Does your menstrual blood attract BEARS?!

Friday Weird Science: Does your menstrual blood attract BEARS?!

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Feb 03 2012 Published by under Friday Weird Science

While Sci was listening eagerly to Kate Clancy’s appearance on Skeptically Speaking last Sunday (you’ll be able to download the episode soon), I was flabbergasted to find out that there is a rumor out there that, if you go out hiking on your period…you might attract BEARS.

(I totally forgot about this until someone on Twitter pointed it out. Awesome)


Not only that, the rumor was apparently widespread enough that someone actually did a study to find out if it was true.

Which is good, I’d hate to fear for my life while hiking because I’m shedding my uterine lining. I’d like the think bears are more sensible than that.

But I’ll admit, a part of me was a little worried. After all, I have been camping, and had our campsite raided by bears, because someone left their toothpaste out of the bear box. Apparently bears in Yosemite National Park love them some minty freshness. And if toothpaste is on the menu, why not tampons? I mean, bears will eat most anything, right? Luckily, science is here for us, and science wants us to know, it’s ok to menstruate around bears. Black bears, anyway.

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Author: Leslie Carol Botha

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