Depo Provera Withdrawal – A Woman’s Worst Nightmare

[Leslie Carol Botha: How many women even consider what is like to come off hormonal contraceptives after years of use? For some the transition is very difficult. Someday we will truly understand this is the largest uncontrolled experiment in the history of medicine. Although the HPV vaccines, Gardasil and Cervarix are running a close second.]

Coming off Depo Provera Can be a Woman’s Worst Nightmare

Society for Menstrual Cycle Research

April 4th, 2012 by Laura Wershler

Need proof that women are sometimes desperate for information and support when it comes to quitting hormonal contraception? You need look no further than the 100 plus comments in reply to an old blog posting at Our Bodies OurselvesQuestions About Side Effects of Stopping Contraceptive Injections.  The comment stream – a litany of woes concerning women’s discontinuation of Depo-Provera – has been active since Nov. 2, 2009.

On March 29, 2012, Rachel, author of the post, wrote a follow-up piece in which she laments: “Although a quick internet search finds many women complaining of or asking about post-Depo symptoms, there isn’t much published scientific evidence on the topic.” Beyond research about bone density and length of time to return to fertility, little is known about the withdrawal symptoms women have been commenting about.

Depo-Provera is the 4-times-a-year birth control injection that carries an FDA “black box” warning that long-term use is associated with significant bone mineral density loss.  Never a fan, I made a case against this contraceptive in a paper for Canadian Woman Studies, published in 2005. The comments on the OBOS post indicate that many women took Depo-Provera without full knowledge of the potential for serious side effects while taking it, or of what to expect while coming off the drug.

Considering that Depo-Provera completely suppresses normal reproductive endocrine function, it is not surprising that many women experience extreme or confusing symptoms once stopping it. Take Lissa’s comment for example, posted on February 21, 2011:

Omg I thought I was tripping. I have been on depo for a year and stopped in jan. My breasts constantly hurt, I put on weight, have hot flashes, and sleeping problems. I pray everyday my cycle returns and stops playing with me. I only spot lightly.

Two and a half years after publication, the original article continues to garner monthly comments. I’ve read most of them and have yet to see one that offers concrete advice or a referral to resources that provide information and support to women looking for both. One such resource is Coming Off The Pill, the Patch, the Shot and Other Hormonal Contraceptives, a comprehensive, clinical-based guide to assist women transition back to menstruation and fertility, written by Megan Lalonde and Geraldine Matus.

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Author: Leslie Carol Botha

Author, publisher, radio talk show host and internationally recognized expert on women's hormone cycles. Social/political activist on Gardasil the HPV vaccine for adolescent girls. Co-author of "Understanding Your Mood, Mind and Hormone Cycle." Honorary advisory board member for the Foundation for the Study of Cycles and member of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research.


  1. Thank you everyone for posting your thoughts. I have been on depo for four years and had my last shot 3weeks ago. I am going off depo and have been wondering how this will affect me. I did not experience any negative side effects when I went on depo, hence why I’ve stayed on it 4 years. Due to the lack of actual research done you all have prompted me to see my doctor. Hope I don’t experience any of the problems I’ve read about.

  2. Hello Angela – Thank you for visiting my site and taking the time to post. Depo withdrawal is lessened when the immune and endocrine systems are strong. Look into supplements that support your hormonal health – B vitamins as well – and you should be fine. Let me know if you need more information. Glad you are going to see you doctor about this. Keep me posted. Will be glad to offer additional support.

  3. ruby barrios says:

    i have been to depo for 1 and half year… i stopped my shot last shot last march 2012 so i was supposed to have my shot last june 2012 but i discontinue my shot after 2 mos. i have been bleeding profusely for almost 2weeks now aug.19,2012,i went to my ob gyne and said i am going through withdrawal syndrome… feels like hell having to undergo this situation those cramps.bleeding.feeling that my head would explode,emotional,muscle aches,nerve pain name it and i think everything that i feel is like the worse nightmare of my life….

  4. Hello, Ruby – I have heard of many horror stories about Depo. You are going through depo withdrawal. I am glad you found this post. Get some whole food Vitamin C with bioflavnoids. Bioflavnoids strengthen capillaries and blood vessels. It appears that the Depo has affected the uterine capillaries and you are hemorrhaging. By the way while you were on Depo you did not have a period…any bleeding you did experience is known as a ‘chemical bleed.’ Sad but true.

    Get some micronutrients and look into natural progesterone to start balancing your hormones. The Depo has done a number on you. Unfortunately – doctors hand out these pills and injections without determining whether a woman is healthy or strong enough to handle them. Get some nutritional support right away.

    Depo depletes vital nutrients from the body. You symptoms are screaming for nutrition…. not more drugs.

    Please pick up the phone and call Truehope EMPowerplus today. Get some micronutrients and you will start feeling better within a month. They have 17 published studies. This is unheard of.

    Stay in touch and let me know how I can help further.
    PS – If you lived close to me I would be taking you to the health food store now.



  5. Hi I am a 26 year old female. I have been on the depo shot for 9 straight years. The entire time I did not have a period. I would occasionally spot if I was getting close to my next shot appt. I decided to go off depo for many reasons. Mainly the calcium issues & the more holistic life path I’ve chosen to follow. I was due for my last shot 14 days ago. I started spotting a few days prior to that and it just won’t stop.
    I wouldn’t call it an actual period, it’s more of a heavy spotting a few times daily, I put a tampon in and a few hours later when I take it out it’s dry. My cramps have been going strong for 2 weeks & my breasts that have been a very small B cup for years are now a swollen, sore & tender full C cup. I’m wondering if there’s any relief? How long do these “withdrawal” symptoms last. And is there a more holistic birth control method? At this point in my life I do not have a boyfriend and am not sexually active, nor do I plan on jumping into something. Do I go off birth control entirely? What will my adult cycle actually be like? When I was a teen I would get very anemic because of my unusually heavy and long lasting periods. I remember having to miss school it would make me so ill. Do you think my body could have grown out of this or am I heading back to anemia city? As an adult I can no longer take sick days due to a heavy period. I hope someone out there can help. And yes, I do have an appt w/ my gynecologist but it’s in 2 weeks and I want to be prepared for what’s going to happen w/ my body, and other birth control options. Thanks again.

  6. Hi Tracey – so glad you reached out and are asking these questions.
    I am not a medical doctor so I can only offer suggestions.

    My first question is – are you under doctor’s care in getting off depo? Or did you just decide not to continue the show.
    Secondly – 9 years is a long time for any synthetic birth control. Of course you did not have a period during that time since synthetic hormones were governing your body.
    My guess is that now you are off depo your body is reacting and your natural hormones are being aroused from a deep sleep. That explains the breast swelling etc. Hopefully, that will even out in the next couple of months. The Truehope EMPowerplus supplement on my site is a micronutrient that supports balancing the endocrine system.
    What most women do not realize is that hormone birth control depletes essential vitamins and nutrients in the body. They need to be replaced for health and wellness.

    I wish there was a holistic method of birth control…condoms and spermicide is still the safest…. and of course the only birth control that prevents pregnancy and STD’s.
    And since you may be entering a new relationship with a man – you need to have that kind of protection.

    You do not have to go back to anemia city.
    Many women hemorrhage (bleed heavily). Go to your health food store and get a whole food (not synthetic) Vitamin C with ascorbic acid and bioflavnoids. The bioflavnoids strengthen blood vessels and capillaries. You should see a difference in your period in one cycle. The capillaries in the uterus become stressed due to constant stress and living outside the natural endocrine rhythm.

    Also look into natural progesterone for your tender breasts… this is also available at the health food store.

    Let me know how else I can be of help.
    Stay in touch.


  7. Hi Leslie,
    I am so glad I have fond your website! I have been seeking answers for a few days but nothing seems to make sense, I hope you can help 🙂

    I was on the Depo for approx. 2 and half years. I had my last shot October 2011, and didnt go for my next one (which was due Jan 2012) as me and my partner would love to start a family :)) The whole time I was on it I had no bleeding, no spotting or anything… and STILL haven’t ! However, recently I have had all sorts of “symptoms” (last week or so) and I was just wondering if they may be from coming off the shot, or could it be possible that I am actually finally pregnant?

    My breasts are tender, stomach is uncomfortable (in general and worse to lie on), terrible mood swings, slight lower back pain with the odd shooting pain across the lower back and sides, tired but not over tired, peeing a little more than usual, (sorry to say this next one…) not so much constipated, but opening bowels more frequent but it’s quite literally like rabbit droppings! * embarrassed face*. I’ve not felt nauseous or anything like that…

    My question basically is, do you think there is a chance I could be pregnant without even having a period back yet? Or are these symptoms of coming off the injection even though it was 10/11 months ago since my last shot?

    Any help and advise would be so very much appreciated! I am doing my first pregnancy test in the morning but dont want to be too disheartened if it comes out Negative.

    Thank you xx

  8. Hello, Kirsty – great questions and you do not have to be embarrassed here. it is hard to say whether or not you may be pregnant. A woman who posted her question just the other day had breast tenderness coming off of depo. However, 7 months have passed since you stopped depo and it is very possible that your endocrine rhythm kicked back in with ovulation and you may indeed be pregnant. If not, get some whole food nutritional supplements to support your endocrine system to make it healthy and strong again. It may take a few months for a healthy enough menstrual cycle to re-develop, with a normal period. If your pregnancy test is not positive tomorrow – it is a way of your body saying… not yet -but at least you will know when you have your first menstrual cycle that your chances of getting pregnant are coming soon.

    You are so very welcome xx
    Keep us posted!


  9. I wason the depo from the time I was 14 (for bad periods) until 18. My Dr eve said she wasnt sure I could carry a pregnancy. I had 2 miscarriages, one in June 2009 8months after stopping the shot and another October 16th 2009 followed by a positive pregnancy test on November 9th 2009 and I carried that baby to term.
    I got back on the depo in November 2011 thinking I would be fine. Since going back on I have had zero sex drive, intense mood swings, and irritiability. I ama aware that the depo is not the best so I decided to get back off of it. My shot was due a week ago and about 5 days ago I started having routine stomachaches complete with cramping, gas, and diarhea every morning by 11am for an hour or so than it goes away and comes back every night from 6pm till I go to sleep. I am bloated, irritated, my breasts are super sensitive and feel heavy. Yes I had the MS’s the last time I got off of the Depo but not these symptoms. I have taken a pregnancy test and it was negative as expected. My gyno gave me Ortho Trycyclen bc pill. I have not started it yet as I feel I should let my body heal itself. Im wondering if there is a trend in woman who have had children vs. women who havent…

  10. Hello, Kay – you raise a very interesting question about women who have had children and their experience with Depo. But this is what happened to you.
    The Depo took over for the development of your natural endocrine cycle with synthetic hormones. Your doctor was right – your chance of getting pregnant were kind of on shaky ground.
    And it is not the Depo – only – but a combination of nutrition and exposure to environmental toxins.

    A miscarriage is often indicative to low level of progesterone – you might have had enough of a hormonal surge to cause ovulation – but not enough to sustain a pregnancy… and that is progesterone’s role. Second time your hormones balanced out.

    So what happened when you went back on Depo after your pregnancy? Well for 9 months your body gave tons of nutrients and minerals to the developing fetus – and if you did not replace those nutrients with whole food – not synthetic vitamins (prenatal vitamins are a sham) you became nutritionally depleted as well as hormonally imbalanced. So going on Depo post-pregnancy is a whole other ball game.

    Your instinct is right – let your body heal before you go on BCP’s. Once again you are substituting synthetic hormones for natural hormones. That being said if you do not replace the vitamins and minerals you lost during your pregnancy – you may also have some negative side effects from the pill.

    I do know that the pill depletes Vitamin B – which is essential for mood and emotions. I do not know what Depo depletes in the body.

    Hope that this all makes sense. The stronger you are nutritionally, the more you will be able to cope with synthetic hormone birth control.

    Thanks for finding my site and posting.
    Will see what other information I can find on this topic.

  11. Hi Leslie,
    I’m so glad I found your website and hope you can help me with some of my concerns about being on Depo for the past four years. I was diagnosed with depression about a year and a half before going on Depo–which is one of my concerns. Based on the research I’ve seen, an individual that suffers from depression and takes anti-depressants shouldn’t be put on Depo. I was unaware of this when my doctor prescribed Depo to me. I recently weened myself off my anti-depressants and plan on staying off them for the rest of my life due to the negative side effects I experienced from them. I can say I’m much happier now being off the anti-depressants than I ever was while I was on them. (They didn’t teach me ways to cope with depression, just attempted to mask it unsuccessfully).
    Next concern–for the past 3-4 years while I’ve been on Depo, I’ve noticed that when I go for a run and try to push myself, I get stopped due to a sharp pain in my chest that slowly goes away when I start walking. When I’ve mentioned this to friends and loved ones, they don’t seem to be too concerned since it goes away. However, I’ve noticed that chest pains are a possible side effect of Depo. Do you think it’s something I should get checked out?
    Also, issues with calcium and bone development–I was prescribed Depo as a teen, it frustrates me because my parents nor I were informed that it can affect bone development. I’m currently 23 years old and work at a chiropractice office. When I had my xrays taken this past May, my chiro pointed out to me that I still have growth plates that haven’t fused together because I’m still growing. This leaves me wondering if the Depo could have negatively impacted my bone development.
    I’ve also gained about 15 pounds since I started taking Depo, even though my husband and I both eat a well balanced diet, free of gluten, dairy and mostly consisting of organic foods. I also routinely work out 5 days a week for approximately 45 mins -hour. This leaves me questioning if the weight gain is likely caused by Depo.
    The list of concern goes on and on, including lack of sex drive, tired more often than not, weakness/dizziness, hot flashes, etc. Now, my big concern is what will happen after going off Depo. What suggestions do you have to make a smooth transition from being on Depo to no longer being on any sort of contraceptive. I am due for my next shot October 8th but my husband and I are finally taking our honeymoon in December, so I’m worried about what side effects may occur if I decide not to get my shot in October. Please offer your advice and suggestions at your earliest convenience! I would grately appreciate it!

  12. Hello, Sarah –

    Read this statement in the Questions About Side Effects of Stopping Contraceptive Injections” target=”_blank”>Our Bodies Ourselves blog post “A physician interviewed for the article used one of my least favorite analogies ‚Äì comparing women‚Äôs bodies to a car to be worked on.” And there you have it in a nutshell. What is being worked on in your body is pregnancy prevention. No one is concerned about the side effects OR the damaging effects from synthetic hormone contraceptives….. and that is obvious because studies have not even been done on short or long term side effects or withdrawal.

    What you have is hormone imbalance and it has become the silent epidemic.
    Depression = hormone imbalance
    Lack of Sex Drive = hormone imbalance
    Weakness/Dizziness = hormone imbalance
    Hot Flashes = hormone imbalance
    Weight gain = hormone imbalance

    Please listen to this radio interview with Jonathan Bailor, author of the ‘Smarter Science of Slim’ According to Bailor it is not the food or lack of exercise that causes weight gain – IT IS HOW WELL OUR HORMONES COMMUNICATE.

    If you have been on Depo since you were a teen – your endocrine system has not had a chance to develop. Then you started replacing synthetic hormones for your natural hormone production.

    Please read this great article about Coming off the Pill (also includes other synthetic hormone contraception.)

    What you need is nutritional support. Whole food vitamins, minerals, micronutrients and amino acids. One of the best products I have found on the market is Truehope EMPowerplus. I have been on this supplement and also on Genesa Total Amino Solution. Aminos target the brain Рwhere hormone production actually starts. Once the brain is getting the nutrients it needs then all the other systems in the body fall into balance. NeuroScience Inc. has called this the NEI Super System – Neuro-Endocrine-Immune system. Micronutients make up for the nutritional deficiencies caused by synthetic hormones.

    By the way – are you aware that birth control pills deplete B vitamins? Will assume that Depo also depletes them – but then again the studies have not been done.
    B Vitamins affect your mood (depression). You are so right that the anti-depressants mask the symptoms and deplete more nutrients.Read this article on Natural News –
    Prescription drugs cause nutrient depletion

    So if you want to have an easy transition off of Depo – then you need to nutritionally support your body so it will not experience severe withdrawal symptoms. And you need to stay on these nutrients while you are on the pill. Not sure if you and your husband want to have children in the future – but the longer you are on synthetic hormones the greater the chances you may become infertile – unless of course you support your self with a strong nutritional regime.

    Hope that this information has been helpful. I appreciate your taking the time to post your questions and concerns.
    Please let me know how I can continue to support you on your journey.


  13. What absolutely amazes me is that this drug can have so many negative side effects and many gynecologists/obstetricians push depo if a patient cannot tolerate an IUD, as a more effective method of birth control. I have been on depo off and on for the last several years and I have horrible symptoms coming off of it. I get really bad road rage when I’m driving, I’m irritable more often than not. I have gained weight, retained water, and am sensitive and swollen in the chest area, to the point if avoiding hugs from friends and family members. I hate that you have all gone through similar symptoms. If I had been made fully aware of this medications side effects, if I knew then what I know now, I would have opted for a different choice. Is it effective? Yes. However it being effective does not counter all of the negative side effects, withdrawal symptoms and damage that it does not only to the body, but also to the mind. I am coming off of depo for the last time. Years of ups and downs, drastic mood swings when going through depo withdrawal are not worth my health or happiness. I wish good health to you all!

  14. Amarie – Thanks for chiming in on this conversation.

    I have much to share. An article came out earlier this summer that birth control pills were no longer the contraception of choice – because of ‘human error’. Because women are forgetting to take their pills or are missing their pills – the new medical trend is to ‘push’ injections and implants on teenage girls. No one seems to be concerned about the side effects. But then again why would men know since they do not experience hormone fluctuations. And if you do go to a female doctor -ask what kind of birth control she uses and what her side effects are? But again I like the analogy from the article about women’s bodies are being treated like cars…. and that ain’t no Cadillac either.

    Am sharing with you – what I have shared with everyone else. Get nutritional support before you go off the Depo – something to support your body. NO synthetic vitamins – they are a sham. The body does not handle anything synthetic well. As all of you know.

    Bottom line is – if your body is nutritionally depleted you are going to have more severe side effects – and withdrawal effects.

    OK – are you ready for the final bombshell on Depo?

    Depo Provera is used as a castration drug for sex offenders in prison. Now a doctor argued with me that Depo affects women differently than men. Maybe, maybe not. Seems to me that you all have been castrated in some form or another.

    Good health is available to all of us with the right nutrition.


  15. Hi ladies, I’m 34 and was on depo for 8 years. My last injection was April and I was due July. I became fed up with all the different meds and decided to go off of it. In 2008 I started having joint and muscle pain so my dr put me on lortab and flexeril. Shortly after that my vitamin d started depleting so I had to take vitamin d. Well things progresses and my symptoms worsened and I was tested for ms, lupus, arthritis, etc, everything was negative thank God. Around 2010 I saw specialist after specialist and my less increased. I was told I had fibromyalgia and started cymbalta which was a nightmare so I stopped taking it. Tremadol was also added as well as Elavil for the tingling and restlessness in my legs. My body became a shell, some days I could barely move and as my conditions worsened my Dr advised me to stop working and file for ssi, which i was denied due to my age and one of their Dr’s suggested I research depo. 2011 rolls around and I’m still in pain, stressed and depressed and another Dr adds prozac. Now my symptoms have increased and I’m told to work out, well how can I and my body feels like I’m 80. My symptoms were headaches, dizziness, blurred vision, sensitive to light, dry mouth, hallucination, tingling and numb arms, hands and legs, joint pain in ankles and wrist, neck and back, abdominal pain, slow heart rate, shortness of breath, hot and cold flashes, weight gain (40lbs), fatigue, memory loss, hair loss, trembles and suicide thoughts. After not ever getting diagnosed properly, I gave up. I decided not to put anything else in my body. The only thing I take now is Tremadol and that is as needed. My symptoms are decreasing and I am on a fruit and vegetable diet and lost 10 lbs so far. I do take vitamin b7, b12, c and d. I feel so much better. My period returned and I’m getting my life back. I did go through withdrawals, tender breast, no appetite, diarrhea for 3 weeks, mood swings, and basically feeling pregnant with negative results. I also found that there were no long term studies past 24 months, this is not a long term drug. I go next month to have my bone density checked to make sure there is no damage. Ladies please try and get off this shot naturally, these were the worst 4 years of my life!

  16. Hello, Kenya – You have had a hard time – OMG. What a story.
    This is what happens. Pharma puts a drug on the market and medical consumers become the long terms studies. And you women bear witness to that with you stories, pain and suffering.
    This is what is happening to girls who are getting the HPV vaccine, Gardasil. The clinical trials showed that 73% of the girls developed new medical conditions – but the vaccine was approved by Pharma and Merck anyway. And know there have been over 100 deaths and 26,000 adverse reactions – some as debilitating as yours… some a lot worse…

    I wonder how many women have suffered on Depo.

    Pharma and the government have a history of doing this to women. When the first birth control pill came out in the 1960’s it contained heavy amounts of estrogen and progesterone. the pill was ‘trialed’ on women in Puerto Rico – and they had so many side effects they refused to take part in the trial. But the government and pharma put the pill on the market anyway. In January of 1970, there was a Senate testimony hearing on the pill because so many women in the US were suffering. Women were not allowed to testify – and they were forced to sit in the gallery (balcony). A male medical expert stood up and said ‘Estrogen is to cancer what fertilizer is to wheat.’ And here we are 40 years later.

    Read this excellent article by Elizabeth Kissling on ‘How the Pill Gave Rise to the Women’s Health Movement.’

    Think I will post this article again today.

    I am so glad you all found your way to this page.

    Kenya – you are on the right track with nutrition. It is a crime that young women have to suffer so much – and bear the responsibility of pregnancy prevention. Talk about a War on Women. This one goes deep.


  17. I started the depo when I was 17 and at first I loved it because I didn’t have to worry about my period or pms or anything. Now, almost 2 years later, I am miserable. I have gained 30lbs and can’t lose it, no matter what I try. I eat less than I’ve ever eaten in my life, less than 1000 calories every day, and have tried diet pills but nothing is changing. I find myself fighting depression often and feel like this is ruining my relationship. My next shot is due in two weeks and I really want to get off of it. I know taking vitamins is supposed to help with the negative symptoms, but I also understand the potential of having those problems. How soon after stopping depo will I actually start to lose weight and get back to my regular self and what can I do to help that process along?
    Also, when would you suggest starting an alternative form of birth control? Using condoms isn’t always effective and I want to take every precaution I can to prevent getting pregnant right now.

  18. Hello, Emylee – what a conundrum. It is obvious Depo has interrupted your hormone balance. Jonathan Bailor author of The Smarter Silence of Slim, stated on my radio show that weight is due to a disruption in hormone communication and not the food we eat and or the amount of exercise we get. And the depression is wrapped up into that. Make sure you partner reads the comments in this post – so that he understands that your moods and depression are hormone related and not something you are necessarily in control of.

    Cannot answer how fast you will lose weight after getting off Depo. That is biochemical and everyone is different. It depends on how hormonally imbalanced you are – how long you have been on Depo and how nutritionally depleted you are. Again, I would start taking whole food (not synthetic) vitamins right away to support your body through this transition.

    As for birth control? That is another messed up conundrum. I have been educating women about menstrual and hormonal health for 30 years and cannot believe that in that time frame – nothing that is safe and effective has been developed.

    Other that the fact that you do not want to get pregnant -these are other questions…. how old are you, how soon do you want to have children – are you in a stable relationship – do you want to be on another form of synthetic birth control? Are you in a position learn fertility awareness – is your partner into that? Or are you thinking of the pill?

    Here is the deal though. When women come off the pill, or Depo – they body might ovulate at any time. It could be the next day – or it could be 100 days down the road…again that depends on nutrition and the strength of your hormones. So you need to be very careful until you decide what method of birth control is right for you.

    Condoms and spermicide are really still the safest methods around. Combine that with fertility awareness and it can be very effective. Other than that you are looking at synthetic hormonal birth control again. If the latter is the choice you had better make sure your hormonal health is intact so that you will not gain weight again.

    Thanks for posting.
    Stay in touch and let us know how you are doing.


  19. I was on Depo for 4 years when I was younger and had no problems on my 2 year break. After being back on it for 2 years I have come off to try for a baby. This time, coming off Depo has bedn a nightmare!! I immediately put on at least 1/2 stone (7 lbs), I have had terribly sore breasts and nipples, my sex drive goes from zero to 100%, my energy levels are low and I could sleep all day and I am really snappy. I haven’t had a period yet after 2 1/2 months. Coming off Depo has been awful.

  20. Hello, Donna – here is my take on what happened to you the second time round on Depo. First of all this was over an 8 year span… what else happened to you in that time… Any trauma? Accidents? Be that as it may. Depo depletes nutrients and it upsets your hormone imbalance. Hormones cannot communicate well with each other when they are undernourished. And we all know we are not getting enough nutrients in our diets – even if we are eating organically… and if we are not… well – we are even more nutrient depraved. So then you went on Depo for another two years after your hormones struggled to become balanced in the absence of Depo – and then you reintroduced the synthetic hormones back into your body – and your natural hormones said – what is up with that? (Only in hormone language though.) So now your hormones are even more imbalanced and you have added two to 4 more years of nutrition depletion and your body has aged and coming off Depo ain’t so sweet.

    When it is explained like this – doesn’t it make sense? It is common sense… grandmother’s wisdom that we shoved under the carpet for pharma ‘wisdom.’ I do not mean to be crass but hello, nutrition is crucial to how our body functions under any and all conditions. Nutrition will be the difference of someone getting sick and someone staying healthy. It will also be the difference of someone having drug-related side effects and some one not having any problems.

    Granted we are all biochemically different… but it is the health of our biochemistry that is crucial to our health and ability to deal with the synthetic drugs in the body.

    Thanks for your post.
    Hope this helps and that you will come back and visit again.


  21. Hello everyone, It has been a total nightmare for me also coming off of the depo shot. I was on depo for almost 9 years, for the most part I loved being on it, I had some side effects when I first started taking it, like mild mood swings, but nothing crazy. Fast forward and now I am wishing I would have done something else. I had my last shot in Jan of 2012. so i was suppose to go back in April to have my next shot, well my husband and I decided that we wanted to start trying to have a baby within the next 2-3 years and wanted to be off of the shot for a while before even attempting to have a baby. so we went to the doctor and had an hour conversation with him he assured me that because I did fine while on the shot that I would have probably no problems coming off, maybe some mood swings again but the biggest he said would be waiting for my period to come back to normal. Well April and May went by, June came and I had a little spotting but nothing crazy, July came and I had more spotting for about 5 days, but nothing to wear more then a pantyliner for. And then the nightmare began, I was actually on vacation with my husband and friends and got incredibly ill, I was in bed for 3 days throwing up, not having an appetite, feeling awful, I just assumed that I had caught a bug or something and just tried to enjoy the rest of my vaca even though I felt like crap. Well I didn’t get better, I got worse to the point I was nauseous all day long, sort of like having pregnancy symptoms but not pregnant. When we got home from our vacation I went to my family doctor and he said it must be a bug, gave me some antibiotics and sent me on my way. A week later I got even more ill, I had extremely nausea in the morning, loss of apatite, barely ate anything, couldn’t lye down because it made it worse, so I had to lay on my recliner so get a little relief, had to cut back at work to part time because I could not get up earlier in the morning to be there on time. I then went back to my doctor and asked him if this could be a symptom of coming off of depo and he said no, no way. He then told me he though I had some type of GI issue and sent me to a g astrologist, a week later which is the beginning of August, they sent me to have a endoscope done, they did a biopsy of my stomach and basically saw that it was inflamed and irritated, probably from me throwing up, and said they didn’t really find anything. They then started with pills, they gave me all types of medicine to see if anything would work. Nothing did if anything it made me soo much worse off. After a month of seeing them, going to get a cat scan, 4 blood tests, 6 urine test, the endoscope, an er visit because I was dry heaving so bad, 4 pregnancy test, a ultrasound, and a cat scan of my brain, The GI doctor basically looked at me and told me that I was just someone who was going to throw up a lot and to just deal with it, I then said I wanted to go to a better doctor and talk with them, I had my appointment last week, which if your counting I have now been sick for 8 weeks strait, my symptoms have been throwing up in the beginning then dry heaving to then just feeling nauseous all the time, no appetite, loss of 17 lbs, headaches here and there, starting to get depressed because of all of this and no one finding an answer. Finally when I had my appointment with the more advanced doctor at a hospital, he looked right at me after me telling him I basically have been having pregnancy symptoms but i am not pregnant, he said are you on any type of birth control, I wanted to cry, I told him my whole story of coming off of depo in April and said that I asked my previous doctor and he said no way these are symptoms of withdrawals, and the doctor said he was pretty sure that that is what I’m experiencing, he then even called in another GI specialist and then they both called in the top GI specialist in the office of this pretty well known hospital and they all 3 agreed that this is what is going on! I was so relieved and terrified at the same time. The doctors said everything as far as internally was checking out ok and depo was the only thing that has changed in my life, so it has to be. Now 9 weeks later after this first started I think I have my answer, but it is still not helping me, I still wake up every morning at 530am and have been this whole time feeling completely nauseous to the point I have to get up and move around or I will just keep getting sicker as i lay there, but once I am up now I feel better as the day goes on, Ii finally can work, even though I still am only working part time right now, I still don’t have an appetite until around lunch time, so I have been making myself drink the carnation instant breakfast things, but after i have that down i feel better. The doctors said to find a good OBGYN and see them to discuss this farther, which I am seeing one next week. Hopefully they will try and help me a little more and not tell me that this is not the result of me not taking depo anymore. On a positive note I have been getting my period for the most part but it still is not regular yet. but glad i am getting something anyway.
    So my question and sorry for the long story, how do I get my body back to normal and not feel nauseous in the morning anymore? At this point I would rather deal with the mood swings and the hot flashes over this any day. The doctors said I should just wait it out since I have been this far and I have already been through the worst. He did said I should not be taking any more type of medicine and to let this work itself out but I was thinking that there has to be some natural vitamins and stuff I can be taking to hopefully push this out faster? Please help me, this is driving me crazy, I just want to sleep in again and have my morning coffee! Lol, thank you for listening and having this site! It has been helpful! Hope to hear from you soon!

  22. Krystal and everyone else!

    Isn’t anyone appalled about the lack of education women have about their bodies? And the horrible synthetic hormones we have to use for birth control that just ravage our bodies? And that we still have to use condoms and spermicide to prevent STD’s?

    Do you know that Depo is used as a castration drug for sex offenders in prison?

    I am so glad you have asked the question about vitamins and nutrients. Depo has depleted your body of vitamins and minerals.

    I cannot believe this statement… The GI doctor basically looked at me and told me that I was just someone who was going to throw up a lot and to just deal with it.
    Do you think he would ‘just deal’ with throwing up all of the time? Despicable.

    Your body crashed coming off of Depo after 9 years.
    No doubt – end of story.
    Get on the Truehope EMPowerplus micronutrients today and help support your body to overcome the severe hormone imbalance caused by the Depo.
    Your body can heal itself with the right nutrients.
    You will feel better immediately – and in 30 days go back to your GI doctor and tell him how much better you are doing.

    The problem is that doctors are not trained in nutrition – neither are we for that matter.
    But nutrition not drugs is the path of healing.
    Drugs just mask the symptoms.

    If you do not get these nutrients into your body before you get pregnant – you and your baby may suffer during your pregnancy.
    A growing fetus takes vital nutrients from the mother’s body. That will determine the health of your baby. If you are nutritionally depleted then your baby will be the same – and once the pregnancy is over you will experience postpartum depression – because you have been so depleted.

    You do not have to feel this way. Your symptoms are screaming hormone imbalance and nutrient depletion.
    Getting the right nutrients into your body will change night into day.

    Good luck and keep us posted on how you are feeling.


  23. Hello can i buy the empowerplus micronutrients in the phillippines?i had also same problems like the women posted in your website.And im very interested to try what you adviced to them.


  24. Hello Ester! I am so glad you found this post and read through the comments and my responses. Please email Truehope at – send them your phone number and one of their representatives will call you. I am sure you will see a benefit right away.

    My experience with withdrawal and the benefits of micronutrients comes from my work at an addiction recovery program where clients would walk through the door higher than a kite or drunker than a skunk. We put them on the micronutrients immediately – and when they started coming down from the drug-induced comma they did not have the severe withdrawal that is often associated with going ‘cold turkey’.

    I am so glad you understand the importance of nutrition and while navigating your way off of synthetic hormones.

    Thank you so much for stepping up to the plate.

    Please continue to visit my site and this page and keep us updated on your progress.



  25. Leslie, it’s so obvious when a body screams depletion! Everything shuts down. I’ve been using the micronutrient supplements that you are recommending for 16 years and not only did they calm my moods swings and get me off of a five drug cocktail for psych meds, but the clarity of thought and the calm that I enjoy when using them has allowed me to observe other factors about my health. After the antidepressants and benzodiazepines were out of my system, it became so obvious that my birth control was also swinging my moods. After my son was born, and I was diagnosed bipolar, I was told I would never be able to have more children because of the drugs it took to keep me stable. Micronutrients and no drugs gave me options. I dumped the birth control, cleaned up my body and had three more healthy daughters! Understanding the REASONS for my moods gave me options to choose a different path. Healthy and informed beats medicated and blind any day!

  26. Autumn – thank you for your post. So everyone knows Autumn Stringam is the author of ‘A Promise of Hope‘ where she poignantly describes her severe bipolar disorder and how micronutrients helped stabilize her mood shifts. Autumn will be on my radio show on October 22.


  27. I just wanted to do a quick follow up on my journey; my shot was due Sept 3rd, and I’m on day #6 of a migraine that I just can’t seem to shake. I’ve done everything I know how to do for it (I have a history of migraines), but this one is different from any other migraine I’ve had. I hope none of you experience this type of symptom. This is probably the 5th time I’ve come off of depo in 10 years and I’m having the worst withdrawal symptoms and issues than I’ve ever had before.

  28. Hello, Amarie – thank you for posting the update. 5th time coming off Depo in 10 years is one helluva roller coaster ride. Your hormones do not know which way they are going.
    The migraine sounds like it is directly related to this shift. Are you under a doctor’s care for this? How are you treating the migraines? My suggestion is and has always been if your are going to do something drastic to your body – like coming off depo – prepare your body for it. Build up your nutrition. Build up your immunity. Help your hormones come back into balance.

    The good folks at Truehope have become so concerned about all of you suffering needlessly they put up a special page on hormone imbalance so you will know that the EMPowerplus product will be effective in supporting your hormonal health. This link can only be reached if you click through on the Truehope icon on my page.

    You and your body are suffering from hormone related migraines. This time stay off the Depo and find a non-synthetic hormone birth control that will protect you without the side effects.

    I just did a quick search on this and found this information on the Women to Women site:

    A majority of our patients find their headaches become less frequent or disappear altogether once they systematically address their hormonal imbalance through diet, optimal nutrition, and short-term bioidentical hormonal supplementation.

    In the mean time you may want to avoid caffeine, alcohol, sugar and processed foods.
    Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Do not eat, drink or cook out of plastic.

    Do you know when you are expecting your period?
    You may also want to consider a wild yam natural progesterone product that will help balance your reproductive hormones.
    Your health food store should have more information on that. That may bring immediate relief.

    Here is a good article on Natural Treatment for Hormone Related Migraines

    Keep posting and let us know how you are progressing.

    You are always welcome here.


  29. Hi
    I’ve been having Depo injections since i was 19. i am now 45. I have had two children inbetween, taking me two years to conceive and then having two children close together. I have been desperate to come off, but the chest pain i experience has been horrific if i even l go over my next jab date by even a week! i have tried many times to come off this drug, but the pain is too much to bear. The doctor tells me that i can contunue to have it until the menopause without any effects.

  30. Hello, Sarah – what do you mean continue to have until menopause without any effects? I would say the chest pain you are experiencing is a horrific side effect.
    I would seek a second opinion and STAT. Did you doctor examine your heart? All synthetic birth control is dangerous for women over the age of 40.
    Once you have your heart examined – I would seek out someone in your area who is knowledgeable about bioidentical hormones. Your will need some hormone support (as well as nutritional support) for when you get weaned off of Depo.

    Otherwise you are going to really struggle. Look what is happening now when you miss your injection by a day.
    Please get a second opinion and get your heart and chest checked out.
    Then let’s work on strengthening your body to be able to deal with Depo withdrawal.

    We are here to support you.


  31. Hello again ladies,
    I hope all is well with everyone, well some of my symptoms have faded, however, I still suffer from joint and muscle pain, tingling throughout my entire body. The pain has worsened so my doctor referred me to a pain management specialist and he had me take xrays of my spine. My results were :moderate degenerative joint disease of the lumbar spine, I have never heard of it until now. My doctor said the minerals in the depo shot caused the cartilage in my spine to deteriorate. I always took my shot in the hip and that’s what is effected, the tail end of my spine and hip bone. I have to get a credit scan on 10-3, I will keep you all updated! I’m not a doctor but the best thing you all can do is give your bodies the proper vitamins and food. Refrain from ever using this method again. If you can advise other women, do so. I wanted to have a baby next year but now I don’t if I could carry it and go through labor with my spine abnormal. I’m praying for you all!

  32. Hello, Kenya – Thank you for posting again. I have never heard of this condition before. The minerals in the depo shot caused spine deterioration is horrific. You are so right about the proper vitamins and food. Especially after coming off synthetic birth control. You may also be able to strengthen your spine if get the toxic minerals out of your body. The Touchstone Essential PureBody Zeolite removes a lot of toxin (heavy metals, and radiation) in the blood stream. The Zeolite also gets rid of chronic inflammation that causes the pain.

    That information is on the sidebar of my blog. Getting rid of toxins and nutrating the body is essential in this day and age.

    The body does have the ability to heal itself – if given the proper nutrients. Focus on that and perhaps your will be able to carry your baby to term.

    You are right – the information about the dangers of this drug need to be spread far and wide.



  33. Hi.
    I have stopped having the depo jab after being on it for 10 years, My last jab was due 22nd Aug, for the last 4 weeks i have been suffering from daily headaches, 2-3 per day. I havnt had any spotting and as yet not had a period. Are the headaches related to stopping the depo can you please tell me, Im not one to suffer with headaches and i have taken more pain relief tablets in the last 4 weeks than i have in the last 4 years!!

  34. Hello, Melm – Thanks for stopping by. I hope you are consulting with your doctor on your headaches. But it does seem just from common sense – that after 10 years on a synthetic hormone your body is going to have to have some major adjustments to the lack of injected hormones – until its own normal/natural hormone process kicks in again. Was your doctor aware of your going off Depo? Did he/she give an advice?

    Think of what you are going through as withdrawal. Your body is going to have to have time to adjust – and the best way to do that is to make sure your body is getting all of the nutrients it needs to support the transition.

    Your headaches should be monitored by someone to make sure there is nothing more serious going on. However, chances are they are due to coming off the drug.

    Are you drinking a lot of water? Eating fruits and vegetables? Getting proper nutrition? Exercising? All of these things will help.
    We probably need to look at hormone imbalance as well – until your system straightens out and that could take quite a few months. You may not have a period for a while. Your own hormone cycle has been asleep for years – and now it is forced into being active again – that is going to take time. Your transition will be much easier if your body is nutrated.

    If your headaches continue – please consult a physician – just to be on the safe side.
    I would also consult with someone about coming off Depo and what to anticipate…. maybe a women’s health clinic or a naturopath or chiropractor.

    Where do you live? I will try and help you find someone who will be able to give you advice and guidance.



  35. Hello Leslie,
    its Krystal again, I wanted to update everyone on how I am doing, Well I was doing good, I was taking a women one a day vitamin and started feeling better, I was actually able to work and have a pretty good days but I was still waking up every morning between 5-6 am with a weird stomach ache, but it was passing within an hour and I would be able to get down a carnation instant breakfast, and eat a normal lunch and dinner. ( this is what I am calling my normal sickness) lol Well after doing some more research I saw that some women were taking a prenatal vitamin and it was taking the morning sickness away. So I bought one and took it this past Saturday was my first time taking it. On Sunday I felt like crap, I was throwing up in the morning and could hardly eat anything, then by the afternoon I was able to eat some chicken noodle soup but it tasted funny to me, by the evening I was feeling ok and took another prenatal vitamin and went to bed fine. On Monday woke up throwing up again, feeling horrible, I then made an appointment with my new OBGYN and she said that it was the prenatal that was making me sick and to stop taking it, she said that if I wanted she would send me to a hormone specialist and see what they can do to start feeling better. She at least agreed that I am feeling like this because of the Depo and that once I get my period back to normal that I should not have these symptoms anymore. I have had some bleeding, well actually a lot I had a 6 day period in the middle of August and then a week later it came back and I had bleeding for another 8 days, So I am thinking maybe I am feeling this way this week because I am suppose to be having my period and I am not? Along with the prenatal vitamins that messed me up?? My OBGYN had mentioned about getting on a low dose of bc to help get my periods back to normal and maybe that would get rid of these symptoms also but I am just not sure if I want to get back on any bc but on the same note i dont really want to feel like this anymore, it has been 3 months of hell for me and I am starting to get desperate. If anyone else has felt like this please email me at and let me know whats happening to you after getting off of depo. This is really ruining my life and I hate it for this!

  36. Hello, Krystal – It appears your body is fed up with the toxins it has been exposed to. Yes, it is a good thing that your doctor is becoming aware that how you are feeling is due to Depo withdrawal.

    Prenatal vitamins do not offer nutrition – because they are made synthetically. I think your body objected to that.
    You are definitely experiencing sever hormone imbalance.

    I am going to direct you all to another page – where over 200 women have posted comments on their sad stories of hormone imbalance – most of them are coming off birth control pills – or just have unexplained anxiety. Women of all ages and backgrounds. I am getting a comment their everyday of someone else who is suffering.
    Hormonal Imbalance Anxiety a Precursor to Other Health Issues

    A woman – posted this unsolicited comment about the Truehope EMPowerplus that is on the side bar of my blog. Also about the Zeolite. Hormone imbalance and heavy metal toxicity is huge.

    Hello girls,
    I accidentally got on this site looking for the name of the hormone that causes racing thoughts. Much of what everyone is going through, I’ve gone through my self. I want to give you hope – Truehope that is. is a vitamin originally developed over 20 years ago to help with brain dis-orders as they have found a way to nano-size what looks like (on the label) an ordinary multi-vitamin. Nano-size, meaning it has been broken down to such a small size that it can penetrate the blood-brain barrier. Most all vitamins/supplements at health food stores or on the net, do not reach the brain because of particle size – hence our brains do not get the nutrition needed if we don’t eat organic produce, and much of the store bought food have so been depleted with chemicals and have been scientifically altered to withstand diseases, pest, etc. that they don’t give us what we need. Actually give us things we don’t need – chemicals – that can make the brain not function properly. The brain makes all decisions of hormone needs and if not healthy, can cause much of what is described here.

    I have a relative who is an MD of high stature and had a child with severe OCD to the point of dropping out of high school his sophomore year. They traveled the world looking for a cure to no avail. They happened on Truehope vitamins (being a last resort for a doctor who believed in the medical tradition). Within 3 months he was normal. Within a year he got his GED and is now applying for college. This is when I thought of trying these vitamins because I felt like I was going insane. I can’t tell you how amazing these vitamins are and they are not very expensive, as the founder who developed them was trying to find a cure for his wife and kids bi-polar disorder with success and wants to help others. When you purchase the vitamins, you are automatically put into their systems for consultation for free where they call you once a month to see how you are doing and will recommend other products (they don’t sell) from your local health food store that you may need to take to aid with whatever is ailing you – maybe because they only have developed about 6 products. They obviously have a database of amazing information to help people because they are all so well informed on every situation. The products I take are EMPower (felt a difference on day one), Omega fish oil, Phosphatidylserine (PS for short) – this one helps with racing thoughts and helps sleep.

    The other thing I have done and believe all people need to do because we are all exposed to heavy metal toxicity is do a heavy metal detox. Heavy metals can really mess with your brain function. The best I have found that doesn’t cause a re-distribution or stirring up of the metals (which can be dangerous) is “Zeolite” in powdered form (make sure it is high quality) and/or a more natural but takes longer, Cilantro (in tincture form) along with another product I can’t remember it’s name but was suggested from a compound pharmacist in my area that is a chelation (products that cause heavy metals to leave the body) specialist.

    Just thought I would throw my testimony out there if anyone is interested.

    Thought all of you posting on this page should know that you have a lot of sisters on another page who are experiencing the same horrible side effects from hormone imbalance.

    Hard to believe an answer to our woes can come for a nutritional supplement. But believe me when I say your hormonal imbalance is first and foremost nutrient depletion which then affects the endocrine and immune systems.



  37. Ok Krystal – still reading through your post.
    Putting you back on a low dose birth control is going to mask the hormone imbalance not heal it.
    That is your choice. I think when you read the comments of other women regarding hormone imbalance post-birth control pill – you will seriously reconsider this.

    You may also want to consult with Cheryl Jazzar – Postpartum Wellness Consultant on this too. Here is Cheryl’s interview on my radio show.
    Postpartum blues (post pregnancy) is also hormone imbalance coming off of an elevated hormone high from pregnancy.

    Follow the link on the above page and you can get to her web site.

    I know she will be glad to answer your questions for you.

    Also heavy bleeding like you are experiencing is due to hemorrhaging – the uterine capillaries have become weakened.
    You can get a Vitamin C compound with ascorbic acid and bioflavnoids. The bioflavnoids strengthen arteries and capillaries.
    Make sure you get a whole food vitamin (health food store) and not a synthetic.

    Three months is a long time to be feeling this way – and yes you are probably feeling more emotional and at a loss because your may be premenstrual.
    It is definitely because you are hormone imbalanced.

    I am going to email you a menstrual chart so you can start tracking your symptoms in relation to where you are in your menstrual cycle…..
    Once you start charting you will understand the pattern and that it is your hormone that are triggering your anxiety.

    Hormonally yours,


  38. Hi Lesley
    Thanks for the reply, Yes the doctor was aware i was stopping the depo but did not give any advise and when i asked if there would be any withdrawl she just said possibly!!!. I have also consulted the doc re the severe head aches and asked if it was to do with stopping the depo and was told no it shouldnt be. the last 2 days they have eased off and are now just a dull ache which is much more bareable and im not needing to take any pain relief. I have also been informed by my doc they i have an under active thyroid which over the past 3-4 months is getting worse and worse so im told, im not at the stage to be medicated and im having regular blood tests. Yes i do eat alot of veg but not so much fruit and try to drink alot of water. Thank you for getting back to me its nice to no there is help out there and i would never started on the depo had i known the after effects although i thought i was fab when i was on it!.

  39. Hello, Melm – Well, under-active thyroid is hormone imbalance. Why is your thyroid under-active? Because the Depo shot was providing synthetic hormones and your thyroid did not have to be active… in fact, it probably did not know what to do with synthetic hormones. That is why synthetic hormones do…. shut down the endocrine system.
    Your thyroid needs time to adjust and to start being sensitive to your body’s natural hormones. Instead of waiting until it gets worse….why don’t you correct the problem now with nutritional supplements. If you go on medication for your thyroid – it will further increase your hormone imbalance since long-term medication only masks the symptoms.
    What you want is long-term nutrition. Check out Truehope EMPowerplus

    You need to replace nutrients in your body now… do not wait until you are thoroughly depleted before your thyroid becomes so under-active you need medication.

    Glad your headaches have subsided. I can offer you a chart to track when your headaches occur in relation to your menstrual cycle if you want.

    The reason you were fab on Depo – is the same as why most women feel fab in pregnancy – elevated hormones. But if that goes on too long – other conditions will crop up like an under-active thyroid.

    Keep posting and letting us know how you are doing.

    Hormonally yours,


  40. Greetings,
    I’m stopping by to update you on my ct scan. Well it turns out that I am two weeks pregnant so I had to cancel it. After being on depo for eight years without a break, I had no idea I could get pregnant this fast. I was due for a shot in July. I believe that flushing my system with water, fruits, and vegetables helped remove hormones from depo. I’m excited, however, I still have the issues with my spine, muscles, nerves, and joints. I’m praying that all goes well because this is not going to be easy. Are women able to carry full term with chronic pain? Are there natural products that can help?

  41. Hello, Kenya – thanks for the update. Congratulations on your pregnancy too. When you come off birth control – you never know when you are going to ovulate – it could within a week – or it could take 6 months. You are very lucky to have become pregnant so fast after coming off the shot. Perhaps your diet of water, fruits and vegetables did help with detoxing your system. However, you obviously still have other toxins in your system. There are two products that will help. One is the Touchstone Essential Pure Body Zeolite – linked here on my blog.

    Studies have shown that close to 300 toxins have been found in the umbilical cord. This Zeolite clears out many of them without affecting the pregnancy. I can provide more information and contact with others – and a retired nurse-midwife who can share her experience in using this product with pregnant women. The Zeolite clears out the toxins that cause chronic inflammation. I know this from personal experience.

    Earlier this year I fell and severely sprained my ankle and slightly fractured my ankle bone. I could barely get up it hurt so badly. I do what I always do – get up and go for a walk. But after sitting at the computer for the rest of the day my ankle swelled up to a balloon. By the next day I was hobbling, my ankle was wrapped up and I thought I was going to have to get some crutches. On the third day as I was putting my foot on the floor getting out of bed, I said to myself – oh, this is going to hurt. And to my surprise – I had no pain at all. Some discomfort – but I was walking 95% of normal and climbing stairs. I was back at my dance class the following week. That is what sold me on the Zeolite. I had just started on the product the week before. I soaked my ankle in Epsom salt and Zeolite and the swelling was down in a couple of weeks. Chronic inflammation is caused by toxins in the body. That is what arthritis is too – toxic buildup.

    The other natural remedy you should be taking are whole food nutrients – vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Of course, the Truehope EMPowerplus product is excellent for this. But do your research and find something that works for you. Taking nutrients now will ensure your body is well-nourished so it can give the best of the best nutrients to your baby without depleting your own reserves. If you do not have enough nutritional reserves for yourself – you will tail spin into hormone imbalance and postpartum depression after your pregnancy. Please consider this seriously.

    Detoxing and nutrition have become the new medicine. No side effects. Radiant health. Simple and cost-effective. I have researched the products on my blog carefully. The companies are not paying to be on my site. I benefit from referrals is all. And I still have my day time job! And will have it for a long time to come.

    Good luck to you. Let us know how your pregnancy progresses. And let me know If I can help you further in getting more information.
    You can email me at

    Hormonally yours,


  42. heyyy,22 years old i was on the depo for only 6 month(2shots) .my shot was do in April but i never went back after that.When i was on it i was bleeding but now that I’m off i stop bleeding.I’m having pregnancy symptoms.Can I be pregnant? or It’s because the depo shot getting out my body…. can some one help me out thinks.never again well i talk depo again.

  43. Any help thanks

  44. Hello, Lady Star! I guess my first question is – have you had unprotected sex after going off the Depo shot? Another woman who posted here got pregnant very soon after getting off the shot – but that was her desire.

    I imagine that your breasts are swollen and that you have some nausea – early pregnancy symptoms. However, other women have posted here with these feelings coming off Depo and they were not pregnant. If you did have unprotected sex your first step would be to get an over-the-counter pregnancy test or go to a family planning clinic and have one done.

    The scare of an unplanned pregnancy is a universal feeling. Went through it many times myself. It is inconceivable to me (no pun intended) that the only methods of birth control that are deemed ‘safe’ are the synthetic hormone suppressants that affect our health and well being.

    You all need to remember that whatever type of synthetic hormone birth control you choose – you have to use condom and spermicides to protect yourselves from STD’s. That is two forms of birth control. Condoms and spermicide are still the safest form of birth control with about 98% effectiveness. The rub is – you have to make a conscious decision to use them. Have heard the argument from guys too long that condoms diminishes their penile sensation. Tough %^&*! Look at what these hormone synthetics are doing to our health! It is time we reclaim the right to our reproductive health. If he won’t wear a condom then he can hit the road.

    You are all worth more than that.

    Hormonally yours,


    LadyStar – Let us know the results of your pregnancy test. Get the synthetic chemicals out of your body and start shining like a Star! We are here to support you.

  45. Hope I helped…. stay in touch.


  46. i have been on depo for 8 yrs and i am so looking forward to not getting my next shot after reading everyones posts, i didnt realize all my issues i have been having were happening to other people also, i didnt even think it could be from my BC. since i have been on the depo i have experienced very annoying IBS, and for the past year every few months i have been having very bloody loose stool that lasts for 2 or 3 days, could this possibly b because of the depo, im kind nurvis to ask my doctor because she just seems to brush everything off and just talk about my weight issues, not my bc issues. it just scares me that docters dont tell you any of these side effects, i just hope this wont effect me after i go off the depo.

  47. Hello, Angela… it sounds as though you are experiencing hormone imbalance – IBS is a symptom of that – although I would watch the bloody stool. That is something your doctor will not brush off. Your weight issues are part of your hormone imbalance issues. They may start to resolve themselves once off the Depo. I would seriously seek out a naturopath in your area who can guide you on some of these issues. In the meantime, I would go to your health food store and pickup some whole food multivitamins to start building up your system to prepare for Depo withdrawal. The stronger your body is, the easier the withdrawal. And after 8 years – it will be a transition. Just remember you will need to use another method of birth control when you get off the Depo. You never know when you may ovulate – until your cycle straightens out and that could be right away or months down the road.

    Your weight – my indeed by part of your diet – and the lack of nutrition in the food supply. It may also be due to how much toxic exposure you have had. Toxins are stored in body fat. But chances are your weight is due to the hormone disruption caused by the Depo. Please listen to this radio interview I just did with Jonathan Bailor, author of ‘The Smarter Science of Slim

    You will understand a lot more about hormone imbalance and your weight after listening to this program.

    Please stay in touch and let us know how you are doing.
    We are all here to support each other.

    Hormonally yours,


  48. Heyyy Leslie, well yeaa i have unprotected sex only with one person in it’s my boyfriend. My breast was swollen and i have nausea in the morning sometimes and during the day.I took a pregnact test and it was negative :(. The reason i stop taking the shot is beacuase i was still bleeding every time.Out of nowhere the bleeding stop and now i have the pregnant symptoms.Can I be pregnant and dont know it..

  49. Dear Leslie,

    I am a 22 year old woman, I was on the depo since I was 16, it has been 3 months since I have come off it, due to it seriously effects me physically and emotionally, at first I loved it! No use for condoms with my boyfriend and no periods!… Than the problems strt coming, completely depleted sex drive, I would avoid kissing my partner who adores me and I think it the sexiest man on the planet in my eyes, I came to the point I would put off bed time so I didn’t have to have sex, I wouldn’t sit next to him, I tried to convince myself I want to, but the last 3 years with him I have lied to myself saying I wanted to have intercourse with my partner but really I was just doing it for him, after a long time of this problem I finally realised its me, and the only thing which could cause it is the depo, since stopping I went straight on the pill called loestrin for a month, my breasts were so sore and I finally had my first period at the en of the month, however I came off it due to weight gain and mood swings, two months off anything, and I am a complete wreck, the doctors don’t listen they suggest more and more contraceptives or look at me like I am a little girl who doesn’t know anything, but I know my body and mind an I should want to be intimate with my partner! He is amazing I can’t actually believe he has put up with me this long!… However there are still more problems and I’m worried I will a mess for years which I can guess will push my partner away, if its my the sex drive then it has I be my sudden and constant mood swings, it’s getting to be the final straw now, and he has finally said after 4 years that lately he is loosing patience with my mood swings an I have no idea what to do, I’m moody – angry and upset all the time, I don’t want to loose my partner and I want to be normal again! Any advice?


    From Desperate girl

  50. Hello, Desperate Girl. Wow you have described this perfectly. And yes, your man is a gem. If anything have him read all of the comments on this blog of women going through the same thing as your are. Actually over 200 comments are posted on this blog about Hormonal Anxiety.

    You are a very wise woman to be able to stand up to your doctors and say I know my body and mind – and I want my partner back. Hormone imbalance does affect your sex drive.
    Going from Depo to the pill is very similar -although Depo has a lot more side effects.

    You are very young to be so hormonally imbalanced – but you are. Were your mother and grandmother on birth control pills? Estrogen buildup in our bodies is from estrogen being passed in-utero during pregnancy, environmental toxins – including plastics. STOP DRINKING, MICROWAVING, EATING, anything in plastic. Plastic has estrogen mimickers which build up in our bodies and cause weight gain.

    You will not be a mess for years IF YOU take steps now. Nutritional supplementation and natural progesterone to offset the effects of the estrogen.
    There are so cost-effective things you can do for this.
    Contact me at and I will explain.

    If you want even more support – I will be happy to speak with the gem of a man in your life and explain to him what is going on and what we are going to do to balance your hormones.
    Good men are hard to find… and it is a bite to lose one…especially when your problem is not you – it is the biochemical you.

    Hormonally yours,


  51. Leslie I really need your look like i have brown spot on my chest now.can tbat be a sign of pregnantcy.i havint bleed yet.can it be that i am pregnant and dont know it…

  52. A brown spot on your chest? Have not heard that is a sign of pregnancy. I would do another pregnancy test. Do you use Skype? My user name is hormonegoddess. Otherwise, email me at and I will give you my cell phone number. Are you still experiencing the other symptoms of pregnancy – swollen breast etc? Please contact me LadyStar.

    For everyone else on this page. When you come off of Depo – or any other synthetic birth control – you have to use another form of birth control immediately. You do not know if you body is going to kick and ovulate today, tomorrow – or in 100 days. This is not a time to be fooling around. Besides – you all need to be using condoms for sexually transmitted diseases – unless you know 100% sure you and your partner are ‘clean.’ And the only way to go about that is to get tested.

  53. Hi Leslie,

    I was on provera for 9 years, about 6 months off and still suffering with nausea, headaches, tingling in legs, back ache, neck ache, fatigue, muscle aches and generally feeling really unwell. Can you suggest anything to help? How long will the chemical remain in my body for? I have begun HRT estradoil as oestrogen is very low. Do you think antidepressants will help these symptoms? Any advice would be great. Thanks


  54. Hello, Claire – provera for 9 years is a stretch of time. Those chemicals may be in your body for a long time. However, if you take a bath in Epsom salts and baking soda – you can detox and get those toxins out of the body. Easy and cost-effective.

    Your adding more synthetic hormones to your body with the HRT – but you are right it is a low dose. Only for short-term use though. You may be estrogen-dominant already – because of estrogen mimickers in your diet and environment – and genetically from your mother’s birth control use. Let me know how it goes.

    I would also recommend Progessence Plus super-micronized progesterone from wild yam blended with essential oils and vitamin E to help women find balance the way nature intended.

    I think you will find this beneficial for your depression and anxiousness which is part of the hormone imbalance. And you are probably nutrient deficient – most women are.
    So to answer you question about anti-depressants? They may or may not help – but for short-term use they may be beneficial. Long term use of anti-depressants will only mask the symptoms. If you want to heal and balance your hormones – I recommend charting your menstrual cycle and your mood fluctuation, using the natural progesterone cream, and nutrating your body with Truehope EMPowerplus micronized nutrients and minerals.

    If you want more information or are interested in these products please email me at

    Hormonally yours,


  55. Thanks for your help. What oestrogen mimickers in diet should I avoid? Thanks

  56. Hi I am 37 years old. I was on the COCP for 9 months, then developed a DVT so had 1 depot provera shot at the start of April 2012. Prior to this I had nearly 7 years with no contraception (and no partner) I was amenorrhoeic for the 1st 12 weeks. Then decided we wanted to try for a baby. I had a bleed for 5 days exactly 12 weeks after. I have been having a bleed for 5-7 days every 30-35 days since, but have not ovulated since. I was monitoring with urine LH but so expensive so now charting BBT and cervical mucus, and will start with the saliva microscope. The past 2 cycles I have had breast tenderness from day 18 till the next bleed. Is this a good sign that my body is returning to normal and that I will start to ovulate soon? I eat a lot of whole foods and started a some multivitamins, liver cleanse multivitamins, as well as a herbal tonic and homeopathic treatment after consulting a naturopath.

  57. Hello, Kelly – well you seem to be on the right road. Your body may be returning to normal… time will tell. You are certainly doing the right things to support your body.
    You may also be in perimenopause – the transition leading into menopause. This phase can can last up to 10 years. Do you know when your mother went into menopause?

    Anyway, perimenopause means irregular ovulation so it is a good thing you are tracking with BBT and cervical mucus so you can catch when you do ovulate. However, if you do ovulate one month – do not assume you will ovulate again the next month. Charting is going to be key here. I am so glad you are consulting with a naturopath. Please make sure that they vitamins you are taking are whole food and not synthetic. Synthetic vitamins are not absorbed by the body.

    Keep posting and let us know how you are doing.

    Hormonally yours,


  58. Hi
    I have been on the depo for 9 years now. I am coming up to 25yrs old and really struggle with my weight, dieting unsuccessful even through regular exercise and careful diet.
    I suffer with severe depression, a lot of triggered by traumatic experiences in life however I feel in a way the prozac is ineffective and I just feel worse.
    I am thinking of coming off the depo, it is due 30th November. I am not in a relationship currently and am very unlikely to be having any sexual contact with anyone for a while, would it be wise to try and go without any form of BC and just start on the vitamins and see how it goes?
    Prior to depo I had periods that lasted 10-13 days and were heavy from day 1, most days I would be crippled in pain and unable to leave the house. I got put on further meds by GP to lighten the bleeding but the pain was still unbearable.
    Any other advice would be much appreciated, this post has been eye opening. . .

  59. Hi Leslie, I’ve had two shots depo provera and decided to stop because of all the side affects -moody , aggressive , low sex drive,no energy , tired all the time . I have been off now for three months but still no period . I am much better, hope my period comes back soon and feel like a normal woman again.

  60. Katie – you went on Depo at age 16 (or somewhere in there) – but you went on this synthetic hormone before your body had a chance to develop its own endocrine – hormone rhythm.
    I would certainly consider coming off of the Depo especially since you are not sexually active. Here is the deal – if you become sexually active you are going to have to use condoms and spermicide to protect yourself from STD’s – until you are with a partner for a long time – and have both been tested. So why are you on a birth control method that is used as a castration injection for sex offenders in prison? That alone should wake up every woman on this post.

    Periods that are lasting 10 to 13 days are not normal either… but then when you are on a synthetic hormone you are not having a ‘period’ you are having a chemical bleed.
    So go to your health food store and buy a WHOLE FOOD – not synthetic Vitamin C with ascorbic acid AND bioflavnoids. Bioflavnoids strengthen capillaries, arteries – blood vessels etc. heavy bleeding is often due to a hemorrhaging in the uterus. Many women see a significant change in their bleed within 30 days.

    We have to get away from this concept that if something is not normal in our body – that we are sick – or that there is something wrong with us. Unfortunately, that message is rampant in our society. The real message is that we are nutrient deficient. If you mother was nutrient deficient – and look at all the processed foods we are eating and the changes in our diet….she is going to pass that deficiency on to you….. and if you are deficient – well, then guess what you are going to pass that on to your child.

    I know an exercise that will help with crippling pain. My suggestion – is that you need to get on some strong nutritional supplements now – before you go off the Depo. After 9 years of a synthetic hormone rush – and without your endocrine system being developed – you will crash. If you get nutrients and natural progesterone to balance your hormones – bot the of these products are on my site….. or research on your own….. then you will have a much easier time coming off the depo.

    Nutrition or Medication – this is the million dollar question – and – the wake up call for all of us.

    Please let me know how I can help and support you.
    I am glad you found this post.

    Stay with us so we can continue to guide you.

    Hormonally yours,


  61. Hello Dana – Depending on the health of the hormone system – ovulation may not occur for months after coming off any synthetic hormone. But you only had two shots? That shows how and you have not resumed ovulating? I am glad you are better. I just posted an article about how synthetic hormones decrease libido. Very disturbing…. I would suggest natural progesterone – the Progessence Plus on my web site. This product is infused with essential oils that clean off the hormone receptor sites on the cells in the body so that the natural progesterone can be absorbed.

    Even though, Depo is a progestant, it is synthetic – so when it is introduced to the body its says – oh, I am getting enough progesterone – so I do not have to make anymore. Then when it is time to make more progesterone, it takes a while to gear back up – plus it takes awhile for the residual progesterone to get out of the body.

    Most women are estrogen dominant – because of plastics, synthetic hormones, foods etc. etc, and most of us need progesterone support.

    Hormonally yours,


  62. Hey… I was one depo from 2007 up until April of last year… i was suppose to take it in July but i decided to get off of it because it was causing my knees to hurt… I didnt consult a doctor about getting off the shot… After getting of the shot i began to have heavy bleeding up until 2 months ago… Now the problem i am having is trying to concieve. Me and my fiancee have been trying to have a baby but it seems like i cant…. what i wanna know is how long can it take for me to become pregnant and is there any way i can build my horomone balance back up if my hormone balance is the problem. im starting to get worried that i will never be able to concieve again.

  63. Hello, Sharica -Since you were on Depo for 5 years – it is very possible you will not regain a normal endocrine rhythm for many months. The longer women are on synthetic hormones – the longer it takes to start ovulating again. I think you had a heavy period for two months – because you were actually having a first period. When you are on synthetics hormone birth control women experience a ‘chemical bleed’ not a natural period. There is a difference.

    What are you doing to prepare your body for pregnancy? Are you taking whole food vitamins? Are you eating well and cutting out the processed and foods without nutritional value in your diet? These are all of utmost importance to pregnancy preparation as well as nutrating your body so it is hormonally imbalanced.

    Are you experiencing any other symptoms of hormone imbalance? Anxiety, depression, hair loss, change in appetite, (there is a entire list on this blog). If you are not – supplement your diet with good nutrition so that your body will have the nutrient it needs to balance itself from the Depo and start ovulating again. And then you will also be ensured you are healthy enough to provide vital nutrients to your baby.

    Hormonally yours,


    PS – a little known fact about the body and pregnancy. If the ‘survival’ of one’s body becomes threatened – i.e. illness or disease, chronic stress, trauma etc., the first system in the body to shut down is the reproductive system. This will of course prevent pregnancy until the body is back in balance and/or healed. A beautiful balance and check system to protect not only our health but the health of the baby.


  64. Sharica – I spoke with a naturopath today and you may also consider using a natural progesterone to stimulate ovulation. On the side bar on my blog I have a link to Progessence Plus Serum from Young Living. Cost is only $46.00. Not only will this help balance your hormones – but it will stimulate your own production of progesterone – since the Depo inhibited it. Progesterone is also vital to carrying a pregnancy to term. Many women miscarry because their progesterone levels are too low.

    Hormonally yours,


  65. Dear Leslie,
    You are a star. I read all your blogs on depo provera. Its amazing to know you help and support a lot of ladies out there including myself to heal of that poison called Depo provera. Am 27years,I had my first shot in May,2011 and the last shot in July 2012. I regret ever choosing it as a contraceptive. You are right,condom and spermicide are the best,anything that would not interfere with natural hormone. Luckily for me,I did research on the injection in August and saw all the reviews. I couldn’t believe my eyes,similar cases on the side effects. In September,I started taking supplements;Agnus castus,primose oil(both for hormonal balance),milk thistle for detoxifictaion,osteocare to help my bone density and folic acids(since am trying for a baby now). Am lucky,no signs of coming off depo yet. I didn’t take my due shot for october. So hopefully,I won’t experience the nightmares. I didn’t add weight while on it,only spotting which stopped in Oct. My concern is bit of recurrent thrush and constipation,which I read could be side effect of depo.I have high sex drive coming off it.Above all,I take plenty water,use sauna and exercise too to help my system recover. Finally,am patient and praying to God for divine healing.

  66. Dear Vi – YOU are the star. You have done the research and you have started the healing. That takes guts and courage… and now you are sharing your story and affirming my concerns about this dangerous drug. I spoke with a young woman last night – who had a tubal ligation AND is on Depo to balance her hormones…. what???????????????????????? The poor young woman has so much anxiety and such sever episodes she is afraid to be around her children.

    Ok that being said- as for the thrush -that is yeast/candida. Add olive leaf extract to your supplements and that should help clear out the yeast. Also drinking a few tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar in an 8 oz glass of water will help with an over acidic body and create a more alkaline environment. That will also kill the yeast.

    Thank you for your post – and thank you for taking the time to read the information I have gathered. I cannot begin to tell you what that means to me.
    We need to empower women – with women’s intuitive healing. And it all goes back to our grandmothers when they were telling us to eat well…. and made us chicken soup! However, it is very hard to get those vital nutrients from food sources anymore… so healing has to come in the form of herbs and supplements.

    Please keep posting and let us know how your are doing.
    Your prayers will be answered…. and you have answered mine.

    Blessings to you,


  67. Thank you Leslie for the information on thrush. I want to join the campaign “War against Depo Provera”. Let us reach out to the ladies out there on the potential hazards of this injection. The side effects outweighs the benefits,to deplete bone density and can cause breast cancer by 2.2 fold is enough to place ban on it. Please let’s use social media; create a page on facebook,twitter anything at all to send out this message. I read on internet the the fight against depo started as far back as 1984. We can end it now,the time is now.


  68. Wow Vi – so glad to have you hear…. Since you have read through all of my posts on Depo -you must have read about the shot being used as a from of castration for male sex offenders in prison. I have said this before and I will say it again – if Depo were marketed as a sex castration drug to women do you think we would be lining up to get it? You know something I have not researched but now am wondering is what else (if anything) is in this injection other than synthetic progesterone.

    I will do a Facebook search and see if other women are speaking out against Depo.
    Women so need to take the health of our bodies back.

    Am sharing this quote from a book entitled: Girls in Power

    In sum, our cultural history medicalizes women’s health rendering girls powerless over their bodies. How can a girl feel that she has power over her own body and her own bodily experiences if she is not educated? How can she see her body as a source of power in her interactions if she is alienated and judged by her body?

    That will give us all something to think about.

    Hormonally yours,


  69. thank you so much leslie… I was starting to thank that i cant have any more kids… so how do i go about ordering the nutrient pills… and once i start taking them how long after… from experince… do i think i can reproduce

  70. Sharica – glad you are back. Never say never… The body can heal itself with the right nutrients. Call Truehope – tell them you found their information on my site.
    When you start ovulating to reproduce depends on how nutrient depleted you are. Just look at it this way. When the body feels threatened it stops reproduction. Think I might have mentioned this already. This is kind of like nature’s balance and check system for ‘healthy’ pregnancies. So when the body is nutrated and has enough vitamins, minerals and amino acids to pass on to the fetus – it will start ovulating again. I think you said you have been off Depo for a couple of months now? We may also consider adding in natural progesterone in another month – to offset the synthetic progesterone from the Depo. Natural progesterone will stimulate ovulation and build a healthy uterine lining once conception takes place.

    Thank you for asking Sharica.
    Keep posting and let us know how you are doing.
    One hopeful story leads to another.

    Hormonally yours,


  71. Jackie Bouwkamp says:

    I was on the Depo for 7 years before I decided to start my family. I didn’t have periods except for the first two months where I spotted. After being on BC pills for 3 months we attempted to get pregnant which happened about 3 months after being on BC. About a year after having my first child I found out that I was suffering from Hypothyroidism or had a goiter. We monitored this and I went on Synthroid to keep my levels down. After 4 years we decided to have another baby. I had a miscarriage first, then a successful pregnancy. I went back on BC pills. I started having some circulation issues and some nerve damage to two of my fingers. I was advised to change my birth control so I went to the Mirena. After spotting for a month on that I didn’t have a period for 2-3 months. Then I started spotting again every month and had the spotting for 7 days at a time. Two weeks prior to the spotting I would get these terrible tension headaches that lasted until the spotting started. I decided about a month ago to have it removed and am slowly getting back to normal. I am sharing this because I do believe that the Depo had something to do with the thyroid problem because I have no family history of thyroid issues. I also gained alot of weight with the Depo, about 60 lb throughout the 7 years. I also gained about 20 lb. on the Mirena in the course of about a year. I can’t completely blame all the weight gain on the BC but I do contribute most to it. I now have a mass on my thyroid which we are working to find the outcome. I would strongly encourage people to use a more natural BC method due to the possible problems you can have. Tricking your body into thinking you are pregnant may not be a good solution for some people and in my case was not. My OBGYN would not even listen to the symptoms I was telling her I was having, so they all think its the next best thing to sliced bread. I do not lie, and I don’t like doctors so I would prefer just to not see them so I wouldn’t make this up. I hope this helps someone make an informed decision about BC.

  72. Hello – Jackie – that is a helluva story. Synthetic hormones are very dangerous. I am so sorry you went through all of this… I hope your health is good now and that you have replaced the nutrients in your body lost through pregnancy and Depo hell. You may also want to nutrate your children. Those synthetic hormones have been passed on to them as well. That is why some many young women – and even adolescents are going through hormone hell.

    Thank you for sharing what your life has been like.
    We have to stop this madness.

    The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology is advising synthetic hormone implants (in the arm) and IUD’s (Mirena) for teen girls. Did you know that 63% of women on synthetic birth control are not using it for contraception?

    One must wonder what is being done to women – for the sake of men’s pleasure.

    Hormonally yours,


  73. No i got off the shot last year in july. i was suppose to take it then but didnt go. then when i got off i had heavy bleeding all the way up until two months ago.

  74. also what is the number to true hope cuz the phone that im using not showing it

  75. Hello, Sharica – the phone number for Truehope is 1-888-878-3467.

    Hormonally yours,


  76. Hi Leslie,
    You seem to know more about Depo than the crackpot doctors I am surrounded by. I got my most recent shot in Sept and am due for another one on Dec 7th. Around Sept 22nd I started having what I thought were vague pregnancy symptoms- peeing every 2 hours, sometimes more, headaches, random pains in my breasts, heightened sense of smell, etc. I originally thought I was pregnant but a few weeks ago I had a blood test and it was negative. So far symptoms have since faded (its possible my mind was creating them out of anxiety) but I am afraid Depo may have worn off early–i’ve noticed a higher libido since the middle of Oct–and whereas it used to take me a half hour to orgasm now it only takes a few minutes if the conditions are right. My body seems to be going through cycles but no bleeding. I haven’t bled more than say 1 day since I got on the Depo 3 years ago. I plan to stay on it at least another year or two, but the thing is, if my body is rejecting the shot or something similar then I guess it won’t be happening. If so I risk pregnancy more than before because my horomones took over me today and I had unprotected sex. I read somewhere that people have what they think are PG symptoms when they come off Depo. They also say your libido slingshots. All my family planning nurses can tell me is that it lasts 3 months. (Well duh, I knew that). Anyways, what’s your take on this? Could I be losing Depo early or could it just be a horomone imbalance? Thanks.

  77. Hi, Heather – Most women would kill for your high libido… and easy orgasm…be that as it may… not sure I know more than your doctor’s but I have a different perspective or spin on things….

    First of all no one has a period on synthetic hormones … it is all a chemical bleed… not a period.
    So not bleeding more than one day is a result of that.

    I have not heard or read anything about Depo wearing off early… so I do not think there is a reason to be concerned there.
    Just remember synthetic birth control is a drug….and all drugs affect people differently depending on their biochemical nature and whether they are nutrated, dehydrated, hormone balanced etc.

    Progesterone comes into play right before ovulation and through the last part of your cycle. It is very possible that your higher levels of synthetic progesterone due to the Depo may be causing the pregnancy symptoms.

    An anxious mind can also cause an over reaction – we all know that…

    But other questions for you… since you did not provide enough information to get a grasp of the big picture….
    How old are you?
    How long have you been on Depo?
    What is your birth control history?
    Have you had children?
    Are you healthy?
    How was your mother’s health>

    Nutrient depletion combined with a history of synthetic estrogen and progestins (in Depo) can make anyone go haywire.
    It really all comes down to whether we can deal with this.

    Don’t feel this is really a great answer.. but I do need more information.

    The more synthetic hormones you have been on and the older you are … the more inclined you are to be hormonally imbalanced… it just makes sense.
    Plus all of these synthetic hormones deplete nutrients? Is your diet filled with nutrient-rich food?

    Synthetic hormones are a crap shoot… and the side effects can play out differently in each and every woman.

    Looking forward to getting more information from you – so I can have a better idea of how to respond…

    Hormonally yours,


  78. Hi – after feeling outright awful and pinpointing back to stopping using depo, I finally started looking up symptoms and stumbled upon this page. I stopped depo about four and half months ago, and after suffering from constant headaches, lower back ache, nausea, no period, just one case of very light spotting, irritability, very tender and swollen beasts. I was only on depo for 6 months, after being pushed by my doctor to use some sort of contraception (I was adamant that I get bad side effects, ad they told me depo has less side effects!). I want my period back (sounds silly, I never thought I would ever say that) but my gut feeling tells me when they come back all will be back to normal.
    Do you know the best way to help regulate my hormones, and bring back my cycle?

  79. Hello, Samantha – it is quite disturbing that women cannot advocate for themselves anymore and have to succumb to doctor’s – even if it is against what we really want.

    Wanting to have your period back is a wonderful thing. Menstruation is a vital natural cycle and it is also the foundation for women’s health and well being.

    So what has happened to you – is that the synthetic progesterone (progestin) in Depo was enough to shut down your normal production of progesterone.
    Now your body needs to start producing it on its own – and probably needs a kick start. That is what the Progessence Plus Serum will help with. It is a natural progesterone infused with essential oils so that the natural progesterone can be absorbed on a cellular level. Other natural progesterones get absorbed to some extent however, most stay stored in the fatty tissue – not going to the cellular level.

    This is the best way I know to balance our hormones and restore your cycle to its natural rhythm.

    Nutrition is also crucial… so make sure you are getting vital amino acids, minerals and vitamins in your diet daily.

    Hormonally yours,


  80. Hi Leslie! I’ve been on a regular birth control pill (Tri-Sprintec/combination pill) since i was 18 (now 25), never had a problem with them. But this year, decided to go on Depo-Provera, after a friend said she loved it. So i got the shot (my one and only shot) when i had my pap smear, the beginning of June 2012. It was like a day or two afterwards i could just feel a difference, i was very on edge and angry/bitter, plus, the no period thing made me very bloated and pent up. I actually missed my periods! haha. Anyways, i only did one shot, and decided to go back to my regular birth control pill. Was supposed to get 2nd Depo shot in August 20th-early Sept, but got back on pill instead. The transition was fine‚Ķbut noticed that the entire month of this month (November) I’ve had slight nausea, loss of appetite, some acid re flux‚Ķ.started freaking myself out, because i never get nauseous‚Ķ.it hit me, the shot takes months to work its way out of your system. I thought i would’ve had withdrawal symptoms right away, but no, they‚Äôre coming 3 months after stopping the shot. Which seems right, right? Anyways, i‚Äôm having my period now, which had no problem coming back‚Ķbut I am going off birth control entirely to help my body get back to normal, i have no bf, so pregnancy wont be an issue. Is this pretty normal to have these kind of withdrawal symptoms after quitting Depo-Provera, even though I went back to birth control pill (which is a combination pill)? The only thing that bugs me is the slight nausea‚Ķwhich i heard Chasteberry (agnus castus)helps. So i went down to my local health store and asked about it, referred to as the “woman’s herb”‚Ķhelps with so many things for women‚Ķhelps balance hormones. Anyways, started taking that once a day, and it‚Äôs really helped with nausea. I‚Äôm sure i will just have to let Depo work its way out of me. But in the meantime, i am kind of excited to get back to my normal regular hormones, and regular “actual” periods! I wouldn’t recommend the shot to anyone, its like poison! Any information you have would be great. Thank you.

  81. Hey Lea – I think I saw your post on the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research page. Glad you followed me over here – after I posted a response this evening. If you have read through the other comments on women struggling coming off Depo – you at least know you are not alone.

    I am so glad you are letting your body clear out of synthetic hormones to get back to your natural rhythm. Every woman’s reaction to Depo is different…but it does take months for it to work itself out of the system. The stronger a woman’s hormone balance and her immune system and the better her diet – she will have an easier time ‘withdrawing’ from Depo. The more nutritionally depleted and hormonally imbalanced a woman is – she will have a harder time.

    That is not rocket science – just common sense.

    I did a quick search on nausea, and hormones – suspecting the same in pregnancy. Progesterone is elevated during pregnancy. And yes, higher levels of progesterone can cause nausea (morning sickness in pregnancy)…. click here

    So it could very well be that the higher levels of progesterone may have led to the feelings of nausea.

    So it appears that as the progesterone in the Depo wears off…. the synthetic progesterone levels will drop off.

    I always found Raspberry Leaf tea to be a wonderful aid in women’s hormonal and uterine health.
    I am not familiar Chasteberry.

    But I applaud you on doing your research and taking control of your health.

    Hormonally yours,


  82. Hi Leslie,
    To answer your questions, I am 23. Depo is the only BC I have ever been on, and now going on 4 years on it. I do not have children, and never have. I am currently healthy and as far as my mothers health, she has Rheumatoid Arthritis…worst our doctor has ever seen. She has an unknown problem where her blood disappears, docs are still trying to figure that one out. Only other thing she has is an underactive thyroid. She is afraid I will inherit that someday. I have a tough time eating healthy due to being on a very low budget but try to eat healthy when I can. Thank you for responding so quickly, the holidays can be a hassle.

  83. Heather – thanks for the information. Depo’s active ingredient is a synthetic progesterone. I do not know if you have read through all of the comments here but the injection is also used to castrate male sex offenders in prison. Not to frighten you or anything like that… however… I know you are coming up for another shot in early December – I read through your first post and it sounds like you may be experiencing ‘false’ pregnancy symptoms due to the increased levels of progesterone in your body.

    BTW – I just read an article this morning about nutrient deficiency and joint pain. I thought is was very interesting and want to share this information with you. It may be helpful for your mother.

    Regarding your mother’s thyroid imbalance (i.e. hormone imbalance) it is very possible that you will inherit that.

    I wish I could tell you there is a 100% safe and effective method of birth control on the market….
    Are you in a monogamous relationship? If not you need to be using a barrier method of birth control to prevent STD’s…. which then lends to the question – why Depo?

    Be that as it may. The Depo will affect your hormone imbalance – and it will deplete nutrients.
    If you want to remain on the Depo- I would recommend looking into a serious nutritional supplement so that when you are ready to come off the drug – you do not experience a sever withdrawal. Make sure your vitamins are whole food-plant based – not synthetic. And make sure they contain Zinc.

    I hope this helps.
    Hormonally yours,


  84. Thanks so much for getting back to me, Leslie! I’ve been eating great, started jogging a mile daily again last week, been taking the Chasteberry herbs, and went to health food store last night and bought a really good multi-vitamin (One ‘n’ Only multivitamin womens…23,000 mg whole food value). And then I take cranberry supplements as well, have been taking those for awhile though. So hopefully this depo will be out of my shot fairly soon! Another question though, so the depo provera shot is fake hormone? what about the pill (combination pill)? I also read that since the depo hormones are synthetic, the body treats it as a foreign substance…true? No wonder so many ladies get ill off of it.

  85. Hi – Lea – good for you on taking these important steps for your health an well being. All menstrual suppressants, contain synthetic hormones. Just like the ‘vitamins’ in our processed foods are synthetic. The body does not absorb the vitamins nor does it absorb the synthetic hormones. And yes, the body treats it as a foreign substance – but it also senses that there is ‘estrogen’ and ‘progesterone’ in the blood stream so that it shuts down its natural production of thes hormones. That is why so many women struggle with fertility coming off of the hormonal contraceptives. They also struggle with weight gain (estrogen being stored in the fatty tissue of the body), and anxiety and depression. This is all due to hormone imbalance. And if we do not right the wrong now… our children will even be more hormonally imbalanced and nutritionally depleted.

    So I am glad you are taking up the charge and empowering yourself to become a healthy, vital woman.

    Keep posting and let us know how you are doing!

    Empowerment is a wonderful tool.

    Hormonally yours,


  86. I have to agree with many of these women, you seem more knowledgeable about birth control than my doctor, but he’s a man, haha, so he truly doesn’t understand. And that is very true about the birth control and fertility, my mom said she went off the pill to have kids and it took her a year to get pregnant w me. Im sure after 7 years of being on birth control my body will have a little adjusting to do, but hopefully shouldnt be too terribly bad since i am preparing my body for the change. I told myself I would get back on the pill if I got a bf, but I’m not sure if I even want to do that now, there are so many other options. Thanks so much for posting all this information! I’ve slowly been reading through everyones!

  87. Hey Lea – thanks for the kudos… I have been involved with women’s health for the past 30 years. It is something I have been passionate about. My world changed when I started reading women author’s perspectives on the world – and I realized that the menstrual cycle is integral to our history, spirituality, – in general how we perceive the world through cycles. I truly believe that he suppression of this endocrine rhythm is causing damage to our health and relationships.

    Glad to know you are bypassing bc for now. Especially since you are not in a relationship – and when you do start a new relationship you are going to have to use condoms and spermicide for STD’s.

    The good news is I just heard somewhere that Trojan condoms has come out with a new and improved thinner condom to enhance
    your ‘orgasmic’ pleasure. LOL

    Heck if that is the case… then women need to toss those synthetic contraceptives away and let men bear responsibility for awhile.

    Glad you have found the information useful and helpful.
    So glad you took the time to visit.
    You are welcome here anytime.
    Especially to encourage other women in hormone recovery!

    Hormonally yours,


  88. Hello, Kenya – Wondering how your pregnancy is going? Hopefully, your chronic pain is diminishing. And that may be because you are on such a pregnancy ‘hormone-high’. Do not forget to nutrate so that when your pregnancy is over you do not experience severe chronic pain coupled with hormone imbalance. Remember pregnancies take many vital nutrients including minerals, vitamins and aminos from our body.

    Hormonally yours,


  89. i had only 3 shots, 1st last may 2009, 2nd shot february 2011 and 3rd shot this july 2012, in between the shot i take pills and twice i had 4 and 6 months break (sep-dec 2009 and feb-sep 2010) with both contraceptive. for the first and second shot i dont have any problem stopping it, only the 3rd shot i experience left breast pain, sore and hard. this september i went to gynecologist and surgeon to check my breast and they send me to ultrasound, the result is normal but until today im experiencing pain in my left breast, i got 3 days spotting last october then nothing in november then spotting again from december 7 to 10. my question is, is it normal having only one breast pain for the withdrawal symptoms of taking off depo? because im still worrying…

  90. Hello, precious… I am really not sure about the pain in one breast. Have you tried putting a warm castor oil compress on your breast?
    Wondering if that will ease the pain. Perhaps you may also want to go and have a thermogram done on your breast. A thermogram detects unusual activity in the breast using heat senors – not radiation like mammograms. That is something I would do. This is a good article that just came out about thermograms:

    You do have quite the history of jumping around from different birth control methods… I would think that once you have your breast issue resolved – and I would do that first – you look into hormone balancing. Do you have any naturopaths in your area? On the whole they are wonderful practitioners for detoxing and balancing the body. Here is a web site where you can see if there is a naturopath in your area:

    Hormonally yours,


  91. Hello. I first went on the Depo shot back when I was 15 because of a blood disorder called factor seven. I was on the shot for 2 years and never had any problems. I had lost weight from it and looked great and maintained a healthy size. I decided to get off the shot after that, and after a few months I gained back all the weight, skin problems, puffy face (like i had before the shot) ect. I had tests done and was told I had hashimotos. I am currently taking levothyroxin and my levels are normal but the symptoms are the same. I have changed my diet to gluten free and every day I have volleyball practice for 3 hours, but still no change in symptoms. My doctor believes I had hashimotos before I was on the shot, and I do too, looking back realizing I am now back at the same weight, same puffy face and skin. Do you think it would be a good idea to go back on depo, knowing it helped my body with my hashimotos symptoms? I have tried everything, and the only time I felt good about myself was when I was on the shot.
    Thanks !

  92. Mandy Mecham says:

    Hi my name is Mandy and I was wondering how do I get off the depo early cause I got the shot a couple of days ago and I really don’t want to be on it anymore I’ve been on it for awhile now and I don’t want to be on it anymore.. Cause I’m tired of being on it. Its not helping me with my moods or anything else.. So is there a way of getting the depo out of my system early?? After reading everyone posts it makes me not want to be on it anymore.. So yeah I want to get completly off the depo for good.. So how do I get rid of the depo early?????

  93. Hello, Rebecca – thanks for posting this great question…. unfortunately, I am not the person to make a decision for you in this matter. Just let me say that other women have been on Depo and have not had problems and they go back to it – and have a different experience entirely.

    Do you know what Hahimoto’s is?

    By Mayo Clinic staff
    Thyroid gland
    Hashimoto’s disease is a disorder that affects your thyroid, a small gland at the base of your neck, below your Adam’s apple. The thyroid gland is part of your endocrine system, which produces hormones that coordinate many of your body’s activities.

    Since Hashimoto’s is an endocrine system disorder/imbalance – any synthetic hormone may further disrupt that balance.
    Why aren’t you seeing anyone to correct the thyroid imbalance – that to me would be key…
    Are you sexually active – because if you are not you should consider healing this condition and not masking the symptoms with and drug including the Deop.
    I would consider seeing a naturopath for this… someone who will help you heal – not medicate you.
    Otherwise you are going to be dealing with this imbalance one way or another for the rest of your life.

    Hormonally yours,


  94. Hello, Mandy – Unfortunately, Depo is like any other drug – and it takes time to pass through your body. Depo is good for three months… and that is what you are going to have to endure. You may want to try some nutritional supplements to offset the moods. Wish I had better news for you.

    Tell me more about the moods you are experiencing. Sometimes a lack of zinc (mineral) can lead to negative moods…
    I need to get this article posted on my blog…. but here is an excerpt:

    Nutrition, not medication, is the answer

    Nutritional deficiencies, by the way, are the root cause of nearly all “mental illness.” Blood sugar imbalances cause brain malfunctions because the brain runs on blood sugar as its primary energy source. Deficiencies in zinc, selenium, chromium, magnesium and other elements cause blood sugar imbalances that result in seemingly “wild” emotions or behaviors.

    Nearly everyone who has been diagnosed with a mental disorder in our modern world is actually suffering from nothing more than nutritional imbalances. Too much processed, poisonous junk food and not enough healthy superfood and nutrition.

    Learn more:

    Keep posting and let me know how else I can help you through this.

    Hormonally yours,


  95. Hi 🙂 my name is Barbara and I recently came off the depo about a month ago and I just came off my period yesterday. It was the regular 5 days usual cramping bloating cravings something I did not miss lol. I noticed that my appetite has picked up a lot over the past two weeks and that concerns me even on the depo I gained weight and ate more but never this much I eat all day long and if I don’t I get sick. I urinate more often especially at night. My boobs have gotten so much bigger I’m already a 38D my stomach is rounder and a little bit hard. I am on other medications and I thought I could just chalk it up to that but it’s getting out of hand and I’m really worried. The first two weeks off the birth control I was pooping like crazie and I just thought my body was getting rid of it My gf said I could be pregnant but how is that possible if I haven’t had sex with a guy for over two years. (Yes I’m a lesbian) also I’m having flu like symptoms. For some reason I had this crazie idea that maybe the sperm stayed inside my cervix til it was ready to fertilize an egg even years after the fact but is that even possible I don’t know me and her want to have a baby but we just want some answers I’ve been worried sick and I don’t know what to do I’ve been searching google all night long and I have came across crazie things from diabetes to infections all kinds of things I came across this website and read a lot of the stories and they seemed so helpful so could you help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. Hello, Barbara -first of all sperm do not live long in the vagina – 72 hours is their life span…so no worries about being pregnant. It is amazing how undereducated we all are about our bodies. That is really the crux of the issue here and for most women who are posting.

    You have read all of the stories here – and you know that I advocate natural progesterone with essential oils to help balance the ration between estrogen and progesterone. It is very possible that you progesterone production has shut down – because of the Depo – and know the estrogen in your body is on a rampage… especially with the breast growth and weight gain.

    I would not jump off the deep end on this before you try the Progessence Plus Serum
    Balancing hormones are crucial to the health and well being of our bodies.

    I am also doing a very important radio show on circadian rhythms tonight with Dr. Virginia Gurley. Endocrine system functioning is based on these rhythms – and when we live outside that cycle – we start having a lot of problems.

    Wondering why you were on Depo when you do not need it for birth control?

    Everyone who posted here should be listening to the show tonight… Circadian Rhythms are crucial to women’s health and well being.

    Hormonally yours,


  97. Hi Leslie, just wanted to send you an update. After I got my shot, the high libido went away for maybe something like a week and came back. I’m starting to think that maybe my body has learned to fight off the depo…which would not be good because that puts me at risk for pregnancy. My body seems to be going through changes as if I’m ovulating…I.e. Cervical mucus changing consistency, mittleschmerz, etc. Is this really possible? Depo is the only form I can take due to being forgetful of a pill and being too overweight for the patch and implanon. My doctors and nurses are still blowing me off saying I can’t get pregnant and depo can’t fail (yeah bull). Did you ever wonder whether birth control was made to fail at least some of the time? And docs are protecting it so that the woman can’t do anything about it? I know, it sounds crazy, but I feel like I’m being brainwashed. Hope your holidays are bright.

  98. Hi. My name is Lynn I’m 21 and when I was 10 I was on my period for an entire year and a half bleeding so hard that I was anemic. I’ve been on birth control since that time and just started the depot shot this past march. I have been bleeding through constantly and completely lost my sex drive. I just went off it and am experiencing some awful symptoms. I feel like giving up on my uterus and am just lost.

  99. heyyy Leslie, up date on how I am doing. Well I think my period came back because evry 16 of each month started in Oct,2012. I was on time but in Dec,2012 on the 16 my period never came and its crazy because it was never a day late it always on time. I been having back pain and I couldn’t sleep. So can that be a sign of pregnacy .. I just need help thanks………

  100. Hey Lady Star..So what are you using for birth control? Glad to help you… but need to know more…
    Maybe you should get a pregnancy test and put your mind to rest.

    Hormonally yours,


  101. Hello, Lynn – I am sorry you are struggling. Your last statement about ‘giving up on your uterus’ is very poignant and the reason why hysterectomies are one of the top 2 surgeries performed… if not the top 2 – then right up in there. And by the way, hysterectomies wreak even more hormone imbalance.

    That being said, the reason you feel this way now – is because of the hormone imbalance you have had since you were placed on synthetics before your endocrine system even had a chance to start functioning.

    Loss of sex drive may be due to hormone imbalance….
    Heavy menstrual flow maybe nutrient depletion (assuming your docs have ruled out any other problems) I know women who use Vitamin C with bioflavonoids and their periods lighten up within a month or so. Bioflavonoids strengthen the capillaries, arteries and veins in our body…. including uterine capillaries. Please read this article on the benefits of adding bioflavonoids to your diet.

    Make sure you get a whole food vitamin c compound. Synthetic vitamins are not absorbed by the body – they are stored in the fat tissue because they cannot be broken down.

    Let us know if that works… if not, I am sure I have the resources to offer more.

    What type of birth control are you using now? Coming off of synthetics is dicey because you do not know when you are going to ovulate… it could be yesterday or in 30to 60 days.

    You may want to consider natural progesterone The Progestins in the Depo have shut down your production of progesterone… and it could be that it has not yet started up again. The natural progesterone may stimulate that production.. but you need it anyway.

    The Importance of Progesterone

    Low levels of progesterone, as well as relatively high levels of estrogen, can also cause tissue buildup. This combination can lead to the formation of so much excess tissue that there is abnormally heavy flow during menstruation and spotting between periods. Severe progesterone deficiency can even stop the endometrial shedding process altogether, resulting in missed periods. Prolonged deficiency can lead to endometrial hyperplasia, a condition that can increase the risk of uterine cancer. In addition, a low progesterone/estrogen ratio can cause symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS), such as anxiety, irritability, depression, headache, dizziness, and bloating.

    Hormonally yours,


  102. Hi Lady Star – I just posed this information for Lynn – but I wanted you to see it too.

    The Importance of Progesterone

    Low levels of progesterone, as well as relatively high levels of estrogen, can also cause tissue buildup. This combination can lead to the formation of so much excess tissue that there is abnormally heavy flow during menstruation and spotting between periods. Severe progesterone deficiency can even stop the endometrial shedding process altogether, resulting in missed periods. Prolonged deficiency can lead to endometrial hyperplasia, a condition that can increase the risk of uterine cancer. In addition, a low progesterone/estrogen ratio can cause symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS), such as anxiety, irritability, depression, headache, dizziness, and bloating.

    Hormonally yours,


  103. Hi, Heather – I have not heard of reports of Depo failing… and your guess is as good as mine… if you are concerned why don’t you use a back up method? How long ago did you have your last shot? Actually I have read that Depo can cause the body to feel like it is pregnant…check this out….

    Hope this helps.

    Hormonally yours, Leslie

  104. good day to you leslie! i just want to know is evening primrose oil good to treat hormonal imbalance and breast pain? in case its good for how many months should need to take this?



  105. Hi, Eliza – I found this information on evening primrose oil..

    Evening primrose oil is well known for its ability to ease PMS symptoms and breast sensitivity, but it can be a useful part of a skin care routine as well. This oil contains the highest concentration of GLA, which is a fatty acid, and this gives the oil some of its healing properties. It also contains a natural painkiller called phenylalanine and can be used to treat skin conditions as well as aging

    Your length of use depends on your body – and symptoms. Use until you feel better – or just keep using for your skin. That is the beauty of essential oils.

    Hormonally yours,


  106. Hello,

    I was on the depo shot for just 3 months and the side effects were horrible. I was due for another dosage on Nov. 1-15th of this year but I didnt get it. How long does it typically take for this to leave a persons system after just one shot. I have been having the worst withdraws. I even have acid reflux which I never had until I got this depo shot. PLEASE advise how long my body will feel like this. I have aches and pains and acid reflux. I dont feel like myself and I just have that “ill” feeling. I feel like I have the “jitters” but I’m not shaking. My body just feels so bad. I just want to be back to normal. I will never get the depo shot again.

  107. Hi leslie! and everyone, i’m stephanie, i have been on the depo povera since i was 15 i am now few months short of 21, i never had a break from the injection it stopped my periods and i did not gain weight mainly lost some i tried to break off my depo last year but had a nightmare heavy 2 week period after i stopped almost straight away it seemed so i went back on it the following month. This year i had my last shot in july 2012 which carried me through to october where i tried microgynan pill for 2 weeks and came off it and had a 4 day bleed which was called a withdrawl bleed of the doctor. Since the start of november i have had nothing but bleeding but a horrible brown colour not red with couple of spots of red but nothing period looking, my doctor has asked me to go in and frightened the life out of me by saying it could be something more serious, i have tried to see if im ovulating with the tests you can buy and all negative and no period just brown bleeding very worried as me and my partner would like children in the up coming future and its not looking good with no period! what will happen? is this normal?
    stephanie x

  108. Hello Stephanie…. when a woman is on synthetic hormones – whether depo or the birth control pill she stops ovulating and therefore stops menstruating. Instead women experience a chemical bleed. Women on synthetic hormones are in a chemical menopause. Some come off the hormones and start ovulating and some do not. The health of your body and strength of your hormones will determine that.

    Nutrition is a major factor. I know of women who have changed their diet and ate more ‘live’ foods (fresh fruits and vegetables) vs. ‘dead’ and ‘processed’ foods and the color of their menstruation changed immediately to a brighter vibrant red. Your menstrual blood is an indicator to of the health of your body – just like your bowel movements and your urine.

    Whether the brown bleeding is indicative of something else – hard to say…. but I would start with getting off the Depo and getting nutrients into your body. Perhaps look at detoxing as well. You will need to be doing all of these things to prepare for a pregnancy, right? Start preparing now…get the synthetics out of your body…let you partner play a role in this and have him wear a condom for awhile.

    Keep us posted on how you are doing.

    Hormonally yours,


  109. Erica – You are not alone in your feelings about depo. Here is the deal – it is not how long it takes for depo to get out of your body – it is how strong your body is to deal with it. Synthetic hormones are becoming more and more dangerous because women are getting less nutrients in our food. And if you eat out of your pantry and not out of your fridge – live fruits and vegetables you are not getting any nutrition. Focus on healing your body so it can deal with the depo and remove it faster..otherwise the chemicals will be stored in your fatty tissue for a long time.

    Healing and eating well is in your control.
    Depo side effects and after effects are not.

    Hormonally yours,


  110. Hi Leslie thanks for getting back to me I stopped the depo in October when the injection course finished and had 2 weeks of microgynan hen had a chemical bleed but I’ve had brown bleeding since then the start of November so I shouldn’t have any contraceptive in my body now in theory . Thanks for the detox advice do you have any time scale how llong it takes for your body to recover and ovulate ?

  111. Hi – Stephanie some women ovulate right away (believe one woman who posted here got pregnant right after coming off Depo) and others it takes time. It depends on how well balanced your hormones are – how strong your endocrine system is and when you start producing your own progesterone again. But if I were you I would have a back up method of birth control on hand – just in case.

    Hormonally yours,


  112. Hi leslie thankyou very much i will try the detox methods and healthy eating you have mentioned i am also taking primrose oil capsules which are helping! will keep you updated – after 2 days on the capsules the brown is changing to red proper blood.

    many thanks

  113. Hi Leslie! I am soo glad I found this website online. I have been on the shot for four months now and have been experiencing the same side effects as most women here: depression, getting angry, no patience, moody, sensitive to comments, no desire to do anything. I just realized it was the Depo after researching online. I plan on switching to the pills for my next appointment. Is this a good idea? I have had horrible irregular periods, right now I have been on my period for two months now and it has stopped for maybe two days. I read that if you take progesterone it should help. Do you have any other suggestions for this? I saw some of your earlier post about vitamin C and other nutrients. My bleeding is not too heavy but since I am pretty active throughout the day it gets annoying to wear a pad or tampon for the last two months. I wish I had done more research before taking this shot, it seems to impact many women negatively even after they get off the shot. Im 19 if that makes a difference and I’m scared my body won’t go back to the way it used to be. Thanks so much for all the information!

  114. I was on the deposit shot for 6 years and have been off of it for 6 years. We I stopped the shot the Dr told me there was a procedure he could to to prepare my body to pregnancy if I was going to be trying at the time I wasn’t so I refused but for the past year I’ve been trying and no luck. What are my chances of being able to conceive with medical treatment or at all?

  115. Hello, Amanda – that is not a question I can answer without having a lot more information – and then I do not even know.
    Since Depo floods your body with synthetic progesterone – your body shut down its own production of progesterone.
    Progesterone is necessary for ovulation to occur and to maintain a healthy pregnancy without miscarrying. Progesterone keeps the uterine lining intact.
    So that is one start – you may need to have your hormone levels checked.

    What type of birth control did you use after Depo since you were not ready to get pregnant?
    How healthy are you?
    Do you have other health issues?
    Did you have regular periods before Depo?
    Are you having regular periods now?

    I am not sure what type of medical procedure your doctor is referring to to get you pregnant…. do you remember a name?

    Hormonally yours,


  116. Hello, KY – I guess if you are sexually active you should consider another contraceptive – but then again, you will further upset your hormone imbalance.
    Natural progesterone will not be as effective if you are on BCP’s.

    Synthetic hormones deplete nutrients in the body. If you are going to go this right – I would suggest looking into some good whole food vitamin, mineral and amino acid supplements. And eliminate plastics from your kitchen.

    The stronger your body – the easier time you will have with the synthetic hormones.

    This is the problem – our nutritional values in food have changed dramatically with each generation… and we are becoming nutrient deficient. That is not taken into consideration when put on meds or birth control or with vaccinations.

    Nutrition is key to your health.

    Hormonally yours,


  117. Thank you so much! I mean to clarify that by active I meant sports so I am constantly running around every day. You dont think switching to the pill will stop the bleeding? That is the main thing that worries me. I looked up chemical bleeding but there is not a lot of information on it.

    Thanks again!

  118. Hi,
    I’ve been off Depo since moving to China 7 months ago and I’m going through serious withdrawals. I bled for two weeks after arriving, which I thought was fine. My period came back on 7 December and I’ve been bleeding constantly since, it’s January the 3rd, that’s almost a full month! Being in a foreign country makes it incredibly difficult to seek help from a doctor as I either need an interpreter or to fork out a fortune on an English speaking doctor at a Western hospital. I wish the side effects had been made clearer, but honestly, right now I’m rather worried as it shows no sign of stopping or slowing. Is it really serious? Should I see a doctor that’s going to cost me an arm and a leg? I’ve been hoping it’s not necessary, but after two weeks one starts to stress. I would appreciate any advice you have for me.
    Thank you

  119. Oh, and my last shot was 9 months ago.
    Thanks again!

  120. Hello, Tahlula – Horrible to be traveling and to have all of this happening to you.
    Hard to say why your are bleeding – especially since you have not seen a doctor to rule out any medical reasons that may be causing the problem.
    But here is the deal… and I do believe that other women coming off Depo have been experiencing similar incessant bleeding.

    There may obviously be a hormone imbalance going on. In fact, quick research reveals an article written by my colleague, Dr. Jerilynn Prior on Very Heavy Menstrual Flow

    The article states:

    …Heavy flow is most common in the teens and in perimenopause‚Äîboth are times of the lifecycle when estrogen levels tend to be higher and progesterone levels to be lower. Progesterone is made by the ovaries after ovulation. However, even though you may be having regular periods, it doesn‚Äôt mean you are ovulating! The lining of the uterus or endometrium sheds during a period. Estrogen‚Äôs job is to makes the endometrium thicker (and more likely to shed) and progesterone makes it thinner. Therefore it is likely that heavy flow is caused by too much estrogen and too little progesterone. However, this has not been well shown.

    There are also some good comments and directions for women over 40 with a heavy flow who are traveling in remote places. Please take the time to read.

    My instinct is that the Depo (Progestin) – has suppressed your normal production of progesterone – therefore causing the abnormally heavy bleeding. Correcting that may be done by applying natural progesterone. There is Progessence Plus Serum on my site that I highly recommend. Young Living is a world-wide company – but I am not sure if they ship to China. I can find out if you are interested.

    Also the stress of traveling and being in a strange country could have placed additional stress on your uterus – compounded by the hormone imbalance. You may try and seek out Vitamin C with Ascorbic Acid and Bioflavonoids. The Bioflavonoids help strengthen uterine capillaries – stemming heavy bleeding. They also strengthen all other veins, arteries and capillaries in the body. Usually women who take this supplement see a cessation in their bleeding in 30 days.

    You may also try and get some iron as a supplement to prevent anemia.

    Wish I could be more helpful.
    When will you be returning to the States?

    Please let me know what else I can do for you.

    Hormonally yours,


  121. Hi Leslie
    Very useful information indeed. I am in fact 23 years old and I will not be returning to my country for a long time. I have been taking triple doses of vitamins and minerals, but I have been living on a rather poor diet since arriving. I was expecting a heavy period after having gone 5 months without, but I wasn’t expecting it to last this long, I expected to stop bleeding and keep spotting for a while, but this is starting to drive me half insane. I will definitely try get my hands on the Progessence Plus Serum. I’ve started eating a more balanced diet and hopefully this will somehow help. Would you recommend I see a doctor or give it a week or two more? I would have thought that after 6 months my cycle would show signs of returning to normal. I take it as a good sign that I’m having normal period cramps, but it still feels like a slow puncture sometimes. Is it just a build up of layers of blood from 6 months ago? I’ve noticed a lot of changes in colour.
    I have a long stream of questions, I know, and you don’t have all the answers, but it’s great to have some support out there.
    You’re a great help to us women out there, thank you.

  122. Hello, Tahlula – Glad to hear from you again. I can help you with the PPS and will find out if they ship to China.
    If you are taking synthetic vitamins vs. whole food vitamins they are not being absorbed by your body – but stored.
    See what you can do about finding whole food vitamins.

    If you are having a hard time finding them – you may want to look into the Truehope EMPowerplus supplement.

    Will find out about shipping the PPS to China. It may very well be that you are progesterone deficient.
    Try and eliminate plastics from your environment. Do not cook or microwave in plastic. They contain estrogen mimickers further upsetting the hormone imbalance. And if you can – do not drink water our of plastic.

    Will be back in touch.


  123. Yes, Young Living – distributors of the Progessence Plus does ship to China.
    Shipping and handling on one bottle of PPS is $32.14 plus of course the price of the bottle.
    I ordered a bottle a month or so ago – and since it is is an oil – (natural progesterone infused with essential oils) the PPS goes a long way.

    You will need help ordering.
    Do you Skype?

    Hormonally yours,


  124. Valerie F says:

    Hi i’m 28 yrs old and ive been on depo for about 4 years. My last shot was in Nov and im due for my next one the end of this month (Jan). My breasts have been sore and im tired and have no energy but im not due for my next shot for 2 1/2 weeks which im not getting because me and my bf want to have a baby. would my body sense that im going of of it…..
    oh and i took a test this morning and its neg,
    What can i do to prepare myself for whats to come??
    Thank You

  125. Valerie – I love your question: “What can I do to prepare myself for what is to come?” Brilliant.
    The more nutrated your body is – the less problems you will have coming off Depo – or any other medication.
    And since synthetic hormones deplete vital nutrients from the body – you will want to supplement to replace those essential nutrients before you get pregnant.

    BTW – Depo – does cause pregnancy symptoms – so am not surprised to hear about your sore breasts and lack of energy.
    Supplement now – and you will be healthier ‘withdrawing’ from the shot. And you will also have a healthier and happy pregnancy without the chance of postpartum depression.

    Also – if you are having trouble getting pregnant in the next months (you should really wait about 6 months – someone start ovulating right away so use a back up method of birth control) it maybe that the Depo has suppressed your normal progesterone production. That can be easily remedied with the Progessence Plus Serum on my site.

    So keep posting – head to your health food store – get some whole food – not synthetic vitamins (they are stored by your body not absorbed) and prepare yourself for coming off Depo and your ensuing pregnancy.

    Stay in touch… and keep asking great questions.

    Hormonally yours,


  126. I read that progesterone which is in the depo shot cause acid reflux. How long is progesterone in the body because towards the end of my depo shot in late Nov. 2012 I have been having acid reflux. Also do you know of any nature remedies taht can help acid reflux because the meds have very bad side effects and not worth the trouble? Thank you

  127. Hello Ericka – the best thing you can do is change your diet to more ‘live’ foods – fruits and vegetables for one… avoid too much caffeine, white sugar, processed foods, spicy and hots foods, excess alcohol etc.

    Your body is too acidic and what you want to do is return to a natural state. Remember the progesterone in the Depo is a synthetic hormone – and it may be affecting your body adversely – manifesting in acid reflux or GERD.

    Read what this woman posted about all of the side effects of her Depo use –

    Many times (most times in fact,) clinical studies on drugs are done on a population of ‘healthy’ people. That way pharmaceutical companies can get the desired outcome to get their product on the market. If someone has a pre-existing condition or is experiencing hormone imbalance before they go on synthetic hormones they are going to be prone to more side effects.

    Many people are turning to organic apple cider vinegar or baking soda – taken daily to help their body return to a more alkaline state. Ginger is being used as well. I use abut 1/8 of a cup of apple cider vinegar in an 8 oz glass of water. Or you can drink it in a more concentrated form if your body can tolerate it.

    Here is some good information on using baking soda for acid reflux:
    Her story echoes many of the stories posted here.

    Are you going to get another Depo shot? Typically the Depo passes through the body by the time the next shot is due… however, I have recently read that it maybe up to 18 months before a woman starts ovulating regularly again to get pregnant.

    Not sure of your reasons for being on Depo – but you may want to speak with your practitioner about re-evaluating at your next appt.

    Hormonally yours,


  128. Hi Leslie,

    I didnt get my next shot in Nov. 2012 due to the hot flashes, night sweats, anixety, fast heart beat, depression ect. I have been to the hospital twice due to dehydration and low potassium. I didnt start having these problems until I took the depo shot and the withdraws are just as bad. The GERD/acid reflux came out of nowhere and it has mad my life hell. I have some Braggs apple cider vinager I will try that I bought I hear this will at least help with the acide reflux/gerd. Im also depressed and I dont feel like myself. I have lost weight due to my eating habit has changed because of the acid reflux and I’m allready a small women. I feel like the depo shot is still in my system and it has been 2 months. After my last ER visit I am drinking alot of water. By the way I dont drink, coffee, soda or anything that normally causes acid reflux I really think this is from the depo shot. Can you suggest anything that might help me pick up the pounds I lost? Thank you for the help

  129. concerned girl says:

    hey im 20 years old i been off and on deop for 4 years i recently got off was suppose to get my shot in december and never went i am experiencing side pains abdomianl pain joint pain im really scared dont know what to do i cant sleep lose of appetite chills foot tingling arm tingling how long before these symptoms go away my body feels terrible

  130. Hello, concerned girl…. looks like Depo withdrawal is getting to you. You may experience these symptoms for a couple of months.

    You went on the Depo at a very young age. Your endocrine system did not have a chance to mature. What you experiencing is a combination of withdrawal from the drug and your own system trying to kick into gear. You do need some hormonal and nutritional support for this. Depo suppressed your progesterone production – and you may be experiencing the affects of extremely low levels. Try this… go to your health food store and get a natural progesterone cream – follow the directions and apply. That may ease some of the symptoms you have.

    Also getting some good nutritional support is important.
    While you are at the health food store – get a good whole food vitamin and mineral supplement.
    All synthetic hormone deplete vital nutrients from the body.

    See if this helps.
    Keep us informed of how you are doing.

    Hormonally yours,


  131. Hello. I was on the Depo shot for 10 years (from 1999-2009) I had no periods or spotting the whole time I was on it. I went off the shot in January of 2009 and didn’t get a period (or any spotting even) till February of 2011. A couple of days before my period came back I got “sick” felt like I was going to pass out…. every month since then I go through a new “cycle” I get the pass out feelings, woozy, impending doom type of anxiety, hot flush face, nausea and overall feeling of sickness. I became type 2 diabetes two months after being on the shot with an A1c level of 13. Since my cycles have come back I’m no longer on insulin and my A1c level is back down to 5.8 prediabetic range. Since my cycles have come back I have lost a total of 116lbs without trying. When I share this with people they are like omg that’s great you have to feel great…. NO I DON’T FEEL GREAT, I FEEL LIKE I’M DYING!! I never had problems with my cycle before the Depo shot not even any Pms.. doctors have done so many tests (all normal) The only thing that they have found is low folic acid. I did saliva test and they said I have high testosterone. No one seems to be able to help me. I have a very supportive husband and 4 beautiful children who would to have me back to the old me but


    Hello BabyG – sorry I did not answer your last post on my blog.
    My web site crashed this week – and am waiting for my webmaster to hopefully get it back.

    Your husband is right – Depo is the culprit – and it has severely upset your hormone balance. Even diabetes is hormone imbalance.
    Where do you live?
    You either need to get into to see an endocrinologist (they have been educated about hormones- regular doctors have not been.)
    Or you need to see a naturopath.

    My guess is that you were nutritionally depleted after your pregnancies. Every pregnancy that you go through takes vital nutrients- vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and minerals from your body and if they are not replaced – your reserves will be drained. Your babies got the best of what you had to give… and you were left with whatever was left. Which may have not been much. This is how we make beautiful healthy babies. But we have never been so nutritionally depleted before. Our foods have more toxins than nutrients and the soil in which fresh fruits and vegetables grow has also been depleted of nutrients.

    Prenatal vitamins do not cut it because they are synthetic and they are stored in the body – and not absorbed.

    Nutrient depletion will cause hormone imbalance. Add Depo to that mix – and well, you know the rest of the story.

    You need to get under someone’s care who can guide you back to your good health – and to gain weight for heavens sake! You are right losing 116 pounds is a lot… especially if you are not feeling well. Something is not right. Hormone imbalance and nutrient depletion.

    You are probably experiencing postpartum depression too.
    If you want more answers actually, postpartum wellness consultant – Cheryl Jazzar is more than willing to consult with you.

    She is helping a lot of women who have posted here.

    Hormonally yours,


  132. Sorry hit post before finished 🙂 My family would love to have the old me back. My husband and I really believe this is all due to long term use of the Depo shot. And after all those years my body not knowing what to do with its own hormones. I am 41 by the way lol Thank you for taking time to listen to me I’m just so lost!!

  133. I’ve been on depo for almost 3 months now, I decided to get on because my roomates would give so much praise to depo. Informing that it well help with my really bad menstrual cycle. I absolutely hate it. My body did not take the depo as well as it did to my roomates. I’ve been spotting for 3 weeks, I’ve been having probem with my right leg for a month now, and etc. I’m really not interested in taking the second shot. I just want to know if I get off, will the withdrawal be as bad? Most of the comments I’ve read, people been on it for years. I totally regret getting on depo!


    Hello, Kathleen – sorry I did not answer your last post on my blog.
    My web site crashed this week – and am waiting for my webmaster to hopefully get it back.

    Regarding your question about Depo: Just like any drug – depo will cause different side effects in different women.
    You have seen the TV commercials (pretty ridiculous actually) with a long list of side effects for each medication being sold to the public?

    We are all biochemically different – so drugs affect us differently.
    It does no appear the Depo is working for you.
    What will the withdrawal be like? We,, since you have only been on it for 3 months – probably not a big deal.
    However, the health of your body – especially your immune system and endocrine system will really determine the after effects.
    Get to the health food store and get a whole food multivitamin with zinc – (not synthetic vitamins – they get stored in the body and they are not absorbed).
    Zinc deficiencies can exacerbate premenstrual symptoms.

    The stronger your body is – the less problems coming off Depo. It is really not rocket science.

    Come back and post again.

    Hormonally yours,


  134. I got my depo in feb 2012 I was suppose to go back in aug to get my third one but I did’nt I came on last month but not this month is my cycle messed up

    Hello, Rel – Sorry I did not answer your last post on my blog.
    My web site crashed this week – and am waiting for my webmaster to hopefully get it back. I have been unable to reply to anyone’s comments.

    In response to your question about Depo and missing your period this past month. That is hard to say. Your irregularity may be do to Depo withdrawal… but I guess the pressing question is – are you using another form of birth control – or have you been having unprotected sex?

    Hormonally yours,


  135. hello , well I’m 17 . I been on the shot for 2 years , I just had my last shot about 3 months ago , back in October 2012 . For the past couple months me and my boyfriend have been having unprotected sex , and every time he has ejaculated in me. I’ve been so moody , my sex drive is on 100 , I’m always tired , and always hungry , my body just feels so weak anymore . & just a few days ago my nipples have been really swollen , and my breast are really sore to. I’ve also had gotten my period on Christmas Eve and it went away on New Years . Than I got my period again January 21st and it went away the next day , before that I started getting brown discharge . Could I be pregnant ?


    Hello, Miranda – Sorry I did not answer your last post on my blog.
    My web site crashed this week – and am waiting for my webmaster to hopefully get it back. I have been unable to reply to anyone’s comments.

    Regarding the Depo – and whether or not you are pregnant – hard to say. Have you had a pregnancy test?
    I think you may be having a reaction to the Depo. I would look into another form of birth control. Synthetic hormones are hard on the body.
    You are too young to be experiencing these types of problems.

    Hormonally yours,


  136. stephanie says:

    Hi leslie,
    an update from me, i had a 2 month bleed until the end of december until it eased off again from the start of January, i have had brown on an off i went to the doctors had tests and all clear for anything wrong it is horrible because i’ve put on weight my boobs are always sore and i always feel hormonal, evening primrose oil isnt working any advice leslie? depo side effects are ruining my life i want my cycle back!


    Hi Stephanie – I cannot remember how long said you have been on or off Depo…. but you may want to look into the Progessence Plus Serum ( natural progesterone with essential oils. It sounds like your production of natural progesterone has been suppressed still from the synthetic progesterone in the Depo.

    The essential oils helps the natural progesterone get absorbed at the cellular level and not stored in the body fat.

    Many women experience ‘pregnancy’ like symptoms coming off of Depo. This is due to hormone imbalance. As for the brown bleed (discharge) – I am glad you had that checked out – happens when the blood is older and not being expelled from the body quickly. That my friend is what Depo and all other synthetic hormones do: they prevent ovulation – the uterine lining keeps building up to some extent – but does not release.

    Women on synthetic hormones do not have periods. What you are all experiencing is a CHEMICAL BLEED. Your body is expelling the lining built up from being on Depo. What you need to do is eat a lot of nutrient -rich and oxygenated foods – or look into getting a good whole food multivitamin supplement.

    Now for the constant bleed – that may also be due to low levels of progesterone – but it may also be due to the fact that the capillaries in your uterus have become weak. This is very common in women – especially after pregnancy. But hormone imbalance can also cause heavy, prolonged bleeding.

    Go to the health food store and get Vitamin C with ascorbic acid AND bioflavonoids. bioflavonoids strengthen the blood vessels, capillaries and arteries in the body – including in the uterus. Many women see a difference in their bleed by the next cycle.

    Let me know if I can help you order the natural progesterone…. or before you take that step get a natural progesterone cream. Use transdermal 2% bioidentical progesterone cream (one-quarter teaspoon contains ~20 mg progesterone). Use one-quarter to one-half teaspoon 2% progesterone cream on skin (e.g., face, breasts, abdomen, hands) daily for two to three weeks prior to onset of your period.

    If your periods continue to be irregular, use 2% progesterone daily, or from the full moon to the dark of the moon.

    That way you’ll be aligning with the lunar cycle — the same cycle that governs the tides and the flow of fluids on the planet. Circadian rhythm health is so important.

    Hormonally yours,


  137. Hello Leslie,

    I wanted to post to your website but I realized its down. I have a couple of questions from a prior post i sent you. Like other I have been having the withdrawal symptoms. I only took the shot once and after 9 weeks from the date that I was suppose to get the second shot I have been having problems. Not to mention the problems I had while on the shot for the 3 months. Its like for the 3 months it made me feel like menopause and now I feel like Im pregnant ( which Im not for a fact). I can say I have had 2 periods since Nov. 15th so i guess its safe to say that Im getting back to normal in that sense. However I have lost my appetite some days, I smell certain things and Im like yuck, I fee depressed. I just want to get back to normal. I have a doctors appointment this week. My question is why are doctors in denial about the withdrawals they swear its not the culprit however every test I have had has come back normal. I have had a sonogram on my stomach and blood work to rule out anything wrong with my stomach and my thyroid glands. Is there something or a test that can be done to determine if this shot is still in my blood stream? What questions (besides my symptoms) should I ask and what test should I ask them to do. Im desperate at this point. Going into February will be 3 months since my last and only shot. I feel horrible.


    Hello, Ericka – yes, it does appear you have had a reaction to the Depo shot. No one can say for sure how long it stays in your system – however, since you are not at 3 months – which is when you are supposed to get the shot again – you may have some residual too.

    I think what you are experiencing is a combination of the Depo withdrawal and the start up of your own natural production of hormones.

    You may want to consider having a hormone analysis test done – but see if you can have the ratios of estrogen to progesterone tested – not just the levels.

    Not sure if your doctor will be able to do anything like that. Doctors know very little about hormones and their roles. Endocrinologists know much more.

    Good question about the denial on doctor’s parts… but they are reading the literature and there is nothing in the literature that states that women are having these problems. It would be different if they took the Depo and see how they feel!

    What can you do? Wait it out… nutrate your body with a whole food multivitamins to strengthen your immune system. If the symptoms do not diminish by three months – I would suggest looking into natural progesterone. Depo contains a synthetic progesterone and it could be that your body’s natural production of this vital hormone is still being suppressed.

    Lack of progesterone will cause depression.

    Of course, I recommend the Progessence Plus Serum on my web site. I have researched this thoroughly and it will be much more effective over the long run.
    But if you want to try natural progesterone in a cream (the essential oils are absorbed much better) that go to your health food store and buy a small jar – follow the instructions and see if that will help with the feeling you are experiencing. Since you have had tests and nothing is showing to be out of order then what you feel might hormone imbalance – (the ratios of estrogen and progesterone are off – in combination with nutrient deficiency.

    Hormonally yours,


    Thank you

  138. Looking for alittle’s my story. I was put on Depo-Provera after having my daughter at age 18. I had thrombophlebitis when I was pregnant and was told this was my only BC option besides an IUD, which was not recommended because I was not in a long-term relationship at that time. I must say I enjoyed my time on depo, no periods, I was able to lose weight without difficulty, so I remained on it for 6 years. One day I stumbled upon an article discussing some women’s inability to conceive after being on Depo, and so my boyfriend and I decided I would go off it and let my body return to it’s natural rhythm. While I haven’t had the extreme side effects that some other women on this blog have mentioned, I have noticed one thing that’s been troublesome and that is my decreased sex drive and inability to orgasm. My last shot was due 4 months ago and ever since that time I am completely unable to orgasm, even on my own. I have always been able to achieve orgasm when I masturbate, and my current boyfriend had been consistently helping me achieve orgasm every single time we had sex for months..but now nothing. Also, I had one “normal period” about 6 weeks after my last injection was due (lasted about 7 days) and now nothing since. I have also been moody, weepy and mildly depressed. Should I have my hormone levels tested? Or give it more time? Is there medication my doctor can prescribe to help? Quite frankly I’m terrified of putting anything else in my body after this experience. Should I try testosterone creams? Also, my other main concern is when I will be able to conceive again. Luckily, my boyfriend and I weren’t planning on having anymore kids for another year or two, but now im concerned as to how long it could take me to conceive. And I have always had EXTREMELY irregular fact the reason why I got pregnant when I was 17 was because I was uneducated and believed that if I hardly ever got my period then I was hardly ever ovulating, so I had frequent unprotected sex with my boyfriend and found out the hard way that some girls still ovulate although they are not menstruating!! How will I know when my body has returned back to normal when my body was never normal to begin with?? Confused and Frustrated!!

    Hello Alana – Sorry for the delay in response.
    You are asking very good questions.

    And you hit the nail on the head – you got pregnant at 17 – because you were ‘uneducated’. How many women’s lives have been changed by an unplanned pregnancy because they were uneducated? That is the million dollar question – and that is why I do the work I do – educating women about their hormone/endocrine/menstrual health. Without this knowledge we will always be victims of our own bodies.

    Ok – thank you for allowing my soapbox tirade. Now let’s get down to education and understanding what is happening to you.

    1. Depo contains a synthetic progestin. All synthetic hormones shut down the body’s natural production of hormones. Many women struggle coming off of synthetics until their natural production of hormones kicks in.

    2. The mechanism of action of progestogen-only contraceptives depends on the progestogen activity and dose. High-dose progestogen-only contraceptives, such as injectable DMPA, inhibit follicular development and prevent ovulation as their primary mechanism of action. Wikipedia-

    2. With Depo-Provera, you could become pregnant as soon as three to four months after your last shot. However, it may take some women up to a year or two to conceive after they stop using this type of birth control. This time frame seems unrelated to how long you had been using Depo-Provera. WebMD

    3. It may be that your natural production of progesterone is still suppressed. Or since your natural production of progesterone was suppressed – your ratio of estrogen to progesterone is way off. Many reasons for this – but the most important is our exposure to xenoestrogens in our environment – BPA in plastics, is a prime example.

    4. You many want to consider a hormone analysis – however, – what is measured are the hormone levels not the ratio. But I would bet that your are very low in your progesterone level.

    Save yourself the hassle. Go to your health food store and try a natural progesterone cream and see if that helps. You know I recommend the Progessence Plus Serum – natural progesterone infused with essential oils that clean the synthetic hormones off the cell receptor sites so that the natural progesterone can get absorbed.

    Progesterone creams will only be effective for a short while – because they eventually get stored in the fatty tissue and not absorbed at the cellular level.

    I will be glad to help you order the PPS.

    Read what Christiane Northrup says about estrogen dominance and natural progesterone – I do not believe she is aware of the Young Living product. Will have to contact her about this.

    Hormonally yours,


  139. I have been having stomach muscle cramps since “coming off the shot”. I’m also bloated whell at least I feel that way. Some people describe it as cramping but its not the same as my cycle cramps. Its like I pulled a muscle in my stomach but havent been working out. Every week for the last 10 weeks it seems to be something new with this withdrawl. I only had one shot and Im about to loose my mind. Im glad this website is here because its a form of HOPE.

  140. Cierra Barnard says:

    I was on Depo for less than a year and while I was on it I had issues with my blood pressure. It did something to my iron stores or something when I was on Depo I was anemic and I’m a dancer so that wasn’t good for me at all. When I went off the shot, I had issues with my breast being super sore and my periods being weirder than usual and major hotflashes and headaches. Its been a little over a year since I’ve taken anything and my periods are hectic but that from being an athlete. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on a contraceptive that won’t screw with my blood pressure and cause me to go all anemic.

  141. I have been on de provera for 5 years and get off on 2006. Me and my husband are trying for a baby ever since but stil nothing. i went to see the dr but told that there is no problem on getting pregnant. is this might be the negative effect of the depo provera or i am no more going to bear children. i am 38 years old.

  142. I received a Depo shop Dec 19, 2012 to stop my period because they were so heavy and I was anemic. About seven days after I started feeling dizzy, having blurred vision, palpitations and my GERD became worse. I get these feeling every morning to a greater or lesser degree. My period started around Jan 9 as a light spotting and never stopped. Recently it has been much heavier with large clots. Does anyone have similar symptoms?

  143. I was on the Depo for 14 years; from 1994 to 2008. At first I had spotting, and my period eventually ceased. In 2008, my concern, and why I stopped, is that here were no clinical studies on the side effects for taking the Depo for so long. It was nice not to have a period, but I had major frustration,hair loss, and loss of appetite, that just seemed to escalate with time. When I quit taking the shot ( after I discussed my decision with my doctor), I had a period for about 5+ months straight. I felt terrible, my chest was sore, i felt dehydrated a lot, I was real tired and cranky. I took iron and calcium supplements due to the blood loss, and concern for bone density loss. I have since had my tubes tied, about 2 years ago, and there are still pains between my pelvic and abdomen area after sex. I am still amazed after all these years, that there is still little known about the Depo side effects. I got on it because I had both of my sons at an early age, and they are 1 year and 1 month apart; I didn’t want anymore children. I just hope and pray ladies, that we begin to really start thinking about the effects of what we do to our body, and not just look for a quick solution. When Depo first came out, the Norplant was being widely used, but many warnings went out about it. I felt Depo was the next best thing to make sure I had an option for more kids in the future, but that it would work well enough to keep me from getting pregnant.

  144. Christina – Thank you for your heart felt comment. We all share your pain. Most women have gone through similar birth control journeys.
    We all thought we were doing the ‘right’ thing based on our doctor’s advice or what we read.

    I do have information on Depo.
    Here are four links that outline the pros and cons and the contraindications for Depo use.

    Synthetic hormone birth control has been called the largest uncontrolled medical experiment on women. And indeed it is.

    You are right about Norplant – although it is still widely used in the UK and Europe.
    We now use Implanon in the States – one silicone rod in the arm – that can still get lost in the arm tissue.

    What women do not get is that synthetic hormones do not protect against STD’s.

    Oh and by the way – the company that manufactures Implanon – Merck & Co. is the same manufacturer who brought us Gardasil….another uncontrolled medical experiment on adolescent girls. Not really comfortable with the fact that Merck stands on both sides of the fence on this one. One hand they are advocating Implanon for a population of girls who are too young and immature to advocate condom use to protect themselves from STD’s. And then they are on the other side of the fence with their STD vaccine in hand.

    Women fought hard for the right to control when we has babies. Now it seems that this very basic right is being used to control us.

    Hormonally yours,


  145. Hello, Narisha – I am hoping that someone else will respond with a similar story to help you. Your natural production of progesterone is suppressed from the Depo – and that is offsetting the ratio between estrogen and progesterone in your body – causing many of your symptoms. Depo does not help with anemia…. never heard of such a thing. Iron – vital minerals nutrients helps with anemia. Fresh leafy green vegetables. Lentils as in lentil soup. Meats. healthy diet. I would say you may be having a reaction to the Depo and may consider other alternatives.

    You many want to consider the natural progesterone once you are off Depo.
    Right now why don’t you try and get some whole food Vitamin C with ascorbic acid at AND bioflavonoids at your health food store. The bioflavonoids will strengthen the uterine capillaries so they do not hemorrhage… But I still think the suppression is due to hormone imbalance and too little estrogen and not enough nutrients. The anemia alone is indicative of this.

    Hormonally yours,


  146. Hello Natasha – I am sorry you are experiencing this. No doubt you are in perimenopause so ovulation is erratic and sporadic as your hormones are shifting. I would look into seeing an endocrinologist who can help you with hormone balancing…. or a naturopath. My humble thought is that you are under nutrated – and the older you get the more nutrition you need especially when having a baby. Also it may be that you have a very low ratio of estrogen to progesterone. Low levels of progesterone will prevent ovulation – and may also cause miscarriages. Try some natural progesterone cream from your health food store and see if that helps. And get some good vitamins. Not synthetics.

    Hormonally yours,


  147. Hello, Cierra – well any non-hormonal contraceptive will work. You still have to use condoms and spermicide to prevent STD’s right? You definitely have hormone imbalance and nutrient depletion….especially as an athlete. I would have some good advice for you – but my email address ( is screwed up right now. So please email me at

    If anyone else has emailed me at – I have not received your emails – it is not that I am not responding. Email me at the above address.
    Sorry for the inconvenience. My web master is working on fixing the problem. Sigh.

    Hormonally yours,


  148. Hi Leslie:

    My periods were so heavy and my doctor gave me the Depo injection to stop them. My Hemoglobin was about 6 and I was severely B-12 deficient. My diet was not helping because I have GERD and not absorbing some of the nutrients in my food so she told me that the injection would dry up the lining and give my body time to recover. Just to explain. Unfortunately I have been both light and heavy bleeding for the last two months and passing large clots. She also did not tell me that the injection that she was giving me was Depo. I will look into the natural progesterone to see if it will give me some relief. Regards.

  149. Hey Narisha I took the shot once and was due for another one in Nov 2012 well I didnt go back and for the last 3 months I have had acid reflux. The shot does make it worse I also bled the whole time

  150. HI! I am so glad i found your website. I am not sure what to do. I was on Depo shot for 4 years and loved it since i did not have to think of buying pads and i had absolutely no problems. My next shot was in October 12 2012 but i did not take that since i moved . I was sexually active and not once had any period till the end January 2013. I knew it would take long for my period to come back and at the end of January 2013 I had a period. I thought i would have it again at the end of February but then did not have it and became worried that i was pregnant. I did a pregnancy test and it was negative but i am not really sure about it. is this normal to have a period once then not have any the following month after being on Depo shots for 4 years? Am i pregnant? I need answers.

  151. Hello, Jill – I am also glad you found my site.
    What Depo does – and what every synthetic hormone birth control does – is suppress the body’s natural production of hormones.
    In this case it is progesterone – since Depo is made of a synthetic progestin.

    Women do love the ease of synthetic hormones – no muss, no fuss until they go off of them and realize – well, things ain’t working so well down there!

    The ratio between estrogen and progesterone in your body is now off kilter. And it may be that you are not ovulating regularly – and therefore not having regular periods because your progesterone level is still under the influence of the synthetic progestin in Depo.

    I have read in the literature that it may take up to 18 months for a woman to start having regular periods after coming off Depo.
    Starting age and the condition of your health, your diet and lifestyle all come into play.

    In addition, since the ratio of estrogen to progesterone is off until your body re-starts its normal production of progesterone – you may experience some pregnancy symptoms.
    On the other hand – some women who posted about Depo here ovulated right away and got pregnant right away.

    Why would you not be using another form of birth control if you made a conscious choice not to continue on Depo. The problem with coming off of synthetic hormones is that you do not know if you are going to ovulate tomorrow – or next week, or next month – or in 6 months. Until your start ovulating/menstruating regularly – you are playing a crap shoot.

    I would keep taking the pregnancy tests – and I would stop having unprotected sex.
    Let your partner pick up the slack for awhile by using condoms with spermicide.

    You do not need all of this worry in your life.

    What kind of birth control are you thinking of going on next?

    Hormonally yours,


  152. Hi jill
    I had been on depo for close to 11 years and I must say I loved it!!!!! However i just turned 33 at the time and i really wanted to give my body a rest….I never realised the symptoms I would get coming off depo…it was horrible, weight gain (extra 10 kilo’s) my boobs grew and were very tender, anxiety, heart racing, nausea, major fluid retention, feelings of sadness, emotional outbursts, bloating in legs, abdomen, arms, face the list goes on…3 years I lived with this, I tried everything and anything but to me nothing worked….all of a sudden I was like a ballon that deflated, lost weight I felt confident again, I honestly thought OMG its gone BUT…that’s when the PMS symptoms started again, I feel like I get pms the whole month except for a few days….lucky me!!!!!! I excercise like crazy, try to eat right but I still carnt loose the weight that has seemed to creep up on me again….I’m on no contraception….I’m too scared to go on anything!!!! I’m so over it all….what can I do to get rid of pms!!!!!!! It’s frustrating and gets me down 🙁

  153. Hello, Bella – Yes – women go on a magic carpet ride with these synthetic hormones – not realizing that they are throwing off the body’s natural hormone balance while depleting nutrients. The Depo – a progestin (progesterone) shot suppressed your natural production of progesterone – so when you came off of the Depo – you became extremely estrogen dominant.
    Classic case of estrogen dominance.

    I would seek out a naturopath – a natural doctor – or and endocrinologist.
    You may want to consider a natural progesterone cream for immediate relief…. but I would also suggest getting targeted nutrients to the brain – that is where hormone production begins.

    How long have you been off the Depo?

    Hormonally yours,


  154. I have been on the Depo for a year, and I am due for another shot at the end of April. I’m debating whether I should go back since I have been bleeding/spotting for a week now, and I have had terrible mood swings, cramps, bloating, and severe anxiety! I hate it! It makes me feel helpless…I don’t know what to do! Please help.

  155. well, Jane – after reading through all of these comments you know you are not alone. If you are experiencing these side effects now – I would suggest you consider another form of birth control. Why take anything that makes you feel this bad?

    Read this information on the Side Effects of Depo Provera and re-consider

    Hormonally yours,


  156. I do not know if i am having withdrawl symptoms or just the depo shot side effect, but I am due for my 4th injection April 19-May 3rd. Ever since getting the 3rd injection i have been feeling so not like myself. I have been having nausea, hot flashes, night sweats area the neck area, not able to sleep or sleep through the night I fall asleep around 1 am wake up at 3am and fall asleep around 5am and sleep untill 11am, loss of appetite, lost interest in my daily activities, weak legs, fast heartbeat, brown smelly discharge, some blood spotting followed with light menstrual cramps, constipated, i haven’t had a period just yet, outburst, irritated easily, dizzy when i stand a couples times, i woke up with a headache and went back to sleep it was gone… just really being myself lately… can someone relate? Is this depo related? Can i experience all these symptoms all of a sudden even though I am on my 3rd injection? Please help!

  157. Cynthia – You are experiencing a chemically induced menopause. These are all side effects. Hard to believe – right? The Depo is whacking your hormones. Nobody should expect these things to be normal. Please make sure your doctor know this. I would encourage you to use a non-synthetic form of birth control and give your body time to revert back to normal. The longer you stay on Depo – the harder it will be. If you need nutritional support I can help with that.

    Hormonally yours,


  158. Yes Leslie! !! Please I would love nutritional support!!!! Please lol! I seriously thought it was something else bothering me… thank god I now know it’s this shot. I will not be getting it again.

  159. This depo shot has literally brought me down a long with my self-esteem. I do not want to o anything anymore because i feel so bad. I had a hot flash late last night followed with a headache and UGH! I had to open every window in the house to get rid of it. I hate it! Like I said, I will not be going for my 4th injection. i totally learned a lesson, and I will tell every young lady not to ever get this shot!!

  160. Email me at Also BPA in plastics and canned foods causes anxiety. I will be posting information on this today. Very serious issues between birth control and the chemicals in our environments. All disrupting the endocrine system.

  161. Excellent. No young woman should be on synthetic hormones PERIOD. The brain does not stop maturing until age 23. The endocrine system is intricately tied to brain functioning. Besides – synthetic hormone birth control does not prevent STD’s – if you have to use a condom anyway – then what the hell is the point?

  162. This has been a nightmare! I hope I can get my body back to normal as soon as the depo leaves my system. This has been a heck of a ride. I have 20 days until my next dose, but I’m not going because I want my body and my life back.

  163. butterflyy says:

    Okay so i had one dose od depo in Feb. iam due for my next shot in two weeks . i have had a period every month while on it but my last period lasted three weeks. iam suppose to start my next period next week. so here is my question im wondering if anyone heard of the ttc kit fertibella? i want to try it but it says to take beginning of period so do you think itll be safe for me to take it if i have my period next week considering the fact im not completly off depo i mean i know when these two weeks are up depo wont be completely out my system but it wont hurt to try right? please help.

  164. Hello, butterfly – I have not heard of the product you are referring to…but doing a quick search this is a fertility kit. Do not try and improve your fertility while you are on a fertility suppressant drug. What? That is nuts. Why do you want to do this anyway. Get off of birth control.. get your hormones balanced – get a good nutrient supplement and get the Depo drug out of your body…. and that takes months. Then start focusing on your fertility. All of the toxins and chemicals we put into our bodies get passed through the umbilical cord to the fetus.

    If you are having problems with Depo then it is not working for you and it is time go get off.
    And it does not sound like it is working for you.

    Hormonally yours,


  165. stephanie says:

    Hi leslie
    My periods have started to return to normal after 7 months off the DEPO. I am still experiencing some random bleeding but it is under control. This month i had a period 1st – 6th and started again on the 12th on another period, it is not as heavy now so i am assuming it is another short period.

    My question to you is can i still get pregnant having these two periods a month how would ovulation work? the doctor told me in a 30 day cycle its 14 days after your last period on average does this still count even with another period? My partner and i are trying


  166. Hello, Stephanie – Sometimes a second period mid-cycle is due to breakthrough bleeding from ovulation. Your doctor is right – based on a 28 to 30 day cycle ovulation is around Day 14. Are you keeping track of when you are getting your periods? Do you want me to email you a chart? You know of course there are cell phone apps for tracking ovulation?

    Hormonally yours,


  167. stephanie says:

    Hi leslie,
    thankyou for your reply, i am keeping track of what i think is my main periods february march and april my period has started on the 1st or 2nd and lasted different lengths of time from 5 days too 10! with spotting sometimes after. At the end of march i had the usual depo brown discharge which lead too a heavy period at the start of april as expected!
    i have also bought a temp reader and keeping track of my temperature which keeps changing daily! around now would be the time according to charts for ovulation – or my most fertile time! however with this 2nd “period ” which isn’t as heavy as my first but still bright red i am beginning to get concerned although the doctors said it was all normal after the depo!
    have you heard of this? is it even possible to ovulate and be having a “period” now?

    i dont think doctors even know what is normal and what isnt after the depo – although all scans and tests have proved satisfactory that there is no cysts or anything !


  168. Hi I don’t know if anyone is still on here but I need some advice/ help.. Anything really! I had my last depo shot nov 2012 was meant to go back feb 2013 but didnt and I bled for 3 days quite dark around beginning of April.. Would this of been a real period? Me and my partner really want to get pregnant this year.. Will I be ovulating? Please help.. I’ve been drinking herbal teas organic juice and so much water that I should live on the toilet lol.

  169. Hello, Sarah – Am always here. The stronger your immune and endocrine system – the faster you will recover from the Depo. I would not focus so much on getting pregnant this year as much as getting healthy enough to bring a healthy child into the world. It is hard to say if you had a real period at the beginning of April. If you continue to have a bleed once a month – then we can assume that your body is ovulating again. It all depends on your state of health.

    Hormonally yours,


  170. Thank you for you reply.. Ill work on getting my health better that should help.. Also I was just wondering would there be any point in ordering agnus cactus or wait to see if I get a bleed in may?

  171. Hello, Sarah -I am not familiar with agnus cactus – so cannot advise you there.
    Why don’t you wait and see what happens in May.
    Focus on building your nutritional reserves and start preparing your body for pregnancy.

    Hormonally yours,


  172. Thank God I found this site, cos i thought i was going crazy. i took only one shot of Depo in October 2011, i didnt get a period till 20th of April 2013. before the Depo shot i weighed 70kg now i weigh 95kg that is really bad for me. i have constant headache, back pain, low sex drive, no periods at all,Nervousness, Depression,Dizziness, Acne on my face and breast, Changes in appetite,Weight gain, growth of facial and body hair,breast tenderness or discharge,mild itching or skin rash, lump on my armpit.

    My major concern is my weight i want to get my initial weight and my breast is annoyingly big (fro 36dd- 36gg) and i want to have another baby, very sad. Please help.

  173. Oh dear Temi – where are you located? I need to know so I can guide you to help. You did have a sever reaction to the Depo – no doubt.
    How old are you….. you obviously had at least one baby. You need to get your hormones and your nutrition straightened out so you can get pregnant again.

    Do you Skype?
    Email me at

    Hormonally yours,


  174. Lady Star says:

    Hey Leslie, update on is that the Depo is out my body :-).well my period came every 23rd of ea ch month on time.this month I didn’t get a period. This never happened before.. My breast got bigger only symptoms.can I be pregnant, I been off Depp a Year in 4months.

  175. Hi, Lady Star – Remind me are you having unprotected sex? After 16 months off Depo – (and I am glad it is out of your body) and if you were regular and then missed a period – I would say a pregnancy test is in order. Remember if you are pregnant to build your nutritional reserve now – so you are not depleted post-pregnancy.

    Hormonally yours,


  176. Hi I’ve been on depo for 2 months, 101b weight gain, acne on back and hair falling out no period, I don’t intend to go back for next shot my question is are there any ways to cleanse out of body? I’ve read milk thistle? I’m also suffering dizziness/lightheaded during exercise has anyone experienced this? Had blood tests all fine I’m an ex smoker of 7 months n felt fitter then than I do now! Thanks

  177. Hi – you sure did have a strong reaction to Depo. Glad you are not going back on it. If your hair is falling out – that is indicative of low progesterone. Depo has suppressed your body’s production of progesterone. You may want to go to the health food store and get a natural progesterone cream until your progesterone production kicks in. Body has to clear the chemicals on its own. If you are strong nutritionally you will be able to clear it out faster. Smoking robbed your body of a lot of nutrients. You may want to consider the Q 96 supplement on this blog. It is working miracles for the women on the product. Q 96 is a nutritional supplement that works! Once your body becomes nutrated then the neuro-endocrine-immune system falls into balance and you will stop losing your hair. Also get some Vitamin D3. A deficiency in D causes a lot of problems too.

    Hormonally yours,


    PS – Stay off of synthetic hormones if you can until you build up your nutritional reserves.

  178. kimberly says:

    Ive been on depo for 2yrs now. im due for my next shot this week but my husband and i want to have another baby. So can i go off cold turkey or do i need to have a conversation with mu doctor?

  179. Hello, Kimberly – it is always good to have a conversation with your doctor. Even though you will be ‘going cold turkey’ it will take awhile for the residual amounts of Depo to pass through your body. My suggestion is that you get on a strong nutritional supplement and start preparing your body for ovulation and pregnancy. When a woman is under nutrated it may take up to 18 months before ovulation kicks in. That is obviously the long side. Another woman who posted here – got pregnant right away.

    Since the Depo shot – like all other synthetic hormones creates hormone imbalance – you will want to start tracking your cycles. Listen to Monday night’s radio interview with Kati Bicknell and her husband Will Sacks about their free phone app called Kindara for pregnancy planning and prevention.

  180. Hi there!
    I was on the depo for a couple years; about three years. I’ve been off it for seven years. I am considered obese. But! I’ve changed my eating habbits since november (it’s been seven months since then) I’ve lost 45 lb. my weight is continuing to decrease. My husband and I have been trying but no results. However, there a few contributing factors, I would say. Unfortunately, my husband developed a pill addiction. He made a foolish mistake which resulted with a two year jail sentence with seven months remaining. I’m bipolar and I take one medication for it. Along with singular and spiralactum for my kidneys (I was diagnosed with IGA last year in December). Since his sentence, I’ve been eating healthier and I’ve taken folic acid until two months ago. My periods are regular and they always have been before and after the shot. I keep track of them in my calendar. I’m 29, and we desperately want children. With that said, with my husband’s so sobriety and me taking care of my body, is there a chance for us to conceive? What are the odds? I’m extremely worried. I don’t want to be checked because theories might be right. What should I do? 🙁

  181. Hi, Andrea
    Theories are just that – theories.
    If you nutrate your self now… you should be able to achieve a pregnancy.
    Please be aware that any medications you are on during pregnancy will influence the fetus.

    Bipolar disorder is also hormone imbalance.
    Please take a look at this web site –
    They have developed a wonderful supplement that successfully gets people off their bipolar medications.
    Women can no longer afford to ‘just’ get pregnant. We need to carefully plan for this and make sure our bodies are strong enough to handle the depletion of nutritional reserves that a growing fetus will take out of our bodies.

    If you are bipolar now… then you are already hormonally imbalanced and if you do not get the proper nutrients your bipolar will be worse after your pregnancy.
    Things like this do not get better – they get worse. And then your drug dosage may be increased.

    Your husband also needs a strong and good nutritional supplement.
    Medication deplete nutrients… and now he is in jail eating foods without any nutritional value.
    Chances are the quality of his sperm will be on the low end… until he builds up his nutritional reserves.

    BTW – addiction in part come about because the brain does not get the nutrients it needs and so it latches on to anything that will make it feel good. For your husband it was pills, for someone else it is alcohol.

    If you both take the time to build up your nutritional reserves…. and get off unnecessary medications….. then you should be able to have a healthy baby.

    BTW – bipolar is a normal condition for women. Our hormones rise – our hormones fall. How high they rise (manic) and how far they fall (depressive) is the ‘disorder’. Nutrating yourself (and your brain) will even out the rise and the fall.

    And losing weight is a must for a pregnancy… too much stress on your heart. If you are nutrated your body metabolism will function much better.
    Right now you are storing everything in your fatty cells… instead of absorbing and using nutrients.

    What type of diet are you on?

    Many, many women have gained weight on Depo – since the shot suppresses progesterone.. so that we are estrogen dominant. And we are exposed to estrogen mimickers (xenoestrogens) in our environment. This causes estrogen toxicity and they are stored in the abdomen and the hip area of the body.

    Email me if you have more questions.

    Hormonally yours,


  182. Hello, I had a question I’m not sure if you would be able to answer, but here’s a shot. I’ve taken the depo shot about 2 months ago but recently about a week or two ago I’ve taken the gardasil shit which prevent genital warts and other sti’s.. Does the combination of both medications create some sort of side effects at all? Thank you.

  183. Melanie Nicole says:

    I have only had one Depo shot, and it’s wearing off early. The symptoms that I am having are just awful. I am nausious, the most angry/cranky that I have ever been, having drenching night sweats, headaches, and general unwell feelings. I am glad to know that I’m not alone, and to know that I’m not crazy, but how long do these side effects take to wear off? My husband and I were going to try and get pregnant again in the fall, but from my research, many women don’t become regular for quite a while? Is there an end in sight? I want to stop feeling this way, and I’m sure my husband would agree!

  184. Hello, Melanie… what you are experiencing is the result of the suppression of progesterone – throwing you into hormone imbalance. The absence of progesterone lends to estrogen dominance. How long will this go on? It depends on the health of your endocrine system. You may consider getting progesterone cream from your health food store to help stimulate progesterone production. If you are planning on having a baby you also need to be on a strong – bioavailable whole food vitamin/mineral/amino acid supplement to build up your nutritional reserve. This will also help strengthen your endocrine system.

    I would anticipate that if you do the above your body will be ready for a pregnancy by the fall. Please look into the EMPowerplus Q96 product on my site. Every woman I have consulted with – for similar issues – is slowing building up their nutritional reserve – and feeling better. And they are ovulating again.

    You can email me at if you want more information.

    Hormonally yours,


  185. I am 20 months off of depo i still cannot get pregnant my periods never stopped when I took the depo after my first child she is now 3. I have very low progesterone blood test 3 months ago. I am 14 days late for my period i am not pregnant 20 tests plus. A blood test all negative. I will be taking Clomid as soon as my period comes. 2 pills a day 150mg from day five until day nine then blood work to see if my levels indicate that i indeed ovulate. I am never ever going back on this horrible shot.

  186. monalisa says:

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    Every month once i see my period i feel very down and frustrated any time is comes until one day i was browsing through Google on how to get pregnant and i saw so many testimonies pf different persons and different problems testifying how they got there problem solved by ASHRA the spell caster , i then copied the email address of ASHRA and i contacted ashra and narrated everything i am passing through ,

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  187. Hello, Angel – I am so sorry to hear your problems on Depo. It is a synthetic progestin – and has suppressed your natural progesterone production. 20 months is a long time. However, you also need to look at other things. Your health, nutrition, are two things. Clomid is another synthetic drug that will further disrupt your body’s natural production of hormones. Are you aware of all of the side effects from this drug?

    Personally, I think you are trading one bad drug for another.
    Why don’t you try some nutrition? Lots of information on this blog.
    Also Vitamin D3 – is crucial. Although the article does not mention ovulation… many women who have just increased the D3 intake have reached a desired pregnancy. And these are women who have used Depo.

    Another thing before you try Clomid.
    Go to your health food store and buy natural progesterone cream.
    Apply that for one month and see if that does not stimulate ovulation.

    Keeps us posted on what you decided to do – and the outcome.

    Hormonally yours,


  188. Thank you for your advice i will talk to my husband about those things my nutrition is good i eat a lot of fruit and vegies even kale. I am worried about m/c. I am a healthy person. I’ll keep you posted on what we both decide

  189. Read this article Angel – Minerals, OCD, ADHD, and Questions

    I know a chiropractor who went on these supplements and in a month she was ovulating. Do some research on this.
    We have to get out of the ‘one pill for every ill mentality’.

    Hormonally yours,


  190. Shunda Jackson says:

    Hi i was on depo for about year i was suppose to got my last dec 2012 but i decided not to take it any more. I havent seen my period yet and my breats are so sore i were wonder what could i do to stop the pain with my breasts..

  191. Hi, Shunda – Thanks for reaching out. Depending on how long you have been on Depo – it may take up to a year to get it out of your system. Depo suppresses progesterone production… so your breast tenderness/soreness may be due to too much estrogen. I suggest that you go to your health food store and get a natural progesterone Wild Yam cream – and apply that accordingly to your breasts and other fatty tissues around your chest. Follow the instructions on the label.

    Sometimes this is all women need to stimulate their progesterone production. And it should help with the sore breasts.

    Hormonally yours,


  192. I just posted this article today on Depo Provera as a birth control vaccine. Please read.

  193. pappioosemylove says:

    Glad I found your page, I’ve been on Depo for the last 20 years with a couple breaks in between to have children so probably technically like 17 years of Depo. I’m 35 now and am pretty damn sure it’s done in my thyroid and completely thrown my endocrine system out of whack. I have symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome, am way over weight and no matter what I do can’t lose weight, sapposed to be on thyroid meds, and basically hemmorage when go off of it……..I did see a chiropractor this morning who thought he could help. Anyone have any experience with that? Thank you! Andrea

  194. Chosenone says:

    I am so so happy and yet sad that I’ve ran into this page. I have been on the depo for six years. Some times I ween myself off and skip a dose for a month or too just to have a cycle to cleanse my body the. I get back on it. I think it was in 2010 I weened myself off and a month or two later I had a large cyst that you could literally feel if you pressed on it. It felt like a huge tennis ball. The doctor said he wanted me to get on the pill to shrink it. I went back on the shot and have been since. Sometimes my calfs and ankles hurt. I switched doctors because I tried to ask my doctor if I had been on the depo too long and he said it was a catholic hospital he couldn’t advise. The new doctor said my calfs and ankles hurting was not a problem and that it wasn’t being affected by the depo but if it did persist then he would do a scan. My legs have been better I’ve realized they hurt more when I don’t get enough sleep. But any who, my last depo was in May and was due for one this month. Last week I started getting nausea and having upset stomach. My stomach was still bothering me up to now. Every time I eat it bothers me. I’ve also been experience slight chest pain nothing too major. So I finally went to the doctor today and I told her. She gave me a stool kit to take a specimen to return this week and she ave me albuterol for when my chest hurts even though she didn’t hear any wheezing or crackles in my lungs. And I got my depo shot. Now I know when I’m due for my shot I do get nausea and cramps. This time I didn’t have any cramps just the upset stomach. I’ve drank gaterade and even fiber. I don’t have a problem having bowel movements I just literally feel like going to the bathroom every hour. After telling my boyfriend about this blog he told me to get off it immediately. Too late now. My question is do you think it’s causing my stomach problems? Should I still do the still specimen I just don’t want to waste money when it could be the shot. I’m definitely not getting it in November. How can I start preparing myself now so that my symptoms are not so bad when I get off it? How can I start cleansing myself? Thanks so much!

  195. Hello, Andrea – what did the chiropractor say he/she could do for you?

    35 years on any drug is a long time. Drugs/medications/birth control are short-term fixes – not long term solutions. You were put on Depo at such a young age – even before your endocrine system developed its own rhythm. No wonder your are endocrinally whacked out. Thyroid problems, weight issues are all a sign of hormone imbalance and nutrient depletion. And yes, Depo like all other synthetic hormones deplete vital nutrients.

    As for the hemorrhaging.. try Vitamin C with ascorbic acid and bioflavnoids. Bioflavonoids strengthen capillaries, arteries and blood vessels. Strengthening the uterine capillaries will help with the excessive bleeding.

    Also you need a good nutritional supplement to prevent bone loss that extended use of Depo causes. There is some good information on the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research blog on this.

    Are you still on the Depo?
    Between the pregnancies and the Depo shot – your nutritional reserves are totally depleted.
    I would reach out and get a good supplement – like the EMPowerplus Q96 on my blog.

    Also when you do come off of Depo – you may experience mood swings, and depression. That is because your body’s natural progesterone has been suppressed for so long. Progesterone helps us feel good – happy etc. That is why women feel so well during pregnancy. Progesterone levels are high.
    Get on a natural progesterone cream (from the health food store) to boost the progesterone in your body. Hopefully, it will also stimulate progesterone production in your body.

    Again – nutritional supplementation to the brain – should be the primary treatment. Medication should be considered the supplement. This is my new mantra.

    Hormonally yours,


  196. Hello, Chosenone… you should be happy that you found this page… not sad.
    Time to get off the Depo and let your body return to its normal state.
    of course, this is also going to take the cooperation of your partner… so you can have protected sex.

    Hard to say if what you are experiencing is from the Depo – or something else. Although IBS – is due to hormone imbalance.
    Get on a good nutritional supplement so you can replace the nutrients you have lost from depo use.

    And get on a natural progesterone cream to help with the withdrawal effects.
    When you do come off of Depo – you may experience mood swings, and depression. That is because your body’s natural progesterone has been suppressed for so long. Progesterone helps us feel good – happy etc. That is why women feel so well during pregnancy. Progesterone levels are high.

    See what your body can resolve itself.. before you move forward.
    But if you doctor is recommending a stool sample – I would go ahead with that and be on the safe side.

    Hormonally yours,


    PS – your partner gave you good advice.

  197. I took ONE depo provera shot last year Aug. 16th, 2012 and for those 3 months I had a lot of side effects which is why I didn’t return for my 2nd shot 3 months later in Nov. 2012. Well maybe 2 weeks after is when I started to experience a lot of digestive problems. I had acid reflux, nausea, stomach flutters, gas and just feeling bad and weak. I lost like 10 pounds and I’m already a small women. I have had so many test down earlier this year and all doctors say the same thing “It should be out of your system” The only thing that has come back not normal is the gallbladder function and I took that text this year in Feb. and the stomach doctor did confirm that the shot can effect the gallbladder and of course without further research they told me to have surgery which is crazy because I don’t have gallstone or gallbladder attacks not to mention after research I have read that having that organ removed can give a life time or other problems. I still don’t eat like I use to and really some days I eat more than others. To sum up everything its been a year since I got the shot but only 9 months since the shot “ran out”. I’m going back to the doctor next week. At this point what else can I request or what other test for blood work? Im so frustrated and stressed and depressed at this point. I just want to be back to normal. One good thing is that my periods came right back and have been coming on every month however sometimes its 23 days then 28 and I have spotting before and after. Any suggestions will help me. Thank you.

  198. Christina says:

    I only had 3 depo shots and it was the worst thing I ever did. For those 9 months I was horribly depressed, had no libido, I had mood swings, would cry for no reason, began getting migraines (which I never had before and now still get), and was constantly hungry. Those were the worse 9 months ever. I gained weight and hated just about everything. I have been off depo for several years but still feel like I may be suffering from it, not directly but from what it might have thrown off. When I first got off depo I had to take antidepressant medication to help with that but never thought about the other issues I was having as being from the depo. I never lost the weight I gained (about 20 pounds) and slowly continued to gain weight even though I’m extremely active and eat very well. My PCP has never been able to figure out why I can’t lose weight and is thinking of sending me to an endocrinologist. She doesn’t think it’s possible that this is an effect of the depo but all my issues started after I took it. Is it possible my hormones were effected and never recovered?

  199. To answer your question Christina. Yes. In fact, I think it would be fair to say you had an adverse reaction to the Depo. You are experiencing hormone imbalance.
    If you want to listen to an endocrinologist speak about hormone imbalance then please tune into my radio show tomorrow at Noon ET. Dr. Margarita Ochoa-Maya will be addressing hormone imbalance. My guest the following week will be Holly Grigg-Spall, author of Sweetening the Pill, How We Got Hooked on Hormonal Birth Control. Holly has a lot to say about Depo. All of this information is and will be posted on the home page of my web site.

  200. I have been on depo provera for over 15 yrs and no periods at all, and want to get off it, what can I do prior to stopping it,? to ease the symptoms .Im 49 is there any thing that would help before hand of stopping the depo shots.Im a lil more than concerned at this point of being on it fr s many years, had no bad reactions while on it, and no periods ever.

  201. Hi Pen49 – Thanks for asking such a great question. I am glad you could use the Depo shot without problems. So since Depo suppressed progesterone production in your body – I would supplement with a natural progesterone cream – or with the Young Living Progessence Plus on my site. This essential oil with progesterone will get right into the cellular level.

    The other piece is good nutrition targeted to the brain… since that is where the suppression has taken place.
    And synthetic hormones do deplete nutrients out of the body.

    Once again, I have a product on my site that I recommend because I have researched – and have had great success with.
    If you do these two things… whether with these products or ones that you choose – then you will have a greater chance of getting your endocrine rhythm into sync. Many times women do not ovulate normally for about 18 months. And micronutrients and the progesterone will help with withdrawal symptoms.

    Let us know how you do coming off of Depo. It would be interesting for you to chart the changes you may – or may not experience so you can share that with other women.

    Please use a backup method of birth control as well. You never know when you might start ovulating.

    And – get some Vitamin D 3. That is also very helpful. Suggested amounts are 10,000 IUs. We all need to be on this vitamin. None of us are getting what we need from the sun.

    Hormonally yours,


  202. Thank you very much for the quick response,
    I am 49 and have started 4 months ago with a very high change in my way of eating, I eat alot of greens high in micro nutrients and alot of fruits as well I dont eat much whites, pasta breads sugars I load up on chis seeds flaz,hemp and many others added to my greens fruits and do make them into drinks so I can get more at once, I do take b complex and will start the vit d3 again.
    I will keep track of my chnages and success as I go, and share it with you and women on the site. had my las shot this week and plan on not getting it again, I didnt want to stop until I knew what I was in fro, so during these next 3 months I will power greens and fruits etc and cont after as well.
    Thank you very much I feel alot better as to what I need to do

  203. Thank you very much for the quick response,
    I am 49 and have started 4 months ago with a very high change in my way of eating, I eat alot of greens high in micro nutrients and alot of fruits as well I dont eat much whites, pasta breads sugars I load up on chis seeds flaz,hemp and many others added to my greens fruits and do make them into drinks so I can get more at once, I do take b complex and will start the vit d3 again.
    I will keep track of my chnages and success as I go, and share it with you and women on the site. had my last shot this week and plan on not getting it again, I didnt want to stop until I knew what I was in for, so during these next 3 months I will power greens and fruits etc and cont after as well.
    Thank you very much I feel alot better as to what I need to do

  204. I’m currently on depo , I’ve been having to urinate frequently and am bloated all day my question: Is this normal?

  205. This does not sound normal. But is it normal for you? How long has it been going on? If the symptoms occurred after vaccination/injection then maybe you may be experiencing and adverse reaction to the shot.

    Hormonally yours,


    PS And yes, we need to start thinking of Depo as a birth control vaccination.

  206. It started when I got my 5th shot. I took two pregnancy test both came back negative. I am still on the shot

  207. I only took one shot in Aug. 2012 and most of the symptoms have left and my periods came back right away. I have been doing a lot of my own research because doctors doesn’t seem to care about the after effects of the shot. I still to this day have stomach issues. My question is when it comes to the shot in reference to waiting on my hormones to adjust does it start from when the shot “ran out”? I read it can stay in my body for awhile.

  208. Many women experience ‘pregnancy’ symptoms on Depo. And many get pregnancy tests. If something started after my 5th shot – I would certainly be raising my eyebrow about continuing… which is why of course, you are reaching out here. It may be time to re-evaluate and use a non-hormonal birth control for awhile so your body can get back into balance.

    Hormonally yours,


  209. Yes, Depo can stay in your body for awhile. Yes, hormone will begin adjusting once the shot runs out… sooner sometimes. Depends on the strength and health of your neuro-endocrine-immune system. One shot is not much… not compared to women who have been on this method for years.

    Hormonally yours,


  210. What alot of women cant understand is once stopping the shot no matter the length of time out of nowhere the symptoms appear. Some are on it for a long time and once they stop they feel ok and then out of nowhere their body falls apart. I myself its been 10 months since the one shot ran out and Im still having trouble.

  211. Hello Ladies,
    Hi I am 19 and started depo last year a week before Christmas. I was put on it not only for birth control but also to help reduce my ovarian cysts. My first shot went well but then towards the end I had on and off heavy bleeding and spotting. I was directed by my dr. to continue with getting my next shot. I did as directed and had nonstop period for the duration of that shot after the first 2 weeks. I was also put on fluoxitine to help control the adverse mood swings that I was experiencing. I decided not to go through with the third shot. A month later I was in the er for severe abdominal pain that has yet to be explained. This was in May. I have still not gotten my period back which ended a day before my er visit. I am bloated, irritable, and have gained 10 lbs. I am sexually active but use protection. I experience pregnancy symptoms but my tests come out as negative! Any advice? And is this normal?

  212. Hello, Jasmine – No this is not normal – you have had a adverse reaction to the depo. Yes, this is ‘normal’ because many of women on Depo are experiencing similar symptoms of bloating, weight gain, irritability and negative pregnancy tests. You were quite young when you went on the Depo and perhaps your neuro-endocrine-immune system was not fully developed. There are many other factors to take into consideration of course. General health, mother’s health, diet, lifestyle etc.

    What the Depo has done is suppressed your body’s production of progesterone. This is causing estrogen dominance which is also enhanced by all of the xenoestrogens in our environment. Plastics is number one culprit. But makeup, dryer sheets, perfumes, estrogen hormones in meat and water also contribute. As well as mother’s history of birth control use.

    I would suggest getting a natural progesterone cream from the health food store for a month and see if that might not jump start ovulation.
    Also get on a strong nutritional supplement and keep using alternative protection. You never know when your body will start ovulating.

    Thanks for reaching out and posting your comment here.

    Hormonally yours,


  213. Before my fourth shot I had sex but we used protection, a couple of days after getting my shot I started to experience pregnant symptoms such as bloat, constipation, loss of weight that’s pretty much it Oh and discharge from one breast. I started to experience heavy bleeding in July until August and now I haven’t had a period I’m on my 5th shot now I was wondering if all of this is normal?

  214. Hello, Jessica – no your symptoms are not normal. However, they do appear to be ‘normal’ since many of the women who have experienced the same with Depo have posted here. Please read through the comments. Have you had a pregnancy test anywhere to determine if you conceived before your fourth shot?

    Do not think that is likely… but one never knows.

    All of the symptoms you describe can be considered an ‘adverse reaction’ to Depo – but why is it we never question the symptoms? Side effects are listed for other drugs… but they are sparse when it comes to hormone birth control

    If this continues, I would suggest trying another non-hormonal form of birth control. Try and get your body back on track.

    Hormonally yours,


  215. I was on depo for almost 10yrs (and hbcp for maybe 10yrs before that). I’ll be 40 in January. My last injection was May. I’m so mad at myself. i can’t believe I did this to my body. I had no idea. Now it’s paying me back, if you will, for years of abuse (depo). My health history is crazy and long so I won’t go into it. In June I made a major change in lifestyle- cut out processed foods, sugar, gluten, dairy, gmos.. I already didn’t eat meat. 95% of what I eat is organic whole foods. I only drink water, with my one vice of coffee in the morning. Changing my diet made a big change but at the same time, I currently feel like I’m dying inside. Part of me thinks it’s another food intolerance but the other part of me wonders if I don’t even have food intolerances, that it’s really all the depo. Hard to say. My story is long but right now I am wanting to understand what my hormones are going through. Oh, I am also staying away from soy and grain. I read progesterone cream is recommended..? Do I just go to my local health food store and peruse the shelves? Not sure what I am looking for. Are there any herbs that will help? I pray my body forgives me and goes back to normal.. because it is very difficult living this way. Thank you for all your wonderful information.

  216. Hello, Nicole. Most of us make decisions based on the information we have at hand… and 10 years ago – we did not have the knowledge about the potential dangers of Depo or any other synthetic hormones. Millions of women have been affected by the suppression of the endocrine system. Holly Grigg-Spall writes about this well in her new book entitled: “Sweetening the Pill: How We Got Hooked on Hormonal Birth Control”

    Here is an excerpt that I want to share with you:

    “Better to medicate women and make contraception their sole responsibility than to consider the possibility that men and women could be equal partners in a conversation about birth control.”

    How sad is that? But that is the thinking ever since the introduction of synthetic hormones to the market.

    Now to you… Yes, natural progesterone in a health food store is a good choice to stimulate progesterone response – since it has been suppressed for so many years.
    Not sure that herbs will do the trick. However, you do need to replace the nutrients you lost through synthetic hormone use.

    I highly recommend the EMPowerplus Q 96 on my blog and Vitamin D3 – 10,000 IU’s a day.

    When women withdrawing from Depo – strange word to use – but it is so true use the above protocol they begin to feel better quickly and they are able to ovulate.

    Your body forgives you…. just give it the tools it needs to heal and it will start loving you again.

    Please email me at and I can help you further.

    Glad you found my blog… you came to the right place.

    Hormonally yours,


  217. cece ramirez says:

    Hello, I am having the worst possible lower back pain of my life I had the depo shot in July a month after I had my daughter i have only had one period now for 3 weeks straight I can barely stand or let alone get up I take probably 8 aleves everyday that does nothing please hello how can I ease this pain and is it from the shot

  218. Hello, Cece- I am not sure your lower back pain is from the shot. My thinking about your heavy bleeding is that you are actually hemorrhaging. Perhaps the uterine capillaries were weakened after your pregnancy. I suggest getting bioflavonoids – they strengthen uterine capillaries as well as all other veins and arteries in the body.

    Are you breastfeeding your daughter? I strongly suggest you reconsider the Depo shot or any synthetic hormone or drug while breastfeeding. The chemicals go right into the milk.

    Am thinking about your lower back pain. It is possible that your uterus has fallen back on your colon and the contractions (uterine and from your colon) are causing the pain. Yoga will help. Or try this simple exercise – I have recommended it a lot for women with cramps. Get on your knees on the floor and stretch forward with your lower arms on the floor. Raise your back slightly. Lower your head down on your fists. (Do not clench them). This simple step will help the uterus fall back into place. The uterus is not attached to anything and gravity holds it down in our pelvic area. However, many times it shifts forward or backward against the colon or the bladder – causing pain when it contracts.

    Try the bioflavonoids and this exercise and see if it helps. Usually the bleeding will stop fairly quickly. Within a week or so. If not you should see your doctor. You can buy bioflavonoids alone in the health food store – or if you do not see them you can get Vitamin C – ascorbic acid with bioflavonoids.

    Remember your baby took every piece of nutrition (vitamin, mineral, amino acid, enzymes) you had on reserve in your body. It needs to be replaced. The EMPowerplus Q 96 is a great resource for that. It is on my blog. And the bio-available supplement does contain bioflavonoids.

    Stay in touch and let me know how you are doing.
    Email me at if you want more information on the EMPowerplus Q 96.

    Hormonally yours,


  219. Tammy Williams says:

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  220. I have been on the Depo for almost a year my last shot was Oct 13` the first couple months I had no bleeding the next several months til now I have been bleeding non stop, not heavy bleeding but enough for a lite tampon or liner I know the shot is different for everybody and I thought it was too stop period not prolong them however since being on the shot I’ve become irritable breast tenderness headaches and now that I’m due for my next shot in a couple weeks bleeding has become worse and I’ve been feeling depressed I have decided to come off the shot due to never ending bleeding my question is what can I do to help my body go back to its normal state? What can help remove this nightmare out of my body?

  221. Hello, Cherry – you are obviously having a reaction to the Depo. Many of your symptoms are similar to what other women have experienced.
    What women do not realize is that when they are on synthetic hormones – they do not have ‘periods’ they experience chemical bleeds. There is a big difference.
    So what I am trying to do is to help women change the paradigm – from thinking that there is something ‘wrong’ with the to -understanding that our bodies are nutrient deficient.

    So let’s deal with the bleeding first. I suggest that you get some bioflavnoids at your health food store. Sometimes you can buy them as an individual supplement – other times you can find them in combination with Vitamin C – (ascorbic acid and bioflavnoids). Bioflavnoids strengthen not only uterine capillaries – but also all blood vessels and arteries in the body.

    The Depo is going to have to run its course. There is know way to get it out of your body. however, you can strengthen your neuro-endo-immune system with micronutrients targeted to the brain. That is the Q Sciences EMPowerplus Q96 on my blog. These micronutrients are bioavailable and the vitamins and minerals are in synergistic ratio with each other for optimum effectiveness. All women need to be on this product because we are not getting the nutrition we need from our food sources and/or synthetic vitamins. They work wonderfully for hormone imbalance – which is what you are experiencing from the Depo.

    Depression is indicative of your brain not getting the nutrients it needs to function. The ratios of estrogen and progesterone are now off kilter and that is why you are experiencing non-stop bleeding, depression, breast tenderness and headaches.

    Give the body the tools it needs to heal itself – this is the new paradigm. And you will feel the difference within a month – if not sooner… and if there are no limiting factors like other synthetic hormones or psychotropic meds.

    Nutrition should be the primary treatment. Medication the supplement. We have gotten the two mixed up.

    Please email me at if you would like more information.

    Hormone blessings,

  222. I started on depo right after my son was born and only had two shots I wasn’t even going to get the second shot but my doctor said it would stop the bleeding .which I bled for 3 months after I had my son so I got the second shot the bleeding stopped for 2 months and then I started spotting on and off ever since then . my third shot was due Nov 19th 2013 but I never went back they said I was covered til the 3 of December but after that I wouldn’ t be covered I read on line that I would no longer be covered 5 days of missing the shot so I am totally confused … I am impatiently waiting for my period to come so I can start to track my ovulation I no longer want to be on any sort of bc

  223. chosenone says:

    Hi Lisa I am back again 3months later. So I have decided to get off the depo. Last time when I told you my stomach was hurting and doctor wanted a stool sample I didn’t do it. I later realized that it was the depo. This week I am supposed to get my depo but I am not going to. I wish my doctor could help but last time I tried to talking to him he said it’s a catholic hospital so they can’t talk a lot about birth control.
    since this week is when I am suppose to go in and get my shot, I have already started getting sick. I am so sick to my stomach and nausea comes and goes. I know last time you told me to get progesterone cream so I went last night to vitamin shoppe and got Source Natural progresterone cream. I hope it will really help! I thought about getting vitamins but I didn’t know which ones to buy or just to buy multi womens vitamins? I also thought about getting a detox cleanser for liver. I want this drug out of my system and just be back to normal. it’s so sad that my bad is craving it and it’s making me this sick. do you recommend detoxing?

  224. Hello Eeron – you obviously had a reaction to the Depo shot – along with the hundreds of other women who have posted here. You may want to try a natural progesterone cream for a month to stimulate ovulation – therefore initiating your period. Depo suppresses progesterone.

    When you do get your period – and if you are still excessively bleeding (hemorrhaging) go to your health good store and get a bottle of bioflavonoids. If you cannot find them as a single supplement then look for Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) with bioflavonoids. Bioflavonoids – not only strengthen uterine capillaries (due to low levels of progesterone) but the supplement strengthens all arteries and blood vessels in the body.

    Stay in touch and let us know how you are doing.

    BTW – you may also be exhibiting other signs related to low progesterone – mood disorders; depression, anxiety… this is common in women post-pregnancy. Especially when they go on Depo right afterwards. The Q96 supplement on my site is a wonderful vitamin/mineral combination that is used successfully in balancing hormones and replacing vital nutrients lost (given to the baby) during pregnancy.

    Please email me at if you would like more information.

    Hormonally yours,


  225. Hey I took the shot once and didn’t go back for the next one. It’s been about a week since I should have went back but I’m not. I have lupus and I had a big flare and now I’m scared. I’m bloated and it looks like I’m pregnant but I’m not. I have back pains and have a lot of gas. Can you please tell me what’s going on…

  226. Hello, you are experiencing some withdrawal symptoms from the Depo. The shot suppresses progesterone production. So you are estrogen dominant – and feeling the pregnancy symptoms. You might want to consider going to the health food store and buying some natural progesterone to stimulate your natural progesterone production. This will also help you get your period. How are you treating your lupus? You may need some immune system boosting nutrients. Again the health food store is a great resource for that.

    Hormonally yours,


  227. Sheryl Rico says:

    I took my first shot back in feb 2013 after my son was born, I started having anxiety after the second shot, I didn’t know at the time what was going on because I had never experienced that ever. I ended up going to emergency room because of how bad it was. I had my first panic attack after my second shot too, i had no idea it was my birth control so without knowing I went and took my third shot soon after I had my second panic attack! My fourth shot was up in jan 2014 but I decided not to take it and I don’t want to experience anxiety or panic attacks anymore, is there a way I can detoxify my body? How can I balance my hormones? How long until I feel normal again? I haven’t had another panic attack since and I’m praying my body can return from this. I spotted the first three months but after the second shot I no longer spotted or did I ever get my period. I’m trying to take the natural way since I’m still breastfeeding plus I don’t want to put more stuff into my body! My dr prescribed anxiety medicine that it supposed to be really good but I decided not to take it I keep reading online bad stories about this shot but I can’t seem to find many recovery stories and those are the ones I need, I need to be strong and get through this but no one understands what I’m feeling only God.

  228. Hello, Sheryl – Thank you for reaching out. The Depo shot contains synthetic progesterone. This suppresses your body’s production of this essential ‘mood’ hormone. In addition, you were given the shot after your son was born. During pregnancy your progesterone levels are much higher to maintain the uterine lining to protect and carry a baby to full term. Once the pregnancy is over those levels of progesterone drop significantly – sometimes plunging women into a postpartum depression. And to that the suppression of any remaining progesterone with the Depo – it is not surprising that you had anxiety attacks and landed in the ER.

    I am glad you listened to your intuition about not taking the anxiety medication. That just further complicates an already depleted and confused neuro-endocrine-immune system. Give yourself credit for that wise choice. Especially since you are breastfeeding. Those drugs are passed right through your body into you child’s. The same with the Depo. Everything goes into the breast milk. It just amazes me that doctors place women on synthetic hormones and anxiety meds while they are breastfeeding. Common sense screeches that this is wrong.

    Pregnancies also deplete vital nutrients – MINERALS, amino acids, vitamins and enzymes from the body. If those are not replaced – a woman will experience postpartum depression symptoms including fatigue, anxiety and depression. In addition, Depo and anxiety meds deplete even more nutrients from the body. Add to that the additional nutritional resources you are losing through breastfeeding.

    We all have to remember that we are no longer able to get the nutritional support we need to maintain our lifestyles through the foods we consume. Many women go into a pregnancy nutritionally depleted without even realizing it.

    So what to do? You need to get on a strong, effective bio-available micronutrient packed with MINERALS, amino acids, vitamins and enzymes. The EMPowerplus Q96 on my site is the product I would consider using. So many women are using this product for hormone-related anxiety and depression – and it is so effective for women who has just had a pregnancy.

    The Q 96 will also be helpful in aiding your body in the detox process. Once the body has the tools it needs (micronutrients) then it can begin to do its own housecleaning: detox and fortification.

    You many also want to consider going to the health food store and picking up some natural progesterone cream for a month – until the micronutrients kick in. This will give your body the nutritional boost it needs for ovulation and menstruation.

    Please email me at if you would like more information on the Q96. I am not here to sell product – what I have done is researched and found the best product on the market to support and aid hormone balancing.

    Believe me when I say that there are hundreds more women who understand what you are feeling. I hear from them everyday.

    You will be able to feel like yourself again and enjoy these precious days with your baby.

    Hormone blessings,


  229. Hello . I’ve been non stop searching for answers. I only had two depo shots because I could not handle the side effects. I was supposed to go back for my third December 4th but didn’t and through that whole month me and my spouse had unprotected sex. I was spotting a while after not going back for my third shot then toward the end of December it stopped then in January my breast became so sore about 4 weeks now there still sore and have grown a cup size. I’ve been urinating frequently through out the night. I took pregnancy test it came back negative idk if I should go to the doctor or wait it out see if my breast stop being sore or if I get my period. I heard it takes up to 3 months got the shot to babe out

  230. Hello . I’ve been non stop searching for answers. I only had two depo shots because I could not handle the side effects. I was supposed to go back for my third December 4th but didn’t and through that whole month me and my spouse had unprotected sex. I was spotting a while after not going back for my third shot then toward the end of December it stopped then in January my breast became so sore about 4 weeks now there still sore and have grown a cup size. I’ve been urinating frequently through out the night. I took pregnancy test it came back negative idk if I should go to the doctor or wait it out see if my breast stop being sore or if I get my period. I heard it takes up to 3 months got the shot to be out of your system. Idk what to think

  231. I was on Depo for 3 years. My last injection was Oct. 2012 and my period started in March 2013. Ever since March, I get a bacterial infection every time my period ends. I have gone to my physician and OB countless times and they’ve finally figured out that I now have a hormonal imbalance which somehow causes my vaginal pH to be too alkaline. I have never had issues with discharge or feminine odor, so this really sucks. Especially because the reason I stopped Depo in the first place was because my husband and I are ready to have children. :/

  232. Hello, Monique – My deepest apologies for not getting back to you sooner. Rule # 1 NEVER have unprotected sex after stopping synthetic hormone birth control. Rule #2 NEVER have unprotected sex period – unless you want to get pregnant.

    The problem with coming off synthetic hormone birth control is that you NEVER know when your body may start ovulating again. Synthetic hormones suppress ovulation.

    Many women have shared concerns over ‘pregnancy’ symptoms while they are withdrawing from Depo. Depo causes a severe hormone imbalance in the body. Your own natural progesterone production is suppressed – and therefore you have excess estrogen in your body (the ratio between estrogen and progesterone have been severely skewed) and therefore you may be experiencing fullness and soreness of breasts and perhaps frequent urination.

    You may want to go to the health food store and get some natural progesterone cream to stimulate your own natural production of progesterone. You can use this until you start have regular periods.

    Just hope that your pregnancy tests keep coming back negative. But if you do want to get pregnant – you will need all the progesterone you can get to bring the baby to term (not miscarry).

    Oh, yeah – and Rule #3 NEVER get pregnant right after you get off synthetic birth control. The toxins in these products will be passed on to the baby.

    Stay in touch.

    Hormonally yours,


  233. Hello, Tiffany – you need to get your body straightened out before you start having children. The Depo has caused a hormone imbalance. That may further be exacerbated with your age and your diet. Broad spectrum micronutrients are crucial. I have a lot of information about this on my blog. You especially need to be nutrated before getting pregnant. And you need to resolve the fungal issue. There is plenty of research on the internet about ingesting baking soda in warm water over a period of time to restore alkalinity.

    I found this resource that may be helpful.
    I learned something from this link too. Maybe your body is producing excess progesterone after it was suppressed for so long.
    Will keep looking into it.

    Hormonally yours,


  234. I have now been off depo for six months (9 if you include the time from the last shot). I had been on it for 10 years. And things are only now beginning to normalize. But I was a hot MESS for the first four months. And it tested my relationship greatly. Thankfully we both knew it was the shot and the withdrawal. Still.. my man has some serious patience. I was having weird paranoid delusions regarding our relationship.. almost like I was creating some other life that wasn’t real. Don’t get me wrong.. his patience was tested and we almost split over it. Looking back, I can see how irrational and insane I must have sounded.. but it was real to me at the time. That shot is pure evil. Though it was my significant other who initially pointed out the fact it was probably the depo making me nuts (it started before I got off the shot- which prompted me getting off the shot). It seriously messes with your head. Among other bodily functions. I have a history of csa, which I have mostly overcome, but talk about opening a flood gate of insecurity and yes, being scared of sex. But we both hung in there.. talked a lot.. and I helped myself detox faster.. and *finally*, I am feeling normal again. I could write a book about what I have been through.. so this is the shortened version. I think if my s.o. could sum it up.. he would say “she was nuts and not herself.”

  235. Thank you Nicole for posting the ‘short version of your book. Very profound and it sure backs up Allen’s perceptions of his partner’s unusual behavior on Depo. BTW – the length of time you and Allen’s partner have been on the shot just stuns me. Depo was created for short term use only.

    Am so glad you are getting your life back.

    Holly Grigg-Spall has written a wonderful book – and she goes into the ‘long version’ of Depo use. The book is entitled: “Sweetening the Pill or how We Got Hooked on Hormonal Birth Control.”

    Hormone regards,


  236. I am a man who is married to a woman who was on Depo for over 15 years. During this time, there has been almost no sex. Before the Depo (and Oprah) we had a great sex life. For most of the last 15 years, she has talked to me like I was an idiot, told me she was scared of sex, and had an affair which (I think) ended in disaster. I gave her the easy way out and told her I believed her denial. I think she had her last shot in July ’13. I am not sure because when she told me she had an appointment with her gyn, I asked if she was going to be taken off that drug I hate and she blew up in my face. Since late summer she has been talking to me in a much more civilized manner. She is even talking about losing the weight she has gained over the years. Please understand her weight gain has no effect on my view of the woman I love. Most of the posts here are from women and I am very interested in their comments about a man’s experience with this bogus drug. Thanks, ladies.

  237. Allen – Thank you so much for posting your comments and observations here. Depo was only meant for short term use – not long terms. I cannot imagine the drug’s impact on your wife.

    I hope everyone who has posted on this thread will read this carefully. How has Depo affected our lives and relationships? It would be more interesting to hear from men – like Allen – who have been so deeply impacted and yet steadfast to the woman he loves.

    Allen if you ever want to write an short article about your experience with Depo – I would be happy to post it.

    Hormone regards,


  238. Mae Kennedy says:

    In July I took one shot of depo provera from a low income clinic. It was near closing and the lady adminsitering it to me said that it didn’t have the male hormones that cause facial hair. I believed her and skimmed over the warnings. I got sick a week after taking it. Started getting worse thicker facial hair. I always had a little on my chin but it spread up my cheeks. I have anxiety and depression. I did 7 laser hair treatments with no positive results. Does this stuff ever really leave the system? I don’t think they even have a clue. Or even have a clue how to dose it and for what increments. Obviously since, one shot isn’t really for three months and your back to normal. One shot has taken me so far eight months and who knows how long to get back to normal.

  239. Mae Kennedy says:

    I think they have found a way to rid us women of the shedding of our uterus so we don’t get periods. And never mind the results that happen that are cancer causing as long as some big corporation can make a big dollar. Just like how some vitamins claim they don’t treat, heal or diagnose symptoms yet they take your money and put what you need in the pills and also something poisonous that causes cancer. It seems to me that somebody out there does not like women. for instance, in some vitamins there is titanium dioxide pigment, which is cancer causing…why? I don’t know if it’s in the depo I can’t say but it irritates me in general.

  240. Hello, Mae – I am sorry to hear you had such an adverse reaction to Depo. It is amazing to me that they administer these shots to women without regard to their health status – or without a hormone analysis. Your facial condition prior to the shot was indicative of an hormone upset….and then to administer the shot – was the final straw.

    Yes, Depo leaves the system – but it takes time – not sure what your hormone imbalance is… and do not want to suggest anything that will further tip the balance, but Depo suppresses progesterone production in the body. Some women use natural progesterone cream for a month or so to boost their progesterone production again.

    Information on Hirsutism:

    Hirsutism is quite common. It simply is an overpopulation of the androgen hormones (male sex hormones), which causes the hair growth, or hair follicles that are more sensitive to the normal amount of androgen.

    What can cause the overpopulation of these hormones?

    Changes in the pituitary gland
    Changes in the adrenal gland
    Changes in the ovaries
    Or by no known cause

    Women have the same number of hairs on their bodies and faces as men do. The male hormone, testosterone, makes hairs grow thicker, darker and longer, so that they appear more noticeable. All women produce small amounts of testosterone and low levels of this male hormone allows terminal hairs to appear in the pubic (groin) and axillary (armpit) areas and around the brown circles of the nipple. This is normal and happens from around puberty. When there are higher levels of male hormones, terminal hairs can develop over the shoulders, over the lower back and the upper abdomen. The amount of terminal hair increases in all women with age.

    It appears that the suppression of progesterone, in your case – upset the progesterone/testosterone ratios… more so in your case.
    I would suggest getting a hormone analysis panel – see what your levels are and work with a naturopath to bring them back into balance.

    Thanks for sharing your story.

    Hormone regards,


  241. Well stated.


  242. Hello Leslie,
    I have been getting the depo for what would be six years in july and i take a calcium magnesium and zinc multisupplement vitamen, and i was due for my next shot February 4th 2014 but have been considering getting off of it as i have no reason to continue because i have no intention of having sex. My questions are
    1.) how long usually do symptoms take to develop and how long are they assumed to last? what’s classified as a “seeking medical help” side effect,

  243. Hello Leslie,
    I have been getting the depo for what would be six years in july and i take a calcium magnesium and zinc multisupplement vitamen, and i was due for my next shot February 4th 2014 but have been considering getting off of it as i have no reason to continue because i have no intention of having sex. My questions are
    1.) how long usually do symptoms take to develop and how long are they assumed to last? 2.) What’s classified as a “seeking medical help” side effect?
    3.) If i do decide i need birth control again,
    Because my body can’t handle condoms,
    Whats a good alternative?

    I haven’t had a period the whole time,
    Just occasional spotting and im so sorry
    For the repost, smart phones arent very smart sometimes haha! Thank you for everything you’ve been doing and done!

  244. Hello, Arrydyne Thanks for your great questions. Six years is long enough on Depo – this method of birth control was designed for short-term use. How old are you? If you are not having sex – why ARE you on this method of birth control? Am curious as to why your body cannot handle condoms… is it because of the spermicide and other chemicals?

    First of all no woman has a period on ANY synthetic hormone birth control. That is a misnomer – and has harmed women by thinking that the hormone birth control is abating so their body’s can menstruate. Instead, what is happening is a ‘controlled’ chemical bleed. If ovulation is suppressed with synthetic hormone steroids – the body cannot develop a uterine lining to be released which is what menstruation is. And in your case, the Depo has not even allowed for that. But you are not alone – about 50% of women on Depo do not bleed at all…. but again – this type of bleeding is not ‘menstruation’.

    So now to your questions.

    1. The development of Depo withdrawal symptoms and the length depend on the health of the woman. And each individual is different. According to some medical sources, some women start ovulating 3 to 4 months after coming off Depo – for others it may take up to 1 – 1 1/2 years. Again depends on the bodies ability to start producing hormones. Depo suppresses progesterone production – which is necessary for moods, ovulation and the development of the uterine lining for menstruation.

    I posted an article from two of my colleagues, regarding guidelines for coming off Depo last year. “Recovering from Depo-Provera: Withdrawal Symptoms Explained” Hope this is helpful.

    2. ‘Medical help side effect’ Good question – there is a line in this article you should take note of: “They (women) report that health-care professionals seem unable to explain their problems or to offer effective solutions. What is puzzling for many is why they are experiencing symptoms like sore breasts, heavy and ongoing bleeding (or not getting flow back at all), digestive problems, weight gain and mood issues when they stop Depo.”
    You will intuitively know if you will need to seek medical care. But often the response is to put you on another form of birth control to ‘regulate’ your periods. I cannot tell you how many women I have seen who have flip-flopped between estrogen and progestin birth control methods and it throws their hormone imbalance totally out of whack.

    Since you are keeping your nutrient reserves intact, you may not experience severe withdrawal at all. But if you do experience any of the above symptoms, I generally suggest getting natural progesterone cream and apply it for a month or so – to stimulate your own progesterone production. When progesterone is suppressed – there is too much estrogen in the body – causing the above symptoms.

    And if you do experience heavy bleeding (which occurs because the endometrium has gotten thin because of the lack of progesterone again. In this case, I recommend the supplement ‘bioflavonoids’ either as a stand-alone or combined with Vitamin C. Your health food store will have this. Bioflavonoids strengthen the uterine capillaries as well as all other blood vessels and artery’s. It is an essential supplement for all women.

    3. Again I do not know you age, or why you may be sensitive to condoms… but I do know that some woman are… I would shop around for a natural condom – without chemicals. Or if you want to learn about your cycle and fertility there are many apps on line that can track ovulation giving you a window of time on either side to have ‘safe’ or abstain from sex. Kindara is one of those apps.

    Hope this helps,

    Hormone blessings,


  245. I went on depo march 2012 got off of it august 2013 and I still haven’t got my period

  246. Hello, Alisa – You must listen to my radio show on March 13 about the after effects of Depo Provera.
    Will be posted on the main page of my blog.

    That being said, Depo contains a synthetic progesterone – progestin that suppresses ovulation as well as natural progesterone production in the body. This may cause estrogen dominance and anovulatory cycles. Many women do not have a period after withdrawing from Depo. What I suggest is stimulating natural progesterone production by getting a natural progesterone cream from the health food store. Use it for a month or so – according to the directions and see if that will help with stimulating ovulation – and hence your period.

    In the meantime, do not have unprotected sex – because you do not know when ovulation may occur –
    What other birth control are you considering using?

    Keep me posted.
    Hormone blessings,


  247. So I thought that when my period came back I would feel better. Though my emotions and sanity came back, I feel like crap all the time. I need to go back through this thread for your great advice. I got my period back in December and it basically hasn’t stopped. It’s sort of like two full periods a month, then another trying to be and then spotting in between all that. The bleeding itself is not heavy, so everything is mostly a nuisance. The cramps can be debilitating, though. This does end, right? I’m 40 and beginning to wonder if I’ll just slip right into early menopause… my s.o. has been incredibly supportive and patient, thank God. Is there any problematic side effect to constant bleeding? Hmm.. is this why I’m tired all the time? Well.. just coming by to feel not alone..

  248. Hello, Nicole – sorry the for delay in responding. You may still be experiencing hormone imbalance – i.e.; you may be producing enough progesterone to stimulate ovulation, but not enough to keep the uterine lining intact – hence the constant bleeding.

    There are two things I recommend:

    If this is indeed a hormone balance due to lowered progesterone production as a continuing side effect from the Depo – the you many consider getting some natural progesterone cream for a month and using according to the instructions, see if that might help with the excessive bleeding.

    The excessive bleeding may indeed be due to your age and slowly transitioning into menopause.

    However, constant bleeding is not normal at any age – and is considered hemorrhaging. But before you run off and have this checked… get some bioflavonoid supplements from the health food store. They may come as a single supplement or combined with Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) plus bioflavonoids.

    Bioflavonoids are great for strengthening arteries, veins, and capillaries in the body – and especially needed as we age for uterine capillaries.
    Many women who go this route – will see a major difference in a month’s time.

    You may even want to try the natural progesterone in combination with the bioflavonoids. Either way – I think you will see a major difference in a month’s time.

    Thanks for reaching out.

    Hormone blessings,


    You can find more information here –

  249. Hello, everyone – Please make sure you listen to Holly Grigg-Spall, author of “Sweetening the Pill or How We Got Hooked on Hormonal Birth Control” on Thursday March 13 on Holy Hormones Honey! Holly will be speaking about ‘Whats in Your Depo?” We will be covering many of the concerns all of you have expressed about this type of contraception.

    Hormone blessings,


  250. Danni-Elle says:

    Hi, I was due for my past Depo shot January1 but chose not to go through with it as I didn’t like how it was effecting me. It would have been either my 3rd or 4th shot I can’t remember which.
    Anyway since then I’ve had constant heavy bleeding. Bad headaches, dizziness, aching muscles, aching body all together, severe stomach cramps that have even made me colapse, sore boobs, heart palpitations and I constantly feel exhausted all day every day and have barely been able to eat anything as I feel to sick.
    Ive been prescribed so many tablets already. Things to stop the bleeding, painkillers, endone, and double doses of the birth control pill to get the hormones in my body to start functioning again. But nothing has worked and im bleeding more then ever.
    I was just told you can get progesterone and estrogen shots. Do you think in my case its worth a shot to see if that works as everything else ive tried has failed? Also I read abous the symptoms of low estrogen and I have all of them.

  251. Hi, Danni-Elle – Personally, I think you have had too many shot – too much of a hormone imbalance upset for anyone else to be playing Russian Roulette with your endocrine system.

    You are definitely experiencing Depo withdrawal. Nothing you have been prescribed is going to heal the imbalance. They are all just adding to the problem.
    I suggest the supplement bioflavonoids – either as a stand-alone or combined with Vitamin C. The Depo suppresses natural progesterone – which is needed for emotions and to build the uterine lining i case of pregnancy. There are other important aspects to this hormone – but this will suffice for here.

    bioflavonoids strengthen uterine capillaries that will help with excessive bleeding or hemorrhaging. Many women see a difference in the amount of bleeding within a month’s time. In addition, I will also suggest natural progesterone cream to help stimulate your production of this vital hormone. You can get both at a health food store.

    You have the symptoms of hormone imbalance… it is not the levels of the hormones as much as the ratios.
    You may indeed have low estrogen – but your production of progesterone is even lower until the Depo gets out of your system.

    And of course, nutritional support to the brain – the largest endocrine gland in the body – is crucial.
    Once again, I recommend the EMPowerplus Q96 on my blog. Women have experienced an incredible difference with this supplement.

    Hormone blessings,


  252. I’ve been on depo since july 26 2013. My last due date was january 26th to February 4th. My mom didn’t take me yet. Okay I had a period in the middle of January, beginning of February,the end of February and the beginning of March. I have not had sex for 6 month’s 10/10/13. So I keep thinking I’m pregnant but I know in the back of my head I’m not. So when I bleed it is 5-7 days like a period heavy with blood clots is that a period or pregnet ?????? I haven’t had sex and my boobs feel heavy and sore I’m bloated and a little tired I’m really scared I’m 16 so I’m young I was just wondering are you supposed to feel like this when you miss your shot I haven’t been on it for 1 month and 26 days ????

  253. Hello, Shanice – first of all, in my humble opinion – you are too young to be on this contraceptive. Your endocrine system is just beginning to develop its own rhythm and pattern. Interrupting that rhythm will severely impact your health.

    Depo suppresses your natural production of progesterone – necessary for an intact uterine lining and for your moods. Many women complain about feeling pregnant coming off Depo – because of this. The levels/ratios of estrogen and progesterone are severely thrown off – with too much estrogen including your exposure to xenoestrogens (estrogen mimickers) in perfume, makeup, plastic, dryer sheets, meat, pesticides and household solvents. This is why are you feeling like you are pregnant.

    I always recommend a bioflavonoid supplement for women with heavy bleeding (also known as hemorrhaging). Again this is due to not enough progesterone. Bioflavonoids as a stand-alone supplement or in conjunction with Vitamin C is found in the health food stores. Bioflavonoids strengthen uterine capillaries as well as all other blood vessels in the body.

    Why hasn’t your Mom taken you to get the shot? It is not healthy to be on it and then off and then resume it. Especially when you are not sexually active. And Depo does not protect against STD’s.

    If you are not going to get another Depo shot – you may also want to try a natural progesterone cream to help stimulate progesterone production in your body. That will help ease off the pregnancy symptoms.

    BTW Depo is not intended for use as a long-term contraceptive – and should not be used longer than 2 years. The only exception for its use is if you cannot tolerate any other synthetic hormone birth control.

    Hope this helps – so glad you reached out.

    Hormone regards,


  254. Hi,
    I was wondering if my symptoms are due to getting off the depo shot. The last shot I got was back in November. I was due for it in February, which I didn’t not get. About a week ago I was lightly spotting I the mornings only for about 3 days. It was strange to me because my body has never done that. I have gotten off depo before this time and my periods would come back to normal. Not in this case. Now a few days ago I spotted once and it was a brown discharge. And that was it. Haven’t had any spotting since then but I’ve felt emotinal and my boobs have been hurting and my nipples look swollen. Is that some of the side affects of coming off the depo?

  255. Yes, Drisana. You are experiencing withdrawal coming off the Depo. Just because you came off it before and did not experience anything significant does not mean that will always hold. BTW – it is not a very good idea to go on and off ANY synthetic contraceptive. It is too confusing for the endocrine system which wonders – ‘do I turn the hormones on or off’?

    You are now older, your body has changed as you have aged… have you had kids in between? All of these factors and so many more come into play in how we react to drugs. Sounds like this time your progesterone ratio is still low (Depo suppresses progesterone – replaces it with a synthetic progestin) and the estrogen levels are higher – causing the emotions and the feeling of pregnancy (unless of course you have had unprotected sex – either way have a pregnancy test).

    I generally suggest that women get some natural progesterone cream from the health food store and use that for a month or so to stimulate progesterone production…. the cream will help with emotions, bleeding and breast sensitivity.

    Hormone blessings,


  256. Stephanie says:

    I had one depo shot dec. 6 and was supposed to go back for another shot March 6 but didn’t want to. I bled the entire time and had bad dizzy spells. I have the worst health anxiety so that didn’t help. Now that I’m off of it, I’ve gotten my first regular period and my stomach is messed up; bad gas, heartburn, etc. and the dizzy spells are back. Any help?

  257. Hi, Stephanie… it takes awhile for the body to re-balance itself after Depo.
    Hard to offer suggestions with so little information.
    Especially digestive issues – when I have no idea of your lifestyle or eating habits.
    Are you charting when your dizzy spells are occurring?
    Are they coming with your period?
    How is your anxiety?

    Hormone regards,


  258. I lost my libido while on bcp 11 years ago. Ive seen many dr.s but none have been successful in helping. Ive been on testosterone which helped but after weeks the effect stop and never return. Same thing with other suppliments. No one knows why. Its hopeless for me but just wondering if you have any info on this. Tx

  259. Hi – I have a lot of information on this. Most is on my blog. It is hormone imbalance. Nothing is hopeless. Only people who do not understand what is going on. The body can heal. It just needs the right tools. So the question is .. do you want to heal?

    Hormone regards,


  260. Hi leslie..
    Ok so my last shot was September 29th. Due again December didn’t go back.. I was on it for approx 2 years and had no dramas with it. (No periods- bliss ) lol
    Period returned 1st march for approx 5 days all seemed normal.. However 2 weeks later I experienced mild cramping, nausea, tender breasts that have not left yet, assuming I’m on a 28 day cycle period is due 2 days ago.. I’ve taken a hpt which came back negative..
    Would I just be experiencing withdrawels even though I have had a period since??
    I’m so confused it’s driving me crazy as I’ve had a baby 2.5 years ago and all the symptoms are exactly the same.. Tia x

  261. Hello, Samantha -if you read through the comments you will see that many women experience pregnancy-like symptoms as part of the withdrawal from Depo. Your body is shifting and changing back into it’s own reproductive rhythm – so the road will be bumpy for awhile. I have been suggesting to women that they try a natural progesterone cream for a month or so to stimulate progesterone production too offset the estrogen dominance.

    Are you using another form of birth control – in the meantime?

    Hope this helps,

    Hormone regards,


  262. I’ve been on Depo Provera since I was 17 (2007) took one year off in 2010 & then back on in 2011. I finally stopped taking it this year, I was due March 13th, 2014. I used to love DP, it kept my weight controlled, no acne problems, my breasts didn’t grow & I didn’t have my period for the longest time. It was only since 2011 when my period would pop up for 3-7 days in between the 3 months (12 weeks). Until the last while of being on DP. My period lasted nearly a month. I’ve suffered from migraines lasting weeks at a time, cramping & the worst – hair thinning. Anyone can see it, my hair is already thin & to have this doesn’t make me feel any better. My doctor has tested me numerous times for thyroid problems & it always came back normal. Even my sex drive was lacking for awhile. I can’t blame all of my symptoms & side effects on DP. But when you check the lists online, I could check off nearly every single one. The only thing we haven’t tested for is my bone density. Since being off DP now for just over a month, I’ve gained weight & my breasts have grown one full size (& still growing). I’ve been exhausted, thankfully I’m a student. Because I sleep in on my days off, eight hours just doesn’t cut it. I get cramps & back pain hoping it’s my period. But it’s not. My breasts still hurt, but they don’t when I’m asexually active with my boyfriend. Which btw my sex drive is through the roof… I’ll keep you posted with everything. I highly recommend women stop taking this form of BC, in the long run it will mess with your health. Whether doctors want to admit it or not.

  263. Thank you for posting your story. Depo is such a dangerous drug. And it suppresses women’s hormones – and then when they go off of the drug their body struggles to get back into balance.

    If you need some support for what you are going through – contact me at
    I highly suggest getting natural progesterone cream to stimulate your own progesterone production (hair loss), as well as breast growth and an over-active libido.

    You also need some very strong nutritional support and you need Vitamin D3 – at least 10,000 IU’s a day. Please listen to my radio interview with Sue Rex Ryan. Susan Rex Ryan: Defend Your Life with Vitamin D – The Missing Hormone

    Most importantly, you have to start living with your endocrine rhythm. That is the work I do. Otherwise you will experience health issues now and into the future.

    Hormone blessings,


  264. Hello, I posted awhile back about my expierence with depo..I posted whil I was still on it and I had mentioned I was due in January of this year but that I would no longer be going to get it…my anxiety was out of control and I could barley take care of my son but now April 20, 2014 I can say that I have been three weeks 100% anxiety free, I might get a few headaches or dizziness but no longer do I have anxiety or panic attacks!! I feel normal again I’m able to be happy I’m loving my life again, like before depo, there’s hope, it’s takes awhile but eventually you’ll get there, I have been taking vitamins drinking a lot of water and I have joined a lot fun classes with my son and praying and getting more dedicated to god and my church has helped me overcome anxiety….depo was a nightmare I was so paranoid and tired all the time I had anxiety so bad I’m glad I didn’t go back for the next depo shot, as of now my husband and I are using condoms. I’m happy I found this site it helped me so much to know I was not alone, I read stories and advice that helped me in many ways!

  265. Thank you for sharing your great news with us. I am so glad to hear your life is getting back to ‘normal’. None of us were aware that coming off of Depo would actually be like ‘withdrawal.’

    Hormone blessings,


  266. christina says:

    hey ive been on the depo for 3 years ive lost wieght got bad acne and no pierod mood swings mean happy whatever i had it ive been of the depo since jan and im felling better getting a lil wieght back and a still alil moody but not as bad as i was i had some nipple tenderness and some neasuea which said is normal when stopping y did i get acne on it?and now that ive stopped its slowly clearing up

  267. Depo affects everyone differently.
    Hormone regards,


  268. Natalie Thompson says:

    I was on Depo shot for years went off and got the Mirena which came out after 2yrs and went back on the Depo shot for 3 years, I am a type 1 Diabetic as well. Around the same time that my father had major heart surgery and we spent 2 weeks in the hospital I gained 15lbs in this 2 week period, I was swollen and felt horrible, a year later and multiple drs later my OBGYN took me off the shot and I have not had shot that was due Nov 7th 2013, today makes right at 5 months, 25lbs heavier and no period. I even today am having cramps, tenderness of my breast’s , exhausted still (some days I sleep all day), hot flashes, bloating, dry skin, odd pains in my legs and my lower back feels like pressure is being applied. I have appt monday finally with bio-identical OBGYN . I pray that they have some answers and help, Beyond being 25lbs heavier I look like i am pregnant, I am depressed beyond how words can express. I basically have a flat tire around my belly, and I diet salads, proteins only and still gain weight. My weight can change 5+ lbs in one day. I am hoping after reading this that there is hope with hormone bio-identical help as this is no way for a person to have to live. If you are not on Depo don’t start!!!! Its no good, easy is not best an I am proof!!! My normal weight has always been 145-150 I am now at 170-175lbs with people asking me if I am pregnant! Who would of thought birth control could make you look this bad:(

  269. Natalie – thanks for posting. Synthetic hormone birth control makes women look and feel bad period. None as the largest medical experiment in history.
    Bio-identicals – while they have their place are a short-term fix. The long-term fix is healing the damage done to the brain from the suppression of hormne production.

    If you are interested in knowing more about this contact me at

    Hormone regards,


  270. I was on depo for two years and half. Everything was great then. My last shot was last Nov 2013 and I was supposed to get a new one pas Feb 2014. However, I decide to stop taking birth control BC I’m planning of being pregnant next or the following year.

    March 2014 went and I was fine. I got my period back in April. Hoewever, that was the start of post depo nightmare. My lower back starts hurting so much. My upper chest, above the breast, my muscle is sore and that area was so intense on both sides of my body. I went to the doctor and told her I just recently came off depo. She checks my breast, nothing was abnormal. She suggested I take ibuprofen to help the anti- inflammation. Was on it on and off for couple weeks. The system was gone when I was on my period. So I stopped taking ibuprofen, bc of constipation and my stomach doesn’t favor.

    Now the pain is back and more server. My throat has been hurting, but I believe cuz I exposed with smokes and dusts when I went to the festival recently. I just appear night time and I went away when I keep my neck area warm. I got a thyroid check last Dec 2013 and everything was normal.

    I’m not sure if my symptoms are normal bc it was sore around my limb node area on both sides too. My family doesn’t have history of breast cancer. I check my breast yearly and self check too. I am 26, living healthy, I have been with the same boyfriend for 3 years. I have my health check up yearly thou not those fancy like scans, MRI or mammogram. Last check up was Dec and everything was normal.

    Since the pain came back and more hurting around the pectoral muscles, I have been taking vitamin E, calcium (as usual), fish oil, enchinacca and Bayer for women (one pill every other day) daily now. The pain does not really go away. It hurts when I move arohnd. The hot flush came back bout two nights ago. I’d sweat like crazy and wake up in the middle of the night. The soreness has been two weeks and I am waiting to see if my period will help those pain like last time.

    Do my symptoms sound familiar with anyone? Should I be worry and go get more checks. I read previous post and I hate when a lot of people are suffering through the doctor, the diagnosis and the pills.

  271. I was on depo for two years and half. Everything was great then. My last shot was last Nov 2013 and I was supposed to get a new one past Feb 2014. However, I decide to stop taking birth control beause I’m planning of being pregnant next or the following year.

    March 2014 went and I was fine. I got my period back in mid Mar, a week long. Then it was off for a week and back at the end of Mar and firt week of April, a week long period as well. Hoewever, that was the start of post depo nightmare. My lower back starts hurting so much. My upper chest, above the breast, the muscle is sore and that area was so intense on both sides of my body. I went to the doctor and told her I just recently came off depo. She checks my breast, nothing was abnormal. She suggested I take ibuprofen to help the anti- inflammation. Was on it on and off for couple weeks. The symptom was gone when I was on my period. So I stopped taking ibuprofen, bc of constipation and my stomach doesn’t favor.

    Now the pain is back and more severe. My throat has been hurting, but I believe cuz I exposed with smokes and dusts when I went to the festival recently. It just appears night time and It went away when I keep my neck area warm. I got a thyroid check last Dec 2013 and everything was normal.

    I’m not sure if my symptoms are normal bc it was sore around my limb node area on both sides too. My family doesn’t have history of breast cancer. I check my breast yearly and self check too. I am 26, living healthy, I have been with the same boyfriend for 3 years. I have my health check up yearly thou not those fancy like scans, MRI or mammogram. Last check up was Dec and everything was normal.

    Since the pain came back and more hurting around the pectoral muscles and the alley between two breast, I feel so uncomfortable. I have been taking vitamin E, calcium (as usual), fish oil, enchinacca and Bayer for women (one pill every other day) daily now. Eating more vegetables, drink even more water now. The pain does not really go away. It hurts when I move around. The hot flush came back bout two nights ago. I’d sweat like crazy and wake up in the middle of the night. The soreness has been two weeks and I am waiting to see if my period will help those pains to go away like last time. Are the post depo pains supposed to go away and the body is back to normal when you have your period back? How long is the average for women to endure the post depo withdrawals?

    Do my symptoms sound familiar with anyone? Should I worry and go get more checks? I read previous posts and I hate when a lot of people are suffering through the doctor, the diagnosis and the pills. I try to keep all my supplements in herbal, traditional, eastern medicine, except pain killers and calcium

    Any help will really appreciate!

  272. Thank you for posting Grace. If you read the other comments on this thread – you will know that many other women suffered similar symptoms as they withdrew from Depo. They say it may take up to 18 months before you might have a regular menstrual cycle again. It sounds like you are getting a lot of nutritional support – so perhaps it might be sooner for you.

    Many times I suggest women get a natural progesterone cream from their health food store to use on a short-term basis until they begin their normal progesterone production. Elevating progesterone levels in your body may eliminate some of the discomfort you are feeling – especially in your breasts.

    Of course, if your symptoms do not go away even after you start menstruating again – you may want to seek medical assistance.

    Hormone blessings,


  273. Hello, Grace – I am sorry to hear you are still suffering post Depo Provera. Have you looked into the benefits of vitamin D3? Please read this information carefully: Vitamin D3 is also known as the ‘missing hormone.’ You suffered an extreme hormone imbalance coming off of Depo and you will need this vitamin to heal. But it will take time.

    You may also consider and get some advice on taking natural progesterone – it comes in a cream form in your health food store. This may stimulate your progesterone production and boost ovulation. It is also known to help restore estrogen and progesterone ratios… and should ease some of the breast pain (some women describe it as feeling like they are in early stages of pregnancy).

    Please do not consider getting pregnant until you are menstruating on a regular basis – build up your nutritional reserve – and most importantly get the Depo out of your system. If you are hormonally imbalanced – your baby will be born hormonally imbalanced. I have plenty of information on my blog from trusted sources that back this up. On the other hand, it is pure common sense.

    Would love to hear other people’s thoughts.

    Stay in touch Grace.
    Hormone regards,


  274. Natalie says:

    I had posted previously and here is my update!
    I had the results of my blood work today, I just got my period finally 2 days ago after 6 months, My Vitamin D levels were in the 20 range when they should be above 50+ and my B12 levels were 524 just above range but still considered to be somewhat low per my DR. I was told to take 500MCG of B12 and 3000 I.U. of D3. I will keep everyone posted as to how it goes from here.

  275. Natalie – Thanks for posting and sharing. You have just backed up my point that we need to stop thinking “What is wrong with me?” but rather “What nutrient deficiency do I have?”

    My understanding is that it takes a long time to rebuild Vitamin D3 levels… so this now becomes part of your lifestyle support – as it has become mine.

    Hormone blessings,


  276. christina says:

    I have been off the shot now for 4 months. The first month I had 2 periods and now haven’t had another. The two I had were light and not normal. I have been more emotional crying over little things. Been more depressed and very sensitive. If I get dressed or mad or just anything you. Wind up crying and I don’t know what to do about it. Also had some problems before with sleep but is worse now. I need to figure out how to stop these horrible mood problems. Can anyone help me?

  277. Hello, Christina – You and every other woman needs to know that when you are on a synthetic hormone – YOU do not have periods. The slight bleeding is called a ‘chemical bleed’. And that is what happened to you with the first 2 periods you had – and you admitted they are not normal.

    Depo suppresses your production of natural progesterone. Progesterone is also a ‘feel good’ hormone. When we are not producing it – we can become very emotional. It may take some time until your body is producing ‘normal’ levels of progesterone. In the meantime, you are possibly estrogen dominant. I often suggest that women get a natural progesterone cream from the health food store and use that for a few months until they start ovulating and menstruating on a regular basis.

    Also look into Vitamin D3. All of these factors play a role in your mental/emotional health. ​​

    Please stay in touch and let me know how you are doing.

    Hormone blessings,



    I was on depo for 2 years, my last shot was January and did go for my retake in April it is now may. I just want to know what’s the risk of me getting pregnant now? And how long does it take for everything to go back to normal? I haven’t had my period for about a year I would say, but right now I am experimenting really swore boobs, and they seem a little bigger, which I know is a pregnancy symptoms but also depo after effects am I right? Please please help me

  279. I’m sorry I just posted something, also I didn’t realize you recent comments got to the bottom lol **embarrassed** and I meant to say I didn’t take my retake in April! And I did have some intimacy but isn’t I still don’t have any period or signs of spottings at all, am I ok? How long does it take to get pregnant 🙁 I’m really stressed out over this hope you can grant me some peace

  280. Hello, Alicia – yes, sigh – the new comments go to the bottom. No worries.

    The risk of getting pregnant on Depo is nominal. Did you mean you received another shot in April or are you withdrawing from Depo.
    I have said this before and I will say it again and again… women on synthetic hormones do NOT have periods – they are chemically induced bleeds. Never to be confused with a normal ‘period’.

    Literature states that women who have been on Depo may not get normal periods for up to 18 months. Bet no one told you that one ahead of time – right?
    You are right – if you are coming off of Depo – you may experience what is known as ‘pregnancy symptoms’. This is due to an imbalance in the ratio between estrogen and progesterone in your body.

    Depo suppresses progesterone – you may want to try and use a natural progesterone cream (if you are off of Depo) to stimulate ovulation and a the return fo a normal cycle.

    If you are coming off of Depo or any other synthetic hormones – make sure you are using another back up method of birth control (non-synthetic) until use resume normal periods. And you do not want to try and become pregnant – until you are having many months of normal periods – so that you know that the drug is out of your body.

    Hope this helps.

    Hormone regards,


  281. Ok -so you did not get Depo in April – so you are withdrawing. Give yourself some peace by using condoms with spermicide until you resume normal periods.

    You never know when you will begin to ovulate – could be today or in 100 days. The way our body works is that we have no idea we ovulated until we have a normal period. Be proactive.

    Hormone regards,

  282. Just coming by to post an update. I know many women want to know whether those suffering from depo withdrawal come out the other side. It took 10 months for my cycle to return to normal, after stopping the shot (14 months after my last shot). I was on depo for over ten years.. had *horrible* symptoms from getting off it (mental and physical). I bled for three months straight and then it went to something weird like week on, few days off, week on, few days off, etc. Then every two weeks and finally monthly. I had a wide range of symptoms and every last one has resolved itself. So hang in there. It really does get better (and believe me, I didn’t think it was going to.)

  283. Thank you for your comment Nicole – and your support for other women coming off of Depo.

    Hormone regards,


  284. Melinda says:

    I received the depo shot December 31, 2013. I was due for my second shot on March 26, 2014, but I never went back for it. Upon reaching my due date for the second injection I began to have major problems. My heart races, severe anxiety, lower back pain, hot flashes, low vitamin d, headaches stomach problems and nauseated. I have had numerous of test done concerning my heart and stomach, all were normal. As of May 29, I started to bleed and some days just spot. Today it is continuing, I’m having a pinkish discharge now. I’m just wondering am I having my period finally? Will my heart return to normal? I have been so depressed since being on this depo shot. I just want to return to normal again.

  285. Thank you so much it brought a lot of ease to me, it’s wonderful to have someone to ask all these questions I’m scared to talk to with my mom. But I do have one last question, I was on it for two years, I haven’t gotten a period in a year, and although I did NOT follow up my shot in April I haven’t gotten a period, am I still in risk of pregnancy without a period ?

  286. Hello, Melinda – sorry I did not see your comment sooner. You will return to normal… Depo suppresses progesterone production in the body – and that is causing some of your depression along with low Vitamin D. Get to your grocery store and pick up some D3 gel capsules and you may want to consider taking 10,000 IU’s a day. Get the gel caps with 5,000 IU’s. Here is more information on D3:

    If your period does not return to normal try getting natural progesterone cream for a month or so to stimulate your own progesterone production so you will start ovulation and menstruating again. These two additions have helped other women going through their Depo withdrawal.

    Keep us posted on your progress.

    Hormone regards,


  287. Melinda says:

    Thanks so much for responding back. I truly hope I do return to normal. I don’t like the fact that I have been put on Atenolol 25mg for elevated heart rate. Although this med has helped but I hope eventually I can come off of this. So glad that I found this site….It eases my mind a little to know that I am not alone.

  288. Brittney says:

    I’ve been on Depo for about 6 months. I’ve been having symptons of pregnancy. Tender breast, frequently peeing, dizzy, short headaches. Am I possibly pregnant? I’m a 15 yr. old.

  289. Chances are you are not pregnant. But I would have a pregnancy test to make sure.
    You are very young to be on such a potent drug. Your endocrine system has not even had a chance to develop before it is being suppressed.
    Depo was developed for short term birth control use. It is only indicated for long term use for older women who have had no luck with any other form of birth control.

    Depo suppresses your body’s production of natural progesterone. Perhaps the symptoms you are experiencing may be caused by this hormone imbalance and an upset in the estrogen/progesterone ratio.

    If these symptoms persist then I would suggest seeing your doctor again and exploring other birth control options.

    Hormone regards,


  290. Michelle says:

    I gave birth to my baby boy July 2013. I wasn’t breastfeeding so I went on the depo injection. My gyno and dr. was not happy when they found out. I was bleeding severely and my dr. put me on Yaz. I did not want to stay on birth control so I was sterilized because I don’t want another baby. I am happy with 2. I went on Yasmine to regulate my period. I have been on it for 3 months now. However, it’s a year later and I am struggling to loose any weight. I keep on gaining for no reason. I try to eat healthy, high protein, veggies etc but if I do have a craving once in a while I get myself something nice. Working full time and having to take care of 2 kids can be hectic. I don’t exercise but I also don’t sit still until I get to bed. Do you have any advise?

  291. Melinda says:

    This is an update from my original post! Since I last posted I received my period on May 29, 2014 and it lasted for a week. The cramps were pretty bad and so was the bleeding. As far as the symptoms, they have pretty much subsided since I received my period. I am hoping that they continue to disappear. I still have a few symptoms here and there but I can totally deal with that. I’m finally beginning to feel like myself again. I WILL NEVER use depo again!!!!!!

  292. Hi, Michelle – You do not need to be on Yasmin – a very dangerous birth control pill – to ‘regulate’ your period. That is hog wash. What the pill is doing is suppressing your natural cycle – and when you think you are having a ‘period’ you are in reality experiencing a ‘chemical bleed’ NOT A PERIOD. PERIOD.
    Most women are not aware of this. You are getting too much estrogen. And you have depleted your body’s reserve of progesterone. When we are pregnant our progesterone levels rise over 100%. When the pregnancy is over the drop back down to lower levels in the body. Now that you are taking Yasmin the ratios between both hormones are off. Estrogen mimickers which comes in so many forms plastics to make up, dryer sheets, meats, and in the pill further exacerbate this condition. Oh, yes, estrogen mimickers are also in sun screen. And estrogen dominance is found to be the culprit behind additional weight gain especially in the thighs and the abdomen area. Even though Yasmin is a combined pill – it is filled with synthetic hormones.

    Also you dealt your body a severe blow post-pregnancy when it was trying to establish its own endocrine rhythm and then you went on Depo (SUPPRESSES PROGESTERONE) and then you were sterilized – brings the hormones to a screeching halt – like what the hell just happened here???? And then you went on Yasmin. Total hormone confusion.
    So that may be one issue you are dealing with.

    Now, another theory about weight gain is this. Your body may be nutrient deficient – especially from your pregnancy last year. I know, I know you eat well etc. but it is very hard for anyone to get the nutrients they need from our food sources anymore. Especially minerals and amino acids which the brain needs for hormone production. So that being said – why is your body storing empty calories? For a rainy day. Scarcity. Not getting the nutrients it needs to recoup from the pregnancy and the hormone trauma post-pregnancy and so the messages are skewed – and your body is storing what it can until it gets the nutrients it needs to start functioning again.

    I find this theory fascinating. And certainly explains why a lot of people are gaining weight and having a hard time getting it off.

    Anyway – go the nutritional route. Supplement. You do not need to be on the pill. Let your body find its own way back to health and healing. And your dr. and gyno knew exactly what they were doing in taking you off Depo. Am so glad to hear that.

    Hormone blessings,


  293. I chose to breastfeed my son so they told me the birth control I could use was the depo shot every three months, I even looked online that I could still breastfeed while on depo, was it ok for me to breastfeed?

  294. ​Hi Sheryl this is Leslie from the Holy Hormones Journal site. I just saw your post.
    Are you or your child suffering any adverse side effects from the Depo shot?
    There are many women who do not have problems… and some do.
    But do keep in mind that everything you ingest goes into your breast milk.

    A good nutrition plan for you and your child is crucial.
    Maybe your are reading this because your are concerned.


  295. I stopped depo because of anxiety and panic attacks and I had no idea it was caused by depo until a year later and I breastfed that whole year but I always checked with several clinics about breastfeeding and they said it was fine that studies showed very low percentage would go to my breast milk, I don’t want my son to go what I went thru, it was the worst year of my life, I don’t want something affecting his life because I breastfed him while on it, I am concerned I keep looking online about depo and breastfeeding and everything says it’s ok but I am very confused I have not noticed any side effects In my son his only 16 months and is a very happy boy

  296. Sheryl – From a women’s health educator point of view – and just plain ole common sense – putting anything in your body while your breastfeeding is going to get into your infant. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

    That doctor’s prescribe synthetic hormone birth control to women while they are breastfeeding angers me to no end. That doctors prescribe the same BC to women at this time – without their own endocrine rhythm kicking in firt – ‘because of an unintended pregnancy – even though breastfeeding may delay (ask any midwife) ovulation. Women breastfeed and controlled their fertility for years by doing this.

    Back on topic. Last year was the worst year of your life because during pregnancy your progesterone levels were 100% higher than normal (feeling good hormone). After pregnancy your levels to dropped to whatever reserve you had left – AND THEN IT WAS IMMEDIATELY SUPPRESSED BY DEPO. And this was coupled with postpartum depression due to nutrient depletion combined with suppressed progesterone. That could be any woman into a tail spin – and so said that it happened at a time you should be enjoying your infant.

    So now on to the future – you are recovering and your son is healthy. That is excellent. Watch for hormone imbalance into puberty… or emotional issues… but the good news is that all of this is manageable . Good nutrition, through supplementation and Vitamin D3 gives the body the tools to heal itself.

    We have to start listening to our intuition before we accept what some one is telling us to do. It is your intuition and now fear that is driving these questions. You are going to have to make many more decisions about your health and your son’s health in the future. Always listen to your intuition first. If you question what a doctor is saying (and don’t get me going on vaccines here) then take the time to do the research first. And learn how to do research that backs up your concerns – not just the pharma-line that promotes their drug is not dangerous to breastfeeding babies.

    Thousands and thousands of mothers are doing this now. And it has to be done. Welcome to your awakening. You will be a better healthcare provider for your son.

    Thanks for reaching out. And you are always welcome her to ask your questions.


  297. I am 50 and went to my doctor for my yearly check-up. He suggested an ablation because I still have my period. I agreed and he told me he’d just need to give me a shot to prepare my uterus for the procedure and I could come back in three weeks for ablation. Within 24 hours of “shot” I became nauseous, dizzy and had horrible headaches. After a few days of vomitting, etc. I called doctors office and asked what the shot was that he had given me, because I was so sick! The nurse told me that it was Depo Provera. I have never taken birth control and didn’t even know what it was. I feel like I am going crazy. Besides the physical symptoms of weight gain. headaches, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, digestive issues, a period every day for over 30 days so far and lethargy – the worst part is the emotional hell I am in. I have never had such drastic mood swings, anxiety, crying spells, anger, insomnia, suicidal thoughts. I am trying to detox every way I know. I’ve called the doctors office several times and he just says none of his patients have every had side effects. Everything I’m reading totally lines up with what I’m experiencing. I might also mention that I take no medicine, eat organically and was working out with a personal trainer three times a week until I got this shot. I am so angry – it has ruined my life and my poor husband has had to suffer through this with me. I want to sue someone – this drug is evil!

  298. Rebka – find a new doctor NOW. Having your period at age 50 is normal. I know women in their late 50’s and they are still menstruating. You are experiencing a severe adverse reaction to Depo. I cannot even imagine what your experiencing since your body is so clean from your lifestyle. Depo suppresses progesterone which is putting you in your emotional hell. And yes, the drug is evil. And it is not intended for women over 46. Certainly not for the dubious treatment he is recommending for still having a normal period.

    Get to the health food store and buy some natural progesterone cream and start using that to stimulate your progesterone production. At this stage of your life your hormone levels are lessened and this added an additional blog.

    I cannot believe that the doctor gave you an injection without your knowing what it was – or that you never even had an opportunity to read the literature or research it before he injected you. That is a violation of informed consent.

    And why would you have an ablation for having a normal period? This does not even make sense. This is so wrong. Your menstrual cycle/endocrine rhythm is a vital part of your health and he robbed you of it. Temporarily. he has thrown you into an estrogen dominant state – and the reason for the headaches, and weight gain.

    The reason you are bleeding so heavily and constantly is because of the lack of progesterone to hold the uterine lining in place. This is so wrong and I am appalled and so saddened you are going through all of this.

    Natural progesterone should help. Get some bioflavonoids (as a singular supplement or combined with Vitamin C to strengthen the uterine capillaries.
    And double up on whatever supplements you are taking to combat the negative side effects.

    And get a new doctor. Now.

    Keep us posted.

    Hormone regards,


  299. I am only on my second shot which is really another first shot because I went a month in between my actual first shot and this one. My experience was this: My boob, yes just one was in so much pain i was researching breast cancer symptoms. It was almost like I was pregnant again. Then about a week later my nipples were so sensitive I couldnt have anything touching them. I went from 0% sex drive while on the shot to 100000%, I really wanted to hump just about everything that walks. It was worse than when you ovulate. I kind of miss that part lol. I was also extrememly moody, very similar to when I quit smoking just without cravings. I went and got another shot like an idiot and I am waiting for this to wear off and I am NEVER getting the depo shot again. I honestly would rather practice abstinence.

  300. Hello, Mallory – Thank you for sharing your experience on Depo. You raise a very important statement in your last sentence. And that is a preference to practice abstinence. Perhaps, what women really need to consider is natural family planning – with an understanding from our partners that when we are fertile we both abstain.

    Women and men have been duped into not being educated about the menstrual cycle – this natural process has been marketed by the media and doctor’s and educators that it is far too complex for women and men to understand – and that it women and men are not competent to control their own fertility.

    That doctrine has allowed men to take no accountability for their sexual drive and for women to unwittingly take part in the largest uncontrolled experiment in medical history – menstrual suppression.

    We are cash cows. It is time to wake up – and take back our bodies and our lives.

    I think you realize that.

    Hormone blessings,


  301. I was on Depo for 4 years and it ruined my life.After stopping Depo my life took a turn for the worse.I have been suffering from terrible joint and muscle pains,shortness of breath,severe fatigue,thyroid problems,weight gain,swollen bruised breasts and the list goes on. There are days where I feel that I can’t even get out of bed due to the severe muscle and joint pains.I wish my doctor would have warned me about the physical and emotional damage that this contraceptive causes,if he did then I never would have used it.Some days are so bad that I just feel like I can’t do this anymore-the pain is just too much.

  302. Hello everyone,
    I started Depo Provera right after my 16th birthday. I’ve just passed my 5 year mark taking the shot with only one two week period of missing my scheduled follow-up shot within those five years.
    In the beginning of taking the shot, I was not too fond of it. I had my period for exactly three months. Majority of the time it was heavier than I was used to, but every three weeks or so it would lighten up and was more spotting than an actual period. Once I received my second shot, the periods basically stopped. I normally only got them once a year, very lightly, for about two weeks every April. After about two years of this, my periods ceased. My sex drive never decreased and I never battled weight gain (as I am a naturally, fairly thin young woman). I never had mood swings or anxiety either. For a while I thought this shot was basically heavenly. Sex drive, no weight gain, and no periods. What more could I have asked for?
    It wasn’t until a few months ago I started to think more long term about my body and health and future. I started doing some research about prolonged side effects of being on Depo Provera as five years is quite a long time for my body to become dependent on one substance.
    I worried about my ability to conceive children as I plan on expecting within the next three years or so. I saw some testimonials about prolonged ability to even regain a normal menstrual cycle and even some about several miscarriages before obtaining a successful pregnancy. Needless to say, I wanted control of my body – so I quit.
    It’s been two weeks since the last day of the two week window to receive my shot and continue the birth control. At first I couldn’t complain. I felt fine for the first few days. The last week however, I have been some exhibiting symptoms that (gathering from everyone else’s testimonials and stories) are withdrawal symptoms from discontinuing the birth control.
    I have noticed a decent change in my moods and behaviors. My poor boyfriend seems to always get the worst end of it, which is the main reason it is an issue for me. I have been feeling overly sensitive and emotional over the slightest of encounters. One night I went to work and had to warn my coworker that if she saw me crying – to ignore me. I would just sit a my desk and cry for absolutely no reason at all. Thankfully the crying episodes only lasted for about 48 hours, but I do anticipate they will reappear.
    I have also been experiencing the absolute worst stomach pains of my life. I’ve suffered from muscle spasms my entire life and these pains out-due them by 150%! I seem to only experience them in the later hours of the day into the early hours of the morning (I work night shift and haven’t been woken by them during the day yet). They get so bad that all I can do is hold my stomach and cry and whimper. They don’t feel like period cramps, even though I rarely experienced those as an adolescent. It has gotten to the point to where they are triggered even when I am having sex. Although the sex was still physically enjoyable, I couldn’t ignore the pain by any means. Afterwards, I went to the bathroom and there was a very minimal amount of blood. Not even enough to be considered spotting, but blood nonetheless. My boyfriend pointed out that he was concerned I may have a cyst or other type of medical problem going on with my uterus or ovaries.

    Have there been any reports on such medical formations occurring from Depo withdrawal before? I am going to try and wait it out before going to a doctor to avoid the “you should wait this out to see if it passes” speech, but I am concerned with the pains.

  303. jessika r says:

    Hello. I was on the depo shot for a yr n a half, last shot date was Nov 7 2012. I didn’t got back in Jan 2013 for my next cuz we were talking about another baby. Well I didn’t get any kind of bleeding again until June 23 2013, so 6 Mons later. Its now a few months away from 2 yrs since my last shot and still have not been able to get pregnant again and I have pretty irratic periods 🙁

  304. Hey Ashley thanks for the assurance you gave about Dr.Odogbe of you really make me believe in his pregnancy spell. i’m Zoe and i’m 38years old i want you to know that after reading your blog about Dr.Odogbe i decided to contact him to help me with the pregnancy spell and after he has cast the spell for me he assured me that i will conceive the first night i will have sex with my husband and that was true, after i slept with my husband that night i gave myself two week before i went for my check up and my result came out positive that i’m pregnant with the great joy in my heart i will thank Dr.Odogbe and also recommend him to others to seek his help and i know he will also help you out

  305. Hi, Jessika – The Depo suppressed natural progesterone production necessary not only for ovulation, but also to maintain the uterine lining during pregnancy so you do not miscarry. If your menses are still erratic – then your hormones are not quite in balance – yet. Why don’t you try getting some natural progesterone cream from your health food store and try that for a month or two to see if you can stimulate a more regular ovulation/menstruation.

    Also if you care considering pregnancy – your personal health is crucial. Make sure you take a bio-available nutritional supplement in preparation fro conceiving a healthy baby.

    What most women do not realize that if the body is not healthy, hormonally balanced and somewhat free of toxins, the reproductive system will cease functioning (one of the reasons there is such a high rate of infertility right now). This is nature’s balance and check system to bring healthy babies into the world.

    The parent’s health is crucial to the health outcome of their child.

    Hormone regards,


  306. Hello, Devon – first my apologies for not responding sooner. Welcome to Depo withdrawal. I am not sure about the cramping/extreme pain you are experiencing – but your boyfriend (Goddess bless him) could be right. You might have a cyst – and in that case you should have it checked out.

    But let’s put this in the big picture. Depo suppresses the natural production of progesterone. And in my humble opinion, 16 years of age is TOO YOUNG TO PUT ANY GIRL ON DEPO. Long-term Depo use (MORE THAN 2 YEARS) is only intended for WOMEN when all other birth control options do not work. However, there is a strong push in this country to put girls on synthetic hormones – drips, implants and injections – before their endocrine system develops its own rhythm. And that is wrong. But then again the push has been to reduce teen pregnancy rates – so they drip, implant and inject young girls with their synthetic hormone STEROID cocktails.

    So what happens when natural progesterone is suppressed by a synthetic progestin? Nothing perhaps when the progestin levels are maintained (however there are differing reports on this – but if you did not feel discomfort than perhaps the drug worked for you).

    However, when the Depo is discontinued, and the progestin levels fall – there will be a gap between the withdrawal and the eventual production of natural progesterone. In the time period estrogen becomes the dominant hormone and is the reason for the feelings to breast tenderness, and other pregnancy symptoms and perhaps the development of a cyst.

    Progesterone is also a ‘feel good’ hormone. When women get pregnant progesterone levels rise to incredible levels in the body to maintain the uterine lining to hold the developing fetus. This is why women feel so great during a pregnancy. Postpartum depression is when the levels of progesterone go back to normal – and if those levels are low then a woman feels depressed.

    And this is the exact same trigger you are feeling. Suppressed progesterone production from the Depo in combination with getting injected with what many are calling a birth control vaccine at such an early age – before your body produced hormones naturally.

    This suppression of progesterone is why you are emotionally distraught.

    I suggest you go to your health food store and get some natural progesterone cream and try applying that according to instructions. That cream will be helpful in raising progesterone levels in your body until you start production. And it may even stimulate your progesterone production.

    Also rub the cream on the fatty area of your stomach and your abdomen and see if the pains/cramps/spasms abate. I have heard of women who were about to go into surgery for a cyst removal – and when they applied the cream the cyst shrunk in size.

    However, if the pain does not abate – do see your doctor or a naturopath.
    And always remember your body can heal – if given the right tools – and that is nutrition that will stimulate optimal body functioning.

    Keep us posted on how you are doing.

    Hormone blessings,


  307. Hello, Tania – sorry to hear you are having so many problems with Depo withdrawal.
    I do not know how old you are – but younger women seem to have a harder time with coming off Depo.
    You are definitely experiencing hormone imbalance from the shot.

    Depo suppresses the natural production of progesterone. Long-term Depo use (MORE THAN 2 YEARS) is only intended for WOMEN when all other birth control options do not work. However, there is a strong push in this country to put girls on synthetic hormones – drips, implants and injections – before their endocrine system develops its own rhythm. And that is wrong. But then again the push has been to reduce teen pregnancy rates – so they drip, implant and inject young girls with their synthetic hormone STEROID cocktails.

    When you withdraw from Depo – estrogen becomes the dominant hormone -and that can cause thyroid issues, weight gain and pregnancy symptoms like swollen breasts.

    So what happens when natural progesterone is suppressed by a synthetic progestin? Nothing perhaps when the progestin levels are maintained (however there are differing reports on this – but if you did not feel discomfort than perhaps the drug worked for you).

    However, when the Depo is discontinued, and the progestin levels fall – there will be a gap between the withdrawal and the eventual production of natural progesterone. In the time period estrogen becomes the dominant hormone and is the reason for the feelings to breast tenderness, and other pregnancy symptoms.

    I suggest you go to your health food store and get some natural progesterone cream and try applying that according to instructions. That cream will be helpful in raising progesterone levels in your body until you start production. And it may even stimulate your progesterone production.

    Hormone blessings,


  308. Hi my name is bianca, 24 yrs old i took 1 dose last october 2014 and never had another shot, now im seriously having problems with regards my weight, will i ever loose all this weight? Thank you 😉

  309. Taquwilla Cowell says:

    Hi, im ty. To anyone bleeding so heavily and long coming off depo oh trust me I kno the feeling. My body didnt stop having periods when I first got the shot. 2 wks after my first and only shot I bled for 2 months straight. I knew right then and there I wasnt going back to get it. I even had withdrawl bleeding after the 3 months. My doctor put me on bc pills which helped regulate my period even though they were heavy still. I stop taking them in 2 months and I still have a 4 to 5 day period. Better than bleeding for months, I hope this help anyone out there

  310. caitlin says:

    Hi all.
    I have come off jab in the past few weeks due to my partner being away for four months and mutually deciding we both want my body to rest and rejuvenate… Did anyone else have problems with sex drive while they were on it? I had been on the jab for four years and the past two/three years the sex that my partner and I were having was painful for me when we did have it BUT my sex drive was 0, but it was still amazing. I’m 24 and we would be lucky to have it twice a month due to me getting cramps when I became arroused and not self lubricating enough so it was painful. I also used to get dizzy spells while I was on it and heart palpitations. I’ve now been off it since 30 June and my nipples are so sore! Eugh, what have I done!!! Why are we not warned about this? :@ anyone else have the symptoms I had while on it? (feeling like my man deserves more)

  311. SopranoGirl says:

    I have been on Depo Provera since March 2014 and now its July 22nd and I was supposed to go back for my second injection July 1st. I am experiencing light bleeding every few months for a week here and a week there, swollen breasts, frequent urination, craving junk foods, and now the most recent thing my tail bone was popping here and there and now its just in pain depending on which way I sit down or when I get up sometimes my tail bone is in pain. My boyfriend and I are clean and want to have a baby next year but I would like to know whats going on with my body or when my cycle is going to return to normal so I started takin folic acid and Vitamin B. If you have any suggestions let me know. And I occasionally drink a Chinese detox tea. ( I’m 23 yrs old )

  312. Hello SopranoGirl – It appears that you may be experiencing some adverse effects from the Depo shot. If you want to have a baby next year, I would suggest that you reconsider this method of birth control. Depo suppresses the natural production of progesterone in your body – and from what you are saying about swollen breasts etc – you are experiencing what many other women do when they are hormonally imbalanced – with estrogen dominance. You should be be bleeding for a week at anytime – and that is due to low progesterone in your body. Your uterus is not holding the lining – which is not optimum when you are planning a pregnancy.

    It is hard to say when your period will return – that is all based on your biochemical and hormone makeup. However, I suggest you add a bioflavonoid to your regime. Bioflavonoids strengthen all blood vessels, arteries and capillaries (including the uterus) in the body. Also consider natural progesterone cream to boost your progesterone production so that your menses will return to normal.

    Thanks for reaching out.
    Keep us posted on your progress.
    One other thing. Vitamin D3 needs to be in everyone’s diet. Please do your research on this.

    Hormone blessings,


    PS – use another form of birth control until you develop a normal period. You never know when ovulation may take place. Generally, according to Depo info – the longer a woman is on Depo, the longer it will take her to develop a regular cycle (up to 18 months in the literature).

  313. Hi, Caitlin If you read through the comments you will find your answers. Many, many women are experiencing problems after they withdraw from Depo. Try getting some natural progesterone cream – to build up progesterone in your body. Fours years is a long time for someone so young to be on this method. Depo is only to be used short-term (2 years). Longer if every other method of birth control is ruled out. Am sure that is not your case.

    Every you described screams of hormone imbalance. You deserve more as much as your man does.
    Try supplementing with natural progesterone cream to stimulate progesterone production. Bringing your hormones into balance will resolve most of the above issues.

    Hormone regards,


    PS – use another form of birth control until you develop a normal period. You never know when ovulation may take place. Generally, according to Depo info – the longer a woman is on Depo, the longer it will take her to develop a regular cycle (up to 18 months in the literature).

  314. Your weight is indicative of hormone imbalance and too much exposure to estrogen and xenoestrogens. Yes, you will lose the weight. Are you having normal periods? You may consider natural progesterone. Please read the other comments here.

    Hormone regards,


  315. Hello, Taquwilla I suggest you add a bioflavonoid to your regime. Bioflavonoids strengthen all blood vessels, arteries and capillaries (including the uterus) in the body. Also consider natural progesterone cream to boost your progesterone production so that your menses will return to normal. Too little progesterone will cause heavy bleeding because the uterine lining is not holding. You should see a difference within a month or two.

    Keep me posted.


  316. Elizabeth says:

    I am so glad I found this site, specifically about withdrawal from depo. I only had one shot, gained about 10 lbs and felt terrible so I did not get another. At first I had sporadic brown spotting and then a 2 wk (what I thought was a) cycle. It stopped on its own, then two weeks later started again. I bled brown for 2 weeks, until one day it got heavier and eventually became red again. I figured I was getting uterine lining out that had built back up again after stopping the depo? Well, I didn’t stop bleeding. I tried to wait it out for a full cycle to see if my body would regulate. Nope, after a month of bleeding every day, horrendous HA and nausea, Ive turned to natural supplements. Literally hours after using progesterone cream it stopped. Late at night I would bleed a tiny bit, and when I use the cream again in the morning it stops all day again. I cant get an apt for a new obgyn with my new insurance until September. But, Im going to try to regulate my cycle with the cream, vitamin C, prenatals, and exercise until then.

    That being said, I am a new RN, just passed boards in June. I am absolutely disgusted by how dangerous this drug is and how easily it is given without warning. All I was taught about was bone density and weight gain, easy enough, watch calories and get enough Calcium and Vit D. After reading the sites, especially about the number of miscarriages for 18 mo after stopping, I am so bothered this was in my body. Thank God for only one cycle. It’s sad medical knowledge is so complex and hidden from consumers. Never again, and I tell every female I know to avoid it.

  317. Hello, Elizabeth – Helluva wakeup call isn’t it? Congratulations on passing your boards. yes, Depo is dangerous and women are not being warned about this. The suppression of natural progesterone is throwing women into a tail spin. And in case you have not read through my comments, Depo is also used as a castration tool for male sex offenders in prison.

    Your researching and stimulating your natural progesterone production with a progesterone cream is brilliant. Thank you for validating what I have share with so many other women. Assuming you are young – but you need to know that Depo is recommended for short term use only. (Your experience was real short-term). Depo should be considered for long-term use if all other birth control methods are ruled out.

    Glad you are following the nutrition route. That is how we heal. I so agree with your statement that medical knowledge is complex and research hidden from consumers. We are seeing this for all drugs/medications. If medical knowledge is presented as complex, then we become unwitting and uninformed consumers by accepting that our body is too complicated for us to understand. That is the line of thinking that has gotten women into this dilemma. We need to bring common sense and women’s intuition into a healing paradigm. I am sure you will be part of that change.

    Hormone blessings,


  318. Hello Leslie,

    I was very fertile before I started taking the shot. I only had two maybe three injections. Once I stopped taking the shot it took two years for my cycle to return. I have not gotten pregnant in ten years. I have seen a fertility specialist and all of my test were great, so were my husbands. She diagnosed me with unexplained infertility, but I know it was the depo shot that caused it. We just gave up on trying.

  319. Monica – I am sorry to hear of your experience with Depo – and that you and your husband gave up on trying. Did you ever consider Wild Yam natural progesterone cream to stimulate your natural progesterone production again? Many times this along – with strong nutritional supplementation and Vitamin D3 – will fortify the body and naturally regulate the menstrual cycle.

    Thank you for sharing your experience with my readers.

    Hormone blessings,


  320. I’ve been a mess most of my adult life- I was put on the pill at 16 due to painful/ heavy periods. I’ve been on the pill, Mirena implants (OMG They made my life miserable but the doctors said it was just my imagination!) some hormone injection used for prostate cancer, back and forth on the pill…… I was diagnosed with endometriosis 10 years ago and and I am terrified of having no treatment…. The last straw for me has been the Depo though, although only 3 months on it, I had it immediately after having my second attempt at the mirena implant removed (I had this in for 6 months), so in 9 months I have packed on weight, beaten myself up for being so fat, cried a lot, put myself in a mental hospital (where they found me quite boring and weren’t interested in me since others there were worse off than me), had tests galore, am always sick (which my partner now thinks I’m a prescription drug addict because I’m always seeing a doctor about some ailment and popping pills for something) and I’m pretty sure the doctor thinks I’m making things up, my depo was due yesterday but after seeing the doc last week (oh yes, I was sick…. again!) and she told me ‘oh depo can make you gain weight’…. never mind over the last 9 months when I saw my doc I cried about weight gain and asked why is it happening to me (BTW when I asked if the mirena would put weight on the response is ‘well the medical studies don’t indicate weight gain occurs’?!?!?! So guess what, I started back on Yasmin (the pill) this week……I’ve been heavily drugged up on Pristiq (anti-depressant) too which I have cut back on myself as I am sick of taking tablets (and I am feeling better not taking the dose they wanted me to take)!! My blood pressure is through the roof so of course I’m on tablets for that!!!! I feel terrible for my partner who even last night had to deal with emotional outbursts for no reason since in the last week I now have seemed to have taken on the acne of a teenager (I’ve never had this problem!!), am so incredibly sensitive to anything people say or do, wake everyday in the hope I will lose some weight and generally can’t remember the last time I didn’t have a self loathing that consumed most waking moments……
    Sorry for the short rundown on my life but I will get to my point…….. the point is, I think I have had it pretty easy compared to some of the horror stories I read, why do doctors seem quick to make out you are crazy or imagining things just because they haven’t read it in one of their damn medical journals?? why can’t they listen to us? Judging by what we read in these forums we talk to doctors, have such hope they will help, then get given more drugs??
    So I’m now onto week 2 of a fruit and vegetable supplement/ protein shake diet in the hope I will settle down and maybe not lose my partner and, even better, lose some weight and get off all these tablets I’m on, obviously its not a miracle cure yet but I hope to tell you there will be an improvement- I just want to say I think of all you women out there doing it tough, I really do, it makes me feel hopeful that I’m not crazy and that I really do have things to be positive about.
    Leslie- it’s wonderful to find a site where the person genuinely seems concerned and responds to people, thank you, I’m so glad I found your site and I think that tonight I’m going home happy knowing there is support out there and after all these years I don’t think I’m imagining it, I think my poor body has been attacked with way too many chemicals, no wonder it reacts the way it does with me!

  321. I have never in my life written or posted anything about myself – but coming off of Depo has got to be the absolute worst thing in the entire world.
    Before going on Depo I was a healthy, 23 year old female. I have had a history of intense cramping and since an estrogen birth control was not an option for me, my doctor prescribed me Depo. Although I was a little hesitant after reading through the side effects, I thought I would give it a go.
    I only made it through 2 shots. After the first shot I felt great – besides no period, I had no changes in my body whatsoever. However, literally the week of the second shot I started becoming nauseous, exhausted, and anxious. In addition, my breasts grew from a 34B to a 32D. I began to gain weight for no reason whatsoever, and have not been able to lose it. When it was time for my 3rd shot I decided it wasn’t for me. But that’s when the real trouble began.
    The week after I was supposed to get my 3rd shot, I got a period for the first time in 6 months – and it just hasn’t stopped. It’s been *13* weeks of a straight period now – heavy, clotting, scary looking bloating, and intense cramping. Some days I can’t even leave my house. My doctor keeps telling me that it takes months for Depo to leave your body and that this is normal. I know this is not normal, but most of all, I don’t know what to do about it.
    For anyone who is looking to go on Depo – don’t. It will literally ruin your life, like it has ruined mine.

  322. Hello, Jen – Thank you for the kind comments. I really do care and I really want women to know they are not going ‘crazy’ their birth control is making them crazy. I understand the need for birth control – but synthetic hormones are steroids and they are affecting women’s health and their relationships. And now they are linked to breast cancer.

    I am reading your story. Have you read it? I mean stood back and looked at it objectively? This is a horror story. And it is wrong. Tampering with a woman’s hormones is dangerous, unhealthy and unethical. Our hormones are the foundation of our being.

    I hope everyone reads this comment – back and forth on different types of birth control and then psychotropics? WHO are the QUACKS? There is no common sense to anything that has been done to Jen. We have to bring women back into the health conversation – not as women doctors – but as women healers. We were the first healers… and we healed with foods, herbs, cycles and intuition. Where are the side effects here?

    Don’t get me wrong medicine has its place – but only when something is wrong and all other alternatives have been exhausted. But using uncontrolled medical experiments like synthetic hormones and the HPV vaccine on women is wrong. PERIOD.

    Jen – Thank you for sharing your story and please keep visiting and let us know how you are doing.

    Please also look into the EMPowerplus Q96 on my site – as well as this information on Vitamin D3 –

    Lets get back to healing instead of medicating.

    Hormone blessings,


  323. Oh – Sarah what a story… you have had a sever adverse reaction to the Depo shot. You are not bleeding you are hemorrhaging. And it has to stop now. Depo suppresses progesterone in the body. Progesterone holds the uterine lining intact in case of pregnancy – and if pregnancy does not occur – the levels along with estrogen levels decrease so the lining can be released. This is menstruation.

    It is very possible that your estrogen/progesterone ratios were off to begin with – (why you had problems with other estrogen birth control) and now the Depo has put you over the edge with very little or any progesterone at all. Estrogen dominance is the weight gain and the pregnancy symptoms and the breast size increase.

    Two things that I suggest you do immediately. Get some natural progesterone cream at the health food store and use that for a month or so to stimulate progesterone production. In the meantime when you are at the store get a bioflavonoid supplement and start taking that. Bioflavonoids are essential for strengthening the capillaries in the uterus (which are now weakened due to progesterone deficiency.) In fact, they are essential and strengthen all arteries and veins as well.

    Your doctor is not correct in saying your withdrawal is normal. You are having a severe adverse reaction to Depo. Unfortunately, there is no ‘medical’ treatment for a Depo reaction.

    I am sorry you are going through all of this.

    Get some good nutrition – bioavailable supplements and the progesterone cream and start healing. You will probably see a difference in your next cycle.

    Keep us posted on how you are doing.

    Hormone blessings,


  324. Anonymous says:

    Hi Leslie- I am 16 & have had 3 rounds of depo. At first everything was fine but then I started bleeding irregularly maybe a month or two after my first shot . I was told by my doctor that it would stop after my 3rd shot it still hadn’t stopped and it was much worse . I would bleed randomly, & from being arroused , having intercourse , or even doing physical activity such as running, swimming etc! The blood is bright red and fairly heavy when it first happens , then the next day it is dark brown & very light, then it will stop . I stopped the shot about two months ago and it still hasn’t stopped , help! I can’t even go swimming wihout bleeding 🙁

  325. Hello Anonymous – You are experiencing a side effect to the Depo shot – just like the hundreds of other women who have posted here.
    Depo suppresses natural progesterone production. You need progesterone to keep you uterine lining intact. What you are doing is hemorrhaging – but you already know that.
    Two things I recommend:

    Bioflavonoids to strengthen uterine capillaries – as well as all other blood vessels in the body.
    Natural progesterone cream for a short-term basis to stimulate your progesterone production.
    You can get both of these at your health food store.
    And you should see a difference within the month.

    Get on a good nutritional supplement to boost your health and look into getting Vitamin D3.
    All of these suggestions will help your body heal.

    Hormone regards,


  326. Another suggestion is not to wear tampons. They contain chemicals… and if left in too long can cause bacterial infections and other problems.


  327. Hi Leslie,
    Thank you for your kind words and suggestions. I am in Australia and can’t find a supplier of natural hormones but I have been given a contact number for a natural menopause treatment center so I am going to approach them! I’m finding it fascinating the amount if information I am now finding both here and on the web in regards to the dangers we are exposing ourselves to with all these synthetic chemicals…… I’m still on Yasmin at the moment, a bit worried about what is going to happen with Depo withdrawals after reading these stories (my back is excruciatingly painful and it only happens when I get hormonal implants or injections) but I am taking lots of vitamins now, drinking cleansing drinks and eating a lot of vegetables to try to overload my body with nutrients. It would be great to hear from anyone who has done this and succeeded/ beaten the depo withdrawals! If anyone can tell me how they are going now they are through the worst of it, I would love to hear!

  328. Hi im 26 years old..I only had the depo shot once and that was seven months ago. Now am back on the pill because right after the shot I started gaining weight rapidly..gained like fifteen pounds which I never had the problem and I still can seem to lose the weight. Also I lost a lot of hair which got me depressed..thankfully its growing back now. Also ever since I don’t really feel like having sex with my hubby and when we do I do it to make him happy..I used to love having sex and now when I do want to it seems like I get out of the mood right away..nothing helps..even stimulation of my breast would get me aroused and now it seems like I have no feeling to the touch..I’m really frustrated and idk what to do anymore

  329. Hello, Noemi – well what you have done is gone from a progesterone suppressant – the Depo Provera -which was the reason behind your hair loss and weight gain. This is called a SIDE AFFECT – AN ADVERSE INJURY. Why don’t we question this with our birth control?

    Then you went on a estrogen pill? Maybe estrogen and progestin synthetic hormone pill.
    Your endocrine system is confused.

    Many women will feel a lack of libido – when their hormones are suppressed.
    Are you trying to prevent pregnancy is that why you are on the pill?

    Have you and your husband discussed other forms of contraception including tubal ligation, vasectomy, fertility awareness, condoms – anything at all?
    My suggestion to you is that you get off these steroids – get your hormones in check – and then reconsider your options for birth control.

    I am sure your husband would rather have his sex-loving wife back instead of the convenience of the pill.

    Please also be aware that the pill (and all synthetic hormones) deplete vital nutrients from the body. Not sure how long you have been on the birth control train – but you do need to boost your nutritional level to recover from the synthetic hormones – and to regain your hormone balance and your libido.

    Hormone regards,


  330. candice chetty says:

    Hi,I am so grateful for this website and I am glad I found it,I went on depo after having my 3rd was given to me after having my son with no explanation about side effects.then I decided to stop becos I was driving my husband mad from mood swings.recently went on it my lasr shot was due on may 6th didn’t go back due to tingling in my face a aweek before my next shot was due I started having severe anxiety.body pains depression.tingling and numbness in hand really bad gastric issues heartburn nausea diarrhoea sometimes constipation.I’m just so confused and no1 believes me when I tell them how I’m feelin all I get is its in ur head don’t think too much and ur pain will go away.I would like to know how can I get my period back cos I’ve been waiting its been almost four months..and I feel like it will help me get back to normal somehow.thanks anyone who is feeling like me please let me know.would love to hear from you.

  331. Candice – I am so sorry you experienced this severe side effect from the Depo. The suppression of natural progesterone in lieu of the synthetic progestin hormone found in Depo – throws a lot of women for a loop. Especially women who just went through a pregnancy. Natural progesterone levels increase to elevated levels during pregnancy – and when the pregnancy is over they drop to normal – or in many cases below normal levels. Add the Depo to that and it feels like a woman just fell of a 40-story building right?

    You may also be experiencing some nutrient deficiency – due to have three children. It is very hard to replace the essential vitamins, minerals, aminos, in a mother’s body. In many cases our own nutritional reserves have become depleted – which also leads to mood swings, depression, anxiety etc. And make sure you add Vitamin D3 to your regime.

    I find your last comment very interesting about wanting to get your period so you will begin to feel like ‘normal.’ Why are we suppressing this incredibly important and sacred function in our body? That is the question we must all ask ourselves.

    But to answer your question Candice, try natural progesterone cream from your health food store. use if for a few months – or until you start having your period on a regular basis. It should help stimulate your own production of progesterone.

    Some women will experience heavy bleeds when they resume their periods. The natural progesterone may help with that as well…. however, another option is to use a bioflavonoid supplement. Bioflavonoids strengthen uterine capillaries – weakened by pregnancy – and by low progesterone levels. They also strengthen all other veins and arteries in the body.

    Keep us posted on your progress.

    Hormone blessings,


  332. im glad ro see im not the only one doing research on this topic.I was on Depo for about 4 years. I had tried the pill before but fell in love with Depo because of the absence of my cycle. (MISTAKE). I have been active in cheer and dance since I was a child but I recently encountered shin splints from my weakening bones. My last shot was due July 22nd I did not receive it. it is now September 10th. For the past few weeks I feel like I do not know who I am, which is not like me at all. I am a 3rd year college student at NIU. I am part of different orgs. but lately I have not been motivated at all for studies or even maintaining personal relationships.I am normally the friend always leaving voicemails, but now I don’t even bother to call anyone or answer my phone. I am depressed. my breast are sore to the touch around the nipple area, I am easily irritated, and always tired. After 7 weeks of being off the shot I have received my period. There is no other way to call it but Hell. my flow is heavier than ever with clots. My lower back pain is terrible, and the cramps have made me miss classes and are not easing up. I have tried ibuprofen (1000 mg), hot water bag, drinking water, acupressure points and nothing has helped. I even get the chills. I get the slightest relief when I am sleeping, when I can. often get bizarre dreams. I am not exaggerating at all. I have no other explanation for these effects besides depo. I hope to get some relief soon, Im just not myself , and have never experienced this before.

  333. I only had the first injection then my husband and I decided for me not to continue. We have a 3 year old and are wanting another. I was due for my next shot June 30th. I had a completely normal cycle July 25th but not my breast have been extremely tender for 3 weeks I have been cramping for 2 and have spotted a total of 4 days since my cycle on July 25th. Pregnancy tests all come back negative. I feel as if I’m pregnant but I’m not. I was told by my doctor that even only 1 round of the shot can take your body 6 MONTHS to regulate. I wish I would have never gotten it in the first place.

  334. Hello, Rebecca – please read through the other comments here. Many women experience breast tenderness as part of their withdrawal. This is a sign of hormone imbalance due to the suppression of natural progesterone by the Depo. You might want to consider getting some natural progesterone cream to increase your levels of progesterone – hopefully stimulate your progesterone production. You need to have adequate amounts of progesterone in your body. The progesterone – a mood optimizer also maintains the uterine lining to protect against miscarriage.

    Make sure you are getting Vitamin D3 as well as a multivitamin/mineral supplement. This is crucial for all women (and men) considering having a baby.

    Hormone regards,


  335. Hi, Tierra – No one here thinks you are exaggerating about what you are experiencing coming off of Depo. Depo suppresses progesterone – one of the body’s feel good hormones. This is the reason for the crying as well as the nipple tenderness (which many women experience). Also indicative of the depression and the fatigue. Your heavy bleed is also indicative of low levels of progesterone because you need progesterone to maintain the uterine lining. Not enough progesterone and your periods will be heavy and clotty. Women who miscarry also have a tendency to have low levels of progesterone.

    Please get some natural progesterone cream from the health food store to stimulate your progesterone production. And also get on Vitamin D3 – every woman needs to be supplementing with this crucial vitamin.

    Any you may also want to consider the EMPowerplus Q 96 on my site. These are targeted micronutrients to the brain to help you heal – so that you can start regaining your neurological/endocrine and immune health.

    Email me @ if you would like more information.

    Hormone regards,


  336. hi was on the depo for 9 months.I started in oct 2013 on the every 12 weeks and then in april it gt knocked down to every 10 weeks as it wasnt working. It was suppose to stop my periods and my pain. this neva worked as i still got my period and the pain.I got my last depo in june, has i didnt see the point, i gained weight and it has my hormones upside down and now i am over a week late but not sure if this is due to me coming off the depo or if theres a chance i could be pregnant. I was told by the hospital that it can take from 9 months to a year for it to start coming out of my system but my doctor says from 3 months. No one told me about the side effects until i told my consultant that i wasnt having the depo any more. getting it was the worst mistake ever

  337. Hi, Mel – thanks for your comment.
    A lot of women are struggling coming off of Depo. A lot of women struggle while they are on Depo as well.
    A delayed period may be part of the Depo withdrawal.
    However, you will know best as to whether you had unprotected sex during this time.

    This is the hard thing about coming off of synthetic hormones – you do not know when you are going to start ovulating again.
    You need to use a backup method of birth control every time you have sex. Suggest condoms and spermicide.

    Depo is a very bad mistake, indeed.

    Hormone regards,


  338. Hi.
    I was in the depo for 3 years and had no bleeding at all.when i stopped i didn’t have my period until 6 months later. Same as always before taking the shot.medium to heavy and painful.lasted 5days.then 28 days later the sane and again another 28 days. 3 regular periods. Same length and consistantly. I have no missed my period. It has been 41 days since my last. I am not pregnant. I am still suffering as though i was on. Could you please advise.thank you

  339. Hello llinos – you may be experiencing hormone imbalance due to the shot. Withdrawal is different for every woman. You might want to consider using natural progesterone cream for a month or so to stimulate your own production of progesterone which the Depo suppressed. The cream my raise levels of progesterone so that you will resume ‘normal’ periods.

    You might also want to consider buying a bioflavonoid supplement (it also comes mixed with Vitamin C). Bioflavonoids strengthen uterine capillaries – as well as arteries and blood vessels throughout the body. This might help with the heavy bleeding you are experiencing.

    The pregnancy symptoms are common and due to too much estrogen because the Depo suppressed your body’s natural production of progesterone. The cream should help with that as well.

    Hormone blessings,


  340. Emma Bushell says:

    Hello, I am desperately searching and found your article. I had my daughter on 7th oct last year and after my 6 week check they convinced me the depo would be a good move for birth control. I had the shot 3 times. (I had had no natural periods before starting it) after the 3rd shot I didn’t go back as one month after the final shot I started bleeding. This was in June. It is now October and apart from when I had my cervical smear the bleeding (light but consistent) has not stopped! Got to see the doctor again on wed as they suggested a pill to ‘re-set it’ but I don’t know if that will just make it worse. I’m at my wits end! Any suggestions?! Thanks Emma

  341. Hi, Emma – Yes, I have lots of thoughts. And I am so glad you found my site and this post. When you were pregnant your progesterone levels shot up to 100x’s more than normal. Progesterone is needed to keep the uterine lining intact to protect from miscarriage. It is also the hormone (one of them) responsible for the feel good experience most women have during pregnancy. Once your pregnancy was over, the levels dropped back to to normal – or near normal.

    Enter Depo Provera – a synthetic hormone birth control that suppresses progesterone. The bleeding has not stopped for two reasons – one you are not producing natural progesterone.. and therefore there is nothing to keep the uterine lining intact.

    The other reason is that the capillaries in the uterus may have become weakened during the pregnancy and so you are hemorrhaging. The supplement bioflavonoids (also found in combination with Vitamin C) helps to strengthen the not only uterine capillaries – but all arteries and veins in the body. Every pregnancy you go through you deplete vital nutrients from the body. They need to be replaced.

    So I suggest getting a natural progesterone cream from your health food store and use that for a few months. And then look for a vitamin, mineral, amino acid supplement with bioflavonoids or just the stand alone supplement and start on that regime. I have witnessed women’s monthly hemorrhaging cease within the first month.

    Now, for the birth control pill.
    Once again coming out of pregnancy, your body is trying to re-balance to its pre-pregnancy hormone levels. Then came Depo – suppressed on essential hormone and now they want to prescribe a birth control – that may have more estrogen? Your body is going to feel like it is on a roller coaster.

    BCP’s reset nothing. PERIOD. They are steroids that suppress ovulation. When women ‘re-set’ on the pill they experience a chemical bleed not a period PERIOD. If ovulation is suppressed how can you have a period? Right?

    If you need a form of birth control try condoms and spermicide for the short term until your body can balance and naturally reset itself. See if your partner is willing to do that. My guess is that you have always experienced some anxiety and depression post-pregnancy.

    Just my humble hormone thoughts.
    Hope this helps.

    Hormone regards,


  342. If I’m on the one month contraception and I drank epson salts
    To clean my stomach now I’m bleeding again and the month isn’t
    Over and me and my boyfriend had sex and he came in me is there
    A chance that I might be pregnant?

  343. Apologies – but I am not quite clear of your question? Epsom salt should not interfere with contraception. But, you should always use another form of birth control for the first month of any synthetic hormone contraception as back up. Did anyone share this with you? Did you start bleeding after you had intercourse?
    Please come back to me with more information. What type of birth control? How old are you?

    Hormone regards,


  344. Hi, I am 41 and half way through my last injection I got a blood clot in my calf put down to this injection. I had been ill since January and the doctors didn’t know why and this birth control was all I was on but never considered even though I had been taking it for 9 years. 3 weeks into my warfarin medication I thought I was having a reaction to this medication but since reading withdrawal effects of depo it was definitely the injection that was making me feel like I was dying. I couldn’t function, organs swelling under ribs, engflamed intestine, pain all over my body, painful glands, sore throat, sweating,chills,constant nausea, hair falling out a lot. This continued for 8 weeks everyday and night. This has just stopped and I just get hot and cold, blurred vision, cramps in hips and stabbing pains. I am eating fish, vegetables, seeds, water, ginger tea and peppermint, I am waiting to start multivitamins, b6 and vit c. Am I doing the right things to get myself better? Am due back at work week after next and I’m hoping I can function. My daughter has also stopped using this awful drug and has pains in hips and cramps. I also have brca1 so I wold not be able to use any type of birth control to regulate and cannot due to DVT.

  345. Wow – Sarah that is quite the story. Depo is intended for long-term birth control use – if all other methods are ruled out as unsafe. That is definitely your case. No doubt. However, no where in the literature does it say that Depo is SAFE for long-term birth control use. Yes, you are doing the right things – to get better. But it does take time. Also add Vitamin D3 to your regime – and a lot of it. Here is some great information on D3 As well as here.

    Also amino acids and minerals for the brain. The brain is where hormone production starts.

    All of the other side effects your were having were due to progesterone suppression in your body. I would go and see an endocrinologist and get some help in restoring hormone balance.

    Where is your partner in all of this? Can he not take responsibility for preventing pregnancy? You are obviously not a good candidate for synthetic hormones.
    Then again there is the copper IUD – but you would need to build your immune system first since IUD’s cause a ‘minor’ infection in the uterus.

    Does anyone else have any thoughts for Sarah?

    I am hesitant to suggest natural progesterone cream because of the brca1 gene – however, the Depo has shut down your progesterone and you are probably estrogen dominant.
    Dr. Margarita Ochoa-Maya is my favorite endocrinologist – and she does tele-consults. This is her web site: Please call her and tell her I recommended you speak with her.

    Hormone regards,


  346. Leslie,
    I would like to say many thanks for your reply and informing me that I am doing the right thing to get my body right in the best possible way, unforunfortunately I am in the UK and don’t know where to go for more support. I am also due to brca1 about to see a councillor regarding removal of ovaries/fallopian, do I need to have this depo completely out of my system before going ahead? Could it cause more problems if I don’t? This whole episode has been a scary ride. I am definately going to find vitamin D3 to add to all the rest. Your Information has proved invaluable to me, there appears to be no information on UK sites regarding coming off this awful drug. Thank you again

  347. hi ! im 20 years old and have been on depo for a little over a year now . Months into the birth control ive slowly developed headaches that gradually increased to at least once a day and also pressure like feelings in my head . Ive been a wreck with memory too. I feel like things are turning and leaning around me even if im sitting still , like the scenery is shifting . i physically dont feel moved but my surroundings look imbalanced for a second or so major issue is that i feel like im going to die just because of the discomfort in my head. it seems so unrealistic that bc can do this , its scary really. i had my shot the beggining of october , i usually spot a few wks before my next shot which means by november twentieth at least id be spotting. the past two doses ive been spotting weeks after the shot which concern maybe three weeks in ill start spotting again when i shouldnt be. also , im starting to hear things that arent logical. like my ringtone even when my phone is on mute. and its only been happening for a week or so , i dont know if its related but i definitely am questioning everything now… if you have any knowledge at all id be greatful

  348. Hello, Shanell. It is interesting that the TV ads announce the myriad of side effects from drugs and yet we hear so very little about the side effects from birth control. It appears to me that you are experiencing an adverse reaction to Depo…especially now with the spotting. BTW – women who ‘bleed’ are ANY synthetic hormone birth control – are experiencing a ‘CHEMICAL’ bleed not a period. So something in your body is not interacting well with the Depo.

    The other thing is that you are so young – your endocrine system is just developing – and it has been shut down with synthetic hormones. Plus you still have to use condoms w. spermicide for sex right? My suggestion is to get through the next two to three months the best you can…. and look for other alternatives to this shot.

    Hormone regards,


  349. I took the depo shot once in August and was due for the 2nd one in nov but decided not to continue to take it and i have been bleeding since a week after i got the shot in august and it dec now. will it ever stop

  350. Yes, the bleeding will stop. But you might need some help. Go to your health food store and look for natural progesterone cream. You need to stimulate progesterone production in your body. Progesterone is influential in maintaining the uterine lining during pregnancy. Depo suppresses that vital, crucial hormones. use it for a month or so and see what happens.

    Also look for bioflavonoids. This supplement is essential to strengthening uterine capillaries to prevent hemorrhaging. Bioflavonoids also strengthen arteries and veins in the body. Many people are deficient. These two therapies should help you with the excessive bleeding. So glad you reached out.

    Hormone blessings,


  351. I was on the depo shot for 4 years I got my last shot on July 19,2014 so I was scheduled to get my last shot in October 2014 I missed that shot and haven’t got one since then. Well a week or two after I didt get my shot in October I had a period for about 5 days. Before my period and even up to now my breast are very tender and heavy feeling, I’m super moody, my lower back constantly hurts, I’ve gained probably 40 pounds and I’m peeing a whole lot more . also when I have to pee if I don’t go right then I’ll pee all over my self as bad as that sounds. And I’ve took about 4 different pregnancy test and they all say negative. & my fiancé aand I haven’t been using any method of birth control since I got off my shot so I figured well I can be pregnant and have a lot of symptoms but they all say no. Also the past week or so ive beeb having really bad acid reflux after every time i eat so i googled what caused it and it said pregnancy…..Im guess in my question is why do I have so many symptoms of being pregnant and the test still say negative? Like could my depo still be in my system and be saying no? And I don’t know if I should go to the doctor and get them to check it out or just met my body do its on thing.? Please help.

  352. Hi, Jossie – many women have asked the same question – why do they feel like they are pregnant and yet their tests show up negative. Unfortunately, this is a side effect of the Depo. This shot suppresses your natural production of progesterone – with a synthetic progestin. When you come off the shot – withdraw – your have very little progesterone making you estrogen dependent. That coupled with the xenoestrogens in your environment ( plastic, perfumes, makeup, dryer sheets, sunscreen – to name a few – puts you over the top with estrogen causing the pregnancy symptoms and the acid reflux…

    I would suggest that you and your fiance use an alternative method of birth control until you get this crap out of your body and your start ovulating and menstruating normally. Otherwise you are going to pass this extreme hormone imbalance onto your new born. And with very little progesterone – needed to build the uterine lining for a pregnancy, you may have a miscarriage which will further upset your hormone imbalance.

    My suggestions is that you purchase natural progesterone cream from your health food store and use that for a couple of months to stimulate your own production of progesterone. Also get on a strong micronutrient supplement and Vitamin D3 – All of this is crucial in preparing for a pregnancy.

    Thanks for posting – keep me in touch with how you are feeling.

    Hormone regards,


  353. Kimaberly Gunter says:

    My daughter recently had the depo shot and is having terrible side effects. Is there anything that can be done to counteract these effects? Is there a replacement hormone that can balance it back to normal?

  354. Hello, Kimaberly – there are too many young women experiencing severe side effects to Depo. Depo contains a synthetic progesterone – which suppresses a woman’s natural production of this ‘feel-good’ hormone. Most of us are estrogen dominant so Depo really throws us into a sever sate of hormone imbalance. I suggest that women get a natural progesterone cream from the health food store to stimulate progesterone production. Also good nutritional support is crucial.

    How old is your daughter?

    Hormone regards,


  355. Hi leslie
    I’ve been on depo provera for about a year and 3 months.
    I’m due for my next shot in 3 days and I’m having doubts about it now. I haven’t had a period that’s what I’m enjoying about it. These past 3 days tho I’ve been having a chemical bleed (brown spotting ) and cramps , which are the worst. I’ve gained about 20 lbs since I’ve been on depo. I get these cravings which make me eat more. It sucks. The thing I’m worried about is if I don’t get my next shot will I bleed for about two weeks after im off it like these other girls stories I’ve been hearing? I know our bodies all react different I’m just worried about what will happen after.. thanks

  356. Hi, Kassie – you are right about the chemical bleed as the Depo wanes in your body. it is hard to say what kind of reaction you will have to the Depo if you choose not to get the shot. However, the two-weeks of bleeding is because of the suppression of progesterone – which is necessary to keep the uterine lining intact. Bioflavonoid supplements also help – but in this case it is more likely, the progesterone. You would get wild yam cream at the health food store prior and start applying that if you do not get the shot.

    If you do come off the Depo remember to use another form of birth control until you start having regular periods. You never know when ovulation might take place.

    Hormone regards,


  357. Christine Mbole says:

    I quit deprovera 19th Dec, 2014 after starting on 19th July 2014. Since i quit im feeling tired and sleepy most of the time, nausea, my breasts enlarged alot during that short period and are still enlarged, feeling so uncomfortable.

  358. Hello, Christine – many women experience what you are feeling.
    Severe hormone imbalance. Too much estrogen.
    I suggest natural progesterone cream.
    You can get it at the health food store.

    Hormone regards,


  359. Hi Leslie
    I found this site after experiencing awful stomach pains, nausea, night sweats, digestive problems and mood swings after getting off Depo for over four years. My fiance was the one who got me off because he thought it was unnatural that from age 13 to 17 I wasn’t having periods and my hormones were almost completely cut off. So we agreed I would get off of it and not go to my next appointment, which was January 9. At first I thought maybe I was pregnant because of all the symptoms I had. But I looked up about coming off Depo and have been seeing some pretty horrific things from other woman.
    All in all I just want to know what’s going on with my body. I’m only 17 and worried I may have permanenly damaged my body. I also would love to know how much longer these withdrawals wi’ll last.
    Thank you for all your help!!

  360. Hello, Kendra so glad you are here. Age 13 is very young to be on synthetic hormones, especially Depo – which has caused so many problems for women – at any age. Kudos to your fiance for convincing you to get off the drug. HOWEVER, since you may ovulate tomorrow – or you may ovulate next year – you have to use a back up method of birth control to prevent pregnancy. And you do want to wait until the drug is our of your body.

    CDC estimates that it may take up to 18 months before a woman starts to menstruate/ovulate on a regular basis. And that differs from woman to woman. However, I always suggest that women coming off Depo get some natural progesterone cream from the health food store – and start applying that. What you want to do is stimulate your own production of progesterone since that is what the Depo suppressed. The injection put you into a state of estrogen dominance – (and most women experience that without the Depo). The progesterone cream – also known as wild yam because it contains progesterone – can be used on a short term basis or until you start menstruating/ovulating on a regular basis. And it will help get rid of the pregnancy symptoms you are experiencing due to the excess estrogen.

    Your body does have the ability to heal… you just have to provide the tools it needs – like sound nutrition.
    Please read this blog post as a guide: Birth Control Pills Deplete Vital Nutrients Although this articles is talking about BCP’s – it really refers to all synthetic hormones.

    And please do keep coming back and asking more questions.
    Or feel free to email me at



  361. I was on depo for 1 year. Was supposed to renew it jan 2 2015. And I didnt. Stopped having sex before I even came off the depo. I feel extremely bloated and have tender breasts. One day I feel bloated like a balloon the next I feel almost normal. I don’t think I’m pregnant. (Everything else is normal. Haven’t gained weight.) Just want the bloating to stop. Any advice?

  362. Hi, Bailey – thanks for reaching out.
    Advice – yes, stay off synthetic hormones for while… use a backup method of birth control (condoms w. spermicide) until you have regular periods. And lastly go to your health food store and get some natural progesterone cream. This will help stimulate your body’s production of progesterone which was suppressed on the Depo.
    Because of this your ratio between estrogen and progesterone (as well as other hormones) is off and what you are now experiencing is estrogen dominance… causing the bloated/tender breasts.

    Hormone regards,


  363. natasha graham says:

    This shot is horrible I had 1 bled 3 months heavy so I didn’t take 2nd I’m int 4 straight months of bleeding. My Dr will not call me back and its fucki g ridiculous. This shot should be banned and I’m anemic having to d deal with this and can’t even get in to see my Dr. Do not get this shot. Horrible horrible mistake if you do. 120 straight days of bleeding mood swings etc almost lime I’m on my period constantly with bipolar disorder…

  364. Natasha…. I think everyone here would agree with you. Two things for the heavy bleeding. Bioflavonoids – a supplement you can get at the health food store. Strengthens not only uterine capillaries but all blood vessels in the body. Second is natural progesterone cream – also at the health food store. Use that cream for a month or two. Progesterone is essential for stopping hemorrhaging – and that is why you are doing. Depo suppressed progesterone in your body and you need this cream to stimulate your natural production. And it will help in the meantime with the bleeding.

    Try these two things… and of course, if you think you are anemic then get an iron supplement. Progesterone will also help with your bipolar disorder.

    Thanks for reaching out.

    Hormone regards,


  365. I was on depo for 1 year. Then my doctor put me on the pill. Is it normal to miss your first period while on the pill? I am not pregnant.

  366. Hi, Bailey – what type of BCP are you on? Depo suppresses progesterone. Making estrogen the dominant hormone – in most cases. Most BCP’s have more estrogen – so now you are flip-flopping and it might be hard on your endocrine system. Missing a period is probably normal in this case -and you might miss more until you start producing progesterone on your own.

    Why did you come off Depo?

    Just so you know – and everyone else who reads this – women do not have ‘periods’ on the pill. It is a chemical bleed due to the suppression of hormones induced by the pill.

    Have you considered other options?

    Hormone regards,


  367. I am on ganiva. I came off depo because I didn’t like getting a shot.

  368. Hi i started the depo when i was 13 i got my period also at that age i have been on and off a few times but stayed on untill i was 15 im not sure when im due for my period i havnt had one ever since i got on the depo so i stoped the depo just recently about 2 months later i started getting brown discharge and im not sure whats causen that?? as it has been happing forabout 2weeks & as i was saying im unawre when im due for a period why am i geting this ?

  369. Hello, Annah – 13 is a very young age to be on such a strong birth control method. As you can see by so many other comments here many women struggle with Depo – at any age. Since you were put on Depo at an early age… you menstrual cycle did not have a chance to develop – so it may take awhile for you to have regular cycles. HOWEVER – the trick with synthetic hormones is that you NEVER KNEW WHEN YOU ARE GOING TO START OVULATING AGAIN AND HAVE A MENSTRUAL CYCLE. It could be tomorrow. It could be next year. YOU HAVE TO USE ANOTHER FORM OF BIRTH CONTROL (if you are sexually active) until you start having regular periods.

    I have my thoughts about the brown discharge. But at this point you should see your doctor to rule out other medical issues. Once that happens – then come back and post your question again and I will be glad to provide more information.

    Stay in touch.

  370. I had been on depo for a year and half,I was supposed to get another shot Oct /2 /2014 but I stopped taking the shot,5 months after I stopped taking the shot and amspotting,little blood stains every now and again, I want my period to come soo bad,I don’t know what the spotting means,does anyone know what this means?

  371. Hello, Rakhia – if you are concerned about the spotting you should see a physician. Are you keeping track of what days the spotting is occurring on? Just wondering if you found a pattern. Try getting some natural progesterone cream and see if that does not stimulate ovulation. You may need to the much needed progesterone (since Depo suppresses it) for your uterine lining as well. The spotting may also be due to low levels of progesterone.

    Hormone regards,


  372. How long should I be bloated after my last injection? It wore off January and I am still bloated most days. Its annoying.

  373. I do not have enough information to go on.
    Am sure it is annoying.
    Are there other issues?
    Are you on other meds?

    Hormone regards,


  374. Some gas. I am on the pill. No other issues. Just getting really bloated.

  375. Gemma louise says:

    Hello, I was wondering if you can help me, Ive been on the Internet for days looking for someone to help me, back in December, I discovered I was 5 weeks pregnant, I went to the hospital because I was having pains in my belly, and slight blood every time I wiped. They done an internal scan which relived the baby with no sack :(! So I had a miscarriage, after that I decided to try the depo after I fell pregnant on the pill, the doctor never once told me the side effects. After had one shot and one shot only of depo, I bleed for about a week and half after having the injection, the last couple of weeks near the end of depo I’ve been really emotional, now 7 days after coming off depo, Mu boobs are really heavy and veiny, and sore, I feel bloated! Really emotional, constant craving for food, am I pregant?? Please help!! X

  376. Hi, Gemma – Many of the women here have had the same withdrawal symptoms from Depo.
    But let me warn you – when you come off of synthetic hormones you do not know if you are going to ovulate today in in 6 months or a year. So always use a back up method if you are going to have sex.

    However, in your case, the Depo has suppressed progesterone in your body for the synthetic progestin in the injection. That is causing estrogen dominance and explains all of your symptoms. The bleeding, emotions and the boob hurting. The ratio between these hormones is off…. and the lack of progesterone is probably the reason.

    I have suggested that women get wild yam natural progesterone cream from the health food store until they feel more balanced and the issues resolve. The progesterone cream will hopefully stimulate your body’s production of this crucial hormone.

    Why would a doctor put you on DEpo – a very insidious form of birth after you already had a major problem with your pregnancy? Synthetic hormones are not going to do you any good at all. Maybe the doctor was trying to get you on something so you would not get pregnant right away????

    Hormone regards,


  377. I have been off depo now for 6 going on 7 months now. I was taking the shot religiously for about 5 years …and now I am experiencing really sorr breast and this really sharp pain in my lower left pelvis like I am about to start my period but still nothing yet. Is this withdrawal? Could it be painful ovulation? I’m not sure but I am worried. My Dr said my obgyn examine was fine but he sent me for an abdominal ultrasound. Any advice to get rid of this pain would be great.

  378. Hello, Nina you are experiencing what so may other women going through Depo withdrawal are experiencing.
    You natural production of progesterone has been suppressed for 5 years due to the synthetic form of progesterone called progestin – in the Depo. When that happens you become estrogen dominant. And ultra sound will probably not find anything… but always good to be on the safe side.

    Why don’t you try natural progesterone cream that you can get at the health food store. You might only need this for a couple of months to stimulate your natural progesterone production.

    And always, always restore your nutrient reserves. Synthetic hormones deplete vital nutrients out of the body.

    Stay in touch.

    Hormone regards,


  379. I got off depo after 1 year this January. my doctor put me on the pill (ganiva (spelling?)). I had a lot of problems the first few months. Now all I have is bloating. Today I noticed I’m not very bloated in the morning. I took my pill at 6pm and by 6:30pm I was majorly bloated.
    Is this from the mixture of depo and my new bc? Or is it just my new bc?
    Please help. I don’t know if I should stop taking my bc or not.

  380. Hello Liz – I tried to do a quick search for a ‘ganiva’ BCP and came up empty-handed.
    First of all it is your responsibility to KNOW EVERY DRUG YOU ARE PUT ON. Synthetic hormones are steroids. They have side effects and they can cause bloating and a host of other problems.

    My concern is whether you are on an estrogen or progestin pill. I want YOU to find out and get back to me. Read the box – red the patient insert. Women get into this kind of trouble when we meekly acquiesce and take the RX get it filled – and then start having problems.

    Since Depo suppresses progesterone – and if you are now on a synthetic estrogen pill – suppressing estrogen…. your endocrine system is confused. If I were you… I would get off of bc – especially if you are not sexually active… and if you are use condoms with spermicide for protection. Give your body a break. Let it heal before subjecting it to another dose of steroids.

    And always, always – do your homework and research before you take any medication or vaccination. PERIOD.

    Please come back to me with more questions.

    Hormone regards,


  381. Hi I am 22 years of age I have 2 babys after having my son I had 2 shots of the depo injection I was seeing my period fine while on it since I stopped it in November I never saw a period until February which was a normal period for 7 days since then I havent seen again I started taking vitamin b6 and magnesium tablets becasue I heard they work since taking them my period started but only lasted one day I need help becasue I’m worrying and starting to panick becasue I don’t know what’s happening and how to get my periods back on track please help!!

  382. I got off depi in Nov of 2014 bc i was having bad side effets like extreme nausea headaches you name it i may have had it….in return after my er visit i went to my obgyn and she swapped me to the pill lomedia fe 24….after the first pack i had a brown discharge that led into a bleed then my 2nd thru now 5th pack nothing! I cramp and have all the pms symptoms and nothing shows……. I take a test every month and it comes back negative…..everytime…how ling does it nirmally take for a natural cycle to start after depo? I just want to be normal again!

  383. Hi, Nisha – I am confused. Aren’t you on another form birth control pill? isn’t that what your obgyn prescribed? If you are on synthetic hormones you do not have a period. PERIOD. It is a chemically-induced bleed. It seems that all your doc did was switch out BC methods. A natural cycle can only occur is you are not on synthetic hormones. Sometimes it takes women up to 18 months before they ovulate again. Depends on how long they have been on Depo – and most importantly, it depends on the strength of they own health – especially the neuro-endocrine-immune health.

    Please come back to me if you have more questions.

    Hormone regards,

  384. Hi, Tammy – appreciate your reaching out to me via email when you did not hear from me as soon as you needed to. I hope the information I shared will be helpful.
    Hormone regards,


  385. I was on depo for 5 years….when I went to the er I had severe nausea, I couldn’t sleep unless I wanted to go vomit. I then went to my obgyn a few days later and she prescribed the pills for me and stopped the depo injection……
    So my question is…..the pill I’m on is the same as me getting the depo shot? Like I stated in my previous post I didn’t have a bleed in about 4 or 5 months……I would cramp be dead tired and nauseated from the last two weeks of one pack to the first few days of the new t pack…..

  386. Hello Leslie! I have never given my body a chance to have a regular cycle. I got my period at 13, was pregnant at 14, was on depo from age 15-22, had to get off due to bone density loss, then switched to the pill from age 22-23, then to the mirena iud from 23-28, then back to depo from 28-32. My last injection was in September. I am not currently having sex. I am also plague by the same symptoms as many of the other girls. should I be concerned that I may have messed my body up?

  387. I stopped using the depo injections after one shot due to extreme side effects. It has been a week since I was suppose to get another shot, I’ve had horrific pains in my back and in my abdomen. I’ve been spotting old blood for a little over a month now. I have bad headaches, vomiting, nausea and skin sensitivity. I’ve also had diarrhea for a few days now. My spine is hurting so bad I’m considering going to the ER. I can’t stop eating.. I thought that pregnancy might be the cause so I took a test and it was negative… Although I don’t really know when would be a good time to take one.

  388. Hi, Kris – Unfortunately, you are one of many women who have had this type of birth control experience. The bad news is you are experiencing hormone imbalance and you endocrine system is probably whacked out from estrogen dominant to progestin dominant birth control – not unlike a ping pong ball game. The good news is – and it is much better than the bad news… is that you can get nutrients into the body that target the brain where hormone production begins… and over time heal the damage. There is so much to the saying… every day is a new day. And when we get on the healing path – we get so much stronger. Detoxing is also crucial. My radio show guest tonight #ReaFrey will discuss detox before pregnancy. My advice is that every woman needs to listen whether a baby is on the horizon or not.

    And the nutrients I recommend are on my blog EMPowerplus Q96. I have used this for years with women who have been unable to get pregnant and who are expressing hormone-related anxieties and depressions.

    Messing our bodies up is easy these days… getting on a healing path that works for you cures everything.

    Thanks for sharing your story.

    Hormone regards,


  389. Mary – please read through all of my responses to the hundreds of questions about Depo withdrawal. It sounds like you are estrogen dominant… but I have not heard of spinal pain… nor diarrhea. Perhaps you should have that checked out.

    If you are either not having intercourse or using another form of birth control during intercourse you probably do not have to deal with a pregnancy test. It is estrogen dominance. Try the natural progesterone cream and see if that works. Also get on some good nutrition to make up for the nutrients your body has depleted through this ordeal.

    Anyone else experience spinal pain and diarrhea?

    Mary – please keep us apprised of your situation. And let us know if you go to the ER.

    Hormone regards,


  390. Mary – is it possible that you might also have celiac disease?

    I am posting and article about gluten and infertility and came across this paragraph and thought of you..

    In fact, the Celiac Disease Foundation says only one-third of people with celiac disease actually get diarrhea when they consume gluten. Among the other symptoms to watch out for: missed periods, bone or joint pain, fatigue, and unexplained iron-deficiency anemia.

  391. I took only one Depo shot in August 2012 shortly after a termination of a pregnancy. I didn’t return for the second round because while on the shot I spotted and had a period. I felt sick had headaches, hot flashes, fast heart beat, weight gain only in my stomach and tingling in my hands. I thought once the shot ” ran out” I would be free of all these problems. Little did I know a whole set of new problems would start. I’m a small women weighing about 115 when I started the shot once l didn’t return I started having horrible stomach pains, hot flashes, night sweats, bad acid reflux, loss of appetite , rapid heart beat. I lost almost 15 pounds and nemerous test and blood work done and nothing major was wrong. Almost 3 years later I still don’t feel like myself I suffer from bad anxiety and depression. The only thing doctors want to do is give more meds for the problem and brush me off. All my knowledge on how to recover came from reading this blog. Thank God for the website I felt hopeless at one point. Although I have come a long way I still have problems and it’s fustrating. It seems like the smaller you are the shot lingers in your system. This birth control is horrible.

  392. I took one shot August 2012 the whole 3 months I felt ill. Night sweats, panic attacks, rapid heart beat, sweating, bloated, hair falling out, spotting brown discharge, under arm odor and foul vaginal odor from spotting. I didn’t get the second shot and that’s when more problems started. I weighed 115 when I took the shot had weight gain in my stomach. After the shot I had stomach pains, acid reflux lost 15 pounds, rapid heart beat, loss appetite , breadt pain, tired , bad depression and anxiety. Here we are 2015 and I’m still suffering. I have had so much blood work and test. You name it I had a test for it and all is normal. I don’t understand why I still feel bad at times. Doctors aren’t any help and want to slap more meds on women going through this. Thank God for this website it gave me hope at my lowest point. I have good and bad days and the closer I get to my period I really feel awful. I read depo lingers in small women because of the high dosage. I’m just at a loss these days. This birth control is horrible

  393. Hello, E.T. Thank you for sharing this. And I eternally grateful to you for appreciating this blog – and all of the women who have posted here. One-size birth control is dangerous indeed. You are so correct and this is a point that has not been brought up here at all. One-size fits all for any medication or vaccine is dangerous. PERIOD.

    There are so many reasons for this. One is we are all biochemically and genetically different – and that is the biggie. The second is – the use of synthetic hormones has forever altered our natural hormone balance. All of these synthetics are passed in-utero. So males and females are experiencing precocious puberty. If you are not aware of this term do a Google image search and what you will find will shock you.

    If you are still experiencing depression and anxiety – the question you should be asking is “what nutrients am I deficient in.” No “what is wrong with me.” I hope you read that I highly recommend vitamin D to your daily intake.

    And I also recommend natural progesterone cream to stimulate progesterone production (a feel good hormone). Get some Himalayan salt and enrich your body with minerals. Minerals are the electromagnetic frequencies that fire up the brain.

    And you can always check out the EMPowerplus Q96 on my blog. This supplement with 25 published studies – nutrates and heals the brain – where hormone production begins. Please remember that your depression and anxiety are the emotional response to a brain that is not functioning optimally.

    Looking forward to hearing for you again.

    Hormone regards,


  394. Leslie, you are absolutely right. Of all the blood work my vitamin d levels are always low and my iron. I’m taking both I purchased from the health food store. I was unaware it should be vitamin d 3 well my doctor gave me D2. I hate to say it but it seems there is no research done on meds just dangerous side effects. I can’t stress enough how this blog help me through because after nemerous doctor visits I gave up. Also thank you for the suggestion instead of saying what’s wrong figure out what’s lacking. It’s been a long road and I’m more mindful of what goes in my body going forward.

  395. E.T.

    Thank you so very much. Your comment has made all this work worth it. Being mindful of what goes into our body – and likewise what comes out is very important for good health. Please let us know how you are doing on your journey to wellness. You are welcome to comment here anytime.

    Hormone blessings,


  396. confused female says:

    Hi. I’m 23 year old female. I had an abortion this year in March 10. After my three week follow up, they told me I have blood clots so they gave me some medicine to get the clots out (bc I was still bleeding and i wasn’t supposed to bleed no longer than like 5 weeks) okay so about a week or two? Ago I went back to them bc I had finished all my medication for the clots and I was still bleeding. They said it was my period. And they just insisted that I get in the d e p o shot , now I did ask her what the side effects were but she just told me that I would be spotting but she didn’t tell me for how long. Now I got the shit about 1-2 weeks ago. My period usually is 5 days. But now I am still bleeding. When I’m relaxed I just have brown discharge. But when in up on my feet for 8 hours (bc of work) I bleed more. I’m not soaking up a pad within an hour. It takes me like 3 or more hours to soak a pad. But I’m still bleeding. I called my doctor today and they are just now telling me that I may bleed for a long time. Is there any natural way that I can stop the bleeding? Is there any organic or something that I can make at home to like detox the rest of this d e p o out of my body? I know it’s only been like two weeks, but I want to get rid of it now. I’m just now seeing the side effects of depression and loss of appetite but these symptoms are reaaaally mild. They tried to give me some birth control pills to subside the bleeding and offering me a bunch of other medications and I just told them no. I don’t want to take anything. I wanna detox this stuff out a s a p. Please reply as soon as you can, I really need it. Thanks in advance!

  397. Hi, Confused Female – so glad you reached out. I have a couple of suggestions – and BTW – thank you for listening to your intuition and opting out of BCP’s and medications.
    In this day and age – we are all nutrient deficient. That is the #1 rule. That is where you look to heal the issue.

    My suggestion is that you consider getting bioflavonoids from the health food store. They come separately, or combines with Vitamin C. Bioflavonoids help strengthen uterine capillaries that may have been damaged during the abortion. Bioflavonoids also strengthen arteries and veins throughout the body. Your uterus may have been traumatized during the abortion and is having a hard time healing.

    Now, since you left your in the Depo Withdrawal post – I am thinking you might have been on Depo at one point in time? If so, Depo suppresses your production of natural progesterone. Progesterone is necessary for a healthy and strong uterine lining to prevent miscarriage during pregnancy. If this is the case, you may want to pick some wild yam natural progesterone cream at the health food store. And use that on a short-term basis until you start menstruating regularly.

    Some women are so estrogen dominant because of diet, environment and use of plastics, household cleaners, perfumes, dryer sheets, etc. that the ratio between estrogen and progesterone is way off kilter…. so what I am saying is even if you have not been on Depo – you might want to try this cream. Depression is certainly a symptom of low progesterone or low nutritional status.

    Birth control pills would have suppressed ovulation. Shut down the endocrine system and you would not have a period – PERIOD. It is a chemical bleed. So you made the right choices and I think the info I provided will help you heal from the abortion. Besides, your hormones just went through a major shock with the procedure and the interruption of the pregnancy – it does not need another shock with total suppression.

    Keep us posted.

    Hormone regards,


  398. Confused female says:

    Thanks for replying! Yea I got the d e p o shot about a week or two ago, and I’m just now reading that it could increase the risk of breasts cancer and a bunch of other stuff, that if I would’ve found out sooner I would have never gotten on it. And also very frustrated that my doctor didn’t inform me of all of this. Also, when I had the abortion I had to go to work the next day and I didn’t really get any rest so that is probably why it’s taking a while to heal or didn’t heal properly at all. This was my first abortion, first time on any BC (besides condoms) so I hope I don’t see any serious side effects. I am gonna purchase those things tomorrow. How long do I have to take the vitamins and the cream before I see improvement in my bleeding? Do you think that bc I’ve found this blog early , would it minimize any serious damage that may had been done had I waited longer?

  399. Hi, glad to see you back again. No worries the body does a great job of healing itself given the right tools – in this case bioflavonoids and progesterone cream. However, if you want to stay healthy increase your micronutrient intake. More and more research is coming out about chronic illnesses being linked to nutrient deficiency. None of us are getting what we need from the foods we eat.

    Some women see heavy bleeding clear up within a month (menstrual cycle to menstrual cycle) but this is bleeding from an abortion. And every body is different period. It has a lot more to do with your biochemical makeup than anything else. But everyday will get better as you build up your reserve of nutrients and progesterone.

    Why don’t you stay in touch and let us know when your bleeding subsided.

    Hormone regards,


  400. I had the depo shot for 2 years and i had my depo shot in january i was supposed to have my next depo in march and i didnt get it…
    know is may and no period,no nothing a lot of headaches and feeling light headed sometimes…nauseous…i feel so fatigued i dont even know why…is this due to the shot or should o go to the doctor and get checked? Help me please am worry…

  401. Hello, Cat – if it makes you feel better you might want to go to a doctor – just to get checked out. However, they will probably tell you everything is normal. I do not have a lot of information to go on – like age etc… history of birth control but chances are you are experiencing estrogen overload since your progesterone was suppressed while you were on Depo.

    Try some natural progesterone cream (Wild Yam) from the health food store. See if that does not boost your mood, energy level etc. Also get on some good supplements and vitamin D3 – we should all be on that these days for many reasons.

    Try and and then check back in and let us know how you are doing.

    Hormone regards,


  402. Susan Crowe says:

    I got severe depression from the very first day I got my Depo Provera shot. I never got another one. I’m still depressed 16 years later. My endocrinologist says I am the poster child for Depo Provera. DON’T TAKE IT!

  403. Thank you for sharing Susan. Did anyone ever suggest natural progesterone cream? Or the essential oil Progessence Plus or the EMPowerplus Q96?
    The latter two are on my blog.
    How about vitamin D3?
    Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to depression.

    You should be able to resolve your depression with nutrients targeted to the brain. Please listen to this interview with Bonnie Kaplan and the use of micronutrients for mental health.

    The body can heal itself with the right tools. And the most important tool is nutrition.
    You are too young to be suffering from depression all of these years.

    Hormone regards,


  404. I was on depo from April 2010(first shot) -june 2013(due for last shot) and I’ve been diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome In December of 2013 bc I was bleeding excessively and having cramps so bad I couldn’t walk or get out of bed alone. It got better but I don’t know if I’ve started circulating at all and I’m having almost every symptom of pregnancy my periods are almost regular I had a 7 day period next to last week of March 2015 And didn’t have one at all in April and started from May 1-4. I had a 39 day cycle in between I don’t know what to do I took 2 good pregnancy tests and both negative

  405. Hi,
    I have been on the shot since December 2014(almost six months) and I’m experiencing symptoms I didn’t experience before. My first shot made me feel nauseous, get chest pains, I was spotting for the entire three months and I had headaches. After my second shot I felt pretty normal (although I’ve been feeling deppresed the entire time since December), I stopped spotting, no more chest pains , headaches were less. BUT two weeks ago I got really nauseous for an entire week, ive been bloated since two weeks ago, really really exhausted, my breasts are huge and they hurt like crazy, been having weird pains on my lower abdominal sides and mood swings. I took 3 urine preg tests about a week and a half ago and were negative. I’m due for my next shot on June 1 but I’m not going anymore. Could I still be pregnant? I’m 22 years old, and I’ve experienced a pregnancy before when I was 18 which ended on abortion… Just throwing information that can be related to it. Thank you!

  406. Hi, 2 yrs ago I lost 54 pounds on my own, I was on
    Depo, felt great! Then I was having problems with my
    Thyroid. My dr put me on levothyroxine. Great! Lost another 5 pounds!
    Then I started gaining quickly and my obgyn took me off depo.
    8 months ago was my last shot. 4 months ago I got my period. Now I get my period every month , it’s wacky but I get it. I am 40 years old I’ve been on the shot 7 yrs. I’m just wondering when the bloating will go down? My obgyn says once my body adjusts weight will go down. I really hope so!!! I worked so hard to get it off!!!! I feel like I’m pregnant and I feel like I waddle!! It’s awful!!!! My dr told me it’s a hormone in balance. Can this be true?

  407. Hi Christine – thanks for reaching out. I was at a conference last week – which is the reason for my tardy response. Yes, your doctor appears to be right. The bloating may be due to hormone imbalance. Am glad you are menstruating every month – not sure what you mean by ‘whacky’ though. Can you please explain? The feeling of pregnancy and waddling may be due to too much estrogen. Of course, your doctor has ruled out all other issues including ovarian cancer – right? You are also in peri-menopause so that may also be contributing to what you describe as ‘whacky’ periods.

    Have you looked into iodine for your thyroid? That is probably the root cause of the issue. You can find out more information here. Truehope is a trusted company with many published studies on their supplemental products. Your thyroid issues affect your metabolism – which will affect your weight. You might want to call them and see how the iodine will work with the medication.

    Dr. David Brownstein has written excellent books on the need for iodine for thyroid health.

    Keep us posted.

    Hormone regards,


    I would suggest getting on a strong nutritional supplement to replace the nutrients lost when on Depo. Also try natural progesterone cream for a month or so. You can get this at your health food store. Even though you are menstruating – which means you are ovulating, the ratio between estrogen and progesterone may be off.
    Adding additional progesterone for a month or so may decrease the bloating and the pregnancy feeling.

  408. Hi, Ruby – chances are you are not pregnant – you are estrogen dominant because the Depo shot has suppressed your production on progesterone with the synthetic progestin in the injection. Your body does not recognize progestin – and therefore estrogen becomes the dominant hormone. This will cause the bloating and pregnancy feelings and the dive into depression.

    You are experiencing side effects from this drug. And you may want to consider speaking with your doctor about finding an alternative method. Depo, was designed for older women – and only used on a short-term basis – and only if all other forms of birth control have been ruled out for use in your body. 22 is a very young age to be on this drug when your endocrine rhythm is just developing its own cycle.

    Suppression of hormones, leads to health consequences down the road – and I suggest you find a non-hormone contraception for use.

    You may want to try natural progesterone cream to increase your levels when you come off the Depo. That should help you until your body gets back to normal.

    Hormone regards,


  409. Hello Faith – your story is so similar to every other woman’s story on Depo.
    PCOS is estrogen dominance (were you also vaccinated with Gardasil…). the pregnancy feelings are due to an excess amount of this hormone. Depo suppresses the production of progesterone in your body. Consider getting natural progesterone cream to stimulate production of this vital hormone. The low levels are why you are not having normal periods. You do not have enough progesterone to stimulate ovulation.

    Please let us know how you are doing….

    And one other note. When you come off of any synthetic hormone – you need to use a back up method of birth control. You do not know when you are going to ovulate until you start having regular cycles. And it does not appear that is happening for you yet.

    Hormone regards,


  410. Brittany says:

    I just got off the shot a little over a month ago and ive had un protected sex and now im having symptoms of being pregnant. While on shot i had no bad side affects. I would like to know if this is normal?

  411. Hi Brittany – Yes, the pregnancy symptoms are normal if you are coming off Depo. However, the waters are muddied since you are having unprotected sex.

    The most important thing every woman needs to know coming off ANY synthetic hormone is that you do NOT KNOW WHEN YOU ARE GOING TO OVULATE. It could be tomorrow – or it could be in 6 months or longer or any time in between. If you do not want to be pregnant you have to use another form of birth control until you start cycling regularly. PERIOD.

    You should probably have a pregnancy test to rule that out. If it does not come back as positive then try some natural progesterone cream to stimulate your production of progesterone.

    Hope this helps.

    Hormone regards,


  412. I got my first injection in nov 2014, was due for my second shot in feb didn’t get it! After a month of being on the shot my left foot starting aching and burning I could tolerate it but still it was hurting! My shoulders and neck have become stiff since coming off the depo shot and my foot pain has gotten worse I’ve been to several docs and had several tests done everything came back negative the pain is starting to be unbearable! I’m so fed up, I’m on my feet at least 13 hrs a day at work! All the doctors do is put me on anti inflammatory medicine which does not help! How long does the side effects last?

  413. A confused female says:

    Hi it’s me again. And this shot has ruined/ended my relationship because I’m starting to get upset for stuff that I wouldn’t normally have gotten upset over befor. I talked to the doctor who gave me the shot and he is RETIRING next week. I keep asking them how come they didn’t tell me these side effects and they keep u saying it was my responsibility to look up the side effects and not there’s. I really wanted to be exempt from the $75 co pay because it’s just not fair. I don’t want to keep spending money on drugs. I did take your advice about the yam thing but it wasn’t for vaginal use. So now it is been 2 months and I am still bleeding and I wish this would just be all over. Is there anything I can take just to stop the bleeding. I know my health is important but I really want the bleeding to stop. It’s so exhausting and I’m damn near crying just typing this. I went to a natural doctor and she gave me all the supplement to help the bleeding but nothing has changed. I’m supposed to be due for another shot next month but of course I’m not going. Could I have a blood clot? Is that a reason why I’m still bleeding. ?

  414. Hi, Misty – I have not heard of this side effect before. Have you seen an endocrinologist? Something is going on with your hormones… or the Depo shot triggered something else in your body. I cannot imagine how painful this is with having to be on your feet all day.

    Anyone else on this thread experience something similar to what Misty is going through?
    Would love to hear your thoughts.

    Hormone regards,


  415. Confused Female. No, you do not put progesterone cream in your vagina. That is not going to stop the bleeding. You apply as directed. The Depo suppressed your natural progesterone production and this might stimulate it and help with the bleeding. It is not an overnight fix. I do not know if you might have a blood clot. Only your doctor an determine that. Did you get the bioflavonoids? All of this takes time. But you have to do it. Glad you are not going in for another shot. This is not the birth control method for you.

    Make sure you take those supplements – you need as many nutrients as possible right now.

    I cannot believe your doctor is retiring and you are suffering. And the copay is ridiculous.
    I feel so very bad for you.

    Hormone regards,


  416. Hi

    My name is Brittany and I am 22 years old. I found this site while doing a google search and I was hoping you could help me figure out what is going on.

    I took Depo Provera twice in 2008. Prior to taking this drug I was at a healthy 155 pounds. I was only fifteen when I received this drug. I got the shot in June and September of that year. My doctor never told me it would cause weight gain, nor did she advise me to diet and exercise while using this drug. The first time I got the shot, I probably only gained about 10 pounds or so which I guess was fine. I believe the problem was with the second shot. In a matter of 4 months, (between the time I got the first shot and the time I got the second) I gained about 65 pounds. When I went off Depo Provera, I think I was about 220 at the time. Needless to say seven years later, I am still unsuccessful in my weight loss efforts. I still haven’t lost the weight I gained and it bothers me because I know it wasn’t entirely my fault I gained it in the first place. I feel depressed about my weight and I feel like I will never be a normal weight again. I have tried everything, dieting, exercising, certain diet tips, nothing works. I also believe it messed up my menstrual cycles. Seeing that I was only fifteen when I started taking this drug, my cycles weren’t yet regulated because I had only started getting my period a year earlier. My cycles are often irregular and sometimes I have gone months without a period (while not being pregnant.) Doctors claim I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, but excuse my language I believe that diagnosis is a crock of shit. I have no history of cysts on my ovaries. Hell, I’ve even seen a picture of them from when I had my appendix removed (doctor got a shot of my ovaries for some reason) and they look normal to me.

    My question is pretty simple. What happened to my body? Why can’t I get the weight off? Is there some sort of permanent hormonal imbalance because I was so young when I was put on this shot? Would that even be possible because of how long ago it was? The only time I’ve lost weight is 20 pounds, and that’s it. I need to lose more than that. I am completely miserable and I just want my old self back. It’s been so long I forget what it’s like to be a normal weight.

    ETA: My thyroid was boderline for having hypothyroidism (it runs in my family) and after the shot I ended up getting it. Could the shot have caused that? Also, I have had no problems with my fertility at all. just that my cycles are pretty off sometimes.

    Thanks in advance. Any insight is greatly appreciated. I just want to know what is wrong with me and what I can do to fix it.

  417. Hi, Brittany – it appears that the Depo did a number on your body….what doctors do not explain that this type of birth control is not for everyone… And 15 is too young to be on Depo. Your neuro-endocrine-immune system is still forming. Depo was actually made for older women and only for short term use – AND IF every other method of birth control was ruled out.
    It is very possible you may have some form of PCOS which is an estrogen – dominant condition. And Depo suppresses your progesterone… which is such a crucial hormone for regular menstrual cycles, ovulation, to prevent heavy menstrual bleeding, and miscarriage. It also affects our mind, moods, and behaviors…

    My suggestion is to seek out a consultation with an endocrinologist. Docs do not understand hormones… endo do. My fav endo is Dr. Margarita Ochoa-Maya. She offers tele-consults.

    I have interviewed her on my radio show many times…

    I just interviewed Dr. Joni Labbe with the Labbe Health Centers in CA – she also offers tele-consults… Dr. Labbe will tell you anything you need to know about thyroid…

    Nutrition is crucial as well. When the body does not get the nutrients it requires to function optimally – it will store empty calories away for a rainy day… What does that mean? You are gaining and keeping on weight because the body is afraid it will starve to death. And if we do not get adequate nutrition – that is exactly what happens. This is in addition to hormone imbalance.

    I work with a company who is offering a nutritional weight loss supplement. Have heard rave things about it… maybe you might want to give it a try?
    It is called Boost Focus Fuel

    The proprietary blend of plant-based extracts helps to boost your metabolism, sharpen your focus and fuel your energy to new heights. The natural extracts help you stay on track as you make healthy lifestyle choices.

    Simply take one capsule in the morning to get your metabolism moving, curb cravings, and feel energized. Up to two capsules a day may be consumed depending on body weight and weight management goals.

    Hormone regards,


  418. It’s brittany again. Thanks for answering my question. I didn’t really have a choice in the matter on whether I went on the shot or not, my mom put me on it after she found out I was sexually active (I used a condom the first time, so obviously I wasn’t stupid) because she was so paranoid that I would get pregnant at a young age. Well thanks to her and my doctors (who should have not given me this drug to begin with) my body is ruined because she failed to research the drug properly. I also need to add that I was taking the anti depressant Abilify at the time while I was receiving these shots. Which may have caused some of the weight gain, but I fully believe it was the Depo that made me gain as much as I did, not the Abilify. I still don’t believe the PCOS diagnosis, most women who have it usually have difficulty getting pregnant, which I did not. (I have a 14 month old) And I do get my period about once a month, just not the same time every month. The pill has helped me tremendously in regulating things. I just don’t believe the PCOS thing, I think it might be another illness that causes me not to lose weight and I developed it after the Depo. I know some women have had successfully gotten cash settlements from lawsuits regarding bone issues, but I don’t think I could get it for my case considering the amount of time it’s been. Like I said, I had no changes to my diet, I ate whatever I wanted, but when I put the weight on it was extremely rapid. It wasn’t just due to me sitting around and eating junk all day, it’s because I had steroids injected into me. (Depo is an anabolic steroid, I don’t care if people say it isn’t because it is) I wish I could get a cash settlement from this, because it is considered malpractice and I would just go and buy my body back, not even kidding at this point. But I guess I’m meant to be fat forever. No matter what I do I can’t lose weight. Guess I just have to accept it. Thanks for the input though, it is appreciated.

  419. Hi,
    I’m so glad I found your website because I need help. I got my first Depo shot in June and I had a terrible reaction to it. I already have a bad thyroid, so I think the extra hormones were a tipping point for my body. I started out having only sore breasts, then I noticed anxiety, then I spiraled into a suicidal depression. This month I’m due for my next shot and I’m noticing some strange symptoms like my hips hurting and really bad cramping and back pain. I can’t be pregnant but I am so afraid because I’m only seventeen and I hate that I’m having such a bad time with the shot.

  420. Hi, Gabbie – I am so glad you reached out. It does not sound like Depo Provera is the birth control method of choice for you. Side effects to these types of contraceptives is real. Depo stifles natural progesterone in your body… and you then have the estrogen/progesterone ratio out of whack. Too much estrogen. That is the reason for sore breasts – also the anxiety and depression. This is all due to progesterone suppression. I recommend talking to your doctor about this before getting another shot.

    Here is a list of contraindications for women who should not be on Depo. Not sure if this applies to you.

    And here are a list of side effects Not pretty. I just interviewed Dr. Jerilynn Prior – an endocrinologist from Canada. She believes that women need to have regular menstrual cycles – and they need to have adequate amounts of progesterone to prevent osteoporosis as the age.

    I am glad you have found my blog.

    The following – irritates the hell out of me

    DMPA is a good contraceptive option for the following groups of women:

    Women who do not want to take a contraceptive pill daily
    Women who have a contraindication to, or wish to avoid, an estrogen-containing contraceptive
    Women who would like to eliminate regular menses
    Adolescents who may not consistently remember to use types of contraception that require frequent administration
    Institutionalized adolescents and women who have difficulty using other forms of contraception
    Wheelchair-bound adolescents and women

    Institutionalized women get raped. I know that is harsh… but I know it to be true. I spoke with a man who ran an institution and he shared with me what is going on when vulnerable women go on Depo. It is also a form of menstrual management, of course.

    And you need to be concerned with this push for these types of contraceptives on girls. Your endocrine/reproductive system has not even evolved. No one knows the long terms health effects for Depo use in adolescents/teens or for women in general for that matter. Do a search for Depo on my site and you will see that I have posted many articles on Depo.

    Oh and let me share one other thing. Depo is used a castration tool for male sex offenders in prison.

    Please, please keep asking questions.

    Hormone regards,


  421. I was on the Depo shot for 3 years. My last shot was in march and I got my period August 26th..and I’m still bleeding. And it isn’t light. I change a tampon like every hour! It’s driving me crazy.

  422. Hi Amber… you are progesterone deficient. You are right – you should not be bleeding… it is more like hemorrhaging. Get some natural progesterone cream at the health food store. Apply as directed. Should help immensely.

    Depo suppresses your natural progesterone production. It needs to be stimulated again.

    Hormone regards,


  423. Hi I am just wondering been off my shot since November last shot was in October been having a normal period since March just wondering how long would it take for me to get pregnant again?

  424. Shanell W says:

    Ladies Be cautious, I only was on depo for a few months ..I’m nearly a year off and I’ve been having headaches and migraines ever since my third shot. I have them at least 5 days out of the week , every week …all the time … please do NOT get this shot

  425. Thank you for posting Shanell. What are you doing for your headaches… every day every week is too much. It appears you may be experiencing estrogen dominance. The Depo suppressed your production of Depo. In addition processed foods – most of the foods we consume these days stimulate histamine which in turn stimulates estrogen and this becomes a vicious cycle. Although, this article talks about histamine production and vaccine injury – the information on this amino acid is interesting to read. There is also a list of high histamine foods and they symptoms these foods cause. One is migraines.

    I would also suggest that you consider using natural progesterone cream for a short period of time to boost your progesterone production to offset the estrogen. Avoid plastics at all costs – they are adding to your BPA burden.

    And thanks for warning other women.

    Hormone regards,


  426. I took my last depo shot in may,it’s October now, I’ve decided to start using the pill. Does me switching push the deposit out quicker considering I have a period an it’s somewhat normal, I have just had my first cycle on the pill it was very light but heavy heavy cramps!!! Help please me an my bf are wanting to try for child number 3 for me but 6 for us! Lol any answers would be helpful

  427. Hi, Erica – I guess my first question is what kind of BCP are you on? If you are experiencing heavy cramping – my guess is that it is an estrogen – pill. The Depo suppressed progesterone. I would suggest getting natural progesterone cream and try that for a month or so to help your body make the transition.

    Hormone blessings,


  428. Ive been using Depo for over 11yrs only having breaks inbetween for 2 pregnancies after forgetting shots..
    My last shot was April this year and having missed shots in past and having no ill effects i made decision to give my body a break cause no period for this time period cant be healthy..worst thing ever..i feel like crap cant eat,sleep properly and feel overall unwell almost like pregnancy…nobody told me this was a possibility.
    Very perturbed as to how its allowed to be so freely prescribed especially to young girls..
    Ive put on weight,exercise is near impossible cause of pains in chest and legs..Im only 37 if this iscwhat menopause is like..God help moods are all over the kids have called me ‘mummy monster’

  429. I have used depo for over 11yrs with the exception of 2 pregnancies after forgetting to get shots last shot was in April this in October ive only just gotten first spotting..but its the other side effects that are worrying..I have no appetite,my body aches and now having read other posts i realize im not alone…ive put weight on whilst on depo and exercising causes chest pains and lower back pain..unfortunatly i didnt know id need to boost my nutrients and now am feeling nauseated constantly and completly exhausted..any tips on combating this now..??

  430. Hello Peta you are not alone and how said is that? So many women are suffering.
    I would try some natural progesterone cream and to offset many of your symptoms.
    I just interviewed Dr. Michael Platt who wrote “Adrenal Dominance” and he recommends a higher dose progesterone cream (5% vs 2.5% currently on the market)

    Please listen to his interview. He explains why natural progesterone is so important – the link to the archive is here:

    And yes nutrition. What they do not tell you is that your body can heal given the right tools – I carry a great supplement on my blog – EMPowerplus Q96.

    Depo suppresses your production of natural progesterone – and now that the shot is wearing off – the ratio between estrogen and progesterone is way off. Using Dr. Platt’s cream – or a cream that you can purchase in a health food store will stimulate your progesterone production and give you an immediate boost.

    Stay in touch and let us know how you are feeling.

    Hormone regards,


  431. Don’t be a ‘mummy monster’… I really think that the natural progesterone cream will help.
    And since now I know you have kids, I definitely recommend good nutritional support. Every pregnancy a woman goes through depletes vital micronutrients from her body. If they are not replaced – we are left only with what is in our nutritional reserves – and in this day and age with the lack of nutrients in our food it is not much.

    Hormone regards,


  432. Hi I did write on the post but had no response I’m just wondering I’ve been off my depo injection 12 months and wanted to know how long it would take me to get pregnant? Am I ovulating properly now?

  433. Hi Tammy -sorry I missed your question… the real question is how long were you on Depo? According to the CDC it can take up to 18 months before a woman’s fertility returns. Are you menstruating on a regular basis? Are you taking your temperature? Does you cervical mucus change during your cycle. If you can answer these questions then you will know if you are ovulating.
    Come back to me with your response after you research some of these topics and I will help guide you. There are so many factors at play here – diet, nutrition, and lifestyle are big ones.

    Hormone regards,


  434. I’ve just spent the last 20 minutes reading some of these comments and I am absolutely floored…. I started depo in May of 2014 and was due for my my recent shot just this past week. When I first started it, I was in love with the lack of periods and the relief of not having to worry about my incredibly painful cramps. However, as I noticed my mood swings got worse and worse to the point I cannot stand it. Because of this, I haven’t gone in to receive my shot. What’s startling is that, since then, I have experienced many of the same symptoms other women cite here! I’ve had horrible stomach pain, bloating, gas, and even a decrease in appetite. I’ve tried to stay hydrated and eat fiber rich foods but it seems like nothing is helping. I’m hoping I find relief from these effects soon. I feel like I’ve gained 5 lbs just going off the shot despite having never experienced weight gain while on it. It’s crazy to see that this has happened to so many people, yet my OBGYN never mentioned these issues…..

  435. Hi Kiki – Thanks for reaching out. It is amazing that so many women experience the same adverse reactions from the Depo injection. Depo suppresses estrogen and replaces it with a synthetic progestin that wreaks havoc on the body. It causes the delicate ratio between estrogen and progesterone (what your body produces) to go off kilter. And what you are feeling may be the result of estrogen dominance.

    I will suggest to you what I have suggested to others and that is trying a natural progesterone cream to stimulate your progesterone production. You can get this at a health food store. I also highly recommend Dr. Michael Platt’s cream. I interviewed him on my radio show (here). You can find out more about his cream – with a higher level of progesterone than regular creams at this link

    We have to understand these are adverse reactions to the Depo. It’s use is only recommended for older women and when all other birth control methods have been ruled out.

    Stay in touch.

    Hormone regards,


  436. I’ve been on depo since my late 20’s and I’m 31 now. I got off depo and started using the pill but stopped and I got pregnant with my first child. My hormones were crazy. I craved sex a lot and I was into it with my boyfriend. I got back onto depo after having my kid. Now my hormones are different. Its hard getting into the mood for sex. My boyfriend says I make up every excuse to not have it. I enjoy sex with him but my body seems tired. I tell my self I’m just stressed out alot but it seems its something else. Can the depo affect the sex drive for women? I thought something messed with my body after I gave birth to my child.

  437. Liz Anderson says:

    I am almost 8 months off depo provera. To say I have been living a nightmare is an understatement. All the physical side effects mentioned in the comments I am experiencing so I won’t repeat them. I would like to stress the psychiatric side effects. Depression, Anxiety, and more recently OCD which has me withdrawing from life. The doctor and psychiatrist both said the problem is not the depo itself, but COMING OFF IT. Well great, thanks. Could have mentioned that before… I want my life back.

  438. Thank you for sharing Liz. Yeah – what happened to informed consent? What you are experiencing is the withdrawal from Depo – AND A LACK OF PROGESTERONE. PERIOD.
    Try some natural progesterone cream from the health food store to stimulate progesterone production. Also you need micronutrients. All synthetic hormones deplete vital nutrients from the body. I might add that these are the same micronutrients needed to prevent cervical cancer. And here the pill and other synthetic hormones are taking them out of the body. And then we have to have a vaccine… which is causing autoimmune issues.

    Throw in a pregnancy or two and most women and undernourished PERIOD. This is why rates of postpartum depression aka postpartum psychosis and maternal mental illness are increasing. Same is true for skyrocketing rates of women struggling with hormone birth control.

    Hormone regards,


  439. Hi Eve, – yes, the Depo will play a role… it suppresses your body’s production of progesterone – which is a “feel-good” hormone. Your body is different post-pregnancy than pre-pregnancy. So to assume that a drug that worked well prior to becoming pregnant will work again… does not make sense. When you were pregnant your body produced a huge amount of progesterone to prevent miscarriage and to protect the fetus. When the pregnancy was over your levels went back to normal or even lower. Add in the Depo – and you have no natural progesterone at all. Zip, nadda, none, zilch.

    Every woman reading this – knows you are not making excuses…. but here is the deal. I think we still must imagine that baby’s are delivered by a stork (old cartoon – ok dating myself). But seriously…. how was your baby formed? From all of the micronutrients in your body: amino acids, minerals, vitamins, enzymes – all the fuel our bodies need to function. Mother Nature has a wonderful balance and check on this…. the developing fetus takes what it needs from our sadly depleted nutritional reserves – since most women are going into pregnancy nutritionally depleted because of the lack of nutrient rich foods in our diet. Pregnancy is over – and we are left with whatever. If those micronutrients are not replaced… then we slide down the rabbit hole – and become tired and stressed and do not want sex. BTW – Depo and all over synthetic hormones deplete vital nutrients as well.

    I have the Q 96 on my site that I highly recommend. Bottom line replace your nutritional reserves so that you can start enjoying life again. Especially sex.
    Hormone regards,


  440. This site makes me feel somewhat better. My only issue is since I got off the deposit I have had irregular bleeding like II have any where from three to four periods a month lasting three to four days at a time and its heavy bleeding along with horrific cramps. Idk what to do its effect my life and I am so tierd of feeling sick and in pain and I hate wondering if I’m gonna start bleeding again tomorrow or the day after and if its gonna hurt as bad as the last time or not. Idk what to do I tried talking to my ob but they say it’s normal and goes away… But when will it and I was only on the deposit for a year bleed the whole time 12 months stright. It’s been a year since I have been off it as well and it only seems to get worse. Any advice?

  441. Hi Crystal – there are many comments here about Depo. You are not alone. I will recommend to you what I recommend to everyone else. Try the natural progesterone cream for a health food store. Your natural production of progesterone has been suppressed and this will help stimulate your production and should also help with the bleeding. Depending on your health status and your hormone health, it can take up to 18 months for normal periods to resume. The progesterone will help a lot.

    Stay in touch.
    Hormone regards,


  442. anna-marie medina says:

    I have been on birth control for approximately 3-4 years. My current age is 19 and my due date for my next depo shot was november 27. My medicaid changed and has not got fixed yet so i was unable to continue the shot. And i decided that maybe it was just my time to get off of it. I’m worried about what will happen next. I have lots of questions. About when will spotting occur? When will my period be back? Will i experience weight loss since on the shot i kinda gained weight? I’ve always had random pains when on the shot. Will these continue when off the shot? Is there anything you recommend me to take? What should i expect?

  443. Madyibi Sinazo says:

    Hi my name is Sinazo I have this problem. The thing is I started using Depo injection that last 3month. So now I have a week since I used it so I started having body itching and developed some red itchi red pimple more like a ringworm .now what hurts the most is that my brain hurts at the top its like there’s something pumping and hurts right now my eyes hurt too it feels hot inside my brain. I’m scared because I never experience anything like this before .what can I do now should I be worried my brain realy hurts

  444. Danielle Ferguson says:

    I’m 30 and i’m getting the birth control shot right now my mom had me get on it one of the most side effects that i’m experiencing is hot flashes so bad that I’m having trouble sleeping is there a over the counter med that can help me with it?

  445. Hi, Anna – I think if you read through the comments you will find the answers your are looking for. Everyone woman is different – so it is hard to say how your body will react to Depo withdrawal. That being said – if you are struggling try wild yam natural progesterone cream from the health food store. Short-term use to stimulate your production of progesterone which the Depo suppressed with the synthetic progesterone. You were way too young to go on such a harsh form of birth control. Glad you are coming off. However, since you do not know when ovulation will take place – always make sure you are using condoms when you are having sex. What type of BC are you thinking of going on again?

    Hormone regards,


  446. Hot flashes spells hormone imbalance. I would consider this a side effect and not get another shot. Then I would suggest getting natural progesterone cream from the health food store and/or go and seen and endocrinologist for your hot flashes.

    Hormone regards,


  447. Hi, Madyibi – yes you should be concerned and see your doctor. Where are you emailing from – meaning what country?

    Hormone regards,

  448. Hi there. I wrote in … a couple of years ago now? Hmm.. maybe more. Just wanted to pop in from “the other side”, as it were. Brief rundown- was on depo for 10yrs, (hbc for 10yrs before that) when I got off.. holy ****. My symptom list was super long.. and I had my period for six months straight. It was beyond a nightmare- physically, emotionally, psychologically. I never thought it would end or that I would get better or even normalize. But here I am.. with a more normal period than I have ever had in my life.. it’s like clockwork.. down to the hour.. and short (though I attribute this to a very clean – nonprocessed – diet). Everything straightened out.. physically, emotionally and thankfully psychologically. I can’t speak to fertility.. never wanted kids.. but wanted to let others know there really is a light on the other side.. have faith and keep going. Clean out your system.. it will thank you for it.

  449. And I thank you for this great comment Nicole. Appreciate your coming back and sharing and letting us know there is light at then end of the tunnel. So agree with adopting a very clean non-processed – organic when possible diet. Your body will thank you for it and you will be adding years to your life – and by that I mean quality years.

    All of these synthetics and toxins add up in your body – deplete nutrients and make you sick. Period.

    It ain’t rocket science. It is common sense. Women’s wisdom. And our entire economy is being driven by the pharmaceutical companies who are banking on our getting some sort of made up syndrome – at least one new one a week. the most recent is Danny Glover on stage saying that if you laugh or cry too much you have some sort of diagnosable illness with a new acronym – and you need the latest new drug on the market. It is time to take our health back period.

    Hormone blessings, Nicole


  450. I have been using depovera for almost two years I a have gained so much weight and I stopped using it what do I do to go back to my normal weight

  451. Hi Mercy – I would see an endocrinologist. It sounds like you have excess estrogen since your production of progesterone was suppressed while you were on Depo. I would also try and eliminate all products in your household containing xenoestrogens – estrogen mimickers. Plastic, dryer sheets, shampoos, perfumes, make up, household solvents – you will need to read the labels on all of these.

    Something much simpler to do is to try natural progesterone cream for a month or so – to stimulate progesterone production to offset the estrogen dominance.

    Let me know if I can answer any more questions.

    Hormone regards,


  452. hannahrosexox says:

    Hi all. I was due my last injection on the 18/12/15, on the 23/12/15 my appetite slowly went downhill and then I started to experience nausea, headaches, mild cramping then on 29/12/15 I started to spot, not as bad to use anything only when wiping. From then onwards I have bled every single day, some days it is more than others and it even varies during the day. I am absolutely sick. I came off the injection because I have became very depressed. I have gained 34lbs since july and I have terrible headaches, I did however go on the injection 3 days before I was due my period which consequently never came. It is a wonder that maybe this is the period that never came because nothing triggered it off. Never the less on Monday I went into the walk in centre with terrible cramping, I thought I was having a miscarriage, I explained to the doctor that I did not go for my next injection and he brushed it off saying there is no such thing as withdrawl symptoms, which is funny because these symptoms have only came around since I stopped using it!! He had to look in a book about the Depo Provera which didn’t give me much hope. He has booked me in for a ultrasound scan because he thinks something isn’t right which has scared me 🙁 I really think it is depo related but it is playing hell with my anxiety I’m now convinced I have a gynocological cancer!!!! Please help!

  453. I am 46. I have had only two shots. I want to stop due to I’ve been bleeding for 3 1/2 weeks straight after first shot, and now going on 7 weeks with my second shot…. I don’t think the bleeding will stop. If I decide NOT to continue with the third shot, what do you think my chances are of the bleeding stopping soon???? I hate my life! My poor husband!

  454. hi. i started my depo last feb 2015. this january 4 2016 is my sched for my shot but i decided not to continue but i dont want to get pregnant bcoz my baby is only one year old las november. when can we have sex without getting pregnant ? we choose to use withrawal but still im afraid. thanks. we dont have sex since january 4.

  455. Hi, Hannah – I am so glad you have reached out. First of all – do not be frightened that you have gynecological cancer. Albeit – it is a very frightening thought – and I understand that – if you read through other posts about women’s experiences coming off of Depo – all of your symptoms… weight gain, feeling of pregnancy, miscarriage – cramping, anxiety and headaches – all smack of ESTROGEN DOMINANCE. I feel like a broken record – but I will repeat myself until everyone knows what Depo does. It suppresses progesterone – the hormone needed to offset bad cramps, constant bleeding, headaches, weight gain heavy cramping. Estrogen and progesterone need to be in ratio with each other to function. Just like the daytime is in ratio with nighttime – especially at the equinox. As above – so below. Our life is all about ratios.

    We have all been exposed to too much estrogen – through birth control (including our mother’s and grandmother’s use of birth control), in water, meats etc. Xenoestrogens – estrogen mimickers are found in plastic (plastic water bottles are dangerous – period) microwaving in plastic, dryer sheets, perfumes and body sprays, shamppos, suns screen – Monsanto’s Roundup (week killer) – plastic Tupperware and plastic utensils. Have I missed anything?

    To put women on Depo when their estrogen is skyrocketing and their progesterone is so low… is wrong – PERIOD. You need progesterone to maintain the uterine lining – to offset weight gain, headaches, cramping and miscarriages.

    Please come back to me with the results of the test before you agree to anything.
    I am going to suggest that you get some natural wild yam cream with progesterone at the health food store and start using that immediately to stimulate progesterone production. Whatever you do – do not have unprotected sex at this time. You never know when you will ovulate again.

    And – we need to seek out endocrinologists who are trained in hormonology to help with hormone imbalance issues. Even after DEpo. Doctors and gynecologists are not trained in this science and therefore resort to tests and medications.

    Hormone blessings,


  456. Hi, Alicia – you are the second woman I am responding to today about Depo. And there is one more comment besides yours that I need to respond to. Yes, your poor husband – he is dealing with a woman who is estrogen dominant – in perimenopause and on a drug that she should not have been prescribed. By the time we reach out forties – going into perimenopause out hormone levels are dropping. Depo has shut down progesterone completely and substituted it with a synthetic hormone. Also by this time of our age – we are all nutritionally depleted. And unless we are on a good micronutrient regime – we struggle with just about everything – including medications.

    You are not bleeding you are hemorrhaging. There is a big difference. This is due to the lack progesterone which is necessary to maintain the uterine lining to prevent excessive bleeding and to prevent miscarriages.

    You are also experiencing a side effect – adverse reaction – if you hate your life – and your husband is miserable – why would you consider staying on the shot?
    I am suggesting what you already intuitively know and that is to opt out of the third shot.

    Do not have unprotected sex until you are menstruating and ovulating regularly.
    Get some natural progesterone cream from the health food store and apply that regularly to stimulate progesterone production to stop the bleeding and your anxiety.
    You may also consider getting a Bioflavnoid supplement. Bioflavnoids are a micronutrient and they strengthen uterine capillaries (and all other blood vessels etc.) which weaken with pregnancy and age (mostly because we are nutrient deficient.) You can get this as a stand alone supplement or combined with vitamin C.

    Hormone regards,


  457. Hi, Tonie – Thanks for reaching out. You should be very afraid using the withdrawal method – it is nothing more than a crap shoot. Use condoms and spermicide and then there is always the over-the-counter morning after pill if the condom breaks – which is rare.

    You can never have sex without risking pregnancy – unless you understand your menstrual cycle. There are plenty of apps available for charting these days and it is a good way to get to know your body. Depo – just like any other synthetic birth control is tricky. You may ovulate today – or you may ovulate for the first time in 18 months – which is what the government says it takes some women to ovulate normally again. Or you may ovulate anytime in between.

    And since you have just come off Depo – you want to wait for 6 months to a year if not longer to get all of those chemicals out of your body before you think of conceiving.

    Hope this helps.

    Hormone regards,


  458. Hi,

    I was wondering if you could help me.
    In 2015 I fell pregnant at the totally wrong time of my life, me and my partner of 3 years were in a difficult situation and the best thing to do was have an abortion unfortunately.
    On 11th May I had an abortion on the same day they gave me the depo injection. I was suppose to have my next shot on the 4th of Aug. I didn’t go as the depo wasn’t agreeing with me causing me to feel very down and the abortion didn’t help with this plus weight gain, hair loss, and just generally not feeling normal.
    Around Christmas time my boobs have started to itch and hurt and still do now in January, I also have had a dull ache period pain with the odd sharp pain for over a week now but no period just when I have a wee, there is a tiny amount of fresh bright blood. The pain is starting to get on my nerves it feels like it is always there. This is coming into the second week of it happening everyday and im starting to worry, is this normal is there anything I can do to help it, I don’t take painkillers for it, id rather not I just want to feel normal again.

    Hope you can give me some advise x

  459. Britt Moren says:

    I had my first and what will be my only shot nov 12 of 2015. I have bled EVERYDAY. And now that apparently it is leaving my body I have been extremely nauseous, hot flashes and chills, stomach pain, nightmares, and headaches to the point I was wondering if I could be pregnant but the home test was negative….never again…how long will this last!?

  460. hannahrosexox says:

    Hi Leslie, thank you for getting back to me. In the last few days the bleeding has slowed down a lot and is showing signs of stopping however, last night me and partner had some intimate time and I O’d during foreplay, I then started bleeding again!! I got upset and panicked but done my research, do you think the bleeding after an orgasm is just my uterus contracting and expelling the left over uterine lining that’s built up over time from the Injection and obviously I’m lacking the hormone needed to keep my lining there??
    I still haven’t got an appointment for a scan just waiting for that but I’m so sick of the issues from coming off the depo I’m literally tempted to go back on it to get some rest from the symptoms, it’s draining :'(

  461. Hi, Hannah – I am not sure what the bleeding is after orgasm… however, it certainly may be due to the Depo withdrawal and the lack of progesterone in the body. Understand your being sick of these issue….totally. However, if you went on Depo again – and came of for any reason – you would have to go through the withdrawal again. Please tell me that you are having protected sex. Did you get the wild yam progesterone cream? I did send you the link to Dr. Platt’s site for the natural progesterone cream – right?

    And good for you for getting over your panic and doing the research. I think that is the most important lesson for all of us – as we struggle through the Depo and other medication issues. We need to research first so – we can make a decision based on informed consent.

    Hormone regards,


  462. Hi, Britt – horrible side effects – experienced by so many women. As I have mentioned to so many – it is the suppression of natural progesterone in your body by the Depo – that is causing an excess ratio of estrogen. Combine that with all of the xenoestrogens and estrogen mimickers in our body from: shampoos, perfumes, sun screen, laundry dryer sheets, plastic – DO NOT MICROWAVE IN PLASTIC – plastic storage containers and plastic water bottles – and of course household cleaning supplies. Lest I forget the estrogen in the drinking water – in canned foods – and glyphosate in Monsanto’s Roundup is a known endocrine disrupter.

    It is amazing to me that any doc is prescribing this drug – with the environmental exposures we have to estrogen already. And Depo was designed for older women – and only after any and all other methods of birth control were ruled out.

    Your side effects are due to the progesterone suppression. And they really should not last that long since you were only on this for 3 months… although it will take time to get it out of your body. What is crucial here is the amount of progesterone (level) you had prior to the injection. If you levels were low, it would make sense that the side effects would be more severe coming off.

    I always suggest that women go to the health food store and purchase the wild yam natural progesterone cream and use that daily for a couple of months to boost the body’s progesterone production and to get progesterone into your body ASAP.

    Please let me know if that was helpful to you.

    Hormone regards,


  463. OMG – Milly how can anyone put a woman on Depo or anything synthetic hormone right after an abortion and her body being whacked out. During pregnancy your levels of progesterone rise to 10’s times their normal level – and then the abortion is like a car running into the wall. One moment the pregnancy is on course – the next it is shut down. For some women it is a severe transition – others not. However to put you on Depo – WHICH SUPPRESSES PROGESTERONE is like free-falling of Mt. Everest. Your high progesterone levels – which were high – are not shut down – and estrogen as I will explain below – becomes the run away culprit.

    As I have mentioned to so many – it is the suppression of natural progesterone in your body by the Depo – that is causing an excess ratio of estrogen. Combine that with all of the xenoestrogens and estrogen mimickers in our body from: shampoos, perfumes, sun screen, laundry dryer sheets, plastic – DO NOT MICROWAVE IN PLASTIC – plastic storage containers and plastic water bottles – and of course household cleaning supplies. Lest I forget the estrogen in the drinking water – in canned foods – and glyphosate in Monsanto’s Roundup is a known endocrine disrupter.

    Your hair loss – common among women these days – is due to a lack of progesterone.

    It is amazing to me that any doc is prescribing this drug – with the environmental exposures we have to estrogen already. And Depo was designed for older women – and only after any and all other methods of birth control were ruled out.

    Your side effects are due to the progesterone suppression. And they really should not last that long since you were only on this for 3 months… although it will take time to get it out of your body. What is crucial here is the amount of progesterone (level) you had prior to the injection. If you levels were low, it would make sense that the side effects would be more severe coming off.

    I always suggest that women go to the health food store and purchase the wild yam natural progesterone cream and use that daily for a couple of months to boost the body’s progesterone production and to get progesterone into your body ASAP.

    I am thinking you may not be a good candidate for this type of birth control. However, if you choose not to get the next shot – make sure you use another method of birth control for pregnancy prevention. Because as with any hormone contraception – when you come off – you do not know when you will ovulate again. Could be tomorrow – and it could be in months.

    Hormone regards,


  464. So glad I’m not going crazy!! I’ve been on Depo for 17 yrs and decided not to get my shot in January 15th 2016. I noticed first the site breasts/nipples five days after not getting the shot. Around 5 more days later I had muscle and joint pain in knees, wrists, elbows,shoulders, good and neck.Then came the horrible migraines, excruciating lower back pain and debilitating stomach pain. I’m starting to get depression, anxiety and mood swings. Depo withdrawal is hell now looking into getting a bone density test. Wish I could wake up and this just be a bad dream!!

  465. I had the depo in 1992 in hospital after giving birth to my son I am now 42yrs old I was18 wen I had him still on depo 15yrs later still no period thencarried on depo another 4yrs came off it for 2yrs then went back on it for one yr then came off it for good I am 42yrs old and haven’t had a period since I was 17 I have osteoporosis to the spine wat else must I be suffering from

  466. Hello, I was in drop for 3 years and did not have a period the while time. The last shot I had was in July. I was suppose to go back in October but didn’t. In late November, Early December my right breast started to hurt when you pressed on it. The pain got worse as the month went on. I want and for an ultrasound on it but they said it was fine and there was no abnormalities. Then mid December my left breast started to hurt. And now they both hurt CONSTANTLY, it never goes a way. They hurt worse when pressed on. In the past week my nipples have gotten EXTREMELY sensitive! Like I can feel the tiniest touch. I am Moody and my sex drive has been so low. I still have not gotten my period or anything simular. My question is, are these symtoms part of getting off depo? Mainly are the breast symtoms I’m having a part of getting off depo? If not what could it be? Also how long is this breast pain and tenderness gonna last? Thank you!

  467. Hello, Cortney – I think that what your are experiencing is what so many other women experience coming of Depo and that is estrogen dominance. Depo suppresses your natural production of progesterone and when that happens, estrogen in combination with other estrogen mimickers in our environment – and there are many are out of ratio in the body and can cause what many call pregnancy symptoms. Breast and nipple tenderness falls into that category.

    My suggestion is that you hop over to the health food store and pick up a natural progesterone cream (wild yam) and apply that regularly. We have been told to apply it to the fatty tissues in our body – breast and abdomen – but according to Dr. Michael Platt – we should be applying the cream to less fatty areas like the back of our neck and forearms. In your case I would do both. Dr. Platt also developed a custom progesterone cream with 5% more progesterone – because many of us are so estrogen dominant.

    Hormone regards,


  468. Hello, Jane – I am sorry to hear you are suffering so much from being on Depo for so long. First of all Depo was not developed for young girls and second of all it was to be given if all other forms of birth control were ruled out for being safe and efficacious. Osteoporosis is one of the long-term side effects of this birth control. Not having a period is another.

    First I want you to go to the web site Dr. Jerilynn Prior is a colleague of mine and she is quite outspoken and what happens when natural progesterone is suppressed in the body – which is what Depo does. She speaks about osteoporosis and anovulatory cycles. Progesterone is needed to offset both conditions.

    Osteoporosis is the result of estrogen dominance and the lack of periods is the same.

    My suggestion is that you hop over to the health food store and pick up a natural progesterone cream (wild yam) and apply that regularly. We have been told to apply it to the fatty tissues in our body – breast and abdomen – but according to Dr. Michael Platt – we should be applying the cream to less fatty areas like the back of our neck and forearms. Dr. Platt also developed a custom progesterone cream with 5% more progesterone – because many of us are so estrogen dominant.

    In your case, I would suggest that you arrange a tele-consultation with Dr. Platt so you get the right information and get on a guided course so that you perhaps reverse these conditions before you go into menopause. Menstruation is a vital part of our health – PERIOD.

    Please take the time and listen to this recent radio interview I did with Dr. Platt.

    Thanks for reaching out.

    Stay in touch.

    Hormone regards,


  469. Hello, Carla – There is no doubt that Depo is a nightmare. Depo suppresses progesterone production in the body – replacing it with a synthetic progestin. Estrogen does not interact with the progestin and what happens is that we become estrogen dominant. And all of your symptoms are screaming of that.

    My advice is to check out Dr. Michael Platt’s information. I did a radio show with him recently and he is convinced that a lot of what ails women is due to a lack of progesterone. Dr. Platt developed a custom progesterone cream with 5% more progesterone than what is found in the health food store.

    Please go to his website at
    I would like to suggest a tele-consultation so you can get back on track. And that is possible.

    If you do not want to go this route then hop over to your health food store and by a wild yam natural progesterone cream and try that first.
    We have been told to apply the cream to the fatty part of our bodies -(breasts and abdomen). However, Dr. Platt suggests that we apply the cream to the less fatty parts of our body like our forearm and the back of our neck. Try this and get back to me.

    Hormone regards,


  470. my lung collapsed three times calling it catamenial pneumothorax. I was on birth Control Depco Provera for 20 years can somebody tell me what is going on with my body. And does anybody know anything about catamenial pneumothorax and the Depto shot. Everything changed as soon as I went off the Depco shot I’m not quite sure what is going on. But I seem more focused on what is going on around me. I know people beg to differ with me and they’re calling me knots well I thin. I know people beg to differ with me and they’re calling me crazy . I guess anybody would be crazy after having three catamenial pneumothoraxes. And being on Depto shot for 20 years yes I would say there is definitely a problem. Jefferson University is the one that found out that this is one of the rarest disorders in the country does anybody know anything about this issue that I’m going through. I would very much appreciate it. All I know is that every time I lung collapsed I had my period. It was always the second day of my menstrual cycle. My husband said to the doctor if the third time I think we want to put her on birth control to stop or control my period and it worked for 20 years my long never collapsed again. It was a medication for me it was not birth-control my husband had a Vance ectomy. Had any rate that’s that. After 27 years I am now losing my husband my kids my life seems to be in one big pile of SH IT I guess I’m starting to realize what exactly is going on around me more than I ever did. I don’t know that is part of the side effects or not but I am definitely seeing things differently.

  471. I have been struggling with the Depo shot for a while now. When I was in the Navy, I tried the shot. I had mild dizziness from it. When I decided to come off of birth control, I had all kinds of horrible side effects. I did not know at the time, but the Depo Provera was and is most definitely the cause of my vertigo. Because of the vertigo I was experiencing, I was medically separated from the Navy. I continued to have vertigo attacks that varied in intensity off and on for months. Then, when I got pregnant with my first child the vertigo stopped altogether. I was even gone after I had the baby. Then, a few months postpartum I decided it was time to get back in birth control. I chose the Depo.. Big mistake. The mild dizziness came back. I had my suspicions then, but of course dismissed them. The side effects seemed to be a bit worse this time around. Specifically the hot flashes and nausea. It became so bad that I actually decided to quit birth control altogether. Now I am experiencing horrific vertigo attacks. I can’t seem to regulate my body temperature. I am nauseous most hours of the day. It has been two weeks now, and these side effects are taking over my life. The vertigo is making it impossible to even take care of my child. So not only has the Depo destroyed my dreams of a Naval carreer, but now it is taking away precious time with my little one. Time that I will never get back. The Depo shot has ruined my life. I would NEVER recommend it or any birth control that alters the body’s natural hormones to anyone!

  472. Hi, Rashayla – Thank you for sharing your story. You obviously had a serious side effect to Depo. I am not sure why women do not understand – side effects – when they are not feeling well. Why don’t understand that if we take medication, birth control or vaccines and start feeling badly afterwards – develop mental or emotional pathologies – that we do not relate it back to the drug. Is it because the doctor tells us there are no “side-effects” associated with this product? Why don’t we research first – before we accept what our doctor tells us. How can we have informed consent if we do not know what we are consenting to.

    Now that I have gotten that off my chest – let’s deal with what you are experiencing – and that is hormone imbalance and estrogen dominance. Depo shuts down your production of progesterone. Too much estrogen may cause vertigo. The reason that you felt better during pregnancy is because progesterone levels increase 10x’s their normal level. Progesterone is needed to prevent miscarriages. The hormone strengthens the uterine lining to protect the fetus. Without progesterone many women miscarry.

    The reason your vertigo returned afterwards is because your estrogen levels returned to normal or below normal. There was no reason for going back on Depo and that just amazes me.
    I am hoping that you were not on Depo – while breastfeeding. Be that as it may – the status of your hormone health – is passed on to your child – just like your mother’s and grandmother’s health was passed on to you. However, it is reversible.

    I highly recommend your consulting with Dr. Michael Platt – with the Platt Wellness Clinic. He has developed a natural progesterone cream that contains 50% more progesterone than what is on the market. And you need to be under a good doc’s care. I have read Dr. Platt’s book and have interviewed him on my radio show. Please take the time and research the show.

    Your condition is getting worse – because of the Depo – the toxins – and now coupled with nutrient deficiency from your pregnancy. Your baby took every micronutrient in your reserves – if you are not replacing them – you are functioning at a deficiency which will continue to spiral down until it is reversed.

    I am so sorry that the Depo shot has ruined your career. That is very sad. Do not let it ruin your life.

    Hormone regards,


    PS – I highly recommend the EMPowerplus Q96 on my blog to start building your nutritional reserves.

  473. Danielle – I am so sorry to hear what you are going through. Thank your for being so brutally honest.

    Here is a list of doctors who I have interviewed and whose books I have read who can help you. They all offer teleconsults.

    Dr. Margarita Ochoa-Maya – who is my favorite endocrinologist
    Dr. Michael Platt –
    Dr. Joni Labbe –

    Depo has suppressed your normal production of progesterone. And that my friend is the source of your problem.
    Just did a quick search and found this web site – with an interesting book –
    Site is not good.

    Better information here –

    Endometriosis is driven by estrogen.
    Dr. Michael Platt is probably the best person to speak with.
    He has developed a natural progesterone product that contains 50% more progesterone than what is on the market.
    You need to save your life – and save your family.

    Hope this all helps.

    Hormone Regards,


  474. Hi Leslie
    I was on the injection for a year after my second shot I started to bloat severely and have really bad IBS symptoms also put on 2 stone. I stopped the injection two months ago but still bloat heavily and have gone up two cup sizes in bras. I’m only 18 and cannot cope with the bloating and have tried everything to prevent it but nothing seems to work! When will these symptoms stop!!

  475. Hi, Amber – Thanks for reaching out. Can’t really say when the symptoms will stop – but what will be most helpful is getting some natural progesterone (wild yam) cream from the health food store. Depo suppresses your natural production of progesterone – and allows estrogen to dominate. Estrogen dominance from the Depo and all of the xenoestrogens in our diet and environment – including laundry dryer sheets, makeup, sunscreen, shampoos, household cleaners, meats, unfiltered water – (get the picture) may be the cause of your weight gain as well as the increase in cup size. Many women feel like they are pregnant. 18 is way too young to be put on such a heavy drug. Your endocrine system is just beginning to develop. Synthetic hormones will suppress your natural production of hormones and may cause hormone imbalance in the future. Of course, pregnancy prevention is crucial and I get that – but I suggest you do more research or come back to me with more questions before you proceed further. Any always keep in mind that synthetic hormone birth control does not prevent STD’s.

    You MUST BE VERY CAREFUL RIGHT NOW IF YOU ARE HAVING SEXUAL RELATIONS. Did I stress that enough? When women come off any synthetic hormone they do not know when they will ovulate (when they are fertile). It could be today – or it could be in 100 days – or anytime in between or after.

    Please read this article about Depo – including the research I provided.

    And if you want more information about natural progesterone benefits – please visit Dr. Michael Platt’s web site at

    I should mention that since you are under 21 – I will be glad to discuss the Depo shot and it side effects with your parents.

    Hormone regards,


  476. Regarding your previous reply to me are you trying to say I am having the shot illegally? My mum does know and as I am in the UK I am allowed to have it on my own accord anyway so thank you 🙂

  477. No, I was not saying you were having the shot illegally. I am saying – in my opinion, that you are way too young to be on this strong drug. I am glad you are of age in the UK. Always have to be careful.

    Hormone regards,


  478. Hi.I’m on da injection miss two months den went to da clinic dey did a pregnancy test was negative. Den dey gave me da injection.but I’m feeling a movement in my stomach y.

  479. Hi Krisann – Have you had unprotected sex? Many women experience pregnancy-like symptoms coming off Depo. Not sure what to say about feeling a movement in your abdomen.
    Hormone regards,

  480. I was on depo for two years (recommended not to go over 2 years) then started seasonale, a 3 month pill form and had my period just like I was suppose to. Everyone’s body is diff and everyone is going to react to birth control differently.

  481. Hello my name is victoria. I was on the depo shot for a year and five months. I went off of it due to personal issues. I am now six months down the road and i have had enough.
    I have gained weight and started a minor rash. Ultimately my question is why hasnt my period come.

  482. Hi, Victoria – According to the CDC it may take up to 18 months for ovulation to resume. You were not on Depo for that long a time – so I am surprised… but it all depends on your body. As I have mentioned in most every response. Depo suppresses our natural production of progesterone. Which leaves us estrogen dominant – and most of us are that way to begin with. That explains the weight gain – but cannot respond to the minor rash…. other than your body chemistry is skewed.

    Ya know most of us think we are all face, hair, nails and body size – when in fact, that is the exterior of the health of our internal mechanisms of action. The reproductive hormones play a vital role in our health. Suppressing them is a recipe for disaster.

    I suggest that you get some natural progesterone cream at the health food store and start applying that to stimulate ovulation so that you can menstruate. When women do not ovulate they increase their chance of getting osteoporosis.

    Let us know how the natural progesterone cream works.

    But hear this well. You can ovulate any time – today, tomorrow or in 100 days coming off any synthetic hormones. Make sure you are using another form of birth control like a condom with spermicide if you are having sex. Time for the dude in your life to step up to the plate until your body resolves the hormone imbalance.

    Hormone regards,


  483. Agreed. Thank you for sharing Nisa.
    Hormone regards,

  484. Jeanne D says:

    The more I read about depo, the more terrified I become. I work for the doctor who gave me the shot due to severe bleeding, weakness, syncope and overall suckiness. In TWO SHOTS I gained almost 40 pounds, noticed bone loss (wobbly teeth), and got the worst joint/leg and feet pain ever. I figured it was my second job at the time (working 70 hours a week) which required me to stand the entirety of my shift but it did not go away once I quit and just went back to 40 hours at a boring desk job at the hospital. Then I figured it was because I was so heavy now, but even on days of rest my legs and feet hurt. I walk a lot slower now, and as a native NY-er, you know we walk fast! I’m 37! I shouldn’t feel so horrible. I also spotted most of the time on depo and discontinuing the poison made me stop spotting. My last shot was in September 2015 and I still haven’t had a period, which is nice, but in the meantime everything else is so horribly wrong that I am always in a state of panic. I’m thinking I should have my doc do an ABI on me, but they all say I’m fine. No leg swelling or redness or heat, just soreness and foot pain. Is there a supplement I can try to see if I can help myself? I don’t want to be put on more drugs. Right now I am taking synthroid 75mcg, Bone Support liquid and Vitamin Shoppe Vitamin D3 2000 IU’s per day (although I will say that lately I haven’t been taking anything as I worry that I’m just making it worse). Thank you so much for this wonderful article and discussion!

  485. I have been on the depo shot since August, and when I first got the shot , two weeks later I started bleeding non stop. I was beyond annoyed (especially because this is during my college cross country season and bleeding like that drove me insane.) I talked to my doctor about it, and she said the more I took the shot the more the bleeding would go away. So, I was like alright okay, you’re a doctor I believe you. I got my 3rd shot, and I stopped bleeding right away, but then two weeks before my 4th shot I started bleeding yet again. Non stop. I thought maybe it would be like the last shot, where it stoppped right after I got it. Nope. That isnt what happened. So, here I am bleeding yet again, non stop. And yes I told my doctor to check my hormone levels, but she said that wasn’t necassary. So, its been about a month since my last shot, and I’m not getting the next one. I also noticed theres like a fertile cleanse kit, and vitex that can help regulate periods. (Cleanse the depo out of my system type deal.) I think it’s a hoax, but whatever it’s worth a shot. I’m at the point where I will try anything to stop bleeding. If the vitex isn’t something I should take, then please tell me, because I’m beyond tired of bleeding, and just hoping somehow to clean it out of my system as soon as possible.

  486. Hello I’m wondering if I could be pregnant im 16weeks late for my depo I normally spot when imy due for it but haven’t yet I have been sexually active for 6weeks is it possible I could be pregnant

  487. Hi, Chicky – I guess the real question is whether or not you had unprotected sex after being late for you depo shot. The problem with synthetic hormone withdrawal is that you never know when you will ovulate. Could be the next day – or it could be in 6 months. Always have to say that to remind women. I mean we go to such lengths to protect ourselves from pregnancy and yet not all women know of the real threat of pregnancy coming off one synthetic hormone and/or getting on another.

    So since you have been sexually active – you should rule out pregnancy with a test. However, the tricky part here is that Depo withdrawal can also make you feel pregnant because of the higher amount of estrogen in the body and the fact that progesterone was suppressed.

    But get a pregnancy test – first.
    Then decide what method of birth control to use.

    Hormone regards,


  488. Hi, Bre – Glad you reached out.
    Doctors know very little about hormones… if she had done the test – it would have shown you had zero, zip, nada – as in NO PROGESTERONE. Depo suppresses that hormone and replaces it with a synthetic progestin. Obviously your body did not respond well – perhaps did not even absorb the progestin which is why you are hemorrhaging. The uterine lining is dependent on progesterone to keep it intact – otherwise it will bleed profusely.

    I would suggest heading to the health food store and purchasing natural progesterone cream – since if that won’t give you the progesterone boost you need. use it until you start menstruating regularly. You might even see a difference in a month. I would also do a teleconsult with Dr. Michael Platt – He is a wealth of information on progesterone therapy.

    The other factor is nutritional. Bioflavonoids… needed to maintain strong and healthy arteries and even uterine capillaries. You might also purchase a month’s supply and add that to your nutritional regime.

    Stay in touch and let us know how it goes.

    Hormone regards,


  489. Jeannie – we really should talk.
    You are too young to be feeling this way.
    And yes, as a native NY-er we do walk fast… my mother outpaced me for most of my life.

    I can explain what is going on…. you have a significant hormone imbalance.

    I think you need to consult with an endocrinologist – or trust me when I say that Dr. Michael Platt understands the affects of too much estrogen and not enough progesterone because the Depo shot suppresses progesterone production. Weight gain and panic are just two symptoms. And since you have so many other health issues, Dr. Platt will be able to advise on that as well… and can even talk doc to doc with your provider. Dr. Platt offers teleconsults. And he has developed a progesterone cream with 50% more natural progesterone.

    I do hope that you will follow up on my suggestions.
    Thank you for reaching out.

    Hormone regards,


  490. Victoria says:

    Hey, I’m Victoria and I’m 19 years old. I’ve been on the depo shot for a year and I got off of it last month. I got off of it because I lost weight and I couldn’t eat. I got full really fast and I use to eat a lot before the depo. My mood changed so bad, I use to like going out and doing stuff, well not anymore. I figured getting off the shot would make everything go away. No!! I go to work and go home and I always feel so lazy. My partner understands what I’m going through and he is really helpful. I feel so nauseated and I have no motivation to do anything. I have bad cramps and before I really never cramped. Sex doesn’t feel the same as it use to be. I could go forever without it but not my partner. This shot was a mistake. I wish I would’ve knew about all of this before I got it. It’s made me feel so awful and moody. I hate it, I just want my normal self back..

  491. Was on depo after I had my daughter in 2011… In December 2014 stop using depo been trying to have a baby now 2016 been taking prenatal vitamins

  492. I have been on the depo 3 years I have been off for a month no period massive headaches at the base of my skull nausea and dizzy spells feel totally spaced out has anyone experienced the same

  493. Hi, Jackie – unfortunately yes… I was seek out the advice of an endocrinologist. You might be experiencing extreme hormone imbalance.
    Check out this doctor. Dr. Michael Platt – . He will be very helpful.

    Hormone regards,


  494. Hi Shoney I suggest seeking out an endocrinologist – and have your hormone levels tested. You might be low in progesterone which is what Depo suppresses.
    Check out this doctor. Dr. Michael Platt – . He will be very helpful.

    Hormone blessings,


  495. Hi Victoria – It does sound like you are experiencing Depo withdrawal. Depo suppresses progesterone and it does not sound like you have started progesterone production yet.
    You were way too young to be on this shot. It was developed for older women – and only if they ruled out every other form of birth control. You may need to consult with an endocrinologist to get back on track.

    Dr. Margarita Ochoa-Maya – who is my favorite endocrinologist offers teleconsults.
    If you can afford this of course.

    Otherwise you might want to try and get some progesterone cream from the health food store to see if that will work.

    Hormone blessings,


  496. I’m back on the depo for 2 weeks and my body is showing symptoms of pregnancy. I’m worried because I have been in pain since I started and goodness I wish I could take something to remove the depo out, as the side affects are dreadful. I’m going for a blood test on the 2nd of June 2016. Wish me luck

  497. Hi, Moya – Wishing you luck. Keep us posted. However, what I think you might be experiencing is estrogen dominance from the suppression of progesterone caused by Depo which can feel like pregnancy symptoms. Am sorry you are experiencing such adverse reactions to this type of birth control.

    Hormone regards,


  498. Hi i have been off the depo since the start of febuary i was on depo for 15 years with a few breaks when i had my 2 children.Since i have been off depo i have had very painful breast to sleep is unbearable and as soon as i get up they feel heavy and bruised,ive also had terrible tingling in both legs and feet and aches in my legs that are really worrying me,how long do these symptoms tend to last for.

  499. Hi i have been off the depo now since febuary was on depo for 15 years had 2 small breaks where i had my two children but since being off it i have had terrible breast pain to the point where they feel so bruised and heavy,also have had tingling in my legs and feet and aches in lower legs and very cold feet are these symptoms long lasting or how long do they usually take to go away?

  500. Hi Kate – I seriously suggest you see an endocrinologist. You have been on Depo for a very long time. Your natural production of progesterone has been suppressed for years. Did you have any problems during pregnancy? The breast heaviness may be due to an imbalance between estrogen and progesterone. It is all manageable. But you do need some guidance. Depo along with other medications deplete vital nutrients. Pregnancy also depletes nutrients.

    Dr. Margarita Ochoa-Maya – is my favorite integrative functional endocrinologist. She offers teleconsults. She is a functional integrative doc. And she uses nutritional therapy.

    Hormone regards,


  501. Jeanne D says:

    Thank you so much, Leslie! I’ll talk to my doctor about getting into an endocrinologist! I’ll also ask about labs that I can do while I wait for an appointment; I do referrals and I know that the earliest appts the local docs have are in October. I’m also going to pass this article along to other women I know who have gotten off the shots and are less than pleased.

  502. Thank you for your lovely response Jeanne – so glad you appreciate the advice and suggestions that I share… and yes, please let other women know about this blog post. We need to support as many women as possible.

    Hormone blessings,


  503. kiyanna says:

    Omg i got the shot one time my body still suffering. I get cuts on my vagina. Bones hurt. Head hurt. Weird period. Body hurt. Increase in hunger. I can’t take this. My body id everywhere. And i been off the shot for like 3 months i read it could take 6 months for me to be normal

  504. I am so sorry you are experiencing such severe side effects from Depo. It amazes me that women would allow an a chemical concoction into their body for 3 months without even considering there might be side effects.

    I would seek out the advice of an endocrinologist to get yourself back on track… instead of just waiting for the 6 month window.

    Hormone regard,


  505. Hi, Kate – did you post twice? I thought I might have responded to your question already. Please let me know. It just seems very familiar.
    Just in case I did not – I would suggest you see an endocrinologist. It sounds like you are experiencing severe hormone imbalance….estrogen dominance because your progesterone production has been suppressed for so long.

    Hormone regards,


  506. I hv been on depo for three months n hv decided to go off it. I hv had my periods for days nw n they dnt look like they r stopping. …how do I stop them am tired n irritated

  507. Hi Barbra – I bet you are tired and irritated – it is called estrogen dominance. Depo has suppressed your production of natural progesterone…. which is needed to maintain the uterine lining. You can wait it out… or try natural progesterone cream from the health food store and apply accordingly. That may be very helpful in stimulating your own production of progesterone or at least ease some of the discomfort until your progesterone production kicks in again.

    Hormones regards,


  508. help please says:

    Hi, i wanted to write about my experience. I was on depo once had a very bad reaction to it but my side affects. I get random cuts down there back hurt bones hurt. My head hurt random picking all over my body. My period still weird. Its been 4 months since i been off it. Idk what going ob or what to do. I thought the cuts where sti related but i been test soo many times nothing wrong. And my doctors arent any help and I’m irrated on and off for months. What should be my next step for this?

  509. Hi, help please – Not enough information to go on.
    But I would consult with an endocrinologist.
    Are you referring to vaginal cuts?
    I do think you need to see a professional.
    Hormone regards


  510. This is so interesting! Originally when I came off depo I started using the mini pill but only for a couple if months. The month I stopped I got a period! I was also a pure nightmare to be around and from that day on things went down hill. Anxiety, odd illness like feeling as though I had a water infection but dr couldn’t find it, muscle pains, stomach cramps and an extreemly light period. The anxiety just got worse and worse especially being anxious about the nerve pain and stomach pain. Drs blood tested near enough everything but all normal an basically said I need councelling a I have an anxiety disorder. Now I’ve been bleeding on and off for 14 days horrific cramps random pains everywhere and I’m just to embarrassed to go back to the Dr as they clearly think I’m crazy. The sooner this junk gets out of my system the better

  511. Hi Lucie – 509 comments of interesting to be sure. Your anxiety is probably due to increased estrogen dominance since the Depo effectively shut down progesterone production and replaced it with a synthetic. Never mess with mother nature. Same thing with the bleeding. Progesterone is need to maintain the uterine lining. Not enough progesterone and your will hemorrhage. PERIOD. And then shame on top of it all for and adverse reaction to a vaccine… I mean that is what Depo is – isn’t it? A birth control vaccine? Let’s call a spade a spade.

    My suggestion is – one see and endocrinologist who is trained in hormonology – and secondly try natural progesterone cream for a could of weeks or a month. See if that will stimulate your production of progesterone and curb the bleeding.

    And if you are too embarrassed to go back and see your doctor – he/she is not good enough for you.
    Here is a list of docs I highly recommend. They all offer teleconsults.

    Dr. Margarita Ochoa-Maya – my favorite endocrinologist
    Dr. Michael Platt –
    Dr. Joni Labbe – 858-284-9501
    Dr. Diane Hoppe –

    Never ever be embarrassed about your body.
    And you are not crazy.
    Here is a good quote to remember.

    “Hysteria – a word used to make women feel insane for knowing what they know.” Eve Ensler

    I am so glad you reached out.

    Hormone blessings,


  512. Hi Riddle Michelle – nope they somehow bypass that Depo may cause adverse reactions. I put together this blog post about Depo that includes the research I found on it from years ago.
    What You Need to Know about Depo

    The only piece that I could not find – although I still had the link – is that Depo was designed for older women when all other forms of birth control have been contraindicated.
    Hope this helps.

    Hormone regards,


  513. Hi I’m a 21 year old female and I only had one depo shot when I got the depo I was bleeding out of control I was suppose to go back and get my next shot June 13 2016 but I didn’t because me and my fiance want another baby now that I’m off depo I’m not bleeding any more what does that mean . And I get pregnant now

  514. Hi, Lexi – what that means is that when you went on the Depo – it tried to replace your natural production of progesterone with a synthetic call progestin. Low levels of progesterone can cause incessant bleeding and miscarriage. I had to let you know this if you are considering pregnancy. I will get on a barrier method of birth control and give your body a few months to get back to normal – as in normal menstrual cycles. One of the attributes of progesterone is that it strengthens the uterine lining.

    Hope this helps.
    Hormone blessings,


  515. Good morning, I am looking for some help for my daughter, she is 20 years old and was on the depo shot for one year. She decided 3 months ago that she wanted to come off of the shot. She finally got a cycle a couple weeks ago and it lasted for two weeks. Which from my research is pretty normal. The problem is that she is absolutely miserable, she feels angry a lot and cries at the drop of a hat. She is concerned that if she goes back to the doctor they will try to put her on depression medication when she knows its more of an hormone issue from coming off of the shot. What are some natural things that she can do to help her get back to her fun loving free spirited self faster? Thank you for your help!

  516. Hi Dawn – so glad you reached out. First of all I do hear your daughter’s concerns and other women will attest that their docs tried to mask the symptoms with antidepressants. I always suggest speaking with an endocrinologist – because they are trained in hormonology – docs are not.

    Dr. Margarita Ochoa-Maya – who is my favorite endocrinologist and who offers teleconsults.

    Since Depo suppressed progesterone and replaced it with a synthetic progestin – your daughter’s production of progesterone has not kicked in again.
    Hence the feeling miserable and mood swings. And she should be miserable. She probably had a normal fun life until she experienced side effects from Depo.
    Lack of progesterone also causes heavy bleeding. Progesterone is needed to maintain the uterine lining.

    I would get some natural progesterone cream at the health food store and see if applying it daily for a cycle doesn’t ease some of her immediate discomfort.
    And ease up the bleeding. If that does not help do seek out an endocrinologist who understands hormone testing.

    Hope this helps.

    Hormone regards,


  517. I was on the depo for one and a half years. My period stopped completely with minor spotting here and there. Then I had unprotected sex about a couple days before my next shot. My next shot was due on May 22. I ended up not getting the next shot. I still have not received my period for months now. I got worried that I may be pregnant so I took two home pregnancy tests and they were negative. I went to a doctor and took a urine test and it was negative as well. I still have no got my period back yet and I have been bloating tremendously. My breasts has been a bit tender and sore as well. Is there a chance I may be pregnant? Is bloating a normal occurrence after stopping the depo shot? Thank you

  518. I’m not finding anything on the forum about hormones and what happens in that sense. That’s my main concern. I got off Depo end of April 2016 and have been on the pill since May 1 2016 until present and my hormones are so insane I can’t even begin to understand and I’m wondering if this is linked???

  519. I’ve been on the depo of and on for 15+ years. I’ve had minimal side affects, including no menstrual which was my favorite part of it, but every time I get off it ( for some time ) My menstrual comes back which I don’t mind, but it comes with a vengeance. It’s really dark brown and has a really bad odor. I’ve mentioned it to my gyn and she said it’s because of the long lasting time since I haven’t had a period. I’ve read so many of you ladies posts and none mentioned anything about a foul oder with the return of a menstrual cycle. I’m due to getting my next shot tomorrow and I’m going to skip it. I’m. 44 years old and can’t afford to continue a busing my body. is this a normal side affect ? is this odor gonna last forever ??? HELP

  520. Hi, Kathy – sorry I did not catch this before you went to your doctor… general rule of thumb is if something smells foul in the body – whether menses, bowel or urine.. something is off. I hope you did not get the shot. 15 years is a long time and you should be going into perimenopause. If you did not get the shot and you experience heavy bleeding – with your menses it could be due to a lack of progesterone. Depo suppresses progesterone production and replaces with a synthetic hormone. Progesterone is needed for moods/emotions hair growth (vs loss), balancing out estrogen and pregnancy symptoms that are related to estrogen dominance. Progesterone is also needed to maintain the uterine lining to prevent heavy bleeding and to prevent miscarriage.

    Please comment again and let us know how you are doing.

    Hormone regards,


  521. HI, Courtney – yes, this is linked. What kind of pill are you on? Depo suppresses progesterone and going on the pill before your body straightens out is only going to be lack a hormone roller coaster – and not a fun ride at that. I do not understand why docs do this.. our hormones are integral part of our body health – to be blocking them to prevent pregnancy is a medical experiment… and an uncontrolled one that at.

    If you continue to have problems – I would seed out the advice of an endocrinologist. They are trained in hormonology. Docs are not.

    Please stay in touch.

    Hormone regards,


  522. Hi Trisha – chances are that the bloating and tenderness you are experiencing is due to that lack of progesterone in your body. Depo suppresses production of that hormone and when that happens – and you are no longer getting the synthetic progestin in Depo – estrogen dominates and causes these symptoms. Many women have asked this question. Suggestion is to get some natural progesterone cream at the health food store to stimulate ovulation and to eradicate the symptoms.

    Let me know if that works for you.

    Hormone regards,


  523. Hi Leslie
    I took the depo n December right after i had my daughter n November had a cycle in February but i never went back to get a second shot n didn’t start my cycle until june. Well before my cycle started i was get really bad anxiety Attacks, Tingling N My Body, Weird Thoughts, Depression, Feeling Scared. It seems to happen right around my cycles. Last month i had two cycles n one mth. Am really scared its not gona go away. My dr tryed getting me on depression pills but theres bad side effects there too. i started eating healthier organic n taking standard process more natural supplements. But i seem to cant get away still from the side effects. Is there anything else i can take that will help balance me out.

  524. Robyn Jordan says:

    I was diagnosed with endometriosis at the age of 36. After having a DNC and Laparoscopy, my Gyno put me on the pill. I kept bleeding however, and with bleeding comes horrible cramping. My next option was the Depo Shot. About 5 days into my first shot, I began getting sick. I was having low-grade fevers continuously that drained me. I was having bad joint pain, night sweats, etc. After going to numerous stumped doctors, a doctor finally said I had Hashimotos. It still hadn’t occurred to me this could be related to the Depo Shot. I had NO energy, so much fatigue, to the point I couldn’t even work. I ended up losing my job over this. I went to an endocrinologist that said, “No, you don’t have Hashimotos”. Well, which is it?! So aggravating. I was starting to feel better by the end of the 3rd month, but got my 2nd shot. Five days into my 2nd shot, once again, BAM, those bad symptoms came back. The endo said that the shot could be messing with my pituitary gland? Making my thyroid go into overdrive? I have 2 months still before this 2nd and LAST shot is out of my system. Have you heard anything like this before? Should I continue chasing down the Hashi’s path and have my adrenal’s checked? I’m feeling a LOT better now, but still have zero energy. I try to get out and walk, but it is soooo hard. I’ve always been infertile, and I would assume it is because of the endometriosis? I don’t want children, so I am highly considering a partial hysterectomy once the shot is completely out of my system and I re-check my thyroid levels. Can adverse effects from the shot mimic Hashis and other autoimmune diseases? Is there a natural way to boost my estrogen level? Is that even needed? With the facial hair I grow, I feel like I have too much testosterone or something. Thanks. 🙂

  525. Hi Robyn – Wow… not even sure how to tackle this. Definitely have some hormone imbalance issues going on. Endometriosis is an estrogen dominant disorder (and could cause infertility).. not sure what kind of pill you were put on but that shuts down hormone production ovulation and further whacks out a stressed endocrine system – especially after a DNC and laparoscopy – which some feel causes trauma to the organs. Then you went on the Depo shot – which shut down progesterone and estrogen was allow to fly unchecked. It does not make sense that with a history of endometriosis (high estrogen – low progesterone) that someone would prescribe Depo that totally shut off progesterone production.

    Just did a quick check and this is what I found – Review: could Depo-provera cause Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis? It looks like you were right on the money. Even though the numbers are low – we do not know the reporting source and how many more women may be suffering with Hashimoto’s and not relating it to Depo.

    You have great questions – and luckily I have a great resource: Dr. Joni Labbe – 858-284-9501
    Dr. Labbe is a thyroid expert. I had the opportunity to interview her on my radio show. She offers teleconsults.

    Here is another great resource – with a recently published article on Hashimoto’s

    At this point, I would suggest that you consider not getting the third shot – and wait on the hysterectomy for a few months while your endocrine system recovers from this roller coaster. Having a hysterectomy at this stage of the game.. will be another blow the system – and heaven knows what side effects you might have after that.

    It is amazing that this delicate – finely tuned system is expected to take blow after blow – and that doctors do not expect any fallout from all the assaults.

    Please stay in touch.

    Hormone regards,

  526. Hi Yolanda – thanks for reaching out… you are on the right path. Depression pills would not have done you any good. Everything you described screams of unchecked estrogen. Meaning that the Depo shutdown your production of progesterone and estrogen flew off the charts. These hormones need to be in ratio with one another for balance. Progesterone helps with moods and lessens anxiety and depression. We are exposed to too much estrogen in our external environment and that also poses a major problem.

    Nutrients and organics are great – but that takes time. Make sure you are taking vitamin D3 as well. Do some research on that gem. So what else can you do? I suggest getting some natural progesterone cream from the health food store to stimulate progesterone production (not enough progesterone will cause delayed menses as well.) If that helps then I recommend Dr. Michael Platt who offers teleconsults. He is a progesterone expert –

    Please stay in touch

    Hormone regards,


  527. I am Inna. I had only one single shot last year on 8/31/2015. Today is 9-03-2016 and for 1 year and 1 month a haven’t had my period. About four months ago I started having mine premenstrual symptoms like migraine, bloating and cramps. The huge problem is that every month my cramps turned into unbearable sharp pain upto the point when I can’t even walk or sit. It doesn’t subsides even after laying down. One depo provera shot turned into this terrifying nightmare. Please help!!!! Is there anything can help me??? I feel like I will passed out of that kind of pain.

  528. Hi Inna – you do need some professional help. But good help… not just someone who is going to put you on an anti-depressant or pain med or another form of birth control. Sounds like to me that you are not producing progesterone after the Depo shot suppressed it. I suggest an endocrinologist who is trained in hormones. Also check out this site – There are many groups on Facebook with thousands of women who are experiencing this type of period pain. One depo shot is enough to turn an already compromised endocrine system into a nightmare.

    The endocrinologist I recommend is: Dr. Margarita Ochoa-Maya She offers teleconsults.
    In the meantime…try getting natural progesterone cream from the health food store and see if that provides some comfort. It does for many women… but not all women. But it is worth a shot.. no pun intended… and may just jump start your periods.

    Stay in touch.

    Hormone regards,


  529. I missed my depo shot in June 10th( cause i was not getting my menstrual)after stopping depo shot got my menstrual in July 25th and got my prego test positive on September 1st and the most disastrous thing I did that took instakit to finish my pregnancy on I.e 1st Sept. 3rd Sept. And 5th Sept. And still I have no bleeding or miscarriage signsbleeding

  530. I have decided to come off the depo shot to see if it was causing the hot flushes I was having all the time (I’m 32), the last 3 days I’ve had unbearable cramps, fatigue and nausea. No painkillers will touch the cramping. I don’t know if I’m going to get a period or if this is just withdrawal. I feel like I’m going mad.

  531. Hey I am on depo shot I have seizures my depo shot run out month earlier I wonder could. That happen or not ???!??

  532. Hi Nikki – it is hard to say about Depo and seizures… but I would consider it an adverse reaction and have those seizures check out ASAP.
    Are you on any other medication or have you been vaccinated with the HPV vaccine Gardasil?

    I suggest you see and endocrinologist – or check out Dr. Michael Platt at He offers teleconsults.

    Please stay in touch.

    Hormone regards,


  533. Hi Nidha… I am not familiar with instakit and I did a quick search and found nothing. Assuming you are referring to an abortion pill. Either way your body is going through the hormone pendulum dance and you need to let it get back to balance. But to address your issue… I am not sure why you are not bleeding. Where are you located? At this point I suggest seeing a doctor or gynecologist or endocrinologist about the lack of bleeding. Was this a home pregnancy test? And you are sure it is positive? Many women experience pregnancy-like symptoms coming off of Depo.

    Please let me know where you are and so I can help you with resources.

    Hormone regards,


  534. Hi Natalie – not sure if the Depo is causing the hot flushes – but it could be whacking out your thyroid. Your other symptoms sound like unchecked estrogen. You are going through withdrawal. And you may not have a period because you may not have enough progesterone to stimulate ovulation. And if you do have a period you may hemorrhage – because of a lack of progesterone which is needed to maintain the uterine lining.

    Quick fix – hop over to the health food store and pick up some natural progesterone cream. That may ease the symptoms within a day. It has for other women. And then I would see an endocrinologist. Dr. Margarita Ochoa-Maya is my favorite endocrinologist and she offers teleconsults.

    Please check out Dr. Michael Platt’s site and the information he has about the progesterone cream he developed.

    Hope this helps… come back and let me know if the progesterone cream worked for you.

    Hormone regards,


  535. HI Leslie. I have only been on Depot for less than a year but I’m starting to wonder if it could be behind all of my baffling symptoms. I have been together dr after dr,after specialist,no answer. I have suddenly developed,in just the past several months, dizziness, pins and needles in hands and feet as well as my face. Absolutely horrible migraines, tachycardia, shortness of breath, panic attacks, memory fog,and the list goes on and on. I couldn’t even begin to tell you the tests that I’ve had and all that they have checked me for. I’m at a loss and almost feel like the Dr’s are ready to give up on me! I know there has to be a simple answer since everything else has been ruled out, and I’m wondering if it’s possible that Depo could be that culprit? Any help or information is GREATLY appreciated! !

  536. Hi Jessica – time to see an endocrinologist – someone who understands hormonology. Everyone in this thread will not give up on you…because so many have said the same.
    Dr. Margarita Ochoa-Maya is my favorite endocrinologist and who offers teleconsults.

    Sounds like estrogen dominance to me… in light of all of you symptoms and the fact that Depo suppresses progesterone production. I would suggest withdrawing at your next injection. And then start researching natural progesterone.

    Hormone regards,


  537. I have been on depo for around 10 years. In this time i have experienced spotting as well as heavy bleeding at different periods and even spotting after defacting. Just over 2years ago in a stressful period i decided not to get an injection. I gained 10 kilos in 10 weeks and suffered other side effects. I went back on depo and the symptoms receded. In the December i was then diagnosed with Hashimotos. Since then i have changed my diet to Paleo but wish to come off depo again. Would an endocrinologist still be the best to help, the previous one i saw wasn’t great with my hashis symptoms and i have still not found a gp who is fully supportive.

  538. Hi Chris – I am so glad you reached out.
    Sorry to hear of the development of Hashimotos. I am going to suggest that you look for a thyroid specialist now. I highly recommend this physician – Dr. Joni Labbe – 858-284-9501 Dr Labbe offers teleconsults. Here is another great site for information on thyroid disorders –

    Hope this is helpful.

    Hormones regards,


  539. I was on the shot for a year. After my 2nd shot, I was experiencing severe knee pain, followed with about 60cc’s of fluid drained from my knee every month. I had to undergo some surgeries. My knee has cartilage flaking off. Should I stop the shot, or is it just a freak accident all this is occurring. I have been reading all side effects and never came across anything like this.

  540. My girlfriend got the shot fir the first time about 3 weeks ago and has is already in her second multi-day feeling of just being depressed and irritable. Anything to help minimize this? Will this last beyond 3 months? She definitely doesn’t want to get another Depo shot

  541. I have only been on Depo fro 2 months (shot) and CANNOT wait for it to get out of my system. I have had non-stop periods for 2 months, have grown blonde sideburns and mustache, SERIOUSLY??? but the hair on my head is falling out and so thin now and have been non-stop irritable! This is the worst drug EVER!!! Please do not take it!!

  542. Oh Michelle – I am so sorry for your pain and grief – you are experiencing an adverse reaction to the progestin in the shot. This synthetic form of progesterone is causing the problem. When your natural production of progesterone is suppressed, you can experience hemorrhaging or heavy bleeding – progesterone is needed to keep the uterine lining intact. And the loss of hair is another sign of low or diminished levels of progesterone. Please visit this web site.

    Dr. Michael Platt will be able to help you restore your levels of progesterone once you have finished your third month. It is all reversible – so do not panic. This is a wake up call for all women – stay away from progestin birth control – Mirena IUD – Depo and the implant… I think there is another IUD with progestin in it too. And why would anyone insert, inject, implant anything into their body on a long term basis without knowing if they would have an adverse reaction???????

    Stay in touch Michelle – and reach out to Dr. Platt – he offers teleconsults. You need to get your progesterone levels restored.

    Hormone regards,


  543. Hi John – your girlfriend is not alone. She needs to wait out the Depo and then try some natural progesterone cream to stimulate her own production of progesterone again which should take care of the depression and irritability. How anyone can think that we can suppress our natural hormones with synthetics without some kind of repercussion is beyond me. Just be careful when you have sex when she comes off the Depo. One of the downsides of synthetic hormone use is that when it is stopped – the woman had no idea when she will ovulate – could be today – or it could be in 100 days. Make sure you are using another form of birth control… condoms for example.

    Hormone regards,


  544. Hi Kelly – deeply apologize for delay in response. I have not heard of anything like this either… have you spoke with an endocrinologist? With all of the hundreds of posts here – I have never read anything like this before. And I do not have enough information for an educated response. However, the synchronicity between the shot and the knee pain is highly suspect.

    Hormone regards,


  545. Hi, I was on depo after I had my son for a year and a half, I got off of it last year I was supposed to get it November 3rd but didn’t, it’s been 11 months and I started to feel tender breast, my nipples very sensitive, more bumps on my boobs then usual and nauseated, I threw up yesterday, and some pains in my stomach, moody all the time, I did have unprotected sex 10 days ago & I started feeling these symptoms 3 days ago so I thought I could be pregnant, I went in for blood work but it came back negative, is this my body is trying to go back to normal or could I still possibly be pregnant?

  546. Hi Amber – that is a tough question – but a pregnancy test should have resolved the issue. Have you been having normal cyclical menstrual cycles in the last 11 months? I have had plenty of comments from women who experience these symptoms right after coming off Depo – but not a year later – perhaps it is due to post-pregnancy. Word to the wise – avoid unprotected sex – to avoid the worries – heaven know we have all been there and it is enough to make one feel nauseous. What are your short/long term reproductive plans… more children? What other birth control options are you considering.

    The pregnancy symptoms may also be due to unchecked estrogen since Depo suppresses progesterone. If you have not been having normal menstrual cycles this may be an issue since a small amount of progesterone is needed for ovulation.

    I would try some natural progesterone cream (from the health food store) and apply that. It make take care of the symptoms you are experiencing. Most of us are estrogen dominant anyway – with all of the estrogen mimickers in our environment.

    Keep us in the loop.

    Hormone regards,


  547. Hello Leslie,
    1 was on DepoProvera for 3 years. I discontinued in May 2016. As of August, I began having depression, and panic attacks, followed by heaviness in my extremities, and a burning sensation in my legs and feet. I went to two OBGYN, who didn’t see a correlation between coming off the injection and my symptoms. ( I had this happen 4 years ago, and went back on the injection.) Ive been on some form of Birth Control for 15 years. I am 29. I had a hormone work up that shows my progesterone levels under 0.5, and my estrogen around 30. I was put on the mini pill 2 weeks ago, and symptoms have not improved. I’m being referred to endocrinolgy. My question is, have you heard of the nerve pain as a side effect, and is it possibly that since I have been taking birth control since such a young age, that my body has never naturally regulated? I feel like I’m menopausal.

  548. Progestin birth control can have serious consequences for many women. It suppresses progesterone and many of us including you have low levels of progesterone to begin with. You are estrogen dominant – like many women – not only because of the Depo but to all of the endocrine disruptors in our environment.

    Nerve pain can indeed be a side effect.. going to an endocrinologist is a great idea.. because they know about hormones – gynecologist are not trained in hormones… they treat disorders and prescribe birth control.

    And you are right on the money when asking if your body never regulated because you started birth control so young. YES. If you feel like you are menopausal find someone who can help.

    I suggest – Dr. Michael Platt – he offers teleconsults.

    My friend Chandler Marrs wrote an excellent article about progesterone and peripheral neuropathy.

    See what your endo says but if I were you I would get off the pills and start taking steps to regulate your body without synthetic hormones. I highly recommend using natural progesterone cream once you are off the mini pill – which is another form of progestin BC. What are they thinking? Your progesterone levels are low and they are replacing with a synthetic hormone. I guess it does make sense. But sadly – it does not work that way. Mother Nature does not like synthetics period. That is not how are body was designed.

    Your body needs progesterone. PERIOD

    Just remember when coming off synthetic hormones use a backup method of birth control (condoms) to prevent pregnancy.

    Hormone regards,


  549. Hello my last Depo Provera shot was given October 2015, and i have yet to get my period, While me and my husband are not trying to get pregnant we are also not not trying if it happens it happens, and lately i just feel like i have some of the pregnancy symptoms i have taken 1 HPT about a week ago and it was negative, but i had really bad nausea a few days i have a very hard stomach and soreness in my breast, i am overweight i do not know if that matter i just know i hate that i ever got on the depo shot. i has been a nightmare since i came off of it. my questions is can i still be pregnant even though i am getting a negative pregnancy test?

  550. Hi ELsa – first of all let me say that chances are that you are not pregnant especially with a negative test. I am concerned that you have not had a period for a year. However, it is known that it might take women up to 18 months before they start menstruating normally. Guess they didn’t tell you that either. And it depends on how long you were on the shot.

    Depo suppressed your production of progesterone and replaces it with a synthetic. Progesterone is necessary for ovulation – and to prevent miscarriages and to prevent heavy bleeding.

    The symptoms you mentioned are indicative of unopposed estrogen (not enough progesterone to offset them). I would have those levels checked… unfortunately they did not measure ratio – so even if the doc says the levels are within normal range – it does not mean that estrogen and progesterone are in balance with one another. The symptoms of pregnancy are all due to unopposed estrogen.

    I generally suggest that women go to the health food store and get natural progesterone cream. Apply as directed or even daily. Sometimes that will stimulate your progesterone production and alleviate the pregnancy symptoms you described.

    Also make sure you are in good health and have adequate nutritional reserves before you get pregnant. Very helpful in achieving a healthy pregnancy and preventing postpartum depression. Synthetic hormones deplete vital nutrients. Not many women are aware of that.

    Hormone regards,


  551. Hi All,

    the above article couldn’t sum it up any better.t he distinct lack of any info is really very frustrating.
    I started the depo injection when I was 26 because I was about to head off ona world trip to some far flung places and the idea of having periods and carrying the pill and supplies of tampons was the worst idea. My nurse at the time suggested the depo and this seemed like a fabulous solution. I am not intending on having children so the return to fertility was never an issue for me. About 5 years ago I did read an article about the risk of bone density and that twinned with the enormous amount of weight I have put on since I started the injection made me decide it was time to quit so I came off the depo briefly but I got the worst cramps and periods ever I was flooding and was so uncomfortable. we tried other methods but it was no good and so I was back in and having depo injections every 12 weeks or so.

    I have been having the depo injections now for the best part of 15 years and many times I have considered stopping but its been a great contraception method for me and combined with the lack of periods I have been relatively content BUT I hate the weight gain and unless I go to extreme diets I cant seem to shift it!! I do want to stop BUT I don’t want to stop and go back to the hideous position of before with the flooding but I can find any good advice on alternatives or what to do also if I stop will the weight start coming off (assuming i’m being sensible with diet and exercise??) ….help… what do I do?

  552. Hi Carol – The “flooding” you are talking about is “hemorrhaging” – caused by low levels of progesterone to maintain the uterine lining. The weight gain is due to unchecked estrogen.

    My recommendation would be to see an endocrinologist.
    Or do a teleconsult with Dr. Michael Platt – with
    He is a progesterone expert.

    I think you will be needing some support in withdrawing from Depo. Am glad it has worked for you for so long….

    Hormone regards,


  553. I have been on the shot since almost a year. I decided to stop taking it and not renewing it when I was suppose to. My breast have been tender, not one but both now. Is it possible for it to be the withdrawl for it or do I need to test.

  554. Hi – Jamie – you probably only need to test if you have had unprotected sex. Depo suppresses progesterone – so you have unchecked estrogen that is causing the breast tenderness. I would suggest getting some natural progesterone cream (Wild Yam) from the health food store – apply as directed and see if that stimulates progesterone production. Please read this article on the 7 Superpowers of Progesterone – by a highly respected naturopath… and you may also seek out advice from a naturopath in your area.

    Hormone regards,


  555. Danaja Adams says:

    I got on the depo shot in December 2015 and got my last shot in may . I haven’t gotten any more I have horrible sharp pains in my stomach. Cramps like I have my period when I don’t. Not even that I feel extremely nauseous everyday like I have to throw up, but instead I just have too poop dam near every time I get that sick feeling. I don’t understand what’s going on with my body. I’m actually scared

  556. Hi Danaja – if you are scared then you do need to consult with a doctor. Endocrinologist would be better. I think you are experiencing withdrawal from the Depo. Amazing what it can do to the body in such a short period of time. Dr. Michael Platt – is who I recommend – he is an expert on progesterone therapy and since Depo suppresses that in your body – he will be a great resource. And he offers teleconsults.

    I think you have unopposed estrogen in your body. You might try going to the health food store and getting natural progesterone cream (Wild Yam) it might offset some of the cramping and nausea you are experiencing around the time of your period. You need progesterone to ovulate so that you can develop a normal menstrual rhythm. Also check into – they have a lot of great information about progesterone.

    Hormone regards,



  558. Hi Kayla – first of all be honest with your husband… second of all never have unprotected sex coming off hormonal birth control – PERIOD. You never know when you are going to ovulate… and you need to use another form of contraception until you develop normal menstrual cycles – which with Depo – could be up to 18 months. So what are you going to do? You have to have a plan.

    Chances are you are not pregnant but you will have to have a pregnancy test to know for sure. And chances are that probably the irritability and bloating is from the unchecked estrogen since your natural production of progesterone has been suppressed all along with Depo and replaced with a synthetic. Now that you are not getting the synthetic progestin – your body is screaming estrogen dominance. My suggestion would be to get to the store and purchase a natural progesterone cream (Wild Yam) to offset the symptoms you are experiencing and to stimulate ovulation.

    Please talk with you husband about your birth control options. He should be part of this conversation. If you are finished having kids suggest a vasectomy.

    Hope this helps.

    Hormone regards,


  559. Keisha Mclean says:

    Hi I am Keisha and I had my last depo shot in may and experiencing hair loss n anxiety, I wanted to know if some of these side affects can still take place even though my last shot was is may.

  560. Keisha Mclean says:

    This is Keisha again I also have not had a menstral cycle since last year is it normal

  561. I have been off Depo since last year October, i was to go back in December that year but did not,i have deep vein trombosis but my GP knows the facts. My periods came back in March / April of this year 2016 and ever since i had a normal period tracker, then i skipped September and now i have a period that started on the 28th November and is still going on. I have been to the GP and he did a pregnancy test which is negative but i was worried it might be something else, he says it might be due to the fact that im using Warfarin for the clots and now my body needs to get into circulation again, any advise you can give me, as im trying to get pregnant again

  562. Hi, Jo-Ann – deep vein thrombosis is a serious condition and can be caused by hormonal birth control. You need to get medical advice from an endocrinologist. And I would not attempt to get pregnant until you get this sorted out. I am going to suggest that you contact Dr. Michael Platt – He is an expert in progesterone therapy and offers teleconsults. I am not qualified to get involved because of your pre-existing condition. However, I am involved in an independent study on birth control and blood clot risks. I am going to ask that you take the survey. We are trying to understand why some women develop blood clots on hormonal birth control and who is at risk… Depo is certainly on the list of hormonal birth control that can cause clots.

    Here is the link to the survey.
    Anyone else reading this thread is also welcome to take the survey. We need all of your input so we can analyze the data.

    I just happened to find an article from May of 2015 in Time Magazine citing the increased risk for blood clots for women on birth control. Unfortunately – this information did not get to our doctors – or to consumers. How to Know If Your Birth Control Pill Is a Risk for Blood Clots

    Please visit the Birth Control Blood Clots page on Facebook.
    If you are compelled we would love to have you write your story for my colleague’s blog Hormones Matter. You can find a lot of information there about birth control and blood clots.

    Stay in touch.

    Hormone regards,


  563. Keisha – Please read through the other posts. Your hair loss and anxiety are due to estrogen dominance (anxiety) and lack of progesterone (hair loss). Depo suppresses your production of progesterone and causes excess estrogen to go unchecked. Try getting some natural progesterone cream from the health food store and see if that does not do the trick. It should help stimulate your natural progesterone production and offset the symptoms.

    Hormones regards,


  564. Hi Keisha – it may be normal on Depo. Again progesterone may just trigger ovulation to start a normal menstrual cycle again.
    Keep me posted. If you do not see a change in a month, I can refer you on to a doctor who specializes in progesterone therapy.

    Hormone regards,


  565. I have read the information you provided on this site and it is very insightful. I want ti know If you found out you were pregnant after you have taken your depo shot, what can be done to remove it from your body?

  566. Wysdom Zerb says:

    I had the depo shot one time and it made me really depressed so I had to stop. My stomach has been killing me for almost a full month and tender breast and I keep feeling like I’m going to throw up. I am also bleeding which won’t stop. Can this be a withdrawal from the shot?

  567. Rebecca Grant says:

    Hey, I’m an 18 year old who just stopped my shot. I was supposed to get it a week ago but I want to be off. I was on it for a year or so and now I’m feeling sick like puke has came up. During the Depo, I did not have a period. Not even spotting. I was put on it for the severity of my cramps. How do I make the nausea go away? I have been nauseous for about a week now. I’m not trying for kids but I am sick of the weight gain. I have gained about 53 pounds since I have started.

  568. Unfortunately, Depo has its own life span in the body and cannot be removed. What you can do is increase your nutritional intake and also start a detox. Did you get pregnant while on Depo? Or did you not get a shot and then had unprotected sex?

    Are you sure you are pregnant Shan? Or do you just have symptoms? Many women feel like they are pregnant withdrawing from Depo because of unchecked estrogen – since progesterone is suppressed.

    Please let me know your status.

    Hormone regards,


  569. Yes – it can be a symptom of withdrawal from Depo. Try getting some natural progesterone cream from the health food store and your issues should be resolved.
    If you still have abdominal or stomach pain – you will need to consult a professional or a doctor.

    Hormone regards,


  570. Hi, Rebecca – in my humble opinion you were far too young to get this shot. Messed with your endocrine system. I would speak with an endocrinologist and/or get some natural progesterone cream from the health food store. That should resolve the nausea, and stimulate menstruation. However, please keep in mind that in coming off hormonal birth control – you never know when you will ovulate (be fertile) and so if you are having sex you need to use another method to prevent pregnancy. You never know if you will ovulate today or in 100 days or any time in between.

    And yes, the Depo can be behind the weight gain. I am so sorry this happened to you are such a young age.

    Please stay in touch and keep asking questions – I want to help you as much as possible.

    Hormone regards,


  571. I won’t stop bleeding! God it’s so frustrating I want to cry, this shot is ruining my life! I got depo in May 2016 (after not having a period for about 3 months). Started depo and 2 months into heavy brown discharge, I called my doctor and was told it’s normal. Well over the weeks it turned into full on bleeding so I called the doctor’s office again, and was told it was normal. So I bled for 2 months! Then one day I started bleeding huge clots, I waited a week to see if it would pass but it only got worse. Called the doctors office again and was told to go to the ER. At the ER had all these test ran ran up a $5,000 bill JUST for them to tell me it was menorrhagia and prescribe me Orthotricylen? Paid my PCP another visit and tried again with another shot. Two and a half months later spotting and bleeding started up but it was around the time my shot was due so I paid it no mind. Fine! Now it’s January 2017. I started spotting and bleeding around Christmas and I have had a FULL period with heavy clots and all for the past 2 weeks. I’m going through super plus absorbency tampons and overnight pads like water. I’m so frustrated and I’ve gained weight idk what to do. This is my first experience on BC and I’m feeling like NEVER AGAIN!

  572. Hi Nikki – how old are you that is horrible experience is your first time on birth control? It sounds like you had a severe adverse reaction to Depo and the suppression of your natural production of progesterone. Depo replaces it with a synthetic which for many women causes problems – including hemorrhaging which is what you are experiencing. Please tell me you were not on the Ortho pill at that same time as he Depo? And a $5,000 ER bill… outrageous.

    I am going to suggest a $30 bottle of Wild Yam progesterone cream for starters… and use as directed. But since your case sounds a little more complicated (but still think is that it all comes down to progesterone) I am recommending a tele-consult with Dr. Michael Platt who is a progesterone expert.

    Or if you know an endocrinologist in your area – or a naturopath = those could be two other good options. Bottom line is if you can get off hormonal birth control – safely and do not have unprotected sex in the meantime – let your body straighten and get back in balance.

    Hormones regards,


  573. I have been through hell with this shot- I just found your site after posting my own article about it, and was wondering if I was the only one that had issues. It is a big no no!

  574. I know this is a old post but I need advice I stopped the shot last week after a year in a half being on it started the patch. I been feeling stomach aches nausea and vomiting I want to know how long this will last and is there away to stop the vomiting and nausea. I’ve tried ginger tea but nothing. Going to urgent Care today.

  575. Dear Tan – Hoping that I catch you before you head to Urgent Care. In a nutshell,this is what is going on. Depo suppressed progesterone – and now you are on an implant that is adding more estrogen to the unchecked estrogen already in your body from the shot. Your symptoms are known as estrogen dominance. My suggestion is to get off of hormonal birth control since you are experiencing adverse reactions and give your body a break from the hormone ping pong game your docs are unwittingly putting you through.

    Have a long conversation about birth control and options that do not affect your health with your partner… find a method – like a non hormonal IUD and opt in for that… or for fertility awareness charting done through an app – like Kindara.

    When you are off the hormonal birth control – get some Wild Yam natural progesterone cream from the health food store and apply accordingly. That should ease the symptoms of estrogen dominance in a relatively short period of time.

    Stay in touch.

    Hormone regards,


  576. Hi Clare – I am so glad you posted about your experience with Depo. I would like to share your post on some pages I manage on Facebook… all on women’s health. So, let me ask you this question – what is it that compels women to inject, insert, implant a synthetic chemical concoction of synthetic hormones without knowing how they will react on a short or long term basis?

    Is the risk really greater than taking accountability for one’s own fertility and sexual life? Bringing a partner into the conversation?

    I have had over 540 comments on this post and the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research – where I originally got the post has had the same or not more.
    Did you know that Depo is used as a sex castration tool for male sex offenders in prison? Yup…. What if it was marketed as such… do you think women would be opting in then?

    Hormones regards,

  577. Hi, I have read your blog a lot of times already. I am so desperate beca use of the depo shot I have been on this for five months the first time I put the shot everything looks normal I was bleeding for a month and with sometimes it was heavy and sometimes just a little went to the doctor and she says it was normal so she put me on birth control pills, I took them for only 12 days and stop them also my increase on going to pee was noticeable I gain around 8 pounds also I had my last period in in December 1st, dec 11 I took my second shot and since then it has been hell on my life I noticed the first day that I had to use the restroom more often on dec 17 I was peeing every 20 min at first I thought it was a UTI and I was treated for it but nothing work for me I took a 2nd round of antibiotics (ciproflaxin this time) and still nothing I never had any kind of pain or burning is just the urgency and frequency I have been tested for stds and everything is normal nothing wrong I loose almost 10 ponds I have been so depressed. I have read a lot of progestin can damage your bladder. I don’t know if my levels of estrogen are low I read somewhere that when you are low in estrogen your bladder can feel it. I am hoping that all this finish it with the end of this shot. I have been taking raw garlic 3 per week but I stopped 2 weeks ago and also I was drinking coconut water and coconut oil for 2 weeks but also I stopped because it is diuretic. I am taking vitamins for almost a month and magnesium citrate which helped me to sleep also I am drinking probiotics eating plain yogurt and flaxseed with almonds for a month I don’t know what to do to stop my frequent peeing 🙁 somedays I can have wonderful days without the feeling of peeing to much and somedays are just terrible I quit from smoking, coffe, soda, and sugars 2 months ago. I am scare to go to the urologist and find there’s only my anxiety causing this cuz when I was nervous I had too pee but that was only for few minutes now is all the time. The night is my fave part of the day because when I am sleeping I can last up to 6 hrs without peeing. I try to start yoga today and see if it helps me. It ruin my life thanks to my supportive family and boyfriend than have been here for me I don’t want to go out no more I am scare of peeing my self. I am 22 years old and this is my first and last birth control method.

  578. Hi, I missed getting my last shot (which was about two weeks ago) I forgot about it and I’ve had unprotected sex since then. Is there any chance that I’m pregnant? I always freak myself out about this stuff so I just didn’t know how likely it was. Im experiencing some lower abdominal cramps (like I’m about to start my period) so maybe that’s the withdrawal symptoms? They are doing two blood draws before giving me my next shot, but I was just curious.

    Thank you!

  579. Apologies to everyone who have been commenting and posting… I am so behind in getting back to all of you. We are working on a new web site template – much more advanced and I was not sure at the time if I could still get on the backside of the site to comment.

    So now to answer the questions. I think you need to do a pregnancy test. Anytime you miss hormonal birth control… whether the pill or an injection – you need to be very careful about unprotected sex. PERIOD. You do not know when you are going to ovulate…. it could be today – it could be 100 days down the road. Or any time in between. I think the blood draws will say it all.

    Hormone blessings,


  580. Hi, Luu -Appreciate your reading my blog. I do think you need to be getting some medical advice. But instead of a urologist, I would suggest an endocrinologist – a doctor trained in hormones…. And chances are a urologist will tell you that they have no idea what is going on. You are doing all of the right things… too bad you have been scared into it. I feel badly… Are you tracking the days when you pee more to see if there is some sort of rhyme or reason for that? If you want I can email you a chart and then you can bring that in to whatever doc you decide to see. Are you saying that the doctor knew you were on Depo and then prescribed BCP’s for your heavy bleeding? That is not a good idea…. your bleeding for a month was due to the Depo shot suppressing your natural production of progesterone and replacing with the progestin. The body needs progesterone to maintain the uterine lining to curb heavy menstrual flow as well as preventing miscarriages.

    You might be interested in referring to this web site… I am also thinking the peeing/incontinence could be due to low progesterone. An endocrinologist will help you figure that out.

    Hope this helps…

    Hormone regards,


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