2-year-Old in China Treated for Menstruation

precocious_pubertyHoly Hormones Journal:    Menstruation in a 2-year-old? Fact or Fiction – True or False? Probable or Improbable. Hard to say.  Other than the fact that China as well as other countries are becoming toxic dumps for estrogen mimickers.  This infant is already overweight has developed lumps in her breast before she was a year old…  and menstruated after she turned one year old.  Scary times folks. The world is a changin’ right before our eyes.

How do you treat a 2-year-old for menstruation? Do you put her on hormone replacement therapy?

I was looking for an image to accompany this article.  Went to Google images – typed in ‘%%%precocious puberty%%%’ and to my dismay found many disturbing photos of children – young children with enlarged breasts and testes. I also found what I thought the photo of the 2 year old Chinese girl referenced here.  However, the photo was so provocative I could not post it.

2-year-old girl treated for menstruation

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Society – China
2013-05-21 16:41:55(Beijing Time)  Shanghai Daily

A toddler in Jiangxi Province who has been fed only milk powder since birth is showing signs of precocious puberty, according to jxnews.com.cn, a local news website.

The two-year-old girl, identified as Dandan, is the youngest in the province to be treated for early puberty which doctors attributed to a cyst found in her right ovary.

Dandan is noticeably taller and bigger than other children of her age. While she was only eight months old, she developed lumps in her breasts, but her parents believed it was caused by overweight. As she started to have menstruation after she was over one year old, her parents decided to see a doctor.

The girl was diagnosed with precocious puberty and given medical treatment. Her parents said Dandan had never had mother’s milk and was fed only baby formulas. Doctors are still not certain about the exact cause of her disease.

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Author: Leslie Carol Botha

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