Debt problems ‘impact negatively on people’s health’

The Guardian
United Kingdom

Jill Insley
July 21, 2010

Consumer Credit Counselling Service report says debt problems affect people’s relationships and ability to work

More than eight out of 10 people with debt problems say their financial difficulties are having a negative effect on their lives, jeopardising their personal relationships, health and ability to carry out their jobs, according to a debt counselling charity.

The Consumer Credit Counselling Service (CCCS) found that debt problems had adversely affected the relationships that 37% of the 372 clients surveyed have with their partners, and 22% with their children.

The charity said this might explain why many people chose to keep their problems hidden from those who were close to them: when asked who they had told about their difficulties only 34% named their partners, 20% their friends and 16% their parents. A further 10% said they had told no one, citing shame, embarrassment and a difficulty to “acknowledge that you are an adult and unable to manage your finances” as reasons for their silence.

Nearly half of those questioned said their problems had a very negative impact on their health, with some suffering a nervous breakdown, loss of hair, palpitations and cessation of menstruation. Only 6% said it had no effect.

Two-thirds said debt affected their ability to do their jobs, with CCCS clients saying “work has become difficult due to the constant worry about debt”, and that they “found it difficult to concentrate some days” as they were “continually worrying about money”.


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Author: Leslie Carol Botha

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