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Today there is a tremendous pressure by the media and the Society on the younger generation to “look right”.
A whole new concept of “Figure Consciousness” has emerged due to the TV, Newspapers and Magazines which cater to the “Lens Culture”.

It is true, that the Camera adds about 5 Kgs to the appearance of the person being filmed. To look right on the screen, all models and actors have to lower their body weight 10% below normally accepted standards of good health. 

The common person on the street is not really required to meet these standards, since nobody is viewing them through a lens.

However, it is easy to ape the celebrities, models and socialites in order to find greater acceptance and approval in social circles. This has put a tremendous pressure on the younger generation to maintain extremely slim figures. They have unwittingly become victims of “Figure Consciousness”. The “Slim Look” has become an obsession with many.

The easiest method of achieving this is by pure misguided starvation, thereby denying the body basic nutrition that it needs for survival. As we all know, many medical imbalances are created by not eating right and starving the body.

For example, you could trigger a Hormone Imbalance or create a Hypothyroid condition, when none really existed earlier in your body, all through a simple process of prolonged starvation. Did you know that Prolonged Starvation is that dangerous?

Most so called “Fat” people, are today intelligent enough to understand that they should not be overeating. In spite of eating very little and intelligently, they end up being “Fat”. What possibly could be the cause of this? Much of our research at SpaceAge Labs, over the last decade, has shown us that, medical problems exist that cause majority of Fat people to be “Fat”, and prolonged starvation only ends up aggravating these conditions.

Checking the Hormone levels of such Fat people we found the following medical conditions which needed immediate correction:

a.      Females had faulty Ovulation and / or irregular Periods in which case their Estrogen levels were high and Progesterone was literally non existent. The ensuing Estrogen Dominance caused Water Retention which made Fat people look Fat. Once this Hormone Imbalance was corrected, their body slimmed down naturally and thereafter stayed that way.

b.      Estrogen Dominance (compounded by Environmental Hormonal Pollution due to the rampant use of Petrochemical Products) can cause an interference with the Thyroid function and slow down the Rate of Metabolism of the body, which in turn caused rapid weight increase in spite of intelligent eating. Say 1 Kg every month. Again, thanks to Modern Medicine, this situation can be medically corrected and the Thyroid Hormone levels can be naturally normalized.

c.      Males had lower than Normal Levels of Testosterone due to Hormones in the Environment and in the food we eat. This resulted in increased Fat Mass and reduced Muscle Mass. It was difficult for these Males to maintain their ideal body weight. Some of them daily engaged in 2 hours extensive Gym Work to maintain body weight. It worked initially. Then as the Hormonal Imbalance symptoms got worse, exercise reached a point of diminishing returns.

d.  Imbalance in Intracellular Nutrition can cause very high levels of Insulin in the blood stream. High levels of Insulin in the blood can rapidly convert all the food that we eat into Fat and store it in the body. These people are hungry all the time and have a sugar craving and just can’t seem to stop eating. They have voracious appetites. Again, if we correct this medical condition the body will rapidly metabolize the stored Fat and it is possible to see a 1 Kg drop in body Fat every 10 to 15 days. No exercise is ever required to reach this goal.

e.      The typical Indian Diet is normally vegetarian with a very low Protein intake. Most Indian Diets have a daily intake of around 8 to 10 grams of Protein against of Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of 1 gram / Kg of body weight. Protein deficient diets cause poor levels of Amino Acids and a disturbance in the Nitrogen Balance of the body. For the Thyroid to function properly and produce adequate Thyroid Hormones to control the Rate of Metabolism which in turn will help to maintain normal body weight, we need adequate supply of Amino Acid known as Tyrosine. So starvation or Protein Deficient Diets can trigger Hypothyroidism due to lack of Tyrosine in the body.

 It is important to remember that we want to reduce the Fat Mass in the body and not the Bone or Muscle Mass. 

Starvation invariably leads to loss of Bone and Muscle Mass and an increase in Body Fat. A very large number of teenagers and young adults in the age group 14 to 25 today have already damaged their body and suffer from Osteoporosis. Most people are totally ignorant about this shocking piece of news. Otherwise they would not attempt prolonged starvation. 

The percentage of Females and Males who have a Hormone Imbalance is very alarming today as it has reached epidemic proportions. The figures are roughly as follows: 

Females who are Hormonally Imbalanced:

35% in the age group 20 to 40 years

Over 90% Females above the age of 40 

Males who are Hormonally Imbalanced:

25% in the age group 20 to 35 years

50% in the age group 36 top 50 years

75% in the age group 51 to 75 years

Having given you the background on some of the medical conditions governing Obesity, I would now like to mention that fear of Obesity; the corresponding medical problems outlined above leading to Obesity; Figure Consciousness; Lens Culture; and peer pressure are some of the Root Causes of Anorexia, Bulimia and other Eating Disorders. 

Ignorant of the Medical Problems causing Obesity, people tend to use their “Intellect” and “Common Sense” to starve their body of food to look right. This results in two possibilities: 

Possibility One:

Prolonged starvation stops the flow of Gastric Juices which results in loss of appetite and now you are stuck at 15% to 30% lower than normal body weight and become Anorexic. You do not know how to bring your body weight back to normal. You are incapable of reviving your lost appetite. Other medical problems soon follow due to the overall weakness of the body. About 8% to 15% Anorexics die prematurely because they are stuck in this unhealthy situation.

The digestion mechanism in an Anorexic body has shut down due to prolong and repetitive starvation. If at this stage you try to eat a hearty meal, your body will vomit it out, as it does not know how to handle it. If this happens a few times, you stop eating and become fearful of food as vomiting and nausea are not a pleasant sensation. Low self esteem, emotional and behavioral problems follow soon. This is a typical story of an Anorexic person.

Possibility Two:

You are incapable of reducing your weight as your Insulin levels are way too high and you therefore experience a craving for food and tend to binge eat and then vomit the food out when you realize what you have done. You are fearful of obesity.

Both these situations are highly stressful both physically and mentally and can cause emotional disturbances and social behavioral problems. In these cases, Counseling can help change the outlook and perception of the person but cannot alleviate the medical condition which is at the Root of all this.

The Golden Rule therefore to remember is never to undergo starvation dieting as this does damage the body, but to rather go for medical evaluation and correction of medical conditions causing Obesity. There is really no need or merit in being afraid of eating as Modern Health Care Science does have the knowledge to correct the medical conditions leading to Obesity.

Once this is done minimal exercise can help maintain your weight at the desired level and give you the figure you want for the rest of your life. 


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Author: Leslie Carol Botha

Author, publisher, radio talk show host and internationally recognized expert on women's hormone cycles. Social/political activist on Gardasil the HPV vaccine for adolescent girls. Co-author of "Understanding Your Mood, Mind and Hormone Cycle." Honorary advisory board member for the Foundation for the Study of Cycles and member of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research.