Miriam Carey: How Did a Beautiful Woman End Up a ‘Psychotic’ Victim?

miriam-careyHoly Hormones Journal: Postpartum psychosis…. what happened to postpartum depression?  The tragic death of Miriam Carey must be a wake up call for women – all of us. We cannot let this woman’s needless death be swept under the carpet.  We must hope and pray that on another level, Carey might have had an agreement to ‘sacrifice’ her life so that women wake up and realize the dangers of going into a pregnancy under-nutrated and hormone imbalanced.  Especially with a preexisting – pre-pregnancy history of mental illness.

Miriam was a beautiful young woman. How did someone like this become delusional? And why is this happening now? In this day and age?  Generations of men and women are now aging without nutrition. Combine that with the mix of chemical cocktails she was being treated with for bipolar and schizophrenia.  As Robert Whitaker will discuss on Holy Hormones Honey! on October 10 – we are in the midst of a RX drug fueled mental illness epidemic in America. We are going mad.

Postpartum depression is one thing… but to turn this nutritional state into a ‘psychosis’ is dangerous for all women – especially those in their reproductive years.  Is that what you want on your medical record?  Doctors and the pharmaceutical companies will take control of your life – and social services your children.  Good Morning America already had a segment on earlier this year about putting new mommies on Xanax and Prozac to be better mommies.  What is happening is that we are turning these new mommies into addicts… and possibly delusional.

Do you remember Andrea Yates?

In 2001, Andrea Yates after a long history of mental illness, psych drugs and attempted suicide,  drowned her five children – all born in the 1990’s.  Andrea attempts suicide herself in 1999, by overdosing on Trazodone – an anti-depressant. Look at this beautiful photo of Andrea.  Did she look like a murderess back then?  in 2006, Yates pleads not guilty to the drowning deaths of her children by reason of insanity.  She is now confined to a state mental hospital.  She was denied church privileges in 2012.

How many other women are suffering – from what Anthony Stephan is calling a nutrient deficiency and not a ‘mental illness’ or postpartum psychosis.  What if we all wake up one day – and realize that the very drugs that are prescribed for our mood disorders and depression are actually a part of the cause of our psychosis?

I just read Eve Ensler’s book, In the Body of the World, and I am compelled to share this paragraph with my readers:

It turns out that somatization is related to hysteria, which stems from the Greek cognate of uterus, (hysteria). Uterus=hysteria. They always called me hysterical in my family. Extreme feeling. Sarah Bernhardt. Intense. But what is extreme? Again, it depends on 10? I mean what would be the appropriate level of emotional response to someone beating you daily, or calling you jackass or stupid or molesting you. What would be the nonhysterical response to living in a world where so many are eating dirt and swimming in the sewage system in Port-au -Prince to unclog the drains and find plastic bottles to sell? What would be the nonhysterical response to people blindfolding other people and walking them around naked on leashes or watching, waving people being abandoned on rooftops in a flood? What would be the proper way to experience these things? Hysteria – a word to make women feel insane for knowing what they know.  A word that has so many implications- hysterical, out of control, insane, can’t be taken seriously, raving. Hysteria is caused by suffering from a huge trauma where there is an underlying conflict.

I do not know what else to say about this.  My heart is broken for this young woman – and her family. My heart is breaking for every woman who is suffering from the same.  It is time to reclaim our lives.  Nutrate before you medicate.  Every pregnancy you go through takes vital nutrients – vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes from your body. They have to be replaced.  They have to be bioavailable. They have to be in synergistic ratio with each other. Then have to be EMPowerplus Q 96. Used successfully for women with postpartum depression (hormone imbalance) for over a decade.

Miriam Carey: Capitol Hill Chaos Puts Postpartum Psychosis in Spotlight

ABC News
By via Good Morning America

Miriam Carey, the woman who was shot dead by police after a high-speed chase that ended with the shutdown of the U.S. Capitol Thursday, likely miriam-01had a related pre-existing condition that led to postpartum psychosis, according to one psychiatric expert.

Dr. Igor Galynker, director of the Family Center for Bipolar Disorder at Beth Israel Medical Center of the Mount Sinai Health System in New York City, said that going by news reports, Carey “most likely” had underlying bipolar disorder or schizophrenia, or a condition that is “halfway in between” — schizo-affective disorder.

According to sources, Carey was on medication for unknown mental illness and had a family history of schizophrenia. Her family has also reported that she had suffered from postpartum depression.

Police had been called repeatedly to Carey’s Stamford, Conn., apartment after the birth of her now 1-year-old daughter, Erica, after her boyfriend reported she was emotionally disturbed and that he suspected her of abuse and neglect of their daughter.

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