Mortality Risk Associated with Early Menopause

[Leslie Carol Botha: Hormones rule our health.  Hormone imbalance leads to early menopause.  Women on birth control pills are going into menopause in their 30’s. Adolescent girls who have taken Gardasil – the HPV vaccine are going into menopause post-vaccination. The health of the endocrine system is crucial to the health of our bodies.]

Early Menopause May Pose Mortality Risk

By Charles Bankhead, Staff Writer, MedPage Today
Published: April 24, 2012

Menopause before age 47 significantly increased the risk of osteoporosis, fragility fractures, and premature mortality over the next 30 years, Swedish investigators reported.

The mortality risk rose by 60%, fracture risk by 70%, and osteoporosis risk almost doubled in women who entered menopause before 47 compared with women who had later onset, as reported online in BJOG.

The explanations for the higher risk of osteoporosis, fracture, and mortality all remained speculative, Ola Svejme, of Lund University, and co-authors wrote.

“The higher fracture risk in women with early menopause in the current study is probably to some extent mediated by a lower bone mineral density (BMD), as the early-menopause cohort had a significantly higher risk of osteoporosis at age 77 and already, at age 48 years, had on average a 0.4 standard deviation (SD) lower BMD than those with late menopause,” the researchers said in their discussion.

“However, the lower BMD level does not seem to be entirely able to explain the increased fracture risk.”

Numerous plausible explanations exist for the higher mortality risk, including an increased comorbidity burden, fracture-related mortality, and differences in diseases, medications, and lifestyle factors, they added.

Several studies have suggested that early menopause predisposes women to osteoporosis and associated fractures. Other studies, however, have found that age at menopause does not influence BMD after age 70, the authors wrote in their introduction.

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Author: Leslie Carol Botha

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