Delayed effects of neonatal exposure to Tween 80 on female reproductive organs in rats

Gardasil contains polysorbate 80, also known as “Tween 80,” which has been linked to infertility in mice,” noted Dee Nicholson, National Communications Director for Freedom in Canadian Health Care.

Gajdová M, Jakubovsky J, Války J.

Institute of Preventive and Clinical Medicine, Limbová, Bratislava.

March 1993

Neonatal female rats were injected ip (0.1 ml/rat) with Tween 80 in 1, 5 or 10% aqueous solution on days 4-7 after birth. Treatment with Tween 80 accelerated maturation, prolonged the oestrus cycle, and induced persistent vaginal oestrus. The relative weight of the uterus and ovaries was decreased relative to the untreated controls. Squamous cell metaplasia of the epithelial lining of the uterus and cytological changes in the uterus were indicative of chronic oestrogenic stimulation. Ovaries were without corpora lutea, and had degenerative follicles.


Comment from Leslie

One of the other symptoms that the Gardasil girls have is an absence of menstruation…or maybe they have spotting.  More than one is wondering if this vaccine has rendered them infertile.


Author: Leslie Carol Botha

Author, publisher, radio talk show host and internationally recognized expert on women's hormone cycles. Social/political activist on Gardasil the HPV vaccine for adolescent girls. Co-author of "Understanding Your Mood, Mind and Hormone Cycle." Honorary advisory board member for the Foundation for the Study of Cycles and member of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research.