Ways To Keep Healthy…YOU GOT TO MOVE IT! MOVE IT!

Inconvenient Women Are Willing To Take Responsibility For Their Own Wellness…

In our last Blog we talked about the “likelihood of a woman being misdiagnosed” during the average “HMO-Office-Visit” Today we want to talk about how just a little more exercise during the week can yield BIG health benefits and help keep you out of your health care provider’s office.

I am the first to admit that exercise is not something that comes naturally to a desk-bound techie like me. For years I joked that my fingers were very svelte. Thanks to my writing partner Leslie Botha, I finally realized that I HAD to change my sedentary life style, if I wanted to stay out of the American Health Care System. I could sit on my delicately, rounded dierrer and ingest pills for high blood pressure, and keep gaining weight; or get off said-dierrer and take responsibility for my wellness.

You Got to Move-It! Move-It!

Exercise has a profound effect on hormones, including those involved in the menstrual cycle. Women who exercise experience less anger and depression. Exercise also reduces stress, which worsens PMS symptoms. Women, especially those who experience PMS, are encouraged to exercise regularly, 20-45 minutes, 3 times a week.

One of my girl friends took up belly-dancing and is having a blast, and improving her wellbeing. Another friend took up Salsa dancing at the local “Y” has boogied her way down several sizes, but more importantly, is no longer suffering from PMS. I started out just taking walks, increasing the speed and distance, now I’m swimming laps. I find that my time in the pool just makes me happy.
Am I sore the next day…sometimes.
Am I feeling better this month than last? Yes.
Has my blood pressure dropped? Yes!
Is it worth leaving my beloved computer a few hours a week? ABSOLUTELY!

Find an activity you enjoy and go do it. Don’t approach exercise as penance for ‘deserts past.’ Look at it as an opportunity to do something that is fun and provides an opportunity to change up your day and be pro-active in your own wellness.

Next blog well deal with the “N-Word” NUTRITION!


Author: H. Sandra Chevalier-Batik

I started the Inconvenient Woman Blog in 2007, and am the product of a long line of inconvenient women. The matriarchal line is French-Canadian, Roman Catholic, with a very feisty Irish great-grandmother thrown in for sheer bloody mindedness. I am a research analyst and author who has made her living studying technical data, and developing articles, training materials, books and web content. Tracking through statistical data, and oblique cross-references to find the relevant connections that identifies a problem, or explains a path of action, is my passion. I love clearly delineating the magic questions of knowledge: Who, What, Why, When, Where and for How Much, Paid to Whom. My life lessons: listen carefully, question with boldness, and personally verify the answers. I look at America through the appreciative eyes of an immigrant, and an amateur historian; the popular and political culture is a ceaseless fascination. I have no impressive initials after my name. I’m merely an observer and a chronicler, an inconvenient woman who asks questions, and sometimes encourages others to look at things differently.