A New Medical Experiment: The Pink Breast Cancer Vaccine

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Holy Hormones Journal: Ya know it is hard to muster up and comment on all of these articles on women’s health and the products marketed to us.  But then I read an article like this and the snark just rises to the surface. This time not only the article about an new cancer vaccine is Continue Reading …

Hughes Syndrome: Linking Miscarriages to Vaccines

vaccine pregnancy

Holy Hormones Journal: For those of you who are new to the conversation of potential life-altering adverse reactions and deaths from vaccinations, linking miscarriages to vaccine injury may be frightening.  However, there is so much research and documentation that certain vaccines increase the miscarriage rate. Right now 20 percent of all pregnancies in the United Continue Reading …

Is Your Menstrual Discomfort Due to Your Femcare Product?

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Do you want to ease the cramping, bloating and other menstrual discomfort you experience during your menstrual cycle? Have you ever thought that these symptoms plus your periodic fatigue many be due to your tampon or sanitary napkin? Some traditional padding in some sanitary napkins is made from paper pulp which is the product of Continue Reading …

Happy Hormone Holiday to All You Older Ladies

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Holy Hormones Journal: I have so many blogs to post  and so many are way too serious to send out over this holiday weekend. Even Hormone Goddesses need to lighten up. And then a friend sent me this video – and I thought perfect. Now we can all lighten up. Happy Hormone Holiday to all Continue Reading …

GSK: Evil Gods, Saints and Kings over the Innocent of a Lesser God

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Holy Hormones Journal: Does anyone remember the cartoon character Piggy Hamhock of Merry Melodies? What does this have to do with a blog post, you wonder? I remember still to this day a 1937 cartoon episode called “Pigs is Pigs” with poor innocent Piggy who was hungry all of the time shackled to a chair while Continue Reading …

The Best Fem Care Ad Ever from ‘Hello Flo’

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Holy Hormones Journal: Gotta love women’s humor. This short video addresses so many issues that young girl’s face as they reach menarche. Congratulations to ‘Hello Flo’ for another impeccable and endearing video. And remember periods do not have glitter! Secondly – never fool your Mama.        

FGM -Maiming and Destroying Innocent Girls

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Holy Hormones Honey! The mutilation of innocent girls needs to stop. This trauma stays with them for life. FGM is an archaic procedure that needs to be banned globally. Religious – I think not. The basis is misogyny – and the genital power that women own. Circumcision is the next to go. This breaks my Continue Reading …

AutismOne’s Teri Arranga and Leslie Carol Botha on Hormones, Depo Vaccine and Gardasil

Listen to this audio archive program of AutismOne’s Teri Arranga and Leslie Carol Botha on Hormones, Depo Vaccine and Gardasil

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On Tuesday, June 24, Teri Arranga of AutismOne fame interviewed Leslie Carol Botha of Holy Hormones fame on a variety of topics relating to women’s health and vaccines.  Botha in her usual social/political form jumped into the interview and and as best she tried to follow the outline – dove all over sharing information for Continue Reading …

Sad Irish History: Unwed Mothers ‘Subhuman’- used in Vaccine Trials


Holy Hormones Honey:  How many women have we shamed for being unwed and pregnant? How many do we still shame today. This is a sad article on how HIS-tory has rendered women subhuman; subjected to slave labor. How many of these women were raped and assaulted. Remembering women’s history is the only way to prevent Continue Reading …

When Postpartum Depression Turns Into Maternal Mental Illness


Holy Hormones Journal: Postpartum Depression is now being called Postpartum Psychosis. This is a scary turn in terminology and may lead to mother’s to getting a mental illness diagnosis and being place on psychotropic drugs. In fact, last year Good Morning America did a segment on putting new mommies on Xanax so they would be Continue Reading …