Darla Dumler: Emerging from Under the Staircase of Domestic Violence on Holy Hormones Honey! April 29

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Monday night’s extraordinary radio interview with Darla Dumler on her journey to find self-worth was illuminating, thought provoking,  and inspirational. Dumler’s interview is now posted.

Join Leslie Carol Botha and author and survivor Darla Dumler when she shares her faith-bound journey to break the cycles of domestic violence. Dumler will be speaking about her experience as a victim of domestic violence –  an experience shared by so many women – and how her faith in God brought her from the darkness of being under the staircase to the light of sharing God’s truth.  Dumler is also very vocal about the misinterpreted biblical views on abuse and divorce that keep women in their marriages. Holy Hormones Honey! Audio streamed 6 to 7 pm MST only on KRFC FM Fort Collins.

Darla DumlerUnder the Staircase: Hearing God’s Voice in the Darkness is a spiritually stirring memoir of one woman’s journey to find her self-worth despite the obstacles put in her path by her parents, her abusive husband of 13 years, and herself.

Her mother’s depression and her father’s long absences in her childhood left her feeling disconnected and abandoned. In a life-altering moment at age six, Darla found herself in complete despair. In the darkness she heard the voice of her heavenly Father promising He would never leave her—a promise that became the unshakeable cornerstone of her faith when the rest of the world seemed to crumble around her. Holding on to the promise didn’t make her life easy, but it did provide her hope when she needed it most and a determined faith as she grappled with the challenges of adulthood.

Darla’s story is an ingenuous and compelling tale of human vulnerability, the power of forgiveness, and the guilt that gnaws at her for not fleeing with her sons sooner.

Walk with Darla through her life and discover, or perhaps remember, the light you have been seeking—a light that beams at the edge of all our dark places and gives us reason to keep going, reason to hope. A light that will help you develop a determined faith not just to survive, but to thrive in your life.


“Once I began to read this insightful and heart wrenching memoir, I could not put it down. It is the account of one woman’s journey and shows God’s relentless pursuit of her while where He offers her redemption for a life of pain. Read “Under the Staircase” and you will understand the journey many of us take.”

Kate A. Johnson, MA, M.Div., LMHC, President and Executive Director of the Christian Coalition
Against Domestic Abuse and Living in Freedom and Empowerment Ministry

About Darla

Two years ago I knew it was time to share my life’s experiences and revelations in the form of my memoir, Under the Staircase: Hearing God’s Voice in the Under the StaircaseDarkness. It was a long, joyous, excruciating, and healing two years. My writing endeavor showed me how easy it was for me and other women to lose their hope, self-worth, and voice to cry for help. I also realized that everyone can encourage and inspire someone else by sharing their heart lessons.

Since the age of six, when God spoke to my spirit as I crouched, hidden under a dark staircase, I knew He was real because He promised to be with me throughout my life. My heart-crushing experiences as a daughter, sister, wife, and mother imprisoned me in a cocoon of guilt, shame, and low self-worth. I tried for years to get free on my own power without success.

My life hit a turning point when I found myself with a shotgun in my hands, waiting for my abusive husband of 13 years to come home. It was God’s mercy that kept him away all night and God’s loving voice that gave me the strength to flee.  I eventually came to a place of complete trust and surrender that renewed my heart, spirit, and soul. He showed me that just knowing who He is doesn’t ensure that I will do the right thing. I wanted more.

Today, Dumler actively encourages and inspires women with God’s  truths, teaching a women’s Bible study at Timberline Church for the past two years, and she is a member on the core team of Women’s Ministries.  She has a heart for helping domestic violence victims. She is currently working on multiple books, speaking, and teaching. She loves to share her stories and let others know they don’t have to just survive a painful past and domestic violence. They can thrive and have an amazing life.

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Author: Leslie Carol Botha

Author, publisher, radio talk show host and internationally recognized expert on women's hormone cycles. Social/political activist on Gardasil the HPV vaccine for adolescent girls. Co-author of "Understanding Your Mood, Mind and Hormone Cycle." Honorary advisory board member for the Foundation for the Study of Cycles and member of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research.