performing like it was meant to. Let’s empower women to find out the source of their issues, and treat that, as opposed to the symptoms. We deserve to be healthy and dis-ease free, and through education we can and will be. Drugs are a lazy way out. Why do people have depression? Why is your sister not sleeping? Let’s figure out the ‘Why’s’ and causes of the maladies of our lives and then proceed from there. Our bodies are designed to work beautifully and balanced, but diet, lifestyle, bad choices, pollution, plastics, other environmental junk, etc, etc, etc, ruin its delicate balance. Leslie, Cheryl, and Dr. Catherine are a treasure chest of information on how to get our bodies back in balance. Listening to them will be your first step to feeling amazing. I can feel it. They were my missing puzzle pieces. I’ve studied health, diet, nutrition, etc, for over 10 years now, YET hormones, menstruation, and female issues have NEVER been spoken of in any of the books I have read about health. This affects every one of us women from puberty on. I just learned it is NOT normal to have sore breasts, headaches, bitchiness, ETC, before my period. We have been taught (brainwashed) that this is just ‘the way it is’ and to live with it AFTER you take some drugs (pamprin or midol, anyone?) to mask the symptoms, which have never really helped me. I ordered everything these ladies have recommended after I researched a bit more objectively from various sources. What they write and say makes sense and resonates within me. I will keep everyone posted on my progress. I ordered EMPowerplus, the aminos they recommended at TrueHope, and also ordered the Processence Plus along with some other essential oils from Young Oils. Hopefully, all of it will be here this week and I will be off to a new, healthy, HORMONALLY BALANCED self. I am feeling empowered already :)~Krissy

  308. Hello, everyone – Teresa Kolpak of Truehope just posted this study on Facebook regarding the minerals zinc and copper and premenstrual syndrome.


    Fertil Steril. 1994 Aug;62(2):313-20.
    Zinc and copper levels in premenstrual syndrome.
    Chuong CJ, Dawson EB.


    Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas 77030.

    To determine whether changes in peripheral zinc and copper levels are associated with symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

    Ten PMS patients and 10 controls gave blood at 2- or 3-day intervals through three menstrual cycles. Serum zinc and copper were measured by flameless atomic absorption spectrophotometry.

    In the controls zinc values were not significantly different between the follicular and the luteal phases. In the patients, the values were significantly lower during the luteal phase than during the follicular phase. Lower levels of zinc during the luteal phase in PMS patients, compared with the controls, were noted. Copper levels were noted to be higher during the luteal phase in PMS patients compared with the controls. Because copper competes with zinc for intestinal absorption and serum protein binding sites, zinc:copper ratio can reflect the availability of zinc in the body. The computation of this ratio revealed that the ratio was significantly lower in the patients than those in the controls during the luteal phase.


    Our data suggest that zinc deficiency occurs in PMS patients during the luteal phase, and the availability of zinc in PMS patients during the luteal phase is further reduced by the elevated copper.

    Hmmm. I know EMPowerplus contains zinc and copper…. do not think Prozac, Wellbutrin, or Zoloft…contain these essentials.

    Hormonally yours,


  309. Thank you Krissy – we need to empower each other – yes, that is true. That is what women are lacking in their lives.
    Will be posting this article on the makeup we use and menopause…..

    Early Menopause: Study Says Common Item Can Be A Trigger

    These are common everyday things we use – that upset our hormone balance. Women really need to start looking outside the box on this one.

    Hormonally yours,


  310. I don’t know where to start, but I guess I’m on the right track as to why I’m having anxiety attacks. I’ve had four major anxiety attack including one yesterday, & that lasted for like 45min to an hr. Woke up this morning with the feeling still lingering and decided to look up “birth control and anxiety” & here I landed.

  311. Hello James – no doubt you landed in the right place. Welcome! Do not have enough information about you to know how to respond… but there is a lot of great information on this post.

    Let me know if we can help you further.

    Hormonally yours,


  312. This is going to be a long one, I’m sorry girls. Actually I’m not sure if I’m at the right place, but I’m going to take a shot because I’m miserable in the state I’m in. My problems actually started when I was seven, when I had a major depressive episode. I just remember being afraid of dying and being anxious about going to school so I missed quite a bit of school. Then again I had anxiety at 13 years old and started having panic attacks. Which I didn’t know what they were at the time, but still nothing was done, I had a catscan and bloodwork, but they came back fine. Then it happened again when I was 17. But this time it was mostly depression. Each instance lasted a few months but I was able to overcome it the best of my ability without any medications. But low and behold, when I had my child in 2005 I ended up with postpartum depression. They tried giving me some antidepressants but I refused to take them. With the help of family and friends I dealt with it. A couple of years later I quit smoking and (which I didn’t smoke around my daughter nor did I smoke when I was pregnant with her). Then exactly 3 months later I started having MAJOR panic attacks which lead to depression. I took the drug Chantix which says on the advertisements it can intensify depression and anxiety. But that’s beside the point, it’s been out of my system for about 5 years now, so I don’t think that has anything to do with my symptoms now. My doctor prescribed me Celexa which made me feel really strange, like I was floating, But I continued taking it off and on for several years, right now I am not taking it, haven’t for about 7 months. I am taking Abilify to control racing and irrational thoughts associated with my panic disorder, or so they call it. Anyways the reason I am asking for help is because I have noticed a pattern…everytime my cycle ends (from about the last 3 days of my period until about 3 or 4 days after it ends) I am more anxious. And the rest of the month I’m ok, just a little bit of anxiety. I associated this with my hormones so I decided to try going on a birth control pill, the doctor gave me Mircette (the generic is Azurrette). But I’m only 7 days into it and I have had two days of crying spells. I don’t know if it’s the pill that is making me depressed or not but I don’t feel like myself. I’m already terrified of driving because I had my first major panic attack driving, so I won’t drive more than 5 miles away from my house without someone in the car with me. Also, I haven’t had a period. The pamplet said to start on the first day of spotting (sorry if this is too much information) so I took it and that was it, I never did have a period, which kind of worries me a little. Anyways, please if you have any advice on what on earth could be going on with me, it would be greatly appreciated if you would respond! Thank you!

  313. Hi Ann,

    This is the first time I have posted in response. I am not a doctor so take what I say with a grain of salt. A long time with hormonal upset off and on sounds like you have been unbalanced hormonally for a long time. I cannot address the exact timing of the episodes but the fact that you are seeing tied into your cycle is probable=y significant. So here is what I have learned…When I had post partum depression it was not alleviated by antidepressants entirely. While they did help, I had to take an anti anxiety med as well. Even then I was not right in my head. 1 year later I saw a psychiatrist who “got” this hormonal connection. I tried several birth control pills to no avail. Then he added Estinyl, a fairly unknown estrodiol compound, to the mix and in 1 day I was better. I know it sounds crazy but it was the estrogen that I was missing so desperately. So many folks seem to think it is the progesterone that women need. For me it was the estrogen, pure and simple. BC pills are usually synthetic hormones. I am now on bio-identical hormones and it is better. My problem comes when I am forced to cycle. The progesterone sucks the excess estrogen out of my body like it is a sponge and I go crashing down. Progesterone, while very important, is a bad player for me when I don’t use it carefully. I am trying to figure it out too. Check into bio-identicles and you might find the answer. Also, I am a poor absorber, apparently, so I require high doses of estrogen. The average dose of estrodiol for most women, keeps me just above depression but not living.

    Hope that helps.


  314. Cheryl- Thank you for answering so quickly. It’s a comfort knowing that someone cares enough to respond to my situation. I left out that I am 30 years old, don’t know if that helps anyone understand what is going on with me. But I am very sorry you went through post partum also. It’s a very painful condition, especially when all you want to do is love your child and give your all to take care of your baby. I know I have been yo-yo-ing with my health for a while now, and I am just ready for some answers. Five years is long enough to deal with anxiety like this. I’m going to look right now for some bio-identical hormones and I am really considering having some bloodwork done to check my hormonal levels.

  315. Hi Ann,

    You are welcome. I know this roller coaster and it stinks. Please go have your hormones tested, it is well worth it. Also, ask your doc if you can try bio-identicals. Just be cautious with the progesterone. I know it helps many many people, but for me it is something I have to take slowly. Mine began at 30 as well, my friend. I know there is an answer. Just keep plucking away. I am here.

  316. I think I may have developed a phI think I may have developed a phobia but at the same time, birth control that I’m taking may be playing a part in my anxiety level being high. But what I don’t understand is before I started taking BC, I would get extremely emotional, have crying spells a few days prior to my period. It was to the point that when I started crying for no reason, that’s when I knew it was close to that time. When I started taking BC (a year ago), I didn’t get emotional for a couple of months up until 3 months ago, now I have rage. The same 3 months ago, My boyfriend & I have moved out of an apt into this big house (9 rooms in all). & I’ve had 4 anxiety attacks since we‚Äôve moved. I‚Äôve NEVER had an anxiety attack EVER in my life. I only had them when I‚Äôm alone in just that house. Sunday night was my worst one, lasted for almost an hr . I‚Äôm deciding on moving out of the house and get my own apartment b/c I feel like I‚Äôm becoming mental the longer I stay there :‚Äô( & stopping birth control at the same time to relieve my body, since I‚Äôve been on BC for a year now.

  317. Hello again, My name is Denise and I am 47 my story is all in my previous posts on Nov 2, 2012 and Nov 3rd 2012. After reading your advice I did go to health food store and was told that B compex 3 times a day will help with depression and also Omega 3 oils which I also started taking. I stopped drinking the bottled water and now drink it from the faucet to avoid the estrogen mimickers as you suggested. I spoke to my pharmacist and she said she normally does not give advice on what medications to take but she said her heart went out to me after I told her my story. She said I need to go back on the Heather ( progesterone only bc) and after about 3 weeks I should feel much better and I should be able to have my doctor wean me off the antidepressants which are Xanax .5 twice a day and Wellbutrin 300 once a day. The anti depressents are allowing me to go to work and try to be normal but I am still so sad and depressed and have anxiety every day is a struggle and I am so sad most of the time. I have no appetite all day and then around 9:30 every single night I feel normal and hungry and like my normal happy self again. I just don’t get it. I have been going through this since June and I am just so mentally exhausted. I just feel like there is no end to it and it makes not sense to me that I feel good at night and not depressed at all. I cry throughout the day and I look forward to my nights because that is the only peace I have. Please someone help me! All my hormonal testing came back normal once I went off the pill but my primary said that premenopause would not show up on the results and he guarantees that this is all hormonal as all my blood work is excellent. I have read all the posts here and I am feel for every single woman on this page that has been suffering! I just want to be able to be happy again and to get my joy back. I use to think about Disney or Christmas and get excited and now no excitement at all until 9:30 at night. I have no appetite and have lost 30 pounds but I am making myself eat. I am 5′ 7″ and now 230 pounds so my doctor is not concerned about the weight loss since I need to lose even more but I just don’t even enjoy my food anymore. This is really terrible.. I did start taking the Heather (progesterone only bc pill) again 3 days ago. I don’t feel any different yet but I know it can take up to 3 weeks. Please help me! I have been praying and praying for an answer and I know somone out there can help me!

  318. I am waiting on a call back from my doctor, I don’t think I can wait it out taking these birth control pills. Everyday for the past 3 days I have felt so depressed. I don’t want to do anything including cleaning the house. I feel so alone.

  319. I had a complete histo at 28 years old, over the years I have been up and down good and bac with hormone replacement therapy. For the past couple of years i have beenon compound hormones, blood tests to tell what I need and then the pharm makes the hormones. Recently, since my last batch I have have had days when my neckperspires all day, my extremeties feel like they are buining, I have mutclcle twitching and anxiety. Kind of feels like the time I had hormone implants and I had the sweats and feeling unreal. Can these issues/symptoms be the hormones being out of whack AGAIN!

  320. Ann – you are not alone… – There are obviously 300 women on this blog post that are in the same hormonally imbalanced boat. Depression, anxiety will make you feel like doing nothing – in fact, I am sure it is a chore to get out of bed. I know that Cheryl responded to you… but I am going to further. You are nutritionally depleted – every pregnancy takes vital nutrients out of your body to sustain a healthy pregnancy. That is nature’s doing. If your body did not have enough nutrients before your pregnancy – your are going to come out on the other side feeling exhausted and depressed and anxious – in other words – postpartum depression. You need to strongly consider Truehope EMPowerplus… for instant relief. Cheryl Jazzar and Teresa Kolpak at Truehope have used this supplement for women with PPD with great success AND immediate relief. The body really does respond to nutrient therapy. The science is there to prove this.

    Bioidentical hormones may be an option – as Cheryl suggests but make sure they are natural… vs synthetic. As Cheryl mentioned everyone is different. However, the Progessence natural progesterone is infused with essential oils that clean out the hormone receptor sites on the cells so that it can be absorbed. That may be why Cheryl has had a hard time with progesterone.

    Relief is at your fingertips.. Be cautious if your doctor want to try another form of birth control. You need to get to the root cause of the problem and that is being nutritionally depleted and hormonally imbalanced. Get your hormones analyzed and see where you are at.

    So many women have posted in the past few days I think election fatigue may also be be part of the problem.

    I will try and answer everyone – one by one…. Cheryl and Krissy I am glad you are jumping in and offering support. I appreciate your involvement here.

    Ann email me at leslie@holyhormones.com – if you want. I will provide my phone number and we can talk this out. Depression makes you feel like you are alone…. but believe me you are not.

    You are safe and cared for here, Katie’s Mommy.

    Hormonally yours,


  321. Denise I am aware you have been posting and I am glad you are making changes…. Did you see my post about zinc and copper affecting women’s PMS levels… You need more than just B3 Omega’s – however it is a good start. Please email me at leslie@holyhormones.com and I will arrange a conference call with Dr. Catherine and Cheryl and myself. We are going to be doing a webinar too. However, I think you need some immediate support and help.

    Hormonally yours,


  322. hello, June – a combination of hormones out of whack and nutrient depletion. Are the hormones you are on synthetic or natural? That makes a big difference because the body does not absorb synthetic – anything. Synthetic hormones shut down the body’s natural hormone production… I bet you are on synthetic hormones.

    More questions for you – any pregnancies? Why did you have a complete histo at 28? How healthy are you – other than what you are experiencing? How is your diet? How old are you now?

    Please answer the questions so I can provide better answers.

    Hormonally yours,


  323. Hi Denise,

    I had this same experience when I had post partum depression. My doc told me this was very indicative of clinical depression. Something to think about. It has something to do with the change in cortisal and other hormone levels at night. I used to hate to go to bed as the night time was the only time I felt normal. Maybe talk to a good psychiatrist? That is what I did. He treated me with hormones AND antidepressants and anti anxiety meds. It worked. Good luck, sweetie. Just wanted to share my experience.


  324. *cortisol

  325. BTW Wellbutrin is not the best med for anxiety. Prozac or another SSRI might be a better choice for aggravated depression which is what so often seems to come with hormonal issues, from what I understand. I know an SSRI is not ideal but it helped me get over the hump so that I could move on to figuring out my hormones.

  326. Hi all I have been experiencing really negative thoughts & i cant sleep a week before my period I’m 37 I have no children after going through Ivf several times I’m a very positive person and tend not to experience things like this I have had tests for hormone imbalance in the past but they never ever find anything I have endometriosis on my tubes ovaries and Bowel which has caused infertility and skin problems such as acne which is a lot better but still presently a problem I’m on dianette which is the only thing that helps with the skin and my general health as I couldn’t wait to get back on it after 8 yrs of trying to have a child has anyone any advice as I think I may need to visit my GP if it is connected thanks 🙂

  327. Just want to throw out there, that in addition to hormonal imbalance, anxiety can be linked to GI issues and good allergies – http://www.womentowomen.com/depressionanxietyandmood/anxiety.aspx And yes, in turn, GI issues may be linked to hormonal issues, so it’s part of this vicious cycle, I guess!

  328. I started taking birth control pill 4 months ago, the first pill the hormones changed every 7 days so after three months of not feeling well I was switched to Portia. After one month on Portia I started having bad side effects. I have been off of it for 9 days now and feel awful. Anxiety, Panic, Nausea, Weigh LOSS, Constant worry something serious is wrong, insomnia. I don’t know how long it will take for the hormones to get out of my body but I defiantly didn’t feel this way before starting the birth control pill. I feel like it’s all in my head and I’m going crazy. HELP

  329. Hello! First time to this website. I have read most posts and have really started to understand that I am not alone here. I am experiencing periods that are few months right on time 28 days then suddenly my period shows up day 18 this month. This has happened in the past and my doc put me a bc which helped my periods to be regular but my moods not so much. Well, this month I have been feeling very nervous and my hearts seems to be faster even at rest on and off thru out the day. I feel anxious and not myself, and oh two nights of sweats…then that morning i wake up to find i got my period only day 18 of month…. I take vitamins please help!

  330. Oh, this is Lisa again I forget to say I am 43 and half and have three kids.

  331. Hello Cheryl and thank you for your post. When I hear the words clinical depression they make me think about someone being crazy. I am trying to get educated on this subject and I know now that many many people and especially women can become chemically imbalanced for many different reasons, I have never seen a therapist before because I know my problem is on the inside it is not outside anxiety because it wakes me up at 6 am. every morning and I am depressed all day until around 9 at night when I feel completely normal. I have a wonderful life, kids, job and boyfriend and my church is wonderful and I believe God has his hand on me and I know I will get through this. I really believe my imbalance was caused by the change in my bc pill. I went on line and looked up clinical depression and it said that it can be for a few weeks or months and some suffer their entire lives but most get through it and have normal lives. I am just upset that my hormone levels don’t show anything wrong and I have had so much blood work that I just don’t know what else to do. I am being told it is hormonal and it will work itself out and I will be off the antidepressants in a few months but I just want to see something on paper saying this is what it is, Thank you all so much for listening to me. I feel like a regular on here…lol.. I am really trying to get though this and you guys are really a great help to me. God Bless You All.

  332. Once again – the issue is ‘healing’ the problem or ‘medicating’ and masking the issues. I support SSRI use for short term problems – not for long terms problems. In fact I just read an article about how pregnant women should not be on SSRI’s “Study of antidepressants in pregnant women finds more risks than benefits” .

    “First, there is clear and concerning evidence of risk with the use of the SSRI antidepressants by pregnant women, evidence that these drugs lead to worsened pregnancy outcomes. Second, there is no evidence of benefit, no evidence that these drugs lead to better outcomes for moms and babies. And third, we feel strongly that patients, obstetrical providers, and the public need to be fully aware of this information.”

    This is interesting information. Pregnant women actually stabilize because their hormone levels are elevated (mostly progesterone) to maintain the pregnancy. When the pregnancy is over, hormone levels crash…. leading to PPD.

    Now imagine putting a woman who is already nutrient depleted and hormonally imbalances on SSRI’s – what are the outcomes when she finally comes off? Or does she stay on and become more nutritionally depleted and more hormonally balanced while they keep increasing the amounts of the drugs?

    Where is the quality of life there?

    BTW – a woman who is hormonally imbalanced and nutritionally depleted will not tolerate SSRI’s or any drugs/medications/surgeries until her body is strong. This is not rocket science folks. It is plain common sense.

    Hormonally yours,


  333. Hello Juno – How many ways can I spell HORMONE IMBALANCE? Genetic, environment (plastics), food sources, birth control history (and mother’s use)
    Insomnia – hormone imbalance
    Endometriosis – hormone imbalance – (excess estrogen)
    Acne -hormone imbalance
    Infertility – hormone imbalance

    Build up your nutritional levels especially since you want to become pregnant…. Truehope EMPowerplus is on my web site…. You need whole food vitamins – NOT synthetic vitamins.

    It appears you are also estrogen dominant. Many women become pregnant after adding natural progesterone to their regime…. Natural progesterone and nutrients helps with insomnia and anxiety before your period. Of course, I have a natural progesterone on my site that I recommend. It is Progessence Plus natural progesterone infused with essential oils for better absorption. Progesterone is responsible for building up the lining in the uterus to maintain a pregnancy. If there are low levels of progesterone, the uterine lining will not hold – and therefore a woman will not become pregnant.

    Juno – contact me at leslie@holyhormones.com.
    Let’s get you healed and nutritionally strong – and increase your progesterone levels to for a healthy uterine lining for your baby – and you will be preggers in no time.

    Hormonally yours,


  334. Jacqueline – you are so right – thanks for finding this group and posting. Truehope EMPowerplus screens women and men for GI issues before they sell the product. If you have any digestive issues, your food and/or nutritional supplements, medications, SSRI’s will not be absorbed. You will be spending money on these supplements and drugs (SSRI’s) for naught.

    The GI system – is also known as the ‘second brain’ – and is directly linked to our brains – and you are right – GI issues are tied to hormone issues. Everything is everything….

    Hormonally yours,


  335. Hello, Cyndie – the irony is – it is all in your head…. but you are not going crazy – even though it feels like it.
    Read through the posts. Get some whole food nutritional supplements and get on natural progesterone now.

    Obviously you were border line hormonally imbalanced prior to your birth control use…. and the pills just through you for a loop.

    The natural progesterone on my site… Progessence Plus -infused with essential oils – provides better absorption.

    Contact me at leslie@holyhormones.com

    Hormonally yours,


  336. I wish more women would educate themselves and ask the question of ‘Why’ do I have depression, and ‘What’ is causing it instead of the easy, lazy fix of drugs. Drugs hurt our bodies and make it that much harder to break free and be healthy. Stop eating SAD (standard American diet) for starters. This blog is a great spot to land on, but only if you read. Read what everybody wrote ahead of you, and you honestly shouldn’t even have a question if you are depressed, anxious, and a whole plethora of emotions and symptoms due to pregnancy, pms, or just being female in this toxic world. Leslie has written the same thing so many times that I am hoping she is copying and pasting by now…lol. Start with EMPowerplus, Progessence Plus from Young Oils, and work your way from there. As Dr. Catherine says, we need to start with the foundation of our bodies and then add onto it. Per Dr. Catherine, I am now drinking 32oz of warm water with Himalayan salt to remineralize by body, eating raw or Irish butter liberally to feed my brain the fat it needs, taking EMPowerplus along with aminos from Truehope.com, exercising, and waiting for my Progessence Plus in the mail. I do this new protocol daily in addition to all the other good stuff I have been doing. I’ve eaten healthy for as long as I can remember, but because my hormones were so out of whack, I wasn’t properly absorbing all the good I was doing. This is what I have been doing and was still unhealthy due to imbalance~ I drink fresh veggie juice each morning, fresh ground flax, fresh ground chia, diatomaceous clay, Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar, 4T of extra virgin unrefined coconut oil, and fresh oceanic fish along with lots of raw veggies (no meat, no sugar, and minimal processed foods~every once in a while I eat pizza, pasta, or bread, but not often). And guess what? None of it helped because of my hormones and lack of base nutrition in the form of a whole multivitamin like EMPowerplus. Oh AND I am 40lbs overweight even though I eat clean. So I can only imagine how bad some women must feel when they eat like crap with all the processed food out of boxes, cans, GMO’s, MSG, BPA plastic bottles, etc. I tell you this because if I can do this, you can, too. Drugs are NOT the answer…EVER. And btw, all the stuff I do above, my 11&13 year old boys do, too. No pressure or anything…hahaha. And it probably seems extreme, but I take my health and especially my kids’ health VERY seriously. I’m not such a diet prude as to where my kids can’t eat cake at a bday party, or partake in that sort of thing, but for the most part they eat pizza on Fridays and get to pick a dessert on Sundays, otherwise we are pretty good. I may mix a little regular pasta in with the quinoa, and make them a breakfast burrito using a regular tortilla or english muffin, but they eat a large amount of fresh, organic veggies each day to offset those small amounts of yucky foods. Well, and all the other stuff I aforementioned that they do for health. So anyway, most every person who has written on this blog, and I have read every one of the posts, has the same symptoms or variations of them. The answer from Leslie is always the same. Now if you want health, you will follow, but if you want a quick fix do the drugs. Keep the pharmaceutical companies rich. They will love you. Repeat customers are their favorite. Your doctor doesn’t typically know how to help you, either, or they wouldn’t prescribe drugs. Our medical establishment is an outdated paradigm who’s concern is to manage sickness, not create health. They manage symptoms as opposed to treating the source. If you ladies really want to feel good, then don’t do the quick fix drug BS and treat the source just like Leslie has mentioned countless times up above.

  337. Lisa – Hormone imbalance and nutrient depletion…. All of the rest of the information is here.

    Every pregnancy takes vital nutrients out of your body. When your body becomes nutritionally depleted – your hormones get out of whack.
    Also at 43 you are probably going into peri-menopause -a natural transition – (or it should be – if you are nutritionally depleted and hormonally whacked – it will be a much harder transition. Birth control ain’t going to do the trick.

    In fact, women in their 40’s are at much higher risk of having health (heart/blood pressure/ stroke) problems on birth control.

    Build up your nutrition – and balance your hormones so you will not be whacked up by the transition into menopause.

    Hormonally yours,


  338. Denise – ‘clinical depression’ was associated with ‘craziness’ – if you read about women’s history – you will realize that women were thrown in ‘loony bins’ or mental institutions because of hormone related depression and anxiety. In fact, their husbands had the power to have them locked up and they could throw away the key.

    Now we put women on SSRI’s and drugs – in a way it is another way of locking women up in their minds and throwing away the key to a quality of life.

    If your hormone levels are not showing anything out of whack – what is the only other thing you are not being tested for -NUTRIENTS – TARGETED FOR BRAIN HEALTH – SO THAT YOUR HORMONES CAN FUNCTION/COMMUNICATE PROPERLY AND EFFICIENTLY.

    Hormonally yours,


  339. Ashley Evans says:

    I am very thankful for this site. I get alerts when someone post and I read them daily. I am still battling my issues of migraines/heavy periods/anxiety (since I was 12/13 up until now at 29) just had my first baby 6 months ago had issues with numbness and stroke like symptoms after taking Sprintec birth control. I am now off birth control haven’t had those symptoms since stopping the bc.. I found a new doctor who is looking into why I am having migraines.. just got blood drawn to look into food allergies and celiac diseases. Then also when I am able to take the saliva/blood spot hormone test in January I will be dealing with a new OBGYN that deals with a natural hormone clinic/all natural compounding pharmacy. I am glad I stumbled upon here and am finally taking a stand for myself and not just sitting back letting doctors just keep giving me medicines (as I am on amitriptlyn and now topamax.. hoping I can be off of both of them by next year) Thanks again! And I will keep reading and keep posting!

  340. Hi Denise,

    I hope you are not concerned about the term clinical. It is just not considered a transient depression. It is a bit deeper it seems. It doesn’t mean a psychotic break with reality. It is just a depression that is a bit deeper than feeling down or blue, if that makes sense. I consider most of the commercials we see advertising help for depression to be addressing a clinical type depression, so no need to worry. Just keep at it. Here is an interesting thought…it seems, according to my doc, that a good percentage of people have the inability to assimilate b vitamins. It appears many of us have a mutation that requires that we take a methylated form of a b complex so that we can absorb the b12 and folate that is required for mood. I just started taking a methylated form and I must say…I do feel better. I was tested for the mutation but I would think anyone should take it that way and it could be preventive. The meds worked for me denise and yes, it did take time. What it did do is provide me the chance to eel well enough to move on and figure out what was really going on. So there you have it. Depression, from what I understand, lifts on its own for the most part but the meds helped me so much in the beginning. Finding the right meds was a task but it did help in the long run. Hang in there, kiddo. It does get better. That anxiety is wicked, I know. I have been there. Mine is directly tied to my estrogen. Keep searching. You WILL find answers. I am so pleased to hear you have many blessings in your life. It helps soooo very much. Sometimes it is hard to see the forest for the trees, but the forest is still there.

  341. PS my hormones at my younger age looked “normal” after awhile as well but it was not until I took estrogen that my doc saw a real difference. Maybe talk to another doc? Get a second opinion????

  342. Hi Cyndie, I am not a doc, but that sounds like so many of us here. I am NOT a fan of BC pill, I have to tell ya. You don’t sound crazy, you sound hormonally imbalanced. It might take a cycle to get through it. You should ask your doc although I can’t say they will be helpful. I understand that oral hormones are pretty tough on your liver. If it was me I might do a liver cleanse? Try taking some milk thistle and dandelion (SP?) The faster you can get that stuff to exit your body the better, I would think. The body is an amazing thing though.

  343. Hi Leslie,

    I am just getting my estrogen up to where my brain functions so forgive the delay in this question 🙂 You have mentioned a couple of times about my receptors being de-sensitized…How can I make them more sensitive? I have to take an awful high dose of bio identical estrogen to achieve anything that looks similar to normal estrogen levels. As a matter of fact, I take 6 mg of estrogen (which freaks my primary care doc out and me!) to achieve a total estrogen level of 87 and an estradiol level of 19.2. Then when I add the progesterone, because Dr. HAll likes one to cycle, I lose ALL of that estrogen rapidly, causing the depression that mimics my post partum depression; the anxiety, fuzzy head, dread, etc. So, while I can control the symptoms now I would love to reduce my estradiol intake. Sadly, when I do now, I become symptomatic. SO, there you have it. I take Curcumin for inflamation, DHEA, high dose algae based DHA and cold water EPA and DHA. I take iodine for breast health, a DIM product to organize my estrogen a methylated B product and D and C. I have had my Zinc levels tested and I came back normal AND zinc kinda makes me sick to my stomach. I take liver cleanse and digestive enzymes as well. I take Magnesium when I need it for anxiety and insomnia but find I don’t have those problems until I am low in estrogen. I eat organic, don’t drink coffee anymore and have really good readings on my cholesterol etc. All seems to be ticking along except for the hormone thing. Please let me know what you think.

    Thanks so much.

  344. Leslie, you are doing a good thing. Your compassion is evident in your responses.

  345. Hello, Cheryl – you do have a lot going on in your body. And a lot of interaction with many different synthetic and nonsynthetic bioidenticals, and so much more. My first instinct is to bring you into my home feed you chicken soup for the soul, get you detoxed and cleaned out, and then share information with you about the circadian rhythm and the endocrine system. Then start all over again with simple additions to your diet and to your supplementation.

    Tell me Cheryl – is there any literature out there on the interaction of all of the products your are taking? Do you know their combined mechanisms of action? Every now and then on my radio show I ask people to go into their medicine cabinets and look at all the vials of drugs and think about how they interact with each other…. there is nothing out there… and since each of us is biochemically different – they all act AND react on our bodies differently.

    I have forwarded your email to Dr. C and Cheryl for their input.

    I have often thought that eating organically – cleans out our system and makes us more vulnerable to drug interactions.

    Cheryl – hormone production begins in the brain – what you are dealing with are the specific outcomes of impaired brain function. I mean your first sentence in your post address this: ‘I am just getting my estrogen up to where my brain functions so forgive the delay in this question.’ What a roller coast your are on. Why not consider getting to the root cause which is brain health.

    I have posted this before – but am I posting again….


    The Neuro-Endo-Immune (NEI) Supersystem – The Brain-Body Connection

    The Neuro-Endo-Immune (NEI) Supersystem incorporates three vital disciplines: Neurology, Endocrinology, and Immunology. Evaluation of the NEI Supersystem – through the measurement of neurotransmitters, hormones, and cytokines – represents nervous, endocrine, and immune function, respectively. Assessment of these essential biochemical mediators provides important insight into the root causes contributing to clinical conditions.

    Neuroendoimmunology is an emerging field of medical science that seeks to understand the interconnectedness of the nervous, endocrine, and immune systems. Progressive research in this field suggests each of these three systems function as a larger whole, termed the “NEI Supersystem.” Within this supersystem, the nervous system plays the integral role of modulating the function of the immune and endocrine systems via the hypothalamic-pituitary axes and innervation of endocrine and immunological organs. However, due to the interconnected nature of this larger system, the nervous system is also reciprocally influenced by the effects of the endocrine and immune systems. Disruptions in the function of one system will ultimately have an impact on the function of all three systems.

    This is a new shift in thinking and in treatment.

    According to NeuroScience Inc. the brain never ages and it can heal itself.
    The more drug interaction – the more confused and nutritionally depleted the brain becomes.

    This is why I have been suggesting EMPowerplus to so many women.
    I have worked with addicts – and I have seen miracles takes place with nutritionally therapy.
    Once the brain gets the nutrients it needs it stops craving for anything and everything to make it feel good.

    Again, my instinct is saying what you are doing is too complex – and is too complicated for the body to absorb.
    I used to buy into bioidenticals… but then I realized through my years working at this recovery program – – that the source of healing comes from the brain.and by the way Teresa Kolpak and I both belong to the Alliance for Addiction Solutions – an organization of mental health and addiction therapists that uses nutrient therapy, acupuncture and other holistic methods for creating a sustainable recovery.

    I will also add that women coming into the addiction recovery program had severe endocrine issues and within a month of being on the program a lot of their menstrual discomfort cleared. This is why I am so passionate about this topic. I have seen nutrient therapy work – when all else has failed.

    BTW – Teresa has organized and held two very successful micronutrient conference and is networked with over 2,000 therapists and practitioners, and doctors in the U.S> and Canada and internationally.

    Cheryl Jazzar and Dr. C have powerful backgrounds and experiences as well.

    The four of us talk almost daily about what is going on here and what women we are needing.

    I am so glad you reached out Cheryl.

    I will be interested to see what the others have to say.

    I will tell you one other thing – that you are all missing is living with the rhythm of your endocrine cycle. Again that starts in the brain.
    More on that later. This is really the crux of my work.

    Oh yeah – and make sure you all go and look at the feature post on my blog today. It is about how cosmetics and other estrogen mimickers can cause early menopause.

    Hormonally yours,


  346. Thank you Cheryl.


  347. Stacie Kneip says:

    Hi I am 24 and have two children. I started my periods at the age of 14 and they were every 6 months or so give or take. Then they came at once a year and still are that way. At 20 I got pregnant and ha issues my daughter was born 27 weeks and had a very difficult time. I also have had OCD/ANXIETY at around 9 years of age. During that pregnancy I was amess because of all that was happening. After wards my anxiet increased and then two years later I got pregnant again and I was fine during it. After it I didn’t have a period until just recently my first in one year. I have stages where every three months or so I get very aggravated, anxious and stuff. Daily things get my anxious and workedup but during the three month stage I get very worked up. I was told that I never would have children due to no periods and I had two. How I don’t know. I have looked up things many times before and I know I have a hormonal balance and I would liek to know what I can do to find out more and what I can do to help myself naturally no medications.

  348. Hi Stacie – welcome to the group…. wow one period a year… and you still got pregnant… Amazing grace. My instinct is that your progesterone levels are too low. Progesterone comes into play right before ovulation and continues throughout the cycle until menstruation. Since you are not ovulating regularly you are producing more estrogen than progesterone. Progesterone is responsible for the development of the uterine lining to maintain a pregnancy. Low amounts of progesterone also can cause miscarriages and spontaneous abortions.

    Also progesterone is a ‘feel good’ hormone. When we are pregnant serum progesterone levels can be 400X higher than normal. This is significant. That is why most women feel good during their pregnancy – no mood swings, anxiety, or depression. That is because progesterone is elevated and stable for nine months.

    Once the pregnancy is over and our hormone levels return to their natural state – then the mood swings, anxiety and depression kick in if those levels are not balanced.
    Every pregnancy you go through also takes vital vitamins, minerals and amino acids from your body to build the baby’s body. That is part of the sacred gift of being a woman. However, if those nutrients are not replaced (and synthetic prenatal vitamins are not the answer) then you become even more run down and more imbalanced.

    Read the post I wrote in response to Cheryl – today. This is called the Neuro Endocrine Immune System or the NEI Supersystem. When the brain is nourished then the endocrine and immune systems fall back into balance.

    Here is more information on the Progessence Plus Serum – natural progesterone infused with Vitamin E and essential oils.

    And then of course there is the Truehope EMPowerplus supplement that targets brain health. Those two simple things will help with your hormone imbalance that has now developed into postpartum anxiety.

    This is what you can do naturally to help yourself.
    If you choose this route – you may start ovulating regularly so be prepared with a back up method of birth control (preferably not synthetic).

    Please email me at leslie@holyhormones.com and I can help get you started.

    Hormonally yours,


  349. Cheryl, thank you so much for your insight and words of encouragement. You and your site have been a blessing to me! I will keep searching for the answer to what is going on but in the meantime I will keep in mind that the forest is still there! Thank you so much I will be forever grateful to you for you kind words and sharing your knowledge with me. May God bless you and your family!

  350. Leslie, now that I am taking EMPowerplus and aminos from TrueHope, how long before I will notice anything? My Progessence Plus is scheduled for delivery tomorrow, btw, so I will start with that immediately as well. Does it take a month or more to start working? I am trying to manage my own expectations is all. I’m also doing all the other things Dr. C. recommended along with what I was doing healthwise originally. Also, you say that Progesterone is the feel good hormone. Can this become addictive? Can you use too much P+? And what have you experienced with weight loss once hormones are balanced and brain is nutrated? Thank you 🙂

  351. Hello, Krissy – I would say that you will feel a difference on the EMPowerplus within a few days… it depends on how nutritionally depleted you are… but then again you do well… so time will tell. Just know that you are getting vital nutrients you are not getting anywhere else… As for the Progessence Plus you may feel a difference right away. Autumn Stringam mentioned on my radio show that she felt her bipolar anxiety (hormone imbalance) coming back in her mid-30’s after 12 years w/o meds… she realized she was in peri-menopause and got some progesterone cream and noticed a difference in 20 minutes. For myself, I started the Progessence yesterday and today I realized that the muscles in my neck and back and along my throat were not as tense as they have been for weeks. Usually at the end of the week I am running to the acupuncturist – because I work so long and hard at the computer all week. I went for a walk this afternoon and did not have as much tension in my neck and shoulders….

    So you will see – and no, you cannot take too much – however follow the directions on the bottle and build up slowly.
    Read this information form Dr. Dan Purcer: http://www.danpursermd.com/faq.pdf

    This will be a great guide for you.

    Keep posting and let us know how you are doing.
    I think you will feel a great deal of mental clarity right away on the aminos and EMPowerplus.
    I was amazed at how much my concentration improved w/ the brain fog at the end of the day.

    Happy Hormones to you!


  352. Denise I am so glad you found this site to be of value… The real value is all of the women here finding a safe place to express how they are feeling. I am so grateful to each and everyone of you for posting your stories. You are all great resources and we have all learned from each other.



  353. And Krissy aren’t you already feeling better (empowered) knowing that you are beginning a healing process and no longer searching for answers?

    just sayin’. 🙂


  354. Hi Leslie,

    Thank y ou again for all of your kind thoughts. I love to hear the chicken soup thing. Maybe I will make some…
    Yes, I have made sure that all of the them work together ad-nauseum! Funny, I looked at the ingredient list on the Truehope Empower plus and it is pretty much what I am taking with the exception of iron and potassium. Wow, it would probably be less expensive to buy it that way!

    I figured something out today…shall I share?

    I have one form of Estadiol that seems to get into my system better than the others. I can feel it work on me. It is the Evamist. So I looked up the ingredient list on it and lo and behold, it has an item used in sunscreen to help the delivery of the product to penetrate a little deeper. The I called my compounding pharmacist and he said that it is a fat soluble delivery. He then proceeded to inform me that hormones, when delivered topically are fat soluble and that people that have more oil in their skin absorb them better because they are attracted to fat and oils! Here is the explanation I have been searching for. I have VERY VERY VERY dry skin and have had that since I was a young woman. I don’t have the oils available to conduct the topical hormones to a lower level! AND (I say with great excitement) when I suffered from post partum depression some 20 plus years ago, my doc gave me the first estradiol that they had on the market and it worked! He gave me oral estinyl which was only a partially synthesized estradiol and my body cold absorb it because I was taking it orally. Amazing. I am against taking even estradiol orally because it is so hard on the liver but at least I understand now. Hooray! I could take 10 times the average persons dose of estrogen topically and still not feel it! I also am now aware of the fact that I need to practice (thanks to you) better brain health. I’ll bet I need to take coconut oil and the like as I may not have enough fatty MCI (medium chain triglycerides) to maintain good brain health. What do you think!? I am soooo excited! Perhaps there is an end in sight!

  355. Oh, I forgot to mention that when I take the progesterone I have been prescribed as an oral medication and so it gets into my system quickly, via the liver, and sucks the little bit of estrogen that i have absorbed, out of my system rapidly and then down I go! Incredible. The progesterone works because I take that orally and not as a cream. Just a thought.

  356. Well, it has been 2 days taking EMPowerplus and the aminos, and this is going to seem strange, but I feel a little different. Can’t put my finger on it, but I have always been, let’s say zippy for lack of a better term…lol, and lately my zip has been zapped. I noticed today how playful and zippy I was with my sweetheart. WHAT A DIFFERENCE as opposed to short and impatient with him. That, in and of itself, is AMAZING. Now, I am really paying attention to my moods, etc. I used to brag (came back and bit me in the tush BIG TIME) that I never got PMS, because I didn’t at the time. These last 2 years I think I redefined bitchy. I mean I was psychotic around my cycle and the mere mention of my attitude being due to my period from my sweet man would put me even deeper into my ‘episode’. How lucky I am to have him because he just rode out the storm each month. I am looking forward to seeing how this month plays out. My cycle is always on the money and I menstruate on the first of each month. I am HOPEFUL I will not be the monster I have become and will stay in loving energy like I used to. I’m journalling daily on how I feel, etc, so I can keep track since taking my new vitamins. Also, I am feeding my brain lots of fat with Irish butter (can’t find raw anywhere in Az), coconut oil, and raw milk so that will also help. As if I can get any smarter, WOW, people best look out…lol. I will have to take over Marilyn Van Sant’s column (she has an IQ of like a gazillion…hahaha) and change the name to “Ask Krissy”. My boys are also doing all this new stuff with me and are also on the EMPowerplus and aminos. That makes me the happiest because I’ve been searching for good vitamins for them for years now and have tried many many different kinds. Never been happy though. I also got inspired to FINALLY buy a shower filter that eliminates 99.9% of chlorine and the chlorine ammonia mix out of our bathing experience. Obviously, we don’t drink our tap water, but I’ve known for forever how much chlorine is absorbed through our skin from daily showers, and I just kept forgetting and not prioritizing it. Should be here next week 🙂 My Progessence Plus will be here tomorrow and I am DAMN EXCITED, not to mention all the other extra Young Oils I ordered that I get to play with. Only thing we haven’t done is the Hydrogen peroxide, epsom, etc, baths. Haven’t purchased any of that yet, but I will soon. Thank you, Leslie (and Dr. C.) for all your help and helping ALL of us women who have been looking for answers for soooooo long. The newest Hormone Goddess~Krissy 🙂

  357. Hello again! I am 43 like I once stated in my earlier post and also have three kids. Well, the reason why i am posting again is that I wanted to state that i do take many vitamins mostly from the vitamin shoppe. Some days I do miss. But my questions is do you think that they my be a more synthetic form or by trying a differ. brand like empowered may help more, not in addition but instead of. I like to take a multi vitamin and also additional ones to focus on certian situations like thyroid and adrional glands and additional fish oil with high epa and dpa. oh, and add. vitamin D. After reading some posts I waould like to add progestion creme as well. Can you maybe post on exactly what you think would help with moodyness, depression, fussy thoughts, racing heart and back to normal 24-30 day cycles instead of 14 day ones. I would love to be normal again. Thank You

  358. Hellooooooooooooooooooo Hormone Goddess! Krissy this is great news.
    Bet your husband is one happy camper at work today!

    Thank you for your post.
    What a wonderful way to end the week.
    Let the healing begin!

    Hormonally yours,


  359. Hello Cheryl – I think you are brilliant in figuring all of this out….and that you understand what works for you and what does not.
    yes, we all need more fats and oils for better brain health. Low fat foods taste bad – and they are not doing us any good.
    Seeds, like flax, sunflower, cashews – butters – raw butter or Irish butter as Krissy is doing – organic butter, almond, tahini, peanut butter.

    Do not forget minerals – Dr. Catherine told me to toss out the Morton’s salt and replace with Himalayan or Redman Salt. There are 85 minerals in these salts that we are not getting from food sources. Salt liberally – add 1/2 tsp of Himalayan salt to your water and drink it…. It does not taste ‘salty’ but it enriches the taste of the water…

    I have to share this tidbit with you… and it is hard to believe – but I sent in on a workshop on the brain and nutrition at the International Society for Neuro Science Research held in Boulder, CO 4 years ago, and the speaker said that if you laid out all of the fat cells in the brain they would fill 10 football fields…

    Adding fats to our diet – the good fats, Omega 3’s etc is crucial to our mental health…

    Glad you are excited and empowered Cheryl – you go girls….. I can see the finish line on the horizon!
    And enjoy that chicken soup – it will be a good weekend for it….

    Hormonally yours,


  360. Hello, Lisa – welcome back. Not familiar with Vitamin Shoppe vitamins. According to Autumn and Teresa with Truehope the difference in the EMPowerplus is the micronized minerals which makes the supplement easier to absorb by the body. A lot of times we take vitamins – but because our digestion is off – they are not absorbed by the body.

    Read the label on the bottle. It should tell you whether or not they are synthetic or whole food… or next time when you go to Vitamin Shoppe – ask them.

    Now to the natural progesterone. Email me at leslie@holyhormones.com and I will help you order that. Need more information though… what kind of birth control are you on? Why do you think you periods are now 14 days? That is huge…. My first thought is that you are having mid-cycle bleeding….. or breakthrough bleeding. Our hormone levels drop right before ovulation and if you do not have enough progesterone you may be experiencing that second bleed.

    Also the capillaries in the uterus weaken over time and pregnancies. Stress, fatigue mood swings places stress on the uterus too. Go to the health food store and get a whole food compound Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) but also with bioflavnoids. Bioflavnoids strengthen the capillaries (uterine) but also the blood vessels and the arteries in the body. This will be helpful in that break through mid-cycle bleed.

    Natural progesterone will also help with the moodiness, depression, fussy thoughts etc.

    Let’s get you back to normal.
    Check on those vitamins and lets get the natural progesterone ordered this weekend.

    Always good to see you here…

    Hormonally yours,


  361. Hello everyone, I have made an appointment with an endocrinologist for monday and a psych for tuesday. I am determined to get to the bottom of what exactly is causing this sadness and anxiety and the fact that I am unable to get excited about anything until 9:00 pm. I will say that God is good because I at least I know every night I get a few hours of peace and I feel normal again. My heart goes out to all of you who don’t get any relief at all. Just know that you are not crazy and keep pushing the doctors until they give you your answers! I love you all and pray for everyone on this site. Keep your head up and know that nothing lasts forever so it will pass with the right help! I will keep you updated on what I find out. Blessings to all!

  362. Mary Ann Maycen says:

    Hello Denise,
    You are making a very wise decision in your health care. I feel the same way that you do at night. I went through a very early menopause and my hormones have always been low and periods were very irregular. and short in cycle. I could never get a GYN to do hormone lab testing on me until at the age of 50 a new GYN did a FSH and LSH and found that I was already postmenopausal. Even on hormone pills my levels remain very low.
    I am 58 years old and for 8 years I had a fantastic life. I have posted before about how my GYN in March took me off HRT without weaning after taking them for 20 years. That was a nightmare.
    Then in May and June I had a hormone pellet injection implant where the GYN ordered 175mgm of Testosterone which is far too much for a starting dose. Some women can handle a high dose but I am one that can’t. My level went up to 271. It is slowly coming down, but the high Testosterone put me into a depression and also has caused severe anxiety. I have lost 15 pounds and I do not need to lose weight, nausea, dry heaves or vomiting, loss of appetite until the evening.
    The GYN had no suggestions but told me that all women are different. That cost me $800.00 for that advice.
    I have had it with the 2 GYN”s and family practice physician I was using. One told me I had Hypothyroid and treated me with medication and said to follow up with an Endocrinologist. Endocrinologist said my Thyroid was normal and stopped the medication. I have been put on every dose of Premarin and nothing seems to work. I was taking Lexapro and Clonazapan when I went into menopause and I am still on that.
    I finally made an appointment to see a psychiatrist and had my first visit yesterday. She told me that all my symptoms are due to an imbalance of hormones. She said my hormones are like a roller coaster. My Estrogen level is very low so we are working on adjusting the dose of that. She suggested that I start on Prenatal Vitamins, Omega 3 since it has folate and also B complex. She adjusted my Clonazapan for the anxiety and increased the Lexapro just a tad. I am back on the hormone pills that I had been on before the GYN stopped them. Of course nothing happens over night.
    She really listened to me and I know that it will take time to get my hormones back in balance.
    When you see the Endocrinologist, have him do a complete hormonal workup, a complete Thyroid profile, CBC, and a Vitamin D level, Glucose and a HBA1C to rule out diabetes, DHEA Sulfate and a Chemistry profile .
    Don’t stop praying and just remember you are not fighting these symptoms alone. Hang in there.
    Blessings and prayers coming your way.

  363. Hello, Mary Ann – unless those prenatal are from whole food sources and not synthetic they will not do you much good.
    And there is a difference between taking nutritional supplements and being able to absorb them.
    If your digestive tract is not functioning well – the vitamins will pass right through your system – or get absorbed into the fat tissues.
    That is why Truehope EMPowerplus is so powerful – the nutrients have been micronized so they are easily absorbed by the body.

    Just sayin’.

    Every step you women are taking is a step forward and a giant leap from when you first found this blog post.
    Healing is a journey. Options need to be explored and researched and you need to find the options that work for you.

    Just remember you can choose a medication-free lifestyle… it is there – the studies have been published and someday nutrating the body will become the norm – not just a new concept.

    Also remember that every med you take depletes your body of more nutrients.

    Hormonally yours,


  364. Good for you Denise – keep us posted on what they have to say. I agree with you wholeheartedly: the more informed you are going into see your doctor, the better answers you will get.
    Blessings to you as well.
    Thank you for being a vital part of this site.

    Hormonally yours,


  365. Mary Ann Maycen says:

    You are very familiar with my posts and what is currently going on. What do you suggest I take and also remember that I am on HRT, Lexapro and Clonazapan.

    Thank you for all your help,

    Mary Ann

  366. I am still waiting on my Progessence Plus, so I have no update there, but wanted to tell you I had a healing crisis last night and now still today. Last night, my stomach hurt so badly, and was so dizzy and nauteous that I was regretting any of this…lol, and then this morning I barely made it to the bathroom, if you know what I mean. Dr. C. warned me of that when I started on the raw milk. Both my kids experienced the same thing, so we know we are on track, although my pain all night was horrible. Right now, I have a headache that will not go away. I cannot even flush it out with water, which is why I know it is another part of my healing. Again, I know this is merely a healing crisis and a process I need to go through to get back to health. I’m only sharing because I don’t want the other women to get frustrated or think something isn’t right so they stop the protocol. I’ve done many juice fasts and the first few days I’ve always had a healing crisis to overcome as my body rids itself of toxins and rights itself back to balance. Anyway, just thought I’d share my progress. I will use the Progessence Plus for a few days before I post about that. STILL WAITING impatiently for it to arrive today. I think it may help my headache, which makes the wait even worse 🙁

  367. So proud of you Denise. You are being very proactive. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get the answers at first. Maybe explain the anxiety to the psych so that they can reconsider the Wellbutrin. Just a thought. The anxiety is a key player in my opinion. Keep at it. God bless you.

  368. Mary Ann,

    Wow, you sound like me. It seems very hard to get the docs to understand this problem. It was a psychiatrist that also helped me many years ago. Now the GYN and my GP are just not getting it. They are soooo afraid of oral meds and your experience with the pellet makes me very concerned about that. My doc today said she wants to try one more cream with the ability to penetrate better. We shall see. If this doesn’t work (at my expense of course) I will go to lozenges. I will keep you posted.

  369. Thanks for posting this.. It’s been a pleasure to read 🙂

  370. I just found this website, and it almost put me into tears to know that I am not the only one suffering through this. I am a 5th year PhD student in Engineering and will be finishing in 6 months time. I never in my life thought of myself to be a crazy girl with insecurities and someone who needs a man to take care of her in order to be happy and validated, but this year has been a struggle for me. I took birth control pills from age 16-20, and then went off of birth control for some time. When I started back 2 years later, I had severe anxiety and depression and was completely ineffective at work. I immediately stopped the birth control (Nuvaring) and within 1 week, I felt 100% like myself again. About 7 months ago, I got a Mirena IUD, due to the promise of low-hormone levels that wouldn’t affect me from the doctor. For the first 2 months, everything was great! I was really happy with the device and everything was wonderful. Starting around 2 months in, I started having anxiety about my boyfriend & I’s relationship, work, and my life in general. Everything made me cry or get anxiety and I couldn’t work, couldn’t laugh, couldn’t really be myself at all. There were no major changes or events in my life, and my life is truthfully beyond awesome! I am typically described as being obnoxiously positive and bubbly, and I was the exact opposite. I started seeing a therapist, and he wanted to put me on anti-anxiety medication and asked my SO and I to come in for couple’s counseling. I decided to try removing my IUD first, when I pieced timing of arguments we had back to starting not too long after my IUD insert…. and it was amazing what a difference it made. Within 48 hours, I felt like a new person! I am now 2 weeks without the hormones from Mirena, and I am still feeling much more confident and relaxed. However, I am still getting the same anxiety occasionally, about 30 minutes every-other-day. I am curious if this hormone imbalance will take a while to neutralize in my system, or if this is no longer hormonally related? I got the Paraguard IUD this time (no synthetic hormones), but I am wondering if this is also having an effect on my anxiety/hormones now. Any advice would be great… I, like most women on this comment thread, have really been suffering, and am so excited to figure this out and get back to me! Thanks for reading!

  371. Hello Austa – What a story – and everyone here has a similar story. Glad you have figured out the synthetic hormone part and are now using a hormone free IUD. The problem is that the IUD is setting up a minor infection in your uterus that your immune system has to fight. And since your immune system is tied to your endocrine system which is tied to you the neuro system – the are all affected by this new addition to your body. This is called nueroendoimmunology.

    Switching hormone contraceptives is hard on the body – and they all deplete nutrients.

    In a nutshell – you have been overworked and stressed because of your studies and you field.
    Chances your diet has not been up to par because of your schedule. Sounds like you might be experiencing adrenal fatigue.

    You are simply nutritionally depleted and hormone imbalanced.

    Truehope EMPowerplus – the leaders in brain health – will get the vitamins and minerals and amino acids to your brain for good brain health. You notice a boost in mental clarity and less brain fog after a day of studies and research. Your mood will even out and you will produce more.

    Progessence Plus Serum – is a natural progesterone infused with essential oils that will clean out the receptor sites on your cells. They have gotten blocked from all of the synthetic hormones. You need this – after all of the estrogen synthetic hormones you have been on. That will immediately reduce your anxiety by working on balancing the hormones…

    The EMPowerplus will replace the nutrients, minerals, vitamins and amino acids you are missing in your diet and that have been depleted by the synthetic hormones and your lifestyle.

    Your body needs support – otherwise these symptoms will worsen.

    Email me at leslie@holyhormones.com and I will get you going on these products.

    Whatever you do – STOP drinking water out of plastic water bottles (estrogen mimickers) and DO NOT microwave in plastic. Microwaves set up a chemical firestorm of estrogen mimickers. You cannot see them, or smell them – but they are there infecting your food.

    Hormonally yours,


  372. Hello Mary Ann – Yes, I read through your initial post again. Do you want to heal your hormone imbalance and depression, anxiety or do you want to remain on the medication path – while you are becoming more nutritionally depleted and more hormone imbalanced. And then you will be put on higher doses of Lexapro and Clonazapan.

    I would call Truehope – and ask them questions. Teresa Kolpak – and I can put you directly in touch with here – trains doctors and therapists on how to wean people off their meds after they have been nutrated. No one is talking ‘cold turkey’ here. Truehope will help you build up your nutritional levels so that when and if you come off the meds you do not crash. A 800 phone number is free Mary Ann. You have nothing to lose.

    As far as the HRT – well I suggest natural progesterone… HRT is a complex drug – and there are many lawsuits against certain brands because it can cause breast cancer (hormone imbalance).

    Dr. Catherine, Cheryl Jazzar and I are meeting this week to develop our concept for a webinar so we can talk with all of you women directly and answer your questions.

    Mary Ann you posed quite a few months ago if I recall – and you are still here reading and absorbing all of the stories and the comments. You would not still be here if you also felt there might be a better way.

    You know you will get support here whatever you choose.

    Hormonally yours,


  373. hi, i believe my problem with vertigo is caused from hormonal inbalnce also, 12 yrs. with this debilitating problem. many drs. an cannot tolerated any medications that cause water retention. as is in 90 percent all drugs … so i suffer……… even bio-identical hormone. ended me in an emergency rm. i am post menapausal. 18 months now an started spotting for about 2 weeks….had it checked out an gyn. says all is ok….just hormonal surges…. 2 yrs. ago i was told i had severe anxiety, an was by mistake diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer. had a lobectomy an lymph nodes removed but due to my so called off balance vertigo.an sensitivites to medications. i refused chemo an radiation. still suffering with vertigo daily. no real help is avail. i have been seeing a lic. psycologist for many yrs. it doesnt work for vertigo. u r right when u say drs. really have no idea. what to do for so many of us .. not that they havent tried , just that they dont know what to do… my quality of life is not good…. an i get so frustrated an angry……i never had children. but when i did have periods for yrs. which were always normal. every 28 days. but just before periods. i would get dizzy for about a week…. interupted my life since i was young… anyway. i dont know if i have to live the rest of my life like this or not. but having lung cancer, its not good. i still go to drs. but i think , they dismiss me , due to the fact that i go all the time an i havent died yet i guess. i have not worked since 2002, due to this matter. i am sick of feeling like this, i went thru a divorce due to the fact i could not hold my own financially, anyway. not to be ungrateful for what i have . i feel lucky that i am still here, an maybe someday soon. i will not feel this. hopeful; i guess. .DOES ANYONE KNOW IF THIS WILL GO AWAY ON ITS OWN…….. ANY REPLY WOULD BE HELPFUL…. THANKS…. AN DONT SAY SUCK IT UP AN TAKE MEDS. IT DOES NOT WORK WITH ME…………

  374. Hello, Karen – well you ain’t gonna hear me tell you to suck it up and take meds….
    But I will tell you that you are probably zinc deficient which means that you are obviously nutrient deficient.

    I strongly suggest calling Truehope about the EMPowerplus product and get some wholesome nutrients in you.
    Do a search on the Internet – and you will see over and over vertigo – also known as M√©ni√®re’s (Meniere’s) Disease is a zinc deficiency.

    Sounds like you have had everything else done to you – but nutrition.

    Yes doctors will keep dismissing you – because you are wanting answers they do not have. They have not been trained in nutrition – other than one or two classes….
    EMPowerplus will help with vertigo.

    Call Truehope today and tell them what is going with you and let their trained professionals guide you. You will start feeling better immediately with nutrition.
    You may have to clean up your diet – eat organic – re-evaluate your lifestyle…. but if health is what you want – these are the things you have to do. This is not rocket science.

    Nutrition is the new medicine – it is actually the old medicine too. We need to get back to the basics.

    And that is my reply.
    It is now up to you to make the phone call.
    All of the information is on my blog.

    Hormonally yours,


    Get your quality of life back – it is yours if you want it.

  375. Hi I had my first panic attack like 2.5 years ago right after I got married… Stopped my birth control around the same time to see if that would help. Went on zoloft and ativan and went to a therapist. After a bout a year was feeling better. Didnt like the zoloft but continued with the ativan here and there. Just had a baby three months ago and was soo happy to not feel anxious during the pregnancy which what I was concerned about. After the baby ws born I was feeling good not anxious, stopped breast feeding a couple weeks ago and now I am starting to feel anxious again. Any ideas on what labs I should get checked and what I shoud get started on cause I dont want to start taking prescribed meds again…

  376. Karen, WOW, so I am not sure I read your post correctly. Do you or don’t you have lung cancer? It said you were misdiagnosed and I thought it was for the cancer? If you do, Dr. Robert Young, who wrote the book “Ph Miracle” at phmiracleliving.com, has many success stories of people who were told there was nothing they could do and left them do die of their cancers who have not only lived, but thrived. He is all about nutrition and eating an alkaline diet to make sure your blood ph is maintained around 7.365. I would absolutely do the EMPowerplus vitamins and the aminos like Leslie recommended and then get in touch with Dr. Young on his facebook page. He is also on youtube with videos and testimonials from people suffering from many diseases, not just cancer who have been cured. I believe he is your answer for that part of your illness, and he will answer your questions directly on his facebook page. I believe he now has a book called “Ph Miracle for Cancer” so PLEASE pick that up. I also had vertigo, but until I just now read your post I had zero clue it was a nutrition deficiency, although I should have (duh) because everything comes down to that essentially. Anyway, thank you for addressing that so now I know it is a zinc deficiency via Leslie’s answer. I was doing many dietary things right, so it is hard for me to realize how unhealthy I was because my body wasn’t absorbing the nutrients due to my GI issues. While I heal my gut, the EMPowerplus is able to nutrate my brain whereas none of the other vitamins could. THANK YOU AGAIN LESLIE for sending me to TrueHope.

    I am here to report on my progress since starting the EMPowerplus and aminos last week. I can tell the difference, and could pretty much from the beginning. I am SO HAPPY that I’m on them so I can FINALLY nutrate my brain and body to get on the road to recovery. I’ve been on many many vitamins over the years that were whole, not synthetic, but I never felt they were working and the right combination for my body. I know EMPowerplus is the right combo. Also excited my tween children are benefitting from them as well. They are also taking the EMPowerplus and aminos, although they are taking more aminos than me since they are growing boys about to hit puberty and they need more, which they told me at TrueHope (makers of EMPowerplus). Dr. C. is the one who told me to get them on the aminos in the first place so thank you again, Dr. Catherine. As for the Progessence Plus~well, I got it in the mail on Friday night and immediately used some. I got a buzz the moment I put it on, almost like a head rush. My body is sensitive to most things so I wasn’t surprised. I don’t drink alcohol, or do caffeine, etc, so things affect me. Anyway, it was as if I took a tramadol (sp?), which I took once for a pms migraine. I noticed I got a headache from the smell of P+ so I had to put it on my head and the headache did subside. Each time I use P+ I end up putting some on my head because I’m sensitve to smells and it really is too strong for me and it gives me an immediate headache in the front of my forehead. A side note, my dogs dislike the smell, too, so if they are in bed with me when I do it, they jump off immediately…lol, although one of my dogs loves the smell of the lavendar, by Young Oils (the makers of Progessence Plus). As for noticing how I feel after doing P+ for a few days, I would have to say I do feel more evened out emotionally, but my true test will be coming in a couple of weeks when I would normally become psychotic around my period. Oh AND I am sleeping deeply like I used to so that ROCKS!! That right there makes it all worth it 🙂 I’ve come to realize I was experiencing adrenal fatigue/burnout as I had a majority of symptoms relating to that. Well, that is all coming to an end as I am starting from the foundation and rebuilding back to health. When I first read Leslie’s answer to me that I needed EMPowerplus I was in denial because I was doing sooooo many nutritional things right, but again, I wasn’t absorbing any of it so it didn’t matter how well I ate. My body needed to heal. After I read each and every post before and after mine, I realized she must be onto something and decided to follow her recommendations and I am thrilled I did:)

  377. Hello, Krissy – Thank you for the great update.
    I have taken time to research every product I have posted on my blog.
    Thank you for trusting me on this and taking my advice along with Cheryl’s and Dr. C’s. We truly want to help every woman here
    to regain their balance.

    A colleague of mine went to a nutritional meeting over the weekend and a pharmacist from Boulder, CO was speaking and he made it very clear that after studying the
    human body and how it functions – combined with mixing compounds daily for medications – that nutrition is the only way the body can heal.

    He also stated that high doses of estrogen in the body can be poisonous – and the hormone needs to be balanced.

    I think most of you here would agree with that.

    Fortunately, you all found this site and know you have options.

    Krissy – I am so surprised you do not like the smell of the Progessence Plus.
    I love it – but then again it goes to show how biochemically different we all are.

    I do know that the headache you experienced may be part of your hormones re-balancing with the progesterone and that will probably subside.
    Email me if you would like a chart to track your headaches with your menstrual cycle too.

    At least you have more room to sleep in your bed – now that the dogs are gone! LOL.

    So glad you are sleeping well – that is a combination of both the EMPowerplus and the natural progesterone.
    Once the body is getting nutrated – it can relax – truly relax – and you will sleep better.

    Hormonally yours,


  378. Hello, Karen – You do not need labs… you are nutrient deficient and hormonally imbalanced – just like most other women who have posted here.
    Without trying to sound like a broken record you need Truehope EMPowerplus and your need natural progesterone – Progessence Plus.
    Please read Krissy’s post about her experience.

    Your body gave vital nutrients to your baby – and they need to be replaced. Period.
    Meds mask the symptom as you know.
    Nutrating the body heals what ails you.

    All of the information you need to know is on my blog.
    Email me at leslie@holyhormones.com if you are ready to get on board and start healing.

    Hormonally yours,


  379. Hi, i’ve been having a problem for the last 6 months a week before i start i go through a hell week. i go from feeling sad to i want to give up in life. i become very moody with everyone around me that i live with. which are kids and boyfriend. I really dont know whats going on but on a daily base i do feel depressed but its cause i have so much on my plate and i dont know what to do. I’m really concerned for the with my hell week. i try not to become the devil to bad but sometimes i do. can u please tell me what i should try that i can buy without seeing a doctor cause i dont need another bill to pay. please help any suggestings are great. thank you, Brenda

  380. i’m sorry i’m a 38 years old. thanks again, Brenda

  381. Hello, Brenda – I am assuming your ‘hell’ week is the week before your period. Is that correct?
    Ok – the answer is the same that I have given over and over again… nutrient depletion due to pregnancies. Every pregnancy you go through takes vital nutrients from your body.
    If you do not replace those you become run down, emotionally on edge and depressed.

    That nutrient depletion affects your hormone balance – especially if you are not living with menstrual cycle awareness.

    Two simple solutions – Truehope EMPowerplus and natural progesterone – Progessence Plus Serum.

    That’s it. Those two products will bring hormone harmony into your life and into your family’s life.

    Email me at leslie@holyhormones.com when you are ready to order.

    Hormonally yours,

    Read Krissy’s post – she pretty much sums it up in a nutshell.

  382. Brenda, if I may add what I’ve also learned from Leslie is that if you are on birth control, or any synthetic hormones, you need to get off of them as they are adding to your hormonal imbalance. I recommend reading each and every post from this blog. I have and it made me realize each of us women is going through slight variations of the same symptoms. ALL of these issues originate with lack of nutrition and the EMPowerplus is ahead of the curve of other vitamins as I’ve tried man others that were also whole and not synthetic, but they didn’t help me like EMPowerplus is. If you can afford it, your kids will also benefit from these vitamins to give them the foundation for health. Our soils are depleted and even if we are eating what is considered healthy, we don’t get all we need nutritionally. Poor diet and absorbtion of nutrients is the precursor to all of our maladies so we need to start there and build from that. If you buy in bulk, the price is less for the EMPowerplus, but if not, one bottle is $75 for a month supply. I think I stated that correctly. That is a small price to pay to get your sanity back and also your family’s from having to deal with you. My sweet man is a saint for how psychotic I have been and how badly I have treated him each month. Honestly, I think he’d work a second job just to pay for the vitamins…lol.

    Leslie, we will see. I’m not sure though because I get the headache the minute I open the bottle of Progessence Plus without even putting in on and have from the moment I got it and opened it. I’m VERY sensitive to smell. I write about this because I don’t want other women to be discouraged if they get a headache, too. It is easily remedied by putting the P+ directly on the spot where your headache is coming from. I also don’t like the lavendar oil smell and get a headache from it as well. I haven’t used any other oils yet that I received from Young Oils so I’m not sure if all of them will have this same effect on me or not.

    As for my dogs…lol, I LOVE their little bedhog butts in bed with me so I make sure I put it on before we all jump into bed. I don’t know what I’d do if I weren’t in between a Ginger/Carl sandwich 🙂

  383. Hello.
    I’m searching for ansswers/help. I’m 32 years old, overweight, have anxiety, suffered from depression 8 years ago. I am. Currently suffering from heart palpitations /fluttering. I have don’t sleep much. Lately I crash around 9pm but am. Wide awake between 130-330am. I’ve had an echocardiogram done and also a 15 day event monitor. The echo was normal and the event monitor showed that I have isolated pvc’s and sinus tachycardia. The last 24 hours my palpitations are so bad that I went to urgent care even though the end of last week the above all turned out normal. Ekg was normal tonight, heart rate elevated although when this happens it makes my anxiety worse which in turns makes all of this worse. I’ve recently had complete blood work done. Everything was normal except I have iron deficient anemia (my level l was 50) and also showed a high phosphorus level at 5.1. My. PCP said I need to see a blood and kidney doctor to get those two levels looked at.
    After speaking with my aunt tonight I learned that all through her 30 she suffered from everything that I am going through right now. They did the same things to her echo, ekg, Holter monitor etc. She then had her hormone levels checked and found out that she had perimenopause.
    Can what I’m experiencing be what she had or a hormonal imbalance?
    My doctor is checking my parathyroid on Thursday. My thyroid test was ok.
    I don’t know that I provided enough information. But any help would be greatly apprexiated
    I need answers…
    Feel free to email me at kshorts22@ymail.com

  384. Hello, Julie – I am writing to you hear so that everyone can ready my response… Nutrition and natural progesterone. Especially since your aunt – (your mother’s sister?). If all else is ruled out… the what is missing is the nutritional component. Have you had children? Each pregnancy depletes nutrients. Most of us are estrogen dominant? What type of birth control are you on? What did your mother use? Excess estrogen is passed down in-utero and is stored in the fat tissue in our abdomen and thighs.

    Check out this article posted on and English newspaper/tabloid – Mail Online: My ‘heart attack’ lasted for 14 years: Crippling chest pain almost wrecked Dorothy’s marriage – and it was all down to her mid-life hormones

    If your aunt is blood related it is very possible what you are experiencing is severe hormone imbalance going into perimenopause. At 32 that sounds early – however you will not believe how many women are experiencing this at such an early age. The numbers are staggering… just like little girls developing breasts at the age of 6. The average age of puberty is now at 9 years old! And the culprit are all of the hormone mimickers in plastics, (DO NOT MICROWAVE IN PLASTIC), plastic water bottles are dangerous because of the estrogen mimickers…. any plastic bottle is bad… Look in your fridge and look at everything packaged in plastic… and then look at all of the plastic storage containers in your cabinets. We cannot get away from plastic…. estrogen mimickers are also in meats (hormones) and in household cleaners – get rid of them all and use white vinegar and water. Does the trick and no chemicals. Makeup contains estrogen mimickers.

    Did you read the post on my site about women who wear makeup are going into menopause at an early age? Chemicals in Cosmetics Linked to Early Menopause

    Progessence Plus Serum is a natural progesterone infused in essential oils and get absorbed at the cellular level. This will offset the estrogen bombardment and stored estrogen in your body.

    Progessence Plus Serum and Truehope EMPowerplus are both on my web site.

    If you want to heal you need good nutrition and natural progesterone. I have spent the last 6 months researching these products and they are sound and women using them are seeing results.

    If you want to know more email me at leslie@holyhormones.com

    You will start feeling better immediately.

    The women we are helping with this are all experiencing great results.
    This is a good start to getting your life back.

    Hormonally yours,


    PS We are here to help – and you are in the right place.
    Keep posting.
    Let us know how your parathyroid test comes out.
    And read Krissy’s post today.

  385. Thanks for getting back to me. Yes it’s my mother’s sister who experienced the same things I am currently. I do have one child who is 2 1/2 year old. I did have a miscarriage before her. They never knew why but they put me. On oral progesterone when I got pregnant with her. I will definitely read those articles tomorrow. I’m so nervous. I just want to get this fixed. I’m so tired all the time and these palpitations are making me nuts and I keep thinking I have worst case scenario.

  386. If you have low progesterone levels you will miscarry. Do not be nervous… We have offered hope when you did not have hope before. What you have is manageable, treatable and healable. When you wake up in the middle of the night – give thanks this will be over soon. Your hear palpitations and hormone imbalance are what is waking you up. I am so glad you found this site. Nutrition is the new medicine. Balance the hormones by increasing progesterone and replacing nutrients from your pregnancy will make you feel like a new woman.

    Blessings to you Julie.
    You came to the right place.


  387. Caitlin: ive been reading everyones stories and hopefully someone can help me, it really seems like i have an imbalance.. im 25 and on the pill last week i was on antibiotics for a bladder infection and stopped taking it sat… since then i havent been myself and it just seems to be getting worse. i cry all the time for no reason and i feel so depressed that nothing makes me feel happy, so my first thought was that am i losng feelings for my bf coz im not happy… but i know thats not true, last nyt and today i cried hysterically as if someone had died and i couldnt say why, and i feel so anxious and nervous all the time…. please help what can i do

  388. Thank you so much Leslie! I am very thankful I found this site. I’m also thankful that I spoke to my aunt last night. I never knew she went through this. And as I was describing to her what they have done with me and what’s been going on the last month she said she did the same thing 20 years ago all through her thirties. I plan on sitting down tonight and reading more on this site then. As I am at work now. Should I get my hormones tested at my ob’s office to see what is off? That is who found my aunts problems. If I do that is there a better time of the month to get tested?
    I’m actually scheduled for have weight loss surgery in less than a month. I don’t know if I should be starting this now or wait until after that? I’m 150+ my ideal body weight and I’m trying to get this all under control.
    Thanks again and God bless!

  389. Caitlin antibiotics – plus pill – can upset your hormone balance… where are you in your cycle? How long have you been on the pill?
    Your immune system is obviously compromised which means you are nutrient deficient – otherwise you would not have gotten a bladder infection and on top of that…..the antibiotic went in and killed the good and bad bacteria so now you are even more depleted – hence the hysteria.

    This is not about your bf. Leave him out of it.
    This is all about you getting well.

    Nutrients and natural progesterone…. you will not believe how much better you will feel.
    You are way too young to be feeling this way.
    We can help you get your life back.
    The first step is up to you.
    Email me at leslie@holyhormones.com

    Hormonally yours,


  390. Hello, Julie – let me get this straight – you are nutritionally depleted, hormonally whacked and going into surgery? Which will throw an even stronger wrench into the imbalance? And you are thinking of putting off nutrition, hormone balancing etc until after your surgery? What am I missing?

    What are you doing to strengthen your body so that it can with the onslaught of a surgery…. an invasive procedure that is going to send shock waves through your entire body? Are you taking strong nutrients to help prepare your body for surgery? Are you eating well? What do you think the outcome will be afterwards…. yeah, you will have lost some weight – but is your body strong enough to deal with everything else?

    Just sayin’. I mean we ‘winterize’ our house… we ‘winterize’ our cars so they will withstand an onslaught of weather changes.. but we do not think about doing the same for our bodies?

    Have to run out to speak at a high school.
    Am sure we will be talking later.
    Just had to get this off my chest before I left.

    Hormonally yours,


  391. Caitlin, bladder infections are caused by poor diet and mainly SUGAR. I know because I used to get around 4 a year, along with yeast infections of about 4. Nearly every month I had one or the other and then sometimes both at once. My doctor never went to the source of WHY this was happening so much and it never occurred to me until I went to a naturopath who was SHOCKED by how many of these I was having and told me immediately that it was sugar and I needed to stop eating it. DIET IS EVERYTHING. That was 10 years ago, and I quit eating sugar and processed foods and processed carbs in that moment. I was in shape and worked out, etc, so because I looked good I thought I was healthy…WRONG. Your life is out of control and your need of weight-loss surgery is the result of your diet and lifestyle choices. When you have these types of surgeries, you will have a hard time absorbing nutrients and so your problems are about to get WAY WORSE. Surgery is NOT the answer. If you could postpone it, and start taking EMPowerplus and Progessence Plus for a year along with eating protein, vegetables, and the right kinds of fats you will get back in balance and your weight will automatically correct itself. I put on 40lbs overnight within the last couple of years, and was devastated. I have always been athletic and in shape with a size 2 jeans. I get how bad you feel looking in the mirror being fat, but the answer is NOT SURGERY. Please reconsider. Your body will never perform like it can and should if you choose surgery. Not to mention surgery is bad on your body even if it is a simple tonsillectomy. It is too invasive. Surgery should always be considered a last resort after all else fails. You found Leslie and this site so please at least try a natural way to fix yourself and nutrate your brain. I started on EMPowerplus a week ago and I immediately knew it was right. I’ve posted a bit up above so if you want to read it it is there. I eat what I am supposed to, no processed food or carbs, etc, but I wasn’t absorbing any of the nutrients from all my good efforts, nor was I losing the weight, which frustrated me most. Not to mention I was a complete psycho before my period and a half pyscho all the other time. My loving energy stopped existing. I can report that since starting the EMPowerplus vitamins along with their aminos and the Progessence Plus I am back to my loving, snuggley self with my sweet man. I am a skeptic by nature so had anybody told me this would take a week, I’d have laughed and laughed, but this is what I’m experiencing. At some point I had to trust and try something knew even though I was eating healthy, taking vitamins, and exercising. Doing what Leslie said couldn’t hurt so I did it. She was so insistent and passionate on all of her posts above that she convinced me. Her compassion and caring also comes through, which also made me think she was really just trying to help and empower women with her knowledge. I’m not a ticking timebomb of emotions anymore and I know it will continue to get better as I become more and more balanced over time. Again, I was already taking non-synthetic whole vitamins, but because my GI tract was off I wasn’t absorbing them, and I’ve learned through Leslie and Dr. Catherine that if your brain isn’t getting what it needs nutritionally then your body isn’t either. Made sense on an intellectual level as well.

    I hope you reconsider surgery. You will whack yourself out so badly from it that I doubt you’d ever come back. One of my child’s friend’s moms at school had weight loss surgery and she did lose weight BUT she looked so unhealthy and lost the weight too fast so her skin hung. Then after a few years, she actually gained it all back just like Carnie Wilson because she never learned to eat properly. What you need is to learn the basics and learn how to eat properly or it won’t matter that you got surgery because people end up worse from when they started. I cringe at the thought of your surgery. It hurts my heart. Please at least give this natural way time to work and if it doesn’t (it will) then surgery is still an option and hasn’t gone anywhere. You have options so please utilize them!!! You are here for a reason. Nothing happens by chance. Your spirit brought you here so now it is up to you to listen.

  392. Oh SHOOT…lol, I meant to write that post to Julie, not Caitlin. SORRY. Julie, please read my post above~Krissy

  393. Thank you Krissy for backing up my concerns about Julia’s upcoming surgery and preparing her body.
    You are so right – once the body is nutrated and the hormones balanced… the weight slips off – and stays off.
    I too have heard of many horror stories about life after weight loss surgery.

    I so appreciate your being here – and having the courage to make these changes in your life.
    They are simple – but they make all the difference in the world.
    And in the long run – you get your life back.

    Am so glad you are getting your life back.



  394. Lol, I was so freaked out by reading Julie was going to have surgery that I kind of married both Caitlin and Julie’s responses I had for each of them. Caitlin’s was the bladder infection (sugar sugar sugar) and Julie’s was the rest. I hope Julie reads what we both wrote and seriously reconsiders. Her body will be affected and damaged for the rest of her life with no doevers once she makes the permanent decision for surgery. Surgery is a quick fix to a much larger problem, and the problem will still be there after. She needs to treat the source (the issues that made her overweight and imbalanced in the first place) and not the symptoms (her overweight body). That body is merely a symptom of a much larger problem and she really needs to address that if she wants any sanity or happiness. I’m happy this blog is here to help women like Julie, well and myself. Whether the person who finds you, Leslie, will listen to your wisdom or not is a whole other story. That whole ‘lead the horse to water thing’….

  395. hi i have been having problems with my periods and experiencing most of the above but what really annoys most is the fact that i wait for a period month after month and when it comes its either too painful or the flow is too little. Sometimes it comes when the flow is too heavy. I am so stressed.

  396. Good Morning everyone:

    Am sharing this quote from a book entitled: Girls in Power

    In sum, our cultural history medicalizes women’s health rendering girls powerless over their bodies. How can a girl feel that she has power over her own body and her own bodily experiences if she is not educated? How can she see her body as a source of power in her interactions if she is alienated and judged by her body?

    I kind of think this sums up all of our experiences with our bodies and our state of health. Our past education has focused on ‘reproductive’ health – not ‘hormone/menstrual/endocrine health. There is a big difference – and this is what keeps us victimized. We have this ‘roller coaster’ hormone cycle with its ups and downs and the more severe the hormone imbalance – the more wild the roller coaster ride. And we are all living in a testosterone – driven society – that goes, hour after hour, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year – until we drop dead. Not unlike the ‘Ever-Ready Bunny’ who keeps going and going until the batteries run out.

    We have been told to ignore, suppress and deny our natural cycle. Even though every cell in our body cycles – and the whole world cycles around us. Is it any wonder that we are struggling. Add to that many of us are partnered/interact with men who prefer the convenience of our being on synthetic hormones to the hassle of condoms (lack of sensory pleasure.) Does this not still keep us subservient to men in some way? Not to mention that the synthetic hormones reduce our sex drive – so we are back to ‘Puritan’ times when women were supposed to lie there, legs wide open, eyes closed and just not ‘enjoy’ sex.

    There is a lot to this topic – and all of you are finding this page for different reasons. You have made choices for yourself and your health based on the information you had at hand. That is the best that any one of us can do.

    Of course, we are presenting new information and an alternative to medical therapy to nutrient therapy – and that is a hard pill to swallow – no pun intended.

    But where ever you come from – and no matter how you found this website and this blog, I am grateful.
    You are warmly welcomed here – and you are safe here – and will not be judged for your decisions.

    What we are presenting here is a learning process for all of us…

    I am going to be posting another blog article today based on an excerpt from a fascinating book called ‘The Mood Cure‘, by Julia Ross.

    It will help support the information on this post regarding the importance of nutritional therapy for anxiety and depression.
    Education continues to be the best tool.

    Hormonally yours,


  397. Hello, Lisa Ray – not enough information in your question to understand what is going on.
    How old are you?
    # of pregnancies?
    Types of birth control?
    Other hormone imbalance issues you may be experiencing?

    Hormonally yours,


  398. Hi,

    I was hoping you could point me in the right direction.

    I have PCOS and am taking metformin and B12 supplements.

    I have two small children and have recently been panicked, anxious, irritable and angry. It is so severe it is starting time affect all aspects of my relationship with my husband and kids

    My Dr’s solution was prescribe a mini pill (which I never started taking) and told me to come back for meds if it still hasn’t settled

    It hasn’t, but I won’t go back just yet and want to explore other options. My anxiety, irritability and anger is so terrible I can honestly say I am not enjoying my children and just want to leave. I wouldn’t do it – but I am miserable.

    I’m in Australia. What can I try or who could I see?

    Thank you!

  399. Hello, Christina in Australia – PCOS – or poly cystic ovarian syndrome is another form of hormone imbalance caused by too much estrogen in the body.
    It may also be exacerbated by using plastics in the household – please avoid microwaving in plastic and drinking out of plastic bottles. Estrogen mimickers are also found in household cleaning solvents as well as in the water and the meats that we eat. In other words – we are all exposed to too much estrogen.

    Your anxiety and irritability may also be due to nutrient loss from your pregnancies.

    Natural progesterone is recommended to balance estrogen dominance and it sounds like you need this.
    Are you on synthetic hormone birth control right now?

    Natural progesterone will help reduce the anxiety and the irritability almost immediately.
    I know that Young Living ships world wide. Their Progessence Plus is produced in such a way with essential oils that it is absorbed into the cells and not stored in the fatty tissues.

    I am on the product as well and have noticed a difference in my stress and anxiety.

    Truehope EMPowerplus also does wonders nutritionally in replacing vital minerals, amino acids and vitamins that your body used for your two children.
    I think what may be occurring here is a combination of hormone imbalance and nutrient depletion. It does sound like you are experiencing postpartum depression.

    This is all a good start and can help you get back on track to enjoying your family. It does not sound like anything is ‘wrong’ with you that a little nutrition and natural progesterone can help.

    It sounds like you want alternatives to the ‘mini pill’ which you never started taking. And these are two simple alternatives.

    I am sure natural progesterone is sold in your health food stores – see if that makes a difference. And if it does then we can get you on a really good natural progesterone.
    Also check for a whole food – not synthetic- multi vitamin with zinc and copper at your health food store. Zinc and copper (and they need to be balanced) have been found to be deficient in women experiencing hormone -related anxiety and tension.

    You can find out more information on PPD on Cheryl Jazzar’s web site at http://www.wellpostpartum.com/

    Please keep posting here and let us know how you are doing.

    Hormonally yours,


  400. Hello, everyone – my radio show on Monday night is going to be on hormone imbalance. Dr. Margarita Ochoa-Maya is going to be speaking on the ‚Äòsymphonious‚Äô rhythm of hormone harmony ‚Äì and what happens to the melody when the hormones become imbalanced. Join me on Monday night November 19, 6 to 7 pm MST only on KRFC FM Community Radio. Dr. Ochoa – Maya will answer the question: ‘Is Progesterone the Mother Hormone’?

    We will also be talking abut PCOS ….

    The radio show will be recorded and posted on my blog for future reference….

    Hormonally yours,


  401. Hi Christina,

    Just wanted to let you know that it does sound hormonal to me. I am not a doc but as so many women have said here, we know how you feel. I want you to know that when I started having hormonal issues, I wanted a divorce almost every day from my husband (who might be a saint) for 2 years before I started this process. It can be helped though, so don’t stop trying to figure it out!

  402. hello,
    Over the past year I have also been experencing that same on the edge of your seat anxiety, nausia dizzyness headache the whole nine , my moms convienced I have had hormone issues since I was a kid (with all the extra weight I was been carying) and I’m almostt positive at this point I do after reading through this forum meybe you can help me pin point what’s going with my body ,I will go months without a period, started growing hair on my chin I get dizzy and have the flight of fight responce just sitting around doing nothing, I’ve put on probably 100 lbs over the last year and to top it off I can’tsleep. I’m only 28. I have never been on any form of birt controll but docters are really keen to try to shove medications down my throat some that cause worse symptons then what I already have iv e been to the er 4 times blood test done ekgs done and I’ve been told by every doctore to prety much stop wasting there time I’m fineor I’m faking to get free drugs …which I wish was the case ..one guy even told me to try to get excersize obsesity causes personality disorders …I just don’t know what’s going on and I can’t aford a docter to run me through the same 30 ri gs I’ve been ran rhough and then try to give me drugs to make me worse ..help me please. -jen

  403. Jen – I think your mom is right. You have been hormonally imbalanced for years. Please listen to my radio interview with Jonathan Bailor, author of The Smarter Science of Slim.

    I am so sorry to hear how you have been treated by doctors. You need to be seeking the help of a naturopath. This site provides a place to insert a zip code to see what naturopaths are practicing in your area – http://naturopathic.org/

    Anxiety and obesity are hormone imbalance issues… The Progessence Plus is a great first step in healing the anxiety. It is natural progesterone infused with essential oils. Essential oils also provide the crucial task of clearing toxins from nutrient receptor sites, which aids in the uptake of vitamins, minerals and hormones.

    Nutrients to the brain like Truehope EMPower Plus, amino acid supplements like Genesa Total Amino Solution– Even coconut oil/milk helps balance the metabolism.

    Your metabolism and your hormones need to be balanced… it is a slow healing experience but it is real and it is sustainable.

    Hormonally yours,


  404. I am 21. I hit puberty at 8 and I have been plagued with amazingly horrible symptoms ever since. I have anxiety and mood swings so bad that I cannot sleep through the night. I am always clammy, keyed up, and on an emotional rollercoaster from hell. I have chest pain every day, migranes, and hypersensitivity to everything, esp. Light and smells. I cannot handle any contact with people and I had to quit my job. I am so bad that I can’t handle going outside my house. I have been to doznes of doctors who insist tyat I am fine or that birth contol is all I need. It only makes it worse. I don’t care if it personality disorder a hormone imbalance. I just need someone to take me seriously, fine out what IS wrong and start treating it. I am so sick of this insanity. I am all fatigue all the time. HELP!

  405. I need help. I haven’t been able to sleep but 2 hours a night since the end of August. I am having terrible panic attacks, and depression. I have been on anidepressants in the past that did not help made matters worse. I have also been on bipolar meds that didn’t do any thing but make me feel worse. Is there any hope for me? I can’t afford to go to the psychiatrist any more nore can I afford medication any more. I went for Neurofeedback and bought supplements that I couldn’t afford. I had to stop everything. I am in desperate need of help. I am trying to work but it is very difficult. Please someone help me. I have headaches daily, I am dizzy all the time or at least I think that is what it is. My head feels strange almost like I am in a trans or dream. I can’t concentrate.

  406. Hello, Shylah – You are in a safe place and you are being taken seriously. It sounds like you are living in hormone hell. I did an excellent radio interview with endocrinologist Dr. Margarita Ochoa-Maya last night. The interview is on the home page of my blog. We discussed hormone imbalance – the roles of hormones in the body and the symptoms of imbalance. It does at first, glance sound like you are experiencing – estrogen dominance.

    Dr. Ochoa-Maya made an excellent point by saying endocrinologists are trained in hormone functioning and imbalance issues. Gynecologists have been trained in uterine health and reproductive care. Family docs – as a rule have an overview of everything.

    That being said your hormone imbalance may be the cause of your ‘split personality disorder.’ Especially if it is cyclical. Women are naturally bipolar. How balanced or imbalanced those hormones are determines the severity of the manic highs and depressive lows.

    I am suggesting what I suggest to everyone else here – especially since you have been to doctors – and they are finding nothing that is out of order…. and want to put you on birth control. You are a wise woman for saying not to that one…. We need to heal not medicate/mask the problem.

    Nutrition: Truehope EMPowerplus – developed for biploar (split personality) disorder, anxiety mood swings etc.

    Natural Progesterone: Progessence Plus Serum

    I have researched and am using these products and I know they work.

    You do not have to feel this way Shylah –

    Do you know what type of birth control your mother was/is on?

    Going into puberty at age 8 is a sign of hormone imbalance and too much exposure to estrogen. Estrogen is a growth hormone – and since there is so much estrogen exposure in our environment and in birth control – girls are going into puberty earlier and earlier… mentally/emotionally that is a lot to handle. A daughter of a friend of mine started developing breasts and pubic hair at age 6. Her mother is convinced it is due to birth control use.

    Please email me at leslie@holyhormones.com and I can help you order the natural progesterone – that does not cost much.

    Please call Truehope on their 800 number and let their staff help you with professional advice at no cost – unless you order the product.

    Hormonally yours,


    PS – please stay here and keep posting.
    When you email me I will send you a chart to track your menstrual cycles with your mood swings.


  407. Hello Janet – there is hope and there is healing.
    You are so hormonally imbalanced you are not sleeping… you need melatonin right away – and you can get that from the health food store.
    we need to nutrate the brain ASAP. Amino acid supplements and Truehope EMPowerplus to get the nutrition to the body and the brain. That is imperative.
    Lack of sleep leads to disease.

    If you cannot afford that – how about natural progesterone infused with essential oils…. at least that will relieve a lot of the other symptoms – anxiety, headaches, and to some extent the brain fog – (but that is nutrition – not getting to the brain).

    Would you please email me at leslie@holyhormones.com so that I can help you get the products you need – and figure out the most cost-effective way to do that?

    Hormonally yours,


  408. Leslie,
    I am 41 and just recently (one month ago) went off the pill which I was on for years. My entire 20’s-30’s. I stopped for one year when I wanted to become pregnant at age 36. I want to have another baby (I know I’m nuts) but after going off the pill I feel awful. I had a very healthy pregnancy at 36 but am fearful at my age now and especially if I’m not feeling healthy in the 1st place if I should be doing this. Your article is “dead nuts” me to the T. Can going off the pill be giving me a hormonal imbalance and making me feel so unhealthy?

    Your thoughts please?

  409. Hello, Rabekka – Welcome to the Hormone Imbalance Club.
    The synthetic hormones in the birth control pill shut down your body’s normal production of hormones. Please listen to the radio interview I did with Dr. Margarita Ochoa-Maya last night. She is an endocrinologist and she described what happens to your body when that happens.

    Since your body was used to having synthetic hormones for 20 years – it stopped producing its own.
    Combined with that BCP’s deplete vital nutrients that your body needs.
    Combined with that you went through a pregnancy and your body gave whatever nutrients you had left to the baby.
    Combined with that you went back on the pill for another 3 or 4 years..

    If you did not replace any nutrients in that time (and pre-natals do not count since they are synthetic and not absorbed at the cellular level – but absorbed by the fatty tissue)
    you are totally nutrient depleted and hormonally imbalanced… because your body does not have enough nutrients to jump start its own production of hormones.

    So, no – the pill is not totally to blame – lack of education – AND that goes for all of us about what our body needs to function at a healthy vital level.
    Yes, the pill has caused you to be estrogen dominant – along with all of the xenoestrogens in our environment, makeup, household cleaners, PLASTIC – DO NOT MICROWAVE IN PLASTIC – stop drinking out of plastic water bottles etc.

    Bottom line is you need the two products on the site… Truehope EMPowerplus – especially if you want to get pregnant and have a healthy baby – and natural progesterone in the form of Progessence Plus. This natural progesterone is infused with essential oils that clear the synthetic hormones off the cell receptor sites so that the natural progesterone can be absorbed…. think of it as cleaning the gunk off your spark plugs. Same difference.

    You need to get some strong nutrition into your body and you need to get the progesterone. Without enough progesterone women are more prone to miscarry. Progesterone is responsible for building the uterine lining to carry a pregnancy.

    Email me at leslie@holyhormones.com
    and I will help you order… or you can call Truehope directly.

    It is time to take care of you.

    Hormonally yours,


  410. Leslie,
    I am 41 and just recently (one month ago) went off the pill which I was on for years. My entire 20‚Ä≤s-30‚Ä≤s. I stopped for one year when I wanted to become pregnant at age 36. I want to have another baby (I know I‚Äôm nuts) but after going off the pill I feel awful. I had a very healthy pregnancy at 36 but am fearful at my age now and especially if I‚Äôm not feeling healthy in the 1st place if I should be doing this. Your article is ‚Äúdead nuts‚Äù me to the “T”. Can going off the pill be giving me a hormonal imbalance and making me feel so unhealthy?

    Your thoughts please? Today I bought some Estrogen pills over the counter but I think I’m lacking in Progesterone as well. I recently switched birth control pills (before going off) as I was on Yaz (with all the negative hype I wanted off). My doctor at the time gave me a pill higher in Progesterone for my age and I’m wondering if after the month as the pill is washing out of my system is making me feel so sick. I’ve had a cough and cold feeling for almost one month as well. Night/Day sweats, bad all over my head – headaches, the worst insomnia (can’t sleep to save my life), racing mind, pounding heart, bad dreams (never had bad dreams). I feel like I’m falling to pieces and I hate it. I pray for it to stop.

  411. Hi Ladies,
    I posted here before and I have read the majority of post and I just want to encourage you all. When I first recognized I was hormonal inbalanced, my doctors thought I was crazy. I went to my Primary Doctor and the ER more then i can count. Anxiety has many symptoms which I believe is somewhere over 100! I kept telling my dr.’s I was premenopausal and they would do blood work and tell me I am not. They told me to go the psych ward or go see a shrink. So I went to go see a shrink, as a matter of fact two of them. One christian and one who has actually experienced anxiety/hormonal inbalance. They both said the same thing. Your not crazy, your hormones are out of wack. Once you begin to give your body what it needs, it will begin to heal itself. I am not nearly as bad as I use to be. I still get anxiety symptoms around my cycle, but they are tolerable and I can go and do day to day choirs. At one point I didn’t go outside for 6 months because I became agorophobic. Ladies it will definetly get better. It will take some time because you are so depleted, but it will happen. Stress management is a big part of this whole cycle. When you worry you will stress and when you stress you will have fear. And this sends the body into protecting itself. Your adrenals begin to empty, cortisol levels go up, your body send all your blood to protect your main organs and you find yourself right in the middle of an anxiety attack. Begin to feed your body, get the proper nutrition, if you can, get the progesterone cream and a whole food vitamin. I personally have a compound pharmacy that does mine, but they have a very good product here. Progesterone cream or oils help alot. The progesterone pill may not official do the trick because it has to get broken down by the liver and all of that. creams and oils hit the blood stream in minutes. Be patient and you will get through this. It gets better with time!

  412. I have posted in past and have spoke about the same symtoms everyone else is having. I am in my forties and just recently have had my period become irregular. For several months they are on track about every 21-28 days and one months here and there I get on on day 18 or so. They are average length around 4-6 days and are a normal flow. I also feel anxiety and kinda of a nerveous feeling alo more tan usual and I am getting heart palpating. Both my mom and sister started menopause very early. My mother around 41 and my sister 43. I did speak to my Gino and she suggested birth control. I did take them for around 5 months . While taking the pils my period was regular and very light..great! But I didn’t t feel great:( so I stopped and periods were regular for about 4 months now agian I started it on day 18 . It sated normal length but was wondering what you think is gong on???

  413. Dee – after all of these comments – I finally feel like playing the Hallelujah Chorus!
    Yes, nutrating the body and natural progesterone…infused with natural oils to get to the cellular level will help the body heal.

    Dee I think your greatest testimony is that you were once ‘phobic’ and now you are not… how many women here have been told they are crazy and told to go on psych meds, different forms of birth control and anti-depressants.

    Dee you lucked out be finding a doctor honest enough to tell you the truth – and to say they were hormonally imbalanced too.
    Feed your body, feed your soul… you are so right.

    Thank you so much for posting, for your knowledge and wisdom and for sharing the light at the end of the tunnel with others.
    We have to get away from thinking the cure all is in medicine – when for the most part it is in nutrition and giving the body the tools that it needs to function at its maximum.

    Hormonally yours,


  414. Lisa – it may be that you are in perimenopause. The more nutrated you are – the easier it will be transitioning into menopause.
    The more nutrient deficient you are – and hormonally whacked – as I say – the more problems (hot flashes, insomnia) you will have entering menopause.
    BCP’s in your 40’s put you at risk for many health problems – including heart and stroke. It is amazing that doctors ignore this and are putting women on them anyway… am sure they are checking women out for these issue ahead of time…. but it is obvious there is no clear answer to whacked out hormones from a medical standpoint and all they can do is provide a mask (in the form of synthetic hormones and psych meds).

    You know – you change the oil in the car – get it tuned up… whatev…. and yet we do not apply the same principles to our own bodies.
    This is not rocket science.
    This is common sense and women’s wisdom – Nutration and hormone balancing with natural progesterone to offset the estrogen dominance in our environments.

    Hormonally yours,


  415. Hi!
    My name is Amanda I will be 22 years old on Monday the 26th. About two years ago I had what I think was a panic attack. I was very anxious and nervous, I was very tired and didn’t want to do anything. I would cry for anything I wasn’t myself. I didn’t go to work I wouldn’t eat I would wake up early with a lot of anxiety. I was sad. I was also having lots of problems with my boyfriend. I wanted to be with him one minute and the next I didn’t. I ended up going to a psychologist broke down and spoke the entire time about my bf and I was fine. It went away.
    On Sunday the 11th they changed my birthcontrol (enpresse) to a generic brand called Trivora that was the first day of that pack. The following day (monday) i began taking diet pills but on Monday night I had been fighting with my boyfriend and was very upset and crying and then a got a cold chill and started feeling nervous. I woke up on Tuesday very nervous and with a lot of anxiety I’ve been feeling this way on and off since that day. I am more scared to be diagnosed with a disorder. I feel like I can’t stop or control the anxiety because I immediately start thinking of my health and how I have no appetite and how I cannot use the bathroom etc. I’ve been forcing myself to eat and I’ve been taking multi vitamins as well. My boyfriend and me have been great since the two years ago. We rarely fight we got past all those issues we had and we are steady. I stopped the diet pills on that Tuesday when I first started with anxiety thinking it was that. When I realized it wasn’t going away I panicked even more. I contacted my gyno and told him how I was feeling thinking it was because of my new generic birth control which I am only taking for this month and he said they are nearly identical and to just wait it out. I did research on both and I read a lot of reviews of women feeling anxious, depressed, nervous, moody etc but they had originally switched from Trivora to Enpresse. I don’t know whats wrong with me and I want it to stop. Luckily it’s not constant and does not last the entire day but it is draining my energy and when it does I panick.


    Thank you & Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

  416. I cried as I read over some of the comments posted here. Because I had no idea so many women have experienced and struggled with the same issues I have. About two months ago (in September) I left a comment here. At that time my problem had just begun. I was three months out from having given birth to our second child (our kids were 18 ½ months apart), and I was nursing. I started having panic attacks, irrational fears, and horrible depression. For the first week I could hardly eat or sleep – I typically slept about 3 hours every 24 hours. I lost 5 pounds that week – and I was already close to being underweight. I had muscle spasms, racing heart, hot flashes, etc. I almost went to the emergency room at one point.

    I’ve never been on birth control pills or any kind of medication for anxiety or depression (and for that matter, I’ve only used medicine of any sort just a few times in my entire life). When I went to see a doctor about what was going on, he prescribed some anxiety medication. I felt frustrated. I was sure there had to be a way to get to the root of the issue without a drug.

    I never filled out the prescription.

    And by the grace of God, I found help. I went to a couple of wellness centers in my area and discovered some underlying nutritional deficiencies. I had potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium, lithium and zinc deficiencies. I had yeast infections. I wasn’t digesting my food properly and my stomach lining was messed up. I had some adrenal issues. And yes ‚Äì of course! – a hormonal imbalance.

    They set me up with some natural health supplements ‚Äì and without the aid of drugs, I am progressively recovering. It’s been a long, hard road, these last two + months, and nothing but God’s goodness and faith in Him could have pulled me through this dark time. And I’m so thankful for the help I received on the physiological end of things. Nutritional support is working. I wouldn’t say I’m completely myself yet ‚Äì but I’m 10 times better than I was. A supplement I was given to help balance my hormones has been especially helpful.

    So what these women who started this site are saying makes so much sense. YOU NEED NUTRITIONAL SUPPORT. You’re not crazy. Your hormones need to come back into balance. God’s creation of the woman’s body was very unique. He also created all kinds of herbs and plants that support that female system. It only makes sense to use the wisdom God gives to support the system He made with the wonderful nutritional support found in nature ‚Äì His creation. I have never tried the supplements they recommend on this site, but if they are anything like what I was given at the wellness centers, I’m sure they will work. Take heart gals. It takes time, but if you can get the right support for your body, you can get well.

    I am getting well!

  417. Hi Tabitha:
    So glad that you found the help necessary for you to get back to True Wellbeing. It’s all about getting back to God’s Pharmacy. Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids and Essential Fatty Acids to name a few. I went thru the same thing as you after my second child (16 months apart). When I went to the doctors they said I was suffering from anxiety and panic from an ulcer. They gave me what was then an ulcer medication ? and a benzodiazapene called Tranxene. I rarely used the Tranxene and of course it would help. I decided to a health food store and buy some vitamins and minerals. (35 years ago). It helped! I stopped the ulcer medication and the tranxene and the post partum disappeared. So glad you went to the Wellness Center.
    Happy Thanksgiving, Teresa

  418. Tabitha – I remember your posting many months ago – I am so glad you returned to share the knowledge and healing you have gained with all of these other women.
    Nutrition is crucial for – healing – it is a slow process… but many women feel better immediately depending on how nutritionally depleted they are…
    Nutritional supplements provide a sustainable healing – and that is important to realize.

    Teresa made the brilliant comment God’s Pharmacy vs. the medical pharmacies… these are profound words – and need to be taken seriously.

    You have made my day with your post. I am so glad that many of the women here are resonating with the information being shared.

    Love and blessings on your healing journey to Hormone Harmony.


  419. Amanda – You are nutritionally depleted and hormonally imbalanced Thank goodness you went off the diet pills.
    Your body was being introduced to a lot at the same time…

    Nutrient depletion is passed on generation to generation… hormone imbalance as well.
    Do you know how healthy our mother is?
    Are you aware of her birth control use?

    You just received and/or read Tabitha’s post about nutrition and how it helped her….
    That is why I have the Truehope EMPowerplus on my blog.

    It also appears to me that you may be estrogen dominant from BCP’s as well as other factors in your environment. Plastics carry a of estrogen mimickers especially if you drink water out of plastic bottles or microwave in plastic or use household cleaner solvents….
    DO NOT MICROWAVE IN PLASTIC. IN FACT, THE MICROWAVE depletes more nutrients out of foods.

    The Progessence Plus Serum is a wonderful product that has natural progesterone infused with essential oils that get absorbed at the cellular level instead f getting stored in the fat tissues of your body.

    In fact, when you add the right nutrients to your body – you will be able to throw the diet pills away.. because your body will start functioning optimally and the weight will come off.

    Weight gain is also a sign of hormone imbalance.

    HOpe this helps.

    Hormonally yours,


    PS you can call Truehope directly – and email me at leslie@holyhormones.com to order the Progessence Plus.

  420. Hi Leslie
    Actually, ALL I DRINK IS WATER BOTTLES. ALL DAY. I had no idea that could effect me.
    My mom did tell me she cannot take any diet pills because they mess with her nerves and she’s not one to normally take any pills. I am going to ask her about her birth control use.
    Thank you for the help. I feel a little better today, Very tired and kind of woozy and out of it but no anxiety. More weak than anything.

  421. Good day, I came across your website while searching the web trying to figure out why I am feeling what I am feeling. I live in South Africa but have found this site very helpfull. So let me tell you my storie.

    Last year I changed jobs after the company I worked for, closed down. I staretd working for a company where I had a lot of stress, but it was nothing new to me. I also travelled a great distance. At this stage, I was taking Triphasil for almost 10 years. Due to this job, I had sometimes skipped the pil and the next day would take bith the tablets together (I did not realise I should not do this). Anyway, one afternoon I drove home and experience what has been descriped as a panic attack. I felt ligth headed, very overwelmed, had sweaty hands and feet, my heart was racing and it felt like I wanted to pass out. So I put my aircon in my car on full blast, and made it home ok. The next morning I went toi the doctor, and to my benefit, I had another attack in his rooms. He did and ECG on me, that was normal, my blood preassure was normal, my blood sugar was normal, just my pulse rate was high. He gave me pur blocka and biral and that seemed to do the trick. I did still occationally get it, but not as heavy as it was those 2 particular days.I stopped the pill completely on orders from the doctor. i asked him if this could be the cause and he said DEFINATELY NOT, i am having anxiety because of my job. A couple of weeks ago my anxiety flaired up heavy again to the point where I did not want to leave my house or go anywhere or do anything. I went back to my doctor which suggested that I go to the hospital, as he thinks this might be the best for me. I then this this and was released on 09 November. There I saw a psychiatrist who started me on zoloft 25mg. This was fine, I still had the anxiety but not as bad as it was. Then she bumped up the dose to 50mg. This made me feel num and funny and depressed (which i did not have at all). I went to the ER as my psychiatrist refused to believe that zoloft was making me feel like this. There they tested me again and everything was normal, yet again. Then the doctor there asked me if i had my hormones checked? I did not even think that there could be a link. So I started doing some research and came across your website. My question to you is, could I have a hormonal imbalance from stopping and skipping triphasil like I did? The blood tests that have been done is as follow: Thyroid – normal, platelets and blood count – normal, liver and kidney function – normal, EEG (brain) – normal, ECG – normal, D Dimer (blood klots) – normal. I am seeing my gynie next week to test my hormones, but weould love some feedback in the mean time. For the time being I am using Ativan 1mg SL just to help me through the worst of it. Any advise will be greatly appreciated. Much Love, Susan xxx

  422. Hello Susan – welcome to the conversation – and all the way from South Africa.
    Before I address my perceptions of what is happening with you – let me just take a moment to address every woman who has posted here.

    The menstrual cycle – the foundation of our health and well being – is the ONE thing women have in common. All women – at one point in their lives have cycled. This cycle is why women were revered as Goddesses in past lives – (many, many, many moons ago). Women were the first to relate their cycle to the lunar cycle… they were tracking their periods on antler bones 25,000 years BC. I refer to this in my book, which will be available at the end of the year. Be that is it may Rosalind Miles, in her book, The Women’s History of the World – noted that it was our fore-mother’s understanding of the relationship between the lunar cycle and the menstrual cycle that made them the first healer’s, mathematicians, agriculturalists etc…. and they were valued because of this cyclical connection.

    Now that Susan from South Africa has joined us – I hope you begin to understand that what is happening to women is global. We have been told that we can suppress and forget about our menstrual cycle – yet in reality – the synthetic hormones that we have ingested – as well as our mothers and grandmothers who have been on birth control – coupled with the xenoestrogens in our environment has now wreaked havoc on our neuro-endocrine and immune health.

    My radio guest last Monday night – Dr. Margarita Ochoa- Maya from Columbia said that hormone imbalance is rampant in her country as well.

    Ok nuf said.
    Time for women to heal together and realize our menstrual health is crucial to our over all health.

    Susan – many women who have posted on this page have had ‘normal’ hormone panels. According to Dr. Ochoa -Maya – hormone analysis is relatively new… and the testing may or may not be effective for everyone. Everyone should really listen to this informative interview about endocrine system functioning and hormone health.

    Your hormone imbalance may be coming from multiple sources – yes from the pills and certainly the on again off again… body does not know whether to produce hormones since all of sudden it is not getting any – gets the gears rolling – and the poof – there they are again….

    Need to also look at the health of your mother and her birth control history.
    Do you drink out of plastic bottles – bake or microwave in plastic….
    Do you wear a lot of makeup?

    All of these products contain xenoestrogens – estrogen mimickers that can upset hormone balance.

    All of the above leads to estrogen dominance…. epidemic here in the States.

    How many children do you have – if any?
    Are you on the pill for birth control or for other reasons.

    Natural progesterone is crucial to offset too much estrogen in the body. That natural progesterone in the Progessence Plus is infused with essential oils that clean the synthetic hormones and other gunk off the cell site receptors – so the progesterone is absorbed at the cellular level and not absorbed like other progesterones in the fatty tissue in the body.

    Now, the Truehope EMPowerplus targets the brain with essential nutrients, minerals, aminos and vitamins. The brain is where hormone production starts. we have focused so much on body health – we are just becoming aware of brain health. Deepak Chopra has just come out with a book called ‘Super Brain’

    A manual for relating to the brain in a revolutionary new way, Super Brain shows you how to use your brain as a gateway for achieving health, happiness, and spiritual growth. The authors are two pioneers: bestselling author and physician Deepak Chopra and Harvard Medical School professor Rudolph E. Tanzi, one of the world’s foremost experts on the causes of Alzheimer‚Äôs. They have merged their wisdom and expertise for a bold new understanding of the ‚Äúthree-pound universe‚Äù and its untapped potential.

    In contrast to the “baseline brain” that fulfills the tasks of everyday life, Chopra and Tanzi propose that, through a person’s increased self-awareness and conscious intention, the brain can be taught to reach far beyond its present limitations. “We are living in a golden age for brain research, but is this a golden age for your brain?” they ask.

    Super Brain explains how it can be, by combining cutting-edge research and spiritual insights, demolishing the five most widespread myths about the brain that limit your potential, and then showing you methods to:

    -Use your brain instead of letting it use you
    -Create the ideal lifestyle for a healthy brain
    -Reduce the risks of aging
    -Promote happiness and well-being through the mind-body connection
    -Access the enlightened brain, the gateway to freedom and bliss
    -Overcome the most common challenges, such as memory loss, depression, anxiety, and obesity

    Your brain is capable of incredible healing and constant reshaping. Through a new relationship with your brain you can transform your life. In Super Brain, Chopra and Tanzi guide you on a fascinating journey that envisions a leap in human evolution. The brain is not just the greatest gift that Nature has given us. It’s the gateway to an unlimited future that you can begin to live today.

    So for those of you who thought I was stretching the limits by talking about brain health – the great leaders of the world are in agreement. So the question still remains – do we nutrate and heal our brain – or do we drug it?

    The choice is yours – but there is a growing body of voices who are challenging all of the previously held theories about health care snf he medicalization of women’s bodies in particular. If you are here…. you are part of a growing body of women who want to take back control of their health and their well being.

    Susan – the products can be ordered internationally – you just have to call Truehope on their 866 toll free number. They are in 100 countries right now – get 10’s of thousands of their bipolar and other medications fro ‘brain imbalances.’

    You can follow the links to the Progessence Plus and get to their order form after reading about the product. Please enter this number for the Enroller ID and Sponsor ID – 1371763.

    Hope the information has been helpful.

    Please email me at leslie@holyhormones.com if you have more questions.


  423. Knowledge is power Amanda… yes – estrogen mimickers in plastic is a huge culprit… you can do the research on the Internet and you will become aware of that. Look at how all of your foods are packed too.
    Plastic everywhere.

    Would you like chart to keep track of your symptoms?

    Email me at leslie@holyhormones.com and I will be glad to send you one… Invite is open to anyone else on this page too.

    Hormonally yours,


  424. Hi all,

    Thought I would leave an update. I love reading about peoples progress and trials, and again, am soooo grateful Leslie has this kind of spot to voice our problems and solutions.

    As you know, I take the nutrients that so many of us need to help heal our bodies. For me however, it was not just nutritional issues that needed to be addressed. So Leslie, you were right once again 🙂

    I finally got my body to absorb some of the estrogen I was desperately needing. What I found though is that I CANNOT forget about the progesterone. As hard as it was to balance my estrogen it was equally as hard to balance my progesterone. I was not taking enough P and like so many women here, I was becoming estrogen dominant in a short amount of time. By adding the progesterone my sleep became better and my head cleared up. I have to be careful about the amount of progesterone I add as it can cause problems that feel like not having enough. The good thing is that it takes my anxiety WAY down and in turn, my head gets clearer. I am realizing how very delicately balanced we are. As I have said before, I have very low hormone binding globulin which means whatever I put in I feel and pretty quickly so I have to work at it slowly. I will say, I am getting better so be encouraged all by my story and so many of the stories here. There is an answer and many of them are posted here. I thank God that the times have changed enough that allows us to see it is not that we have gone or are going crazy.

    21 years ago, when I had postpartum depression, I was part of a group of women that met to work through their depression. I saw one woman who, it was said, they had tried everything on. She was undergoing shock treatment, as all the other medications had failed and they were at a loss as to what to do. She was about 50 years old and now I know she was going through menopause. Hind-sight is 20-20. My heart aches for that woman. If they had only been willing to try nutrition and bio-identical hormones I know in my heart she would have stopped suffering. What we have now is knowledge, so if anyone feels hopeless, don’t. There is an answer.

  425. I am 25. About 3 years ago I started experiencing anxiety and depression and my periods were becoming intolerable. After my gyn put me on a birth control pill (Necon), I started to feel a little better. My periods became shorter and less painful. About 6 months ago I started to experience shortness of breath when I would exercise. I am very active, so it started to affect my life and I decided to go to the doc. Along with this shortness of breath I was experiencing fatigue, anxiety, night terrors, and occasional night sweats. My family doc diagnosed me with mild intermittent asthma and put me on some inhalers. That didn’t work at all(made it worse) so she referred me to a specialist. The specialist did breathing tests, which came back abnormal. He said I have moderate-persistent asthma and need stronger inhalers. Now I have been on Symbicort and Albuterol for 3 months and still no progress. I still have shortness of breath, I feel anxious and worry constantly, and I still have fatigue and lightheadedness. In fact, the only time I feel better mentally, is when I am having my period. It feels it slowly gets worse and worse all month until I get my period and then it subsides for a week. I actually feel cheerful and normal during my period. Is it possible that the asthma-like symptoms are somehow related to a hormonal imbalance? I also have what I feel is an abnormal amount of spider veins in the backs of my legs for being 25. Not sure if that is related or not. Please help me, I just want to feel normal again. 🙁

  426. Always – glad to hear from you Bella Luna Cheryl…yes, hindsight is 20/20.
    And there are always other factors… YOU are right. Nutrition and hormone balancing are a great start and if this does not do the trick – further examination and understanding of the situation needs to be done… sure as heck beats endless diagnostic testing and the proverbial ‘Take Two Valium Honey and Go Home Syndrome’ we experience over and over again.

    I wrote this dedication for my web site many years ago – and it still appears appropriate today.

    This site is dedicated to every woman who has ever experienced a hormone fluctuation; from puberty to menopause. To the generations of women who have died because we have forgotten the source of our being and to our daughters who will survive because we will have finally remembered.

    Hormonally yours,


  427. Hello, Amanda – well I will take the second question about spider veins first….


    What factors increase my risk of varicose veins and spider veins?

    Many factors increase a person’s chances of developing varicose or spider veins. These include:

    Increasing age. As you get older, the valves in your veins may weaken and not work as well.
    Medical history. Being born with weak vein valves increases your risk. Having family members with vein problems also increases your risk. About half of all people who have varicose veins have a family member who has them too.
    Hormonal changes. These occur during puberty, pregnancy, and menopause. Taking birth control pills and other medicines containing estrogen and progesterone also may contribute to the forming of varicose or spider veins

    That being said. – BCP’s deplete nutrients. I would suggest looking into a whole food (not synthetic Vitamin C with Ascorbic acid & Bioflavnoids. Bioflavnoids strengthen capillaries, arteries and blood vessels in the body… and may be very beneficial for varicose veins.

    Are you overweight? I found some articles on increased risk of asthma on BCP’s. Varicose veins may also be due to being overweight… but I think in this case your situation may be birth control related.

    Women on birth control pills or any other synthetic hormones do not have a ‘period’. It is a chemical bleed. There is a big difference. A lot of women experience a ‘gusher’ of a period once they go off birth control.. because their body is not allowed to shed the little uterine lining that has built up.

    That being said if you take the placebo a week before your period and are the happiest out of 4 weeks, I would say you are reacting to the synthetic hormones in the pill.

    Off setting the estrogen with natural progesterone is suggested.
    A recommended product is on my blog.

    Progessence Plus.
    To much estrogen can cause anxiety, depression and other negative thoughts.

    Please stay and ask more questions.
    You can learn a lot from the women here.

    Hormonally yours,


  428. Dear Leslie,
    Thank you for taking the time to answer me. I really appreciate it. I do drink alot of bottled water as our drinking water contains so much bad chemicals, is there a link here? I do not have any children, but we are busy planning our wedding so kids is definately on the cards in the next 2-3 years. I have been sitting and thinking and it is almost as though my sypmtoms gets worse when i am on my period and when my period is about to stop. I am very emotional lately and just want to cry about this whole situation. I also made a link that all of this started when I skipped a day here and there and took Triphasil together the next day and then left it completely. Do you think there could be a link here? I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to seeing my gynie on Thursday, I know this sounds weird but I actually hope they find something! 🙂

  429. Hello, Susan – Just remember gynies are all about uterine and reproductive health. Generally speaking, they know very little about hormone or endocrine health. If you really want some support go see an endocrinologist.

    Ok – sounds to me like you have wedding anxiety on top of hormone imbalance…. Skipping pills is not only unwise, it is not good for our body… As I mentioned in my first post – when you skip pills your body does not know what to do and becomes confused (should I produce hormones or not). This just adds additional stress to your body.

    What do you want your gynie to find? And then they will give you a drug and you will be all better? We have all gone that route and it may provide short term relief – but in the long run… you need to balance your hormones to keep you anxiety at bay. And before you start planning a pregnancy you will need to take some good whole food vitamin supplements to support your health and your baby’s health.

    Please let us know what your gynie has to say. If you cannot remember to take the pill everyday then you may want to talk to your gynie about another from of synthetic birth control that you do not have to ingest everyday. Like an IUD – or a arm implant.

    Normally, I do not support synthetic hormone use – too many problems but in this case, I am more concerned about the ‘ping-pong’ hormone effect going on in your body because you are forgetting to take your pills. I think that overrides my concerns about synthetic hormone suppressants – in this case.

    I highly suggest you get on a good vitamin supplement now to support your health. The pill depletes nutrients, chronic stress does the same. You want to be at your very best mental and emotional as well as physical health entering into a marriage. It is only fair to your partner… and he should be doing the same for you…

    Hormonally yours,


  430. 3 weeks ago i started my period on a Tuesday.Thursday morning i woke up with my period being more heavy than usual. By Thursday night i had what i consider a panic attack..my chest felt tight and i felt i couldn’t breathe and started crying hysterically almost to the point of hyperventilation and vomiting.i don’t takeany medication I’m not on birth control or anything I’m a pretty calm non emotional person an haved regular spot on periods every month.im 25 and getting married in July of next year and not feelin overly stressed about the wedding either….so all of this has come on as far as i can tell without any reason.I’ve had to call off work..made trips to the er…numerous dr apps and gyns. What we have come uwithts they started on lolo estrin fe and 1mg of klonopin and 25mg of zoloft… I do feel better…but still have my moents of some days better than others…the anxiety has suppressed but i lack energy.my thyroid levels and b12 levels and folic acid levels are all normal i just know I’m not myself out why any of this has happened to me.for years I’ve always been the person whois bubbly and happy i just feel crazy and like something is off.i just want to know if I’m on the right road to feeling normal again.the last month has been awful!

  431. Hello, Susan – I just remembered that you asked about drinking water out of plastic when your water source had been contaminated.

    Some of our health food and grocery stores in the States offer hard plastic jugs of filtered water. The harder the plastic the less leakage of BPA (estrogen mimickers) into the water. We can even get 5 gallon jugs and get them filled.

    Otherwise, I would start researching water filters on the Internet and consider purchasing one of those. Pure water is crucial to our health. Plastic water is not doing you or your fiance any favors… You will both be experiencing hormone imbalance issues. Excess estrogen is just as dangerous for men as it is for women.

    Here is a short article on estrogen dominance by Dr. John Lee
    He was the first to suggest using natural progesterone to offset this condition.

    Hormonally yours,


  432. About 2 months after my son was born I went on birth control again. I was 25 at the time. About a week later I started having terrible depression and axiety. I saw my ob-gyn and stopped the birth control immediatly. She did a blood test that showed my thyroid was severly hyper-active. Before I got the results of the blood test though, I also saw a psych., b/c i felt so not myself. She put me on 20mg paxil. Once it revealed my thyroid was off I saw an endocrinologist who did another blood test, that revealed my thyroid went under-active now. (post partum thyroiditis) He put me on syntroid. I was on paxil for about a year and a half and decided to come off with doctors help. I was off for about 2 months and then my anxiety came back. I never had an axiety or depression disorder before pregnancy and the thyroid problem. I’ve always thought it could be hormonal, but no one would do tests for it. Do you think it could be a hormone imbalance?

  433. Stacy – for nine months or so – your body was producing its own hormones – just like a finely tuned machine to produce a wonderful baby.
    And then – the hormone rhythm was stopped in mid-stream – before it had a chance to regulate to non-pregnancy states when artificial hormones were introduced via the birth control pill.

    Your body was hit with an onslaught of synthetics – and it immediately shut down the natural production of its own hormones. Now you are getting more estrogen in your body – and you progesterone levels which were high for nine months – while sustaining the pregnancy are shut down.. This is why you are experiencing the anxiety and depression.

    The good news is that you can reverse the estrogen dominance from the pill by adding more natural progesterone with Progessence Plus Serum

    Now, another matter needs to be addressed and that is the vast number of nutrients lost to your son during your pregnancy. How did you replace them? Do not tell my via prenatals…because I will tell you they are synthetic vitamins and not absorbed by the body.

    You do not need to have a psych eval…. and you do not need to be on psych meds… you need some very serious nutritional supplements – and you need to offset the estrogen from the BCP’s with natural progesterone.

    Email me at leslie@holyhormones.com when you are read to make those change.

    Hormonally yours,


  434. Vanessa -you are experiencing a simple case of the hormone blues.
    Every three of four months women will have a more intense menstrual cycle.. It does not mean that they are dying… even though it feels like it.

    The synthetic hormone route is not going to heal the hormone imbalance that is going on inside you – the pill will only mask over the symptoms.
    By the time you get off of the pill – you are going to have even more anxiety and depression… and that will be in front of your husband. Think about that.

    You need nutrition and natural progesterone to offset the estrogen dominance that is occurring resulting in your anxiety and depression.

    Please read through the comments to find out more information.
    I have explained this in so many different ways to hundreds of women.

    Nutrate or medicate – that is the question. Only you have the answer…. but the information to arrive at that answer lies within each and every comment.

    Hormonally yours,


  435. Hi Leslie, this is my story back in April 2012 I had the implanon removed from arm after having 2 inserted over a 6 year period. At the start of being on the implanon I got a period on and off for the first year and then it came for a month , I got giving tablets to take to stop it and so I took them, after that I would spot every now and then, but then into my second year after being on it, I had no bleeding what’s so ever and that’s what the implanon was supposed to do, so I never worried about it. I had the first one removed after the 3 years and then got another one put straight back in, I never got a period on that one and it was in for just shy of the 3 years. I got married last year after being with my partner for 8 years and all intention on starting a family in the 2012, well that all came crashing down around me after having the implanon removed in April I waited for my period to come after 1 month still no period, I went back to my doctor and he sent me for blood test, I had them done and then got a phone call 2 weeks later from him saying Kay you will not be able to fall pregnant as you estrogen is basically non existent, I did not know what to think I started to cry cause telling me that I could not get pregnant was a big hit, as I have always wanted children, I hung the phone and just sat there crying. I got sent for some more test after another month to see if there was any changes, still no period it was not looking good, I went for the 2 blood test and it came back the same, estrogen way to high. I ended up going to gyno, she sent me for internal ultra sound and more bloods this time to see if I had a thyroid problem or chroma zone in balance, well it came back that I did not have a problem with either of them, my FSH level came back to sky high reading of 147 and estrogen is about 60 both these should be under 10! I got told, my ultra sound came back with my uterus line is very thin and my ovaries are extremely tiny with NO folicals seen on ether of them. The gyno I seen said straight blank to me that my eggs were gone and I am going through premature ovarian failure, so take these tablets to build your uterus lining up so that if down the track you want to use donor eggs. My husband and I went out of the room crying beyond repair, I could not believe this was happing to me, my gp rang me and told me to get a second opinion, so I did. I went and seen another gyno this time being a male, he said yes my FSH and estrogen were high but he would not have told me that I was going through premature ovarian failure till waiting 9 months, so I went away feeling a little hopefull. Here I am now 9 months is up in January I have just had bloods done again and nothing has change, I have been researching all that I can on the Internet and have been having acupuncture done once a week since August to help and also I have lymphatic drainage massage once a week, also reflexology at the same time, I am taking Vitex supplement every day as well as chinese herbs from the acupunture lady and i also started taking 50mg of DHEA a day about 4 weeks ago, cause it has helped so many women improve eggs and there quality also lower the FSH. since April I have gained about 15kgs and I am currently trying to loose that weight but its really hard I am trying to stay positive, I really want children of my own and will try anything to have that. My local doctors seems to think that it’s just going to take time for my body to adjust after being on birth control for so long. before being on birth control my period was normal and like clock work, and had them since i was 11, i started the pill when i was 16 and then change to the implanon when i was 19 till this year. After being told I had premature menopause and me questing why don’t I have the symptoms of menopause, I got shut down and told that my body is well and truly over that stage of symptoms, but my question is, I have never had the symptoms I think I would remember hot flushes and night sweats and the rest apart from me gaining weight, I still want inter course and I have no dryness down there, so I am very confused as to what’s happing to me I am only 25 years old and want answers please help me is there anything else I can to to bring back my period or lower my FSH and estrogen???? Thanks Kay

  436. just came across this page and not sure if it was good to know things or bad that I know to much. I’ve been on birth control lowest dose since I was 17. I originally went on it bc I was having very horribly painful periods. I kept going to gyno and was told after having ultra sounds I have poly cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) when I started the birth control it eased pain than incredibly just went away my periods became lighter and shorter soon ending completely. after not having a period for a year I followed up with dr. was taken off and was told unless trying to have baby no medical need to have a period I’m fine. so I contained the birth control. I am now 21 and having severe issues. I first noticed having horrible thoughts that of course I keep to myself bc I think I’d seem like a real nut job. things like family members getting into car accidents or getting a life threatening sickness. or ghings hsppening to myself. most times the thoughts come to me when I lay down for bed and I do whatever I can to think of a different subject. than I began to notice new things, I no longer was interested in sex at all. the thought honestly disgusts me I have no dec drive what so ever. I’ve gained at least 35 pounds in last 3 months and I don’t even eat bad! it came from no where! with anxiety at the top of list I was perscribed Xanax which is only .25mg and does absolutely nothing for me. in October the gyno had taken me off birth control bc she thinks I may be suffering from something hormonal. I was told to get at least 3 periods than come in for blood work. these past 3 cycles have been the worst yet the pain is uncontrollable and at this point Id rather be on the birth control to help with this pain. I’m worried the blood work will come back normal like every other test I’ve had done and once again another dr will tell me I’m fine. I know my body and something’s wrong, help!

  437. Well I’ve been off birth control for 3 wks now, cince m last major panic attack. & I believe it is safe for me to say that it was the cause of my panic attacks. I’ve been becoming less and less tense each day.

  438. Thanks for posting Jamese… glad to hear the panic attack is behind you. The severity of the issues coming off the pill depend a great deal on how healthy the immune and endocrine systems are. So women are more affected than others. Hope you have another form of birth control to use until your cycle straightens out. After you come off the pill – you do not know if you will ovulate the next day – or 100 days later… Having unprotected sex at this time is very risky especially if you do not want to be pregnant at this time.

    Hormonally yours,


  439. Hi, Samantha – I cannot imagine a more horrible feeling than someone an ‘expert’ telling you you are fine – when YOU know you are not.

    I call this the ‘Take Two Valium and Go Home Honey’ Syndrome.
    First of all PCOS is due to excess estrogen in the body.
    Second of all the birth control – contains estrogen so you care compounding the problem.
    Third of all BCP’s mask the symptoms – do not ‘heal’ them.

    Add all of the xenoestrogen you are exposed to in your environment with plastics, foods, water, makeup and house hold cleaning solvents – and most women are estrogen dominant.

    When progesterone levels are low – (out of balance with estrogen) many symptoms arise including anxiety, fear and racing thought (see above link).
    You may have had 3 painful periods due to the excess estrogen and perhaps now development of endometriosis. (You should at least mention this to your doctor.)

    Chances are you tests will come back within ‘normal range’. Endocrinologist Dr. Margarita Ochoa-Maya has stated that hormone testing and analysis is relatively new and the procedure needs further analyis itself.

    Please listen to the interview on my home page.

    Progessence Plus Serum from Young Living is a wonderful natrual progesterone product infused with essential oils to make sure the natural progesterone is getting absorbed at the cellular level – and not stored in the fatty tissue with the excess estrogen (and yes that is why you are experiencing weight gain).

    According to jonathan Bailor, author of the Smarter Science of Slim – how well our hormones communicate is directly linked to our weight. Sounds like this is exactly waht is happening to you. Listen to my radio interview with Bailor here:

    It is also very possible that your body is nutritionally depleted.
    Truehope EMPowerplus will nutrate your body – ease the anxiety – and also help your hormones communicate (after all hormone production does start in the brain. And once your endocrine system is balanced – the weight will be shed naturally. And it will stay off.

    Synthetic hormones at such an early age threw off your entire endocrine system – it is now time to restore it to its natural rhythm.

    Email me at leslie@holyhormones.com today – for help with ordering the Progessence Plus – and pick up the phone at Truehope and have them answer your questions and provide professional answers.

    Hormonally yours,


  440. HI, Kay – If your estrogen is too high – then chances are your progesterone is non-existent. Natural – NOT SYNTHETIC – is responsible for stimulating ovulation and building up the uterine lining to maintain a pregnancy.

    You are gaining weight because of excess estrogen.

    It is highly recommended that you get on natural progesterone ASAP. Progessence Plus is a natural progesterone infused with essential oils that get absorbed into the cellular level not stored in the fatty tissue where the estrogen is now.

    Now – if you really want to repair your endocrine system – the brain needs to be healed. NeuroScience Inc. calls this the NEI Super System. Basically, when the neurological system is healed then the endocrine and immune systems become balanced. After all hormone production does begin in the brain through FSH and LH production.

    Please look into the Truehope EMPowerplus
    This product is contains vital nutrients that focus on brain health and repair.

    You are going to need these same nutrients to maintain a healthy pregnancy for a healthy baby – so get on them now – and get nutrated.
    Balancing your hormones and getting adequate nutrition to your body is what you need…. and chances are you will become pregnant…
    Never give up.

    Bolster up – correct the imbalances and nutrate.

    Email me at leslie@holyhormones.com for more information….Call Truehope today – let their professionals guide you.

    Hormonally yours,


  441. Susan – as well as others who live outside North America – Teresa Kolpak with Truehope EMPowerplus just reminded me that for those who live out of the country the number to call is:

    Overseas number is 1-403-388-1400. This is not toll free. If they send an email to support@truehope with their number someone will call them.

  442. I understand what you’re saying Leslie. Right now I’m scared to use any more of the oral contraceptives with how they’ve almost ruined me mentally & my relationship. I have discussed using other forms of birth control with my bf. He‚Äôs very understanding since he knows the effect birth control has had on me. You said ‚ÄùThe severity of the issues coming off the pill depend a great deal on how healthy the immune and endocrine systems are‚Äù. I‚Äôm not aware of the relations between me getting off the pill and a healthy immune system. Are you referring to the depleted nutrients?

  443. Hi Krissy:
    In some cases adjustments have to be made to protocols so it is best to call me. When we spoke on Friday you didn’t make mention of most of these symptoms. Thanks, Teresa

  444. Hello, Jamese – I am so glad your BF is so supportive.
    Yes, withdrawal from anything even drugs and alcohol is more severe when the body is nutritionally depleted.
    Also your hormones may be be as severely imbalanced – as other women here.

    You are also becoming less intense because your hormones are rising in preparation for ovulation….
    Let’s see what happens within the next month.

    You know there are certain foods to avoid eating too when you are anxious.
    Coffee, alcohol (ok not foods) but sugar is…. wheat products and all processed foods.

    Eat organic fruits and vegetables if you can.

    This site called ‘Anxiety No More‘ has some great guidelines. It still comes down to nutrition.

    Hormonally yours,


  445. Thanks for the link. And you said I’m becoming less intense because my body is preparing for ovulation? Do you think I will experience anxiety again shorty after?

  446. Jamese you are becoming less intense because your hormones are rising – and hopefully ovulation will occur. It is also the full moon and energy is high – so your hormones are in synch with the moon cycle this month… there is enough data to back this up to make it no woo woo – in case you are wondering.

    Once your hormones start depleting a week after ovulation then you may feel some anxiety and depression… but you know if you are aware of what is going on… instead of just walking into it blind sided – it makes all the difference in the world. And I provided you with a link of foods to avoid to prevent anxiety. There are many books on this. So you need to be aware and preventive. Education and awareness are powerful tools.

    If you would like – you can email me at leslie@holyhormones.com and I will email you a chart to track your moods with your menstrual cycle.

    Great questions again Jamese…

    Hormonally yours,


  447. Hi, I’m 23 and my week before i get insomnia,night sweats,anxiety and racing, pounding heart, irratiblity, and just miserable. I have just had my hormones tested and everything came back normal. But my week before I definitely don’t feel ok or normal! I am not on any kind of medication. The doc recommended zoloft for my pms symptoms but I am not able to take them because I get manic from any ssri drugs, and she recommended birth control but I am not able to take that because I am allergic to the estrogen in them! Ahhh any ideas of what could be going on and what I could do to get better with out going totally crazy 2 weeks out of the month.

  448. Wow, I’ve never heard of the menstruation in sync with the full moon, but I’m not surprised either. I would ask for you explain further, but do you mind providing a link for it? I don’t want to get too far off topic. And I eat fruit daily, especially apples. I love apples to where I usually eat at least 1 every day.
    I am a little worried that I may experience anxiety again soon. I stopped birth control in the middle of the first week, shortly after my first post. (Nov 7th) . 2 days later even though I still felt anxiety, the level dropped tremendously. & of course, 3-4 days after quitting birth control (Nov 10th), I had a ‚Äúperiod‚Äù for 5 days. Those days I felt the most relief. It seemed as though I was ‚Äúnumb‚Äù to anxiety. After those 5 days (since Nov 14th), my anxiety did not worsen. I feel myself slowly becoming ‚Äúme ‚Äú again. This week I have been feeling amazing, but I guess it‚Äôs due to me approaching the ovulation phase 🙁 . I‚Äôm going to enjoy every moment while I can.

  449. Hello, Jamese I am so glad you are asking so many questions.
    I have a link right on my blog regarding the relationship between the moon and menses…. in fact both words are derived from the same root.
    Hormone Cycle Harmony

    I also call this phenomenon -‘Female Mystique – The Three Phases of Eve’. That chart is also on the same page.
    But their are also so many other writings on the relationship between menstruation and the lunar cycle.

    If you would like – I can email you the HorMoon Awareness Guide I developed for women.

    Ok – back to you. You do not have to experience these extreme ‘bipolar’ mood swings… that is not a normal menstrual cycle. Women have come to think this is ‘normal’ but it is not…. We have become ‘hormonally imbalanced’ for so many of the reasons – I have listed in these posts. This is not ‘normal’ either. We can all experience pain and mood free menstruation if we maintain sound nutrition and keep a balance between the ratio of estrogen and progesterone.

    That is ‘normal’.

    Be preventive. I gave you the link to the guide to anti-anxiety foods – and go to your health food store and get the natural progesterone… to try.

    We have to move away from thinking that menstruation is a ‘disease’ and not a normal powerful experience. Our menstrual cycle defines us as powerful women. What we have become are victims of our own bodies through a lack of education. There is a big difference.

    New information and education is a major part of changing a negative experience to a positive one.

    Hormonally yours,


  450. Hello Sarah – Welcome to that hormone imbalance club. You are experiencing what so many other women are struggling with an excess of estrogen in ratio to their progesterone levels. Most women are estrogen dominant these days…. make sure you read this link on estrogen dominance – from Dr. John Lee – the developer of natural progesterone.

    I am glad you are aware of your hypersensitivity to anti-depressants.

    I have researched Progessence Plus Serum – on my blog – and highly recommend this product. Or go to your health food store and try out a natural progesterone from there.

    This may be all you need to balance the excess estrogen.
    Oh and by the way – the birth control pill will only further upset your hormone balance…. and the pills will only mask the symptom not heal the imbalance.
    There is a difference.

    Let me know how else I can help.

    Hormonally yours,


  451. Susan - South Africa says:

    Hi there, just an update. So I had all the blood works done and had a papsmeer done today. All result were normal (If you remember from my previous post re anxiety), all but the following 2. My LH level is higher than my FSH level (not by much) My LH Level was at 6.3 and my FSH level at 5.4. Gynie says this indicates a very low hormonal imbalance and want to put me Qlaira Contraseptive and says this should ease it out. He also said he cannot confirm nor deny that is is causing my anxiety, but i must monitor and see if it goes away after i started using the tables. Any thoughts on this will be greatly appreciates? I will only have my papsmeer result next week.

  452. Hello, Susan – Well you intuitively knew you were hormonally imbalanced before the testing – which is why you found this site. So now the conundrum. Healing the imbalance or medicating the imbalance. That has become the million dollar question of our time. I am going to be posting a You Tube video to my blog today on Nutritional Links to Depression and Mental Illness – but here is the link if you want to watch this now.

    Love the statement that your doctor ‘cannot confirm or deny’… the practice of medicine has changed so much over the years.. and because of insurance and litigation doctors are hesitant to talk a stand on health issues.

    Whatever you choose – please include a good whole food- plant derived – not synthetic- vitamin supplement into your daily regime.
    Limit your exposure to BPA and plastics – which contain estrogen mimickers and also house hold solvents, makeup etc. You will be getting plenty of estrogen in the pill.

    When you do finally come off the pill – at least you will be nutritionally satiated so you will not crash and burn.
    And then you can try a natural progesterone to offset the estrogen from the pill.

    Good luck…. and remember – healing or medication.
    We are at the crossroads on this issue.

    Hormonally yours,


  453. I has been using Progestrone creme for about 3 weeks now and I was wondering if period like cramping is common. It has been feeling like my period cramps, kinda gerguling (did I spell that right?) sensation. Not too bad but just alittle differ. My period should be here in about a few days to a week, but feeling like it was coming for 2 weeks for so. Has anyone else experience this?

  454. Hi, Lisa – good to hear from you. Do you mean uterine cramps? And you have gurgling in your uterus? Am sure that is all part of your endocrine system falling back into synch. On the other hand – are you having any digestive issues? Now, one thing you might try is let’s see if I can explain this…. get on the bottom part of your legs (knees down) on the floor and stretch your forearms out over your head. Then put your forehead to the floor – and arch your back just a little bit. This helps your uterus to get back into position.

    The uterus is a muscle and hangs by ligaments. In a lot of cases with cramping – the uterus sits against the bladder or the colon that also begins to cramp with uterine contraction. Or you might be experiencing colon gurgling (digestive issue) thinking it is from your period. Most women do experience some digestive discomfort when they become premenstrual.

    I am also on the progesterone – albeit I am no longer menstruating… but have not had any gurgling experience. In fact, there is nothing in the uterus to make it gurgle….

    Just remember the endocrine system is re-balancing itself and adjusting to different levels of progesterone. Would you like me to email you a menstrual symptom tracking chart so that you can write these things down? Will also be interested in knowing when you did get your period.

    Hormonally yours,


    But keep us posted… this is a new experience for you – so you are sensitive to everything.

    Hormonally yours,


  455. Hey Denise – check out my new feature post today – it is on nutrient therapy and depression. It will be up by this evening.

    Hormonally yours,


  456. Ashley – how are you doing? Have not seen you post for awhile…

  457. Dear Leslie, Thank you for your responce. So my results are given in my previous does indicate a “hormonal imbalance” ? Could this possible be the cause of my anxiety? The reason I am asking, is because I do not want to take Anti Depressants for something I have never had in my life before. I am currently coming off Zoloft and am now at 12.5mg. I have tried to look up on these 2 hormones, but am not finding anything, only explenations as to what they are and how they work. Any thoughts and feedback on this will be reatly appreciated. Thank you so so much. xxx

  458. Hello all. I’m grateful to have come across this site. I’m sorry to read of all the stories of imbalances and the struggles they have caused us all. I’m trying to see if I can get some guidance for my issues. I am a 37 yr old mother of a two yr son. My problems with depression, anxiety, brain fog, memory problems, extreme fatigue, & blurred vision started about 1 yr after his birth. I had saliva hormone testing because my dr felt as though the abrupt stopping of the progesterone injections I was given during pregnancy to prevent preterm labor caused my endocrine system to go into shock. The results were extremely low hormones across the board. Low progesterone, estrogen,testosterone, and dhea. The fact that correcting nutritional deficiencies plays a major role in helping to get my hormonal issue on the right track makes perfect sense to me. Would a progesterone creme as you’ve suggested to others in earlier posts help my progress in this situation? What more can I do to increase the other hormones so that I would not simply become progesterone dominant while using a progesterone cream?

  459. Hello Dee – glad to have you here.
    First of all I would like you to listen to Dr. Margarita Ochoa Maya’s interview on natural progesterone as the mother of all hormones.

    Dr. Ochoa provides a foundational understanding of the endocrine system – that has been sadly lacking in health education.

    Yes, I am sure your endocrine system went into shock when the progesterone injections ceased. Which also means you were experiencing hormone imbalance – particular low progesterone prior to your pregnancy which is why you needed the injections.

    BTW – synthetic progesterone – or any other hormone for that matter does not get absorbed at the cellular level. It kind of gunks up the cell receptors just like old oil in a car can gunk up the spark plugs… eventually the cell becomes starved and imbalanced and the excess synthetic hormones then are stored in the fatty tissues – especially estrogen.

    Dr. Ochoa – who is an endocrinologist explains that hormone analysis is relatively new – and she also speaks about the problems with this type of testing. Of course, from my research and study – it is also important to know where you are in your menstrual cycle when you are being tested.

    What the Progessence Plus Serum – natural progesterone infused with essential oils does is clear off the cell receptor sites so that the progesterone can be absorbed at a cellular level. It is much more effective in the long run than other creams. PPS are drops that you apply everyday throughout your cycle to your upper arms and on your neck.

    A good supplement that targets brain health – like the EMPowerplus is going to nutrate the brain so that it can start functioning. Once the brain is healthy the endocrine system becomes balanced and hormone production which actually begins in the brain will begin begin to function normally. This is called the NEI Super System

    What are Hormones?

    Derived from amino acids, phospholipids and cholesterol, hormones are biochemical messengers used by the endocrine system to communicate with itself and the rest of the biological system. Hormones are involved in many biological functions including bone growth and sugar regulation. Hormones can also be involved in pathological conditions such as diabetes and obesity.

    Controllers of the Endocrine System

    The Brain is the main regulator of the endocrine system, therefore it is important to consider the impact that stress has on the on the brain and its ability to regulate hormone levels. All three systems in the NEI Supersystem are affected regardless of the type of stressor. The hypothalamus is considered the “master controller” of the endocrine system but it is under direct influence by mid-brain neurotransmitter activity (norepinephrine) and serotonin receptors found within it. Chronic inflammation results in an elevation of pro-inflammatory cytokines, which bind to the hypothalamus and alter its normal functioning.

    Symptoms can be Confusing

    Due to the interactions between each system included in the NEI Supersystem, patient symptoms may appear as a hormone issue when in actuality, they can be attributed to a neurotransmitter imbalances or chronic inflammation. Common overlapping symptoms that may result from any disturbance within the NEI Supersystem include depression, focus issues, insomnia, fatigue, or anxiety.

    I find this information to be very fascinating. Nutrating the brain is crucial. And you need to replace the nutrients lost during pregnancy.

    Now back to boosting other hormone levels… nutrating the brain will do that… but the anxiety, depression, brain fog, that you have may also be due to excess estrogen (even though your levels may be low… but it is the ratio of estrogen and progesterone we are concerned about – not the levels per se.
    We are all living in an environment that is estrogen dominant – BPA in plastics, DO NO MICROWAVE IN PLASTIC, do not drink water our of plastic bottles…. makeup, hormone in meat and household solvent cleaners all contain xenoestrogens… that get stored in the body. Water contain estrogen, Birth control of course- even our mother’s history of birth control affects our estrogen levels.

    While the brain is being nutrated – the natural progesterone can provide relative immediate relief (depends on the person). Please read this information by Dr. John Lee – who was the first proponent of natural progesterone use for estrogen dominance.

    Please email me if I can provide more information.

    Hormonally yours,


  460. Susan – Did I send you this link from Dr. John Lee’s web site – he was one of the first to define estrogen dominance and the need to use natural progesterone to offset the symptoms associated with it:

    Estrogen Dominance

    Estrogen dominance is a term coined by Dr. Lee in his first book on natural progesterone. It describes a condition where a woman can have deficient, normal or excessive estrogen, but has little or no progesterone to balance its effects in the body. Even a woman with low estrogen levels can have estrogen dominance symptoms if she doesn ‘t have any progesterone.

    Also – please visit our Holy Hormones!! Young Living Essential Oils & Hormones page on Facebook. You can join in a group discussion and learn more about the benefits of Progessence Plus there…

    Dr Catherine and Cheryl Jazzar are there to support all of you as well.

    Hormonally yours,


  461. Hi, Faye – hoping you have found some relief from your symptoms. I have been reviewing everyone’s posts to develop a chart of synthetic hormone birth control adverse events. As a nurse I am sure you understand the importance of this. Doctors need to be educated about how these synthetic hormones are affecting women’s health – if they are already experiencing hormone imbalance symptoms. – and nutrient depletion post pregnancy.

    I am sure the stress of being a student nurse is not helping with your condition. Hope you have found relief from nutrients and perhaps even natural progesterone.

    As I am reading through the posts, I am following up with those I can.

    Hormonally yours,


  462. Leslie – Thank you for providing such a detailed response. I do recall having to take the saliva test during certain days of my cycle. I dont remember when during my cycle I was instructed to take testing. The results showed my progesterone/estrogen ratio was 36 with a normal range of 45-450. I will follow the advice you provided. Thanks!

  463. Hi – Aimee – How are you doing? I am hoping you have read through the posts and following the information on Progessence Plus Serum – the natural progesterone infused with essential oils. After re-reading your post again, I realized you may have miscarried because your progesterone levels bottomed out at 9 months pregnant…. Hope you are recovering from that horrible trauma.

    I do think you were experiencing PMDD – even though the literature says it disappears and you say it just subsides so it becomes manageable.

    Let me know if I can provide any more information.

    Hormonally yours,


  464. Awesome Dee – I am so glad I could lend some insight into your problems.
    Please keep us posted of your progress. It will also encourage others.

    Hormonally yours,


  465. I am trying to find answers for my daughter. She will be 18 yrs. old in 3 months. I have a dr. appt. scheduled for her next week but concerned they will just say depression and prescribe meds. I do not believe it is depression. She is experiencing severe fatigue, bad headaches, weight gain, mood swings, out of character actions, frequent infections, and just irritable about things often. She had a ovarian cysts 2 yrs ago that she had to be admitted to the hospital for. The dr. put her on birth control afterwards and she has done well with no more issues with cysts. The last 4 months I have noticed this change in her and it is really bad now. I want to have thyroid tests done. Not sure how a teenager can have a hormone imbalance? I want answers for her so she doesn’t have to feel termoil inside for years thinking its just normal. She knows something is not right with her but thinks its just that she needs to just go off away from high school and start her life in college. I know I need toget her to someone that can help but hope this doctor will listen and not just dismiss. I honestly do not know what specialist I need to take her to and I want them to know about hormones or effects of them. I do not want her just given meds or told that she has some disorder.

  466. Dear Leslie Carol,
    I am crying so hard as I’m reading all of the material you have posted. I stumbled across your site after googling “depo withdrawals.” Here is my story in hopes that someone else out there experiencing the same thing will know they are not alone and reach out for help:
    I am 23 years old. I was on the shot for almost 7 years. Last shot was due September 29, 2012. It is now December 1, 2012. For the last 7 weeks I have been experiencing the most HORRIFIC withdrawal symptoms from the shot, and I am certain it is from the shot, nothing else has changed in my life. My symptoms are mostly psychological, and a few physical. For starters, I have been having EXTREME panic attacks and night sweats. Waking up with a racing heart beat and feeling so fearful and extremely panic-stricken, happening almost every night at least once. I have also been feeling EXTREME depression. Having racing thoughts about death and dying and feeling like everything in this world is meaningless, also strongly doubting my faith and religion that I have always stood by. Nevermind the headaches, cramps, nauseousness, and loss of appetite I’ve also had. This shot completely ruined my life. I can’t see how I’m ever going to get out of this mindframe. It’s incredibly debilitating. I’m at the point of quitting my job because I feel so depressed I can hardly move.
    I went to my doctor 3 weeks ago and when I asked if this could all be depo withdrawal related he said he had never heard of depo withdrawal symptoms. He prescribed me ativan (a benzodiazepine for anxiety)and paxil (an antidepressant). I passed on the paxil because this time I was smart enough to research the withdrawal effects when discontinuing paxil and those seemed horrific as well. The ativan helps when i take it as needed., but the calming effects also seems to make me feel depressed and with no energy at all.
    I had also asked my doctor for a hormone test but he said that the window of what is considered normal is so large that we wouldnt really know what would be too high or low for me, especially since we didn’t have a baseline of what my levels were before starting the shot. Anyway, I’m changing doctors because this one just wants to put me on addictive stuff that only mask the cause.
    I’m so sorry for rambling and making this such a long post. please feel free to privately email me at tinktink61409@yahoo.com with any advice/feedback. if anyone else wants to talk about this as well please email me. thank u so much for reading.

    p.s. prior to this i have no history of anxiety or depression or any psych history at all for that matter.

  467. Hello to all,

    I am now 37 and have been dealing with pretty severe hormonal imbalances for about 10 years now (and sometimes I’m not ever sure how I’ve been able to ‘last’ this long with some of the symptoms). I have seen A LOT of people over the years, ranging from naturopaths (I had a not so pleasant experience with one), to multiple acupuncturists, western integrative medical doctors, and different practitioners who have been self-proclaimed ‘womens health specialists’ and have never really found any lasting relief from any of them. Granted that I think any work that you put in on yourself with pay off somehow, but it’s been a frustrating, disconcerting uphill battle for me a good deal of the time. My background is in Chinese medicine, and also integrative medicine and so I am pretty well versed when it comes to herbs and supplements, but even that said, I seem to wind up feeling like my body has turned against itself, and then eventually end up feeling so ill (as was the case last night), that I was literally bedridden.

    Some relevant information regarding my symptoms and birth control history: I had Norplant implanted in my arm at age 16, and did not have it removed until I was 21. During that 5 year period, my hormones ran amok, and I had highly frequent periods (I had a period twice a month–every other week). My mood swings (or what I can remember of them) were off the charts, and I don’t know how or why I left it in so long (maybe it was because I was young and didn’t totally understand the Norplant-hormone imbalance connection), but I have no doubt that that factors into my current and ongoing hormone imbalance issues. I have had a terrible time with severe PMS symptoms over the last ten years, and just last night, on Day 1 of my period, I felt like I had been run over by a truck (now normally I don’t feel ‘great’ on the first day of my period, but I usually don’t feel quite this bad), with such symptoms as a terrible headache, feeling hot and cold, restlessness, extreme queasiness–just feeling incredibly ill. I have also been losing a lot of hair daily for about a year (I have a lurking suspicion that this may be due to Thyroid dysfunction of some kind), and have issues with low energy, and the past year to year and a half, a lot of issues with depression. One of the issues, I believe is that I have not been successfully treated for Thyroid issues, and really, as many people as I’ve seen, and things that I’ve tried (herbs, herbal RXs, supplements, different practitioners of different modalities), these issues seem to keep recurring and with a vengeance. Now, as far as I know, there is nothing organically wrong, or abnormal with the reproductive organs themselves (I have had multiple sonograms, and they showed nothing abnormal, except for a functional ovarian cyst), but these issues have impacted every aspect of my life, and I really just need to find some relief and some peace. The depression that I get with PMS can be very extreme and has been scary for me, and for my husband to see. He also feels a bit helpless when it comes to these issues.

    Can anyone think of some suggestions for things that I could try? Things that perhaps I haven’t tried already?



  468. Hello Judy – you are a good mother trying to seek out answers for your daughter. And you are so right – we are all beginning to believe that feeling bad has become the ‘new healthy’. Well, it is not and we need to never forget that.

    Ok – let’s address your question – ‘how can an 18 y.o. be experiencing hormone imbalance at such an early age’. Actually – this is pretty frightening because we are seeing this in teens like your daughter and in young girls going into puberty at age 6. And yes, I am in contact with a mother whose daughter developed public hair and breasts at that tender age. The mother is convinced it was her years of birth control use.

    Here is the dilemma. Synthetic estrogen does not get passed through the body. It gets stored in the fatty tissue of the body. And it is passed genetically from mother to child (and yes, boys are going into puberty at a much younger age too.) We are now 3 or 4 generations into birth control. And we are at least 4 generations of passing that estrogen in-utero. And it keeps building up. I guess, Judy you need to look back at your bc history as well as that of your mother and your grandmother….

    In addition – there are so many xenoestrogens (estrogen mimickers) in our environment – all of us are being bombarded by estrogen. Plastics are the biggest culprit. Plastic water bottles very dangerous. Estrogen leaches into the water – same with storage containers made of plastic or any food wrapped in plastic.
    DO NOT MICROWAVE IN PLASTIC. Microwaves set off a chemical firestorm when plastic is inside… that you cannot see, or smell – but it is there.

    Xeonestrogens are also present in household cleaning solvents, MAKEUP – and in our meats and water.

    So the real question is Judy – how can any of us avoid estrogen dominance? Not unless we radically change our lifestyles – and for an 18 y.o chances are that is not going to happen.

    Now birth control pills have been added to the mix for her ovarian cysts (estrogen dominance) and now she is experiencing classic estrogen dominance symptoms: Severe fatigue, bad headaches, weight gain, mood swings, out of character actions, frequent infections, and irritability.

    What’s a mother to do? Well instead of taking your daughter to a doctor – who may indeed misdiagnosis her and put her on anti-depressants… just ask any woman who has posted here – how often that has happened to them…. or take her to an endocrinologist or a naturopath who will both have a better understanding of the role hormones play in her body.

    Listening to endocrinologist, Dr. Margarita Ochoa- Maya’s radio interview on the importance of progesterone in an estrogen dominant society will be very helpful.

    Of course, there is the Progessence Plus Serum natural progesterone on my site… but I have a feeling your are going to want more answers than just applying natural progesterone. You and your daughter deserve them. However, the natural progesterone is very effective in getting rid of ovarian cysts. A friend of mine was facing surgery and after a month on natural progesterone the cyst had diminished in size and surgery was no longer needed.

    Please come back and keep asking questions… I know you want to ‘heal’ this imbalance not ‘medicate’ it.

    Hormonally yours,


  469. Hello, Ana – I am now thinking of setting up a ‘Depo Recovery’ program for women like you….or a synthetic hormone recovery program for all women suffering on an off all synthetic forms of birth control.

    I am glad you found this information to be helpful – and eye-opening. I invite you to print out these comments and take them to your doctor – or mail them if you are not going to see him or her again.

    So you are 23 now – you went on Depo at age 16… just when your own endocrine system was beginning to develop. Dangerous… Our endocrine system and our menstrual rhythm is crucial to the health and functioning of our body. Depo – shut down your own body rhythm while causing nutrient depletion and hormone imbalance. Depo if made up of synthetic progesterone – so your own body stopped producing natural progesterone which you need for mood regulation etc. Now you have too much estrogen in your body causing the night sweats, panic attacks, headaches, cramps, loss of appetite and maybe the nausea.

    Let’s get this straight – regular doctors and gynecologists focus on reproductive and uterine health. The know very little about hormone health… you need to be seeing either an endocrinologist or a naturopath.

    Nutrition and hormone balancing are crucial here.
    Please read this information on estrogen dominance and the related symptoms.

    We are all exposed to estrogen – in the from of synthetics through food, water, birth control, makeup, household cleaners and plastics. You are so imbalanced… and now the shot is wearing off – and you are even more imbalanced.

    You can try the Progessence Plus Serum – a natural progesterone infused with essential oils and you will get immediate relief for the panic and anxiety. You can email me at leslie@holyhormones.com if you want more information.

    I hope this has been reassuring and helpful for you Ana. You are not alone…. and there are many other women suffering.
    We have to get back to remembering that our endocrine health is the very foundation for everything else – physically, mentally and emotionally. Mess with that imbalance and we suffer.

    Hormonally yours,


  470. Hello Hal – Thank you for sharing. we all feel your pain.
    Hair loss – is hormone imbalance. Cysts – manageable or not are estrogen dominance.
    Two glaring things you are missing NUTRITION and natural progesterone.

    Now, I do not want to sound like a sales woman – but I will explain this. I just came out of working for an addiction recovery ranch where we used whole food amino acid/vitamin/mineral supplements to repair the damage to the brain. This new science of treating the brain for an age old ‘social moral disease’ rocked my world. I could not believe the miracles I saw with this group of highly intelligent and creative people who were locked in the hell holes of their minds.

    I learned about neuroscience – I saw images of the brain healing itself from the damage from drugs and alcohol – and I learned that the brain can indeed heal itself – given the right tools (nutrients) and that the brain never ages.

    And I learned that the health of the brain is directly linked to the health of the endocrine and immune systems. When the brain is healed – both of those systems fall back into balance – and of course hormone productions begins in the brain. I saw women come into the addiction recovery program with so many menstrual issues and within one month’s time many resolved themselves.

    Truehope EMPowerplus targets brain health. You are 37 – you need nutritional support now. Call them- and they will answer your questions for you. Look at the research on their site (19 published studies)- and watch the You Tube videos.

    Also natural progesterone. Progessence Plus Serum is a natural progesterone infused with essential oils that clear the synthetic hormone residue off the cells in the body so that the progesterone can be absorbed. This will give you relief from the premenstrual hormone drops.

    The ratio between estrogen and progesterone is off….. as it is in most of us.

    I have done my homework Hal – I have researched the products and tried them.
    I understand the science, logic and plain common sense. I have them on my site (and they are not paying to be there) as resources for all of you.

    You can email me at leslie@holyhormones.com for more information on the natural progesterone…. but do give Truehope a call.

    Your mental/emotional health is at stake… it will only get worse with age – if you do not nutrate and balance now.

    Hormonal blessings,


  471. Hi I am 26 years old n 24 weeks pregnant with my 4 child I been have horrible anxiety & panic attacks for the past 2 weeks got too the point where it felt like I was losing my mind n lost all interest in anything cried all the time I felt lost in myself n still do, I’ve went too the doctors had blood work done came back great even had an EKG done. I was then put on Prozac 10mg once a day but I still have anxiety n panic attacks which I’ve always had anxiety disorder which remind you I haven’t been or had these this bad in a very long time I always could talk myself out of them or talk too my mom n I would be fine I’m trying too understand what’s going on with me & if this is due too being pregnant which again I’ve never had any of this with my other kids. Has anyone else ever felt like this or ever had this problem for this Long n will his subside anytime soon I just want too be back too my normal happy self who loved life

  472. Hello, Amy – you do need help and you need it right away. 4 children in a short period of time places a lot of stress on the body. Plus you have been breast feeding, caring for them up at nights…. and that is probably the tip of your iceberg.

    Amy – your hormones have been on a roller coast ride for years… trying to adjust and then boom pregnant again… and who knows if you were using synthetic hormones for birth control prior to your 20’s.

    I do not know if you have been taking prenatal vitamins during your pregnancy – but even if you were the vitamins because they are synthetic do not get absorbed at the celluar level – which needs nutrition. The vitamins are stored in the fatty tissue along with everything else that body cannot synthesize of digest.

    You are in your fourth pregnancy – how was your diet in between those pregnancies… how is it now? Are you getting enough nutrition? Fresh fruits, vegetables, proteins, amino acids, minerals? Of course not. None of us are. But what is going on with you is that your body gave those vital nutrients to three of your babies – and now it is working on the fourth…. except guess what? The essential nutrients are no coming out of your reserves and are depleting you.

    The anxiety, panic attacks and ‘disorder’s’ are all in your head literally. Your brain is not getting the nutrients it needs to function… and therefore these symptoms crop up.

    Think about when you are about to get a cold. What is the first thing to happen even before you get that runny nose? Depression, anxiety, doom and gloom, feeling like you can’t keep up. That is the brain’s way of saying – I NEED HELP HERE…. I need nutrients.

    You need zinc and B6 B 12 vitamins… you need minerals (for building strong bones for your baby) and for your own mental health.

    If you have a health food store – Whole Foods – go and see them tomorrow. Make sure what you are getting are whole food vitamins and minerals – not synthetic. Let their trained staff help you find a good prenatal supplement.

    Truehope EMPowerplus was designed to provide these essential nutrients to the brain. They work with people with anxiety, depression, hormone imbalance, ADHD, – and they have worked with pregnant mothers…who have experienced all of these symptoms. Call them tomorrow – and let their trained experts provide you with information and education. If you cannot afford to buy the product (am sure your budget is tight with your babies) then at least you will know what you need when you go to your health food store.

    You should be doing this now – because it is your hormones give you a ‘high’ during pregnancy – especially progesterone. And if you are feeling bad now – you may feel even worse when your pregnancy is over and your hormones return to normal levels. That is called postpartum depression – hormone imbalance and nutrient depletion.

    We all know that Prozac is going to mask your symptoms – and do you really want that drug in your body while you are pregnant? How will it affect the baby.
    You may also want to look into natural progesterone. Of course, there is the Progessence Plus on my site… – highly recommended…. but I do think you may want to consult with Cheryl Jazzar who is a postpartum wellness consultant. She has responded to many of these posts and she can explain the benefits of added natural progesterone during your pregnancy.

    I cannot stress enough that it appears you need nutrient supplementation immediately. This is common sense… not medicine and not rocket science. Three pregnancies takes a lot out of the body? Where do you think the building blocks come from to build that tiny brain, heart, bones, lungs etc. Nutrients. Where do they come from your body. What happens when there is not enough for you and the baby…. the baby gets the best of what you have – and you start suffering – mentally and emotionally.

    Hope this has helped.
    Hormonally yours,


  473. Susan- South Africa
    Hi Susan. Even if you had anxiety before starting the Zoloft, some of the anxiety you are experiencing could be the withdrawal from the Zoloft. I have been working in the field of micronutrients in mental health (includes hormones) for over 10 years. When individuals are transitioning off of medications they often experience a variety of symptoms such as anxiety, nausea, inner restlessness, sweating, and sleeplessness. These are just some of the withdrawal symptoms. I am not sure if you are taking vitamins and minerals, amino acids etc to help rebuild the nutritional foundation, but they would help with the withdrawal as well. Blessings, Teresa

  474. Hey Leslie, it’s me again! Thought about the statement you made about me getting off birth control, that I could ovulate the next day or 100 days for now. Guess I ovulated the next day b/c this past weekend, I got five positives, (one dark line and a very faint – on all of them) 🙂 Haha 😀 I don’ t know how far along I am, all I know is that I’m less than a month? Sooooo, I guess my question now is, do you think pregnancy have the same effect birth control had on me with all the hormones going being all out of whack? I was on Tri-sprintec for a year. I sorta cried on Saturday, & wasn’t able to enjoy the news of my pregnancy, b/c I started thinking that I will go back to feeling anxiety since pregnancy has a big effect on hormones. Do you also believe pregnancy has had an effect on me feeling great these past few weeks? I mean, I really experienced a COMPLETE turnaround.

  475. Hello, Jamese – well I am hoping that this pregnancy is a good thing for you and your partner.

    I do not think the pregnancy is going to whack out your hormones like birth control. During a pregnancy your hormone levels are much higher and progesterone reaches an incredible level – to prepare and nurture the uterine lining to hold the growing fetus – I want to say that progesterone is 10 times higher than non-pregnancy. This is a great explanation with a chart – http://www.justmommies.com/articles/progesterone-pregnancy.shtml

    In most cases progesterone gives women that ‘pregnancy high’ a feel good emotion that last throughout the pregnancy.
    My concern will be what happens when the pregnancy is over and those hormones come ‘crashing’ down to normal levels… and if you were hormonally imbalance prior to getting pregnant – you will even more so afterwards. This is called postpartum depression.

    Also anxiety may be due to nutrient depletion. I am sure I have mentioned the Truehope EMPowerplus which is used be pregnant women to make sure they are getting all of the nutrients they need. I know you doc will recommend a ‘pre-natal’ vitamin – but if it is synthetic – the body will not absorb the vitamins on a cellular level and they will get stored in the fatty tissue in the body.

    Our pregnancy is going to take a lot of nutrients – vitamins, minerals, and amino acids out of your body for the developing fetus… you need to make sure you are prepared for this.

    Please listen to Cheryl Jazzar’s great radio interview on the importance of nutrition and hormone balancing during and after pregnancy. You need to concentrate on nutrating your body now – for the sake of your baby as well as your health post-pregnancy.

    Good luck and congratulations!


  476. Hello again! I just ahve a quick question. I purchased a m multi vitamin from whole foods yesterday. The vitamin was recomended as a whole food multi with hormone support. I have posted here before and response to my post was to use a great whole food multi and progestrone creme. I started progetrone creme which seems to help with sore / fiber cysts breats. I believe I have Estrogen Dominence. Now to my questions…there is a 90 mg. mix of hormone support in this vitamin which contains chaste tree, red clover and raspberry leaf. Do you think that red clover hurt or the small amount will be ok. You guys here are great and I do feel now that I have a support team…thank you! PS. on day 28th of month still have not had period but waiting.

  477. Is Women’s One a Day Prenatal synthetic? & thanks for the congratulations!

  478. Yes – One a Day and Centrum are both synthetics… If you want to see the best results Jamese please keep looking for a whole food vitamin with aminos, minerals and other nutrients – should have zinc as well. We all want you to be healthy – and not slide into the rabbit hole of hormone imbalance anxiety post-pregnancy. Truehope Empowerplus is great – but am not sure your budget will allow it. Keep looking and keep asking your great questions.

    Hormonally yours,


  479. Lisa – this is awesome… great find… Red clover and Raspberry Leaf are wonderful herbs for menstruation and the reproductive organs.
    Best way to know whether this is working for you is how you feel. Women need to get back in tune with their bodies… Education is empowerment. Finding products that make us feel good is also empowerment. You are on the right path. Keep posting and let us know how you are doing.

    Your Hormone Support Group,

    Leslie & Gang….

  480. I was wondering referring to the last comment. Is red clover leaf ok to take with me being estrogen dominance?

  481. Great question Lisa (sorry I did not understand it at first) – good research – but here is your answer…. HERBS FOR ESTROGEN DOMINANCE

    Hormonally yours,


  482. Great info…thank you sooo much for your help!

  483. I went to the doctor with dizziness and fullness in my ear and a little anxiety. He said there was a little fluid in my ear and prescribed Prednisone and Antivert. I went “nuts” after 4 days on the Prednisone. It has been 4 weeks and I still can’t sleep and have horrible anxiety to the point that I think I’m having a heart attack. I have been to my GP twice and have had an EKG and MRI. Both are ok. Prior to my first doctor visit, I was feeling depressed and very tired and having some mild anxiety. My GP prescribed an antidepressant, but I just can’t bring myself to take it. I’m currently waiting for bloodwork results to come back. I am 38, have a wonderful home and family. I have no mental reason for depression or anxiety. Is this hormones???

  484. Danna – it could very well be hormones. Also at 38 you may be entering perimenopause where your hormones are shifting as well as diminishing. If you have read the posts here and my responses you are going to know what I recommend. Nutrition and natural progesterone to offset the estrogen dominance that is causing the depression and anxiety. If you do not take care of this now and nip it in the bud – it will only get worse and you will not be able to enjoy your beautiful home and family.

    Sleep deprivation is hormone imbalance. Not getting sleep for extended periods of time can lead to other medical problems. The endocrine system is the body’s regulator – when it gets whacked – the entire body goes haywire. That is what you and all of these other women are experiencing.

    You do not have to feel this way…. you can gain your vibrant health back.
    Also get rid of every plastic cookware in your kitchen. DO NOT MICROWAVE IN PLASTIC. DO NOT DRINK OUT OF PLASTIC CONTAINERS…. all of these contain estrogen mimickers who can further cause the downward spiral of hormone imbalance.

    Hormonally yours,


  485. Hi, im 16 years old and for the past few years I have sudden anxiety/panic attacks. My parents saw a few while they happened and i can’t control my breathing, it come in very fast and i start hyperventilating and have to cover my mouth with my shirt or hand to stop the sudden air from going in. I also cry alot and my eyes swell and all this usually occurs after I think about events that have occurred in my life. I recently had this happen again last night and this is the first time i felt nauseous the entire day. I feel depressed and i thought i had these panic/anxiety attacks due to a traumatic event that happened in my life, i think its connected to that event. I’ll sit for at the least an hour going through this and crying and breathing like my lungs are about to explode and my head will hurt. i dont know if its hormones but im only 16… and lately my parents were kidding around when i got better that i have a mental condition which turns on every so months, i mean they werent serious but I do not want to be mental. So i found this article and it sounds like it applies to me…what do i do? plz email me back i appreciate it thank you.

  486. Hi there,
    I am 28 years old and have suffered from anxiety since around the time I started my period. My first panic attack was related to an MSG sensitivity but it was about the same age that I started my period. I never took birth control, but I did get pregnant at 16, had an abortion then got pregnant again 4 months later and kept her. Then when I was 20 I moved in with my boyfriend, got pregnant again and got married. This is when my anxiety started to really get bad. I had to quit my job because I would become numb with fear and feel like I was dying. Sometimes I wouldn’t even be able to stop to tell my boss I had to leave the cash register, I would just take off and go home without a word. I’ve lost every single job I’ve ever had due to anxiety issues.

    Then in June of 2009 it got to the point where I cannot leave the house by myself. I have agoraphobia (my grandmother had it too and she didn’t leave the house for 15 years!) I have been able to take my kids to school around the block, but I am completely stricken with fear the entire time. I have started “couponing” and drag my husband to stores with me every week and it does help me to keep my mind distracted by organizing coupons, figuring out how much things will cost etc. And I am also able to make money doing it as well so I don’t feel like a complete good for nothing.

    I pretty much just lay around all day long. I always feel sick or dizzy or anxious or something. Another issue I have is that I cannot take medicine. It is a phobia and I just can’t do it. I have not taken a tylenol or anything else (besides 2 round of antibiotics) in the last 10 years. I watched my dad have a severe allergic reaction and have not taken anything since.

    I have always brought up to my drs, friends and family that I think my “conditions” are mainly brought on by m period. My whole life revolves around them! One week before I start feeling anxious, dizzy, tired, out of it. Immediately before I start my period, my body and face start burning and I normally go into a complete panic attack only to realize that while I was panicking, my period started. During my period I have cramps, a general yucky feeling, fatigue and yippee a 2-3 day migraine! The week after is more of the “anxiety…why did that happen, is it going to happen again, when is this going to end, etc” and still feeling a little “off” only to have about 1 week or less that I feel like a somewhat ‘normal’ person.

    Wondering if you can clue me in on what foods I should be eating (to get the vitamins recommended since I can’t take any pills), how I should get my water if you say not to drink bottled water and that it’s in our water supply. And other things I can do to get out of this foggy, anxious, crappy life I’m living.

    Thanks so much for your help!

  487. hi…m rashmi. m only 21 yrs old.
    m suffering from ocd(obsessive compulsive disorder). i’ve tried my best to come out of it but always i find myself at d same place. for last 6 yrs m suffering from dis? my self confidence every part of my life is being affected….kindly help me . plz talk to me via my email.

  488. Leslie,
    I came across this website a few months ago and was really intrigued, I have been suffering for the past 5 months with anxiety and depression. I have a history of anxiety and depression but truly believe it is hormone related. I started the birth control pill when I was 17 years old due to extreme PMS and menstrual cramps. I remained on the birth control pill for 8 years, and came off a month and became pregnant with my daughter in 2009. Throughout my pregnancy I continued on my Zoloft and very small dose of Klonopin as I had been on these prior to pregnancy. My pregnancy was amazing and I felt at such peace with no anxiety or depression. Postpartum was a little rocky for the frst 2 weeks, but I chose to breastfeed my daughter which I think made a world of difference. I breastfed her until 18 months ( August 2011)! I was doing very well except with some anxiety symptoms during ovulation phases, until July 2012. I was stressed but dealing with things well, but my periods became erractic and I was spotting in between. I became extremley emotional and scared. Within a week ( before my period)I found myself in an anxiety ridden state with intermittent episodes of depression, despite being on Zoloft and low dose Klonopin. I also am working with a naturopath whom I have done saliva testing with and have been taking supplements through Neuroscience. My saliva testing in July showed very high serotonin levels with high cortisol levels. We adjusted some of the supplements. My repeat test, showed my serotonin being very low with a better cortisol level, so we readjusted some supplements again. I also have being using a natural progestrone cream for the past two months during days 14-28 of my cycle. It has helped my pms related symptoms, but I’m still being thrown for a loop during my period.

    I do yoga, positive thinking, exercise, trying to lead a less stressful lifestyle but things are still not jiving. I swear I could have a PHD in anxiety management and disorders! That being said, I am having maybe 3-4 good-neutral days per month, and I just can’t do this anymore. My husband and family is so supportive but I miss being me! I feel like I am on an emotional rollercoaster and I never really know what I’m going to feel like next. I am at my wit’s end. I am only 27 years old and I would love to have more children, but cannot move forward with that until I straighten myself out. I am desperate for any suggestions you have or insight. I want my life back, my family wants me back!
    Thank you in advance,

  489. Hello, I had a c-section at 39 with my second child. I took a panic attack in hosp, first one in my life. For about 2 weeks i seem to suffer from anxiety. It stopped then 5 months later returned. I have been receiving acupuncture for 1 year and taking xiao yao wan which has certainly helped, but i am still bad from after my period to ovulation. I am not on birth control pill. In reading all the advise could i be estrogen dominent? I eat healthy, exercise, drink lots of water, eat nuts, but still seem to up and down. Any suggests?

  490. Hello, Pamela – Wondering what type of birth control you were on before you became pregnant? That is crucial to understanding if you may be estrogen dominant.

    Wondering also if you took any nutrient supplements during your pregnancy? As you have read here… replacing the nutrients that your body provides to the fetus is crucial. If not, your body becomes extremely fatigued. Glad to know you are eating well. That is important. But I do not see mention of any minerals in the short list of what you are eating. Most of us are mineral depleted….and there are many including Truehope as well as Dr. Joe Wallach, author of ‘Dead Doctor’s Don’t Lie‘- that the lack of minerals in our diets causes many of the mental/emotional/physical imbalances we experience today.

    It is almost impossible for anyone of us to be getting all of the nutrients we need from any of the food sources we eat.

    Going back to your C-section. Since the pregnancy was induced – it may very well be that your hormone regulation was thrown off – and if you are nutritionally depleted was never able to readjust.

    The other reality you need to keep in mind is that at 39 you are probably going into peri-menopause… so now you have three whammy’s working against you.
    Would not hurt to get on the Progessence Plus Serum – you have read about that on this site… and I would definitely look into a strong micronutrient supplement to support you on your journey.

    Of course you are aware, I am not a medical professional and the advice and insight I provide is based on the education and research I have read and conducted over the past 30 years…. and most importantly – a good dose of women’s intuition and wisdom. That is something else we all need to get back to. Believing in ourselves and what we feel is intuitively out of balance. All of you who have posted here – have taken that very important first step.

    Hormonally yours,


  491. Thanks for the info. The pill i was taking was microgynon 30 for years. It never gave me any problems. i did not take any supplements during pregnancy apart from folic acid initially.

  492. Well 30 years on a BCP may cause hormone imbalance – only because your own hormone production has been suppressed for so long… but then again you gave birth twice. So you had enough hormones to do that.

    Be that as it may you need more nutrients than just folic acid to maintain your health during the pregnancies. If there is nothing else out of order – I would say a essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids are in order. You may just be run down. Also the birth control depletes a host of nutrients. Make sure you read this post: http://holyhormones.com/birth-control/birth-control-pillsbcps/birth-control-pills-deplete-vital-nutrients/

    What I do know – is that if you do not take care of this imbalance and nutritional deficiency now it will only worsen. Does not take much to get back on your feet. This article really spells it out Pamela – HOW PREGNANCY DEPLETES NUTRIENTS It was written by Cheryl Jazzar Postpartum Wellness Consultant who has posted here many times.

    Hormonally yours,


  493. Hello Heather – I love the NeuroScience Inc. products. Are you on Adrecor?
    Let’s get back to the progesterone cream. Most progesterone creams are effective for a short while – after a while they get absorbed by the fatty tissue and do not get into the cellular level.

    The Progessence Plus Serum on my site is infused with essential oils that clear off the receptor sites clogged from synthetic hormones so that the progesterone can get to the cellular level. And you take it daily throughout your cycle. This maybe one reason you are falling off the cliff when you are getting your period. Most of us are so surrounded by estrogen mimickers… we really need to be taking progesterone all of the time. Anytime we are exposed to plastics, make up, household cleaning solvents, meats, even water (hormones are not filtered out of water- technology has not caught up with this one yet) we are getting too much estrogen.

    You may also need more nutrients than what the NeuroScience products are providing.
    I would strongly suggest getting some zinc. Zinc depletion can cause PMS anxiety etc.

    Just the NeuroScience product alone is not going to make up for all of the nutrients you have lost during your pregnancies – or over your life time.

    I would consider going to the health food store and getting a good quality whole food vitamin.

    You may also have some digestive issues which prevents the supplements from being absorbed.
    I know that the proprietary micronization process that Truehope uses ensure that their nutrients get into the body. This is crucial.
    We can buy and take all the nutrients we need – but if the body is unable to digest them – it is all for no avail.

    Of course detox is another option – and I have the Touchstone Essential Pure Body on my site too.
    Have barely mentioned that here since I have been focusing on nutrients and progesterone.

    But heavy metals, can also cause anxiety.

    You may want to share this information with your naturopath.

    Keep posting and sharing your thoughts.

    Hormonally yours,


  494. HI, jen – You do need nutrients badly. And you maybe estrogen dominant with your menstrual headaches. Estrogen dominance can come from other sources other than birth control. I have posted about that many times here. But read this article: http://www.johnleemd.com/store/estrogen_dom.html. That can be resolved by taking natural progesterone daily with the Progessence Plus.

    There are plenty of nutrients in a powder form. Have you been to your health food store? There are fortified protein shakes. I think Truehope also has a product that is not in a capsule. If I were suffering like you – I would break open their capsules and put them in water and get as many nutrients into my body as possible.

    Give Truehope a call and see what they say.

    I am not a nutritionist so I cannot tell you what to eat to get all your nutrients…but I will tell you this – it is hard for anyone to be getting the nutrients they need from the food we ingest today.

    You do not have to live this way.
    There is hope out there…. your posting here is a start.
    You do not have to be a captive of your hormones.

    Nutrition and hormone balancing are key.

    Hormonally yours,


  495. Hello, Sana – Have you been to see a physician to rule out other medical possibilities? What type of birth control are you on – if any? Have you experienced a lot of trauma in your life?

    You do not have a ‘mental’ condition – other than the fact that this is happening in your brain – and it is real – but it does not mean you are ‘mental’.

    I would read through the posts and comments. You may very well need some good nutrients supplements. And Zinc. We are not getting enough minerals in our diets.
    This is manageable.

    Are your parents open to taking you to a naturopath or another health care practitioner?
    The more research you can do the better.

    You do not have to live like this and between nutrition and hormone balancing you can get back on track.
    But since you are 16 and a minor you will have to educate your parents too.

    Hormonally yours,


  496. Hi again,

    Just an update on where I am at since my last few posts. It has been 2.5 months since I have been off the oral contraceptive pill. The heart palpitations have mostly stopped. I am still very anxious though but can still go to the shopping centre etc but not yet back at work or driving again. Last time I got my period I felt a bit better. This time I got my period, my anxiety is increasing and so is the depression. I have been taking the correct nutrients that the nutritionist recommended. I have looked at the symptoms of estrogen dominance and it sounds like that is what I have.

    I will get my 28 day hormone saliva test results in about a week. Even if my hormone levels come up ok, could I still be estrogen dominant? It really seems to fit. I’m in Australia and have just learned that I need a prescription to order progesterone creams. Is this correct? Would I need to a prescription to order the progesterone serum from your website?

  497. Hello, Amina – so glad to have you posting again and giving us an update. It does take a while for the endocrine system to re-regulate itself. I am so happy you are working with a nutritionist and taking supplements. You are definitely moving in the right direction.

    Regarding estrogen dominance. Even though you are off the pill – the synthetic estrogen is still be stored in the fatty tissue of the body. Are you carrying extra weight around your waist, abdomen or thighs? And it my take months for that to start dissipating. The nutrients are going to support your metabolism so that it can start digesting and excreting some of the stored toxins and that is an excellent move.

    However, we are all still exposed to xenoestrogens – through plastics, the makeup we wear, household solvents, water, meats etc. So yes it is very possible that you have estrogen dominance – especially if that seems to resonate with you. I believe that hormone tests reveal levels of hormones – not the ratios. According to endocrinologist, Dr. Margarita Ochoa-Maya hormone analysis is still a very new process and needs to be explored. Too many women are told they have ‘normal’ levels of hormones yet still experience estrogen dominance.

    Look at the feature post on my web site today: BPA Passed In-Utero to Fetal Liver

    This is why young women – and I hope the Mom who posted here concerned about her daughter will read this… have hormone imbalance at such a tender age. BPA is a very dangerous chemical and it is filled with estrogen mimickers.

    I do suggest the Progessence Plus Serum natural progesterone infused with essential oils. The oils clear off the receptor sites on the cell – clearing out the residual synthetic hormones allowing the progesterone to get into the cells instead of getting stored in the fat tissue. Many women – some who have posted here – get the progesterone cream and it works for a while but becomes ineffective. This is the reason why.

    Another benefit of the PPS is that it is an oil and can be taken everyday. We all need that because of the constant exposure to xenoestrogens. Remember it is important to keep the ratio of estrogen and progesterone in tact. And that needs to be done daily.

    When Dr. John Lee developed progesterone cream – we did not have the daily bombardment of xenoestrogens… and that my friends is the biggest challenge we face.

    Hormonally yours,


  498. Thank you so much for replying. I went to the physician and she recommended going to see a neurologist. I’m not on any birth control or any other medication but my doctor did say I have slight anemia and i should eat more iron in my foods. We didn’t actually go to the neurologist because it was a few cities away, but I guess I should go to one since it would probably help…do you know what he would do though? Like i see i should eat more nutrients and vitamins, is there anything else?

  499. Hello, Sana… it is so hard to say – and you are suffering – I would suggest seeing a neurologist to rule out any other issues.
    If there are none – then perhaps we can look at the nutrition. Read this article by Dr. John Lee on estrogen dominance. Check your environment for xenoestrogens. Plastics for one. Do you microwave in plastics?

    Did you see the post on my blog about BPA (estrogen mimickers) found in fetal livers? What was our mother’s birth control history.
    Most of us do not get enough minerals in our diets. Zinc is crucial for preventing premenstrual syndrome anxiety….

    Once you see a neurologist and he rules out any other underlying issues – then perhaps you may want to see a naturopath – someone who is well versed in the nutritionally aspects of health…

    You can also go to your health food store and find a whole food multivitamin supplement that will support your brain health.
    The Truehope EMPowerplus supplement is probably the best on the market – but you and your folks will have to decide if that fits in your budget.
    EMPowerplus gets nutrients to the brain to sustain and improve mental health.

    These are all options… and they are manageable.

    Keep posting – and let us know how you are doing and what decisions you are your family are making. We care about you.

    Hormonally yours,


  500. Hi Leslie,

    Thank you for the reply. I really appreciate it. I do carry a bit of extra weight around my thigh, hip and stomach region. It has been 2 months and 1.5 weeks since I stopped using the oral contraceptive pill, and 3.5 months since the first panic attack and the severe anxiety began. I did not have depression when that happened (although the severe anxiety did disable me for a couple of months) but I have had that especially bad over the last few days.

    I’m just a little confused as my last period the anxiety decreased once I got my period but this time it has actually increased.

    I would like the order the Progessence Plus serum but I believe that I require a prescription from my GP to have USP-grade progesterone serums or creams imported into the country (or else it gets stopped at customs from what I hear). This puts me in a bit of a difficult place.

    It sounds like my hormones will balance out in time by themselves by I need a hand, especially since I haven’t been able to work in the last 3 months.

    Thank you.

  501. I came across this site by accident and found it very interesting, I am 60yrs at present having terrible anxiety problems also diagnosed with type 2 diabetes despite having no family history.
    for about 15 or more years I have suffer with severe anxiety, panic attacks have had so many visits to Dr’s, to emercency rooms, only to be told there is nothing wrong. 11 yrs ago I was told you are depressed and put on Zoloft which I stopped taking this pass January. Well the anxiety has been back with me since around March and refuses to go away, it is becoming increasingly difficult to cope on a daily basis. been to the Dr’s first i was told it was migraine, then depression, then given HRT (premarin) which I did not take, tried to get hormone levels checked but was told no it is something women go through. i am at my wits end to know where to turn to.
    reading these other women’s problems give me some sort of hope.

  502. Hey – Amina – Sorry for the delayed response.
    Interesting that your anxiety increased after your period…
    Have you had your hormone levels tested at all.

    Here is a toll free number for Young Living in the UK UK—0800 9179438. If found their number on their web site: http://www.youngliving.com/en_GB/contact/customerCare.html

    Why don’t you call them and you can see what the rules are for getting the Progessence Plus.Also ask what the shipping and handling charges are….

    Once you know that then we can get it ordered here…. also ask what the cost conversion is: UK to US.

    Please remember that it is not just balancing your hormones it is also getting the nutrition you need to the brain so that the endocrine system – as well as all other systems can function correctly. If the hormones are going to be balanced – they will need support from the endocrine and the brain to do that.
    This is a whole need field of science and medicine that is just beginning to open up…even though the research has been done for years.

    Please look into getting a whole food multi-vitamin, mineral, amino acid and enzyme supplement from your health food store. Your anxiety – since you have been unable to work for three weeks… may be more deep-seated than just hormone balancing. Nutrition is crucial.

    Stay in touch and let me know what else I can do for you.

    Hormonally yours,


  503. Hello, Andrea – If there is an imbalance in the body – anxiety will not go away and it will increase with time…
    At 60 years old you are probably nutritionally depleted – do not know how many pregnancies you had had – but each pregnancy takes vital nutrients out of the body. If they are not replaced… and synthetic prenatal vitamins do not do the job – you are going to become nutritionally depleted.

    Also I do not know your birth control history – so I have no idea if you are hormonally imbalanced or nutritionally depleted from synthetic hormones.
    But then again, the premarin alone is enough to make a woman hormonally imbalanced – especially if the symptoms were already there…

    Not to mention that type 2 diabetes is also a result of hormone imbalance.

    So am going to suggest to you as I have suggested to so many others on this page – that is all over medical problems have been ruled out… get a natural progesterone product – like the Progessence Plus Serum – as well as the
    Truehope EMPowerplus supplements.

    You can restore your health with nutrients and getting more natural progesterone into your body.
    And you can start feeling better within a month….

    I am glad you read through the comments – and that they have given you hope. And I pray that my response will give your more hope by doing these simple things for your health.

    Please keep us posted on your progress.

    Hormonally yours,


    PS – Here is an article that came out of the UK on Hormone Imbalance – http://www.bio-hormone-health.com/2012/12/10/symptoms-that-you-might-have-a-hormonal-imbalance/

  504. Hello again i just wanted to post again about my crazy cycles. Well, as I said in past post that last month my period started on day 18. This month it is day 35 and still no period. I started using progestion cream just this past month because it was early now i’m late…whew! I have been having period like cramping all month it seems but still no period. The cramping it not bad but it seems to throw me off alittle by thinking I’m finally starting. I take my vitamins every morning and night. I just had a complete physical and the blood work came back fine but showing I have high cholestrol…:( I am soooo fustrated with feeling like I am not in control here. I will be watching all my food and excerising more to get my cholestrol down but what about my period??? What do you think? perimenopause? menopause?

  505. yolanda ortega says:

    Hi I’ve posted before abt my anxiety , I’ve tried to take some vitamins that semi worked but I got frustrated that my symptoms come and go and an anoying pain on my left arm doesnt go away along with being nervous abt nothing so with your recomendation I just received the empowerpluce vitamins and will start taking them tomorrow I don’t know but I’m nervous of the amount that I was toled to take but hopefully I’ll feel better soon !!! Wish me luck!!! I do belive I caused this issue to my self after many yrs of abuse to my body from two kids and a ex over night job that allowed me only 3-4 hrs of sleep per day and a month on birth control that brought me over the edge. Ill post back if there’s a difference!!!

  506. Yolanda – you have done the right thing… I agree with everything you have said about your kids and your ex and working a job that only allowed 3 to 4 hours asleep. The only thing I disagree with is how you worded the phrase “I do believe I caused this issue to my self after many yrs of abuse to my body…” Do not be hard on yourself. You did the best you could with the only information you had at the time. Unfortunately for all women, we have not been educated about the importance of our endocrine health to our well being. What is most important is that you have read through the comments and my replies – and that it made sense to you. You became educated. And now you are taking the steps to correct the imbalance.

    Do not be concerned about the amount of capsules you need to take. I took the same amount in the beginning without any problems. Your body will respond fine. These supplements are not like drugs where you can take too much and suffer side effects… they are nutritional supplements and once your body starts sensing their presence it is going to want more…. until it is satiated… caught up with the imbalance. Then you will go on a maintenance plan… to sustain the levels your body needs for optimum functioning.

    Keep posting and let us know how you are doing.

    Hormonally yours,


  507. Hi, thank you for your reply,
    I had 4 pregnancies in total, had been on birth control think 2 yrs, had been given HRT in the past but only too it a few months, last had 1 mth brfore I stopped it again.

  508. Hi, Andrea… well you are in the right place… if all other problems are ruled out (and I say that because I should) then you are experiencing a combination of hormone imbalance (BCP’s and HRT) and nutrition depletion (four pregnancies).

    How do you want to proceed? You deserve to be living to your optimum capacity – and not be incapacitated by these two issues.

    Hormonally yours,


  509. Hi, at the moment I am using a natural progestrone cream but it is taking sometime to kick in, I have also started having Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and wondering what else i need.


  510. Hello, Andrea… you need nutrition for starters… and lots of it after four pregnancies.. if you cannot do the Truehope EMPowerplus get to your health food store and find someone knowledgeable and tell them what you are going through. You need a whole food multi-vitamin with minerals, amino acids, and minerals – especially zinc. Zinc depletion can cause anxiety. Am not familiar with biodynamic cranisacral therapy… but if it is targeting the brain – it is all good.

    As for the progesterone cream – it is slow on the uptake because it is not being absorbed at the cellular level and is getting stored in the fatty tissue. Why? You have too many synthetic hormones clogging the receptor sites on the cells in your body and the progesterone cannot get through. The Progessence Plus Serum is infused with essential oils – a specific blend that will clear off the receptor sites so the progesterone can get into the cells. And you can apply a few drops daily – important since we are all exposed to xenoestrogens on a daily basis.

    Email me at leslie@holyhormones.com if you want to try this.

    Keep moving forward and you will achieve hormone harmony.


  511. Hi again,

    Just letting you know I received the results of my 28 day saliva hormone test and it seems I have very low levels of progesterone and normal to high levels of estrogen. It looks like I will be ordering some progesterone cream once I receive a prescription from my GP, otherwise I have been informed the cream will be stopped at customs.

    My nutritionist has also recommended I get a full thyroid test too.

    Thank you for all of your help. I appreciate it., especially since it must take you so long to reply to all of these posts. It’s always nice to have someone listen to and give advice, I hope the issue will sort itself out soon.

  512. Hello, Amina – I am so glad the information I posted has been so helpful to you – and that it pointed you in the right direction.Thanks for the acknowledgement of the time and effort I put into each comment and reply to someone’s question. Education is crucial – and the only way to do that is to address each problem individually.

    As far as the progesterone goes… I think you should call the 800 number I provided yesterday. A woman from the UK signed up last night to receive the PPS. Thre is a European distributorship – and if you go to the Young Living home page – you will see they are located all over the world. Customs is not an issue here.

    Post like yours keep me heartened – and are affirming that I am on the right track in helping women understand their anxiety, depression and other issues related to hormone imbalance.

    Good luck on your journey to hormone harmony – and let us know how you are doing.
    There will be many here who will be wanting to know of your experience.

    Hormonally yours,


  513. Andrea morris

    I live in Trinidad, West Indies. would you post and what is the cost

    Thank you for your help


  514. Hello, Andrea – I am assuming you are interested in the Progessence Plus Serum – natural progesterone cream.
    The retail price is $46.05 and the Fed Ex shipping is $25.00. It is cleared to go through customs.
    If you become a distributor of the product – in the future – the price will drop to $35.00 per bottle… but the shipping will remain the same.

    There will be tax of course… but that cannot be calculated until we have you account order and your address. But that can be done and if you think it is out of your budget – we can cancel the order.

    I would be very happy to assist you with this.

    Kind regards,


  515. yolanda ortega says:

    I have a question you think that the empower olive will help with my hair falling out??

  516. yolanda ortega says:

    Not olive pluce

  517. Yes, possibly… overall nutrition of course… however, that right there indicates estrogen dominance – and low progesterone…

    However, I found this great article last week – that really addresses the issue of hair loss and nutrition. Why is your hair falling out?

    Article clearly states that nutrition deficiencies can cause hair loss.

    Hormonally yours,


  518. Thanks Leslie will get some money together and be in touch to order shortly

    Regards Andrea

  519. Excellent Andrea… so good to know you have been following the comments and the information I have shared. You can share so much with the women in your country too. This is a worldwide problem for women.. I have heard from women as far away as South Africa… who are following this post and emailing me privately with their concerns. BPA – plastic is surrounding women especially in the developing world. We need to reach out and support each other to get well.

    There is a Native American proverb that I keep close to my heart:

    A nation is not defeated until the heart’s of its women are on the ground.

    We cannot allow that to happen. We need to educate and heal ourselves.

    Hormonally yours.


  520. i am absolutely thrilled that i found this website. i am a 23 year old, anxiety ridden, hypochondriac female. Any one who knows me could tell you this! Long story short, i did a lot of “street” drugs when i was 16-21 years old (not proud of it) but i basically got clean on my own, and moved on to bigger and better things. Well over a year ago i went to my doctor complaining of dizzyness, no balance, low energy, low libido, thinning hair, and bad skin. She tested me, said everything was fine besides an iron and b12 deficiency, so i listened and religiously took my capsules (even up until today) well i have been progressively getting worse. I cant exactly remember when the night sweats staretd (thats how long its been) but i just feel depressed, SO much anxiety, NO libido whatsoever (unless i drink alcohol) i dont want to be phsyically active, cannot stop my cravings -and i used to eat extremely well- and i just got tired of it. i went to a naturopath, she said i have a hormonal imbalance and adrenal fatigue, she gave me liver support supplements, zinc, adrenal support supplements, iron, b12, biotin, and fish oils. My hair started coming in, skin getting better, but night sweats still around, i have good days and then REALLY bad days… dont want to wake up in the morning, i dont want to do anything! 2 weeks ago my body began to itch everywhere, and i was getting cold night sweats (never drenching) and heart palpitations, then i checked my lymph nodes and they are swollen on the right side of my neck. Of course i did online research (being the hypochondriac) and i immediately went to my doctor yesterday, she did several blood tests, including lymphoma and HIV. This has been killing me, i am bawling as i type this now. I am so anxiety ridden, and have this inner turmoil and crippling fear that i may have one of these diseases, my doctor didnt seem to care and i am absolutely petrified! I seriously thought i was having a heart attack when i left her office yesterday. WHAT is happening to me?!?! When she checked my thyroid over a year ago she said i was fine, so now i’m really starting to think, could this be HIV? i really dont want to talk about this here but i have no one to discuss this with, no one relates with me and i feel completely alone. Please help me, someone e-mail me and give me some answers, i am losing my mind 🙁

  521. oh i also forgot to mention that i have NEVER injected myself with any kind of needles.

  522. Hello, Ewelina – thank you for posting… it took a great deal of courage to be so honest. I bow to you.
    I am glad you found this web site too.
    When will you have the test results back?
    What kind of birth control are you on?

    Sounds like in addition to your nutrient depletion – that you may also be estrogen dominant. Read through these symptoms here: http://www.johnleemd.com/store/estrogen_dom.html

    Living in fear is a horrible thing. And we all do it.
    Please educate yourself and do more research.
    With all of the science-based and nutritional research being done – there is hardly anything that cannot be treated or managed.
    Even HIV…

    Viruses come out to play in the body when it is acidic (under-nutrated), too many processed and ‘dead’ foods, microwaved foods, sugar, alcohol, smoking etc., etc.

    Body PH is crucial to health.. Even if these viruses are not active they are like parasites in the body sucking nutrition out of our cells. We have all be exposed to viruses. The stronger our immune system – the more likely we are to keep them at bay.

    You want to have a more alkaline diet – fresh fruits and vegetables – organic. Also drinking a few tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar in water is very beneficial to turning an acidic body to a more alkaline state – http://www.healthdiaries.com/eatthis/10-health-benefits-of-apple-cider-vinegar.html

    Do not panic – or get anxious… get well.

    We may also want to look into natural progesterone posted on my site – Progessence Plus – And a stronger supplement like Truehope EMPowerplus

    Dr. Joe Wallach – also a a product line – called ’90 for Living’ He believes disease is the result of a lack of nutrition and that we need 90 essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids daily. Following protocols like this will keep viruses at bay in your body and will replace the nutrients that they are needed to survive.

    There are so many options for healing Ewelina… try not to panic too much.

    Keep posting here.
    I will support you and advocate for you as best I can.

    Hormonally yours,


  523. I was wondering if the things I am experiencing are hormonal related. Last winter I went through a time where I had felt like I couldn’t breathe with a lot of burping along with pain in my chest. I am 43 and I got checked out by the doctor and they didn’t find anything wrong. I even had a endoscope test and colonoscopy. I have since started exercising and have lost about 30 lbs. I felt good through the summer and fall, but now the symptoms have returned with a vengeance. I really haven’t felt like myself since I had my son by c-section in 2009, I now have VERY heavy periods that last like 10 days. I told my gyn that I thought it was hormonal, but they didn’t find anything when they checked. Does this sound like hormones imbalance, I feel like I’m going crazy with worry.

  524. Hi there,
    I’m 27 years old. I had 2 babies about 17 moths apart. When my 2nd baby was around 3 months, I thought I was getting a cold. I felt like my throat was getting tight, that night I had a panic attack. I didn’t know it was one, I have never had one before. Everything kinda went downhill from there. I was feeling totally fine before this. I then started having heart palps., like I was having mini heart attacks and anixety. I didn’t know that anixety could be that bad! I went to the docs, then to the er. They told me to go to my gyno, thats when the PPD word started coming around. They put me zoloft and xanx, I have never been on anything like that before. I would hardly take anything for a headache. I was also trying to get baack on birth control all at the same time! I lost 14 pounds in 6 days and was a veggie!! It was horrible, I ended up taking myself off those. I went to my primary and they did some blood test and it came back with hyperthyroid, which made so much sense to me. The ball in my throat I kept talking about! I then started with an endo, they did some test and the nurse prac. there said that my thyroid was normal and she put me on cymbalta and told me I was PPD. I gave in and took cymbalta for 9 1/2 months. Throughout that time, I felt like it made me worst, I had racing horrible thoughts and it was horrible to go through. I ask if I could come off the meds and went in for my regular 1 1/2 month visit and she was going through my latest blood tests and quickly said my thyroid was high and I was hypothyroid. I asked her about it again, only because everytime I have been in the office I said I still feel like a have a ball in my throat and it felt like my throat would close. I had brought up thyroidisits after pregnancy all the time. I then went to another endo and took all my tests results with me. He was a wonderful older man, doesn’t sugar coat it about other docs. He told me my thyroid was ranging high and low the whole time and I was very anemic! I had no idea I was anemic. So now 14 moths since that 1st panic attack. My thyroid is back to normal and my anemia is under control. But now every week and half before my period, almost from when I ovulate. I get horrible hot flashes, anixety that could knock someone out, racing thoughts, afraid of everything, irritable, no sex drive, bouts of depression, on and off sleeping. I have always had pain in my right side, in my ovary area, was told mild endometrosis, but now it gets pretty intense. Bad lower back pain, I exercise regularly, eat good! I take fish oil and multi-vitamin, I will do anything I can naturally to get my body back together. I know its some type of hormonal imbalance. My new endo wants me on estrogen, but I don’t think that’s it, these hot flashes are the worst. I have never known depression or anxiety ever!! I’m meeting with a counselor this week, she deals with women and there hormonal imbalances and anixety, I’m hoping to all that she can help me get back to me:) That’s all I want, if there is any advice please, please feel free to throw it at me!!

  525. Hello, Rhonda – I did find this information on hormone imbalance and indigestion: http://womenworld.org/health/hormonal-imbalances,-heart-disease,-and-indigestion.aspx

    Are your periods still regular? Some of your symptoms may also be due to nutrient depletion….especially after your pregnancy. And C-sections can also affect hormone imbalance. As for heavy periods – if everything else if ruled out – women have used Vitamin C with ascorbic acid AND bioflavnoids. Bioflavnoids strengthen uterine capillaries as well as all other capillaries, and veins and arteries in the body. It is very possible your uterus was stressed during your pregnancy….and now the capillaries are breaking easily. You can get this Vitamin C combo at a health food store. Make sure you are getting a whole food vitamin and not a synthetic. Synthetic are stored in the body and not absorbed at the cellular level.

    Are you using birth control? Are you drinking water out of plastic bottles or microwaving in plastic. Plastics are loaded with estrogen mimickers that will offset hormone imbalance.

    Please come back to me and provide more information.
    Have you had a hormone analysis done?

    Hormonally yours,


  526. Hello, Kearstin – I am sorry you are going through all of this. What a ride.
    OK – two pregnancies back to back is especially hard on your body these days because most of us – women and men are under nutrated.
    Pregnancies take vital nutrients out of the body right? That is how a baby is developed…. if those nutrients are not replaced and absorbed by the body (not stored in the fatty tissue) – you will suffer. Prenatal vitamins are not sufficient because the body does not absorb them and they are stored in the tissue.

    You need nutrients that get absorbed at the cellular level. That is why the Truehope EMPowerplus is so very powerful for balancing the hormones. Hormone production begins in the brain – and if the brain and body do not have nutrients – you can pump hormones and everything else into your body and but if your endocrine system is not functioning at the neural level the hormones will be absorbed.

    Please look into the Truehope EMPowerplus This will start the healing process in the brain so that you neuro-endocrine-immune systems will start functioning.

    Or again go to your health food store and get whole food vitamins ….Their have been plenty of studies linking zinc deficiency to anxiety disorders and premenstrual issues.

    And you may also want to consider the Progessence Plus Serum

    I am not sure the estrogen is what you need – especially synthetic. But keep me posted.

    Hormonally yours,


  527. Hello,
    I desperately need help to save my marriage before it is too late. My wife and I had two miscarriages in a 3 month time frame which ended about 4 months back. Since then, my wife has totally viewed our marriage as a complete shame (have been together 11 years, married for 3), says she has never loved me, and a million other very random and hurtful things (says I blamed her for the second miscarriage, which is completely untrue). All that is somewhat irrelevant here; but she started showing these signs about 4 weeks following the second miscarriage and it has been going on for 3 months since. Our marriage keeps going back and forth from divorce stage to just being roommates now. The timeframe in which this all taking place is hard for me to see as a coincidence, and I continue to feel that it could be possibly due to a hormone imbalance following these pregnancies. I have been trying to get her to seek help in a form of hormone testing, but she refuses. She says that she was tested following the second miscarriage, and her numbers went down to 0 following that. Can someone please tell me if the testing done following a miscarriage (to say that she could again start trying having kids), is conclusive to determining that she could not be experiencing hormone imbalances now (seems like she is experiencing postpartum almost from the miscarriages). In other words, are the tests to determine if she was cleared to try having kids again the same as what she may be tested for now to determine if any hormones are out of control? Please help fast, I am desperately seeking answers since she refuses to believe that the way she is acting/feeling is related to anything other than some mistakes I have made along the way. Thank you in advance for you help…

  528. i’ve been living absolutely horribly since i started my period at the age of 13. i lashed out at my family, i was on antidepressants, anxiety pills, i became suicidal, more antidepressants. i went through suicidal phases and phases where i would become extremely angry before my period started (starting 2 weeks before) and then i’d be fine each time it started. i got pregnant with my daughter at the age of 17. i cried almost non-stop being pregnant with her but i was peaceful, i wasn’t suicidal, and i didn’t lash out at anyone. after having her, i was okay for about 13 months (the length i breastfed) but once i quit breastfeeding i spiraled out of control with my mood swings. i ended up leaving my family, trying to kill myself, and ending up in a psychiatric ward where they prescribed MORE antidepressants. i had 7 miscarriages after that and each time my mood swings would increase and become worse. they tried “fixing” me with different birth controls, which also made it worse. weaning off of the birth control pills and antidepressants caused me to be even worse getting pregnant this time. the first two months were horrible, but ever since i’ve felt like a new person. i’m calm, relaxed, peaceful, no anxiety, sadness, depression, or suicidal thoughts. we found out we’re having a boy this time. and i’m terrified to become the horrible person i was again after giving birth. does this sound like a hormonal imbalance problem, or something else? i’ve had thyroid testing that has come back normal, but they’ve always refused to test my hormone levels and just end up treating with antidepressants and birth controls.