April Boden: Birthing in America – Setting the Stage for Autism – Dec. 24

What is happening to women in America? We are losing control of our body’s whether it is being put on birth control at puberty – to the medicalization of our pregnancies… and as will hear in an upcoming show – women are now losing control of their children. April did a wonderful job of issuing the call to all women to wake up and realize what is at stake before it is too late. Radio interview is now archived on the site. Please read my post on The Liberty Beacon.

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Birthing in America – Setting the Stage for Autism!
Holy Hormones Honey!
Wednesday, December 24
7pm ET – 4pm PT
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Birthing in America – how much does it harm women – and how much does it harm our newborns. April and I will be having a lively discussion about this topic. I purposely planned for tis interview to air on the eve of Christmas – the eve of the sacred birth of the Christ-child to point out the dissonance between the sacred birth process – known and used for thousands of years by midwives and women who knew their own bodies – to the profane – where women give control of our bodies over to the powers that be.

I just found this blog post written by a woman named Meg, entitled:

What Do You Fear More – Cognitive Dissonance in Birth

Women have always been apprehensive about birth, it’s a great unknown. A sense of mortality surrounds pregnancy and birth even for young, healthy women. It always has. One might expect that modern obstetrics would leave women feeling comforted, but it appears to have the opposite effect for many women. Ironically, despite their fear of painful obstetrics and a lack of control over their bodies, women still go to hospitals, seeking safety. Read more…

April will be sharing her birth experience with us. She is a powerful researcher and speaker – and is honored the world over for her knowledge and perceptions.
April-BodenApril is a wife, mother of three and a writer. She co-hosts a weekly radio show, called Truther Talk Radio on UCY.tv Sundays 2pm PT / 5pm ET. The show’s topics run the gamut from comedic, political, art and human health. April also writes a blog at http://aydansrecovery.blogspot.com/ where she focuses on the events surrounding her son’s vaccine injury. April’s children, natural health and health freedom are some of her passions.

As a mother of 3, you could say I have some experience giving birth.  Each one was their own unique experience and I mean that sincerely, not in a new agey ‘you’re a unique snowflake’ sort of way.

The first two were done the birthing in America fashion by which I mean the OB/GYN, pee on stick, step on the scale and cry.. My oldest son, now 11 was pretty much a standard pregnancy.  Being my first I didn’t know what to expect, so I read ‘the book’.. yes that one, ‘What to Expect, When You’re Expecting.’  You might say it was my bible at the time.  I read it cover to cover, several times.. I can’t remember if the book talks about midwives, I’m sure it did but that wasn’t an option available to me, as when you birth in America, you realize quickly that you’re not in charge of how you give birth; the insurance companies determine that and whether it be private or government instituted, THEY are in control.. not YOU!  So I went to the insurance covered in network provider. I cried each time they put me on the scale, they told me I was too fat and gave me the following nutrition advice, ‘don’t drink juice anymore..’ that’s it.  They sent me to do the ultrasound where I got the first picture of the baby and learned the sex, even though I didn’t want to know.  They injected me with needles that drew my blood and tested for things, most of which I never learned what or why, they had me strip down naked, where a paper dress and lie on a bed with my feet in stirrups, so that my vagina was as wide open and exposed as possible to make it easier for them to insert a hard cold metal object inside me.  This allowed them to poke their fingers around the inside of my uterus.. shockingly.. even before I was pregnant I never enjoyed this practice, the doctors would always tell me I was ‘too sensitive’.  Yeah.. it’s ME.

Tune for an informative show – as you listen to one woman who speaks her truth.
April’s article is the featured post on the Holy Hormones Journal!

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