Cancer in Children Linked to Fertility Drugs

[Leslie Carol Botha: Guess this is where the adage comes in: ‘Don’t mess with Mother Nature.’ If a woman is not ovulating – there is a reason an imbalance – or the mother is not healthy enough….. Nature does have its own balance and check system.  And if a woman’s health is threatened or she is under chronic stress – adrenally fatigued – the first system in the body to shut down is reproduction.]  Makes sense.  But once again, we plow ahead thinking we can outsmart Mother Nature. At what cost?  Cancer in our children? Synthetic drugs are very bad for our body.]

Fertility drugs linked to cancer in children

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by Jared Yee | 28 Apr 2012 |

Fertility drugs could more than double the risk of offspring developing childhood leukaemia, academics cautioned this week. Each year, tens of thousands of women in Britain undergo fertility treatment, which usually demands they take drugs to stimulate their ovaries to produce more eggs. Over 13,000 babies per year are born through assisted fertility technology. While no convincing evidence has hitherto emerged that fertility treatment leads to cancer, French researchers told a conference in London they believe ovarian stimulation drugs are associated with 2 kinds of childhood leukaemia.

Dr Jéremié Rudant, of the Centre for Research in Epidemiology and Population Health, in Villejuif, France, who led the research, said: “Previous studies have suggested a link between infertility treatments and acute childhood leukaemia, but there haven’t been many studies, most of them have been small, and they focused either on IVF or hormonal treatment. Our study was much larger and it’s the first time that a specific increased risk linked to fertility drugs has been found.”

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Author: Leslie Carol Botha

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