Women Alter Birth Control for Convienence

Leslie Carol Botha: Well, it appears that the message – you don’t’ need to have a period is finally getting through to women. Women are taking their hormone contraceptives and using them for their own gain?  But are they really?  It might be convenient to ‘alter the menstrual cycle’ around a woman’s busy schedule – but the real question is what is happening to the hormones? How will this ‘convenience’ alter endocrine system functioning? What will the long term hormonal consequences be for avoiding have a period (even a chemical bleed) at that time of the month?  Seems like they synthetic hormone thing is beginning to backfire.

This is what happens when women are not educated about their endocrine – hormone/menstrual cycle.  Synthetic hormones are steroids.  Women are already messing with Mother Nature using synthetic hormones… now they are messing with the synthetic hormone schedule.  How will this affect fertility?

According to ScienceDaily:

“These findings emphasize the need for health care providers to carefully interview combined hormonal contraceptive users on how they are using their method — for example, many women may be skipping pills to extend their cycles,” said researcher Christopher Minson, a human physiology professor at the University of Oregon. “With a greater understanding of the issues, health care providers may be able to more effectively engage in conversations with college-aged women and educate them about available options.”

Women need to have the information in my book – ‘Understanding Your Mind, Mood and Hormone Cycle‘ to learn about the significant role the endocrine system plays in regulating our physical – as well as mental/emotional body.

My concern is that this study will set guidelines for synthetic hormone implants, injections, and IUD use for women.  Contraception that women will no longer have control over. The pill, vaginal rings, and patches will be history. The very birth control we fought for – now will control us.  DANGER on the horizon.

BTW – Ya gotta love it when a man uses the term ‘women’ and ‘deviant’ – in the same sentence. Pfffft.

Many Women Alter Menstruation Cycles by Deviating from Birth Control Instructions

Medical Daily

A University of Oregon study has found that many college-aged women are altering their menstruation cycle out of convenience and without proper medical consultation.

By Anthony Rivas | May 09, 2013 08:46 PM EDT

A large number of college women choose to delay or skip their menstruation each month by not following the instructions found on their birth-control pills or birth-control-feature_tp3-feature-single-threeother hormonal contraceptives, a study on female students from the University of Oregon finds.

Of the 1,719 people that responded to the survey-linked e-mails, 17 percent reported altering their scheduled bleeding pattern by deviating from the contraceptive’s instructions. Half of these did it out of convenience or scheduling purposes, 28.9 percent cited personal preference and 16.7 percent wanted to reduce menstrual symptoms, the study found.

The study was done by researchers from the University of Oregon, Oregon Health and Sciences University, and Eastern Michigan University, and it was published in the journal Contraception.

Among the women who delayed or skipped their cycle because of convenience or personal choice, it was found that 53 percent of them did it after consulting with nonmedical sources, such as a friend or family member, the study’s news release reports.

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Author: Leslie Carol Botha

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