Female Mystique: The Three Phases of Eve©

Whether you are a hormonal teen, menstruating woman or menopausal wise woman –
you will pass through each and every phase once a month.

Understanding this will aspect of the feminine paradigm will empower you and enable you to trust yourself and your emotions.

Female Mystique 3 Phases

 by Leslie Carol Botha
April 22, 2013

That hormone cycle that you have been taught to ignore/dismiss/cover up/hide…actually is your foundation of being; the definition of who you are …your connection to yourself, to other women, to your partners, children, and to your life!

Women’s hormone cycles are not just a cyclical pain; they are our integral link to all the other cycles in life.  Our cycles are so much more than hormones “raging” through our bodies.  Your hormone cycle earns you the right to be a healer, a spiritualist, and a wise woman, respected by all.  Living with your cycle instead of against it or denying it – gives you the freedom to “be”; to laugh, to cry, to change your mind, your career, your relationship or lifestyle and to know the reason why!

Understanding the influence this cycle has on your daily activities will open your eyes to a life that makes sense; that is filled with hope and will do more for you than all the self-help books that you could ever possibly read in your lifetime.

There was a time in our long forgotten past when the first correlation between human life and universal life was the recognition that women’s menstrual cycle followed the same pattern as lunar cycles.  Simply put, before the advent of electricity, the moon played as much a role as the sun in defining cultural activities at night.  When the moon was waxing, nightly activities increased.  When the moon became full, those activities intensified until the waning moon ceased to light the nighttime sky and activities became more subdued.

Somewhere in your mind…is still a seed of remembering the power that was associated with women’s roles and lunar cycles; our Female Mystique. Since the beginning of time, the moon has been symbolized as a universal cycle representing life and nature.  Plants, animals and humans all are affected by the changing moon phases following patterns that are based on the cyclic nature of life.

As women, we possess an innate intuitive understanding of the phases of the menstrual cycle and the lunar cycle.  From the onset of puberty – and all the way to menopause, we are affected by the force and the pull of the moon.  Every month we are swayed by the rhythmic ebb and flow, waxing and waning cycles of fullness and emptiness.  Our monthly cycles reflect the archetypal moon phases of rebirth, life and death.

The phases of the moon guide us.  The waxing moon is a time of increasing energy; the waning moon a time for retreating inward; a time for reflection, healing, looking to the soul for wisdom; letting go of what occurred in the last cycle and making plans and setting goals for the new cycle.  When the moon appears once again in its new cycle, we transform the reflective energy into creative and productive energy.

This is the dance of life. It is time to step back on to the dance floor and move with the rhythm; instead of hiding in the shadows; not only afraid of the dance – but fearful of acknowledging that we know the dance.

The above is the body of my work and research over the past 30 years. Although I intuited it – many years ago, the same as been intuited by other women around the world.  The science of circadian rhythms – living in balance with our natural cycle is beginning to catch up. LB


Author: Leslie Carol Botha

Author, publisher, radio talk show host and internationally recognized expert on women's hormone cycles. Social/political activist on Gardasil the HPV vaccine for adolescent girls. Co-author of "Understanding Your Mood, Mind and Hormone Cycle." Honorary advisory board member for the Foundation for the Study of Cycles and member of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research.

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