Girls & Women Banned from School during Menstruation in Nepal

Holy Hormones Journal: What year is this? 2013? AD? BC? Holy Hormones honey! What do male religious leaders have to do with menstruation? Talk about the shaming of women Рthe lack of education Рkeeping women subservient hidden in shrouds of uncleanliness.  Andy yet on the other side of the world, young women are celebrating their menstrual cycle Рtalking and singing about the monthly natural act Рand getting boys involved.  See video below.

Nepali Hindu leaders ban women from school during menstruation

Asia News
October 29, 2013
by Kalpit Parajuli
Extended to public schools in the country’s north and west, the ban touches teachers as well. Those who refuse to comply risk expulsion from their villages. For Hindu leader Chintamani Yogi, the practice is phony and “is not part of Hindu tradition.”

NEPAL_-_1028_-_Bando_scolasticoKathmandu (AsiaNews) – Hindu leaders have banned thousands of Hindu female students from going to school when they menstruate because they are deemed impure. Once limited to confessional schools, now the ban covers many public schools in Nepal’s western and northern districts. A sham for many a Nepali religious leader, this controversial practice has victimised thousands of female teenagers and young women.

Speaking to AsiaNews, Hindu leader and educator Chintamani Yogi said, “such a practice is not part of Hindu tradition”. Anyone who uses religion to impose it is lying.

The ruling by religious authorities in the western and northern districts has raised eyebrows in the government as well. For this reason, it “is taking action to avoid these phony practices, but it will be a gradual process,” Nepali Education Minister Madhav Poudel said.

According to the minister, the ban related to female menstruation is unfortunately prevalent in many parts of the country, including the poorest areas of urban centres.

Poudel explained that his ministry does not have accurate data on how many schools have joined the ban, but it is estimated that thousands of girls and young women are victims of these absurd traditions.

The Catholic Church has been on the forefront in the fight against religious traditions that discriminate against women, especially the Society of Jesus, which runs hundreds of schools and colleges in the country.

The Jesuits have been involved in local education for over 30 years, Fr William Robins said. However, the number of their schools and teachers is too small to counter in an effective way Hindu religious bans.

“We are doing our best,” he said, “but we are few in number and cannot reach all parts of the country.”

One of the cases that has caused a lot controversy in Nepal involves Sambhusunanda Secondary School in Jukot-7 (Bajura District, western Nepal).

For several weeks, “Hindu religious authorities have prevented not only female students but also teachers from coming to class during their menstrual period,” said School Principal Tula Ray Rokaya.

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Author: Leslie Carol Botha

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