Study: Strokes a Side Effect of Contraception

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Let me be succinct. Hormone contraceptives are dangerous. PERIOD. They did not used to be that way of course…. but they are now. Or maybe they always were and we are just seeing an an increase in side effects – because as always – the science and evidence based research comes out after years after a drug has been on the market. You and I – my gentle readers, are the long-term experiment for any drug. And the pill has been called the largest uncontrolled experiment in medical history. 09.20.15 Birth-control-pills-can-cause-strokeWhy have synthetic hormones become more dangerous now? Because we have been over exposed to xenoestrogens (synthetic estrogen mimickers) is our environment. Plastic bottles are a huge culprit. So is glyphosate – the pesticide chemical cocktail found in Monsanto’s Roundup. And so are the estrogens from the generations of birth control use.

These synthetic hormones are passed via the umbilical cord and our levels are rising all of the time. The late Dr. Andrew Moulden was well-versed in ischemic stroke. He of course, was taking about these types of strokes post-vaccination.

“Derailing microscopic blood flow is the key to many diseases.”

“When you impair the brain blood flow by vaccination you can impair the respiration control center which can result in death, we call it SIDS.”

Although synthetic hormones and vaccines are like comparing apple and oranges, they both alter the brain chemistry. And I will throw in a statement from my platform – most of us are not getting enough nutritional support to the brain to offset the toxic onslaught from environmental chemicals – of which birth control is a huge.

The image below details the facial features post-ischemic stroke.

09.20.15 Ischemic stroke

Crossed eyes or drooping eyes are also indicative of a stroke. I looked for an image of birth control and stroke but could not find any. So I defer back to Dr. Moulden’s work on vaccines, and the HPV vaccines Gardasil.

The image at the top is of Brittney Fiste – who received the vaccine back in 2007 – and she is now permanently disabled…. and still struggling.  The eye changes are key in infants post-vaccination and in women on contraception.

Goddess only know what happens when women receive the vaccine and contraception in the same visit. Studies for safety have not been done.


Some Women Urged To Use Alternative Birth Control Methods,
Contraceptive Pills Can Increase Stroke Risks

Tech Times
By Rhodi Lee, Tech Times | September 20, 10:42 AM


Millions of women use oral contraceptive to prevent unwanted pregnancy but findings of a new study have shown that birth control pills can slightly elevate the risks for stroke.

While the risk is relatively weak for women who do not have risk factors for stroke, it increases for those who already have higher odds of having one.

For the new study published in MedLink Neurology, researchers conducted a meta-analysis of earlier studies that have associated contraceptive pills with increased risks for heart attack, migraine and stroke.

The analysis revealed that birth control pills raise the risks for stroke by 1.9 times which is equal to one additional stroke for every 25,000 women who uses birth control pills.

The risk is higher in women who use birth control pills and also smoke, have history of migraine, or have high blood pressure. The researchers said that these women should not take contraceptive pills.

The risks of serious side effects appear to be higher in women who take over 50 mcg of estrogen albeit birth control pills that are available today no longer have over 50 micrograms of synthetic estrogen. Some contain as little as 20 micrograms.

About 4.4 ischemic strokes, which are caused by blood clots and make up about 85 percent of all strokes, occur for every 100,000 women who are in their childbearing age.

Oral contraceptives appear to somehow play a role in ischemic strokes albeit they do not seem to contribute to hemorrhagic strokes, which are caused by bleeding on the brain.


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Doctor Moulden on Society’s problem with “Vaccination” and MANY diseases. 



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