PMS Blamed on Bachelor Beauty’s Suicide

Holy Hormones Journal:     Holly Grigg-Spall, author of ‘Sweetening the Pill‘ emailed this article this morning asking if this was relevant to my work and research.

A beautiful, talented young woman ended her life during the premenstrual phase of her cycle after her well-known celeb boyfriend breaks up with bipolarher.  That alone is devastating to someone who is playing on the stage of life.  Add to that the premenstrual phase – the long slippery slope down the rabbit hole… and disaster strikes. As in the case of this young woman.

I have seen the time and again.  But this is not about the ‘debilitating’ premenstrual phase… this is about hormone imbalance. So many questions left unanswered.  How was this woman’s mental health? What type of birth control was she on?

Gia’s grieving mother stated this well: “She could not see clearly.” How many of you can identify with that?  Life is going along well for 3 weeks and then all of a sudden you wake up one morning and you feel like you are a different person all together.  Depressed, angry, fatigued, anxious.  Lashing out at partners and kids – and instantly regretting it. Feeling like life is out of control – or you are a failure – or not living up to your dreams.  Feeling like why go on?

To add to all of this – we commit self-destructive acts – our loved ones are saying ‘what’s wrong with you’? We are saying what’s wrong with me?’ And then boom we get our periods… and sigh, and say that is why I felt my life was out of control.

For this young woman, it is too late. For many others.. it is too late to undo the damage done by self-destructive acts.  The strain wears on relationships at home and at work.

Does this resonate with you?  Then let me tell you it is not healthy – as you know…. but most importantly it does not have to be this way… as you might not now.

Please listen to my radio show with bipolar and nutrient expert, Anthony Stephan tomorrow on the VoiceAmerica radio network at noon ET – 9 am PT.  We will be speaking about a micronutrient discovery for bipolar and mood disorders – including PMS.

This is just one more reason why ‘Understanding Our Minds, Moods, and Hormone Cycles’ is so very important. And why getting the proper nutrition to the brain to offset these crucial mind and hormone swings is essential to our health and well-being.

My heart goes to the mother for the untimely loss of her daughter.

Hormone blessings,



Gia Allemand’s mom blames ‘Bachelor’ star’s menstrual cycle on suicide: ‘She could not see clearly’

Allemand hanged herself with a vacuum cleaner cord within two hours of her NBA boyfriend claiming he didn’t love her anymore, according to cops.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013, 12:19 PM

Gia AllemandThe “Bachelor” beauty who took her own life with a vacuum cord last month suffered severe mood swings tied to her menstrual cycle, her mom told TV’s Dr. Phil.

Grieving mom Donna Micheletti said in an interview broadcast Tuesday that daughter Gia Allemand‘s intense premenstrual syndrome clouded her thinking and likely contributed to her suicide.

“She was not depressed. Sometimes, when it was that time of the month, she would get insecure and go to a dark spot, and she’d feel like nobody cared,” Micheletti said. “She just snowballed.”

The New York mom said her daughter called her from New Orleans the night of the suicide bid and booked her a flight to come visit the next day.

“I’m not happy. I can’t go on with this anymore,” Allemand said during the half hour call, according to her mom.

“At that point, that day, with how she felt with her menstrual cycle, she could not see clearly,” Micheletti said. “I was trying to talk to her, trying to be careful what I say. I didn’t want to upset her more, and I was nervous.”

She said Allemand’s menstrual cycle was so powerful, it could change her demeanor “like night and day.”

“It would come out of nowhere,” Micheletti said, snapping her fingers. “All of a sudden something would click in there, and she would say, ‘This isn’t right. He doesn’t love me. He’s not this. He’s not that.'”

The chilling details of Allemand’s Aug. 12 suicide – which ended with doctors disconnecting her life support two days later — were laid bare in a police report obtained by the Daily News.

According to New Orleans cops, Allemand hanged herself within two hours of her NBA boyfriend claiming he didn’t love her anymore.

The Queens-bred bombshell left a suicide note on her dining room table that read, “Mom gets everything,” and wrapped a vacuum cleaner cord around her neck.

One end of the cord was found tied to the handrail on the second floor of her apartment. The other end was still attached to the heavy vacuum found at the bottom of the stairs.



Author: Leslie Carol Botha

Author, publisher, radio talk show host and internationally recognized expert on women's hormone cycles. Social/political activist on Gardasil the HPV vaccine for adolescent girls. Co-author of "Understanding Your Mood, Mind and Hormone Cycle." Honorary advisory board member for the Foundation for the Study of Cycles and member of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research.