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“I got my brain back. When I started taking EMPowerplus Q96, I would stay sharp the whole time and it was amazing.
I loved how I felt. I stay present and focused.” ~ Testimonial


biofeedback-Holy Hormones Journal: I have been working with, educating and counseling women about their hormone related anxiety, depressions, PMS, PMDD, PPD – now known as postpartum psychosis and ‘maternal mental illness’ for years. Now, there is finally a breakthrough – a nutritional supplement formulated to target the brain – extremely bioavailable – supplying a blend of 36 vitamins, minerals and amino acids to stimulate brain and central nervous system function.

The brain is the largest endocrine gland in the body – and we all know that when the Motherboard ain’t happy – ain’t no one happy.

Hormone production and regulation begins in the brain. If you are feeling depressed, anxious or fatigued – give your body what it really needs – nutrition.

We need to make nutrition the primary treatment – give the body what it needs to heal itself, – and medication the supplement.

Women Helping Women Thrive

This is healing.
This is women’s wisdom.

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EMPowerplus Q96 delivers a well-balanced blend of 36 vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to the brain in a safe and effective dose to boost mood stability, mental clarity, and optimal brain health and function in both children and adults.

EMPowerplus Q96 is specifically formulated to provide essential nutritional support to the brain and central nervous system. The results are simply life changing. In fact, it gives people their life back.

This is what Dr. Stephen Kimberley, Senior Editor of WebMD – and who sits on the scientific advisory board for Q Sciences – says about the supplement:

 Within an hour of taking EMPowerplus™ Q96 mineral levels in the blood rise, and this helps increase key mineral levels in the brain and other tissues. In addition, the extracellular fluid in which our cells are bathed becomes supercharged with essential minerals and trace elements. This greatly affects cell metabolism, as calcium, magnesium and other communication channels between the cells and the extracellular fluid are normalized. This in turn affects the bioelectrical polarity that is so crucial for optimal cell function. In essence, the micronization and chelation creates an organically active complex of micronutrients that the body recognizes, absorbs, and utilizes with far more efficiency than other multi-supplements.

 So how does EMPowerplus™ Q96 purify? When cells have balanced nutrition with additional cell metabolism stimulants present in EMPowerplus™ Q96, the energy producing bodies in the cells (mitochondria) ramp up their activity. This greatly increases the rate at which toxins are flushed from the cells and tissues. Pycogenols from the grape seed extract have been shown to reduce toxicity, kill viruses, and protect cells. Over time, heavy metals, metabolic or medication byproducts, and other toxins are more effectively cleared from the system.

 So how does Q96 protect? Well, all the ingredients work together to help protect the body and brain from damage and the ravages of aging. The immune system simply works better, and this helps resistance to infections, such as colds and flu.

More and more these days we are discovering how our bodies and brains are worn and damaged from our environment and activities. Be it pollution, devitalized foods, or the sports injuries that constitute a much more serious risk to our mental and emotional health. Even minor head trauma, such as heading a soccer ball, can cause damage to the small blood vessels in the brain, causing inflammation that eats up nutrients as the brain cells struggle to survive. Past traumatic events of any kind can leave the brain at a less-than-optimal state, struggling to keep up with daily demands and starved for nutrition. EMPowerplus™ Q96 is the best possible insurance to protect our fragile brain circuitry from damage and degeneration, as it boosts the key neurochemicals that keep the brain cells firing.

EMPowerplus™ Q96 has a stellar reputation with regards to its ability to improve and stabilize moods and mental function, but don’t overlook its benefits to the rest of the body. Protecting the organs and tissues begins with the base of micronutrient sufficiency, and EMPowerplus™ Q96 fills the bill perfectly. It is simply not necessary to take huge doses of vitamins and minerals for best effect, and in fact too much of a good thing may be harmful. Balance and dosage are key. EMPowerplus Q 96 Studies

Change your life –  become the woman you wanted to be – become the Incredible You.

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Author: Leslie Carol Botha

Author, publisher, radio talk show host and internationally recognized expert on women's hormone cycles. Social/political activist on Gardasil the HPV vaccine for adolescent girls. Co-author of "Understanding Your Mood, Mind and Hormone Cycle." Honorary advisory board member for the Foundation for the Study of Cycles and member of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research.


  1. Jerroldfelix says:

    Women who are able to plan their births are better able to complete their education, participate more fully and productively in the labour force, accumulate higher household savings, and raise healthier and better educated children. These family-level benefits accrue at the community and national levels as well, spurring economic development and growth.

  2. Thank you for your succinct – yet profound post. Their is discussion of giving women monthly menstrual days off – paid, course. Sounds good on a paper – but this is another way of medicalizing women and keeping them ‘disabled’. What are your thoughts?

    Hormone regards,


  3. Juanita Fisher says:

    I am living in Europe , is there an easier way to purchase besides signing up . I am interested in purchasing but find the buying process a bit complicated ?

  4. Hi, Juanita I do not think the product is available yet in Europe… I think I received an email from you today too. If you do want to order the product got to http://truhope.com. They are the parent company and ship the EMPowerplus Q96 around the world. That would be your best option. I sent you more information in a private email.

    Hormone regards,


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